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tv   wusa 9 News at 5am  CBS  December 26, 2013 5:00am-6:01am EST

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to combine both her compassion and teaching. >> when you see the light go off in their heads and you see them really be successful. >> reporter: she's among an entire squad of educated career women. >> out, in, boom, boom. wait, wait. >> reporter: there's joanna, a corp. trainer and michaela, a government contractor who works at d.c.'s navy yard. and many others. >> i am the luckiest girl in the world. >> reporter: the nba's professional cheerleaders aren't always appreciated for the long hours they put in. at practice, games, and countless public appearances. at games and practices, they make just $12 an hour. >> i want you to listen to the characters' description of show, not tell. >> reporter: leah's students knows she goes to a lot of wizards games but they have no idea she's a cheerleader. her secret may not be safe for much longer.
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andrea mccarren, wusa9. good morning. you're watching wusa9 at 5:00 a.m. i'm jessica doyle in for andrea and mike. monika samtani has your timesaver traffic. >> hard-working women and hard- working women there, too. wow. >> another hard-working woman olga breese is watching your weather. >> the weather is treating me pretty well this morning so at least the forecast is clear- cut. what we normally expect this time of the year. we do have a little bit of clouds starting to move in, though. it will stick with us till about 10:00, 11:00. then we'll see more sunshine in the afternoon. outside right now, we have a little bit of a brisk wind starting to pick on up. that will make it feel a bit blustery. if you're stepping out early, make sure you have your hat, scarves, gloves and a fairly insulated coat. we'll be partly cloudy by 11:00. we'll get our temperatures through the 30s, close to the 40s-degree mark by midday. i think the outer areas north and west will stick to the lower 40s but in the city center, we should hit very close to 45 degrees. that's right around 3:30, 4:00
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and then temperatures will start to dip as we head into the evening hours. clear and calm overnight tonight. and that means that we could see some cool temperatures as well. at least the forecast will stay in the green. we're in the 20s right now. as we get to 45 for a high today, we'll improve a little bit for tomorrow. still keeping it cold. once we shift our winds southwest on saturday, much milder air starts to come in and even some improvement for the weekend. monika? >> olga, you know, for the most part in terms of volume, we're in great shape. there is no volume right now on the interstates. we're in great shape around town. but a couple of closures that i do need to tell you about. one is a water main break. it's on michigan avenue closed eastbound between franklin street and irving street. that happened again about 2:00 this morning. and now there's a building fire which is now closing minnesota avenue east of pennsylvania avenue in southeast d.c. for a stretch there. so again minnesota avenue closed east of pennsylvania avenue in southeast d.c. with a
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building fire. so please do keep that in mind for your travel plans early this morning. coming into the district using the gw parkway on the other side looks great. no problems on the beltway on the west side of town. let's go to a live picture there at the american legion bridge. as i said volumes are very, very light early this morning. let's go back over to the maps and this time to 95 coming up from triangle all the way to springfield. no problems to report right now. volumes are light. it's a normal work day so yes, hov restrictions are in effect all over washington. we'll take a live look on the northbound side here in springfield. you're not going to have to worry about volume i don't think throughout this morning's rush hour. back to you, jess. >> thanks so much. a prince george's county man loses many of his prize possessions on christmas night. his home went up if flames while he was with other family members at a holiday dinner. delia goncalves is in our newsroom with more on what happened. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, jess. no doubt it is tragic to lose a
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home no less on christmas day. but to make matters worse, nathaniel rich literally pour his soul, sweat and years of hard work into the family home building it by hand. the home he constructed nearly 40 years ago gutted out, destroyed by fierce flames. the fire broke out around 8:50 last night on the 14900 block of rolling meadows road in near upper marlboro. flames were shooting out of the single family home when firefighters arrived. they actually had to pull out of the home about 15 minutes later because of the intense fire. the homeowner discovered the fire only when he returned home from christmas dinner at his daughter's house. >> oh, man, it humpts real bad -- it hurts real bad because right now -- nobody like to lose nothing that they've got. but with the help of the lord, there was nobody in the house.
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one good thing about that. >> reporter: absolutely a very good thing about that. his daughters say had the fire not been on christmas day, their dad would have been inside that family home. back to you. >> thank you, delia. investigators are searching for the cause of a deadly house fire in calvert county. firefighters got called to a home in the 6500 block of lower marlboro lane before dawn yesterday. after they put out the fire, crews found the victim dead insides the home. the person has not yet been identified. the fire did an estimated $250,000 of damage to the home and three vehicles nearby. the pictures of this fire came to us from we now know the cause of a two-alarm fire that destroyed a house in silver spring. it began at a home on their res -- narrows court yesterday. three people suffered minor
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burns. the fire began when someone insides the home used a flammable liquid to light the fireplace. two people have been displaced. former national security agency contractor edward snowden offered a christmas message from russia. in it he pressed for an end to the mass government surveillance program. in a pretaped message he called surveillance by the british and u.s. governments worse than anything. britain's channel 4 broadcast the message as an alternative to the queen's annual christmas address. >> together we can find a better balance. end mass surveillance and remind the golf that if it really wants to know how we feel, asking is always cheaper than spying. >> white house officials claim the surveillance program is to help fight terrorism. but many americans and some lawmakers are urging the obama administration to reconsider
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the extent of the surveillance. the president is considering 46 recommendations from a review panel in order to maintain civil liberties. the time right now is 5:05. i'm watching your money this morning. the markets reopening today after a day off for christmas. investors are waiting to see if the winning streak is going to continue after closing higher on christmas eve and the early morning signs look a-okay from overseas. most asian markets are closing higher and arrows in europe seem to be pointing up as the trading day begins there. checking the numbers this the last session, the dow finished up almost 63 points to close at an all-time high. the s&p 500 was up by 5 and the nasdaq was up by 6.5 points. a few major retail stores are already opened this hour. and more will be opening up at 6:00 a.m. in hopes of getting you to part with more of your money. according to gallop, the average american plans to spend $704 on gifts this year but
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retailers may be extra motivated. shopper track reports a 3.5% decrease for in store retail sales for the week before christmas. if you got head phones or speakers for christmas, you are far from alone. audio gear that allows people to listen to music on their phone and other devices made up a big chunk of electronic sales this year. during the first two weeks of the holiday shopping season, head phone sales were up 14% and sales of small wireless speakers nearly quadrupled. if you didn't spend part of your christmas day shopping online, chances are you know someone who downloaded an app. christmas is the biggiest day of the year for app downloads on tablets and smartphones. every gearmo bill devices are popular christmas gifts so the first few hours after getting them, people often are busy downloading. we had a very cold but dry christmas day here but to our north and west, hundreds of thousands of people have been suffering through colder
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weather and without power. we have that story coming up. plus, troops and veterans hospitalized in bethesda get a very special christmas day visitor. we'll
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a little brisk starting out this morning. good morning. i'm olga breese in for howard bernstein. we had clear skies overnight. we're filling in sw cloud cover right now. it does look like we'll be partly cloudy through mid- morning. then we'll start to see a bump up. we should hit 40 degrees for most areas by the noontime hour. we'll go to mostly sunny skies this afternoon and that means temperatures up to the mid-30s -- mid-40s for most of us. clear and calm overnight tonight and then an improving forecast as we head through the week. monika? olga, on the american legion bridge we're in great shape. there are no issues both loops of the beltway between bethesda and tysons corner. no problems on 95, 395 or 66 where hov lanes are in effect today. back to you, jess.
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at 5:10, here's a look at what's new this morning. japan's prime minister is drawing criticism from several of his neighbors this morning for a visit to a controversial this rhine. this is file video after prior visit to the shrine. they consider visits to the shrine as honoring war criminals and denying atrocities. japanese forces committed in other parts of asia. the white house has released a photo of a christmas outing in bethesda for vice president joseph biden and his wife dr. jill biden. the couple visited patients and families at walter reed national military medical center. hundreds of thousands of people in the upper midwest, new england and canada spent christmas without power. many people lost power last weekend and they ended up spending christmas in shelters when their home simply got too cold. parts of new england may get another layer of snow today. after barely reaching the
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freezing mark on christmas, we're going to warm up in time for the weekend. do we have anything to worry about? the seven-day forecast is up next.
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at 5:14, it is a chilly 29 degrees outside but we've been so lucky in the weather
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department. >> it has been. the morning was cold. yesterday morning was frigid. this morning definitely on the cold side. most of us are sitting in the 20s right now and we're going to inch up slowly but the clearing skies we had overnight coming to a close, at least for the short term. a look outside with our michael & son camera will show things are fairly calm right now. partly to mostly cloudy skies as we go through most of the monk but then those temperatures -- of the morning but then those temperatures will slowly climb out of the 20s. we should make it to the lower 30s by late morning. this afternoon we'll see a good dose of sunshine and make it out of the 30s into the 40s. from about 1:00 to 4:00 we'll definitely see temperatures in the 40s. some areas north and west are going to stay in the lower 40s. i think in the city's center will be a little closer to the 45-degree high for reagan national today. and then clear and calm tonight. so if you have evening plans
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and you're going to be out late, make sure you dress warmly because temperatures are going to take a tumble later on tonight. i'll put a big view for the satellite and radar across the atlantic seaboard. there is moisture moving in. rain snow showers, snow showers still into the higher elevations so i think we're going to stay in the clear as far as the rain goes for today for us. but these temperatures definitely on the chilly side. take a look at some of the coldest temperatures we're looking at right now. 24 up in germantown. west have about 24 out toward andrews and way up towards the baltimore area lower range 20s. when you factor in the winds out of the northwest, the feel like temperatures much colder. futurecast is quiet. noontime looks great. that's when we'll see all of the sunshine in the clear and we'll keep it clear into the overnight tonight. let's look at how things are going to play out the next few days. the forecast will stay in the green basically into the 40s for today. that will be our high. a little cooler up north buff nothing to concern ourselves
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with winter weather wise till we get into the weekend forecast. blustery today because of the north winds. cold tomorrow with some sunshine pulling on through. partly to most si sunny -- mostly sunny skies. things improve saturday. that's when things ever shifting out of the southwest -- are shifting out of the southwest. i think we'll hit the lower 50s in and around town and the seven-day forecast is looking pretty good as we head in toward the beginning of next week. we do have some showers moving on in. that will be late in the day on sunday and for monday. so anyone who has to go back to work on monday, you'll see a little bit of that wet stuff. it does look like we keep our temperatures seasonable, mainly in the 30s and 40s but if you have the new year's eve plans, we so far are looking dry. monika? that's good news. the good news today is that if you do have to head back to work, although it's a normal business day which means your hovs are in effect today and
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parking restrictions in effect today as well all over town, a couple of closures that i do want you to know about. water main work, michigan avenue is closed east of -- or eastbound between franklin street and irving street. so eastbound michigan avenue is closed between franklin and irving. minnesota avenue north of pennsylvania avenue southeast, so north of twining square, it is closed down because of a building fire as well. so keep that in mind in southeast d.c. if you're coming in from southern maryland, route 4, route 5, route 301 light volumes. no problems to report if you do have to go to work today. you're going to be okay and you think you're going to get to work on time. no problems on the beltway, andrews air force base and oxon hill across the wilson bridge. the main and hov lanes are running smoothly right up to dale city on i-95. 270 coming in from frederick, all green, no problems at all. light volumes into germantown
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and down to rockville. we'll go there live. south at montrose road, again looking great. i think the morning rush hour is going to be just fine. >> thanks, monika. a christmas surprise that will warm your heart. coming up, we'll show you how hospital staff kept a big secret from one of the nurses about who was hiding underneath the santa costume. and let's take another look at our question of the day on facebook this morning. according to a survey the top three christmas villains in movies and tv shows are the grinch, scrooge and who? a, the wet bandits, b, satan or c, the gremlins? on our wusa9 facebook fan page, our friend jennifer says a, the wet bandits from home alone. what do you think? post your guess and response on our facebook fan page.
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hi, everyone. a brisk start this morning. clear skies overnight. partly cloudy skies this morning. we'll build in a little bit of a dose of sunshine as we head through midday and into the afternoon. right now i'm calling for a forecast that's going to be a little bit on the chilly side, especially to start. right now we're in the 20s. we should hit the 30s by about the 7:00 to 8:00 hour but with all the sunshine into the afternoon, our temperatures shouldtake a pretty nice bump. middle range 40s in town and about the lower 40s north and
5:24 am
west. back to you. >> thanks so much. a new jersey woman had her holiday wish come true when her son an army specialist deployed in afghanistan surprised her at work. reporter stacy sager was there for the big surprise. >> reporter: talk about your secret santa, this one drives a red mitsibishi but you can't miss that white beard. truth is he's not really santa. he's army specialist travis ragero but don't tell his mom that. she still thinks her son is still on his nine-month tour in afghanistan. and here in brick township where she is a maternity ward nurse, boy, is she in for a surprise. what is she going to say when you take the beard off? >> probably just ball her eyes out. >> reporter: don't tell. all leslie has been told is all the nurses are getting gifts from santa. >> we have a special santa that's come all the way from the north pole. >> reporter: well, he has come a long way and then he was
5:25 am
hiding here in brick township for the past couple of days, even pretending he was still in afghanistan when his mom calls him. how is that for a secret op. but alas names are drawn from a hat and leslie's name is mile an hour rack lawsly -- miraculously pulled first. the gift? a card. and you can tell who it's from. >> my baby. >> where is he? >> afghanistan. >> reporter: afghanistan? oh, please, look behind you. listen to the applause, leslie. he says his mom's care packages kept him going and everyone should reach out to someone in need. he also brought home a special gift, an ornament with a handwritten message but rest assured his mom already feels like she's got the best gift of all. >> christmas for me is family.
5:26 am
[ crying ?sm [ . >> what a great story and a great son. when it absolutely, positively has to be there but it isn't, coming up more on the epic fail for christmas package deliveries across the u.s. plus, if you're heading out to return gifts this morning, you want to beware of some return and exchange policies. we'll bring them to you. no big problems to report on i-66. volumes are light as you can see on our trafficland camera across the roosevelt bridge and into the downtown area. same thing on 395 and across the 14th street bridge and 295 at the 11th. a couple of closures in the district. i'm have that coming
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welcome back. i'm jessica doyle in for mike and andrea. we have monika samtani watching your traffic this morning good or no traffic. i think it will be heavier in the parking lots making all those returns. >> can you match that? >> i think i'll keep the forecast calm for today and i might even arrange for a little warm-up later on in the week. >> we like that. >> i'm doing best to keep you happy. i know the christmas gichts were great and the weather is delivering some pretty nice stuff for us as we head into the afternoon and especially into the next couple of daitz. outside right now -- of days. outside right now you want to bundle up definitely. sitting in the 20s right now. with the winds out of the northwest, it's feeling much colder than that. the day planner is going to feature a lot of sunshine as we head through midday and into the afternoon. we'll see our temperatures climb through the 30s and into the 40s but by early afternoon, we'll top out right around 45
5:31 am
degrees for reagan national with mostly sunny skies. so basically don't forget to take those sunglasses with you as you head on out tonight. as you go -- tonight and this afternoon. into the evening hours, though, it will be clear and brisk. temperatures drping down into the 20s for -- dropping down into the 20s for our overnight lows. as least the forecast stays calm for the next three days. this is a warm-up i told you about. it is blustery today. we'll get a little more sunshine tomorrow. that will bump us up a little bit higher. i think most of us will get better than 45 degrees by tomorrow afternoon but when the winds hit southwest on saturday, that's when we'll see a nice increase as temperatures make it past the 50-degree threshold. marc, penn and brunswick lines are on an s schedule. no camden trains and vre is on an s schedule. metro is on a normal schedule. it's a regular business day so that means your hov restrictions are in effect as well. water main work closes michigan
5:32 am
avenue eastbound between franklin street and irving street. and a big story right now is a building fire in southeast closing minnesota avenue north of pennsylvania avenue. that's north of stwiening square -- north of twining square so be aware of that as well. that road is shut down in both directions and i'll keep you posted on that situation. coming in from southern maryland you'll be fine. no problems on nay of your major -- on any of your major thoroughfares. across the wilson bridge you're going to be fine. let's take a live look outside. this is 270 at monday toes road. nice and -- montrose road. nice and quiet. no problems from frederick. looking good at route 1. no delays past 95 into silver spring. and we'll check out 95 northbound both main and hovs open for business early this morning. back to you, jess. >> thank you, monika. mixed blessings this morning for a prince george's county family. their patriarch has lost their
5:33 am
home. but he was away at christmas dinner when that house caught fire. delia goncalves joins us live from the newsroom with the story. good morning to you, delia. >> reporter: good morning. that's the good news in what is a pretty tragic story. several generations lived in this home since nathaniel rich built it with his own hands 40 years ago. sadly, rich returned home after christmas dinner with his daughter to find the single- story home up in flames. the fire broke out just before 9:00 last night near upper mrl barrow. -- marlboro. flames were shooting out of the home. 15 minutes later fire crews were evacuated due to the intense fire. the family home now destroyed. >> children grew up here, grandchildren, his great grandchildren. we've all lived here. we've enjoyed this place most of our lives, always coming
5:34 am
back here. to see this it's devastating. normally our father would be home so we're glad we were away celebrating christmas. >> certainly a christmas miracle for that family. their father is a safe with family early this morning. they don't know yet what caused the fire. investigators are still looking into the cause. back to you good such a good thing no one was hurt but such a sad situation over the holidays. thank you, delia goncalves. rough winter weather combined with record online sales means some people didn't get their packages in time for christmas. ups and fed ex are calling in extra drivers, they're even renting u-haul trucks to deliver the packs that didn't make it in time. the delivery companies are blaming last weekend's ice storm that's still coming problems in the upper midwest and new england and creating last-minute online shopping. some customers were disappointed. others sympathetic for the drivers trying to do their
5:35 am
jobs. >> i saw ups and federal express truck drivers out there 10:00, 11:00 at night doing the best they could. >> on his website, a ups statement reads the volume of air packages in our system exceeded the capacity of our network. some online retailers, including amazon are offering gift cards and refunds on shipping fees for items that did not make it on time. it is 5:33. we're watching your money this morning. a few stores are already open right now, right this second.  and many area malls will let customers in at 6:00 a.m. not only for those christmas returns but also hoping some shoppers will pick up a few more things. the stores that didn't slash prices before christmas are now joining the rest and offering half or even 75% off. retailers tell us to expect the biggest price cuts on clothing. theit's predicted the discounts will be best on tvs and
5:36 am
christmas decorations. many people can't wait to return the stuff they didn't want and exchange it for something they didn't find under the christmas tree but there may be some pitfalls in your way this year. andrea mccarren checks out the changing rules for returns. >> reporter: hours after the holiday rush, the race to return is under way. and this season many retailers have adopted stricter return policies. even cutting their holiday return periods in half. >> the stores now require you to show irchlts d. if you've -- show irchlts d. if you've owe i.d., if you've returned a certain amount over 90 days, next time you won't be able to return. >> reporter: when a customer buy as suit or dress, wears it to a party and then tries to return it, it's called redoping. >> booming dales has a special tag at the bottom of the hemline. if it's removed, they will not accept the return. >> reporter: be sure to read the fine print before you head
5:37 am
to the store. remember, some items, especially electronics, carry a restocking fee. video games and movies are among the items that can't be returned once they've been opened. and finally, be aware that some stores will not accept returns for items that were purchased online. andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> retailers face a heavy loss with return fraud. the national retail federation says stores will lose an estimated $3.9 billion during the holiday shopping period. millions of americans live in assisted living facilities or nursing homes. one group is taking time to make sure those residents who can't be with their families still feel the holiday spirit. we'll bring that story to
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definitely a brisk thursday morning. partly cloudy skies right now. we're looking pretty good temperature wise. in the 20s but things will improve. we'll get some more sunshine this afternoon. we'll move through the 30s, even into the 40s by midday. great sunshine in the afternoon. highs top out right around 45 degrees for today and then another clear and cold nice tonight. monika? no problems on the beltway in college park. it looks great whether you're heading south to the wilson bridge or north toward 95 and across westbound toward silver spring. your lanes are open and volumes are light early this morning. jess, back to you. >> thank you, monika. the holidays can be lonely for people far away from family but volunteers across the country are stepping up to help fill a void. we introduce you to one group that's bringing cheer to those at an assisted living center in
5:41 am
mclean. >> reporter: for the last 55 years hilda and john have been together on christmas. what did you get for christmas? >> well, i got her a sweater set. >> reporter: but this is the first year the virginia couple is spending the holiday at an assisted living center. a surprise visit from strangers made it a memorable christmas day. >> it's like the mormon choir almost. >> reporter: more than two dozen volunteers with an organization called the holiday project dropped in on the residents at the vincent hall retirement center in mclean. >> about three million americans live in nursing homes. >> reporter: holiday project volunteers across the country are bringing carols and christmas cheer to seniors who may not have families nearby. robin and her family have been caroling with the holiday project for eight years. >> i really wanted to teach our children the meaning of christmas. >> it's fun to make other people happy and to give them
5:42 am
company. >> reporter: hilda and john hope that joy stays at the retirement center. >> the joy that it brings to them and peace it brings to people's heampts, i just -- hearts, i just wish it do last all year. >> reporter: residents and volunteers are sharing a gift: the true spirit of the holiday. cbs news, mclean, virginia. we've got a little warmer weather headed our way for the weekend. details are coming up next in the seven-day forecast. >> plus, holiday traditionalists don't like the latest trend when it comes to greeting cards. we'll tell you about that. >> and let's see who's celebrating a birthday today.
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hope you have the winter gear nearby. if you're stepping outside this morning, you want that heavier coat with you, some sensible shoes, maybe some insulation and definitely see the possibility of having the gloves and scarves on as well. outside on our weather cam, we're looking pretty good. it's been a fairly calm and quiet night. we cleared out the clouds but slowly the last two hours or so we started to build in a little bit of that cloud cover.
5:47 am
that means we're keeping our forecast, at least for the morning partly cloudy. then becoming mostly sunny into the afternoon but it will feel blustery and cold. winds today out of the northwest close to 15 miles per hour for most of the day. so that's definitely going to make our feels like temperature just a few degrees lower. overall the satellite and radar is trying to push in some of the moisture. you'll notice it's colder up to our north and moisture coming in by the way of snow showers just north and west of the beltway. however, most of this is going to skip on over. we will keep some cloud cover for the short term but as the day goes o we'll see much improvement. this morning's temperature, you want to be prepared. sitting in the 20s. 26 for arlington and 23 for reston. we have 26 down toward waldorf and things will take a little while to moderate and find as we get into the afternoon, though, the northwest winds are definitely going to feel on the cool side. we're sitting at about 29 degrees at reagan national airport with a few passing clouds. but the forecast overall is
5:48 am
going to stay cold today, even into the afternoon with some of the sunshine. we'll see our temperatures dropping tonight under clear skies and, yes, a nice warm-up on the way and that will be hit just about a day or so from now. the fut forecast model as i mention -- future forecast model as i mentioned bringing in some of the moisture. most of this will stay up toward the baltimore region and skim on by by afternoon. we'll clear things out with that sunshine and the evening time will be a little bit brink. so if you're stepping out tonight, make sure you dress warmly as well. temperaturessing going back down near the freezing mark later on tonight. forecast highs for today 45. we should see closer to the upper 40s, near 50 degrees down toward the south. closer to 40 degrees the further you go north and west. so overall a quiet forecast for the next couple of days. partly cloudy and then mostly sunny into the afternoon for today. the low tonight is going to dip down right about that 30-degree
5:49 am
mark. it's below freezing but at least we will have cleared out nicely and keep things dry. then for tomorrow still brisk for us but dry. passing clouds are possible but mostly sunny tomorrow afternoon. temperatures better toward the middle 40s for most of us and then the wind shift happens on saturday. we kick off the weekend with partly to mostly sunny skies. highs in the lower 50s great finish to december. then the extended forecast does see rain coming in. i think that holds off till late in the day on sunday. some of that will linger go monday so we're not really in the clear until monday afternoon. then the north winds take over again and temperatures slide out of the 40s, back down into the 30s by tuesday afternoon. if you're heading out for new year's eve tuesday night, we'll be fairly clear. just a few passing clouds but cold as temperatures are in the 20s. dry for new year's day. if you are planning use trains this morning, metro is running on a normal schedule
5:50 am
but they're experiencing delays on the redline between grovner and van ness so keep that in mind. water main work from overnight has michigan avenue east closed between franklin street and irving street. otherwise things are very light. no volumes to worry about coming in from southern maryland, on the beltway in prince george's county. that entire eastern stretch looks great. let's go outside live and show what you it looks like first here in springfield on the northbound side of 95 and 395. again normal business day and that means hovs are in effect today. we'll go to our next live picture. this time on the inbound side of i-66 here at the roosevelt bridge. volumes are relatively light in from ma narn sas and center -- manassas and centreville and fairfax. southbound germantown no brake
5:51 am
lights at 9 as you head to the point where the lanes divide. back to you. we're following what's new this morning at 5:49. the wife of a saudi blogger says her husband is now facing the death penalty. he has been in prison since june 2012 after he was found guilty of insulting islam. he started the free saudi liberals website in 2008. his wife says he's being charged with denouncing islam, a crime punishable by death in saudi arabia. they're literally stuck at the bottom of the world. more than 70 people on board a russian polar expedition ship are waiting to be rescued this morning. the ship got trapped in ice as it sailed near antarctica. three ice breaking ships are enroute but the first one isn't expected to rife there till -- to arrive there till tomorrow. president obama didn't spend christmas with just his family. he and first lady michele greeted troops at a holiday
5:52 am
meal for military members and their family. more than 500 people were in attendance. the first family often spends the holidays in hawaii, the state where the:was born. many of us have a bunch of christmas cards we received this year on our mantle, our coffee table, maybe taped up on their door but it's become becoming more common to type up something on your computer. handwritten christmas cards have dropped 25% in the last decade. that doesn't necessarily feel everyone with holiday joy. >> reporter: there are many ways to say merry christmas. you can mail a song and dance. that is, e-mail. you can post your season's greetings on facebook for all to see. there are mass text messages. >> i have noticed some text messages that i've gotten today. and they have my initials in there somewhere or my name. so i have more respect for the people that do send them rather
5:53 am
than those who send like mass texts. >> reporter: if it's the personal touch you're after, there's always the old fashion way. hand written. you say you still write your own cards? >> still? >> reporter: well, i mean a lot of people don't. >> always. >> reporter: wow. she is serious about her cards. >> what do you do when you get a card by e-mail? do you answer it or -- it's disgusting. >> reporter: but can your card do this? it even opens itself up. so it's not a matter of money. >> l-a-z-y. >> reporter: they're just lazy. >> yes. >> reporter: writing out the greeting cards can be hard work. you have to write out a personalized message, deal with any paper cuts, stick it in the envelope, write down the address, and mail it out. exhausting. >> the last couple of years i've just written but in the past i have used e-cards. >> reporter: why? >> because it's convenient. >> reporter: but convenience can come at a price. >> it actually gets lost in the box.
5:54 am
>> reporter: some say writing is just worth it. >> it's personal. it's personal. and it's not done by a button. >> sometimes it's nice to get a handwritten card to know the person on the other end spent the time to write out their name, think about what they're going to say and get the post, send it. it's a big deal. it means more. >> reporter: however you like it, what is what happens more important than how you send your season's greetings is that you send your season's greetings. after all, it's the thought that counts. >> i do love getting those cards to see everybody's kids this time of year. whether your thoughts are on e- cards, the sales of standard holiday greeting cards are expected to keep dropping. a couple of veterans are now on a mission to make sure troops get the care they need when they return home from combat. that story is coming up. >> plus, crews line the banks of the delaware to relive one of the most famous events of the american receiver liewtion. we'll -- revolution.
5:55 am
we'll bring that you to. >> we've been combing through the day's retailer websites to find deep discounts. stores are already slashing prices and christmas isn't even a full day old yet. when you buy one man's dress shirt or designer suit, you can get another one free a macy's. and at bloomingdale's, you can get up to 75% off on a michael kors crossbody-small messenger bag. you're saving $119. you can get an eye exam and $225 to go towards prescription glasses and contact lens fittings at club centre. that will only cost you $35. you'll find this deal on living social. if you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on vi
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good morning. welcome back. olga breese in for howard bernstein this morning. partly to mostly cloudy skies to start you off. temperatures brirve. in the -- temperatures are brisk. in the lower 20s but climbing to the 30s. i think we top out right around 45 degrees into the afternoon. forecast stays in the green, though. a little bit of a bump
5:59 am
tomorrow. more of those middle range 40s by tomorrow afternoon. we'll even see the 50s by saturday. jessica? joins on -- join us on our facebook page to take a guess at the question of the day. according to a survey, the top three christmas villains in movies and tv shows are the grinch, scrooge and who. is it a, the wet bandits, b, satan or c, the gremlins. calvin king says it's a, the wet bandits. the home alone series will forever be at the top of my list. so what do you think? most your guesses and comments on our fan page and we'll bring you the correct answer in about an hour. hundreds of history buffs braved freezing temperatures outside on christmas. they wanted to get a feel for a crucial event in american history. general george washington surprise christmas attack during the revolutionary war. we have more from the banks of
6:00 am
the delaware river. >> reporter: reenactors dress as continental army soldiers and march to the historical site where george walk and his troops cross thed delaware. christmas day 1776 is what these troops are doing in similar uniform the army would have worn back then. >> when you're standing out here today in 30-degree weather, you can imagine doing this for weeks on end. >> reporter: unfathomable for many and not an easy task. 30 soldiers squeeze into each boat and row across the river as thousands watch eagerly from all angles and the weather often creating obstacles. >> usually they don't really cross so this was really awesome. >> reporter: it attracts history buffs


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