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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  December 16, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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this newscast started. three, two, one. >> but first, we have breaking news out of prince georges county. that is where police have announced the arrest of a suspect in two separate sexual assaults in the chillam area. he is identified as 33-year-old of silver spring. investigators say he's the man in the sketch wanted. a woman was pulled into a wooded area at gunpoint, assaulted. a second woman was assaulted in the same area a short time later. dna collected in the case matched chica's dna obtained from a sexual assault in montgomery county. >> plenty of anger about a couple other alleged sex assaults. last month, the parks and rec director insists after hours
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parties are not pervasive, but city council members want her to prove it. >> the multimillion dollar wilson aquatic center, a shining symbol of d.c.'s newfound prosperity. somehow, a former manager and a life guard were able to use it, allegedly, as their own personal after hours party pad. three women, two of them teens, now alleged they were sexually assaulted at late night parties at the pool. >> have there been any arrests in this case? >> we are still actively investigating the case. >> what have you done about this incident about who may be involved? who knew or should have known what was going on at the pool? >> council committee chair is far from satisfied with the answer she is getting from park and rec's acting director. sharia says there is no sign of a wave of similar problems at other parks and pools. >> so, what we need is, we
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need alarming circumstances. no, this is really troubling to me. >> our performance management -- >> excuse me. >> doing what it is intended to do. >> but obviously not. obviously not. >> after one of the parties, the culprits allegedly left the doors to the $35 million facility unlocked for days. anyone could have wondered in and fallen into the pool. while the city is electronically monitored, no one seemed to notice the doors were unlocked until it reopened on a tuesday. >> shay pointed out a d. c. inspector's report that said park and rec workers are using drugs and alcohol while on duty. >> supervisors and managers were preventing to report it. >> i would have to look at that. >> wants her to look at a lot of security issues and soon.
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in d.c., bruce leshan, wua, 9. >> parks and rec acting director is promising to get back by christmas day. on security measures to prevent employees from staging similar late night parties at other pools and rec buildings. want to, the recount is underway in virginia's attorney general race and three jurisdictions. fairfax county, alexandria, and chesapeake. the rest of the state starts tomorrow. it has been a long process determining whether mark herring has the most votes. peggy fox has been in fairfax since the recount began this morning and she joins us to report the total numbers have already changed. how so, peggy? >> well, i can tell you this. this recount process has already identified votes for both candidates. we are hearing mark herring is getting more. and that the lead has widened and that is giving democrats more optimism. >> very long three days here in fairfax. as long as both teams play by
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the rules, we're in good shape. >> hundreds of volunteers are helping in the recount of virginia's closest race in history. at daybreak, only 165 votes separated the two candidates in the attorney general's race, mark herring in the lead. >> both candidates picked up votes today, but overall, we picked up 20 more net votes, so mark herring is now up 158 votes in what is a historically close election. >> the team is hoping for a turn around. >> in the past three statewide recounts, the margin was less than 300 votes. the recount reversed the result of the election in all three cases. this is anybody's election. >> did issue some earlier concerns about the process in fairfax. >> at no time were any physical ballots to our knowledge outside of our jurisdiction and control. they were always within the control of the fairfax county office of elections. >> about 300,000 ballots were cast, but more than 5,000 of
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those ballots did not register a vote in the attorney general's race. those are called the undervote for the first time those ballots will be scrutinized. they may have markings that the machines couldn't pick up. the state board of elections has specific destruction for just about any kind of marking you can imagine. for example, if a voter makes any kind of indication of who they want, like circling a candidate or a check park or an x, that vote will be counted. if a voter just wrote, no, on one of the candidates or voted for more than one candidate, it won't be counted. if there's a challenge, that lot gets a special ride to richmond. now, if a ballot is challenged, if the elections officials cannot agree, that ballot is wrapped up, put in an envelope, and handed to a state trooper and the trooper takes it to
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richmond where a recount court will be in place and that panel will make the final decision at the end of the week. i'm peggy fox reporting live and we'll have more as it comes back. >> longe process. thank you very much. >> today, a federal judge ruled the national security agency's bulk collection of phone records revealed by former contractor, edward snowden, violates the ban on unreasonable searches. the judge put its decision on hold pending what is certain to be a government appeal. meanwhile, the national security agency is now talking about the damage caused by snowden. the nsa leaker stands accused of stealing 1.7 million classified documents. snowden gave the kings to the kingdom to those who want to know u.s. capabilities. >> it would give them a road map of what we know, what we don't know, and give them implicitly, a way to protect
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their information from the u.s. intelligence community. >> they went on the assumption that something could have gone into the system. >> the head of the task force said the agency spent millions of dollars replacing computers. the former government contractor had access to. the nsa was spying on european allies and that declosure has germany and other nations seeking to restrict how u.s. companies like facebook and google send data from abroad. don't be surprised if you see some snowfalling tonight. first alert chief meteorologist, topper shutt, joins us from the weather center. top, what are we talking about? conversational snow? anything that will stick? >> primarily conversational north of town. if you're south of town, you won't see anything at all. if you're a snow lover, will break your heart. let me show you the radar. diving out of wisconsin, across chicago into northern sections of indiana. that's where the snow is now.
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it's going to race eastward. clippers are fast movers. they don't have a lot of moisture. they make up for it in upper level potential, which they have. mostly, they take a track like this and tracks north of us, we don't get much. most of the accumulating snow is going to be right along the maryland p.a. border. cold, 34 in gaithersburg and 34 also in leesburg. so for tonight, mostly cloudy, cold, light snow for or flurries possible. low temperatures 26 to 32. we will come back and talk about the potential for more activity tomorrow afternoon. >> all right, top, the shanahan soap opera continues at redskins park. redskins head coach, mike shanahan, was back in front of the media today, less than 24 hours after walking out of yesterday's post game news conference in atlanta. and this amid reports that he and his son, kyle, are ready to part ways. dave owens joins us now live with more problems in the
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family. huh dave? >> yeah, i tell you, that report surprised a lot of routerrers because the prevailing thought is that mike shanahan was grooming mike shanahan to become a coach. regardless whether or not you believe all these reports. it's another week. it's another leak, and more anonymous sources coming out of that building at redskins park, which for a lot of people signifies things are not harmonious. people would be keeping their mouths shut and these reports would not be leaking out. mike shanahan has been taking heat for allowing this situation to occur under his watch. today i asked him once again, why all these loose lips in his organization? >> i can't do anything about those reports. i can guess where they come from. i know there's a lot of people, in my past, or coach hazel's past. i know not everybody is happy. it can be tough. a lot of things do come out as
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part of this business. >> would it be fair to say that as an owner, looking up high, down low, these distractions are a major detriment to bringing you back. would that be a fair thing to say? >> you'd have to talk to dan schneider about that. he'd give you a better answer. >> better answer. whatever that answer is, mike shanahan better start figuring it out real soon. lesli, there's an old military saying, loose lips sink ships. in other words, when sailors start talking, the secrets get out and the operation fails. there's a lot of loose lips in that organization over there and the shanahan ship seems to be sinking. we're out here at redskins park and we'll have more later on. back to you in the studio. >> thanks. well, we're spreading joy, good joy, in our give joy drive, you donated more than 700 toys and gifts to needy children in our area. >> it has been amazing. thank you so much to all the
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viewers and on this final day, we want to knock off every single item on the wish list, right? so, deborah is live from volunteers of america's support of housing program in prince georges county. one of the programs that benefits from viewers generosity. it looks so festive behind you. >> yeah, i'm having a great time. i'm at a pizza party. let me take you down a little bit so we can come down here. no, you can stay up, we have to come up to you. this is my friend, aden. what's better than pizza? >> toys. >> exactly. let's show you some of those toys. all of those toys right here, aden and i will have some pizza. we still need more. today is the final push for you to do something nice for someone right from your couch. we'll tell you how in a moment. i want you to listen to eastern avenue. that's what it's all about. >> here we have a number of
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residents that are low income. it's likely some would not have quite the christmas or celebration this year that they would have unless the audience was participating in the way that they have with wusa9. >> and eastern avenue is a program. this is the last day. this is the last push. and don't we need more toys? >> pep peperoni pizza. >> how many toys do we need? >> lots. the answer is lots. >> it really means lots, right? we'll send it back to you so you can let people know how they give. >> he's awesome. doing great job. and thank you viewers for all your support during this toy drive. we are almost to our goal of 1,000 toys, scarves, and gloves. we are now 135 items away from our goal. if you want to help those kids,
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many of whom deborah showed you, come from families who are previously homeless. it's so easy to give them a little bit of joy. let me show you how easy it is. go to our website and click on that and that will direct you to our give joy page. here at the top, you can give a gift, donation, or a card. if you choose to give a gift, scroll down and see the vol tears of america program here. i'm going to pick, let's see, the supportive services for veterans and families in washington, d.c. in northern virginia. when i click on this organization, it is going to take me to this particular amazon page with all the items that are on the wish lists of the kids in that program. so once you choose an item and you check out, all you have to do is choose to have that item sent directly to the organization. it is that easy. lesli, i have done this a few times now. it only takes a few minutes. i know you did it with your little girl and it is something that is so great for families
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to do together. >> it is perfect and we got a few more things, so give joy. coming up, a high school senior suspended for a year after he was caught on camera giving his teacher a hug. but up next, doctors urging americans to stop waisting their money on vitamins and mineral supplements. we'll tell you why after the break.
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at least half of all americans take multivitamins or mineral supplements. adriana diaz has the story. >> 68-year-old, deborah takes vitamins and minerals every day. and has been for most of her life. >> i do d and b12. >> many people believe daily supplements will keep them healthy.
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panel of experts reviewing three studies finds no evidence supplements prevent chronic disease or death and they should be avoided. >> there's no evidence of benefit. there is evidence of harm. our recommendation is, don't waste your money. >> vitamin e and possibly high doses of vitamin a can increase death and other antioxidants have no benefits. half of people in the u.s. take multivitamins. it's a massive industry taking in about $30 billion a year. the council for responsible nutrition disagrees with the latest review. supplements are an appropriate option for consumers who aren't getting enough nutrients from food. dr. robert graham agrees. >> there may be an argument to continue taking a multivitamin to replace or supplement your not healthy diet. >> debra eats healthy and has no plans to stop taking supplements. >> i have energy, i sleep well. if it ain't broke, don't fix
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it. >> cbs news, new york. >> and researchers say the jury is out on the health benefits of splint vitamin d. >> a deadly carjacking incident has now been identified. police say 30-year-old, dustin was shot in the parking garage of the mall at short hills last night. his wife was with him at the time, but she was not hurt. this morning, the range rover stolen in the crime was found about eight miles from the mall. the carjackers are still out there. the new york post reports they might be part of a stolen car ring that has been targeting the region. coming up on our news at 6:00 p.m., advice from police in our area on how to stay safe while shopping. a scare today at harvard university right in the middle of final exams. a bomb threat forced the university to evacuate. police say that threat came in the form of an e-mail saying there were explosive devices in four buildings. authorities did use bomb sniffing dogs to search the
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campus, but no explosives were found. some final exams are being rescheduled. >> a high school senior isn't going to graduate on time because he hugged a teacher. sam was suspended for a year for sexual harassment. you can see from duluth high school that he placed his arms around the teacher and hugged her. then turns as she pushes him away. according to that discipline report, the teacher claimed that sam's lips and cheeks touched her neck. >> i have five months left in my senior year. i don't see why they would take that away from me. >> he is a senior. he plays football and you are stripping him of the opportunity to even get a full scholarship for athletics for college. >> sam says he hugged teachers many times before, including that teacher and hasn't been warned. the school should have notified her if there was an issue with his hugging before suspending him. a school spokesperson said it impacts the punishment and sam does have previous suspensions,
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not one for sexual harassment in this case. all right. talk some weather right now. >> do you have a broken heart already? >> you knew it was cool. it's cool that this is the fourth time we had some snow flakes in the forecast. that's pretty good for us. of course, we have very little to show for it, but it's exciting. most of the activity will be along the maryland, p.a. border. i am looking at the data that one little upper level rolls through. that will give us rain or snow showers. let's take a live look outside. it's our live michael and son weather cam and looking at a quiet night so far. not crazy cold, 38 degrees. relative humidity 55%. not crazy dry. and the winds are calm and winds are going to remain light right on through tonight and into tomorrow. all right, this is where the clipper is. it's way up in wisconsin and also northern sections of illinois and indiana. clippers, they have little moisture. they are fast movers and they
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have a lot of upper level support. this one does, especially tomorrow afternoon, and they generally track this to the north of us. so, we don't usually get much. briefly on wednesday. 34 in reston. 34 right now in fairfax as well. 35 in oldtown and 35 also in college park. so, light snow possibly. d.c. north tonight. if you are in southern maryland, you're not going to see a flake. right now, we'll say d.c. north possible. clippers will break your heart. bus stop temperatures, 26 to 36. kind of cold. but no windchills tomorrow to worry about. and then morning snow showers give way to afternoon snow showers as we get into the everyoning hush. we'll keep an eye on that. we keep it green for tomorrow. we might change it to a yellow alert. for tonight, mostly cloudy, cold, light snow or flurries. 26 to 32. and most of the activity will be d.c. north of town. by morning, we could have some
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light snow or flurries. and then by afternoon, temperatures are going to warm up at the surface. we could see rain or snow showers tomorrow and temperatures around 45 and i think really tomorrow afternoon, that's going to be the best chance for everybody to see a rain shower or some precipitation, even south of town tomorrow afternoon. so, you don't see any tomorrow morning, you will see a shower south of town. here's the snowfall map. 2 inches by the border. 2 inches in hagerstown. but nothing in the immediate metro area. so, we'll break it down. 34 to start at 7:00. 36 by 9:00. almost 40 by 11:00 and 46 by 1:00 p.m. don't be fooled. a little bit of sun may come out in the afternoon and give way to more showers and snow showers in the evening. we'll keep it green for now and breezy and colder behind the system on wednesday. and look what happened, boom. we're in the mid 50s on thursday with sunshine and the next seven days, even friday is great. warmer and dry with temperatures in the low 60s.
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we get into saturday, okay, maybe a few showers. sunday for the games, it's going to be wet, but warm. maybe a thunderstorm. monday, a little bit cooler in terms of temperatures, but 50 is not bad either. that snow missed us got in maine and hartford, and portland, maine, had 11 inches. >> back up in the 60s next weekend. >> they have a warmup. >> the start of the winter sole solstice. >> yeah. all right, up next, a lasting tribute to nelson mandela now stands as a symbol of reconciliation in unity in
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a new statue of nelson mandela was unveiled today one day after he was buried. the giant statue on the grounds of the union buildings, that is where the late antiapartide leader delivered his speech. the current president, jacob, presided over the unveiling and after there was a party to
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celebrate the day of reconciliation. a national holiday. >> today, donald whirl as a member of the vatican's congregation of bishops. world growing influence in pope francis. whirl was the only new american named to that congregation by francis and replaces cardinal raymond birk, a conservative holdover from the days of benedict xvi. closer to record territory. and tonight, it's already larger than it was this morning. we need tickets. deb. >> and we ask you to give you and you certainly did. look at all these guys. you guys excited? what do you want more of? >> toys. >> toys. >> give joy. we'll be right back.
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try having to deal with 140 packages a seco
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: recapping tonight's stories. a 33-year-old man is under arrest accused in two separate sexual assaults in the chillam area. pulled a woman into a wooded
5:31 pm
area near bell crest road and assaulted her. a second woman was assaulted in that same area a short time later. >> three women, two of them teens now allege they were sexually assaulted at late night parties in northwest washington. no arrests have been made, but councilwoman says she has been dissatisfied with answers she has been getting from the acting parks and recreation director about the investigation. and the recount in virginia's cliff hanger of a race for attorney general is underway in fairfax county and the cities of alexandria and chesapeake. the rest of the state recount begins tomorrow. a mere 165 votes currently separate democrat nark herring and republican, mark obenshape. >> the u.s. postal service expects today to be its busiest mailing day of the year. 600 million pieces of mail are projected to be processed just today. and 6 million customers are predicted to visit post offices
5:32 pm
nationwide. now you have until friday to mail first class cards and letters if you expect them to arrive by christmas. >> today is the busiest delivery day of the year for the ups and fedex and mark takes us behind the scenes to show us how they are moving millions of packages. think of it this way. santa has two sleighs. one called ups and the other is fedex. between them, they deliver most of christmas. we spent our night behind the scenes with both of them to find out how they do it. it's 2:00 a.m. in memphis. the busiest cargo airport in the world. for 10,000 employees here, the christmas crunch looks like this. at the matrix, the processing facility packages are sorted and rerouted on 42 miles of conveyer belts. how many packages? a half million an hour or 140 a second. and yet, somehow mosley keeps
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up. >> wal-mart gifts, target is coming through. macy's is coming through here. amazon, kindle fires. anything you can name is coming through here. so we are the connection between the stores and to the families and the home. >> this is the world in motion. >> paul runs the fedex global operations center. as we talk, 155 planes were inbound. cybermonday was their busiest day in history. >> 20 million packages in a single day. >> did you feel it? >> sure. over 20 million packages and the network stresses. there's no question about it. we love it. we thrive on it. this is our super bowl. >> 350 miles away in louisville, kentucky, the merchant knows the feeling. this is the ups contingency unit, the troubleshooters. whenever the phone rings,. >> it's not merry christmas, it's usually a problem saying hey, i have additional volume. i have 40 more trailers. i need an aircraft, i need 20
5:34 pm
minutes time. >> the biggest worry in december is weather. as this weekend's snowstorm proved. jeff is a ups meteorologist. >> we will get the crew and plane saying let's leave 45 minutes early. we may leave a package or two behind, but 98% are going to make it out. >> 120 planes landed at the world port, the ups a processing hub. employees were processing 1.2 million packages. next monday the 23rd, upsefects that volume to triple. they add 2-d 22 planes to their fleet. >> it's well orchestrated, but a lot of moving parts. >> i'm standing inside the cargo area of the ups. there's enough room in here to hold 200,000 pounds of packages that will be filled tonight and fly off to the ups world port in louisville. just a reminder, if you have
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holiday shopping to do, there are only seven shipping days left until christmas. >> thanks for that reminder. the ups and fedex all have services to guarantee delivery by christmas. if the package is sent by december 23. all of them suggest you don't wait until the last minute. the lottery officials are calling it unchartered territory. tomorrow night's megamillions jackpot could break records. surprise now stands at $586 million after no one won saturday night's $425 million drawing. i mean, we need to get a ticket. but ticket sales could push it past last year's record $550 million jackpot. >> we will split that. if you have a few minutes, you can give joy to a child in your community who really needs it. today is the last day for our give joy campaign.
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and debra is live at eastern avenue supportive housing where she is sure to show you some kids that will melt your heart. hey deb. >> hey guys. let me show you. want to see joy? joy is right here. what did you get there? you want to show your toy? show your toy. show your toys. we discussed this, you guys were going to wave. yeah. show what's going on right now, victor. a little party going on and we partnered with volunteers of america to make it easy for you to donate toys and winter clothes with just a couple clicks. we are here at supportive housing. one of the programs, a big party, and this is what that program is all about. >> a lot of times when you are challenged with homelessness, your first thought isn't toys for christmas. it's food on the table, it's rent, it's gas in the car. we are bridging thapat g for the families here. >> okay, the push is on at this point. just a couple of toys left. we have lots of toys left on the wish list.
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we really, really need for you to open up your hearts and wallets and basically, you can do this from your couch and i'm going to let my good friends let you know how. >> debra, and folks, we are so close to reaching our goal of 1,000 toys and gloves. we only have 122 items go until we reach our goal. so a big thank you to all of you who supported this and it is not too late to help. i'm going to show you how easy it is to do this right from your own computer or tablet. go to our website, and you can click on the give joy tab on the top of the page. once you click on that tab, you're going to see this page. give a gift, donation, or give a card. if you give a gift, scroll down. see the organizations and the programs the volunteers of america. you can click on one of those organizations and it's going to direct you to this amazon page. now right now you're looking at some of the items on the wish lists of these kids and check it out. some of these hats, $10.
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this is $9.12. $11.88. these are items currently still on the wish lists of these kids and again, only 122 left. if you haven't given and you want to, we really would love for you do it on this day. this is our last day for give joy. lesli, i know you have done this with your daughter. it literally takes a few minutes and we are so thankful for all of the viewers who have already opened their hearts and given for our virtual joy campaign. we love you all and we hope that you'll help us finish off this list today. coming up, one of the white house party crashers gets remarried on pay per view. but up next, some santas can't seem to get along at an annual charity event. are they fighting? yeah. in new york city. and don't forget, we're always on at and the wusa9 app. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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caught on camera. a christmas time tradition turned ugly this weekend. hundreds of santas hit the bars for the annual pub crawl in new york city. but, there you go. that's the first problem right
5:42 pm
there. ten santas started fighting on a street corner. the time officers arrived, the fight had ended and santas disappeared. they are on the naughty list of all parents everywhere now. >> all right, amazing, beautiful, over the top. the white house party crasher and former real housewives star of michaele salahi. that is a mouthful. for $14.95. viewers can watch the ceremony live on pay per view. the ceremony in san francisco. get this, featured red carpet, jazz band, choir, orchestra, performances by journey and tower of power. part of the proceeds help strigs victims in the philippines. >> $14.95. >> we are rocking out and adding some color with tonight's hot holiday toys. you're going to hear all about this after the break. but first, you may reach for it
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several times a day. find out why you may want to lay off the yñ ñzçzçzç
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topping our health alert, how effective is your
5:46 pm
antibacterial soap? officials at the food and drug administration conclude that there is no evidence that antibacterial soap works better than regular soap and water. the fda proposed a rule that will force companies prove these products are safe and effective. some researchers long argued the chemicals are worse. hand sanitizers are not affected by the proposed rule. it is natural for young girls to pay close attention to their bodies, but as monica explains, health experts are concerned that social media is sparking a dangerous trend. instagram, facebook, twitter. imagine the impact it has on today's kids. >> this is so different than the way we grew up. >> they are plugged in 24/7. >> the at snap of a picture, it can be liked or iccrit. ized >> e thtaconsnt ceacss is
5:47 pm
fueling a dangerous weight loss goal attaining a gap. >> it refers to the idea that when you stand with your feet together and your knees together, some, very few, girls or women have a little gap between their thighs. it is an unattainable body structure for most girls and women. >> this fad is considered a beauty achievement on countless sites. if a teenager is trying to reach this goal, they may be trying extreme eating abouts. here's a way to tell if your teen or tween is having issues. fifers of all, pay attention if they lost or gained a lot of weight. next, see if they totally abandon the food group. >> a, that's not healthy. and b, something up in their mind? >> are they constantly looking in the mirror? >> they are normal to want to be taller or have a flatter belly, but to be constantly criticizing her body is a warning sign.
5:48 pm
>> know what's happening in the media and talk about it. >> let her know that the media is there to sell her things and the worse she feels about her body, the more they can sell. >> and practice what you preach. >> she has seen stuff on the scale every day and letting that determine whether you're in a good mood or bad mood. >> set the example now to counter the influences that today's teenagers face every day. monica, wusa9. >> a government study shows more than half a million teenagers in the united states have an eating disorder. >> helping you plan your day. wusa9's first alert weather. >> how you measure december in washington. you wear a scarf at the beginning of the week and some sandals at the end of the week. >> you could do it this week. it sounds crazy, but we'll have december thaw. normally we talk about a january thaw. and we're looking at a clipper tonight, snow possible north of town. most of the accumulation around the maryland, p.a.
5:49 pm
border. it is our live michael and son weather cam. reasonable, 55%. nothing crazy dry and the winds are calm. winds are going to stay calm or light right on through tonight and also into tomorrow. a little clipper system south of st. louis. high pressure to the north. these clippers are fast movers. moisture, but upper air dynamics, if you will. this will track essentially on top of us, but most of the energy and most of the precipitation are going to go right up along the maryland, p.a. border. we have light snow breaking out in wisconsin, pushing into illinois and this will race across ohio into southern p.a. and northern maryland late tonight. in the meantime, we have mostly cloudy skies. we had them all day. that kept temperatures down a little bit. we did not make it to 40 yesterday. temperatures right now, primarily 30s and most folks above freezing. 33 in reston. 34 in fairfax. it is 33 in bethesda.
5:50 pm
34 in rockville. down to 32 in white oak. most folks in the mid 30s. so, light snow possible d.c. and north tonight. north of 66, north of 50. but clip everies will break your heart. if you're a snow lover, this is not your storm on so many different levels. bus stop temperatures 26 to 36. not much wind and then morning snow and then afternoon rain showers. i think we'll have both. if you don't see any snow showers, you may end up with rain showers tomorrow afternoon and evening. for tonight, mostly cloudy, cold, light snow or flurry possible. district north of town and temperatures 26 to 32 and winds will be light. now, we'll kind of break it down for you. light snow possible. 26 to 40 in the morning and 43 to 48. quiet in the early afternoon. maybe a little bit of sunshine and showers, rain or snow showers in the evening. temperatures 38 to about 43 degrees. okay. we'll keep everything for now as green alerts. colder behind the clipper 38.
5:51 pm
and look what happens. sunshine on thursday, mid 50s on thursday. don't look now. we're in the 60s friday and saturday. a few showers on saturday. right now the game, got the redskins in town, ravens in town, mid 60s. that's the good news. rain showers, maybe a thunderstorm. a little cooler on monday, but sun returns, highs around 50. >> all right, top. holiday toys pick today let you make your own custom creation or shake off energy. we start with this marker maker. you could go buy some markers, but is it fun to make your own? that's what this is all about. there's a mixing chart to guide the kids and a storage kit for all the tools. this is best for kids 8 and up and it sells for $24.99. clearly, you don't want to put a marker in the hands of a small child. but you just might want to give them one of these. this is the b kids shake and dance puppy and i love you push
5:52 pm
the little paw on its back, right? and it can walk. it can chase. it can sing. take their little, this is a rattle. the bone is a rattle. so this is great for kids six months and older and it also gets them moving. so they start crawling. the puppy starts crawling, the chase. it can chase them. it's really a lot of fun. >> the rattle here is also for the little one. my daughter still chews on everything. >> obviously you want to make sure they are not putting these things in their mouths. but it's not so small that if it did end up in a child's mouth it would be a hazard. this is $35 and a lot of fun. >> inevitably, that will be chewed on. >> all right. we're going to head to the newsroom now so bruce johnson can tell us what's going on. this camera. there you are. >> getting a better sense of the affordable care act for
5:53 pm
people insured through their jobs. plus, we are going to tell you about the passengers that you really want to avoid on a plane. that should be interesting. also, you have to see the video of the mad crush to get shoes. and speak of holiday shopping. >> i'm scott broom with shoppers in green belt, maryland, coming up, why police here are peering randomly into cars and what they do when they see something they think you should know about. all right, thank you, bruce. first, did you ever want to just cuddle with one of the panda cubs at the zoo? where you actually can, next.
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
actor, hugh jackman sent out these photos. he was in d.c. and was apparently given an audience with the newly named cub at the national zoo. of course the rest of us will have to wait until january to see her, but we are get ago media preview this wednesday, so be sure to tune into wusa9 news at 5:00 when we share that new video with you. over in china, it's a different story there. you cannot only already see 14 panda cubs, you can get up close and personal and we mean up close and personal. >> very personal. ivan visited the panda breeding research center to literally get a hug. >> what's cuter than a baby
5:57 pm
panda climbing a tree? how about a baby trying to talk to those baby pandas. this is the kind of pandemonium you get at the panda breeding research center in china. >> hello there. this little panda, her name is mumu and a little bit too cute for words right now, getting close to this little animal. she's one of the oldest 14 pandas born at this facility this year. and the trainers say that she is one of their favorites because she is so active. conservation groups call china's effort to save the giant panda from extinction a success story. with breakthroughs in artificial insemination and the use of incubators, experts
5:58 pm
have gotten better at raising. the giant panda isn't exactly the most athletic creature in the animal kingdom. unless you count eating bamboo and napping. but these lanch arguably lazy animals definitely have charisma. >> cute, man. >> they are great. they live a great lifestyle. you play all day, eat, sleep, they are a lovable creature and obviously extremely cute. >> the breeding center has become a panda theme park. attracting more than a million visitors a year. they travel in panda wagons and go home loaded with panda hats and ear muffs. panda experts say their next big challenge is learning how to introduce captive pandas back into the wild. because at this zoo, these
5:59 pm
normally solitary creatures have gotten accustomed to pretty close human contact. >> so this is the highlight of the visit to this panda breeding center. for a donation, you get to sit next to one of these animals. a female whose chowing down on bamboo chutes dipped in honey. and you get to hug her. >> oh my goodness. >> so great. i have read it's like $130 or something to hug one of the pandas there. can you imagine what would happen if they did that here? >> you will pay a lot more than that. >> if we were able to hug bowbow. oh my goodness, we would lose our minds. >> and bruce made a good point. he's very close to his mouth. they must be -- they weren't worried. >> that's why they do the baby pandas. tonight, we have some baby pictures of the newest edition.
6:00 pm
scout, the two toed sloth, say that fast, was born november 17. the baby will end up as part of the aquarium's tropical rain forest habitat. >> hello, everyone, kristen berset here to reveal this week's high school game of the week poll. we have four great basketball games for you to choose from. two on the boys side and two girls. text the code to the game you want to see to 25543. remember, you can also vote online at c. as always, we will highlight the winner friday night. >> tonight, we start with breaking news out of northwest d.c. fire crews are working to put out a fire on the fifth floor of a nine story apartment building. it's along the 2500 block of calvert street. crews have been evacuating that building and at this point, there are no


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