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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  December 18, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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coming up next on wusa9 news at noon, a bipartisan budget deal heads for final passage in the senate. i'm tara mergeiner in washington with the story coming up. they didn't win the big jackpot but find out where a mega million ticket worth a cool million dollars was sold locally, and howard has our forecast. it's a real chilly one here at least for today, but spring like conditions in the seven day. i'll let you know when that sets up for us. wusa9 news at noon
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hello and thank you for joining us. i'm andrea roehn. congress could send president obama a budget to sign into law today, a vote on the agreement is lated in the senate this afternoon as tara mergeiner reports not everyone is happy. >> reporter: the senate is expected to pass a bipartisan budget bill this afternoon. it cleared a critical test vote yesterday. >> the yes' are 67 and the no's are 33. >> the two year agreement cuts the deficit $23 billion over the next decade, and replaces some of the across-the-board spending cuts known as the sequester with targeted cuts. >> please don't use our retirement, the military retirement that's been promised to us. find it somewhere else.
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>> lisa wants senators to vote against the bill because it cuts some retirement benefits for military veterans. >> my husband went to war on the fact that he was promised that money in return when he got back. >> some republicans and democrats say even if the budget passes, they will fight to restore the retirement benefits. >> how far have we fallen? do we have no shame? >> democratic senator patty murray says without this agreement, there would be big cuts to the department of defense. >> meaning furloughs and layoffs and a threat to our national security. >> president obama says he will sign the bill if it passes. tara mergeiner, cbs news washington. >> if the budget passes it will be the first signed into law since 2009. well there's a lot of waits that could be cut, are bat ic squirrels, a few examples of your tax dollars at work. republican senator tom coburn of oklahoma out with his book,
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the long time deficit annual reportdetailing wasteful government spending, he found 100 examples of what he calls stupid spending decisions totaling nearly $30 billion. >> we still provided money to study romance novels. we provided money to the state department so they could buy people with some votes to like their facebook page, and we even helped nasa fund studies of us, congress. >> some other examples include one in a half billion spend just to keep the lights on in unused or underutilized federal buildings, and $2 million to renovate air a rarely civil war mill in virginia. things just got a little mare yes, sir this holiday season for a couple of mega million ticket holders. two tickets, one in san jose, california, the other in atlanta, georgia matched the win numbers in tuesday nights $636 million mega millions jackpot. we've also learned a single
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ticket worth $1 million was sold in annapolis. marlee hall has the latest. >> reporter: california lottery officials say one of the winning mega millions tickets was purchased here at jennifer's gift shop in san jose. the other at a news statin atlanta, georgia. >> both tickets matched all six numbers in last nights drawing. the lucky winners will split at least $636 million, the second largest prize in u.s. lottery history, but when the final numbers are in, officials say the jackpot could climb even higher because of better than expected ticket sales tuesday. mega millions prize totals are soaring thanks to new rules that make it harder to win. players used to pick six numbers from one to 56, but now it's one to 75. the october changes lowered the odds of winning from one in 176 million to one in 259 million.
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>> mega millions? 20. >> millions of people across the country braved long ticket lines for a chance at the winning ticket but this morning, most of their dreams of becoming overnight millionaires are over. >> i got to keep playing? >> of course i'm going to keep playing. >> the jackpot now resets to $15 million for the next drawing on friday. marlee hall for cbs news. >> 15 million not bad, right? mega millions is played in maryland, the district, 42 other states and the united states virgin islands. fairfax county school and fire officials are trying to figure out how two buses caught fire this morning. this was the scene at a bus storage lot near westfield high school. the blaze gutted one bus, heavily damaged the other and it took crews minutes to put out the flames, luckily nobody was hurt. on the front lines battling fires and some of the most needy communities. now d.c. firefighters are giving back to hundreds of
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needy children. delia explains. >> reporter: this is a second year d.c. firefighters have teamed up with operation warm to pass out 500 of these american made coats. christmas came a weakerly for these children thanks to the d.c. firefighters association local 36. what's your favorite part of today? >> getting a new coat. >> were you surprised? >> yes. >> it was good, to meet a firefighter for the first time. >> thanks to common recognition donations the union is passing out 500 winter coats to warm the bodies and hearts of some of the most needy in our community. >> i never really knew how it worked and how this operates so it's good to come here and get this warm feeling with all of this love and care and i'm just glad i came. >> more than 100 kids, social workers, counselors and teachers filled the union hall for the holiday surprise, union president ed smith says answering an emergency call, without anyone dialing 911.
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>> kids, you know, by no fault of their own that are in poverty don't even have a coat to stay warm go back and forth to school with. to see the kids and expressions on their face is priceless. i can't even put a value to it. i'm glad we're here, i'm glad we're doing it. >> in northeast, wusa9. >> and delia tells us firefighters are collecting donations for next years coat give away. you can help by texting the word "warm" to 50555. still to come, when the news continues, it might be hard to believe right now but we won't have to wait until spring to enjoy warmer temperatures. howard is up with the forecast in about 10 minutes. but first see how a federal reserve decision today could impact how much you pay
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it will be the ultimate walk on the wild side, astronauts aboard the international space station are preparing for at least two
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emergency space walks to fix a broken cooling line. nasa ordered the mission after one of two cooling systems shutdown last week. >> reporter: the international space station is about to undergo some unscheduled repairs. a cooling system failure last week forced nasa to turn off non-essential equipment and stop science experiments, beginning saturday some of the six man crew will be working outside. >> nasa originally hoped to do a software repair, in other words put a patch up in the computer system that would let them work around the problem, they decided they really can't do that so they stage two space walks, maybe three, a third one on christmas day, to simply replace this refrigerator sized pump module and put a new one on board. >> this is not the first time a cooling system is broken down. in fact the unit is a replacement for one that failed three years ago. >> in august 2010, this very same pump module, the one that they're having trouble with now, was installed during three
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space walks. >> the problem has forced nasa to delay this weeks scheduled launch of a supply ship from virginia. if this repair fails then the second cooling loop breaks down it will be more than an inconvenience. >> if they lost the other loop, the crew would be forced to come home because you have to have cooling to get rid of the heat from all those electronic systems on board. >> but nasa says its confident the fix will work. cbs news. >> nasa does have two other spare cooling modules on board the space station. the space agency packed the station with spare parts before the shuttle program shutdown in 2011. well, howard says get ready for spring-like weather. his first alert forecast is up next. yeah, but right now a heavy coat, it is chilly out here today. we'll take you to break with a look at the wind chills. right now wind chill only 24 in haggers town, and freezing up at the naval academy. we'll be back with a much more
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gentle forecast when we return. you're watching wusa9 j
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anyone whose been to d.c. knows the u-street staple bens chilly bowl where you go to get your fix for a chili dog or fries, and if you didn't know it the family business is headed by its matriarch, one of the most influential and respected people in town and as bruce johnson reports many of the celebrities she's served came to town wishher a
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happy birthday. >> i feel so loved and so happy and so blessed. >> reporter: virginia alie celebrated her 80th birthday today. >> i'm absolutely overwhelmed. >> [applause] >> this is one of the best occasions this theatre has ever had. >> a long time friend, commedian bill cosby was in town to serve as master of ceremony. >> i offered to pay, you know. >> you're money is not good here. >> that's the way it works. >> a few hundred friends gathered telangion theatre to share virginia tosses birthday. >> and the world will be as one. >> camile cosby, bill's wife. >> she has always been a consistent friend, so someone who was consistently in integrity about herself and about her work.
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>> bernie denchack of washington university. >> she's the heart and southeasterly of u-street, consequently the heart and southeasterly of washington d.c. >> former d.c. council chairman, kwamie brown. >> she has a warm heart and cares for this community for a long time. >> bill cosby calls me up on stage to say a few words about virginia alie. >> you have 10 seconds. >> [laughter] >> one, two-- >> mayor and council members got the same treatment from the cos. >> as you are, you are, well what it is? >> today was declared virginia alie day in the district, tomorrow you might find her next door at ben's chili bowl where she and family have greeted and served customers from presidents to foreign leaders to tourists and regular folk like you and me for more than 50 years. >> and now, we are diverse and we are booming and washington is booming and i just love this
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city and i love my community. >> that was bruce johnson reporting. ben's chili bowl is no longer the little mom and pop store. there are stores going up in roslyn and eighth street northeast and they have some of the most popular concessions at all of the local sports venues. well all eyes are on the federal reserve this afternoon, some key decisions are expected that could have a major impact on mortgage rate and the rest of the economy, dan caplan is senior mortgage consultant at monument bank joining us now dan good to see you again. >> good to see you. >> it's the final day of two days of meetings, the last session for chairman ben bernanke. do we expect any big monetary changes? >> as carly simon used to sink to that anticipation, we do think there will be an announcement today as to what the fed's intentions are probably starting next month as it relates to the easing of the quantitative easing, qe3 that has helped pump a tremendous amount of money, $85 billion a
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month, into the economy, thus helping interest rates to stay low. >> so letting go of the stimulus approach we've been seeing and doing what i'm hearing taper light? >> exactly. i think if anything, it will be a graduated approach, conventional wisdom in the past always tried to guess when this might start. it was inevitable that it will start at some point, exactly when remains to be seen, but we think it will happen. >> it will happen. the stimulus approach has helped keep interest rates at historically low levels, good for first time homeowners and things of that nature. how will that change the landscape? >> good. not only for first time home buyers but good for all homeowners. so many people have taken advantage of low interest rates by refinancing their homes or buying homes that otherwise might not have been able to afford to do it. every time interest rates go up by 1% there are about a million people nationwide kicked out of the house buying process, so i think that if in fact the easing starts next month, interest rates will probably go up a little bit but not a lot.
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the market has been anticipating this for months and the steep increase that occurred roughly in april or may of this year was really in anticipation of that so the market has taken a lot of this into account. i would expect some volatility with interest rates, but probably a slight increase, nothing more. >> dan, i want you to be a magician, a mind reader. what do we expect in the future in the janet yellen era should she be confirmed? >> i think the markets were very pleased with the announcement she would be taking over after fed chairman ben bernanke retires and i really don't any there will be much of a change. now again that always remains to be seen. she will be her own chairperson, but i think it will be a lot of the same economic philosophy that we seen from the fed over the past several years. >> has he been a good chair? >> yes. overall. i mean he oversaw great recession which was very difficult, from my perspective i like the fact that he helped to keep interest rates low which for a more global
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perspective helped to stimulate the economy. >> dan caplan, always good to see you. happy holidays. >> thank you, i like it. >> you'll like howard's forecast coming up over the weekend, right howard? >> we just got to get rid of the chill. starting tomorrow we get into a warming trend and this weekend 60s, yes, winter officially begins, at saturday 11 minutes after noon and we'll be in the mid 60s for that. i know it's just a short lived thing but we'll take it right? 40-41 here mt aybe it's not even going to feel like that with the winds, you see the wind chills in the 20s and 30s. the winds will relax and then this evening the temperatures drop off to the mid 30s by 9:00, closer to 32 in town with middle 20s outside the beltway. visible satellite imagery a lot of stuff going on with a lot of sunshine south, you can see snow here along the delmar, and the rain changed to a little bit of wet snow, at a quarter inch of prince fredrick and then got snow pack on the
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ground to the north. the stuff is not moving in carol county up into pennsylvania and fredrick county. that snow pack and then these lines, these are called gravity waves an the winds are coming over the appalachia and they go up and down and when they lift you get clouds to form and these winds out of the west northwest gusting at times 20- 25 miles an hour, that's why it's so chilly. winds a lot lighter as you head towards areas of fredricks bug and culpepper but a breezy day for most of us and when you look at temperatures still in the 30s to low 40s that's why we got the wind chills 20s and 30s. it's only 33 in hagerstown, andrews and cambridge at 38, and gathersberg 36. another look outside at our weather camera, sunshine with clouds out there, call it partly sunny and 39 feeling like 32 with the west wind at 10 gusting to 21 and those gusty winds, we're going to get rid of them soon with all of the cold and the country and really a big chunk from
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international falls up toward northern new england, got a lot of 60s though as you head south right now, and that warmer air is headed our way. we just have the cold in place and all of the snow showers with it. once we kick this out and again this happens over the next 24- 48 hours we'll have that nice warming trend beginning, and that's going to feel good. over the weekend, front gets close but it looks like shower chances slowly go up, best chance of rain is later sunday, sunday night, ahead of the next strong cold front so 41 today, breezy and tonight, we're down to the low 30s with those 20s north and west, tomorrow 54, winds turn southwesterly and not breezy, 60 on friday, a warm day with a few more clouds and slight chance of a shower east and west on saturday but 65, even warmer for the redskins and rave ins playing in snow just a couple weeks ago, well they will be playing in spring like conditions, could even be a thunderstorm sunday night and early high monday with falling temperatures and colder by tuesday. we've got a star, a champion in the kitchen, we'll tell you all about that
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our next guest has been called the ultimate chef, brian emmet is the weber of cbs's american baking competition and it's a treat to have you here. i told you my husband and i enjoy watching this show. you couldn't be denied victory. you were on crutches? >> yeah, i was. i hurt myself in the beginning doing promos, so it was tough. glad it over but now i'm here. >> you are here and you are preparing something that we can have for the morning before we go out for dinner or the morning after? >> this is great for holidays because you can prepare it. you put it in the fridge, take
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it out and bake it. holidays are stressful anyway, you have the shopping & company coming over so this is a great recipe so basically it's called the sunday brunch strata, and i make home made croutons. >> of course. >> so this is a day over bread that i've cubed and what we're going to do is sprinkle a little of the bacon that i already cooked up, a little bit of the greece from that and butter and mix that up and make your own corutons so we'll sprinkle parmesan, cheese and herbs, and we'll sprinkle that in there, and for the sake of tv we would pop this in the oven, obviously. >> and toast it up. >> yes, and then this is about two cups of cheese, so we'll put that on top. >> is this something you made up yourself? >> this is a recipe that i made up and then my co-producer of my book who works with martha stuart helps me refine it. >> that's one of the things that came from the competition, the honor of being the best
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baker, the prize money, and your own book deal, so have you finished the book yet? >> the book i did all of the recipes so we're just waiting to get it all to the publisher, that's it. >> how exciting. >> it was really exciting. it was very very stressful but exciting and like i was telling somebody else, we didn't know anything about the money when we got there, so then you're going to layer on the sausage and i'll do that kind of quick. >> and what else do we have some mushrooms over here? >> bacon. >> we love everything with bacon, and we have 15 seconds left and i'm going to show you what the finished product looks like. we'll have a book coming out and they will do a cbs baking again. >> yes. >> pop it in the oven, inished product delicious. that's it for us at noon. next news is at 5:00 p.m.
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