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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  December 20, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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them. december is looking brighter already. steve hartman, "on the road," near sacramento. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, i'm scott pelley i'll see you sunday on "60 minutes." good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh gmg wins the high stakes casino jackpot. >> plus inside the mind of a computer hacker, the most important moments of your world in 90 seconds. >> mgm has the nod to build a colossal complex including a
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casino with 3,600 slot machines, an 18 story hotel, a large concert theater and a luxury restaurant and retail development. of at the national harbor site beside the outer loop of the beltway after crossing the woodrow wilson bridge. >> more consumer conveniences means less security. with more things to hack into companies will have to step up security and consumers will have to become more security savvy because that's exactly what the hackers are doing. >> it's like a cat and mouse game. the more you clamp down, the more clever the hackers get. >> the duck dynasty family is standing by patriarch phil robertson suggesting the show can't go on without him. >> no ducks. >> a&e suspended robertson indefinitely after he told gq magazine gays are sinners and compared homosexuality to bestiality. >> i put my observer on the ground to try to rescue the pilot. >> officer dave denison set his tampa police helicopter down feet from this crashed and burning plane. the officer put out the
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cessna's flaming engine and ignoring his own safety pushed into the wreckage and pulled out the unconscious pilot away from danger. >> many canadians were stunned when they learned lottery winner tom crist planned to give his entire jackpot to charity. recently lost his wife to cancer and said the tom baker cancer center would be near the top of his list. >> he's probably one of the most generous men i've known throughout my whole career. yet another d.c. police officer accused of wrongdoing tonight and this time it's a 5th district officer charged with trying to kill his wife. >> 45-year-old d.c. police officer samson lawrence is charged with beating his wife with a metal lamp post in the head so badly they have a he was trying to kill her. -- they say he was trying to kill her. it was the sunday before thanksgiving and a fight over missing screws to hang a tv turned vicious and violent. prince george's county attorney spokesperson says the 23 year veteran of the force sprayed
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lysol in his wife's face and challenged her. say one more expletive word i dare you. you know you are scared. she escaped to another part of the house when lawrence allegedly picked up the lamp and hit her five or six times. court papers say he said this. i'm going to finish it right now. d.c. police say lawrence was hired back in 1990 when they allegedly had lowered standards to get a lot of people hired quickly at that time. also in that class was officer linwood barnhill jr. he's the man now sitting in jail, d.c. police officer, accused of running a prostitution ring out of his apartment. in northeast debra alfarone, wusa9. up in frederick, maryland, another cop accused of being on the wrong side of the law, this one deputy todd joya, a seven year vet arrested today as part of a burglary investigation. sheriff charles jenkins says he's extremely angry for the second time in the past week his agency's reputation has been tarnished by actions of off-duty deputies. last week one of his other
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deputies was arrested for assault. the winner is mgm resorts international. that company won the rights today to build a multimillion dollar casino and hotel on the banks of the potomac river at national harbor. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in baltimore with a special state commission that ended the debate today on where to put a casino in prince george's county. they picked mgm and national harbor. this is the animation provided by mgm of its proposed nearly $1 billion hotel and casino development. at the national harbor site beside the outer loop of the beltway just after crossing the woodrow wilson bridge. today the special state commission voted 5-2 to go with national harbor. james muren is ceo of mgm. >> we think this can be the most commercially successful resort outside of las vegas from a profit perspective the. >> reporter: the site was chosen over two other contenders, penn national
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gaming proposed a casino at ross croft raceway, but commissioners and consultants were unimpressed. instead the late coming competitor philadelphia based parks proposed a complex at the intersection of route 210 and old ft. road in ft. wash, and prompted 100 million -- ft. washington and promised $100 million to upgrade indian highway, but skepticism about traffic and community impact hurt. scott broom, wusa9. tonight nike releases its new kicks, the air jordan 11 gamma blues, and already some worry trouble will again follow those tennis shoes. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan in georgetown. these air jordan 11 gamma blues do not go on sale until tomorrow. i got my hands on them right now. all right. >> these are the gamma blue 11's. >> reporter: in a world where collectors will pay thousands of dollars for a pair of sneakers, the release of a new version of air jordan 11's always brings a rush of
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excitement. >> i'm going to line up right here. >> reporter: of year at this time nike puts -- every year at this time nike puts out a new addition of the shoes. most years there is trouble somewhere. people shot, stabbed, robbed for shoes that sell for about $185 in retail and far more at consignment shops and ebay. >> i'm going to be here with my people. i fool safe. i'm not scared -- i feel safe. i'm not scared or nothing. >> reporter: d.c. artist sidney thomas is so disgusted by the violence he has created a series of photos showing him destroying a collectible pair of air jordan breads. >> he cut this in half. he's going for that whole kill the violence thing. this is great. this is the shoe that's doing it every year of. >> reporter: in georgetown bruce leshan -- every year. >> reporter: in georgetown bruce leshan, wusa9. target now offering free credit monitoring services to the millions of people whose accounts remember hacked
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between november 27th and december fiscal cliff -- were hacked between november 27ment and december 15th. that offer comes too late for one woman who was one of the 40 million who had information stolen by thieves who gained access to the store's payment system. in this case it was a debit card and now $400 was stolen from her bank account and she cannot pay her bills. >> those checks bounced and i had overdraft charges from those checks. so on top of everything else, you know, i have these bills that i paid and now the checks are bouncing. >> target in the meantime is trying to lure customers back to the stores by offering a continue% discount on merchandise this coming saturday and sunday. secula was told she'll get her money back. that could take up to two weeks because of the holidays. target is still working to identify how hackers were able to compromise 40 million customer credit cards. today we spoke with a computer
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security expert who helps companies find weaknesses in their networks by hacking into them. >> reporter: i'm mola lenghi for wusa9 with security expert tiffany radd who says what we gain with convenience we often lose in security. can anything be hacked into? is anything safe, i guess, is the question? >> what we call this is the internet of things in the computer security industry as we have cars and thermostats in our homes and washing machines even connected to the internet. consumers perhaps will become more aware of what they're using. >> reporter: because of new technologies products you buy at these retail stores are capable of doing more than ever before, but they also give hackers a new way to reach you. >> a hacker can try 1,000 times and fail every time but one and they're in. >> reporter: when you use your credit card, the online highway it travels can be a long 1 from when you scan it at checkout to the third party transfer of your financial information to when it reaches its final destination at a store's database. there are many points of access
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for hackers. with more things to hack into, companies will have to step up security and consumers will have to become more security savvy because that's exactly what the hackers are doing. in london told dozens of people were hurt -- today dozens of people were hurt when a double deck are bush crashed into a tree. don't know what caused -- decker bus crashed into a tree. don't know what caused the crash yet. at least 32 people were hurt, two critically. crews spent this morning checking out the structural stability of a london theater after the roof partially collapsed yesterday. nearly 80 people were hurt, some with head wounds last night, but everybody did make it out of the apollo theater alive. witnesses say just before the cape joss an actor yelled out to the -- chaos appear actor yelled out to the -- an actor yelled out to the audience watch out. despite the clouds we still hit 60 today. here are the numbers,
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officially 60 and 44 in the books, averages down to 45 and 31. we'll come back, talk about the possibility of record highs falling this weekend and if we'll get through any of those football games dry. >> plus giving joy, an adoptive mother of three turns a family tradition into a much larger mission to help those in need, those stor
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president obama is giving the military one year to reform the way it handled sexual assaults among its ranks. in a statement released today the president said the military needs to step up their game in dealing with the issue. congress passed a defense authorization bill last night that includes some reforms but it does not take sexual assault cases out of the chain of command. the president says it is the responsibility of defense secretary chuck hagel and other military leaders to carry out changes that will produce
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different results. in a unanimous verdict the canadian supreme court struck down that country's anti- prostitution laws today. they agreed with sex workers who argued banning brothels made it more dangerous for them by forcing prostitutes into the streets. joining me now is cindy clay, an advocate for sex workers in the united states. this doesn't have any legal impact here, but you say we ought to be watching it anyway. how come? >> we should be now that these laws have been struck down because what we will see is whether people who are actually affected by violence that are in sex work will be able to access law enforcement and achys at a higher rate. >> -- agencies at a higher rate. >> i think everybody feels sorry for people in that situation, but isn't it about like the thing with the guy who runs the meth lab might get blown up, but if you don't run the lab, you don't get blown up. >> i think it's for people who
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might not be choosing to do it but are in it by either coercion or circumstance and these laws regardless of why you're in it and there are very many reasons people go into prostitution, these laws keep them from getting help they need when they do experience violence or coercion. >> do you get the sense in this country there is a changing attitude toward that sort of work? >> i think there are changing attitudes and what we do know is the laws that we have, the criminalization that we see isn't working. we're putting a lot of resources towards locking people up when we should be really addressing violence and crime. >> the reality is there are some places in this country, las vegas comes to mind, where prostitution is legal. how has that played out there? >> in certain counties in nevada, for example, where prostitution and sex work is legal. we found while labor conditions play a large role, there hasn't been increased violence. there hasn't been increases of sexually transmitted infections. so there's lots of models, i
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think the canadian potentially the best at this point. >> wouldn't legalizing prostitution make it more likely for people to participate in that? as of now if you do it, you're risking getting arrested. >> i think we see the exact opposite. when people are arrested for prostitution, they enter a revolving door of incarceration, having a record. that record can keep them from getting jobs outside of prostitution or sex work. for example, there's a woman at our agency who came to volunteer for us because she'd been fired from a food service job because she had a felony record from 13 years ago. i think that just increases the amount of abuse people send to see. >> a topic we don't often discuss. thanks for coming in. >> thank you for having me. keeping your family safe wusa9 first alert weather. >> let's talk some weather here because we're talking about some beautiful glorious temperatures saturday and sunday. you call it golfable. >> that's the key, temperatures
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because it's not going to be picture perfect. there will be some clouds, temperatures in the 60s and low 70s by sunday. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam and temperatures haven't moved much, still 54 downtown, relative humidity 57%, winds south at 11. we'll have wind out of the south or southwest really right through the weekend and i got to tell you that by sunday winds could gust over 30 miles per hour, very, very windy ahead of this front sunday. we're looking at showers and thunderstorms stretching from texas up into the ohio valley, a little winter precipitation on the northern side of this, but kind of like a spring storm. severe weather is possible, tornadoes are possible saturday right in this area. see the orange area? much of louisiana up into western sections of tennessee that. same front gets in here sunday night. don't think we'll see any severe weather. i think we'll hear a rumble of thunder. a little cloud activity, showers well to the west of us. you folks in the mountains will have periods of showers
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tomorrow and also into tomorrow night. most of the showers stay west of i-81 for us until we get into the frontal boundary late sunday. 54 downtown, bethesda, 57 in fairfax, 59 in waldorf, 56 toward annapolis. lows tonight will be the equivalent of our average high temperatures, in the 40s. that's how top is i turfy things are. no sled -- topsyturvy things are. no sled this weekend, hike or a bike. make your outdoor plans. i think saturday is a little bit better and record highs are possible both saturday and also sunday. in fact, i think the record high is safe downtown 68, but 61 at dulles, 62 baltimore, both of those are in jeopardy. they were set two years ago. tonight mostly cloudy, breezy, mild, low temperatures in the 40s, winds southwest 10 to 15. so between the southwest winds and clouds temps stay up. 55 by 9:00 tomorrow, 60 by
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11:00 and 65 by 1 p.m. another day with a fair amount of clouds but a little sun. next three days we got record warmth sunday, 72 and yes, your eyes do not deceive you. that's a thunderbolt. showers, maybe a thunderstorm late. you might get through the redskin game dry. we probably will not make it through the ravens game, a 4:25 start, watch it here on channel 9. expect showers at that game. rain and showers continue into monday. we'll keep it pretty much the whole day, temperatures back in the upper 50s. next seven days. behind that front it gets much colder. we're looking at temperatures back into the upper 30s and low 40s for christmas but very quiet travel weather on christmas eve day and then we get into thursday, temperatures near 50 and then low 40s on friday. and thanks to you, our give joy campaign was a massive success and we are still continuing to see all kinds of just incredible acts of kindness and so much generosity
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from so many viewers who want to help the kids in need right here in our community. i'm going to introduce you to kathy jackson who is a mom who gave to our joy drive in a little different way, but her story so inspiring. kathy jackson grew getting pajamas every christmas eve, a tradition she carried on with her own family. >> i'm an adoptive mom, three kids i took out of foster care and when each of them came to me, they hadn't had pajamas. >> what began as a point of joy turns into a sense of strength and happying for kathy when she was diagnosed -- healing for kathy when she was diagnosed with leukemia spending months in the hospital undergoing a bone narrow transplant. >> all i could wear was pajamas for weeks. >> helper kids started a facebook page called -- her kids started a facebook page called the d.c. pajamas drive. this year they received 1,500
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pairs from as far away as alaska, hawaii and even australia. >> i started thinking kids and families in shelters are in just as much need as foster care kids. >> so kathy donated 150 pjs for children's in volunteers of america programs hoping these traditions last a lifetime and helping us to remember all tonight to be thankful for what we do have. >> got to be thankful for that, special stuff. >> i
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in florida a very unusual case of justice. >> a man is facing eight hours of humiliation at a busy tampa intersection. he sits on a stool with a dunce cap holding saying i beat women. he's doing it because he doesn't want to go to jail. 20-year-old alicia heckler says this picture was taken after the man attacked her, but instead of pressing charges heckler gave him a choice. >> i could either press charges and have you arrested for a year or i can have you sit outside at a busy intersection for eight hours holding up a sign that says i beat women. >> obviously domestic violence experts say it's not the way you should go. tampa police say heckler stopped returning
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from canada comes a story of generosity that is just off the charts. >> a man who waited seven months to claim a $40 million lottery prize now says i'm giving it all away. his name is tom crist. he recently lost his wife to cancer. he told a local hospital they'd be the first beneficiary of his pledge. not long afterwards he presented officials with a check for 1.2 million bucks and promised there would be more to come. his friends say they're not surprised. canadian lottery officials say charities often reap the awards from a large jackpot if the winner is a generous guy. there you go. >> that's our broadcast for night. we'll be back at 11:00. >> see you. have a good one, everybody.
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