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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  August 11, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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on for davon wallace and the gun he used in the shooting, which has not been recovered. wallace was a long criminal history is on the run and prince georges county police hope that outrage armed with that photograph and eyes and ears will help them spot him. in prince georges county, scott broom, wusa9. >> $25,000 reward has also been offered by police. and breaking news right now in the trial of a man accused of killing a prince georges county high school student. today, trayvon bennett was found 4bguilty of second-degree murder, armed robbery, and some other charges. ross was shot to death in september of 2012 as he walked to central high school. well, we are in trouble and we need help now. that's what former virginia governor, bob mcdonald's sister wrote in an e-mail about the two beach homes they own together. that short fall led them to receiving $70,000 from jon gnu williams. peggy fox joins us live where
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she is following the money trail. peg. >> reporter: that's right, bob mcdonnell's sister managed those beach properties. e-mails he received from bob and maureen mcdonnell, that talked about johnny williams. the guy who is helping us. he said payment on those loans totaling $70,000 wasn't due for three years and he never saw a payment. now, also today, testimony that bob mcdonnell was endorsing that product to stop state officials. >> what was that like? >> virginia's personnel chief, sarah wilson, testified that governor bob mcdonnell pulled out a bottle during a meeting on the state's health plan and said he used it and that it helped him and his wife. the prosecutor asked her if she had ever seen the governor bring out a product like that
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before. and she said no. she didn't know why he pulled it out, it was personal. >> what was it like? >> lisa hicks thomas remembers it differently. the former secretary of administration recalls the governor saying that anatabloc would be good for state employees and asked them to meet with the makesser of anatabloc, that meeting never happened. mcdonnell's chief of staff, martin kent, testified when the governor drove johnny williams' ferrari, it hut the moral. he asked the governor not to do it again. >> what the government is trying to do is demonstrate the things that martin's camp did not know with events. that's on their perspective important in showing, and being consistent with the narrative they are drawing that is the governor did certain things without being transparent. >> kent also remembered the state police superintendent calling to set up an interview with maureen mcdonnell about allegations that the chef at
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the mansion was stealing food. but investigators instead questioned her about gifts from johnny williams. she had no lawyer present. kent testified that when the governor heard about the interview, he was visibly upset. concerning the revelation that will williams gave the first couple $70,000 in loans. he couldn't talk about it and discussing with counsel. >> on the stand right now, former attorney general, jerry kilgore, who was hired by star scientific as a counsel. now the prosecution alleges he was hired because his brother, terri kilgore is the chairman of the tobacco commission and it's the tobacco commission that johnny williams wanted to fund his state sponsored studies of anatabloc which never happened. we'll tell you what kilgore said on the stand. >> joinings joining us now ght is
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mark shamal. all right mark, so the first two weeks were about what the mcdonnell's got. we are going into the third week about what they allegedly did. so peggy started out with testimony from two staffers. one said the governor took out anatabloc and said hey, i like this. maureen liked it. the others said, he made the case that we needed to meet with star scientific and that we needed to consider the state covering this as part of the health insurance plan. is that the nugget the jury needs to hear? >> that might be right. you identified it as a way of them telling their story. here's the money, you know, that is coming in. the ferrari ride and the watches and all these other things and now they have to get to the meat of it, which this is what he did in return. >> there's a difference between the governor coming into a meeting and sage saying
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hey guys, i tried this product. we like it. >> if you and i do it at work, it's us telling our friends and telling somebody about an experience. he speaks for the state and more importantly, he is speaking to people that make the decisions about where the money is going to come from to fund this. what johnny williams is trying to do is get money for anatabloc and that sounds like it might be enough for an official act by the governor. >> we hear more about these desperate needs for money and we learn that the mcdonnell's weren't just getting money from johnny williams, they were getting it from other people, too. >> that puts together what the government needs to show for the motive. because the jury is going to be up there. wait a second, not going to throw away, he's being talked about as vice presidential candidate. he's not going to throw that away for a couple thousand dollars here and there. we want to paint a picture of how desperate he was. >> what else does he have, other than his official act?
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>> before you go, the governor, you say, is likely to be the last person who testified in this case. why? >> well, i think we talked about johnny williams last week or the week before. we don't want to put one witness up there and point out the inconsistencies. the governor, as a defendant, gets to sit in the courtroom and hear everybody else testify. i'm not saying they are going to do perjury. they are doing it because he has contacts. he hears how the case comes in. he will understand just like the jury will understand when he is being cross examined. >> if they don't trust him, it's a wrap. >> i don't know how he is not trustworthy. if they don't think he's telling the truth, that is the end of the case. >> mark, we'll see you back soon. >> jan. >> right now, we are tracking storms that could make a mess of your commutes tomorrow. first alert chief meteorologist, topper shutt is in the weather center. when are we going to see storms fire up? >> already in the western
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suburbs. and erica issued this yellow alert for tomorrow back on saturday. so we have plenty of notice. here we go. this is the latest radar over the last two hours. that is heavier rain. you folk haves a wet commute. hagerstown, frederic, leesburg, back toward warrenton. better get home quickly or you will have a wet commute on the way home. light ac tiffsty already in fairfax and manassas. again, the heaviest activity is in the i-81 corridor. that will all change tomorrow as a cold front approaches. this activity pushing off to the north and east. we have waldorf at 5:26 and bowie at 6:35. nothing crazy heavy, but enough to wet the roads and slow you down. so, here's our future cast. notice the green and showers even tonight going to be tough to watch the dog. temperatures in the mid 70s. generally light tonight which is good news and by 10:30, notice the orange and yellow developing. heavier showers begin to fire. we'll come and track heavier showers on future cast because we have a slight risk
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of severe weather. >> all right, some live pictures from sky 9 right now of six flags. yesterday, a ride broke down and made for a heroing day for all those folks at the park. >> i'm jim at six flags in maryland where thrill seekers got a ride they were not expecting. the jokers cho seung-hui live had had up to its name in one regard. mechanics cho seung-huied by technicals that stranded 24 of its riders. it took hours to rescue all of them being saved one by one with the of ladder trucks. part of the problem is that when you release a restraint on the individual cars, everybody in that car is in a released position. we can't allow that to happen. so each one of the people in the cars is going to get harnessed and stapped into position. >> six flags website says the ride includes a side winder loop, a corkscrew, and countless swift reversals until it all came to a halt.
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darren johnson who has a season pass for the park told us getting stuck son rides isn't uncommon. >> some days you may not be able to ride the super man because it did get stuck or some days you won't ride the joker too. >> what's in it tonight at 6:00. jim, wusa9. >> the six flags is cooperating with maryland inspectors and there is an on going inspection regarding what happened to that ride. riots, anger, and a plea for peace tonight after a police officer shot and killed an unarmed black teen in a st. louis suburb. these protesters took to the streets of ferguson today, demonstrating their anger over the shooting of michael brown. police shot brown multiple times on saturday after an encounter between brown and another man outside an apartment complex. >> this is a very complicated
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investigation, as it should be. a man lost his life. there's a police officer involved in this. there are scores and scores of people we needed to talk to at the apartment complex where this happened. >> last night, a candle light vigil turned chaotic. rioters burned vehicles, taunted officers. more than 30 people were arrested. the fbi is investigating possible civil rights violations and brown's family hired the attorney that represented the family of trayvon martin. now to the latest on iraq. named a prominent shiite politician. maliki after his eight years in power, but maliki has signal that he will not give up the office. u.s. air strikes took out more isis terrorists. making drops to civilians. in gaza, the first day of
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the three-day cease fire is holding. families held funerals for loved ones killed in those recent attacks and inspected damage. and trucked in more humanitarian aide. isreali negotiators are headed to egypt for talks on a permanent truce. we turn now to the ebola outbreak and a spanish priest is the third person to be treated with an experimental ebola drug. the 75-year-old priest contracted the disease and is now undergoing treatment in madrid. americans, nancy writebol have been given that drug. nigeria, which is africa's most populous nation confirms another case, bringing the total to 10. >> trending now. is it okay for medical marijuana patients to breast- feed snap that and some other hot topics coming up at 5:30. >> i'm topper shutt. we are on the weather terrace.
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locate one of these. you will need one a lot. we'll talk about a yellow alert. by 5:00 tomorrow morning, prepare for a wet commute. allow yourself extra time. upper 60s, low 70s. everybody has light showers. we'll come back and talk about the possibility of heavier showers. and track those in just a minute. >> and right after the break, nascar driver, tony stewart under investigation after a crash kill
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a commuter alert that might drives you crazy. one direction is playing a packed show at nats park tonight. gates opened a few minutes ago. the concert starts at 7:00, but you can expect parents to drop off kids at the concert during rush hour, so you might want to avoid that area if you can.
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go in a different direction, perhaps. all right, nascar driver, tony stewart is at the center of a police investigation. 20-year-old, kevinward, jr., gotten out of his car to confront him. >> police are in the middle of the investigation. this is an awful story. how this will affect the future of racing whether this anger can sometimes be stirred up during the course of a race contributed to this awful tragedy. >> we have seen a lot with sports in general. unfortunately, something bad has to happen for changes to be made and racing will go on, no problem, but there will be plenty of changes. the future of tony stewart still up in the air, of course. the accident happened during a super sprint cup race in upstate, new york. it was during caution. stewart's car was going 45- miles per hour. this is amateur video.
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we aren't going to show you the point of impact. police in new york as well as the district attorney are currently collecting more video and witness statements. some who say stewart revved his engine as he got close to ward. both cars have been seized. investigators are trying to reconstruct what happened. there's no evidence that stewart intended to hurt ward and there's nothing that warrants criminal charges. today, in richmond at redskins training camp, wusa9 caught up with a race car driver, brendan gone, about what this means for his sport. >> no matter what way you look at it, it's a shame and a travesty. a lot of times you have to find changes in our sport after things like this happen. so you figure out, you know, it is -- don't get out of your race cars and as a driver, you know, there's things on both sides that can be learned. >> some days, even in football, you know. it took a lot of people getting head injuries for them to make a better helmet and make
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changes to that. it always takes an injury or an accident or some, you know, we're going to learn from this situation and sadly, sometimes it costs us life when it does happen. but hopefully thing wills be learned and hopefully this situation won't be repeated. >> big changes could be coming to racing in general. they will most definitely look into implementing a new rule that prevents drivers from getting out of their car, and the sheriff and ontario county says a lack of lighting could have played a factor. such conflicting witness statements. >> he was mad because stewart knocked him into the wall. it was more of a confrontation, like you know, i can't believe you did that kind of thing. >> this is not a big race, obviously. more of a hobby >> the day before a big nascar race, he does a little sprint car race on the dirt track, which are different race cars. the back is bigger than the front. so maybe, you know, i'm not giving him excuses, but there are so many factors that go
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it's such a strange case. >> there's no evidence just yet that he actually intended to hit ward. may have just been an awful accident. >> that's according to the sheriff's office. >> all right, kristen, thank you. always watching, always tracking. wusa9's first alert weather. >> all right, live look outside. it is our live michael and son weather cam. there's the cathedral still getting repairs. 82 right now. the dew point is pretty low. 61 degrees, relative humidity below 50%. as the showers get closer, they are eating up dry air and we'll have showers across most of the metro area. heaviest activity in the yellow and the orange, leks of orange here and there. now we are seeing some lighter activity push as far to the east as fairfax county. pretty heavy rain. pretty steady rain toward martinsburg and toward winchester and on the doorstep of brunswick and about to cross
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over i-270. further south, mainly light, but you see the flecks of yellow. heavier activity south of fairfax and i-66 and now approaching tyson's and mcclane. it's going to slow you down a little bit tonight. go out 66. you have rain and showers. this is a pretty heavy little downpour, a brief downpour south of fairfax. everything is moving northeast and that will move afroes fairfax proper and all of this activity will head toward poolsville on our storm tracker at 5:36 and germantown at 5:59. so, nothing severe or heavy tonight. yellow alert tomorrow for storms. showers for some on the way home tonight and both commutes tomorrow will be wet and effected. grab the umbrella and allow extra time and just take it easy on the way home tomorrow night. 5:30 in the morning, there are your showers. the heavy activity seems to be north of us. heavy activity building down to the south and west of us. by 6:30, wet roads everywhere.
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even coming in on 50 and certainly coming in 66 eastbound. by 7:30, now we're seeing heavier activity along i-81. winchester to laray and by 8:30, some showers in the metro area. nothing crazy heavy right now. and by lunchtime, look what happens. look at the reds. this is a good line of showers and storms to culpeper and manassas. is and extending across the river. so, some of these will have heavy downpours and gusty winds. and by 4:00, much of the metro area getting pounded. now with heavy rain. possibly gusty winds and keep temperatures down in the upper 70s tomorrow and by 5:00, heavy activity goes across 95 into southern maryland. and it will be hefty and heavy activity as you are going up 270. and by 5:30, really getting heavy into prince georges county and also into southern maryland. i agree with it. this is an updated model and picked up on this and some of the activity will be heavy and it could be severe tomorrow.
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6:30, look at all the reds. all the way through southern maryland. so, get ready and walking to lunch will be interesting. 70s to start. temperatures don't go up much at all. 78 by 1:00 with scattered showers and storms. yellow alert tomorrow. all-day storms and morning clouds on wednesday, and nice. 83. lows in the 60s. some upper 50s possible again in the suburbs on wednesday night. nats back in town friday, very nice. low 80s. heating up a little bit. isolated storms with highs around 90. >> new concerns tonight about antibacterial soaps and their effect on pregnant women and their unborn babies. we'll tell moms-to-be what you need to know in just a little bit. >> we're going to tell you about a big-time mass transit plan in montgomery county.
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and now pho the race for d.c. mayor. picked up a key endorsement today. this morning area afl leaders threw their support behind the ward 4 councilwoman. bowser squares off. rapid transit could be on its way to montgomery county. counties for transit showed off a bus on loan from fort collins, colorado. that is the bus right there. in 20 cities across the country. buses like this have their own lanes and last year, the montgomery county council passed a measure that allows for 80 miles of rapid transit corridors. they would operate at the capacity or speed of a metro line, but with lower costs and certainly more flexibility. according to the executive director of counties for transit, this is just the first hurdle for rapid transit corridors in montgomery county. >> the next step is to now
5:26 pm
start researching each of these corridors, doing some engineering studies and once you do that, then you say well, can we find space for the dedicated lanes for transit? how much is it going to cost? >> based on previous projects, it could take four to five years to complete those corridors and the cost could be anywhere between $5 and $20 million a mile. >> the old road was driving you crazy and the fix will be the same. vdot is repaving 8 miles of georgetown pike from the beltway to springvail road in great falls. so crews will be out every night through thursday from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. and on friday and saturday from 9:00 at night to 9:00 in the morning. that work is expected to take two months to complete. at least it's at night. >> that's right. kids all over the area will be going back to class in a couple weeks. a little later, i'll slow you big ways to save on your back to school shopping. plus, a maryland teenager
5:27 pm
gets to meet rg3 at training camp and what makes this encounter so special. i'll tell you about it in just a little bit. >> also trending now, a medical marijuana patient battles to breast-feed. breaking bad fans get excited. and a 13-year-old mows down the competition on her way to the little league world series and that's right, we said
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trends now, doctors tell a new mother to put down the pipe if she wants to breast-feed her baby. >> crystal cane is a medical marijuana patient. she gave birth last week, eight weeks early. baby is going to be fine, but doctors at the hospital would not let her breast-feed. she says she is not worried about the thc, which is the active ingredient of pot getting in her bloodstream and she has a little science on her side. >> there's several studies that indicate it doesn't, it can't transfer through your milk ducts. your body filters it. >> we understand the benefits of mother's milk. we also don't want to be caught in a situation where mother continues to use and then says we never gave her information on it. >> the american academy of pediatrics says mother who breast-feed should not use pot. the hospital can't stop kaine from breast-feeding once the baby is discharged, but they did make her sign a waiver
5:31 pm
acknowledging the use of marijuana and potential risks involved in it. >> i'm no doctor and neither are you. >> oh boy, here it comes. >> as you said, if she has anxiety now, come on. >> we don't want to be judgmental, but pot smoking and drinking is not a good idea. we're going to move on. national superstar, bryce harper is still trending tonight. >> during a game against the braves on saturday, it looks like he dragged his foot through the a logo behind home plate. harper did the same thing on two previous plate appearances. we'll see. let's look. >> i don't know. he did drag his foot a little bit. maybe he got a cramp in his foot or something. and just needed a little time to slide it. >> let's see it again. >> that was definitely a
5:32 pm
slide. but i don't know. maybe it's not big enough. okay. regular season football just a few weeks away. and i personally cannot wait. >> i know. and so that means it's time for another rap video. this time the boys are promoting direct tv's new fantasy football channel. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> not making stew like that. >> looking a little happy to make stew. i think i would be, too. >> all right. we're learning about yoyos today, jan. did you know there was a world yo-yo contest? that man is stein. he is last year's champ. look at his yo-yo game.
5:33 pm
it is sick. >> he is definitely sick, lesli. he has a high fever. >> did you also know, that was not so bad. there's a website called yo- with stein on the front page and tips because we know jan, that you are aspiring to be a yo-yo enthusist. >> in my spare time. i could throw down some yo-yo. >> let's talk about breaking bad. all right, seems like just yesterday that breaking bad fans were buzzing about the finale. so today, a quick teaser and an update on the spinoff show. >> more like health insurance, you hope you never need it, but not having it, no. >> all right, better call, going to air in february of 2015 on amt. it doesn't have the same ring as breaking bad. >> we have months to get into
5:34 pm
it. >> all right. >> so a team in philadelphia is on its way to the little league world series thanks to the pitching efforts of 13-year- old phenom, davis. wow. she has game. that arm is incredible. she struck out. six batters in her complete game performance. she will become the 18th girl to play in the little league world series. we both have daughters, so we love to see young girls and women making history. so go monae and go team. >> both of our girls are sports fanatics. >> they love sports. >> no dolls. >> they love sports. >> top, what you got? >> my middle daughter when she was 11 went on an undefeated softball team, which is hard to do at 11 years old. >> is that from your wife from you? where did she get the skills? >> a little bit. my wife is a closet athlete. >> i think allison is an athlete. we are outside. we have some clouds.
5:35 pm
it's dry right now in northwest. we have showers off to the west and they are moving off to the north and east. so, you folks in leesburg are going to get wet and going out f out 66, you're going to get wet. we'll come back. that's just a an idea of what is coming your way. if some could be severe. and later, we have some money-saving tips that will help you get the kids ready for back to school without
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in tonight's health alert, the food and drug administration has been reviewing the safety and effectiveness of antibacterial products that contain trike tryclocarbon. >> they are dangerous to moms and their unborn babies. >> household cleaners to kill germs. now, a new study is adding to growing concerns over tryclosan. >> these chemicals have had adverse effects on growth and development in animal studies and suggestion that they may have similar impacts in humans.
5:39 pm
>> researchers at suny down state -- >> not only is the mother exposed to these compounds during pregnancy, but getting absorbed into the developing fetus. >> researchers believe these can lead to resistance to antibiotics. they are popular these days. they can be found in more than 2,000 every day items like this dish washing liquid. dr. laura gear says that's what they should do. >> you don't need to use antibacterial soap. just wash your hands with regular soap. it's the time that is most important. >> this expecting mother doesn't use antibacterial soap. >> if it's unnecessary, i don't want to do more than what is necessary. >> reviewing the use of the chemicals and some companies announced they are taking them out of some products.
5:40 pm
danielle nottingham. >> research was presented at the meeting. redskins quarterback, robert griffin, iii, goes out of his way to make a little girl's wish come true. we'll show you how he made her feel like a super star. all of it can get pretty expensive for back to school. we're going to have some money saving strategies to keep you from blowing the budget.
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the new school year for some starts in a couple weeks and parents are on the hunt for the best bargains as they shift to shopping for back to school. before you head out, get a pencil, get paper, and jot down my lesson plan to save big. >> i love anything that has to do with stationary, notebooks, anything. >> this money saving duo knows how to stretch dollar. but andrea brown says the first lesson is to scan for any back to school supplies before they leave home. >> doing that will help you curtail some of the back-to- school budget spending. >> list the items you have and decide what you have to buy from the store. >> this will help you realize how much you can still expect to spend when you go shopping at a store and also having that budget cap in the back of your mind will help you keep the
5:44 pm
excessive or impulse spending to a minimum. >> the annual tradition of shopping for her 8 and 18-year- old school aged kids has taught brown some valuable lessons. >> i comparison shop before i purchase anything. >> according to the national retail federation, families will spend on average more than $660 on back-to-school expenses this year. so down loading apps to your smart phone will help you rack up even more savings. >> it allows you to scan the bar codes on various items so you can comparison shop, online versus some of the local stores in your area. >> coupon sherpa and retail me not are two more tools that will search and upload coupons to use when you check out at the cash register. broaden your search to save and don't limit yourself to just big box stores like target or wal-mart. school supplies are typically cheaper at office supply stores. for example, notebooks and folders for anywhere from 15 to
5:45 pm
30 cents during their back to school promotions and that's a really good deal. >> a new outfit to wear on the first day is always a thrill, but you don't have to break the bank to buy a winning wardrobe. brown says shop the kids closets first, then purchase only what they need. >> there are a lot of end of summer sales going on. so you can score deals on basic things, like jeans, t-shirts, shoes. >> do your homework ahead of time and you'll save on back to school all the time. >> and the savings don't stop there. consider swapping items with other families. you still have time to follow your favorite retailers on facebook and twitter and take advantage of those student discounts at stores like apple, dell, and microsoft. they will lower prices on laptops and they may even throw in a gift card toward the purchase of other school related items. now you know and just in time for school, the tax-free shopping season is underway in maryland. so from now until next saturday, all clothes and
5:46 pm
shoes, $100 or less, are exempt from the state's 6% sales tax. but, back to school supplies are note included in tax-free week. >> keeping your family safe. wusa9's first alert weather. >> whole long list. >> bowling ball. >> isn't the whole point -- >> you can't have everything. we give you clothes, we give you shoes, be happy. >> be happy, all right. we have a yellow alert for tomorrow. showers and thunderstorms and i'm getting concerned about the potential for severe weather tomorrow between 4:00 and 8:00. let's start with a lisk outside. clouds are here. it's dry here in northwest, but storms are moving in and rain is moving in from the west. live look outside. it's our live michael and son weather cam. we are showing you boats and i would urge not to be on the water tomorrow, especially on the bay. right now it's 82. relative humidity only 49%. that's actually pretty good for
5:47 pm
us. winds out of the south, southeast at 11 and because the air has been fairly dry, it has taken awhile for them to cross over 270. no trouble crossing over i-81. that's good rain fall across much of winchester and into hagerstown and now also into charles town. just about to get heavier over on 15 and eventually will cross over i-
5:48 pm
extra time and grab the umbrella. you're going to need it for the morning and you'll need it for lunch and coming home. so 6:30 in the morning. we have showers, generally light. heavier activity denoted in the orange and the yellow out to the west and then by 7:30, we still have to deal with the wet commute. the heaviest activity, at least in the early morning hours will be along i-81. by 8:30, we still have showers. a fleck of yellow over in howard county, but by and large, again, from hagerstown south through winchester, that's the heaviest activity. look what happens. by 1:00, look at all th pop up between culpeper and into leesburg. that's heavy activity and then by 4:00, about 23 hours from now, some big-time showers and storms rolling through and i agree with this. the computer picked up on this and this is drew. the atmosphere is unstable tomorrow. we have a trigger. we have the cold front rolling in. southeast winds. that could cause problems. i would again, allow for extra time going home. maybe stay late and wait for
5:49 pm
this to pass. by 5:00, heaviest activity crosses 95 into southern maryland and into the northern neck, but still, heavy activity pass the spur and gaithersburg and then by 6:00, boom. i mean, look at all the red. that's heavy storms la plata back into the northern neck and lingering showers back into fairfax and loudoun county. by 7:00, still getting hammered here in southern maryland. and even by 8:00, still getting hammered. so you have a real threat of flash flooding and potentially some damaging winds and flash flooding, st. mary's county, southern prince georges county tomorrow. because of all the clouds and showers, essentially holding in the 70s. in fact, break this down, only 74 at 11:00. only 77 by 1:00. and by 1:00, big-time storms possible in the immediate metro area. so yellow alert tomorrow, all day storms. there is some light at the end of the tunnel. morning clouds and partly cloudy and nice. temperatures back in the low to mid 80s and not humid. friday, nats back in town, very nice. warm on saturday, not
5:50 pm
uncomfortable yet and getting hot on sunday and monday with just isolated storms. nats still back in town with highs around 90. >> thanks so much, topper. it's not too often any of us get to make dreams come true, but when you're a professional athlete, you get to do that. dianne roberts introduces us to a teen who loves the team and got to enjoy some one on one time with her favorite player in richmond. >> it's more than x's and o's here at training camp. any time a player can spend a little time with a fan, it can brighten their day. we got to see a girl enjoy her time with the most popular guy on the team and he had fun, too. robert griffin, iii, had a new target sunday. 18-year-old, jamaya johnson from lusbee, maryland. they played catch. >> that extra work pays off. >> how was rg3 out there? do you like his arm? >> yeah. >> had in a race. >> and then there was the
5:51 pm
private autograph session. >> where you want it at? on here? >> yes , ma'am. >> she got the v.i.p. treatment as part of the charitable foundation and the make a wish foundation mid atlantic. the 18-year-old was diagnosed with renal failure until she received a kidney transplant last year. her wish was to meet her favorite player, rg3. >> yeah, i did. >> what was that like? >> exciting. >> it brings joy to my heart, because as she has been sick with kidney problems, this is like exciting for her and it pleases me. >> i remember when i was a kid and i wanted to meet, you know, some of my favorite athletes and never had the opportunity to. so make sure we spend the right amount of time with the right people. and she's one of them. >> she loves the redskins because they win. given their 3-13 season last year, that sounded confusing, but not given her perspective. >> basically, every time i go
5:52 pm
to the game they always win. >> so that makes you -- >> good luck charm. >> i'm sure the team hopes that is true, because jamaya has been invited to be the honorary captain monday when the team hosts the cleveland browns. she will be on the field for the coin toss. from richmond, wusa9 sports. thank you, dianne. and she was really interested in watching how the team did on offense and defense and when asked what kind of grade she would give their practice, she gave them an a. lesli. >> they will keep her around. coming up, how wearable technology is helping turn disabilities into advantages. >> but first, what to do with americans returning to the states after they have been exposed to the
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
more workers in ebola effected parts are returning to the u.s. >> no signs of letting up and it may have killed more people than the other ebola outbreaks combined. alfonzo has the story. >> a christian aid agency says three of its missionaries who lived in ebola infected areas of liberia are showing no signs of the virus since they returned to america. >> they were healthy when they got on the airplane in the monroe liberia. they were healthy and checked by nurse from the county before they deplaned at charlotte douglas airport. and they have been checking
5:56 pm
their health this morning. all are healthy. >> the organization flew the missionaries home sunday. they are in quarantine. s.i.m. aid worker who contracted ebola in liberia came back to the states last week. she remains in isolation in an atlanta hospital. one of the missionaries is nancy wright boll's husband, david. health workers say it's the worst ebola outbreak on record, responsible for a thousand deaths in three african countries. >> this is the worst. i'm afraid it's going to get worse. >> spanish doctors will treat a priest after he contracted ebola with a u.s. made experimental drug. it's the same ebola drug given to nancy writebol. alfonzo van marsh. cbs news. >> world health organization met in switzerland to talk about the ethics of who gets access to vaccines for ebola. a disease with no known cure.
5:57 pm
>> i'm jim at six flags in maryland where thrill seekers got a ride they were not expecting. >> children in the united states are dying because of this hidden hazard. they are deaths that could have been prevented. i'm andrea mccarren in washington. i'll explain coming up. >> the maker of the dietary supplement at the center of the corruption trial has just announced it is halting sales of anabolic. >> from the courtroom in richmond. peg, this is big news for the mcdonnell's and the star witness, johnny williams. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, it's called anatabloc. it's a product that star scientific made. that is johnny williams company. it is now called rock creek pharmaceuticals. that drug, the dietary supplement, not a drug, but that is made from tobacco
5:58 pm
plants. it has this compound in it. i asked the governor, former governor bob mcdonnell if he was still taking anatabloc and he said no. take a look at this video. it is former attorney general, jerry kilgore. he was not attorney general when bob mcdonnell was governor, but before that, and kilgore was hired by johnny williams and star scientific to try to help star scientific get state funded studies of anatabloc and talked about how that process went, how they could go about filing the right forms to get that study done. he also said that the launch party that was done at the governor's mansion, that they talked to some of the staff at governor's office and they didn't want to have it there, but it happened anyway. also today, we heard about the governor pitching anatabloc, take a look. >> what was that like when the governor pulled out the
5:59 pm
anatabloc? >> virginia's chefs said governor bob mcdonnell pulled out a bottle during a meeting on the state's health plan and said he used it and that it helped him and his wife. the prosecutor asked her if she had seen the governor take out a product like that before and she said no. she said she didn't know why he pulled it out. it was personal. >> what was it like? >> no comment. >> but lisa hicks thomas remembers it differently. the former secretary of administration recalls the governor saying that anatabloc would be good for state employees and asked them to meet with star scientific, the maker of anatabloc . that meeting never happened. testified today when the governor drove johnny williams ferrari, it hurt the moral of the executive protection unit. he asked the governor not to do it again. kent also remembered the state police superintendent calling to set up an interview with maureen mcdonnell about allegations that the chef at the mansion was stealing food.
6:00 pm
but investigators instead questioned her about gifts from johnny williams. she had no lawyer present. kent testified that when the governor heard about the interview, he was visibly upset. concerning the revelation that williams gave the first couple $70,000 in loans, kent said the governor told him he couldn't talk about it and was discussing with council. now the mcdonnell's needed those loans to help fill this huge void of the real estate that they owned that was under water in virginia beach, two beach houses that took a tumble during the recession


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