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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  December 16, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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the most flavor. we took his word for it. seth doane, cbs news, shandong province, china. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh we begin the newscast with breaking news from northwest washington. a two-alarm fire broke out in an apartment building in the 2500 block of calvert street. we are told the flames first broke out in an apartment on the fifth floor. the fire also spread to the sixth floor. people were evacuated from their homes. that apartment building is just across the street from the motel. flames, we are told, are currently under control. fighters are bringing in fans to help blow the smoke from
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that building. still no word on a cause of the fire and fortunately, it does appear as of right now, there have been no injuries from that fire. >> allegations of sexual assault in a d.c. multimillion dollar pool facility. >> and new redskin quarterback, same old results, your world in 90 seconds. >> the multimillion wilson aquatic center and a life guard were able to use it allegedly as their own personal after hours party pad. three women, two of them teens, now allege they were sexually assaulted at late night parties. >> the couple was leaving the mall just after 9:00 sunday night, heading to their luxury suv when two men approached. >> was shot before he entered his vehicle. >> the shooter and his accomplice got into the victim's range rover and took off. the 30-year-old man later dying at the hospital. >> hundreds of volunteers are helping in the recount of virginia's closest race in
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hitsly. at daybreak, only 165 votes separated the two candidates in the attorney general's race. >> a federal judge says a lawsuit challenging the nsa's mass collection of phone records can proceed. and would likely be successful. the u.s. district court judge issued a 68 page opinion saying the data collections violates the constitution ban on unreasonable searches. >> the panel of experts reviewing three studies on multivitamins finds no evidence supplements prevent death and they should be avoided. >> there is evidence of harm. >> the council disagrees, it argues supplements are an appropriate option for consumer who's aren't getting enough nutrients from food. >> it's another week. it's another leak at redskins park. would it be fair to say, these distractions are a major detriment to bringing you back. >> we have to talk to dan schneider about that. >> d.c. council members demanding stepped up security tonight after a late night party at the wilson pool in
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northwest. left three women complaining of sexual assault. >> after hours parties, sexual assault here at a d.c. pool. i'm bruce leshan. city council wants to know how a manager and a life guard could get away with it. >> three women, two of them teens, now allege they were sexually assaulted at late night parties at the pool. >> have there been any arrests in this case? >> we're still actively investigating the case. >> what have you done about this incident about who may be involved? who knew or should have known what was going on at the pool. >> council committee chair, mary, is far from satisfied with the answer she is getting from park and rec's acting director. there is no sign of a wave of similar problems at other parks and pools. >> so, what we need is, we need circumstances -- no, this is really troubling to me. >> our performance management is doing what it is intended to
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do. >> but obviously not. obviously not. >> in d.c., bruce leshan, wusa9. >> elsewhere, police say they are looking at a stolen car ring in the deadly carjacking at an upscale new jersey mall. 30-year-old offered no resistance before he was shot in the head last night. his wife was not hurt. the gunman drove off with his 2012 range rover. shooting happened at the third level of a parking garage. the vehicle was later found abandoned today in newark, new jersey. >> scott broom is in green belt. police have some advice for shoppers. >> prince georges county police canvassed the shoppers world trying to convince shoppers to take precautions to prevent everything from car break ins to carjackings, like the one urgently under investigation in new jersey today. new ark, new jersey this
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morning. its back windows shattered after a shocking carjack murder at a well lit and busy short hills, new jersey mall. 30-year-old, dustin freeland shot in the head by carjackers in front of his horrified wife. hunt for two suspects still underway. here in green belt today, police fanned out across this parking lot looking for vulnerabilities that can make unsuspecting people targets for car break ins or worse. and gl and with this campaign, we have seen numbers drop as far as the theft from autos. >> irene and her officers immediately found what they were looking for and it was not good news for shoppers who left electronics, like gps devices, phones, or personal items out in full view. >> just a gym bag. >> inviting smash and grab break ins or targeting for something more violent. >> to you and i, it's a gym bag. but, to an opportunist thief, they may see that as, who knows what's in that gym bag and take
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the opportunity to break into your car. >> officers handed out fliers and left notes, noting what alluring items could be seen and why leaving them unsecured while shopping is a bad idea. >> have to do what we have to do. >> the lesson here is, the fewer opportunities there are for crime, the less bad things happen. in green belt, maryland, scott broom, wusa9. >> the right of theft is down in prince georges county by nearly 13% this year and 30% since 2010. violent crime is also down 30% in the past three years. >> military investigators say the marine behind that double murder suicide at the marine corps base in quantico should have received bert psychological care. sergeant subio lopez fatally shot his exgirlfriend and a colleague before taking his own life. lopez was receiving treatment in north carolina after his vehicle was struck by an ied in
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aq. the medical care stopped abruptly when he was transferred to quantico. investigators found lopez's new doctors didn't know about his previous treatment and he didn't bother to tell them. fire chief of staff or senator lamar alexander has been ordered to live with his parents while he awaits prosecution on child pornography charges. a federal judge allowed ryan to be released from custody today. his lawyers successfully argued that 35-year-old had no prior convictions or arrests. prosecutors opposed his release. he will be electronically monitored and confined to his parents maryland residence. he also is not allowed to access any device that can be connected to the internet. >> underway in the closest election in virginia history. it has been a long process determining whether mark herring or mark obenshain captured the most votes in the race for attorney general. peggy fox has the report. >> i'm peggy fox in fairfax.
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one of three jurisdictions in virginia that started the recount in the attorney general's race one day early. so far, democrat, mark herring, has increased his lead from 165 votes to 264 over republican, mark obenshain. >> okay, they are not right. >> hundreds of volunteers are helping in the recount of virginia's closest race in history. at daybreak, only 165 votes separated the two candidates in the attorney general's race with democrat, mark herring in the lead. >> a lot of this is the first time that folks have physicalically had a chance to look at ballots since election night. >> many of the ballots may have markings on them that the machines couldn't pick up. the state board of elections has specific instructions on how to decide voter intent for just about any kind of marking you can imagine. for example, if a voter makes any kind of indication of who they want, like circling a candidate or even a check mark or an x, that vote will be counted. obenshain's team is hoping for
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a turn around. >> in the past three statewide recounts, where the margin entering into the recount. the recount reversed the result in all three cases. so i think this is anybody's election. >> peggy fox, wusa9. >> whistle blower, edward snowden scored a big victory when the federal judge here in washington ruled the national security agency's data gathering operation is unconstitutional. in his ruling today, u.s. district court judge, leon called in as a surveillance technology. snowden fled to russia after exposing the program. agency official said he would consider a deal where snowden could return to the u.s. and get amnesty if he stopped exposing u.s. secrets. however, white house shot down that idea today saying snowden should go on trial and face felony charges. >> day after losing to the atlanta falcons, redskins head coach, mike shanahan, facing questions on his future with the burgundy and gold and
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relationships with his staff, including his son. >> i'm dave owens at redskins park. it's another week and mike shanahan is addressing rumors and not football. namely, that his son, kyle, wants to part ways with him. at today's press conference, i asked him about rumors and why there seems to be so many loose lips in his organization. >> i can guess where they come from. i know there's a lot of people in my past or the coach's past, or gary kubiak, hey, not everybody is happy. >> coach shanahan also addressing kirk cousins and his solid performance in atlanta. saying robert griffin is still the starter, but every player on the team has to understand. no matter where they were drafted, the best players will play. >> just because you drafted them in the first round or the sixth round or the seventh round, and you're going to keep them there just because you drafted them or sign a guy with a big signing bonus, you lose respect by your football team. >> and so the drama continues
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here at redskins park and i missed all that, it's dallas week. from redskins park, dave owens, wusa9 sports. >> i'm topper shutt. we have more flakes in the forecast. we'll show you temperatures, they are cold. 36 downtown. 30 in gaithersburg. 34 in leesburg. we'll talk about a clipper and what that means for the morning commute and possibly to the evening commute. >> also coming up, what are some of the country's biggest challengers that republican governor, robert
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we continue down our current path, we will diminish beyond our. this was written by maryland's former republican governor in his new book, american hope for change. the governor joins us in the studio. you talk about the issues confronting the country. what's number one?
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>> dependence on the government. federal intrusion, bt, whole notion that the government can take care of my problems and i think it's down the wrong path, clearly, and you see in the last few years, social security disability payments quadrupled. not created the jobs, but i think the sense that we lost our way a little bit with regard our work ethic and cultural values and that's quite frankly, losing our way a little bit. rudy giuliani talked about what is ailing the country. is the country sick? >> clearly something ailing the economy. we are getting used to, we are getting ac la mated to unemployment, which is in this country, is not sustainable in my view. and the real thing is 9, 10, 11 percent. folks that have given up looking for work.
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there's sort of this -- jimmie carter's term. with regard to our culture and economy. i think they are intertwined as well. >> you turn to congress. you know the congress house, they can't get anything done. they have this recent budget deal. >> around the edges, this work, big news. >> are we reading too much into it? >> we are. it sends a good message to the markets and a good message to the world that can be a little functional. but the fact, $17 trillion in debt really not making any headway there. and that's serious for our children and grandchildren. >> but the dysfunction will continue? see a path in the middle where the moderate democrat come together in the middle? >> state legislatures are creating more safe seats. more safe members in congress. less willing to prom mize, compromise. i have 62% of what i want, let's make a deal. i want to talk to radio and go
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on cable tv. >> you are pretty hard, aren't you? you look to the far left. >> not the democratic party i grew up with. >> but democrats also pretty hard on the far right. okay. who is right, or is it just whatever your political situation is? >> make the point in the book this is not the liberalism, john kennedy sort of deal. i think this is more of a european set, ultra progressivism that is contrary to our values and our culture. so i'm not saying that all the democrats belong, in fact, it's a wing. but that wing is dominant today. >> what do you think of john? >> i think good for him. with regard to tea party, it's not on substance, it's more on tactics. but they disagree with regard to tactics. >> you were governor in maryland. what do you think of barack obama? you aren't kind to him in your book. >> i'm kind to him personally, but i love ve the american succ
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story. with regard to his approach, pretty hard left and he brought that orientation to the white house. >> okay. >> always watching. always tracking. wusa9's first alert weather. >> thank you, bruce, and today the busiest day for ups. so, thank goodness no snow. >> pretty quiet. a little bit of light snow, but no big storms. that's good news. not here yet. a couple flakes tomorrow. let's start with a live look outside. it's our live michael and son weather cam. mid to upper 30s downtown. colder in the suburbs, but the clouds keep temperatures up a little bit. winds turn east, southeast at 9. pressure falling a little bit. 30.19. this is the system now. this is going to be the clipper system that is producing snow now and now it's extended into ohio. most of this will go to the
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north of us tonight and will give us a chance of light snow or flurries. and the systems tend to track to north of us, subsequently, that's where all the advisories are. as the clipper goes up the atlantic sea board. 34 in college park. 33 in reston. and 35 in springfield. 33 down in waldorf. so, light snow possible, d.c. north tonight. especially near the border, and if you're a snow lover, clippers will break your heart, they aren't good for us. bus stop temperatures cold, 26 to 36 and morning snow showers could give way to evening snow showers. much of you won't see the morning snow showers south of town. most of us will see a rain shower by tomorrow afternoon or evening. so tonight, mostly cloudy, cold rings light snow or flurry possible. mostly d.c. north. temperatures 36 to 32 and winds light. by morning, mostly cloudy, cold. light snow or flurries.
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less than an inch. 26 to 40 and by afternoon, temperatures go back in the mid 40s. a rain or snow shower possible. winds continue to be light. we may see a snow shower return tomorrow night before we clear out. so, 30s across the board. almost 40 by 11:00 downtown. and even a little bit of sun possible early afternoon, temperatures in the mid 40s. that's between the system and there's upper air disturbance that has to move through during the evening. in its wake, it will be colder and breezy. and then on thursday, milder. temperatures go back in the mid 50s. check this out, talking 60s by the end of the week. mid 60s on saturday. a couple showers possible. the bulk of the showers, rain, and possibly a thunderstorm is going to be on sunday. redskins and ravens in town. in the wake of that system, a little cooler, but above average. high temperatures around 50. we'll be
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we here at wusa9, are incredibly overwelmed with your generosity. we have crossed off the wish lists of all the kids right here in our community. so thank you, thank you. this was a huge goal for us and we could not be more overwelmed with gratitude. our give joy campaign is such a huge success. you can go to our website to give joy, because you can donate money or give a card for
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free to one of the kids in our area. some previously homeless. some who might not see as much joy as we would see and now all their wish lists have been crossed off. >> and thank you for your enthusiasm. >> we love our viewers, it's amazing. >> still ahead, the seat kickers, motor mouths, and the most on a flight. the survey avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive"
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so you fly a lot. who or what do you dread most when you are getting on a flight. expedia is out with the most annoying flier. parents, not children, but parents who let the children roam wild on the plane, they are number one. rear seat kickers and smelly passengers place high on the list also. disruptive boozers, people who can't stop talking during the
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flight they round out the top five. >> talking loudly. those passengers are still -- check it out. four rare white lion cubs born in a zoo in the country of georgia. white lions are rarely found in the wild. they are often bread for zoos, animal shows, and wildlife parks. they are adorable. >> they will get big. >> they are really cute when they are little. >> about a week. >> all right, some flurries possible late tonight and toward the border. we'll talk about that. and cold on wednesday and look what happens. 50s and 60s. are you ready? a little december thaw. it's coming. >> that's all for our news at 7:00. have a good one. a subaru...
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...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals.
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that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. we have michael jackson's youngest child talking about his dad for the first time. i'm rob marciano. >> sometimes i go to his room and watch my dad as a dancer. >>blanket, paris. in tonight's top story, why are the jacksons asking fans to fund a new documentary when they have $500 million in the bank. >> you promise me you'll teach me how to moonwalk. >> plus, we're dissecting the odd poster you get


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