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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  December 20, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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thank you for joining us. i'm mike hydeck. monday is the deadline for americans to buy health insurance under the affordable health care act if they want coverage by january 1. but the white house is making a last- minute change that would spare some people from being fined if they don't sign up. it would also offer a new option. ko im is at the white house. >> reporter: millions are recently dropped because their plans didn't meet the new standards under the affordable health care act. earlier this week, this woman told cbs news her family was considering going without coverage. >> we would like catastrophic insurance. that's what we would take but they don't give you us that option. >> reporter: now the white house is providing that option. in a last-minute change people
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who lost their insurance may be able to sign up for cheaper catastrophic coverage plan. the bare bones policy comes with lower premiums but also higher deductibles and limited benefits and many of these people will also have more time to pick a plan. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius says they will not face a tax penalty if they don't buy a new policy. but the health care insurance industry is not happy with the policy shift. an advocacy group representing insurers says this latest rule change could cause significant instability in the marketplace and lead to further confusion and disruption for consumers. the white house believes the change will impact about half a million people, but the insurance industry fears it could be many more. ko im for cbs news, the white house. maryland prison officials say they have found an inmate this morning who was mistakenly released earlier this month. sierra scipioni was taken into
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custody this morning. they was mistakenly released back on december 3. at the time she was serving time for burglary whether she was sentenced for another crime last month. the new sentence was not recorded in the database and that is why she was released but again she's back in custody. a confrontation involving a security guard ended with some violence today. it happened at the mayfair mansions housing complex in northeast d.c. police say the guard shot a man several times around 9:30 this morning. at this point there's no word on exactly why. police say that man tried to get away but was captured. he is in the hospital now with life threatening injuries. this 26-year-old -- this year 26 homeless people died on the streets of d.c., but a small committed group of advocates spent the night in freedom plaza next to a prop of a coffin to honor the lives lost. delia goncalves has more on their fight to keep people off the streets. >> reporter: for the half a dozen advocates who spent the
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night here at freedom plaza holding a vigil for those lives lost due to homelessness, they were lucky it was a pretty mild, comfortable night, but they know many people, in fact nearly 1700 people spend their nights every night on the streets of d.c. in all types of weather. >> this new affordable housing is not affordable. >> reporter: they rallied with a coffin as their backdrop. the homeless advocates joining a nationwide effort to honor the lives lost to homelessness. they care because they were them them. >> the basket over there that you were just filming, twice i almost died in 2008. mary's kitchen and the housing program saved my life. >>it's a collaboration. it really is a family support system, policies, but more so determination. >> reporter: albert towson was
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there, too, but turned his life around. both men volunteering with people for fairness coalition working to make sure d.c.'s five-year plan to end homelessness becomes a reality from housing to mental health support. >> it's about having a mentor on a sponsor. its the' about understanding -- it's about understanding your limitations, how to take small risk. there's a lot involved with it so it's a process. >> reporter: at freedom plaza, delia goncalves, wusa9. >> the housing first program has ended homelessness for nearly 1600 people since it was launched back in 2008. the detroit man charged with fatally shooting a drunk woman on his porch could be spending the rest of his life in prison. authorities have now charged theodore paul wafer with second- degree murder. investigators say 19-year-old renisha mcbride was drunk when she crashed her car and went to his home for help. his attorney claims he was
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acting in self-defense when he shot the woman in the face. mcbride was not armed. he's due back in court next month. target is apologizing to tens of millions of customers whose accounts and their information may have been hacked. the breach started around black friday and went unnoticed until this week. melinda davenport spoke to a woman who says hackers cleaned out her bank account. >> you think you have money in your account and then you have nothing. you have beyond nothing. >> reporter: jean take who -- gina who lives in grantham is out more than $400 after she stopped at a target right after thanksgiving and her debit cart was hacked. the retailer announced as many as 40 million shoppers who went to the store in the three weeks since thanksgiving may have had their credit card information stolen. >> all because i went shopping at target. >> reporter: gina says there were three separate fraudulent transactions. two smaller ones and one larger one. >> debit is probably worse
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because they can take your cash. with credit they are taking your credit but with a debit account, they get everything that's in your checking account and then more. >> reporter: now that her checking account is wiped out, she can't pay her bills. >> those checks bounced and i had overdraft charges from those checks. so on top of everything else, you know, i have these bills that i paid and now the checks are bouncing. >> reporter: the attorney general's office says if this happens to you, you're likely to get your money back. >> the consumer reports the loss immediately that consumers should not lose the money that's in that credit card loss but the bank that owns that credit card will have to eat that loss. >> reporter: gina wants people that shopped at target just like she did to take  precaution. >> everybody be careful because it can happen to anybody. >> that was melinda davenport reporting. gina's bank told her she will get her money back but it could take up to two weeks because of the holiday season. target says only in store shoppers were affected by this
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breach, not people shopping online. they also say the issue that caused the breach has been fixed. right now structural engineers are trying to shore up a london theater where the ceiling fell on patrons during a performance last night. nearly 80 people were hurt when the ornate plaster work gave way at the apollo theater in london. more than 700 people were in the auditorium at the time. >> it was -- it was that quickly. then there was -- it hit the floor. a massive cloud of dust. you couldn't see anything in front of the balcony. >> authorities believe some recent heavy rains were just too much for the 112-year-old building. an investigation is still under way to get the exact cause. forget about that bulky coat when you go to the mall to do your holiday shopping this weekend. do you not need it. erica is up with your forecast. feels more like easter than it does christmas. see how you can take a trip to the caribbean with your
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taste buds. you'll see what we mean when wusa9 news continues.
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gay and lesbian couples living in new mexico can now get hitched. new mexico joins 16 other states in d.c. when it comes to legalizing same-sex marriage. yesterday that state supreme court ruled the ban on gay marriage is discriminatory and unconstitutional. well, ward cleaver has nothing on dads today. a government survey shows dads aren't just providing financial support for their family, they're taking the time to be with their children as well. they are heavily involved when it comes to being hands on parents. they say they give baths, change diapers, help with toilet children, dress their children. basically they're being a
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parent. among dads with children ages 5 to 18, half take them to and from activities and two-thirds help with homework. you want a nice weekend to tailgate? erica grow has the details on that. boy, it's going to be a good one and christmas is almost here. pretty wild. >> i hope the redskins and rairveggens games -- ravens games are going to be as good as the weather is going to be. temperatures nearing the 70- degree mark. can you believe it? i'll tell you more about it in
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welcome back. imagine getting a history lesson every time you belly up to the dinner table. that is exactly what a virginia woman is doing all thanks to a 19th century cookbook. >> reporter: each mixing motion. >> imagine if you had to do this by hand. >> reporter: every swish of a stir. >> lovely white. >> reporter: a sense of virginia's past. >> we can do it just really think about how much it took to do these things. >> reporter: this four-line recipe for dropped biscuits. >> they are basically egg, sugar and flour beaten till very light. >> reporter: serves as sorensen's guide printed in the pages. the 1824 cookbook "the virginia housewife" by mary randolph. she's considered the author of the first regional cookbook ever the south. >> eight an astounding output of an array of foods, menus, dishes.
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to dress turtle, kill it at night in winter and in the morning in the summer. >> reporter: sorensen discovered the descriptive delicacies of randolph's recipes nearly two decades ago. >> and she knows all the details of how to do it and she tells it so clearly. that's what's so wonderful. >> reporter: this central virginia culinary historian sees a personal challenge in these pages. >> i'm cooking my way through the book. >> reporter: sorensen plans to serve up the more than 400 recipes in the virginia housewife but she's not going at it alone. this former african-american research historian at month cello thinks back to -- month dhel low think -- monticello thinks back to the skilled slaves. >> we can use them as inspiration. for me they're always, always the inspiration for doing this. >> reporter: the flavors from antebellum history will drift from sore reason seen's -- sore reason seen's off -- sore reasonson's oven for quite some time. >> she doesn't say buttered
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which to me means they always knew you buttered the sheet. >> reporter: and an experience. >> food is so -- it's not just what you put in your mouth. it's cultural and emotional. we all have opinions about it. >> reporter: from sore reason seen -- from sore reasonson's kit -- sorenson's kitchen to your mouth. >> just throw butter on it. everything is final. holiday time is here. and chances are you might grow to a grownup party and have an adult beverage so to speak but even though it can be awfully tempting, it can mean trouble for your teeth. that's why alex is here and she happened to bring adult beverages along with her to talk about what can cause harm to your teeth. you have two sections here. naughty and nice. where would you like to start? >> we can start with the naughty drinks that everyone likes. not that you can't have them but a lot of them have over 30 grams of sugar. bailey's is a big one.
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hot apple sider. egg -- apple cider, egg nog, pepper mint latte. >> what kind of damage can a drink or two do to your teeth? does it start to decay quicker? >> there's a couple of different things. coffee drinks will stain your teeth so they'll cause staining but the sugary drinks-- >> your teeth are going to look- - >> kind of brown or red wine, things like that you can drink hot tea, herbal tea, fun sugar free drinks they make. white wine and champagne all have less than five grams of sugar so they're better for you. >> if you want to have an adult drink, does this vodka have less sugar? >> it does have less sugar in it. that would be better and it definitely is better now. you can have the adult drinks if you pick the nicer ones it's always better. >> why is there water here? >> the reason i have water there is if you're going to have these drinks afterwards,
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if you rinse with water, you stop the sugar. chew gum. drink it out of a straw, that also helps and blush and floss. >> if you go to a party with a brush and toothpaste, people will look at you like you're a dork but your teeth will be great n. is good advice. as far as the tea, you hear tea can stain your teeth more than coffee. >> they can. choose herbal teas, white teas things like that will be better for your teeth. use steve ya to -- stevia to sweeten it. i like splenda. i love tea. very it every night. drink water afterwards. drink it through a straw. i have some patients who drink through a straw and all the stains are behind their teeth. >> you know who does that? andrea. eric, over to you. -- erica, over to you. thank you very much, mike. we're getting off to a mild start to this weekend. and it's only going to get mieldzer from here.
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a live look at the michael & -- milder from here. a live look at the michael & son weather cam. we're not going to see any rain today. 50 degrees by 3:00 p.m. down to 52 at 9:00. maybe this is the start of your holiday break and it is getting off to a mild and pleasant start. very similar to yesterday. temperatures staying in the low 60s as we head into the afternoon. we're not quite there yet temperature wise but as we get to the mid-afternoon, we will hit the 60-degree mark throughout much of the d.c. metro and this weekend just down right warm, especially when you factor in it's december and our temperatures should be in the mid-40s and here we are reaching into the 60s, possibly even 70 degrees before this cold front comes through on sunday bringing us some showers and also maybe some thunderstorms. current temperature is 54 in gaithersburg. down to 51 in d.c. after being a little bit higher at 11:00 a.m. it's 52 in manassas and 55 la plata. almost 60 degrees already in
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fredericksburg. on satellite and radar, you can see that line of showers starting to develop here on the leading edge of our frontal system but the trajectory of this rain is taking it all to the north and east and away from us so it looks like it's going to take a while for these showers to make their way into the metro area. good news for your weekend plans. on saturday with the warm front to our north, just mild air in place. plenty of clouds, though. this is the kind of pattern that brings us a fair amount of cloud cover but then with the cold front of the storm system moving through on sunday, that's going to trigger some showers and as i mentioned before, possibly some thunderstorms. but before it moves through, temperatures getting very warm for this time of year. and the front, i think that it will wait till late enough in the day that we'll reach that 70-degree mark before the cooler air moves in behind that cold front. but today temperatures remaining in the 50s in leesburg and frederick. 55 boat of those locations. but 61 in d.c. and 61 in
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fredericksburg. 63 in culpeper and 64 in orange. overnight tonight only dipping into the 40s. the cloud cover helping to keep temperatures in check so we'll only dip down to 48 in manassas and the district. 47 in leesburg and gaithersburg. 42 in frederick and 43 in hagerstown. over the next three days, our 9 weather alerts are going to remain green but saturday even milder with a slight chance for a sprinkle and a high of 65 degrees and then all the way up to 71 on sunday with that chance for a thunderstorm arriving late in the day. in the first alert seven-day forecast, starting to get back to reality on monday. a morning shower, afternoon sunshine. christmas eve and christmas day dry but it will be chillier with highs in the low 40s. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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we have breaking news from the maryland gaming commission right now. mgm is the casino company to get the contract to build a new casino in maryland. it will be the state's sixth casino and is expected to go at national harbor. we'll have more on this coming up later on the news at 5:00 and also web week. look who's here. welcome back. good to see you, charlie. having a meet catered by charlie is as good as going to the caribbean. that's why he's here to try to make your holidays simple but have a caribbean flavor and we also have some musical flavor.
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we appreciate the beautiful music. let's talk about some of these. this is sort of a caribbean flavor. this looks like an indian dish. it's chicken curry that they serve in the caribbean. most of the dishes out here are simple. we can do them at home. curry chicken. what is also caribbean is the rice and peas. this is my rendition of barbecue jerk chicken. you smell that? >> oh. i love curry chicken but never made it. how do you do something like this? >> i'm going to keep it basic. if you can make a simple chicken gravy, add some curry powder to it. >> would it be a mushroom sauce and then add the curry? >> just curry at the tail end. if you want to put a little chardonnay to bring it up a little bit, that definitely enhances it. >> these are terrific. >> these are jello molds, not gel continue. what you can do during the
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holidays is take ornaments and fit them in. >> we appreciate the wusa9 logo. >> they're good for centerpieces. >> of course do not forget the wine pairings. >> the wine pairings of course. all the way to the left is the -- of course like merlot that goes good with the beef plaintain. this is a beautiful salad. >> less than 30 seconds left. what is another good wine pairing for you? >> this is a chardonnay of course with the fruits. pena colada goes with the fruit. >> thank you for coming in. it smells fantastic. we'll see you at 5:00 and
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