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tv   Up to the Minute  CBS  December 23, 2013 3:35am-4:01am EST

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reporter: three members of the mala noche gang have been taken into custody for attempted murder. one is still at large, assumed armed and dangerous. woods: the city's going crazy today. shooting up a courtroom, trying to kill horatio in broad daylight? eric and marisol! most dangerous kind of criminal is the one that doesn't care. well, at least they're down two for two. yeah, drop in the bucket. how is she, horatio? she's in good hands, alexx, but thank you for asking. if there's anything i can do. i appreciate it. mr. wolfe, what is that? it's a contact lens.
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the force of the skid must have knocked it out. maybe that's why he didn't shoot at you-- couldn't see you. ( tires skidding ) either way, this will have plenty of dna from his tear ducts. let's get it to the lab. i'll do it right away. ( camera shutter clicking ) how's your sister? my parents are with her right now. i just figured i could do more for her out here, helping to find her shooter. all right. well, let's get to work and see what we find. it's most likely a mala noche shooter, but we have to follow the evidence. we believe that the shots came from across the street. we found the bullet that grazed your arm embedded in the post. why, what's up? nothing, i thought saw a glint or something. ( riflote sh )
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bullet traveled at a downward trajectory. what caliber round was the shooter using? a .308. it's a sniper caliber, which expands our search area considerably... into noche territory. judging by the depth and the angle of the bullet, i believe that the shots were fired from an elevated platform. the bullet came from that building. i saw a glint right before the shots rang out. we have to extrapolate from the variables. depending on the distance, there are several different trajectories. well, if this is where your shooter was, they never expected us to find this spot. well, let's hope there's more to find. oh, i've got something.
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it's a woman's fingernail. is there any chance the noches are using female assassins? no. those are gloria's. i saw them on her today. i'm going to find her. eric? if you find her... follow procedure, don't make it worse. valera. status on the contact lens? you were right, it was brimming with dna. who'd we get? your guy with the bad vision? "memmo fierro." that's the driver. the guy who cut you off. problem is, there's no last known address. we don't need it, we've got his car. thank you.
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( air gun whirs ) i ran a brand check on those cigarettes we got in the car ashtray. they're venenos. salvadoran. these are panamanian, and these are bolivian. and this car's registered in new york. so it looks like everyone's headed to miami, and i'm guessing not for vacation. not for a vacation, for a universal, mr. wolfe. meeting of all the noche heads. it's why they broke sifuentes out. he must be a really big deal in the noches. what is this? on the front tire rim? it's blood. i'll have dna confirm it. no, nobody was shot up there. ( sirens wailing; gunshots )
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so what is it? i don't know, get it to trace. ( siren wailing ) get out of the car. get the hell out of the car! what are you doing here? what you mean is, you thought you got me with that shot, right? tried to kill my sister, too! now open the trunk! i didn't shoot her. open the trunk! if you didn't shoot her, then what's this? that isn't mine. you're going to tell me you don't remember showing me that on our first date? and you used it this afternoon?! hey. you... you have no proof of that. no, but i will. you know what? i am beginning to remember why we broke up! i never forgot!
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you were right, the red substance you found on the wheel rim, wasn't biological. so i ran it through the mass spec. it's dye. the city runs select tests to ensure that parasites and other foreign substances aren't transported through our water system. they use it to check flow patterns. so that's what tishis . came from the sprinkler system. so i called the wasd, and they told me only one part of the county is currently being tested. star island. that narrows it down, doesn't it? figured if there's a universal, there's gonna be a lot of cars there. and a lot of heat from those cars. they'll use a house as a base of operations. be holed up there probably 24-36 hours. so i had the satellite search for multiple heat sources. ( computer rapidly beeping ) bingo. "351 star island." ( latin hip-hop music plays ) ♪
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( rapping in spanish ) ( rapping continues ) ♪ ( rapping continues ) ♪ ♪ ♪ ( police shouting )
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zçzçtó you guys are pretty good. the same can't be said about you, my friend. tripp: bad idea, sifuentes. having that universal the same day you bust out. well, you know, time ain't cheap. neither is life. tripp: as we speak, sweeps are happening nationwide. noche's are going down. they can thank you for that. what you still talking to me for? i want memmo fierro. memmo? he's down in mexico. that's not true, is it, raphael? he ran an ambulance off the road, and my wife may die because of it. then why ask? because you know where he is. you tell us, you can help yourself. got nothing on us. on the contrary, raphael, i've got your safe house. frank. officer jessop's already on it.
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we're going to find your compadre. calleigh, you have anything? yeah. i just finished my test fire of gloria's rifle. and? and i was about to compare it to the bullet that we got from the wall. but i can tell you that typical magazine to bolt action .308 holds five rounds. i emptied this one, and i got three. which is consistent with two shots being fired at you and marisol. i never thought that it would go from breaking windows to this. wait a minute. i don't think she did. why? the striations don't match. this isn't your gun, gloria isn't your shooter. i told you it wasn't me. my sister's in the hospital, okay? and whoever shot her is still out there. i know you were there, okay? we found your fingernail at the scene.
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now, tell me what the hell you saw. look, i followed you from my house. i was all set up. i had marisol in my sights, and i... look, my mind was just screaming... ...but i couldn't pull the trigger. and then i heard a shot. i couldn't believe that that's what i was thinking of doing. eric, i'm so sorry. stop being sorry, okay, and start being helpful. where did the shot come from? ( gunshot ) er whd e dishthe ot come from? from the right, above me. did it echo? yes. okay, then it came from a covered balcony. does that help? you better hope so.
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( ding ) officer jessop. that universal safe house was a gold mine. found a ton of money and an arsenal in there, sir. yes, and a .308, i see. get it to firearms, please. yes, sir. so it was the noches that shot mari, huh? certainly looks that way, eric. we got to get them for this. we're going to get them. ( cell phone ringing ) delko.
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yes, doctor. i'll tell him. is that the hospital? yeah. she's asking for you. i'm on my way. i'm gonna run with this. calleigh thinks she found where the shooter really was. eric, wait for me. don't be sad.
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i have dinner plans tonight. casa tua? casa tua. 8:30? 8:30. did you get the good table? got the good table. you, um... you're not planning to... you're not planning to stand me up, are you? never.
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should have accounted for the slight variance in trajectory when the bullet grazed your arm. we were off by six degrees. we were looking on the wrong floor. there it is. what? gsr cone. when a gun like this is fired, the escaping gasses settle. ( gunshot )
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so memmo was definitely here. well, they took their gun back to the safe house, but not everything. what is it? lo mas dulce de la cana. it's two boutique-sized bottles of yarmy rum. memmo must have tried to calm his nerves. only one hotel in miami that uses these as a guest perk. that's the marano. that must be where he's staying. i imagine that you and horatio are gonna want to take it from here. yeah. ( cell phone ringing ) h. okay. i am so sorry.
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we got memmo fierro. mm. tripp picked him up at the marano hotel, just like we thought. let's go. fierro: hey, let me out of here! fierro ( muffled ): hey, let me out! let me out of here! hey, i confessed already! caine: come on, let's go. memmo, in the unlikely event that i haven't made myself clear, you deserve to know that this is your last chance. hey, i already confessed. i shot her. who put the hit on my sister? who gave the order?
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riaz. antonio riaz. the snitch that was on the stand today? si. he wanted you to know...'s his city now. memmo, now that you work for me, here's what i want you to do. i want you to tell mr. riaz that i said he's a dead man. captioning sponsored by cbs,c.s.i. productions and brought to you by toyota. moving forward. choose any direction, as long as it's moving forward. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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