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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  December 17, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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the odds of winning are 250, 260, 270 million.
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whatever it is, it's a long shot but it hasn't stopped people from buying tickets in record numbers. >> a megamillion star-studded night in the dc area. if you aren't focused on winning the big jackpot, how about this celebration, fighting over the bill with this famous bill. >> is it true that still you and president obama are the only two that eat free. >> i really don't care. >> hundreds of people wait to meet this man in hopes of turning tough times into hope. >> i'm bruce leshan. $636 million, that could be yours if you bought a megamillions lottery ticket in the last four days. >> after taxes, it would come out to be 341 million, still life-changing, dollars. some hopeful winners already knew how their life would change with those numbers. >> the odds of winning are
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absurd. the funny thing is people know that but it doesn't prevent them from buying a ticket. they're just hoping tonight is their lucky night. . >> i bought about $50 worth of tickets. >> how many tickets did you buy? >> just one. . >> however you do it, you've got to be feeling lucky, or not. >> i've had an unlucky day so i figured i'd buy a lottery ticket. >> either way, your chances are the same. >> one out of a trillion or something. >> it's a lot of money. >> who could spend $5#67 million. you would have to give some of it to charity. >> you'd like to try, wouldn't you? >> it's so much money that to some, it seems silly to even think about. >> what would you do with all of that money? [laughing]. >> to others, it's a bit more serious. >> once i have the money, i could do whatever i want. >> lawrence works at a limo company, carol might be losing
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her business. john zedler drives for a car service. sharmain works at mcdonald's. >> do you realistically think you're going to win? >> no, you've just got to take the chance. >> they don't care. they're not merely buying a ticket. they're buying just a little bit of hope. >> i have a great feeling this is the right number. >> sure, it's a dream, but at least for tonight, it can be real. >> make sure me and my daughter is okay first, and then i can help other. >> i'm going to give my mother a whole lot of money because her house burned down in february. >> buy a ranch in texas. >> i'm going through a divorce and i would really like to win and hire the best lawyer ever and sock it to him. >> okay, that's not just hope. that's something else. but who knows, in this game of long-shot luck where nothing is certain, there is actually one thing that's for sure. >> you don't win if you don't play. >> if you do happen to win and this is your lucky night, you can begin receiving those winnings within days of
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claiming your winning ticket. in maryland and the district, you can remain anonymous. others you cannot. lottery officials recommend hiring an attorney and finance officials to help you through the process and at that point you'll be able to afford those. and jan has the winning numbers. >> let's look at them, folks, 8, 14, 17, 20, 39, and the megamillions, ball is number 7. i know we did like this office pool. >> i don't hear any screaming. did we win? >> i'm going to have to go back. it's going to take me a minute. >> to go through all the tickets, right? >> take your time. >> yeah yeah, you probably won't be seeing me again if i have the winning ticket. a dc pediatrician, as we change gears right now, is heading to jail. >> and heading for the white house. those stories and more topping the news and the world in 90
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seconds. a federal judge sentenced a dc pediatrician to 18 months in prison and a decade of supervised release for possession of child porn, but that is way less than the federal guidelines which could have given the doctor five or six years behind board. >> the blackhawk was one of two american helicopters on a day time mission in southern afghanistan when it was forced to make a crash landing. what caused it to go down is unknown. the loss of six americans is a grim reminder that u troops are still in harm's way. >> the yays are 67 and the nays are 33. >> a bipartisan deal that would end three years of benefits, another hurdle. the deal will pass the senate no later than tomorrow and head to the white house for the president's signature. >> wind is driving a wild fire burning in the big sir area of california. it's already destroyed more than a dozen homes. >> me and my dad ran out, got
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fire hoses. >> more than 600 firefighters are working to save homes. >> we're tracking another round of rain and snow showers. ly roll through the s wil metro area late tonight into the early morning hours. >> witnesses say a middle aged blind man with a seeing eye dog seemed very wobbly as he stood near the track. several people on the platform yelled to the man to keep low as the train approached. >> yelled lay down, and he did it. >> yeah. >> and the dog? >> he's fine. >> some new information on a shooting spree inside a medical center in renno, nevada. police say a gunman wounded one person and two others including a doctor before turning the gun on himself. it all went down on the third floor offices of the renowned regional medical center. still no word yet on that gunman'sidentity or why he opened fire inside that hospital. tomorrow, a harbor university student is going to be in court. 20-year-old aldo kim is accused
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of e-mailing a bomb threat monday morning causing four buildings to be evacuated on the harvard campus. the message said the shrapnel bombs would go off soon in two buildings. >> what, if any, political fall- outs will there be as a result of virginia congressman frank wolf's decision not to run for re-election in 2014. he has served 17 terms and was first elected to office back in 1980. today's press release, wolf would only say that as a follower of jesus, i am called to work for justice and reconciliation, and be an advocate for those who could not speak for themselves. a plan to focus on my future work, human rights, and religious freedom, both domestic and international, as well as matters of the culture and the american family. wolf's district includes a large part of northern virginia, including arlington, fairfax, and other counties. so are republicans in danger of
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losing the seat? we spoke to larry sabato earlier this evening. >> i suspect that it will go the way of this election generally. if this turns out to be a republican year, then republicans are probably going to win that district. if democrats do better than expected in this mid-term election, then i think they might be able to take it. >> sabato says there have been rumors for quite some time for the last few terms that wolf was considering not running for re-election. to a tug of war that stretches from one side of the potomac to the other. two sides hoping to land fbi headquarters and all the jobs and businesses it brings. tonight, maryland lawmakers stood united urging the feds to build in green belt across the river. others endorsed springfield for the new headquarters. the fbi says it has outgrown its offices at the j.edgar hoofer building in dc. the decision will be made by
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the fbi and the general services administration. it all began with a anne 9- 11-1 call this morning at ag richardson elementary school. this guy right here was hiding in the back seat of a woman's call. that woman returned to her car after school began. that's when he told her to drive away from the building. he became distracted by ringing phones, and the victim took off running. shoemaker we're told tried to chase her down inside that school and that's when faculty members sprang into action holding him down until deputies got there. we are told he and the victim didn't know each other, and he is suspected of previously stalking her. detectives did find multiple knives, zip ties, and a cloth gag inside shoemaker's car. if you own a gun and live in dc, you can expect to get a letter soon from the cops. it will inform you that you have to re-register your weapon or risk going to jail.
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starting january 1, dc gun owners must re-register within 90 days. the requirement applies to people who first registered the firearm in the city anytime from 1976 until 2010. now, police chief lanier says that's about 50,000 residents. a man came home from work today to find a car inside his house. it happened this afternoon in silver spring on valley wood court. police say somebody driving a ford focus lost control of the vehicle, drove through the neighbor's front yard and into his house. the car then flipped over and hit a tree. neighbors who witnessed the accident say a group of people got out of the car and ran. no one was at home at the time of the crash. the man who lives there says he's going to have to find some place else for now. a minimum wage hike, not quite a done deal. the council voted to raise it from 8.25 to 11.50 an hour but mayor vincent gray favors an increase of $10. anything above that needs a
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study according to the mayor. in prince georges county, county executive baker signed a bill today into law changing the minimum wage there to 11.50 an hour. that goes into effect in 2017. top dogs from firms like twitter and facebook got some face time with president obama today and asked him to reform the nsa's surveillance operations. just yesterday, a federal judge says the nsa's collection of phone records was likely unconstitutional. the white house claims that the key tool in fighting terrorism. >> it's only a decision by one trial judge at the lowest level of the federal system. so there's a long way to go before we know if the supreme court is going to uphold this program, if constitutional or unconstitutional. . >> last week, a presidential task force recommended dozens of changes in federal surveillance operations. the white house says it's reviewing those recommendations and plans to issue a public version of the report in the next few weeks. new tonight, a woman
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attacked and sexual assaulted while taking out her trash. it happened on friday, december 13, on garland avenue in silver spring, at about 10:45. the victim tells the montgomery county police that the attacker grabbed her from behind, knocked her to the ground, dragged her off to a concealed area and raped her. the suspect is described as a white or hispanic male between 5'8" and 6' tall. police are wanting to question a person of interest, a female in this case. call police if you have any information about this case. a night for hundreds of people who lined up today to have one moment with best selling author and pastor of america's largest church, joel osteen. some waited for hours to meet the man behind the books. his latest "breakout" has already had a huge impact.
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for those folks who were there, and they shared their stories of inspiration and hope with me. so why are you here to see joel osteen? >> i have been following for years, every sunday. his words are amazing and give me a lot of faith. it was a night of hope and it was amazing. >> you've been following him around a little bit, huh? >> yes, the man keeps me insane, and out of trouble? >> how so sn. >> because he preaches positive and influential, and you can do anything. don't let the devil take you anywhere and stand up for your rights. >> everybody has a story and what's interesting is that you yourself can relate to them in different ways, because you never expect to even be at the pulpit of your dad's church preaching. tell me how you not only preach what you say but you live what you say. >> well, i just think that makes it a lot easier for me to share with other people if i've experienced it in my own life. like you said, everybody's looking for hope, for acceptance and, you know, whether you're rich or poor,
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black or white, we all have challenges. >> and you can see more stories of the people who were there and my interview with joel himself on our website, just go to so many inspirational stories there. and while i was spending some time with joel osteen, bruce had the pleasure of hanging out with bill cosby. >> he made fun of me. it was great. we were getting together to wish somebody very specia
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okay, you've lived here for a while so you must know ben's silly bar. it's where you go to get your fix for a chili dog, and fries. but do you know the owner? virginia ali. she's one of the most respected and influential people in this town. >> i feel so loved and happy and blessed. >> virginia ali celebrated her 80th birthday today. >> i'm absolutely overwhelmed. >> this is one of the best occasions this theater has ever had. >> long-time friend, comedian bill cosby was in town to serve
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as master of ceremony. >> is it true you and president obama are the only ones that eat for free? >> i really don't care i offered to pay. that's the way it works. >> they gathered at the lincoln theater to share virginia ali's birthday. and the world will be as one . . >> camille cosby, bill's wife. >> she has always been a consistent friend. so someone who was consistently in integrity about herself and about her work. >> bernie dimjack of george washington university? she's the heart and soul of u street. consequently, she becomes the heart and soul of washington dc. >> former dc council chairman kwamie brown. >> she has a warm heart, cared for the community for a long time. >> bill cosby called me up on stage to share some words about virginia ali. >> you have 10 seconds.
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one. >> mayor and a host of council members got the same treatment from the cos. >> and you are -- well, who is this? >> today was declared virginia ali day in the district. tomorrow, you might find her next door at ben's silly bowl where she and family have greeted and served customers from presidents to foreign leaders, to tourists and regular folk like you and me for more than 50 years. >> and now we are diverse and we are booming, and washington is booming, and i just love this city, and i love my community. >> we love you. happy birthday, virginia. ben's chili bowl, no longer that small mom and pop store. there are other stores going up, and they have some of the most popular concessions in all of the local sports stadiums. >> i like bill cosby, mouthful of food talking to you. >> bruce could never do it in 10 seconds. 10 minutes, maybe.
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when bill cosby makes fun of you, i'm telling you he made my week. are you kidding? >> you've made it now. >> it's about like you. sees me, makes fun of me. >> exactly. all right. we're looking at some snow showers outside. we'll share that in a minute. we're looking at a disturbance overnight with a clear day tomorrow, just brisk. 40 outside, average high is 46. so a little below average. it's 36 right now, relative humidity, 82%, and the winds are calm. the winds will pick up as soon as the little disturbance rolls through. winds north-northwest at 10-15. the rain showers are to the south and the snow is filling in from leesburg to rockfield and northwest and really beginning to snow south of town, waldorf, and we talked about this earlier, you actually have the best chance of getting a little coating before everything is said and done.
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once you get north, you won't see anything. mostly showers and snow showers are to the south. so clearing out and cold by dawn, okay, morning temperatures 26-36. you factor in the winds, i would dress the kids in the 20s, actually. bright but brisk on wednesday. and milder on thursday which actually signals a little bit of a pattern change. so overnight, snow showers ending, clearing, breezy, cold, 26-32, winds northwest at 10- 15. by morning, skies return to mostly sunny, breezy, cold, 20s and 30s. could be some clouds lingering, but everybody becomes mostly sunny. winds still a factor. by afternoon, mostly sunny, colder, high temperatures near 40. winds will subside a little bit and become west-northwest at about 10 so they will die down late in the day. essentially, maybe a few clouds to start at 5:00 a.m., but just boom, mostly sunny. 34 at 9:00, 37 at 11:00, and downtown temps, 40, but still breezy and cold at 1:00.
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now, we get into thursday, milder, we're in the low to mid- 50s on thursday. and look at this, warmer on friday. we are in the low 60s on friday. a few clouds come in late but it stays dry. next seven days, saturday, well, even warmer. mid-60s, slight chance of a shower saturday night. sunday, got showers and maybe even a thunderstorm, i think they'll hold off until after the redskins game and quite frankly, they might hold off until after the ravens game as well, and then a little bit of light rain on monday morning. temperatures low 60s, and then reality check on tuesday, temps in the mid-40s. we're out in the weather terrace, and it's snowing lightly, very nice, continuing until about 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning, will not cause you any problems for your morning commute. >> thank you. in tonight's health alert, doctors take extraordinary measures to save a man's hand. the worker lost his hand in a workplace accident in china. but before the hand could be attached to its proper place,
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his arm needed to heal. so they temporarily attached it to the ankle. a month later, he underwent another surgery and attached it to the arm. doctors in china say it's about the 20th successful surgery of its kind. >> isn't that the most interesting? >> technology, these days. emergency space walks now planned this weekend at the international space station. a broken cooling line forced scientists to shut down some equipment and stop experiments so the six-man crew will have to spend some time outside the iss to make those repairs. the busted cooling unit is actually a replacement for one that broke down three years ago. . president barack obama hails from hawaii and chicago, but he knows how to deliver a bronx cheer, and he's directed one at russia's vladimir putin. today, mr. obama named two prominent guy athletes to the us presidential delegation. billy jean king and brian botano will go to russia in march for the opening
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ceremonies of the 2014 winter games. guy rights activists hope the president's choice will send a strong message to russia about its antiguy policies. here's a look at what's coming up in sports. we checked our megamillions tickets. what would you do with $636 million. you could be the owner of a sports team, but which one? plus, the capitals and the flyers meet for the second time in three days, and this rivalry a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru.
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we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
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game on with kristin berset live from the wusa 9 cadillac sports desk. >> i think it's fair to say the washington capitals and the philadelphia flyers don't like each other very much. they rallied back from a three- goal deficit to send the flyers home in shock. remember this on november 1, an all-out brawl that included the two goalies. tonight, more attention in the second period, hits braden shin who went head first into the board. a nasty hit that got the 19- year-old penalized for charging and in obvious pain, had problems getting up and didn't return. it went down hill after that.
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flyers win big tonight, 5-2, the final. the redskins' locker room at fedex field was turned into santa's workshop this afternoon. they helped over 1100 children pick out toys for christmas. they say this is a much appreciated break from the chaos they've been dealing with the past few weeks. >> kids always keep you grounded. they always -- kids say the darnedest things and do the darnedest things, so they always keep you happy. >> i'm excited though. even though we didn't win last game, we've still got another opportunity to go and win another game. >> the big question, what would do you with $636 million? none of us in the sports department were lucky enough but it got us thinking, what would that kind of cash buy you in the sports world? you could buy 17 of 30 major league baseball franchises, including the nationals and orioles. in the nba, you could afford to buy 25 of the 30 teams,
11:29 pm
including the miami heat, believe it or not. also, the spurs and, of course, the wizards if you wanted that. also in the nhl [laughing] -- you could also afford every stanley cup champion since 1995. of course, no nfl team is affordable in that range. >> can't get the miami heat, you might get the wizards. >> yeah, you know, if you want that. >> i music: jingle bells
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that's wusa 9 news for tonight. thanks
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