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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  December 17, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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largest in u.s. history. >> getting struck by lightning at the same time you're being eaten by a shark. >> why is the jackpot so high? >> oh god, i don't know. >> i'll tell you, in october, a rule change added more numbers to pick from. the odds of winning the whole thing jumped to 1 in 176 million to 1 in 259 million. >> wind is driving a wild fire burning in the big sir area of california. it is already destroyed more than a dozen homes. >> i have been there all my life. me and my dad ran out. >> more than 600 firefighters are working to save homes. >> a bipartisan deal that would end three years of bitterness over the budget cleared another hurdle today. the measure passed a key test vote in the u.s. senate this morning. the 67 to 33 tally ensures the deal will pass the senate. >> most economists believe the fed will keep its economic stimulous measure in place. dow jones industrial average finished the day down 9 points.
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tech giants went to the white house to talk about troubled healthcare website. the sit-down was also an opportunity for more than a dozen companies to express concerns about government surveillance programs. >> these realistic machines, like cheetah and pet man were made by a major military robot maker. it is the 8th robotic company google has gotten in the last six months. what google plans to do is top secret. >> a federal judge sentenced to d.c. pediatrician to 18 months in prison and a decade of supervised release for possession of child porn. but that is way less than federal guidelines which could have given dr. robert dickey five or six years behind bars. bruce leshan reports it's an unusual case. >> dr. robert dickey is a peed pediatrician who inspire sod much that more than a dozen of
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them turned up here at the white house to testify on his behalf. the judge, the prosecutor, the defense attorney, all struggled to reconcile two different portraits of dickey. one is a doctor who settled in southeast specifically to serve an underserved community. >> he is a wonderful man. he helped my family tremendously. he got us through, got me through two children. >> but the other image is of a doctor who would sit in his bedroom at his home office and down load images of child pornography. 132 images of child pornography. some of them involving sato massickism. >> he helped so many people. he did so much for thousands of people. so i really feel we do need to help him now. >> despite an intense investigation, police were
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never able to uncover any evidence that dr. dickey actually physically abused any children. the doctor insists that he is not sexually interested in children. that this was just an educational exercise. but the judge said these are very, very sick images. he told them, i hope you get some help. and dr. dickey replied, i look forward to it. at u.s. district court, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> dickey has voluntarily surrendered his license to practice medicine and he will be on the sex offender registry for the rest of his life. >> grim discovery today in silver spring, maryland. the body of a man was found in the right shoulder of the inner loop between georgia avenue and coldsville road. a passer by alerted police this morning. investigators say they are suspicious as to the cause of the man's death. detectives are trying to determine if the body was dumped at that location. if you have any information
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about this case, please call montgomery county police. >> friends, neighbors, and coworkers are joining forces tonight in hopes of finding ron kirby's killer. they set up a reward fund. kirby, you might recall, worked for the metropolitan washington council of government for more than 25 years. someone shot him dead last month inside his home in the dell ray section of alexandria. police made no arrests. after 35 years in congress, frank wolf is calling it quits. the republican announced today he will not seek reelection to an 18th term. first elected in 1980, wolf served residents of northern virginia and the sheen shenendoah valley. >> a victim of a tragic fire in ocean city, maryland, is breaking her silence. dana truit was badly burned when a deranged man burst into a food pantry and set himself on fire. a pastor has died. only on 9 tonight, scott broom has our first in person
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interview. >> i'm scott broom at the hopkins bay view hospital in baltimore where the survivor just before thanksgiving is telling her story for the first time. >> i was just scared. >> she doesn't want you to see her badly burned face, but this is dana truit before the tragedy that shocked ocean city as the holidays were getting underway. now recovering and recalling the tuesday anksgiving. the st. paul's church burning after a drifter named john sterner soaked himself in gasoline, lit himself on fire, and burst through the door of the shepherd's crook food pantry where dana was volunteering. >> next thing i know, he stood next to the door. come in. >> he grabbed you? >> he grabbed me. he said, i'm not getting out. he says, you're not getting out of here. i said, you watch me and i
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knock them down and i got outside. i stopped, dropped, and rolled. i threw my glasses off and next thing i knew, i was on the ambulance. cut my clothes off of me. >> at the hopkins bay view medical center, scott broom, wusa9. >> dana's boss is trying to raise money to support her. you can learn more by clicking on to our website. >> the bipartisan budget deal crafted by senator patty murray and paul ryan is advancing on capitol hill. the senate voted 67-33 to limit debate on the measure. a vote on final passage of the budget agreement is expected no later than tomorrow. the bill eases some of the harshest spending cuts to budgets required under sequestration. the house passed the measure last week and president obama said he will sign it into law when he reaches his desk. tonight, a new meaning perhaps to the phrase, cleanup in aisle 3. looks as though
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employees at giant and safeway have a new contract. they just ratified a three-year deal, the union president calls one of the best in retail food contracts in all of the country. it keeps in place motels and retirement benefits, even includes a raise. the new contract covers 17,000 workers in this area alone. takes effect immediately. move to raise the minimum wage is gaining momentum in the district. the d.c. council voted in favor of raising the minimum wage in the city from 8.25 to $11.50. the bill goes to mayor vincent gray. he supports $10 an hour. any increase needs more studies. the minimum wage is going up in prince georges county. county executive signed legislation today that gradually increased the minimum wage to $11.50 an hour. every county council member signed off on this plan. county executive, ike laget in
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neighbors montgomery county signed off on a similar bill earlier this month. >> a bizarre accident in montgomery county. a car slams into the home. the passengers jump out, hop into another car and take off. nikki is live from the scene on valley road court in silver spring with just a crazy story. nikki. >> it is absolutely a crazy scene and exactly what happened, we're not sure. police say a car, for some reason, lost control off of valley wood court and ran into the home that i'm standing in front of now. i want to show you what happened. the car went down this way, hit this right here. you can see, and it went over to where that man is working. that's the hole the car left behind and ran directly into that. then it flipped and hit that big tree right there. the car literally slipped and went into that tree. now thankfully no one was home at the time. otherwise this would have been an entirely different story. however, our cameras were rolling shortly after it happened. take a look at some of this video we shot right after the scene. you can see the vehicle of the
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car, it was a ford focus that flipped over and landed there. now police say they are still looking for the people who were driving that vehicle. they haven't released much information, but neighbors tell me they were about six kids inside the car who got out, got into another vehicle, and then fled. so police are still looking for them. however the homeowner says he is devastated. he has been living in this home for 20 years. here's what else he had to say. >> through the whole side of the house, and obviously the police and everybody else came and put it on safety and stickers on the house. unbelievable. >> you don't get to see it in the movies. >> now the home has not been condemned. you can see it is not safe to live in. the homeowner has to find somewhere else to stay tonight. we're live in silver spring, i'm nikki, wusa9. >> nikki, thanks.
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the rest of virginia joined the recount today to determine who won the attorney general's race. the race pits democrat, mark herring against mark obenshain. fairfax and chesapeake and alexandria were given a one-day head start because they had a large number of hand counted ballots. early recount numbers show the loudoun county state senator has widened his lead in the race. president barack obama met with executives from leading technology companies at the white house today. that meeting focused on the troubled rollout of national surveillance program. ceo's of apple, twitter, netflix, yahoo! and google were present. a number of them urged the president to curve the government surveillance program revealed by whistle blower, edward snowden. >> the jackpot currently stands at $636 million. but, projected ticket sales may
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push it past the current record and if there is no winner tonight, the jackpot rolls over past the friday drawing and the jackpot is projected to reach, get this, $1 billion. >> there's going be a winner tonight. ahead on wusa9, hitting the road. aaa is out with its latest holiday travel forecast. if you are headed out, i would grab this before you leave the house. we'll show you the high and low. below average. 40 and 35. 46 and 32 are the averages. we'll come back and talk about rain and snow showers tonight and talk about a big pattern change and look ahead to the redskin game and the ravens forecast this sunday. >> plus, virginia lawmakers make an aggressive bid to lure the fbi headquarters across the river. those stories and more are just ahead.
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aaa expects at least 30% of americans will travel 50 miles or more between sunday and new year's day. according to the automobile club, more than 90% of the travelers will be driving. this marks the fifth straight year the travel volume has increased and as a bonus, aaa says gas prices are lower than they were last year. >> new twists in the fight for the new fbi headquarters. virginia's top leaders are now all backing the springfield site as new options with the private landowner there have
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opened up. peggy fox explains. >> we're going to fight on the merit, not the politics. we are united as a delegation. >> northern virginia's congressional delegation is finally backing one site for the fbi headquarters. the springfield location and the former springfield mall that is being rebuilt. >> as long as this is a fair and above the boards process, i am sure that the fbi will choose virginia as its location. >> it's near the metro and vre stations and future fbi employees will be able to use the new express lanes now under construction to get to quantico. >> the premier lab in the nation, in the world, is just down the road in quantico. >> it's the same site that was pitched for the re alignment six years ago, now the gsa warehouse, which contained sensitive material doesn't have to move nor does it have to be part of the project. >> the creativity of the project sector partners in
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assembling a parcel that does not interfere with the existing gsa site is a giant step forward. >> the major competition is a site in green belt, maryland. metro, which owns the green belt site would get it to the government. in sprung field, this is private land, but the owner would likely be willing to swap this land for the fbi's current headquarters in d.c. but maryland leaders say their green belt site is the best. >> i'm glad to see virginia has taken a note from us. we were the jurisdiction that brought all of maryland together behind one site. >> peggy fox, wusa9. >> the gsa along with the fbi will make a final decision. we'll be right back. a subaru...
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he is the pastor of the nation's largest church which has several affiliate churches and tonight, pas orjoel is meeting with people in d.c. to hear their stories about life and breaking out beyond life's barriers, which also happens to be the title of his new book. jan jeffcoat talked to several people, including the captain of the uss coal from 2008 to 2010. captain ed invited pastor aboard the navy destroyer just before it deployed in 2010.
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>> a great message and i think he has the ability to connect with a lot of people and he is very inspiring. it helps everyone in their own personal journey and going when you are away from your friends and family, having some connection, some inner strength is helpful while we're gone. >> pastor joel is at barnes and noble in tyson's corner tonight and jan will be there live tonight at 7:00. always watching. always tracking. wusa9's first alert weather. >> talk about a white christmas? >> you know, i tweeted about that. we have 11% chance on any given day and one thing people get confused, it doesn't have to be snowing. that is technically white christmas. >> well, wouldn't we like to have snow to start christmas eve? wouldn't that be thighs and taper off? we'll see what we can do. rain and snow showers will push
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through tonight. let's start with a live look outside. it's our live michael and son weather cam. temperatures have gone up. 39 downtown. relative humidity 79%. winds 3 miles per hour from the north and the pressure is actually steady over the past hour. 29.96 inches of mercury. here's an upper level disturbance. not a surface reflection, but a very vigorous disturbance in the upper level of the atmosphere that will roll through the metro area later on tonight. and that's going to spell rain showers at first, but snow showers. even downtown, maybe as far south as waldorf, maybe into northern st. mary county beer all is said and done. right now, rain showers all be it light south of town. heavier activity back to charlottesville and you can see things are starting to turn. so we'll keep an eye on this for you tonight. won't see that much in terms of accumulation. in part, temperatures are above freezing. 37 in bethesda. 36 in reston. 38 in fairfax. 37 in college park. and 37 in waldorf.
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36 over in annapolis. so rain or snow showers until 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. less than an inch. clearing late tonight, bus stop temperatures pretty much the same as they were this morning. 26 to 36, but with wind, dress for the 20s tomorrow for the kids and then colder wednesday, but good news. milder thursday. all right, here's our snowfall accumulation map. it's picking up on snow between d.c. and la plata, toward andrews. we will see some intense snow showers for a while. between 10:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. and everything wisks out of here. rain and snow showers. clearing late, breezy and cold. low temperatures 26 to 32. winds west, northwest at 10 to 15. the breezes will be with us through most of tomorrow. 32 at 7:00. 34 at 9:00. we're in the mid to upper 30s by 11:00, but the breezes stay with us. dress for the 20s and 30s and breezy and cold. by 1:00, we should be up to 40
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degrees. next three days, milder on thursday, low 50s and then check this out, warmer on friday, low 60s, a few clouds come in late. still, a nice way to end the week in december. next seven days, gets warmer. mid 60s on saturday. a couple showers possible and then on sunday, we could see a shower, we could see a thunderstorm and i think it's going to be late in the day. i think it will be after the redskin game and maybe even after the ravens game. i went 68. i want to go 70. low 60s, rain tapers off early and back to the mid 30s. when you get to the mid 40s on tuesday, it will stay cold through christmas. give this a chance. >> round it up, 68, 70, but the drop would be steeper, right? >> yeah. >> we have breaking news out of reno, nevada, a shooting inside a hospital. police say a man with a gun shot and wounded at least four people, then killed himself. it happened inside a hospital called the regional medical facility. right now, police officers searching through the building to see if there are other
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injured people inside. no word yet on the gunman's identity or his motive. we're going to progressive claims. this is flo. i need you.
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can we talk football and get away from the controversy? >> some good redskins news for you. nothing about the controversy. nothing negative. tuesdays are usually their days off. the washington redskins turned their attention from the pain of sunday's loss to the happiness of helping some local
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kids. the redskins charitable foundation is making the holidays brighter for some deserving area children. dianne roberts has more from the santa shop at fedex field. >> santa, marines, and toys, oh my. they all gathered at fedex field to help make the day of kids from schools all over d.c., maryland, and virginia. the children went rushing through the locker room like alfred morris is used to doing on the field. morris was slowed down a bit as he and high powered helpers worked with kids to pick out the perfect toy. >> we have oregon. we have legos. >> i know you like this. >> i have been having a blast this whole time. i have been teasing, so i can't stop smiling because my jaw started hurting. i enjoy the smiles and enjoyment they get from being
6:28 pm
here. >> very excited about being in our locker room, too. wow, this is the locker room? they have overall a good time. >> i never thought i would ever meet those football -- the redskins football, washington redskins football players. but, my dream came true and i actually met them. >> here we go. >> former redskins hall of famer made for a few laughs with his hula hooper. there was plenty of fun to go around during the shopping spree. >> thanks for coming, guys. >> between the marines, the redskins, and of course, santa, about a thousand children left here very happy customers. at fedex field, dianne roberts, wusa9 sports. >> she said over 1100 children were given a toy. of course the redskins are super busy. just one of a number of activities planned by the charitable foundation. and we may need to teach him
6:29 pm
how to hula hoop. there we can show him. >> that was very refreshing. >> so nice to have positive news. the joy was back at fedex field. >> you can see it on the faces of all those great kids. >> so happy. >> i think that's it for us. >> i think so. be prepared. >> all right, cbs evening news is
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