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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  December 16, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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thank you for joining us. i'm mike haiduk. after months of silence the national security agency is now talking about its investigation into former contractor edward snowden. the agency says the documents edward snowden took could cripple the nsa's mission. >> reporter: investigators probing the damage edward snowden caused say he gave the keys to the kingdom toen ms. . who want to know u.s. intelligence capabilities. to, enemies, who want to know u.s. intelligence capabilities. >> it would give them a roadmap of what we know and don't know and i'm police italy a way to protect their information from the u.s. intelligence community. >> reporter: the head of the task force investigating the
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edward snowden affair told 60 minutes the agency spent millions of dollars replacing computers the former government contractor had access to. >> they went on the assumption something could have been put into the system. >> reporter: edward snowden rereeled the n-- revealed the nsa was spying on u.s. allies. some in congress a it will hurt american business and his a bipartisan group of lawmakers is asking the obama administration to demand allies back away from the proposed restrictions. the white house is also now examining an outside review of nsa activities. the report includes 40 recommendations to help the agency maintain public trust and reduce the risk of unauthorized disclosure of classified material. now the president is expected to take several weeks to review this report. well, it is one of the closest political races in virginia's history and election officials are counting the
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ballots all over again right now in the attorney general race. fairfax county and the cities of alexandria and chesapeake are where the volunteers are hard at work. sue rae chin reports. >> reporter: teams of democrats and republicans hustled in early. they realized the important responsibility their work will help determine who wins virginia's attorney general race. >> it is a long process, and an important one. we want to make sure we have a lot of people here. it is important we go through every ballot and make sure every vote is counted, and counted correctly and it is important to go through every about lot, as an observer for each side. >> reporter: 165 votes separate the two candidates.
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democrat mark her and go republican mark -- herring and republican mark obenshane. >> it was a good race and we are hoping for a positive result. >> reporter: fairfax county and alexandria and chesapeake get the head start because of the number of ballots that need to be counted. then the recount will go to every jurisdiction. every part of this process will be scrutinized. the teams will work every day from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. until the job is done. hopefully, by the end of the week, we'll know who the next attorney general will be in the commonwealth of virginia. sue rae chin, wusa9. the three judge panel will continue convenient in richmond thursday to -- convene in
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richmond thursday to count ballots. tonight archaeological findings will be revealed from a school construction site. wusa 9 spoke to members of the lin family earlier this fall and she shared photos of the 150-year-old family cemetery. crews have excavated the cemetery to make way for a new high school. the lins say they are angry no one contacted them in advance. officials say they had no idea relatives of those buried in the site were still in the area. tonight's meeting at edward kelley leadership center is in manassas at 7:00. one man is dead after a violent carjacking outside an upscale north carolina mall. police say the victim had just finished holiday shopping with his wife when the shots rang out. janel burrell has more. >> reporter: emergency crews seen rushing the victim out of the parking deck, fighting for his life after being shot in the head. the 30-year-old man would not
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make it, later dying at the hospital. the man gunned downright in front of his -- down, right in front of his wife at the mall. >> i didn't know what was going on. >> i heard a lady screaming at the top of her lungs. >> reporter: prosecutors say the couple was leading to the mall, heading to their range rover suv when two men approached. >> the victim had opened the door for his wife. she got in the vehicle. as he got to the driver's side, he was approached by two males, and was shot before he entered his vehicle. >> reporter: investigators say the shooter and his accomplice then got into the range rover and took off, leaving the victim and his wife behind. >> we do not know why that car. it is obviously a car with some value, but we don't have a reason. >> reporter: police have not released the name of the man killed. they say it is not clear whether the couple was targeted or if the shooting was random.
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>> the victim's wife as not shot. investigators are looking for the gunman and the stolen suv now. it is back to court for the former chief of staff for lamar alexander, 35-year-old ryan lowisgartner has been in custody since last week. investigators found sexually explicit material of little boys in his home. still ahead, a touch of snow and 60s all in the 7-day forecast. howard is
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moms and dads, if you have teenagers, chances are they are bugging you to buy a tablet for christmas. but some of the electronics, lick the chrome books, -- like the chrome books, specifically,
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actually raise privacy issues. >> reporter: the business model of the chrome book is really where things get tricky. and it makes perfect sense when you understand it. it is a device at sometimes under $200, sometimes under $300 that is subsidized by an advertising model. google is of course one of the world's biggest advertisers. what that means is if your child or teenager is using it, they are tracking that behavior on the device and serving them up accordingly. sometimes it is a nonstarter for a lot of parents to say i didn't realize that. it is being used as an advertising tool, it doesn't work when you are off line, in the back of the car going to the soccer game. and you can't do things like windows, what people need, windows office to do homework or power point. >> frugal shoppers may be looking at laptops with a price point under $300. what do you think of this crop
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of affordable laptops? i don't this is different than 18 months ago. there are some smart options under 3 hundred dollars. i would encourage people to adjust their thinking. laptops have to be a thousand dollars to be worthwhile. not the case any uld more. ange roughly $300. so if you are looking at $300 laptops, what are some things you need to keep in mind when you are considering this group? >> well i think you want to make sure it is compatible with what they are using at school. make sure they have that. otherwise they are going to use that for fun and ask to borrow your laptop to get their homework done. the kids would say this is legitimate. an incredible price point. dell is a big brand name.
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the 8 pro, has a touch screen. then the show stopper is giving them the laptop they need and the tablet they want, this is called a transformer book. a laptop and watch this, you literally click a button and a tablet goes with you. it is a beautiful tablet. again touch screen. so i love this. and at $299, okay you have been begging for a tablet. i know you need a laptop, pretty winning scenario. still ahead, snowflakes and 60s. really howard? >> yeah mike. got a little warm up coming. we have to get past the next oh, 48 hours or so before we get there. in fact, look at these temperatures right now as we go to break. 33 in rockville. 29 bumped up in the upper 30s here in dc. i'll talk about the snow potentia yñ
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some of the untold stories about one of the world's smallest countries. marcella rosen, the become is called "tiny dynamo ." >> thank you. it is a company the size of new jersey, that has almost as many start ups as all of europe combined.
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happens to be 100th of the population of europe. inventions like the pill cam, a tiny, vitamin-sized pill that you put down your intestines. making the oceans drinkable. something totally new. >> restoring vision for people who have macular degenerations. >> these invasions came from? >> israel. >> and one of the important things you bring up with the book is we had concerns of a nuclear power, a lot of science is going on right? >> highly innovative. desperations, living in the desert. but people from 80 different cultures and countries, a culture that encourages questioning and disagreeing. it produces the most innovative country it is. >> why aren't these stories told more often then?
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>> we have a large population from israel and living here that could tell the stories and thankfully you are relating them should more people start talking about it? >> absolutely. it is good news. not bad news. americans and people around the world these inventions used in africa, asia, she decided to invent biodegradable food packaging. and she did. . >> it does help us i can't so we have a copy of the book. we are running out of time. called tiny dynamo, looks like this. where can somebody find it if
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they are learning more about it? >> amazon. paperback and an ebook edition. website is untold news, also a website for tiny dynamo. >> really fun. we appreciate it. tiny dynamo is the title of the book. howard take it away, my friend. >> some study breaks, generally a cold day and a dry day. temperatures kind of where they are now. colder air just off to our north. all the snow we had in southern ohio, west virginia, shriveled up in the mountains. there is a company more coming upstream. temperatures look at the
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difference, upper 20s from hagerstown and westminister. a lot more clouds here to 45 in orange, 35 in cambridge, 36 la plata, leesburg is 34. mostly cloudy skies and a temperature of 38. thankfully the winds very light, east-northeast at 3 miles per hour. the air is dry, the dew points at 20 and the barometer is rising. with a dusting, less than an inch for most. warmer air the second half of the week. that is when i think we are going to have a few highs in the 60s. then i'm talking friday and saturday being the warmest days. friday the nicest day. 31 below in fairbanks.
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the arctic air is no longer in western canada. now it is all over toward the great lakes. and the big hudson bay, up in canada. you get all this cold here, but once we kick that out of here, we are going to be in much better shape temperaturewise through the rest of the week. most of the country fairly quiet. the disturbances continue to ride the jet stream. this guy dying here as it tries to cross the appalachians with snow showers going out to our north. the next upstream disturbance, that looks like it is going to be coming across the area tonight. here's the futurecast, snow falling apart across the mountains with mostly cloudy skies. notice snow breaks out tonight across the region, especially north of town. this should be fairly light, but will be below freezing in most areas. minor build ups on the
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untreated roads. tomorrow morning 5:30. notice this has pulled away from us. late evening, overnight events. tomorrow we are okay midday. watch in the afternoon. we are expecting more showers to develop. snow north of the turnpike in pennsylvania and in the high country out in the mountains with rainshowers coming in through the afternoon as we warm into the 40s. as far as the amount of snow, we are not talking a lot, half an inch perhaps in gaithersburg, and frederick. a dusting, too, perhaps a half inch the way it looks now. our forecast today, upper 30s is going to do it for us. light snow, snow showers tonight. tomorrow the shower possible in the afternoon. 45 a shower or two. 38 wednesday, we'll get colder again. and then look at the warm up. friday 68 with an increase in clouds. shower possible saturday, showers more likely if not just rain sunday. still mild with a high of 52. we are going to the kitchen. a neat thing to zçzçtó
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have you ever taken the time to plan ahead for leftovers? you have big holiday dinners coming up, right? brent the executive regional chest from rosenberg mcdonell would love to do something phenomenal with turkey? >> it looks phenomenal. we have turkey, guacamole. this is one of the dishes we make in the restaurant. this is just oil in a hot pan. >> one of the things were a day
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or two old. >> actually, one day ago. >> we cooked it, chopped it up. you can freeze it, put it in the pan. put it in your freezer, have everything ready to go. >> i can't believe how good this smells, considering it is turkey. black beans right? is that tomatoes or a salsa mix? >> diced tomatoes. >> what this dish is, is really a good way to use the scraps. >> reporter: peppers? >> jalapenos. >> i love those. >> i'm going leave a little bit of that out. typical jalapeno? >> we are doing well. oh it looks great. >> how we are going to assemble
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this wonderful dish. corn flour tortillas. they are thicker, they have a bigger crunch and hold up a lot better than the regular nachos. >> we are going to build four layers of this wonderful dish. >> you are putting the mixture on, after that. >> sauteing doesn't take that long? >> everything is cooked, the vegetables are fresh. >> oh, man. our floor director is salivating over there and look, howard just rolledin. doesn't it smell terrific? >> it is so fast. a lot of times at my house my wife will make turkey salad. but this is quick too. >> you can give it. >> we have a little less than a minute. >> the other thing i thought was really magic about this, i want you to show us this. if i have to bring over the
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final product. how on earth can you eat something like this with a fork and a knife? >> this is a huge wow factor in the restaurant. because you get this big, huge. >> we have 30 seconds left. >> now what i have done, instead of tossing all the nachos in the restaurant, we have our food runners come and cut it for you and dish it up on the plate. >> and it turns into nachos. like that. thank you chef, good to see you. we appreciate it. we are on tv tonight at 5:00 and
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