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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  December 18, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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until this month when police found a run-away girl in his apartment who alleges he was advertising her for prostitution. bruce leshan joins us with the latest from the newsroom, unbelievable. >> a d.c. police spokeswoman insists that internal affairs immediately began investing that tip two years ago that officer barnhill was pimping women out of his apartment, but an internal affairs agent testified in court today that it took 10 months to set up surveillance on his home and at this point investigators failed to find anything. you don't think he's a danger to the community or flight risk? >> no, no. the judge has made his decision, so we'll continue the case. >> reporter: barnhill's lawyer tried unsuccessfully to get him out of jail at a hearing in superior court. the prosecutor pointed out issues with the cop going back years. an anonymous caller over two years ago on may 17th, 2011
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said the officer was smoking weed and running prostitutes out of his apartment on stanton road southeast. then on december 18th, 2012, he accidentally shot himself with his service weapon in his own bedroom. finally this month investigators arrested the cop who has now been on the force for nearly a quarter century after finding a 16-year-old run- away inside. she said he was advertising her for prostitution on and planning to split the proceeds 60 bucks for her, 20 for him. barnhill's also charged with pimping out a 15-year-old he met at a bus stop and now police say they found naked pictures of another teenager connected to him. they are still trying to find her. the judge here says officer linwood barnhill seems to be a rogue cop, a flight risk and a
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danger to the community. he ordered him held without bond. barnhill is part of the police class of 1989 when d.c. police lowered standards to quickly hire 1,500 officers. mpd has struggled for years with some of those officers, but it is still unclear how barnhill with three sustained complaints against him remained on the force until the police officer ended up in jail. now the next hearing for officer barnhill is set for january 28th. investigators continue their work looking for more victims and potentially more suspects, too. reporting live in the newsroom bruce leshan, wusa9. tonight in campaign 2013 it's over. republican state senator mark obenshain has officially conceded race for virginia attorney general to democrat
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mark herring. >> mark obenshain basically gave up at a news conference in richmond two hours ago. he basically held onto that hope for about six weeks, but today he conceded he just doesn't have the votes. election night was november 5th. today republican state senator mark obenshain conceding the vase for virginia attorney general. this was the -- race for virginia attorney general. this was the closest election in history. not anymore. mark herring had a slim lead and as this recount stretched into today that lead widened to more than 800 votes, big enough obenshain had to concede. virginia now has a new attorney general. listen to obenshain today in richmond. >> today is not the time to contest the process or question the results and as we near the conclusion of the recount, i'm confident that the final total today is going to show mark herring ahead. i called him earlier today to offer my congratulations to
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him. >> as far back as a week after that election herring declared victory saying thanks to voters i've won, today no different. he did speak in richmond a little while ago. we will try and get some of that interview for you later in the show. stuff that's coming in now says basically he never really expected a contested election and he's going to give up his state senate seat effectively january 11th. this does shift the balance in what was an evenly split state senate in virginia. of course, herring and obenshain both state senators and herring now a.g., that's one less democrat definitely shifting the power in that special election. one last thing, another way this makes news is basically this means democrats have swept statewide offices this year, the first time in about 40 years. we'll have a lot more later on, but now live in the stat center, debra alfarone, wusa9. police are investigating two bus fires at westfield high school in chantilly. authorities received the call around 12:30 this morning and
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firefighters found one of those school buses fully engulfed in flames in a school storage lot. the one next to it was pretty heavily damaged, damage estimated at about $160,000. d.c. public schools are showing the biggest jump in test scores among the nation's urban school districts. that announcement came a short time ago from chancellor kaya henderson and mayor vincent gray. bruce johnson reports they hope to use this good news toker if swayed the teacher's union to support -- news to persuade the teachers union to support a longer school day. >> the report shows the things we are doing is working. >> reporter: kaya henderson declaring her students showing the greatest growth of math and reading scores of any urban school district in the country. >> this is a test that is externally monitored, scored. we don't have anything to do with it. >> 4th and 8th grade reading
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scores are up five and eight points respectively, eighth graders seeing a five-point climb. the handout today did not break scores down by race. >> we had the experts crunch numbers and understand are the demographic changes the reasons why our kids are performing and no is the answer. our black and hispanic and poor kids are growing at very fast clips. >> reporter: both henderson and mayor gray say they will now use the improved test scores to lobby unions and others to support a longer school day for students. how soon might that happen? i understand there's negotiation going on with the union, but how soon do you want that to happen? >> i'd love to see it happening for next school year. >> we piloted a longer school day in eight schools last year. in seven of the eight schools we saw double digit gains in both math and reading. >> reporter: kaya henderson points out d.c. public schools still have a long way to go, especially when compared with
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the state school systems. back in 2007 among all the public school systems in the city d.c. finished dead last. >> baltimore's 4th and 8th graders are at or near the bottom for math, but their reading scores are among the highest for 8th and 4th graders for urban school systems. new information on the nsa phone surveillance scandal, today the white house task force is recommending that records collected by the national security agency be stored by phone companies or some other third party. the advisory panel is also suggesting that the nsa obtain a court's permission before performing individual searches of phone and internet records. will the holds are of two lucky winning mega millions tickets sold on opposite sides of the country will split a whopping $648 million. those tickets were sold in atlanta, georgia and san jose, california.
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as of the store owners who sold those tickets are feeling lucky, too. >> reporter: you can't miss the sign at the gift shop in san jose doctor they sold one of two winning meg -- san jose where they sold one of two winning mega millions tickets. >> today is a very good day. i'm so excited. i win $1 million, too! >> reporter: store owner yung su le shared that excitement 2,500 miles away in atlanta where the second winning ticket was purchased at her small newsstand. the mega millions winners will split $648 million, cashing in on the second largpre in u.s. lotto history. better than expected ticket sales boosted the jackpot an extra $12 million. >> it's crazy. there's a lot of excitement, a lot of bulls of. >> reporter: new rules in october lower -- a lot of buzz. >> reporter: new rules in october romered the chances of winning -- lowered the chances of winning to one in 229
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million. >> i try to be successful in usa. >> reporter: the winners have anywhere from six months to a year to claim their prize. bigad shaban, cbs news. >> the cash value of tuesday's jackpot was $347.6 million. the atlanta winner came forward a short time ago. her name is ira curry and someone bought a $1 million winning ticket from a store in annapolis. while some big winners are trying to figure out what to do with their winnings one man is pledging to give all his away. >> calgary's winner went public about picking up $40 million in lottery winnings in may, but chris says he's donating it all to charity beginning with a $1.2 million donation to a cancer center in honor of his wife who passed away from the disease last year. from the university of
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maryland mckeldon library this afternoon, the landmark statue of the terrapin is all cleaned up after a bizarre fire last night. scott broom reports on concerns that a long time tradition has gotten completely out of hand. >> reporter: if you didn't go to maryland you probably don't know this, but this is a lot more than just a bronze turtle on a concrete platform. it is a good luck idol where students come by and rub his nose and leave all kinds of offerings and last night that pile of stuff caught fire. >> yeah. he's on fire. >> reporter: student journalist will friedman took this picture tweeted around the world. >> there was a lot of stuff around and i guess as soon as one thing lit it all got lit. >> when i walked by there were two candles stuck in a croissant right next to him. >> reporter: whether it was an accident will be up to university police to decide. the fire made the terrapin a trending topic on twitter. >> millions of people have touched you and you didn't
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flinch wrote one. >> reporter: by morning the diamondback newspaper published this photo of the clean-up complete and the university president tweeted tastudo is ready to continue supporting our community and immediately the parade of students resumed coming to rub his nose and offered tokens for luck. >> we're putting band-aids on him because he got burned. >> reporter: how many more finals do you have? >> three more, no paper. he's belt now, so hopefully everything will be -- better now, so hopefully everything will be good. >> it's absolutely getting out of hand. >> reporter: but this shows a problem, including over the top offerings including piles of just plain trash. >> i think in the past three semesters it's progressed into something that's kind of dangerous of. >> reporter: because the taper pin is made of bronze and concrete -- the terrapin is made of bronze and concrete, there is no lasting damage from last night's fire. >> the university of maryland police just called tell us that fire has been ruled an
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accident. it is a done deal. the u.s. senate passed by bipartisan two year budget deal minutes ago, 64-36. the agreement is designed to avoid another government shutdown and ease some across the board spenting cuts known as sequestration. however, not every -- spending cuts known as sequestration. however, not everyone is a fan of the budget cuts including cuts to retirement benefits to veterans. >> my husband went to war. >> mick jagg said you can't always get what you want but if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need and what we need right now is a budget. >> some republicans and democrats say they will fight to restore retirement benefits to veterans. the average retiree younger than 62 stands to lose about $3,700 a year. president obama is promising to sign the first federal budget to reach his desk since 2009. talk about a grinch who
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stole christmas, 15 choir members ripped off while performing in a christmas concert for charity. coming up at 5:30 kristin fisher explains why the pastor refuses to lock the church's doors. >> i'm meteorologist, a cold night ahead, here are your current temperatures, 42 downtown, 34 gaithersburg, 37 in leesburg. we'll come back, talk about something out of the ordinary heading our way over the weekend. >> also ahead problems with the healthcare website force a critical obamacare deadline to be extended. >> and one of the redskins most popular players calls it quits or does he? sports anchor kristen berset sorts it all out
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♪ at h.h. gregg's
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countdown to christmas sale you'll save up to 25% on appliances, electronics, furniture and more. 24-inch led tvs, $129. samsung 51-inch hdtvs, now $499. whirlpool washer/dryer pairs, just $798. and android tablets start at just 49 dollars! get the gifts you want, tfromrahe bnds you trust at the h.h. gregg countdown to christmas sale. a big rally on wall street today. the dow jones industrial average closed up nearly 300
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points. stocks surged after the federal reserve decided the economy was strong enough for it to reduce its stimulus efforts. some big news out of redskins park today and for the first time in a few weeks doesn't have to do with the owner, the coaching staff or the quarterback. sports anchor kristen berset is here with the big news. how about it? >> today a nice break from the redskins soap opera we've had the last couple weeks. the dialogue has changed from coaching controversy to retirement of one of the team's most beloved players. linebacker london fletcher took the podium today announcing he will most likely retire at the end of the season. he and his teammates would like to go out on a tie note. fletcher is 38 years old playing in 16 seasons after being undrafted from division 3 john carroll, but he has shown his durability having never missed a game. that's 254 consecutive starts, the longest streak by a defensive player since the merger in 1970. fletcher, one of the captains,
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decided to make the announcement this week so he could wave good-bye to the fans during this weekend's home finale against dallas. >> i'm about 99% certain that this will be my last season in the national football league. i got to leave at least 1% just in case i change any mind, but it's really just about having another conversation with my wife, the thought with this being the final home game and dallas cowboy week, opportunity to go out with a bang. >> he's been great to this league, team, organization and the city. i pray the fans show up, cheer us on and send him out the right way. >> fletcher has spent the last seven seasons with the redskins. he said entering the season he was 90% sure it would be his last. so we'll see in a couple weeks if we say good-bye to london fletcher. >> we'll miss london. checking up on the affordable care act, you now have more time to pay for the first month's premium. the board of america's health insurance plans decided today
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that consumers will have until january 10th to pay. now you still center to select a plan by december -- have to select a plan by december 23rd. the world sites holiday dead lines and lingering -- the board sites holiday deadlines and lingering problems with both the national and state websites. according to the cbs new york times poll about the affordable care act just 15% of those with insurance believe that obamacare will help them. that number rises to 33% among uninsured americans. 32% of people with insurance believe the aca will actually hurt them. 37% of those without insurance believe it will have a negative impact on them. olympic observers are calling it a deliberate snub to the russian government. president obama will not attend the winter olympics in sochi. he's named two openly gay athletes to the u.s. delegation
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including billie jean king, a clear signal of america's disagreement with russia's anti- gay policies. >> one of the things i'm really looking forward to is maybe some gay and lesbian athletes bringing home the gold or silver or bronze. >> former homeland security secretary janet napolitano will lead the u.s. delegation. ice hockey medalist kaitlin kahou who is also openly gay will be part of the group. wusa9 first alert weather. >> we got a little snow this morning? >> southern player flair did last night about 11:00, 12 -- maryland did last night about 11:00, 12:00, a little upper level system that rolled through. now we're looking at a seasonably cold night and then a sea change in terms of pattern. let's start with a live look outside, our michael and son
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weather cam, generally clear, temp 42, pretty dry air mass, dew point 20, relative humidity 41%, winds light out of the west at 3 and pressure falling a hair over the past hour. satellite picture radar combined, a few snow showers to the north of us today in pennsylvania, pay lot of these lake effect snows. some of them -- a lot of these lake effect snows. some of them just played it into garrett county. 37 in rockville, 36 in reston, fairfax, 39 in college park, 35 in bowie, 40 in waldorf. so it's about par for the course, if you will. cold again tonight and dry. bus stop temperatures 26 to about 36 and then breezy and milder tomorrow and breezy and warmer on friday. that's just a harbinger of what's coming over the weekend really. for tonight clear to partly cloudy, cold, 26 to 32, winds
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turning becoming southwesterly which is warmer. tomorrow the winds pick up in the morning southwest 10 to 15, partly cloudy, breezy, 26 to 46 and by afternoon partly cloudy, breezy, milder, highs around 50. look at winds now south early with 10 to 20 and a little gusty, but that's okay. it's a warmer wind. even oakland tomorrow makes it to the upper 30s, mid-40s for cumberland, upper 40s hagerstown, martinsburg and winchester and sun from the mountains to the coast, low 50s in culpeper, around 50 in warrenton, manassas, leesburg, probably 51 or 52 in fairfax, reston and mclean, low 50s downtown and gaithersburg, maybe 51 in frederick, low to mid-50s into southern maryland. 50 for annapolis for a high. it's going to be breezy. now there's not a small craft advisory issued, but boaters need to be aware of strong winds in the afternoon. break it down, 30s to start, 44
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by 11:00 and 50 by 1:00. i was looking at records for the month so far. it snowed four times in the last 18 days. next three days 60 tomorrow, 60 on friday, breezy and warmer and 65 on saturday. we've got a shower in but it's going to be dark by the time the showers roll in, so the bulk of the day will be fine. that's a golfable day. next seven days for sunday for the game i think we'll make it through the redskin game dry, probably will not make it through the ravens game dry. that's a 4:25 startyo watch here on 9, probably see showers. either way the warm and look what i did, lesli. i put 70 on there. yes. , i did. 55 monday, falling temperatures, low 40s christmas eve day and christmas day is now 48, sunshine, wish i had a snowstorm, but i don't, but good news for folks traveling trying to get home. >> warm and crazy warm. >> like that? >> i like crazy warm.
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still ahead getting ready to make her public debut, when you can get a firsthand look b the national zoo's precious panda. >> you don't center to be on crack to en-- have to be on crack to enjoy a good
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mark your calendars. start being january 18th national zoo visitors can get a firsthand look at bao bao, the panda cub, look how big. members of the national zoo will be able to visit bao bao exclusively at the giant panda habitat january 11th through 70 tonight. how long bao bao and her mother mei xiang remain on display each day depends on their behavior. one minute lawmakers are arguing. the next minute they're showing off dance moves. we take you to toronto. this is a council meeting. this is toronto mayor rob ford capturing the spotlight and it prompted late night talk show host jimmy kimmel to say are they all on crack? earlier ford apologized for some comments about a toronto reporter. the reporter is filing a defamation lawsuit against the
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mayor. teens just aren't getting the message when it comes to the dangers of smoking pot. >> that's the key finding of a new survey. the study shows 50% of high school seniors don't believe regular marijuana use is harmful to their health. more than 1/3 admitted smoking pot within the past year. the national institute on drug use conducted that study. still ahead just family drama, that and more in tonight's hollywood high life. >> reporter: i'm kristin fisher outside st. paul's lutheran church in northwest where someone stole 15 credit cards from members of a well known choir while they gave a charity concert, the latest on the investigation coming up. >> you are watching wusa9 news at 5 z a subaru...
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check up on tonight's top stories a judge orders a d.c. cop accused of pimping out children held without bond. an anonymous caller tipped off internal affairs about linwood barnhill two years ago and now some people want to know if there was a thorough enough investigation. >> republican virginia attorney general candidate mark obenshain conceded the race. democrat mark herring has an 866 vote lead making it mathematically impossible for owe bin shane -- obenshain to close the gap. >> and two winners will split the $648 million mega millions
5:31 pm
jackpot, one winner from san jose, the other from atlanta and someone purchased a $1 million ticket from an annapolis store. you would think a concert for charity at a church would be a sacred place even for thieves, but 10 days before christmas members of the thomas circle singers were ripped off while performing at st. paul's lutheran church in northwest. kristin fisher has more on just how much this grinch got away with. >> reporter: it was the biggest concert of the year for the thomas circle singers, 300 people in packed st. paul's lutheran church for their annual christmas concert and half the proceeds were going to a nonprofit that helps the homeless, but little did these singers know they were the ones about to need some help. >> i was driving home and i got a call from the fraud prevention saying did you authorize this purchase for $400 at a supermarket and i said no, i did not. so i realized my card was gone, but i didn't realize until i
5:32 pm
got back home it wasn't just me. >> reporter: during the concert the choir had left all of their purses and coats in this room and while they were singing someone came in here and went through of their purses and coats and they left with 15 credit cards. >> it's hard. it's really disheartening to think at this time of the year someone would do something like this. it's also a hard time of year for us to have something like this happen. it's when you're buying presents and getting groceries for holiday parties you don't want to have a freeze a bank account or cancel a credit card of. >> reporter: the pastor says the occasional purse has been stolen before here but nothing like this. >> i was shocked. >> reporter: previous thefts have prompted the church to install security cameras, but the 1 thing the pastor won't change is the open door policy. >> the church is and needs to be a place of hospitality. so our doors are open for any event.
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♪ you want to make this place your home ♪ >> reporter: in washington kristin fisher, wusa9. >> the pastor says the metropolitan police department is investigating but have no suspects. a strange and we mean strange family feud leads tonight's hollywood headlines. usa today's entertainment reporter arianna thompson joins us now with more. there is a dispute over a gps device that 1 sister is alleged to have put in the other sister's car. >> the judds always have some drama. let's lay the groundwork. apparently these women are fighting over a mini cooper, yeah. >> that winona allegedly hired somebody to put -- >> a p.i. to put a gps device in the mini cooper that ashley has been driving and somehow winona's ex- husband is involved and ashley took the car to a mechanic. they found the gps. >> why is what's not clear.
5:34 pm
>> yeah. it begs the question for me. you have so much money why are you fighting over a mini cooper? who cares. they have a rocky relationship. all three of the judd women, ashley has written about in her book the strain in their family. so for them it's not really as simple as hey, mom, i'm going to call you or hey, sis, what's up? they don't really do that from what i understand. >> for a while they didn't even talk. >> for years and years there's been rifts, so weird. also beyonce did something a lot of singers will probably start to do now and that is basically producing her own album without a label and marketing it herself, which is actually really smart, but this is not boding so well with some other companies. >> so she is on a label. let's be clear, but she is a marketing genius. she dropped this album almost a week ago without telling anyone. that never happens. now target is saying we are not
5:35 pm
going to sell this album which on the surface sounds so silly. who would not sell this album? i think the issue is target's priority is on physical albums. so this was released digitally and what they want to sell as many physical cds as possible. so they're saying we're not going to get involved because i guess they're assuming everyone has adalrey doadwnloed the album, so why bother putting the physical one in their stores. i think it's >> isiwonder if an will say hey, we'll carry it exclusively. then she'll set records for selling it someplace else. >> i don't think it's a smart business move. i sort of get from where they're coming from where they think it will be diminished demand, but, dude, this is beyonce. sell already cd. >> i think there will -- sell her cd. >> i think there will come a time where people don't know what records are because everything will be downloaded digitally.
5:36 pm
>> but she's still a person that can sell albums. shea told more than half a million -- she sold more than half a million digital albums in three days. >> you kind of have to be a beyonce to be able to do that. now there are reports of reports that pipa middleton might be engaged. >> she's really become a star and people are always talking about her. ths is ijust another instance of talk. nothing is confirmed at all. when she is engaged, i'm sure there will be a statement. >> your phone will ring. >> yes she'll text me d anthen i'll tell you, but no. it's fun to talk about will this pretty girl get married like her pretty sister. that's just part of this sort of culture, but nothing is confirmed. >> plus she's also linked to the royal family now, so who wouldn't want to be? >> so when it happens, we'll
5:37 pm
all be happy and say congrats, pipa, but i'm not convinced. still ahead a foreign diplomat humiliated during a strip search in new york city, why authorities stopped her right after the break. >> let me show you temperatures across the lower 48. there's no arctic air for now, 38 in bismarck while we stand at 42. we'll come back, talk about a cold night and a sea change
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the district attorney general's office today made a new allegation against wusa9 anchor jc hayward in the claim d.c. charter school managers misdirected funds. in a court hearing council for the district of columbia claimed jc hayward had a 10% stake in des. hayward supporters were outside. her lawyers argued the new claim that she partially owned ees is speculative without
5:41 pm
substantiatation and argues she had no wrongdoing as the chair. in an interview before the hearing familiar lamar -- pa la marvel -- pamela marvel testified that all the money went to help the classrooms. >> the defendants asked a judge to drop their names from the lawsuit. the judge did not set a ruling date. hay hay has been relieved of her -- jc hayward has been relieved of her duties at wusa9 pending the investigation. 39-year-old divani corguga was charged with paying her nanny less than minimum wage and committing fraud to get her to america. u.s. marshals strip searched her and after the details leaked to the press her father
5:42 pm
and country were outraged. >> we have not done anything to be treated like that. what was done was atrocious. >> that she was strip searched and the graphic details presented in the indian press, in many of which have been exaggerated or outright fabricated have only fed to the public fu furror. coming up if you're -- furor. coming up if you're looking to buy a new car, we'll tell you which one consumer reports says will give you the most for your money. >> up next the no.
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in tonight's health alert new guidelines may mean less aggressive treatment for older adults with high blood pressure which is still defined as 140/90, but adults ages 16 and older don't need blood pressure drugs unless their levels reach 150/90 or higher the panel says. treated older adults too aggressively can lead to
5:46 pm
fainting and falls. charm disease is the no. 1 killer of women in the u.s. and may -- heart disease is the no. 1 killer of women in the u.s. and may put older women at risk of dementia. >> reporter: this 71-year-old woman has heart disease. it may also be putting her at risk for dementia. nearly 6,500 women were looked at over 65 and found post menopausal women with heart or vascular disease were 30% more likely to experience cognitive decline. >> women with a history of heart attack, their risk was doubled of having either mild cognitive impairment or dementia over time. >> reporter: women who had bypass surgery remember at greatest risk. researchers don't -- were at greatest risk. researches are don't know why heart disease may be linked to
5:47 pm
dementia in older women, but plaque in the arteries may suggest plaque in the vessels leading to the brain. risk factors like high blood pressure and diabetes increased risk for cognitive decline over time even in women without latter disease. >> if you know that you are -- heart disease. >> if you yon that you are at risk, you can do more to protect -- >> if you know that you are at risk, you can do many are to protect yourself. >> reporter: ruth hopes working will continue to keep her mind healthy. >> the study also found being overweight or obese may actually protect against cognitive decline. wusa9 news just a few minutes away at 6:00. look who is back. derek is back. eyeses wide open and he's got a pre-- eyes wide open and he's got a preview of what's coming
5:48 pm
up at 6:00. the political landscape of virginia keeps changing. we'll hear from some of the potential candidates lining up to go for that vacated house seat by congressman frank wolf who has been there 18 terms. >> also taxpayers are eagle are for refunds but have -- eager for refunds but have to wait an extra 10 days. >> we'll have the story behind this photo. i'll see you at 6:00. warm and crazy warm. >> right. >> we don't get a week of that usually. >> it will be cold tonight and then milder tomorrow, then warmer on friday. last night snow showers left about 1/2-inch officially at dulles and led some schools south of town to have a two hour delay. quiet tonight, just cold. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, high temperature today 44 officially, 42 now, relative
5:49 pm
humidity 41%. so it's a pretty common december air mass, not crazy dry. pressure is it steady over the past mauer, 30.1 nine inches of mercury. -- hour, 30.19 inches of mercury. clouds to the north and snow showers to the north earlier today. they have pretty much diminished. temperatures in the last 24 hours about 3 degrees warmer, cooler down towards charlottesville and richmond. right now 37 in rockville, 34 in reston, most folks above freezing, 38 in college park, 36 in old town, 38 in waldorf. so cold again tonight but dry. bus stop temperatures 26 to 36, breezy and milder thursday and then breezy and warmer friday. the breezes will continue right through the weekend, but it's those breezes that will transport warmer air. clear to partly cloudy, cold
5:50 pm
tonight, 26 to 32, winds southwest at 10. that southwest wind will be warmer for us. we'll break it down, 30s to start, upper 30s by 9:00, clear to partly cloudy skies thursday morning and then 44 by 11:00, 50, breezy and milder by 1:00. next three days low 50s tomorrow which is nice but then saturday, maybe a shower on saturday, but by that time it's going to be dark. next seven days gets better, yeah, crazy warm sunday, 70. i think the redskin game may be dry, but the ravens game probably not at 4:25. probably have showers before the end of the game. you can watch that on channel 9. nope the low 55, high 55 -- notice the low 55, high 55, temps fall, 48 on christmas eve day. no snow, no rain, good travel weather. in tonight's consumer alert the toyota prius hybrid has
5:51 pm
earned the top spot in consumer report's list of best value new cars. the prius has the right combination they say of performance, reliability and low estimated five year ownership costs of about 47 cents a mile. the prius starts at $29,000 the honda fit was this year's runner-up after holding the no. 1 spot for four years. if you're like me and you are still trying to tackle your local day gift list, today is the day for you -- holiday gift list, today is the day for you. december 18th is free shipping day when thousands of merchants let you ship for no extra charge. is where you can see all the retailers who signed on this year and we're at the tail end of the shopping season with just seven days until christmas. >> can you believe it? we're coming in on the homestretch of our hot holiday toy segment. today we're featuring a toy that gives back and a puppet
5:52 pm
that will give you lots of laugh. does this animal do anything? >> it really does. it doesn't like action style, but this is part of ikea's soft toys for education campaign. so if you buy one of these and a book, ikea will donate $1.34 to education fragments around the toward that are sponsored by unicef and save the children. this cat here sells for 4.99. there are a bunch of other items as well. different age groups and price points, but all this going to support education programs around the world. now to a toy after topper's heart called the uglies, your gross best friend and it's a puppet. so you put your hand in the puppet and you gross your friends out with -- noise -- [ noises ] >> it's got like 30 plus sounds
5:53 pm
and an adoption certificate. [ noises ] >> that is totally topper. >> he is cracking up back here and it sells for 24.99. that's why they call it an electric puppet. >> he has no shame, by the way. >> he doesn't. press this button right there. >> he has no shame, none. moving on. now you know what we have to go through, folks. coming up bruce johnson, bill cosby and a few hundred others get together to wish a legendary d.c. business owner a happy 80th birthday. you might not know her by name, but you know her cooking. >> reporter: a task force recommends the president put more limits on government snooping. i'm ko im at the white house with that story coming up. >> now that congressman frank
5:54 pm
wolf announced his retirement, who is running for the
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
if you've lived in d.c. for any time, you are probably familiar with ben's chili bowl and its owner is one of the most respected people in town.
5:57 pm
our bruce johnson there was for her 8th yet birthday bash. >> i feel so loved -- 80th birthday bash. >> i feel so loved and so blessed. i'm absolutely overwhelmed. >> this is one of the best occasions this theater has ever had. >> reporter: a long time friend, comedian bill cosby, information town to serve as master of ceremony. is it true still you and president obama are the only people that eat free at the 11th. >> i offered to pay. that's the way it works. >> reporter: a few hundred friends and loot of elected leaders gathered -- lot of elected leaders gathered at the lincoln theater to share in the birthday. camille cosby, bill's wife. >> she has always been a consistent friend. so someone who was consistently
5:58 pm
been there as a friend. >> reporter: virginia ali's restaurant remains one of the most popular in the city. former d.c. council chairman kwame brown. >> she has a warm heart. she's cared for this community for a long time. >> reporter: bill cosby called me up on stage to say a few words about virginia ali. >> 10 seconds. >> okay. >> one. >> reporter: mayor and a host of council members got the same treatment from the cos. >> and you are? >> reporter: tomorrow you might find her next-door at been's chili bowl where she and family have greeted and served customers from presidents to foreign leaders to tourists and regular folk like you and me for more than 50 years. >> and now we are diverse and we are booming and washington
5:59 pm
is booming and i just love this city and i love my community. >> reporter: bruce johnson, wusa9. >> and ben's chili bowl is no longer the small mom and pop operation. there are new restaurants going up in rosslyn and h street northwest. ben's chili bowl is among the most popular vendors at all the local sports stadiums and arenas. we finally have a winner in virginia's attorney general race and possible candidates are lining up for retiring congressman frank wolf's seat in the house. >> we'll get to those stories in a minute, but first here's a look at the most important moments from your world today in 90 seconds. >> the judge here says officer ronwood barnhill seems to be a p. ue barnhill is part of the police class of 1989 when d.c. police lowered standards to quickly hire 1,500 officers.
6:00 pm
>> the results from this test show that the things that we're doing in dcfs are working. >> d.c. school chancellor kaya henderson declaring that her students are showing the greatest growth in math and reading scores of any urban school district in the country. >> when the 2014 winter olympics begin, president obama won't there be. >> this delegation represents the diversities that is the united states. >> the u.s. is sending two openly gay athletes with its delegation. >> one of the things i'm really looking forward to is gay and hells byian athletes bringing -- lesbian athletes bringing home the gold, silver or the bronze. >> the new budget measure saves $85 billion over 10 years. >> my favorite philosopher mick jagger, if you just try sometimes you might get what you need and what we need is a budget. >> the dow jones industrial average hit another all time high. the market


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