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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  December 24, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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for. hello. thank you for joining us. a man is being treated for injuries after shot by a pellet gun. it happened during a christmas toy giveaway in the 1100 block of stevens road southeast in the berry farms housing complex. delia goncalves was there. >> reporter: the. of interstate moving say they -- the president of interstate moving say they have been here for 22 years handing out toys without a problem. this is the first year an incident like this has happened. still, though, they will return next year. >> hi, merry christmas. >> reporter: the day started out with all smiles until santa
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was shot. >> it's an unfortunate circumstance. fortunately he's okay. >> it's still in there inside my back. >> reporter: emts assigned to the toy giveaway quickly rushed to his aid. small wounds on his back appear to be from a pellet gun fired from a nearby home. officers searched the neighborhood but without a warrant cannot go into homes. >> we make sure the kids get all the toys they deserve. >> reporter: the toy drive must go on. dozens of other volunteers go door to door. your grandfather founded the company, raised a family here. >> he d. our family started on howard road. >> reporter: it's not only a family tradition for the morissettes who have owned interstate for 70 years but for mark miller whose mom helps out at the berry farm community senator. >> it's all about the kids. that's what makes me happy. >> reporter: what is your favorite part of christmas? >> santa claus. >> reporter: what's your favorite part about christmas? >> when he brings the toys and
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it makes me really happy. >> reporter: volunteers say their smiles are the reason why they will return to berry farms next year despite today's shooting. in berry farms in southeast washington, delia goncalves, wusa9. >> delia tells us the man who was shot is an eight-year employee at interstate's landover location. he's being treated at the hospital for nonlife threatening injuries. now to our other top stories, traffic and weather. right now millions of you are hitting the airports, train stations and highways to get to your holiday destinations. here's a live look at traffic on the mixing bowl in northern virginia. looking pretty good, not what you typically see this time of the day, especially during the getaway for the holidays. we want to take a look now at the american legion bridge in maryland. again if you want to head out now, this is the time to do it. looking pretty easy driving there for you. what about the holiday forecast? let's get right to
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meteorologist howard bernstein with your first alert forecast. >> if you are going to hit the road this afternoon, don't be surprised if you see a few snow flakes. nothing really to write home about. we're watching this arctic boundary producing some of these snow showers from new york constituent, back to ohio, pennsylvania and now coming toward interstate 81. it's also increasing the clouds around here after the sunny morning. here's doppler 9000. this is at a higher elevation on the radar. not sure this is reaching the ground yet from westminster to frederick. looks like we have some snow showers about to come into hagerstown and martinsburg, from winchester to straussburg and front royal and new market as well. we'll watch this move east and we'll have the threat for the snow showers and even a rain shower south this afternoon. if you're still going to be traveling tomorrow, i know some of you get the getaway on christmas day itself. the west coast looks fine. temps in the 40s. cold interior sections like salt lake at 37. but l.a. looks great on christmas day, 76 there. phoenix is fine. denver sunny and 47. cold air up in the great lakes. you notice marquette at 16 and
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chicago 28 with some snow showers around. certainly warmer than today, though. we're looking down south. no problems if you're going to head toward texas, atlanta, flying through there. should be fine. florida looks great on christmas day with 70s. in the northeast, boy, the 95 corridor looks like it's going to be fantastic. just very cold up in northern new england. i'll be back with the seven-day forecast and another look at doppler 9000 in a few minutes. andrea? >> thanks, howard. procrastinators you know who you are and luckily you still have some time to get your christmas shopping done. several stores are staying open late so you can get that last- minute gift. some toys are us stores including bailey's cross roads in rockville have been open nonstop but they're closing their doors tonight at 9:00. area k-marts including those that have been pulling all nighters will close at 10:00 p.m. those kohl's stores which have been on a round the clock schedule will close at 6:00 tonight and three macy's stores in the d.c. area, one at columbia, pentagon city and tysons corner center have been
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open 24/7 and will also close at 6:00 p.m. he target is working with several states that have asked for information linked to the company's massive data breach. last week hackers got into the computer systems and had access to credit and debit card information of about 40 million of its customers. everyone who shopped there between november 27 and december 15 needs to pay extra close attention to their accounts. and several customers have already filed lawsuits against the store seeking millions in damages. democratic u.s. senators richard bloomenthal of connecticut and chuck schumer of new york have asked the federal trade commission to also investigate the breach. the red scirches front office is taking -- redskins front office is taking a closer look at video showing questionable action by a security guard. this shows a man falling down
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the concrete steps at fed ex field. it's unclear if the security guard pushed the man down the steps or if the guard was ngtryi to grab the fan's arm before he lunged forward and fell. we don't know if alcohol was a factor and we don't know what happened just before the video was taken. a team spokesperson tony wiley said the incident is under review. a second space walk is under way to repair the international space station's cooling system. tara mergener has more on the two american astronauts performing this delicate commission. -- delicate mission. >> two manner astronauts are conducting a rare christmas eve space walk. >> how you doing, mike? >> i'm doing fine. i guess you're waiting on me. >> it's a beautiful view. >> reporter: astronauts rick mastaracchio and michael hob kins are on their second space walk. >> moving to bolt two. >> reporter: the problem caused one of the space station's two cooling systems to shut down on
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december 11. the crew had to turn off all nonessential equipment. the astronauts spent five and a half hours in space on saturday removing the broken pump. this morning the astronauts got the spare pump out of storage. then went to work installing it. >> hopkins and mastracchio will work in tandem to bolt the spare in place. >> reporter: the walk was supposed to take place on monday but was delayed after mastracchio accidentally got small amount of water in his suit after saturday's mission. he had to put together a new suit while the other one dried out there. have been no other problems with the suits on this mission. >> they test all the systems to make sure they're in flawless condition before they ever venture outside. >> reporter: two russian crew members aboard the station are said to head out for a previously scheduled space walk on friday. tara mergener for cbs news. >> this is nasa's second christmas eve space walk. the first one was in 1999 to make repairs to the hubble
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telescope. well, get ready for weather more fitting the holiday season. howard is up next with the forecast. but first we take a look back at the life of z
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and. grammy winning musician yousef lateef massed away. in 1987 he won a grammy award for his new age recording. yousef lateef's little symphony. in 2010 he received the national endowment for the arts jazz award. this is him performing in us a friday ya. he was 93 years old.
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mclean gannett, the parent company of wusa9 and "u.s.a. today" just got a lot bigger. 17 television stations bigger in fact. began knelt has completed -- gannett has completed its purchase of the belo group. it expands its tv stations from 23 do 40 and its reach to nearly one-third of all u.s. households. the company is now the largest independent station group of major network affiliates in the top 25 television markets. that means gannett news crews now span the country from seattle, washington, to washington, d.c., portland, oregon, to portland, maine and points in between like new orleans, minneapolis, dallas, houston, tampa and denver. bottom line, our new team just got a whole lot bigger and stronger on air and online. we probably won't have a white christmas but forget yesterday's warmer temperatures. the holiday spirit is definitely in the air. howard is up next with the holiday forecast. >> bundled up out here on the weather terrace. the wind is picking up.
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the temperatures have dropped a lot since yesterday. look at doppler 9000. we have snow showers on there. it is reaching the ground. also westminster. hagerstown down into the valley. i'll have your seven-day a man who doesn't stand still. but jim has afib, atrial fibrillation -- an irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. th utat ps jim at a greater risk of stroke. for years, jim's medicine tied him to a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested.
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letter from a deceased woman was one like they never received. >> i thought what i would do if i were in your position. >> reporter: the hosts of radio station star 102.5 invited listener david schmidt to their annual station show but they didn't reveal to david who sent in the wish for his family. >> they said it was too personal to get into it on the phone. >> reporter: they read this letter to david on the air. >> hello. my name is brenda schmidt. when you are in receipt of this letter, i will have already lost my battle to ovarian cancer. >> reporter: the letter was dated august 3, 2011. brenda passed away less than for months after she wrote it. but she had given this note to a friend with instructions on when to mail it. >> i told her once my loving husband david had moved on in his life and had met someone, to share his life with again, to mail this letter to all of you at the station. >> reporter: david recently met
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and fell in love with jayne abraham. he proposed to her this september. brenda had three wishes for the family she left behind. their four sons as well as the new family david was starting. >> i was hoping that one small act you could all do for me could change and help their lives forever and they know i am with them always. >> reporter: first, a weekend of pampering for david's new partner. >> make cher smile -- make her smile and know her efforts are truly appreciated from pep. perseverance will prevail. thank you. i love you, whoever you are. >> reporter: her second wish for david and their children. >> for the families, a magical trip, somewhere where they can all enjoy their company and companionship as a family and create those memories that will be with them forever. >> reporter: lastly brenda wanted to give a night of food and fun for the hospital staff that cared for her during her final days. it was a letter david wasn't expecting to receive but one that didn't surprise him
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either. >> that's the thing she d. she had great foresight but after -- you know, afterwards, quite touching. >> reporter: as a part of her final wishes, brenda left a separate letter addressed to david's new wife. >> the biggest thing is that she said i love you and that was the hardest, most gracious thing that i received. >> reporter: may-- >> may god bless and keep all of you safe there. thanks for this, when you wish upon a star, brenda. >> a number of local businesses chipped in to make brenda's wish come true. they collected donations and they'll be sending the family to disney world. >> that's a great story. it reminds you what the season is supposed to be. >> the selflessness that they could be so thoughtful in spite
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of their own drama. >> and life continues. now we're in the spirit weather wise. >> beginning to feel a lot like christmas as they say. weather wise, it's nippy out there. i got a report from shirley out of old town, maryland in western maryland. snowing pretty good out there. we've had some flurries in frederick. we'll have snow showers in spots. if we get any rain showers, they'll be south of d.c. but they'll be cold rain showers. our forecast, day planner, mostly cloudy skies now after the sunny, calm start. temperatures -- i don't think temperatures are going to move much more with the clouds, the snow showers. 42, not 44 for the high. somewhere where we are right now with rain and snow showers here and there for the next few hours. then this evening the temperatures drop off and some colder air moves in. we've got 31 by 9:00. that's not including the winds. we have winds which are going to gust to 25 miles an hour over the next few hours so wind chills down in the 20s and 30s. had the rain yesterday. that's out in the atlantic. look at this band of snow showers from kentucky and southwest virginia all the way
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up toward williamsport. this is what's coming across western maryland now. so places like the valley here picking up an inch or two. not a lot of snow but they're also making snow. they lost a lot of snow pack at the ski areas last weekend. they're building it up now so give it a day or two. will be in much better shape the second half of the week. doppler 9000, we have snow showers and flurries from westminster. this is snow, not rain in frederick. with borderline temperatures, they struggle sometimes but even stretching now down into northern montgomery county, damascus, clarksburg over toward dickerson, tuscarora, urbana seeing some of that. then you have the second batch of snow showers from hagerstown down through just about the martinsburg area coming out of berkley springs there, across the 522. there's berkley springs. out toward cross junction in northern frederick county. this is approaching martinsburg as i said. charles town, jefferson, brunswick. then go down further into the valley from winchester through straussburg out to front royal
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to woodstock approaching the blue ridge, we have more snow showers there. then well to our south, south of culpeper now over to orange, perhaps a couple of spring hims moving off toward the east. that will be the case for the afternoon. a few rain and snow showers and windier conditions than what we had this morning. look at these gusts. gusting to 25 in oakland, the winds are. 23 in leesburg. over joint base andrews and also at easton. that just means it's a really chilly day with temperatures now at 41 in d.c. 35 in hagerstown. got the wind, the showers around you. 43 culpeper and 37 in leesburg. outside on our weather camera, mostly cloudy. it is dry at reagan on . but feeling like 33 with that wind out of the north, north west at 15. and a lot of cold air. boy, look at the shot of cold air. international falls up to zero. they were 34 below this morning. missed the record by 1. 6 in chicago. the cold air is coming down for tonight and tomorrow but with the storm system here in the northern rockies, northern
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plains moving west to east, it's going to kick that stuff out of here quickly. so we'll get it tomorrow with highs tomorrow in the 30s but we'll be back above 40 by friday. so a couple of rain or snow showers. probably more snow showers than rain showers this afternoon. 44. up north, though, you're staying in the 30s. tonight 25. we clear out. we'll be 19, 20 in the cold spots out to the west. 36 tomorrow but lighter winds. it will feel better on christmas day. chilly on thursday, 43. friday about the same. 40 to 45. milder this weekend. then another shot of cold air as we head toward early next week. oh, we've got a great treat for you, some pairing suggestions you'll really like coming up in the kitchen when wusa9 news
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so your holiday menu is all planned out but what about wine pairings with your meal from start to finish? that's where elsie comes in. she's with the jackson family fine wine. we thank them and we thank balance diewch chis for this -- and we thank balduccis for this beautiful spread. let's start with the prosciutto and melon. what do you suggest? >> a chardonnay. this is from the santa maria valley. actually this is one santa i want coming to my house. >> is it dry? >> it has beautiful pineapple nuances and crisp apple tones. there's a seaside proximity. it's 18 miles in from the ocean so the grapes are kissed with
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this mist. it's so festive and beautiful. >> we have so many different things on our menu. somebody usually has some sort of seafood. what goes with the crab balls? >> with the crab balls i love to have the harford chardonnay. there are four families it's attributable to. you have seaside influence but you have golden delicious apple and pear nuances. it's beautiful, bright. >> you have a white with the crab meat but with the salmon you have a red. >> you can go either way. if you're someone is like i just want to have any chardonnay, go ahead. either will do or you can go to the pinot noir. it's at the lands edge so again you have mineralty. you have some beautiful berry notes. believe it or not, the integral pairing is sublime.
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it's totally perfect, really marvelous. >> to the meat of things we have what goes with beef and you're pairing it with? >> freemar gabby. it has 25 years of history. every time i say the name, i just love it. i love going there. ted edward sses our wine -- ted edwards is our wine maker. i brought the cabernet. it has fruit notes. it just flows. then i have the sycamore vineyard which is a reserve item. this is gorgeous. you can -- it pairs so beautifully with the meat. >> dessert? >> late harvest reisling from arrowood. we say cheers to all of you. thank you. merry christmas. happy
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