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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  WUSA  December 18, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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undercover investigation. he's passed by one cab, right behind it a second cab. >> when a taxi passes a black customer, is it racism or an economic decision? >> wait till you hear what a district official tells us. it's tonight's investigation. >> good or business or bad for business? tonight we talk about the increase in minimum wage and how d.c. is reacting to it. but first tonight we begin with breaking news. >> the washington post reports federal prosecutors told virginia governor bob mcdonnell last week that he and his wife would be charged in connection with the gift scandal, but then top justice department officials put that prosecution on hold after a last minute appeal from mcdonnell's attorney. the post quote unnamed sources that claim mcdonnell and his wife would have been charged with working together to illegally promote a struggling dietary supplement company in exchange for gifts and loans from its chief executive. they say it could have happened
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this past monday. >> but now prosecutors might not charge them at all and a final decision on the matter may not come until february. mcdonnell has apologized for the relationship with the star scientific company and its ceo jonnie williams but insisted he treated star as he would any other virginia-based business. that company received no state grants, contracts or board appointments according to the post tonight. the other big story tonight, the budget. nine republicans got together with senate democrats to pass a modest budget bill that came from a big bipartisan compromise. >> we'll avoid another government shutdown and ease the effects of automatic budget cuts. the measure save $85 billion over 10 years and rolls back some of the automatic spending cuts known as sequestration. some of the budget savings will come from scaling back pensions for military retirees who are still working age. lawmakers will try to find an agreement on raising the nation's debt ceiling. the treasury department saysof
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by march. meantime minimum wage employees in d.c. expect bigger paychecks. >> by the summer of 2014 minimum wages will jump from $8.25 to $9.50, 2015 to 10.50 and by 2016 it will be $11.50 an hour. as mola lenghi found out, feelings are mixed throughout the city. >> reporter: there's already been some resistance to talks about minimum wage hike. a few months ago wal-mart threatened to not bring stores to d.c. business owners and organizations concluded it will stunt growth and cause some small businesses to close, but not everyone sees this as a bad deal. could you get by on minimum wage, 8.25 an hour in d.c. >> minimum wage full time, the city, in the district of columbia, i don't think. so. >> reporter: you couldn't make it. >> right. >> reporter: if you're a minimum wage worker in the district, you got a raise this
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week. >> people who are working minimum wage still have to feed their families, pay rent, go to school. >> i think d.c. has arrived. i think d.c. is on fire. business is good and i think we do need to share. >> reporter: the greater washington board of trade said such a drastic wage hike is bad for d.c. businesses who are now in line with montgomery and prince george's counties. men meanwhile virginia remains at -- meanwhile virginia remains at 7.25 an hour. it will put the district at a distinct disadvantage said the board who is not against an increase, just not one so high and suggest $10 an hour. >> as you raise the minimum wage, there will be a tendency for employers to substitute more qualified workers for less qualified workers and so that tends to work out better for the more qualified worker. >> reporter: gw professor anthony yazer says a better qualified, educated and paid work force will mean a better
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qualified, educated and paid city. businesses that can afford it will get more productivity. >> if you can't do that, then yeah, if your costs will go up and you'll be less competitive. >> reporter: some district businesses agree saying their cost increases will mean more expensive goods and services for customers, but clothing store owner lewis evrard said a wage increase goes beyond economics. >> i believe morale is the most important thing in the city. sticking on that topic of morale. several business owners told me they were against the wage hike but didn't want to go on camera not wanting to disrupt employee morale at their business, but they said it would ultimately hurt their bottom line. one store owner who just opened up an ice cream shop seven weeks ago in the district said he would have started his business somewhere else if he knew this was going to happen. the decision is official in virginia's race for attorney general. >> a task force has some advice
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for president obama if he wants to restore trust, those stories and more as we check out your world in 90 seconds. >> today republican state senator mark obenshain conceding the race for virginia attorney general. democrat mark herring had a slim need on election night, 165 votes, and at this week's statewide recount stretching into today the lead widened to 800 votes. >> the federal reserve said it will now ease up on its stimulus program. >> the job market has continued to improve with the unemployment rate declining further. >> the dow gained nearly 300 points to close at 16,167. >> an advisory task force is telling president obama if he wants to restore public trust, he must make changes at the nsa. they gave the president 46 recommendations. among them, the nsa should no longer store americans' phone records. instead phone companies or a third party should hold the records.
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>> international space station is about to undergo unscheduled repairs. a cooling system failure last week forced nasa to turn off nonessential equipment and stop science experiments. beginning saturday some of the six man crew will be working outside. >> high temperatures on thursday, some arctic air across the northern plains, but it will remain locked up there, 50s on thursday and warmer friday and the weekend. >> if you didn't go to maryland, you probably don't know this, but testudo is a good luck idol where students come by and leave all kind of offerings and last night that pile caught fire. that d.c. cop accused of running a child prostitution ring from his home, somebody dropped the dime on him two years ago, but he wasn't busted until just this month. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan at d.c. superior court. a judge here says linwood barnhill seems to be a rogue cop, a flight risk and a danger
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to the community. he ordered him held without bond. you don't think he's a ding to the community or -- danger to the community or flight risk? >> no. the judge has made his decision, so we'll continue with the case of. >> reporter: barnhill's lawyer tried unsuccessfully to get him out of jail at a hearing in superior court. the prosecutor pointed out issues with the cop going back years. an anonymous caller more than two years ago on may 17th, 2011, said the officer was smoking weed and running prostitutes out of his apartment on stanton road southeast. then in december 2012 he shot himself with his service weapon in his bedroom. finally this month the investigators arrested the company who has now been on the force for nearly a quarter century after finding a 16-year- old run-away inside. in d.c. bruce leshan, wusa9.
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new tonight you might want to check your own credit card account if you recently shopped at target. thieves stole credit card and debit card information in what could be a huge security breach at stores nationwide. tonight target is not saying much on the record, only that it is working with credit card companies and the federal government to investigate, but the wall street journal says it does appear thieves tampered with the machines customers use to swipe their cards at the checkout lines. hundreds of undercover unanimous hours, hundreds of d.c. cabs tested in a new -- man hours, hundreds of d.c. cabs tested in a new undercover documentation. >> it's not getting any easier for black men to get a cab and the d.c. taxicab commission doesn't believe it has anything to do with race. >> reporter: you can see he's pulling up and that's what's supposed to happen, but watch
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what happens with an african american passenger who wasn't even part of our investigation but the cameras were rolling. watch as this real passenger wandered into our undercover investigation. he's passed by one cab, right behind it a second cab. would three d.c. cabs all with for hire signs lit pass the man we were watching? do you see this guy? now watch the first cab with a white passenger. the exact same spot i'm in. coincidence? keep watching. besides the three cabs that just passed that man over the past month we tested 54 others. for our test i posed as a passenger at the same locations where we staged an african american rider. each of us wore the same clothing. each received quite different treatment. >> i think we've made improvement. >> reporter: skeptical d.c. taxi commission chairman ron
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linton questions our sample size. >> how many did you test? >> reporter: we tested about 50. >> about 50. so that is less than what, 1%? >> reporter: yeah, but over the past year we've tested hundreds. >> i don't think. so. >> reporter: we've tested hundreds. i can show you the data. starting a year ago in december, 2012 our undercover crews watched 15% of d.c. cabs tested refuse our black passengers' destination. listen to this one lock the doors. >> not going there. >> reporter: in february. undercover testing nearly 100 taxis this time and tracking female african american passengers, too. >> i did not see you. >> reporter: in that test 25% of taxis tested passed right by our black passengers in favor of undercover whites down the street. in may we tracked more cabs passing black passengers and added blind passengers with
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service dogs. documenting a failure rate of about 33%. >> did that say in service? >> yeah. >> good work, everybody wants. >> reporter: and now one year later. do you think he saw you? >> i think he saw me, yes. >> reporter: our latest test tracking about 1/3 of d.c. cabs with domes lit for hire driving right by black passengers. it doesn't seem like you've made any improvement in the year. >> that's your opinion. >> reporter: what's your opinion? you think more african american passengers are being picked up? >> yeah. >> reporter: do you have any data to substantiate that? >> not at my fingertips, no. >> reporter: a spokesman later told us the taxi commission doesn't even track race of passenger complainants. look at this. it looks like the cab will stop for our black passenger. but it didn't. one of 34 cabs our black
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passengers tried to hail with only 23 stopping. >> so far not one cab has asked me. >> reporter: me? for the same 23 rides i only had to hail 22 cabs. i haven't even hailed yet and this guy is stopping for me. d.c.'s taxi commission chairman believes it is economic, not racial discrimination. >> it's really not the racial thing that results in failure to haul. >> reporter: but they don't know where these passengers are going. they're passing them making an assumption by race that they're going to a certain location. >> that's right. >> reporter: so it's -- >> but it's an economic assumption. >> reporter: little comfort for some like this lifelong d.c. resident we watched passed three times in a row. >> he'll pull off before i get there. >> reporter: is this your normal experience? >> this is every day. >> reporter: except for following us we found no evidence over the past year that the d.c. taxi commission
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has done one thing, initiated 1 program to insure all passengers are treated equally regardless of race. i'm investigative reporter russ ptacek, wusa9. >> a little rough out there. you might want to tweet or facebook russ your experience on d.c. streets and he'll tweet you back ways to contact city officials if you need to comment or complain. some drivers have cited murders and violence against cabbies. the d.c. cab commission says undercover operations are effective and it relies on passengers to complain. today officials released new data saying this year they've investigated more than 1,100 such complaints and taxi inspectors have issued over 8,000 tickets for violations ranging from illegal fares to refusing service. somewhere out there tonight there's a mega millionaire who may not even realize they've struck it i rich. two winning -- struck it rich. two winning tickets were is told last night, each of them
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200a -- were sold last night, each of them 200 worth a -- each of them 200a whopping amount. >> they were a combination of lucky numbers. >> that comes to about 120 million bucks after taxes. that leaves us with a second winner still a mystery. he or she bought that ticket at a small gift shop in san jose, california. proof the dog is man's best friend, the seeing eye dog came those owner's rescue
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from the entertainment world controversy surrounding one of america's most watched tv shows. duck dynasty star phil robertson was suspended from the hit show indefinitely after an interview in gq magazine that hasn't even hit the stands yet. there is controversy here, but gq says that is also why 14 million americans tuned into duck dynasty every week last season. in the article the 67-year-old condemned gays as sinners and quoted bible verses saying they were just like adulters and
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swindlers. gay groups were quick to criticize and asked the network to take action. the network placed him on hiatus. robertson responded saying in part, "i myself am a product of the '60s. i centered my life around sex, drugs and rock and roll until i hit rock bottom and accepted jesus as my savior. my mission is to go forth and tell people why i follow christ. i would never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are different from me. we would all be better off if we loved god and loved each other." a seeing eye dog saves his owner's life, but their future together was up in the air until today. >> orlando went above and beyond the call of duty yesterday when 61-year-old cecil william lost consciousness in a new york city subway station and fell in front of an oncoming train. you know how dogs do. he just jumped out there after him. the engineer stopped the train, but several cars passed over them. amazingly williams only suffered minor injuries. >> the first time you actually
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were reunited with the dog what was that like for you? >> when he came back to me, i was glad to see him and i'm glad that he wasn't even hurt. >> orlando will be 11 years old next month and he's going to have to retire. william will get a new service dog, but he could not afford to keep orlando around as a pet, that is, until the story got out and the donations started pouring in. now orlando can enjoy his golden years with his best friend. helping you plan your day, wusa9 first alert weather. >> what a great story and a great breed. black labs, had them growing up. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, quiet, clear sky, temps mid-30s downtown, relative humidity 73%, winds pretty calm. we're looking at bus stop temperatures, 24 to 36, so pretty cold start, but breezy and milder is the good news and then breezy and warmer on
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friday. on the weekend it's going to be even warmer. in fact, some record highs may fall saturday and/or sunday. overnight clear skies, cold again, 24 to 32, twins pretty much light and then -- winds pretty much light and then by morning mostly sunny skies, breezy, be it a warm breeze out of the southwest at 10 to 15, temperatures 24 to 46 during the morning. by afternoon peculiar, breezy, milder, highs around -- partly cloudy, breezy, milder, highs around 50. winds will bring up the temperatures, 52 rockville, bethesda, 51 fairfax, 53 springfield, waldorf, 52 in college park. only about 50 by the water. 37 in oakland but 44 in cumberland, 53 in culpeper, 51 manassas, 51 in fairfax, low 50s downtown and in gaithersburg, maybe only 51 in frederick. we'll break it down. these are city temperatures, so you'll be in the 20s in the
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burbs, 34 by 7:00, upper 30s by 9:00, 44 by 11:00 and then 50 with sunshine by 1:00, pretty nice. next three days breezy and warmer friday, 60 and look at this, quite warm saturday, 65. yes, maybe a shower, but it will be after the daylight. next seven days sunday we're just calling crazy warm, highs around 70. showers will hold off until after the redskin game, 1:00 start, but not after the ravens game, a 4:25 start you did watch here on channel 9, morning -- you can watch here on channel 9, morning showers on monday, christmas eve day nice, quiet for travel 41 and christmas day itself nice upper 40s. >> no white christmas. london fletcher signing up for the social security. >> not quite there, but yeah. he's about done. we all knew it was coming sooner than later. london fletcher is saying good- bye. hear from the fearless leader
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next. >> plus a former super bowl mvp weighs in on the benching of rg3, why does he think it
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berset live from the wusa9 cadillac sports desk. >> believe it or not we made it through a day without hearing some negative news surrounding the redskins. no articles containing leaked information that we had to talk. about however it, doesn't mean people aren't still talking about what transpired over the last few weeks. on tonight's episode of inside the nfl cris collinsworth and former super bowl mvp quarterback phil simms offered up their professional opinions on the matter saying they agree with griffin's benching, that it's the best thing for him and they hope he'll take this opportunity to grow. >> i do agree with this premise. sit him down. let him make sure he's healthy. see what he can learn from the sidelines. it does help you. i think all quarterbacks. terry bradshaw got put on the bench. when you come back, i do believe it does make you a different and most of the time a better player. >> i think robert could do a lot in this offseason with his work ethic, with his
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relationship with his teammates to make this football team better next year. >> it was coming out of redskins park today veteran linebacker london fletcher is ready to hang up his cleats after 16 seasons announcing today he is 99% sure this will be his final season. he wanted to make sure he gave his fans a proper good-bye this weekend at the home finale. the washington wizards starting lineup is getting healthy again. bradley beal returned monday night from a leg injury and his minutes were limited, but he came up with that big game winning shot that lifted the wiz over the knicks. tonight nene returned putting up 17 points as the wizards visited brooklyn taking on the nets. john wall had 21 points, but he made two big defensive plays including this deal in the 4th quarter. that bucket put the wizards up by six. then just over a minute to go bradley beal this time with a big three pointer. he added 15 on the night.
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the wizards hold on to win their second straight 113-107 over the nets. in a funny but probably painful moment during the game head coach randy wittman standing on the sidelines gets smacked in the face with the basketball. take another look. >> oh. >> but he never moves. that's the best picture i've seen all night of that, but he keeps his arms folded, never flinches and keeps going on with the game. >> some guys are really focused. >> going to be a little a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event.
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by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
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