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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  December 22, 2013 11:30pm-12:06am EST

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gregson: we got a city in panic. we got seven dead bodies in the morgue. now, i know my guys are doing everything they can to find howard ennis. and you're the so-called howard ennis expert. you don't seem to have the first clue what he's up to next. i admit, howard ennis's behavior up to this point has been perplexing. it contradicts everything i've come to know about the man. maybe the chaos is the point. the randomness, the deliberate flouting of his profile. maybe he wants to confuse you. ms. watson has a point, captain. yesterday, i posited that ennis was attempting to send m. today, i would posit that the confusion is the message. captain, it's ennis. he just called the station, asked to speak to the person in charge of the task force. i got him on hold in your office. this is captain gregson of the nypd. hello, captain gregson of the nypd. this is howard ennis.
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may i assume that my old friend ms. drummond is listening in? say your piece, mr. ennis. i'll take that as a yes. i saw you on the news yesterday, kathryn. you are not aging well. i'm calling because i thought it was time that i explained what i'm up to. actually, mr. ennis, that won't be necessary. excuse me? well, i just figured it out. this is entirely about ms. drummond, correct? you despise her. why? well, obvious answer is that she's the agent most responsible for your capture, but i think there's more to it than that. you detest her because she... solved you. she climbed inside your head, she pulled all your ugly secrets out and exposed them. she demystified you. and now you're doing everything in your power to... violate her profile of you, rail against it, show everyone that, well, you never really were solved. i like you. i know who you are.
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the deductionist. accent gave you away. you see, i did a lot of reading in prison. i, uh, found everything kathryn ever wrote. and, by the way, you're right. i do want to humiliate kathryn. but not because of what she did to me. because of what she did to my family. family? are you serious, howard? didn't you just abandon your dying sister in a hospital? my father was a good man. wasn't his fault that i ended up the way i did. but you, kathryn... you alleged that he abused me on a regular basis, that he made me into the man that i am today. you know as well as i know that there were multiple allegations of abuse. my father, as most of you probably know, hung himself in his garage a few months after the book came out.
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my mother never really got over it. she died less than a year later. if you ask me, kathryn, you all but put a gun to their heads. you want me to stop doing what i'm doing, captain gregson of the nypd? all you have to do... is give me kathryn drummond. (hangs up) i think his demands are quite reasonable. (hangs up) with windowsue 8 pro is one awesome machine. can i do my work stuff on it? work and play. it's got the new windows and powerful intel processor so you can do it all like mixing pleasure and business. that sounds so rebellious. yeah, like mixing fire and ice. like polka dots and plaid. hey hey, careful. i could pull it off. own the season. get the hottest windows tablets like the dell venue, with intel inside. get 6, 12, 18, or 24 months special financing
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i'm not so sure about that. standing inside this space is like standing inside howard ennis's brain. it's hard to imagine there isn't something of value here. actually, it's quite easy to imagine. he let us find this place. he left his cell phone here so we could triangulate its signal. why? 'cause he's making a point. this room represents who he was, not who he is. if there was anything of value here, ennis never would have led us to it. were you not listening when i explained his plan to become profile-proof? just out of curiosity, how accurate were your allegations against the ennis family? the first allegations of sexual abuse came in your profile, but that was just pure speculation. your book, on the other hand, you quoted an anonymous source, a neighbor who claimed that ennis had confided in him about the abuses. so? what are you saying? well, i'm saying that you've been known to cut corners. in the article you wrote about me, for example, you included things that i had said to you privately
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as though they were quotes for attribution. you did say them, though. and my article was right about you. so far. so, was there a neighbor? or were you just guessing about ennis being sexually abused? ennis's pathology was consistent with sexual abuse. i've chased men like him for 20 years. it's been present every single time. doesn't mean it was present here. so, if you were wrong, it was a costly mistake. ennis's father quoted your book in his suicide note. you spurred howard to eight murders and counting. oh, like howard ennis needs a reason to kill people. maybe he doesn't, but he didn't have this reason until you came along. watson: i'm going to bed. you need anything? i know that kathryn drummond is obsessed with her work. she prides herself on the... accuracy of her profiles. but to think she would've gone so far as to destroy a family to lend credence to one of her claims. did you ever consider the possibility that she lied about you in the article?
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what would she have to gain? i was never revealed as the subject in the article. no one ever compared me to it. anyway, she got a good deal right. she predicted your drug problem. so what? you got clean. you picked up your career right where you left off. and you even made a friend, something that kathryn claimed in her article was virtually impossible. me. i'm talking about me. look, my point is that... the only thing that anyone can predict about people with 100% certainty is that they'll change. and anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves. oh, my god. is that... you have a lovely home, watson. excellent light. i found today quite taxing. i thought your pornography might distract me. it's not my pornography. the sex, i'm sorry to say, is quite mundane. and even if it wasn't, the continuity gaffes make it virtually unwatchable.
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what are you talking about? holmes: note the clock. 11:20 here. 1:00 there. 11:20 again. and many others. (sighs) if i were you, i wouldn't be upset that a dirty movie was produced in my home; i would be upset that it was produced so sloppily. and if you haven't already, i strongly recommend that you find yourself a new spatula. holmes: watson! (knocking) morning. what is it? captain gregson just texted, said there was some sort of disturbance at patricia ennis's home last night. it's possible that howard ennis tried to break in. if he did, he may have left some clue
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as to his whereabouts. i'm in a hurry. shall i select your undergarments as well? (indistinct radio transmission, gregson speaking indistinctly) false alarm. ennis wasn't here last night. well, someone was. couple of miss ennis's neighbors threw these from the street. i guess they didn't know about her connection to her brother until all the news coverage this week. (phone rings) excuse me. yes, chief. holmes: shall i take a picture for kathryn, show her how her little tome affects the ennis family to this very day? hungry, watson? no, it's just this food. it's exactly the opposite of what someone with kidney problems should be eating. the chips and the jerky are high in sodium. the licorice contains glycyrrhizin, which can interfere with renal function. she would've known not to buy these.
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(mutters quietly) what is it? it's frankincense. with a hint of carrot seed. yeah. essential oils, concentrated liquids that contain volatile aroma compounds from plants. i know what essential oils are. typically, they're used in aromatherapy. but you can smell them on the bottom of her drinking glass? mmm. obviously you know that liquids of this type are highly toxic when ingested. especially to the renal system. (drummond sighs) those things i said about your parents... i believed them when i put them in your brother's profile.
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but when i was writing the book, i couldn't prove the abuse. i didn't want to back down, so i made up a source. after your family sued, i paid one of your neighbors to say he was the person i talked to. (phone rings) (ringing stops) i'm sorry. i'm sorry for your father. your mother. you. i even owe your brother an apology. come a little closer. it's getting hard for me to talk. sure. (phone ringing) hey.
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holmes: captain said you accompanied agent drummond to speak with miss ennis. are you with them now? well, i'm in the hall. miss ennis said she wanted some water. she destroyed her kidneys deliberately. she's working with her brother. you can arrest me now. it's done. you know that, right? uh-huh. i know this hasn't always been easy for you. and i'm really happy that you're in my life too. ♪ it's just like yours, mom! [ jane ] behind every open heart is a story. tell yours with my open hearts collection at kay jewelers, the number one jewelry store in america. there are millions of reasons to give one, but the message is always the same. keep your heart open... and love will always find its way in. thank you. thank you. ♪ every kiss begins with kay
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she came here to apologize. as though a simple "i'm sorr"" could make up for any of it.
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you're referring to the allegations she made about your parents in her book. i hate that word. "allegations." call them what they are. lies. finding out what howard did devastated us. but kathryn drummond's book is what destroyed us. holmes: all of your correspondence over the last year with your brother was monitored. i imagine he procured a cell phone from somewhere. yeah, he called me a little... a little over a year ago on the anniversary of our dad's death. he was crying. he knew that i was having a hard time. is that when he told you to poison yourself? i don't know when he came up with the plan. i... i-i just know that it-it just sounded... right, like it was... it was supposed to happen. he would be out there, humiliating her, and... i would be in here,
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waiting for her. i spoke to the surgeon who was operating on her. he thinks there's a chance she'll survive. gregson: and as for you-- you're going to jail. your kidneys are ruined, and i'd say you dropped a notch or two on the old transplant list. if i die, i die. at least i know i died trying to right a terrible wrong. holmes: he targeted her 'cause he knew that she was weak. he knows that he could bend her to his will. bell: captain? ennis again. they just transferred him from the office. this is captain gregson. (radio static) if your men are scrambling to trace this call, you can tell them to relax. (voices and static on radio) i'm calling through a router that i placed across town the other day. 'course you are. i heard on the news that kathryn's still alive. (man speaking greek over radio) i wanted you to know that i think that's a shame. (static, jazz plays on radio) means i'm going to have to keep making my point.
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(click) (sighs) sit tight. what's up? (static on radio) man (over radio): ...s-o-p, columbia university... (man speaking greek on radio) signal for that station's weak here. so? i need to look into something. i'll call you shortly. (horn honking) (indistinct sounds of radio channels as dial passes) (jazz plays over radio) (lively jazz playing) holmes: mr. ennis, do come in.
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you could run, but i-i do have your handgun. it's just me. please. how'd you find me? you were tuning your radio... (turns radio off) ...when you called captain gregson. you dialed past a number of frequencies, but two stood out. columbia university's station has quite a weak signal strength-- just a few miles-- but it dwarfs the greek-language station that you skipped past. that's a micro-broadcaster, a tiny little station for the greek immigrant community. now, very little overlap between those two stations. just a few blocks, actually. there are a number of empty buildings within those blocks, but most of those are homes that are being remodeled. this one was seized under federal asset forfeiture laws,
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and, um... ta-da! (sighs) so, what do you want? you and i have both been profiled by kathryn drummond. you've read "the deductionist." you'll recall she doesn't predict a very pleasant end for me. no, no, she doesn't. she said that you were, um... destined for self-destruction. mmm. the term she used was self-annihilation. "a tangle of incandescent talent and ingrained character flaws "that can only lead to one end: self-annihilation." i think drummond's good. mmm. she predicted my struggles with addiction. and in my less hopeful moments, i wonder whether she might be right about my ultimate fate. she really has a way of getting in your head, doesn't she?
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do you want to talk about what she wrote? no. i'm not interested in your words, howard. i'm interested in your actions. i want to see if either of us could be more than our profile. her assessment of you is... equally withering. she believes that you are, at your core, a coward. that regardless of the violence of your assaults, you would shrink away from any confrontation on equal terms. so you come here alone and lay out a gun and a pair of handcuffs. precisely. an experiment. two choices. now, if you are, in fact, a chicken-heart, you will choose the handcuffs and surrender, but if you're willing to face an opponent face-to-face, you'll choose the gun. personally, i hope you go for the gun. if you do, it'll prove that drummond was wrong about you,
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and if she was wrong about you being a coward... then maybe she's wrong about how you'll end up, too. maybe you won't die after turning back to drugs to dull those senses that just won't quite shut down. is that what you're terrified of? that and clowns. word of warning. if you reach for the gun, i will reach for you. the choice is yours. (grunting) (groans) well done. technically only supposed to strike you in the pate. but i suppose rules were made to be broken. (distant sirens wailing) (indistinct radio transmissions)
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well, before you punch me or suspend me, please keep in mind that i texted you the moment i heard ennis enter the building. and the reason you decided to engage him on your own? i-i needed to learn something. and did you? i can't say, really. i won't know for years. bruce: damn it! hey, joan. radiator's acting up again? never know when old faithful's gonna blow. listen, i appreciate your calling ahead, but we don't need to be so formal about this. it's a funny thing about that radiator. in the movie that cooper shot, uh, he did several takes. in some of the takes, there's tape wrapped around the air valve. in others, there isn't. it's a basic continuity error. i mean, i don't think
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cooper's directing career is going to go anywhere. (laughing): okay. but it's almost as if it started whistling, and then they called someone in to fix it. someone with a special shortcut involving electrical tape. you were here the whole time, weren't you, bruce? but at-at first, i-i could not figure out why you would do something like that. and then i remembered that this place is rent-controlled, so if i violate my lease, you can evict me, and then you can charge market value for this place. i'm hardly the only guy with electrical tape. no, but, you know, the actors in that movie-- they work a lot, and they're not hard to track down. they all confirmed that you were here the whole time. you participated in the filming of an unlicensed production. that is against the law. what do you want? i want you and cooper to pay for all of my stuff to be put in storage until i find a new place. i also want $1,200 for that couch, because after everything it's been through in that movie,
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it needs to be taken out back and shot. how's kathryn? unconscious... and yet still somehow annoying to me. (sniffles) the doctor says she should be out and about and practicing her pseudoscience in no time. oh, i bought you something. to replace the one desecrated via sex act. thanks. it gets better. i don't understand. nobody did anything to my toothbrush in that movie. not in the movie. no, certainly not. i'm confused. are you saying that you did something to my toothbrush? sherlock? captioning sponsored by cbs brought to you by ford. go further. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. flood watch beginning at midnight, the washington region could get a couple inches of rain. >> wild mix of weather across the country making for some dangerous travel conditions. >> and another loss keeping all the questions about the redskins still unanswered. hello. i'm bruce johnson. thanks for staying up late with us. most of the washington area under a flood watch tonight and that can mean up to 3 inches of rain overnight across the region. let's go straight to the weather center. >> i'm tracking this old front, it's all the way from canada
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down to the gulf of mexico and it's tapping into some of that moisture. we benefited from the southwesterly winds that have kept us mild all weekend long with record breaking highs. right now the steadiest rain is to our south, but this is regenerate being ing -- regenerating the next several hours. that flood watch is going until monday afternoon. it does look like many of us could pick up as much as 2 inches of rain. so your morning planner will be on the soggy side. be prepared for a very wet and messy commute. we'll start out with rain showers light at first and temperatures will really be highest around midnight, close to that 60-degree mark. then we'll start to see a little slide after sunrise. headed out for the morning commute we're mild in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees, but temperatures take a tumble throughout the day. i'll let you know just how cold it will get and what to expect
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christmas eve and christmas day. a united methodist pastor who was defrocked after officiating his son's gay wedding came to preach in d.c. surae chinn has more from the founder of united methodist church. >> this holy script to judge people or you can use it to inspire people. >> reporter: recently defrocked pastor frank schaefer brings his message to northwest washington. >> and that's exactly what jesus did, isn't it? >> reporter: in 2007 schaefer performed his son's same sex wedding which goes against the governing laws of the united methodist church. >> i was standing in a weird tension between the love of my son, my family and the love for my church. >> reporter: it took six years for charges to be brought up against schaefer. there was a trial before a jury made up of schaefer's own peers defrocked him


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