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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  December 17, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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truit has been badly burned. tonight, only on 9, we have her first in person interview. she talked to our scott broom. >> i was just scared when it happened. >> she doesn't want you to see her badly burned face, but this is 41-year-old motel housekeeper, truit. now recovering and recalling the tuesday before thanksgiving, the st. paul's by the sea church soaked himself in gasoline, lit himself on fire, and burst through the door of the shepherd's crook food pantry where day dana was volunteering. >> there he stood in the door on fire. he grabbed me. he held on to me and said i'm not getting out. he says, you're not getting out of here. i said you watch me and i knocked him down. i got outside. i stopped, dropped, and rolled.
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i threw my glasses off because they started melting. the next thing i knew, i was on the ambulance. >> dana has seen the security camera video released by authorities of sterner buying gasoline at a nearby station just before the attack. >> he definitely planned to kill himself and i think take some more people out. >> he come in before, sometimes he come in sober, as nice as anything, comical, carry on, then he would come in drunk sometimes. we would have to escort him out of there. >> reverend david died in the fire along with stern. >> i just can't believe the pastor is gone. i can't believe it. >> tell me about shepherd's crook. >> the shepherd's helped me with some food and clothes and everything. and then when i got a job and found a place to live, i wanted to help back. so i started volunteering because i like helping people.
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right now, i'm afraid to go back in there because of what happened, because of nightmares. but later on, maybe after this gets over with, maybe a few months or down the road, i will go back and do it again. >> full recovery may take two years. neither her fiance nor adult daughter have the money to make extended trips up here. so dana is hoping she will be home by christmas. at the hopkins bay view medical center in baltimore, scott broom, wusa9. >> and dana's employer is trying to raise money to support her. you can learn more by clicking on our website, >> northern virginia congressman, frank wolf, will not seek reelection next year. the 18-term republican from virginia's tenth district released a statement saying quote, it has been an honor to serve the people of northern virginia and the shenendoah
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valley. for 34 years. now earlier this year, wolf told bruce leshan he was frustrated with the decision to shut down the government. >> i think it's time to open up to government. >> what does that mean? does that mean you would vote for a resolution? >> i would vote for a clean resolution. >> it's time to stop fighting? >> well, you can fight, but you don't shut the government down. >> the 74-year-old wolf says he plans to focus on human rights and religious freedom. coming up at 5:30, we'll look at who might replace him in congress. >> it's a whose who of the tech world at the white house today. top executives from the country's leading technology companies, many have urged the administration to dial back on the snooping. coem reports from the white house. >> tech giants went to the white house to talk about the troubled healthcare website, but the sit-down with president
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obama was also an opportunity for more than a dozen companies, including facebook, microsoft, and yahoo! tox press concerns about government surveillance programs. federal judge, richard leon said the nsa's bulk collection of phone records is likely unconstitutional. the judge's ruling comes as the white house is combing through an outside group's findings about the controversial program. >> over the next several weeks, we will be reviewing the review group's report and more than 40 recommendations. >> the tech companies issued a joint statement after their meeting urging the president to move aggressively on reform. >> the white house calls the nsa collection an important antiterror tool. george washington university law professor says the judge's opinion is not likely to shut down the program. >> it's only a decision by one trial judge at the lowest level of the federal system. there's a long way to go before we know if the supreme court is going to uphold this program. >> several tech companies are working on software that would
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prevent the government from collecting user information. coem for cbs news, the white house. >> several other judges have ruled the nsa collection of data is constitutional. >> a federal judge sentenced a d.c. pediatrician to 18 months in prison and a decade of supervised release for possession of child porn. but that is way less than the federal guidelines which could have given dr. robert dickey five or six years behind bars. it's an unusual case. >> dr. robert dickey is a pediatrician who inspired so much loyalty among his patients and their parents that more than a dozen of them turned up here at the courthouse to testify on his behalf. the judge, the prosecutor, the defense attorney, all struggled to reconcile two different portraits of dickey. one is a doctor who settled in southeast specifically to serve
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an under served community. a doctor who would accept phone calls at all hours of the night or day. >> he was a man dedicated to his children. his patients. and for that, i am grateful. >> he would draw smiley faces on my arm before he would stick me with the needles to distract me. >> but the other image is of a doctor who would sit in his bedroom at his home office and down load images of child pornography. 132 images of child pornography. some of them involving sato mastickism. >> this is a disease. this is a disease that calls and calls for mental health. >> despite an intense investigation, police were never able to uncover any evidence that dr. dickey actually physically abused any children. the doctor insists that he is not sexually interested in children. that this was just an
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educational exercise. but the judge said these are very, very sick images. he told them, i hope you get some help. and dr. dickey replied, i look forward to it. at u.s. district court, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> dickey has voluntarily surrendered his license to practice medicine and he'll be on the sex offender registry for the rest of his life. >> some alexandria residents are pooling their resources, hoping a cash reward will help the killer. it's the case of rob kirby. a council of government. he was shot and killed inside his home in alexandria and so far no arrests have been made. residents and several organizations including cog are banning together hoping a reward will pay off. a shocking discovery on the shoulder of the beltway today. police say a man's body was found on the interloop between georgia avenue and coalsville road.
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officially, they are calling it a suspicious death. the man's name has not been released and we do not know how he died. >> montgomery county police are investigating the bizarre accident in wheaten, maryland, officers say a car slammed into a house on valley wood court and the people inside that car jumped out, got into another vehicle and drove off. nikki is live from the scene with more. nikki. >> we are here in silver spring where a few hours ago, a car went off the side of the road right here for some reason. that car crossed over here, went to this neighbor's front yard. you can see the tire tracks they left behind, kept going and ended up in the back of this man's house. thankfully, that man wasn't there, otherwise this might have been a totally different story. i want to show you video. our cameras were rolling shortly after that accident happened. neighbors who witnessed it, they say it was a group of success kids who got out of the car which they say was a ford focus and then ran out and got into another vehicle and took off. now thankfully again, that homeowner was not there.
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otherwise he probably would have been in the kitchen at that time he tells me. he is, however, back here now looking at this mess and trying to figure out what is next. >> tore the whole side of the house and obviously the police and everybody else came and put it on safety and stickers on the house. unbelievable. you don't get to see it in the movies like this. >> you can hear in the homeowner's voice, he is heartbroken. he has lived in this house for 20 some years. he is going through the rubble trying to figure out what is next for him. he cannot stay here tonight. it hasn't been condemned, but it is unsafe for him to be in there tonight. he is going to stay in a hotel and figure out what do next. police say if you have any information about what happened here, give them a call. we're live in silver spring, i'm nikki, wusa9. >> anthks for that report,
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nikki. six u.s. service members were killed in a helicopter crash today in southern afghanistan. there is one survivor. that person's condition is not known tonight. nato says there was no insurgent activity in the area the time the chopper went down. investigators were looking at engine failure as a possible cause. a bipartisan deal that would end three years of bitterness over the budget cleared another hurdle today. the measure passed a key test vote in the u.s. senate this morning. the 67 to 33 tally ensures the deal will pass the senate no later than tomorrow and head to the white house for the president's signature. the deal replaces $45 billion in automatic spending cuts with other savings and most importantly, it avoids another government shutdown. >> oklahoma republican senator, tom, is out with his 2013 waste book. it is the long-time deficit hawks annual report detailing wasteful government spending and senator cobern found 100
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examples of what he calls stupid spending decisions totaling $30 billion. >> providing money to study romance novels. we provided money to the state department so they could buy people votes to like their facebook page. and we even helped nasa fund studies of us. congress. >> sounds like a page turner. some other examples include $1.5 billion to keep the lights on in unused or under utilized federal buildings. and $2 million to renovate rarely visited civil war grift mill in virginia. still ahead on wusa9. the feds announce new guidelines to strengthen drunk driving laws. >> i'm meteorologist topper shutt. let me show you the radar. vigorous disturbance to our south and west. we'll tell you if that will accumulate and look ahead to a
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pattern change and let you know where it did snow last night. >> americans in 43 states are lining up for a chance to win half a billion dollars. in new york with the
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nches the row count in the race continues today across the commonwealth and democrat, mark herring appears to be gaining ground over republican mark obenshain. the herring camp says their candidate has increased their lead to 305 votes. that tally is in fairfax county, alexandria. the rest of the state began recounting their ballots today. the deadline to finish is tomorrow night. >> a minimum wage hike is one step closer to reality in the district. the d.c. council vote in favor of raising the minimum wage in the city from $8.25 to $11.50.
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the bill goes to mayor vincent gray for a signature. gray says he supports that $10 minimum wage. the mayor wants to study the idea of a higher increase. prince georges county, $11.50 an hour is much closer to becoming a reality. county executive, baker, signed his minimum wage bill into law today. the new wage takes effect in 2017. >> safe way workers and giant food are not going on strike. they voted to ratify a labor contract today. the agreement preserves most of the health benefits the workers have. there's also a rage in over three years. tonight's megamillion jackpot $586 million. >> wow. if you could only win it. and lottery ticket counters, tens of thousands of players are lining up to try their luck. adriana diaz has the story.
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>> george fernandez used his coffee break to become a multimillionaire. >> how many tickets are you planning on buying? >> $125. >> he and 22 fellow iron workers pooled their money for a shot at the megamillions jackpot. now more than half a billion dollars. >> people want to change their life. they want to get rich overnight. >> it's harder to win since they changed their rules in october. players used to pick six numbers, now it's 1 to 75. pushing the probability of winning from 1 in 176 million to 1 in 259 million. no one picked the matching numbers since the change driving up the jackpot. >> it's so much money and why not take a chance. >> and if there's no winner tonight. >> quite possible we may be close to a billion dollars by friday. >> that would shatter last spring's record jackpot of $656
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million. adriana diaz, cbs news, new york. >> all right, megamillions is available in 43 states, the district of columbia and u.s. virgin islands and while the new rules make it harder to win the jackpot, it is easier to win a smaller prize. those odds now are 1 in 15. we have been told that we have been left out of the pot. bruce johnson pot, but that's okay. >> he opted out, he wants to do his own. >> he didn't mean it. >> very exclusive club, i understand that. all right. we had a little bit of snow to the north of town. but you go up north of the border, all the way up into new jersey, they had a couple. laguardia had an inch. mount vernon, which is outside of new york city had almost 3 inches and bridgeport, connecticut, had 2 inches. as i said yesterday, don't break your heart if you want snow in the metro area.
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live look outside. it's our live michael and son weather cam. temperatures chilly, 39. relative humidity 76%. winds are calm right now. the pressure is falling at this moment. here's the radar. i have been concerned about this. this is an upper level system that is vigorous and intense. and this is going to track right through the metro area later tonight until 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. i think what we're going to see is rain showers. then we'll see snow showers, especially right around town. heaviest rain showers will be south of town, east of the 95 and into southern maryland. the latest picture, we'll show you this is all rain primarily right now, but as we get colder air later on tonight, these rain showers will turn to snow showers. as far down south as charles county and st. mary's county. 37 arlington. 36 in reston. this is good news. the temperatures are above freezing right now. 38 springfield and also college park and also waldorf. okay. so, rain or snow showers until
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midnight. a little more to the south and east of town. clearing late tonight. probably after 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. bus stop temperatures, pretty much the same as they were this morning. 26 to 36. there will be a windchill. dress the kids for the 20s. and colder wednesday, milder thursday. in fact, thursday kind of sends a sign of a big pattern change. here's a snowfall accumlation map. you see what it's picking up on. an inch. i think everything will be below an inch, but don't be surprised if you see a heavy snow shower that lasts for half an hour. so rain and snow showers less than an inch, breezy. 26 to 32. winds pick up west, northwest at 10 to 15. tomorrow, no problems, just bundle up. 34 by 9:00. 40 by 1:00, pretty much pure sunshine, but it will be breezy. now the next three days. milder on thursday, 53.
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warmer on friday, 62. check out this. mid 60s on saturday. i wanted to go 70 on sunday. i resisted. 68 on sunday. showers may actually hold off until after the redskin game. probably hold off until after the ravens game, which you can watch right here on channel 9. and 62 on monday morning and a little bit cooler. nothing crazy next tuesday. temperatures in the mid 40s. and with snow, here's a great picture of some snow. this was sent to us by brenda from rio, west virginia. taken a week ago today. we had that second little snow in the metro area. nice job. and you did everything right. send us your pictures. make sure you put them in right side up. go to our website, and we need your name, town, location, and description. >> glad she got that picture now. if she doesn't have it now, she'll be swimming in that stuff. >> she'll have daisies. >> coming up, the latest on a
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growing wild fire near a popular resort area in the california mountains. >> up next, key decision on calls for a new investigation into the death of princess diana.
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her boyfriend, tony. not reopen the investigation into the crash, 16 years ago in paris. london has been looking into claims that dye diana was murdered. there's no credible evidence to support that claim. i didn't kill meredith. those words from amanda knox. an e-mail from the former american exchange student was read today by her lawyers in an italian court. knox is not at the trial for fear she'll be convicted for the 2007 murder of meredith kercher. the third trial comes after italy's highest court vacated a ruling throwing out her murdered conviction. >> pope francis shared his 77th birthday celebration with four homeless people today. they were invited to breakfast at the hotel where the pope stayed. the forecast among dozens of people who usually are camped
5:25 pm
out around st. peters square. the pope invited vat vatican staff to join him at the celebration. >> after an explosion at the apartment complex. it happened in the middle of the night in birmingham. a man and woman have been pulled from the rubble. the man survived, but is in critical condition. they were asleep in a first floor apartment at the time of the blast and the explosion may have been the result of a broken gas line. a wild fire burning near one of california's most popular tourist spots has now grown to more than 500 acres, 15 homes near big sir have been destroyed and the red cross is set up a shelter for those who are forced to flee their homes. the only good news right now is no injuries have been reported. wild fires are rare in this area. pretty late in the area, but the big sir region is in the mist of one of the driest years in its history. >> listen up, google bots are
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coming. what looks like a scary creature is actually part of google's new robot dream team. >> also ahead, our jan jeffcoat catches up with megapastor, joel on his book signing tour here in washington. i'm alexis with new ways to prevent drunk drivers from getting behind ñzçzçzç chevy year end event is a great time to buy an all-new silverado. this interior is incredible! the nav is perfect for my long trips up north this time of year. howar up north? akron. akron's nice. mm. [ male announcer ] chevy's giving more this holiday season, chevy's giving more during the calendar year end event. trade up to the all-new 2014 silverado all star v6
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for a total value of $5,250. see your local chevy dealer today.
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federal officials are calling for stricter guidelines from preventing intoxicated drivers from getting behind the wheel. >> a 4.6% increase over the previous year. alexis reports. >> u.s. transportation officials kicked off the annual drive sober or get pulled over crackdown on drunk driving this holiday season. >> every 54 minutes during the holiday season, drunk driving claims a life. >> jean's 18-year-old daughter was killed in a drunk driving accident on new year's day last year. >> it's a heartbreak for me, my family. >> a tree with 830 red lights represents caitlin and the others killed by drunk drivers during the holiday season. researchers say frequent sobriety check points are a deterrent. reducing deaths by 20%.
5:30 pm
officials also unveiled tougher guidelines for ignition interlocks. breath devices that prevent a car from starting if a driver's blood alcohol level is too high. >> with these locks installed, they are 75% less likely to repeat behavior compared to those who do not. >> among the recommendation, requiring interlocks for all drivers convicted of dwi, including first time offenders. >> what we know is that a person who first gets caught is not the first time they have driven drunk. >> another recommendation establishing a minimum length of time offenders must use the device. alexis, cbs news, new york. >> the crackdown runs through january 1. you'll have plenty of company as you are hitting the road this holiday season. according to aaa30% of all americans will travel 50 miles or more between saturday and january 1. that's 94.5 million people and 90% of them will be driving. the fifth straight year, the
5:31 pm
number of travelers has risen. the increase is due to lower gas prices and americans refusal to let the economic conditions change their plans to celebrate the holidays. >> facebook will soon start selling video ads. the ads will play in user's news feeds both on the web and on mobile devices. now facebook says the idea is still in the testing phase and that test begins thursday with the showing of a series of promoes for the upcoming film, divergent. the move could boost facebook's advertising revenue. >> and google is out with its list of the world's top trending searches for 2013. and three of the top five were triggered by the death of famous men. former south african leader, nelson mandela finished first knolled by fast and furious actor, paul walker. the iphone 5s was third. corey corey montiff rounded out third. trending searches as queries or
5:32 pm
the ones with the highest amount of traffic in 2013 as compared to 2012. >> google is getting serious about building its own fleet of robots. the web company confirmed yesterday that it bought boston dynamics. the company is a military contractor that build a variety of animal-like robots such as the wildcat, which can run 16 miles per hour. also working on a human robot that can walk through rubble and handle many obstacles. >> the devices can run, can walk, they can traverse through forests and get through snow. the mobility and the fact that they have animal-like qualities to them is both exciting and scary. >> in all, google purchased eight companies this year that specialize in robotics. the guy in charge of the department used to be in charge of its android operating system. >> he has more than 5 million likes on facebook.
5:33 pm
he is one of the most influential people on twitter and leads the largest church. tonight, pastor and best selling author is in washington, d.c. encouraging people to break out beyond the barriers. he talked to january jeffcoat and a crowd filled with washingtonians about his new book and making it through some tough times. >> why are you guys here to see joel? >> well, we're going through a very tough time right now. so you know, every day reading his quotes, just following him. he helped us through a lot of stuff that we're going through right now. >> and how long have you been here? >> i've been here since a quarter of 9:00 a.m. >> so you've been waiting here for almost four hours now. >> i wanted to be number one. >> why is that? >> because i was homeless two years ago and i heard god's voice and it's important for me to be here. >> last words of inspiration
5:34 pm
for anybody struggling right now with hopelessness. >> my encouragement would be find something to be grateful for. get up in the morning. you may not have your job or lost a loved one, but if you have your health, don't sunk into that deep hole of depression. when you have faith, go out and be good to somebody else. you'll be amazed. >> he's really helped us through a lot of stuff. so, i just wanted to be able to -- if nothing else, say thank you. he doesn't need to know why. >> nice to meet you. thanks for being here. >> how is everything going? >> rough. >> definitely helped us through. we both lost our job cialghts we . we have four kids, but we make it through. >> now my colleague is listening to more stories from the crowd of people gathered at
5:35 pm
the tyson's corner in virginia location right now. they are all waiting to meet the pastor and tell him their stories and we're going to take you there live tonight at 7:00. >> recapping one of our top stories tonight. northern virginia congressman, frank wolf, will not seek reelection next year that shocked a lot of people. the republican from virginia's 10th district made the announcement in the statement earlier today. now we are asking peggy fox to help us explain what this means for virginia politics. >> we already know two people have announced their candidacy. one is an attorney named richard and the other is a fairly well known name, john, he is a democrat and he has been the supervisor for fairfax county since 2010. he has an mda and law degree and well known. he told me the other day when i asked him why he was running. he said he really was disheartened by the government shutdown and wants to see a congress that is functioning.
5:36 pm
now, on the republican side, though she hasn't announced yet, we believe that barbra could run for this position. she is a delegate from the 34th district in the mcclane area and she has been a delegate since 2009. she has been a lobbyist. she was an aid for congressman frank wolf and she started her career as an intern for senator ted kennedy. she is a candidate, she recently won reelection to the house of delegates. so it will be very interesting to see if and when she throws her hat in the ring. whoever does, we will be keeping a close eye on this congressional election. i'm peggy fox reporting in springfield. back to you. >> all right, coming up, quick fingered beetles fans get an early christmas present. top. >> if you're headed out tonight, grab an umbrella no doubt. let me show you temperatures. a jacket is a good idea. 34 in gaithersburg.
5:37 pm
37 in manassas. we'll come back and talk about a burst of rain and snowers. what that means for your late night activity and look ahead to a big pattern change. >> up , nextbeyonce's surprise album is making music history. and don't forget, we're always on at and the wusa9 app. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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rock and roll hall of fame announces class of 2014. next year are nirvana. hall and oats, linda, ceremony will take place april 10 in brooklyn. >> a lot of people excited about that. people still talking about beyonce's unannounced new album that was released just last friday. and it is shattering records. it's already the second stbe selling album on itunes this year. she is a diva. this is her fifth and self- titled album. it sold more than 617,000 copies in the u.s. in its first three days of sale. 800,000 copies worldwide and both of these are new records. >> what the industry is saying, sheas wine of the fewest artists. she cut out all of the
5:41 pm
promotions budget, you can't buy a single, you have to buy the whole album. so it's incredible she is able to do this. >> there are videos, this is not just music. there's alsovideos attached to this. when you look at twitter and facebook, you cannot scroll through your news feed or twitter feed without seeing people weigh in about how good it is or controversial it is that she did do this on her own terms. >> i haven't heard it yet. >> i haven't heard it yet. >> i'm anxious. >> a lot of people say this is her best work yet. this is second only to justin timberlake's 2020 experience in terms of shattering records and i tune sales. so this is big, big, big stuff. some lucky beetles fans got their hands on rare recordings. a collection of 59 previously unreleased songs from the fab four went on sale on apple itunes stores in several countries this morning. only briefly.
5:42 pm
some of the beetles iconic hits perform in 1963. this was seen as way to extend the 50 year copy write of those unreleased recordings for another 20 years. >> amazing. >> evidence tonight that a legendary beetle is an ordinary guy. we got paul mccartney. >> paul mccartney. get the man a t-shirt. that was his. >> might be a billionaire. we'll try to get a free to the best t-shirt. still onusa9, this is the season of burgundy and gold christmas for children. elementary students reaching out to cancer patients and survivors they never met. pink ribbon love letters project, that's next.
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♪ at h.h. gregg's countdown to christmas sale you'll save up to 25% on appliances, electronics, furniture and more. 24-inch led tvs, $129.
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in today's high-tech world, the cards and letters we used to send in the mail will end up in our e-mail boxes. getting a hard written card or note means so much more. making sure everyone who wants and needs a card like that, well that's what the pink ribbon love letters project is all about. andrea roane tells us more.
5:46 pm
>> this is ann kinney's fourth grade elementary class in new carolton, maryland. teaches reading and writing process. >> i'm going to put up the word list we made last time. >> today's assignment is different than usual, just like the vocabulary list which includes the words courage, survivor, resist, and hope. >> never lose your hope. >> words the students are writing when they send poems, letters, and get well cards to total strangers who are cancer patients or survivors to help put them in a happy place. >> let your heart say you can. know god is watching over you . >> fighting the cancer, yeah. >> i fell through every crack there was. misdiagnosed four times.
5:47 pm
>> victoria is a survivor. cost her loss of sight in one eye, but what pulled vuk ky on the healing side of her four- year cancer ordeal with the love letters and spiritual notes she received from her beloved mother, daisy may russell. >> she always made me understand this walk is not about me. it's what i'm doing for my community. >> you know how important these letters and cards are. >> vicki told her story a couple days ago. >> one little girl gave me a little card and said feel better, get better, you can do it. >> what she could do for her community. she started the pink ribbon love letters project and called on these nine-year-olds to help her send out the good vibrations to survivors. some offer advice in the form of a corny joke. >> knock knock. >> who is there? >> medicine. >> medicine who?
5:48 pm
>> drink medicine every day. >> i wrote the line across it to eliminate the cancer. >> sometimes adults, we go to the left with this, you know, and the first thing we want to talk about is death. their thoughts are so pure. >> they don't stop to think this person may die. they stop and say, this person needs to hear something to make them happy. >> the letters go to anyone in need of encouragement and prayers. from maryland to california and as far away as siera in africa. >> you don't have family, know that i want to help you. do not cry. do not be down, because i know you can do it. >> this is going to be so exciting. >> vicki comes to the school regularly to collect the letters. >> thank you so much. the first one i have in spanish and english. they are so focused on the positive and make sure it's a happy letter or a happy card or happy picture. they don't understand that the
5:49 pm
bad side of cancer. >> but some do, like timothy, for him it's very personal. >> my mom is fighting cancer. my mom was very sick. i am so happy to write this letter. i want you to feel better. >> keep writing those encouraging cards and remember, this is send sending a smile somewhere. >> they may think i don't understand and i do understand and i care. >> andrea roane, wusa9. >> vicki is just working with the carolton elementary school and other schools are anxious to do the same thing. she is getting requests from as far away as japan and russia. if you would like to donate supplies, we will post a link on our website, >> keeping your family safe with weather call. a custom message sent to your
5:50 pm
phone when severe weather is in your neighborhood. wusa9's first alert weather. >> where does it look like out there? >> it's sprinkling. i'm more concerned about the wet roads. >> you going to be calling people tonight? >> good question. it's a weather call. i think between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m., snow showers across the metro area. let's start with a live look outside. it's our live michael and son weather cam and a couple sprinkles here and there. temperature of 39. and nothing heavy that will fall in the next few hours in terms of rain showers. i would grab the umbrella. winds calm, pressure falling. okay. here's the system. and this is actually an upper level system. the surface low, the clipper is already off the shore. off the coast of long island. this will catch up with it and this is going to roll pretty much right through the metro area and at first, we're going to see some rain showers. it isn't that cold. i think as we go through the nighttime hours, 9:00, 10:00,
5:51 pm
it will turn to snow in the immediate metro area. probably not as far north as hagerstown. probably gaithersburg south and southern maryland. you'll see snow showers. may take until midnight. 37 bethesda. 37 arlington. a lot of 37's on the map. 37 in oldtown. 38 in college park. but 37 in bowie and 37 down in waldorf. so, rain or snow showers tonight until 1:00 a.m. less than an inch across the metro area. clearing late tonight and then just breezy and cold for the bus stop. 26 to 36 for temperatures. dress the kids for the 20s with the wind and colder on wednesday but milder on thursday. that will signal a pattern change. we stop the computer forecast, we got snow in d.c., back to manassas. put this back into motion by 1:00 a.m. got snow up and down 95. even into southern maryland it turns to snow showers before
5:52 pm
ending. everything wisks out of here. in the wake of this, just cold nor about a day. for tonight, rain or snow showers, less than an inch. breezy and cold. lows 26 to 32. winds will pick up west, northwest at 10 to 15. so, just pretty much clear tomorrow, but cold. 34 at 9:00 a.m. remember, these are downtown temperatures and with the winds, you should probably dress for the 20s tomorrow. 37 by 11:00. and then 1:00 we're looking at temperatures around 40. so, after tomorrow, we're 53 on thursday. milder. and we're 62 on friday. warmer. a few clouds come in late, but still a nice way to finish the week. now, next seven days, mid 60s on saturday. maybe a sprinkle. almost 70 on sunday. i've got the showers hanging off late in the day. we might actually see the showers not until sunday night. we might get through the games. thunderstorms possible sunday
5:53 pm
night. and then morning rain on monday. 62. and then a reality check on tuesday, kind of chilly. temperatures go back into the low to mid 40s. >> thanks, topper. asemiable the minions. these are despicable me 2 dolls. rejoice. this is the village who has a change of heart when he meets three little girls and you press the middle. does his talking thing and when it's not in the box, it can actually talk back and forth with you. the same thing happens with agnus. this is the youngest daughter. she has the cutest little phrases and the signature pony tail sticking right up in the air. these are for kids 4 and up because there are small parts and sell for $59.99. and these are collectible dolls. there's even a certificate of
5:54 pm
authenticity in each box. >> can i ask? what do we do with these? these two in particular? >> no, who do you give those to? >> you give these to your grands. >> try a third time. who gets these? >> oh these two. these go to toys for tots and these are toys that have been donated from the toy companies. we've been doing this for weeks now and the toy companies donated two toys in some cases. so, kids will get to open these on christmas. kids that wouldn't have christmas at all. >> excellent. >> fantastic. >> all right. still ahead on wusa9 tonight. no controversy. just kindness as the redskins spread some holiday cheer. >> where should the fbi new headquarters go? i'm peggy fox in springfield. coming up, why northern virginia's elected leaders are getting behind this site and why they say it's better than any other site even in
5:55 pm
maryland. >> and, he is kind of a big deal and he's coming to a screen near you. we sit down with the stars
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
much anticipated sequel, the legend continues hits movie theaters this week. >> the movie comes a decade after the original anchor man
5:58 pm
was released. >> we're starting a 24 hour news channel. >> anchor man is back. this time he and his news team are working in new york city. >> welcome to hnn. >> any pressure with the sequel? >> a whole lot of pressure. >> i'm sure there is, but you can't live like that. you have to have more fun. >> the story picks up seven years after the first film. will ferrell and christina applegait reprize their roles as coanchors who tied the knot and had a son. the relationship falls apart after she snags his dream job. >> you can't handle it, little mama. >> >> >> burgundy must deal with a new boss, and a new arch enemy as the anchor desk. >> look at him. >> ferrell directed to write the script, which brings back the original team.
5:59 pm
reporter brian, weather man brick and of course, baxter. >> it was great except for seeing paul again. we tried to keep as out of touch as possible. and, we didn't get along very well in the first movie. >> the four of them are best friends. they see each other all the time. >> that led to plenty of ad libbing and much of it made the final cut. wendy for cbs news. >> anchor man 2 is in theaters tomorrow. u.s.a. today film reviewer will join us live at 5:55 friday morning with the review. the megamillions jackpot gets ready to soar into record territory. >> and a high-tech fest at the white house. your world in 90 seconds. >> the megamillions is one of the biggest jackpots in the world right now and the fourth
6:00 pm
largest in u.s. history. >> getting struck by lightning at the same time you're being eaten by a shark. >> why is the jackpot so high? >> oh god, i don't know. >> i'll tell you, in october, a rule change added more numbers to pick from. the odds of winning the whole thing jumped to 1 in 176 million to 1 in 259 million. >> wind is driving a wild fire burning in the big sir area of california. it is already destroyed more than a dozen homes. >> i have been there all my life. me and my dad ran out. >> more than 600 firefighters are working to save homes. >> a bipartisan deal that would end three years of bitterness over the budget cleared another hurdle today. the measure passed a key test vote in the u.s. senate this morning. the 67 to 33 tally ensures the deal will pass the senate. >> most economists believe the fed will keep its economic stimulous measure in place. dow jones industrial average finished the


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