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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  December 26, 2013 6:00am-7:01am EST

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the delaware river. >> reporter: reenactors dress as continental army soldiers and march to the historical site where george walk and his troops cross thed delaware. christmas day 1776 is what these troops are doing in similar uniform the army would have worn back then. >> when you're standing out here today in 30-degree weather, you can imagine doing this for weeks on end. >> reporter: unfathomable for many and not an easy task. 30 soldiers squeeze into each boat and row across the river as thousands watch eagerly from all angles and the weather often creating obstacles. >> usually they don't really cross so this was really awesome. >> reporter: it attracts history buffs old and young.
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to others it's a unique way to celebrate family time and u.s. history all at once. >> christmas is a time of reflection and really being thoughtful about what you have. it's the best country in the world. >> must have been awfully calendar out there to do that reenactment. good morning. welcome to wusa9 at 6:00 a.m. today is thursday, december 26, 2013. not a lot of days left in this year. >> counting down. >> going by fast. i'm jessica doyle in for andrea roane and mike hydeck this morning. and monika samtani has your timesaver traffic. >> if you have to go to work today, it will be easy. >> we like that. easy is good. olga breese has a forecast that may make you smile. >> the forecast has something to look forward to in it but this morning we're in our typical winter pattern. at least we're dry. always thankful for that when temperatures dip this low. the michael & son web cam very uneventful now. it's been a quiet night.
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we're building in a little bit of cloud cover. when i show you the satellite, you'll see exactly why. partly cloudy by noontime and mostly sunny this afternoon. we'll make it through the 30s no problem. most of us will get to the lower to middle range 40s by later on this afternoon but a clear and quiet night tonight means another chilly one is on tap. here's the satellite and radar. you can see higher elevations getting some of the wintry mix, some snow and a little bit of snow showers moving on through but i think most of that skims our area. we might see a little bit in the panhandle but it should head north toward baltimore and toward the east. cold temperatures. right now at reagan national we've bumped up just a tiny bit to 30 degrees but still sitting in the 20s from manassas toward harrisonburg, even out to southern maryland and out toward the eastern shore. quite chilly and cold. the forecast is quiet for the next three days. green alerts for the short term. slight uptick in temperatures on friday but look at saturday. southwest winds means milder temperatures and quite a bit of sunshine so enjoy saturday while it lasts.
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i'm tracking rain in the seven- day forecast. monika? for the most part as i said earlier, it's an easy ride into work today. if you do have to go, december 26 does mean that metro is on a normal schedule. hov lanes are open but take a look at our traffic feature on our ipad app behind me. you can see all green around the beltway. no accident icons. your traffic plow is good. you can -- traffic flow is g. you can see all the indicators right here. i'll zoom in and give you one piece of advice. that is michigan avenue remains closed right here near irving street because of a water main break. you want to be aware of that right here in this area. other than that, everything is looking good in the northeast corridor. no problems over the anacostia river crossings. potomac river crossings are good as well coming up on 395 and inbound on i-66. let's take a live look outside. here in springfield we are area in great shape. no problems to report.
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no big delays. it looks like this. some volume coming up from dale city. we'll go to another live picture this time to the other side of town on the beltway at georgia avenue, a pretty shot and the beltway is open in both directions. back to you. >> thank you, monika. this holiday will be one a prince george's county family won't soon forget but for all the wrong reasons a. swift moving fire swept through their home on rolling meadows road in croom, maryland last night. delia goncalves joins us live from the newsroom with more on the story. good ending but tough time over the holidays, delia. good morning to you. >> reporter: it is tragic to lose a home any time of year, especially on christmas evening. but to make matters worse, nathaniel rich literally poured his soul, sweat and years of hard work into this family home. he b. it by hand. the home he constructed himself nearly 40 years ago gutted out, destroyed by fierce flames last night. the fire broke out around 8:50
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p.m. on the 14900 block of rolling meadows road. that's in the town of croom near upper marlboro. flames were shooting out of the single-family home when firefighters arrived and crews had to evacuate the home about 50 minutes later because of the intense fire. the homeowner discovered his house in flames when he returned home from christmas dinner at his daughter's house. >> oh, man, it hurt real bad because right now it's -- you're probably -- nobody like to lose nothing that they got. but thankfully nobody was in the house. that's one good thing about that. >> reporter: you can hear the pain in his voice but that is the good news here. maybe nathaniel rich lost everything in that home, but he is safe. his daughters say if the fire had not been on christmas,
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their dad would have been inside the family home. certainly some did news and something to celebrate this morning. >> absolutely, delia. our heart is going out to them this morning. delia goncalves in our newsroom. former national security agency contractor edward snowden offered a christmas message from russia. in it he pressed for an end to mass government surveillance. in the pretaped message, snowden called surveillance by the british and u.s. governments worse than anything george orwell described in his novel 1984. britain's channel 4 broadcast the message as an alternative to the queen's annual christmas address. >> together we can find a better balance, end mass surveillance and remind the government that if it really wants to know how we feel, asking is always cheaper than spying. >> white house officials claim the surveillance program helps fight terrorism and keep the country safe. but many americans and some lawmakers are asking the obama
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administration to reconsider the extent of their surveillance. the president is considering 46 recommendations from the review panel urging changes to maintain civil liberties. while many of you were enjoying the holidays with your friends and family, the men and women who work to keep us safe spent thedy deployed overseas. soldiers in afghanistan celebrated the day with a holiday feast. for many of tease soldiers, it's their first tour overseas. wednesday marked the first christmas for pope francis as head of the catholic church. in his message he prayed for people suffering from conflicts and natural disasters around the world. pope francis broke from tradition. he delivered his entire address in italian. prefer christmas messages have been delivered in multiple languages. the time right now is 6:06. i'm watching your money. the marks back open today after the day off for christmas.
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investors are hoping to see if the winning streak is going to continue. the dow finished up almost 63 points to close at a new all- time high standing this morning at 16,357. s&p 500 was up by 5. the nasdaq was better by 6.5 points. the past few days have been pretty rough for fed ex and ups. both unable to deliver a number of gifts on time for christmas. the companies are blaming overloaded systems as well as an ice storm which caused problems in several parts ever the country earlier this week and that delivery snag impacted several online retailers. amazon now says it will refund shipping charges and give out $20 gift cards to every affected customer. if you didn't spend part of the day shopping,line, chances are -- shopping online, chances are you or somebody you know downloaded an app. christmas is the busiest day of the year for app downloads a tablets and smartphones. every gearmo bill devices are
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popular christmas gifts. a few hours after getting them, you know what most people are doing. they're busy downloading. if you're looking if a good app, you can check out our free wusa9 ipad app. the new traffic feature will help you save time on your daily commute. you can zoom in on roads or highways and see traffic conditions in real time. all you do, you go to the apple app store for the free wusa9 download. it also gives you school closings and weather updates all for free. we love free, right? time right now 6:07. ology ga is in for howard and -- olga is in for howard and some of us might see the snow out there. monika has the traffic and see how two vets are using their experience to help fellow soldiers make the transition back
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i'm olga breeze in for howard bernstein this morning. partly cloudy skies. we'll build in sunshine later on today but it will be brisk. outside our weather at least for the short term, we're going to see the highs today with the afternoon sunshine make it into the 40s. most of us should top out right around 45 degrees during the 3:00 hour and we'll slide back down into the 40s and 30s as we head into the evening. clear and cold again tonight. displz a live look from our sky 9 here in germantown near route 118 where you'll see that volumes are very light. this is basically what it looks like coming in from frederick all the way down to the point where the lanes divide. a nice ride if you do have to go to work. by the way metro red line delays resolved between grovener and vanness. barbara star shows us how two men are using their experiences to help others.
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>> colonel dave sutherland. i'm a veteran with great pride. i'm a father. i'm a husband. i'm an uncle. i'm a son. i'm an american soldier. i served for you. i fought with you. and i would die for you. >> reporter: different sutherland led 5,000 troops in iraq. we first met him on patrol in 2007. >> they were sick and tired of al qaeda. >> reporter: now retired, his journey to serve continues with one passion. helping vets coming home. dothat our veterans, our g we military families, our families of the fallen can thrive where they live. >> reporter: a journey of absolute commitment he's made with colleague kim mitchell, a are forker naval officer. they are here talking to veterans and veterans advocates. >> something in my heart told me that this is what i was meant to you.
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given my background, given the fact the only reason i'm here is because of the vietnam veterans. >> reporter: they left military service in 2012 and opened up the dixon center, working with communities across the country, organizing locally-based help with jobs and housing. >> everybody is looking toward more local community-based organizations to help veterans which is essentially going to be the answer for all of the things the v.a. hasn't been able to cover. >> reporter: he knows how bad the post-traumatic stress can get. >> pretty much destroying my life but it was the common issues like the anger, the sleepless nights, the substance abuse. >> reporter: army veteran david barr now a social worker. he and sutherland hopes to work together. he says veterans like him often feel alone when they come home. >> you're going to need a community. you're going to need a town, a neighbor, a block to
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reestablish the bond. >> reporter: sutherland and mitchell have gone to more than 500 communities across the country organizing local help on their journey born of grief and hope. dixon center is named after his friend, killed before his eyes on an iraq patrol. kim's journey born of the iraq war. a south vietnamese soldier had orders to blow up a bridge. >> there was one last survivor stubling across the bridge carrying a bundle. it was a hat with a baby wrapped up in a towel. he had found me along the sield of the -- side of the road clinging to the body of a dead woman. >> kim was adopted by an american service member. last year after reading an article about her, that vietnamese soldier now living in new mexico found her again. we meet up on skype. he tells us it was beyond belief she was the baby he saved. he could not imagine how she
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survived. dave suter midand kim mitchell strongly believe veterans can do more than just survive. they can thrive in the communities where they live. so this holiday season, if you see a veteran, stop and ask them how they're doing. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. it 16:15. and it is -- it is 6:15 and it is chilly out there, olga. >> don't be fooled biff all the sunshine through morning. we're seeing partly cloudy skies and we're going to pull in some more sunshine later on this afternoon but the temperatures will still be brisk. our winds out ever the northwest. let's check out the view outside the michael & son cam. a clear and quiet right now. we're tracking cloud cover out toward dulles and moving on in toward the beltway. if you have to get up, out and about this morning, make sure you dress warmly. we're seeing very cold temperatures right now in the
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20s. we should make it close to the freezing mark by about the 7:00 hour. then we're going to keep going from there. as we move from partly to mostly cloudy to mostly sunny by midday, temperatures will take quite a bit of spike. this afternoon the sunshine continues. that's going to taws even higher. i'm calling for -- going to take us even higher. i'm calling for mid range for the city centers. north and west you'll stick to the lower range 40s but still not bad for a december day. if you have evening plans tonight, you're going to be out, dress warmly again. that means making sure you have your gloves on and hat over your head because the clear skies tonight and as the winds die down are going to see our temperatures drop significantly. i'm tracking some snow showers moving off toward our west. that is affecting portions of west virginia into the panhandle of maryland. but most of this is going to push upwards and off toward the east hitting closer to the baltimore area and points north into pennsylvania and new
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jersey later on this morning. mostly cloudy skies for the morning. should turn partly cloudy to mostly sunny by later on this afternoon. here's what you're dealing with. at the present hour 30 degrees for reagan national. still sitting at 26 for arlington. a chilly 20s north and west. things are going to be brisk. the winds mainly out of the southwest. we've seen a little bit of vairmt for this morning but still quite brink, feeling much cooler and overall a cool day for today. starting off cold in the morning. we'll work in some sunshine later and definitely see another chilly night overnight tonight. looks like temperatures are going to be tracking a little more milder as we head into the afternoon and evening hours, especially as we go into the weekend forecast. the fut forecast model again showing -- future forecast model again showing some overcast. going to be a brisk thursday. the forecast stays in the green not only today and tomorrow with mid-40s but when we really shift in the southwest winds. friday is much -- saturday is
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much milder as we hit the lower range 50s and our seven-day forecast feature as brief warm- up. still quite nice on sunday although sunday afternoon, that's when the showers start to arrive. some of those will carry into monday morning and as our wind shifts on monday, we'll definitely see temperatures tumble back toward our season norms back into the 40s and 30s by tuesday afternoon. monika? i've been saying all morning long that volumes are light this morning and they are expected to be that way throughout this morning's rush hour. there is one thing that i need to let you know about. that's water main work that will remain throughout this morning's rush hour on michigan avenue. it's closed eastbound between franklin street and irving street. the belt waip you can see -- the beltway you can see behind me looks great. no big delays on any of the major thoroughfares. we'll go outside live and show what you it looks like inbound on i-66. this is at the roosevelt bridge and all volumes are light
6:21 am
coming in from gainesville, manassas, centreville and fairfax. we'll go over to the northbound side of i-95 here in springfield where again it's a normal business day so hov lanes are open and in effect today. everything is looking good. this is basically the heaviest it's going to get out of dale city. this is in silver spring on the north side of town. no problems on the beltway inner or outer loops between 95 and i-270. 270 is in good shape from germantown and 95 all the way in from baltimore. back to you. >> thank you, monika. it is 6:19. time for another look at the question of the morning. according to a survey the top three christmas villains in movies and tv shows are the bridge, scrooge, and who? a, the wet bandits, b, satan or c, the gem lynns? -- >> the gremlins? facebook friend rita love thinks the answer is c. she writes gremlins, nothing like disturbing little creatures. go to our facebook fan page. give us your answer. well us why.
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we'll have more of your responses and the correct answer [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home. like the enticing aroma and distinctive taste of nespresso. elegant capsules meet masterfully crafted machines, and one touch creates the perfect coffee,
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we're brink outside. a few passing clouds and moisture north and west. a few snow showers in higher elevations. we'll build in sunseine through mid -- sunshine through midday. that will take us into the 40s this afternoon. should top out around 45 degrees as our high. another chilly, clear and cold night on tap for tonight. jessica? thank you, olga. whether their team is winning or losing, the nba's professional cheerleaders still need to energize the crowd. but as andrea mccarren reports, the women on the court here in washington are juggling careers with those cheers. >> it can be a really, really
6:26 am
long day. >> reporter: her alarm goes off at 5:45 every morning. and leah happily begins her day with a classroom of special ed students. >> i know why you love the mountains, jackson, said mrs. tibly. >> you always have to be on. you're putting on a show for your students and especially for special education students, you have to engage them the whole time. >> one, two, three, down four. >> reporter: in fact engaging 10-year-old boys is not unlike her other job. firing up a washington wizards audience. >> i am my students' biggest cheerleader. it is very similar. >> reporter: dancing since the age of 3, leah says she's lucky to combine both her passions, dance and teaching. >> i think the most reworlding part is when it finally clicks to them and you finally reach them in some way or another and you see that light go off in their heads and you see them really be successful. >> reporter: and she's among an entire squad of educated career women. >> out, in, boom. >> reporter: there's joanna, a
6:27 am
harvard anthropology graduate and corporate trainer and michaela, a government contractor who works at d.c.'s navy yard and many others. >> i'm the luckiest girl in the world. >> reporter: the nba's cheerleaders aren't always appreciated for the long hours they put n. at practice, games, and countless public appearances. at games and practices, they make just $12 an hour. >> i want you to listen to the characters' description of show, not tell. >> reporter: leah's students know she goes to a lot of wizard's games but they have no idea she's a cheerleader. her secret may not be safe for much
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good morning. welcome to wusa9 at 6:30. you're taking a live look at the capitol complex. still dark outside and it's a chilly 30 degrees today. it's thursday, november 26, 2013. i'm jessica doyle. monika samtani has your timesaver traffic. olga breese as your weather first and she's live on the weather terrace. you can almost call it the winter terrace. you have your boots on. >> oh, yeah. i have my boots on, my gloves on and when the wind kicked up a moment ago, definitely a bit after windchill factor out here. dress accordingly as you're stepping out this morning. you definitely want to have your hands covered and a good idea too to wear a scarf and a hat as well. partly cloudy skies this
6:32 am
morning. winds have been a bit variable but mainly out of the southwest for right now. we are going to see a little bit of cloud cover till about midday. so temperatures make it out of the 20s and through the 30s by your lunch break. by noontime most of us will hit the 40-degree mark. we'll keep on going from there. mid-40s. about 45 for reagan national this afternoon but if you're out tonight, clear and cold and when the winds die down, the nighttime temperatures are going to plummet. back to you. if you are planning to head on the northbound side of i-95 toward baltimore, here's a live look from our sky 9. it's an overturned vehicle in the ditch. if you look closely here, northbound 95 at route 175, volumes are light. makes you wonder how does that happen. at least the volumes are light enough that you will not find a delay getting by. let's go over to our traffic feature on our ipad app. take a look at all the green behind me. that means that volumes are
6:33 am
super light. no problems all around the washington area. i'm going to zoom in, though at one irk. it's a water main break that's been here for a while right here on michigan avenue and it's closed right near irving street in northeast d.c. we're told by officials there that water main repair will remain throughout this morning's rush hour. let's go over to another live picture. this is 95 northbound where hov restrictions are in effect today but volumes are light relatively speaking as you come up from dale city. back to you. >> thank you, monika. time to see what our partners over at cbs this morning are covering. jeff is in new york. good morning to you, jeff. >> jessica, good morning you to. ahead mark strawsman spent time behind the scenes at both fed ex and ups and he will take a closer look at why many packages didn't make it in time for christmas this year. joe she isier is here to tell you what companies are doing to get you back in the stores
6:34 am
after christmas. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. >> you bet. we'll be watching. thanks so much. christmas went up in flames for a prince george's county family. a swift moving fire swept through their home on rolling meadows road in croom, maryland last night. delia goncalves joins us live from the newsroom with more. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, jess. tough story. nathaniel rich lost everything but there's good news. mr. rich is safe this morning. 's with family because he was not home at the time. several general rations lived in the home since nathaniel rich built it with his own hands 40 years ago. sadly he returned home to see this. he was at his daughter's house having christmas dinner when his single-story home went up
6:35 am
in flames. flames were shooting out of the home. take a look at all the orange intense flame there. about 15 minutes later fire crews had to evacuate because of that intense fire. the family home is now destroyed. >> the children grew up here, grandchildren, his great grandchildren. we've all lived here and we've enjoyed this place all of our lives always coming back here. but to see this it's devastating. it really is. normally our father would have been home so we're glad that we were away celebrating christmas. >> that is the good news. they were celebrating christmas and were not home at the time and that is certainly another reason to celebrate that they are all safe this morning. investigators are still working trying to determine what caused that christmas night fire. jess, back to you. >> thank you, delia. delia live in our newsroom this
6:36 am
morning. power crews are working round the clock to get the lights back on for tens of thousands of people in the u.s. and in canada. they're in places like portland, maine where some haven't had power since over the weekend. some of crews came all the way from philadelphia to help, missing the holidays with their own families. >> i would much rather be at home with my family and kids but there's also kids out here that have no power. my kids are at home in a warm home playing play station and these kids are just trying to stay warm. >> crews in our area have joined states as well. forecasters are calling for more gusting winds and snow in some of the hardest hit areas later today. a new jersey woman had her holiday wish come true when her son, an army specialist deployed in afghanistan surprised her at work. stacy sager has the details. >> reporter: talk about your
6:37 am
secret santa, this one drives a red mitsibishi. but you can't miss that white beard. truth is he's not really santa. he's army specialist travis ragero but don't tell his mom that. she thinks her son is still on his nine-month tour in afghanistan. and here at ocean medical center in brick township where leslie is a maternity ward nurse, boy is she in for a surprise. what is she going to say when you take this beard off? >> probably just ball her eyes out. >> reporter: shh, don't tell. all leslie has been told is that all the nurses are getting gifts from santa. >> we have a special santa that's come all the way from the north pole. >> reporter: well, he has come a long way and then he was hiding here in brick township for the past couple of days. even pretending he was still in afghanistan when his mom called him. how's that for a see very op-- secret op. but alas names are drawn from a hat and leslie's name is
6:38 am
miraculously called first. a gift, a card and you can tell who it's from. >> from my baby. >> who is it from? >> my son. >> where is he? >> afghanistan. >> reporter: afghanistan? oh, please, look behind you, please. listen to the applause, leslie. [ applause ] >> reporter: she says -- he said his mom's care packages kept him going and. he brought home a special gift, an ornament with a handwritten message but rest assured his mom already feels like she's got the best gift of all. >> christmas for me is family. >> it makes you feel good inside, doesn't it? >> it is 6:37. time for another your money segment. the malls are going to be crowded later this morning as millions of us return gifts but
6:39 am
simply missed the mark. but there are a few things you should know before you attempt to return that ugly sweater or video game you already have. andrea mccarren has more. >> reporter: hours after the holiday rush, the race to return is under way. and this season many retailers have adopted stricter return policies. even cutting their holiday return periods in half. >> the stores now require you to show irchts d. if you've -- show i.d. if you've return add certain number of items over a 90--day period, the next time you won't be able to return. >> reporter: retailers are also bottling the problem known as wardrobing. when a customer buys a suit or dress, wears it to a party and then tries to return it. >> so bloomingdale's, for example, has this special tag at the bottom of the hemline, kind of a big plastic tag. if it's removed, they will not return, they will not accept the return. >> reporter: remember, some
6:40 am
items, especially electronics carry a restocking fee. video games and movies are among the items that can't be returned once they've been opened. and finally, be aware that some stores will not accept returns for items that were purchased online. andrea mccarren, wusa9. turns out retailers face a heavy loss with return fraud. the national retail federation says stores will lose an estimated $3.9 billion during the holiday shopping period alone. don't you hate it when everything you bought before christmas is now half off or 75% off? a number of stores are already posting christmas day discounts and many of those deals are online. retailers tell us to expect the biggest price cuts on clothing. the site says deals will be better than expected on tv ses and
6:41 am
christmas decorations. the time is 6:39. ing on ga is up next with the forecast. -- olga is up next with the forecast. monika is checking the roads. find out what happens when a cabby finds cash in the back seat. we'll bring thu story. and don't forget, we're always on and the wusa9 app. stay with us. we're going to be right back.
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welcome back to the day after christmas morning. we've enenjoying each other this morning. olga, monika, myself talking a little bit about christmas. you had some thoughts. >> the best moments for me were of course having the whole family together. the funniest moment was taking the christmas picture of all the kids together. i secretly took a video of it all happening and i bet that video could go viral because behind the scenes, all the bickering and the fighting about who's going to stand where. i hate you, you're my brother,
6:46 am
i hate you, sister, you think you're so great. it's hilarious. i might have to post that video. >> i totally want to see that but the smiles in the picture don't show what happened behind the scenes. >> we love it. i had a wonderful christmas. my daughter is eight and she noticed this year, mommy, why do santa and mommy use the same wrapping paper. it's -- she's getting a little wise. >> my holidays always center around food. breakfast was fabulous. dinner was fabulous and to be with friends and family, that's the best. >> you have a pretty good weather forecast for us. >> absolutely. i like to scoot on in here when i have good things to share with you all. today is one of those days. looks like we're brisk and we expected that. temperatures did dip into the 20s prior to sunrise but we'll see a little bit of improvement thank. outside on our michael & son camera, we have partly sunny skies. a little sunshine later today will help us in the temperature
6:47 am
department. looks like the forecast is going to call for mainly clearing skies late in the day. satellite and radar showing a lot of moisture that's trying to push on into our region. most will skip to the north and east. you can see it taking a bit of a dip as the loop goes into the 7:00 hour. but this should really skim north of us and we might see some of the light snow showers or flurries from baltimore north. so if you have any plans today to get out and see some folks, north of town, you might want to be prepared for that. for us, though, behind the system we're going to see a little bit of sunshine today so that's always nice in december. 30 degrees currently at reagan national. still into the 20s for arlington. 26 for alexandria. very, very chilly out to our west. only 23 out toward the panhandle. overall, though, today it's going to be a pretty decent afternoon. but we've got to get through this brisk start to get there. our winds have been a little variable this morning. we started out with northwest
6:48 am
winds. right now we're seeing a bit of a southwest wind floe but winds have been fairly light. that will pick up later on today. the northwest winds will dominate into the afternoon. that means it's going to feel much more brisk as the day goes by. cold morning start followed by afternoon sunshine so take the sunglasses with you as well as the heavy layers to insulate you from the cold. tonight we clear it out meaning temperatures drop once again. very brisk start to your friday morning but we'll have milder temperatures not only for friday but saturday as well. here's how we look with our futurecast forecast model. overall today not too bad. the moisture and the snow showers move up to the north. sunshine for the afternoon. and we'll see very clear skies overnight tonight. it does look like the forecast stays a little bit calm through the first half of our weekend but things will be changing as we go along. so your planning purposes for today, what you need to know is to dress for cold weather. we're only going to see a high of 45. that's right around the city's center closer to the upper 40s
6:49 am
the further you go down to the south and east. we might even see the probability of some 50-degree temperatures very, very far to our south. partly to mostly clear today. then we'll be cold tonight. by tomorrow the forecast upticks just a little bit. solid mid-40s for everyone tomorrow afternoon. southwest winds on saturday takes us even higher. we're talking about breaking the 50-degree threshold. most of us settle into the lower 50s by saturday afternoon and sunday we're -- i'm tracking the rain and showers moving back in. sunday afternoon some of that lingering into monday. we'll keep it dreary, damp, and fairly dark with overcast skies until we get to tuesday to see some improvements. monika? a live look from our sky 9 will show you a crash on the southbound side of i-95 here right at 175. if you look closely in the dark there, you can see that car is overturned in the ditch. police are on the scene waiting
6:50 am
for the wrecker to arrive. luckily no delays on a day like today. light volumes are helping things along on the southbound side of i-95. let's take a look at our traffic feature on our ipad app. you can see all the green on the beltway. normally you can see red up here. it's green. on the outer loop into silver spring and no problems on any of the swer states inside -- interstates inside the beltway looking great all around. let's take a live look. here's 270 southbound at route 118 in germantown. it looks like this all the way in from frederick. if stru to go to work, at -- if you have to go to work, at least on a day like today, you won't find any delays. on the northbound side of i-95, it's a normal business day so hovs are in effect. they're both light coming up from dale city, up to 395 and the 14th street bridge. all of your potomac and anacostia river crossings are good as well. back to you, jess. >> thank you, monika. we've been combing through the day's daily deals to find
6:51 am
you deep discounts and here are some thursday favorites. stores are already slashing prices. here's one of macy's deals. when you buy one men's dress shirt or designer suit, you can get one free. we're talking three here, by one, get one free. bloosming dales also -- bloomingdale's also slashing prices. they have sales up to 75% off today. a michael kors cross "best" body-small messer is bag is $109.44. you're saving $118. club cenre -- centre has a deal for you. you can get an eye exam plus $225 toward prescription glasses. this will only cost you $35. this deal is on living social. if you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i'd love to hear from
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partly cloudy skies. we'll get sunshine midday. we'll move out of the 30s into the 40s topping out around 45 with a lot of afternoon sunshine. clear and cold tonight. a las vegas cab driver gets quite a surprise. he was behind the wheel of a cash cab and he didn't even know it. the story is crazy. jerardo picked up a guy from the cosmopolitan, took him to the palms. that guy was a professional poker player with a pretty big night. he got out but left a bag behind. the cab driver heads to the belagio where the doorman says
6:56 am
there's a bag of chocolate in the back seat. >> i thought, i want to know what kind of chocolate. there was $100 bill. >> $300,000 in cold, hard cash to be exact. the driver did the right thing. he turned the money over to the cops. you can bet the poker player came looking for it. for his honesty the cab driver was named driver of the year. he received dinner for two at a nice steakhouse and $1,000 from his company. see, doing the right thing can pay off. it is 6:55. time to answer today's question of the morning. according to a survey, the top three christmas villains in movies and tv shows are the grinch, scrooge, and who? a, the wet bandits, b, satan, or c, the gem lynns? -- the gremlins? >> one viewer writes a, the wet
6:57 am
bandits from home alone. turns out you are right. the answer is a. we will
6:58 am
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looks like a pretty decent day today on the chilly side, though. it will feel brisk with our winds mainly out ever the north and north -- of the north, northwest at 15 miles per hour. temps in the 40s. a little bit better for tomorrow but look at our saturday forecast. that's when we shift things and temperatures get closer to 50 degrees. rain will make a return but not until sunday afternoon. >> looks good, olga. for the most part it looks good with the exception of this crash live from our sky 9 northbound 95 at route 175. everything is on the shoulder. cbs this morning is next. looking at how difficult it was to get packages in on time. >> and olga and i will be back in 25 minutes with traffic and weather. >> and you can get your news, your weather, your traffic 24 hours


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