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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  August 11, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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he's the man you could count on to make you laugh, but tonight many are stunned about the tragic death of robin williams. >> reporter: 25 years in prison for a machine who nearly beat another man to -- man who nearly beat another man to death in this maryland parking garage. turns out it wasn't the first time he did it. it wasn't the first time it was caught on tape.
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>> a yellow alert tuesday, thunderstorms, some of which could produce damaging winds and heavy rains. >> and a safety check that could mean the difference between life and death for even the most experienced swimmers. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm lesli foster. there is shock and sadness this evening. just hours ago we learned of the sudden death of actor robin williams. >> the 63-year-old made us laugh countless times over the years, but inside he was hurting. his agent said he had recently been battling severe depression and this morning he was found dead in his home north of san francisco where he had apparently taken his own life. >> so now we take a look back at his career. >> good morning, vietnam! >> robin williams made people laugh. >> it's just that i have fun doing it. there's something that kicks in that's kind of a joy where you just get excited. >> with his comedic genius he managed to poke fun without
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being offensive. william spent much of his childhood in suburban detroit and started doing imitations early on to amuse himself. >> i was an only child. we moved from place to place. that was a reality. >> he went on to prestigious juilliard where he met christopher reeve. the two remained lifelong friends. williams' big break came when he landed the lead as the whacky alien in mork and mindy. his manic style led to big box office success with giant hits like mrs. doubt fire and good morning, vietnam. he was the voice of the genie in disney's aladdin setting the precedent for voice star power to sell animated films and he proved he could be as serious as he was funny. >> you've never held your best friend's head in your lap and watch him gasp his last breath. >> he won an oscar in his dramatic performance in goodwill hunting.
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with his acting and standup comedy williams won three grammy awards and six golden globes, but his success did not keep him out of trouble. williams fought an addiction to cocaine in the late '70s and early '80s and went to rehab for alcohol addiction in 2006. he checked into a facility this year to stay sober. he married three times leaving behind three children, two boys and a girl. in march of 2009 williams was hospitalized with heart problems. he put his comedy tour on hold to have valve replacement surgery, but he came back laughing. >> the cow valve is still working. i can crap standing up. >> he returned to cbs the crazy one bringing his go to skill. >> how much of 2"the script is you -- >> 23.5% improv. >> despite his inner turmoil williams was a steamroller on the stage and screen more than three decades often outrageous
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and always leaving them laughing. williams' wife susan says she is heartbroken over losing her husband and her best friend. >> hoe hopes the focus will -- she hopes the focus we not be on his death but on the countless joy and laughter he gave to millions. you start looking back at his career, just incredibly talented. late this evening president obama released this statement. robiwas an airman, a doctor, a genie, a president, a professor, peter pan and everything in between, but he was one of a kind. he arrived in our lives as an alien, but he understanded up touching every element of the -- ended up touching every element of the human spirit. he made us laugh. he made us cry. he gave us immeasurable talent freely and generously to those who need it most, from our troops station ad broad to the marginalized on her own streets. the obama family offers the williams family our condolences. thanks to robin williams.
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tonight if you are suffering from depression or feeling suicidal or know someone who is, we want you to know help is available right now. you can call 1-800-273-talk. that's the national suicide prevention lifeline. you can talk to a crisis counselor near you. again that number 1-800-273- talk. if you're feeling hopeless and depressed, you don't have to deal with it alone. >> we hope tonight you remember robin williams and all of those who might be suffering with the same conditions he had. switching gears to the other big story tonight, the weather. wusa9 meteorologist topper shutt declared tomorrow a yellow alert. >> looks like a wet ride to work in the morning, showers and a few thunderstorms pushing through, nothing crazy heavy but we're looking at some light activity up 270 and see the yellows out toward leesburg, a little heavier activity. get between leesburg and
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frederick back toward i-81, that's the heaviest activity around charlestown, everything pushing off north and east, but this is a prelude of what's coming our way. 5:00 tomorrow we have showers, nothing heavy in the morning for the metro but prepare for a wet ride to work, temps upper 60s and low 7s, by 7:00 still light showers -- 70s, by 7:00 still light showers, by 9:00 heavier showers and thunderstorms developing moving up 95. we'll come back and track these for you on futurecast and talk about the increasing possibility of severe weather. a maryland man will spend 25 years behind bars for his role in the severe beating of another man last year. >> today niccolo manzanero was sentenced after being convicted of attempted murder. mola lenghi shows us what happened during that vicious attack. >> the video can be tough to watch and as it turns out, there was more than one video used in this trial. the state's attorney says it
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helped make their case. again, a warning, it can be very, very graphic. [ screaming ] >> you might call it a fight, although it wasn't much of one. this of niccolo manzanero and a few friends beating a man nearly to death in a bethesda parking lot last year before one man intervened. >> you can't really believe one human being could do this to another human being because clearly the victim is down, unconscious and he's kicking his head into a concrete slab. >> manzanero seems to laugh about it in conversations recorded in jail after the beating. >> so six people beat him up. [ laughing ] >> prosecutors say this was not a one time thing for manzanero making that case with video of a separate incident, manzanero beating somebody up again. >> the second video put the lie to the entire tenor to the defense. this is a man who went out looking for a fight. >> in other recorded jail conversations even his friends seemed to try to help him, but
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he doesn't seem to hear them. >> the last two years you got to admit you were getting into [ bleep ] every other weekend. >> but i haven't been arrested. >> yeah, but you ain't got caught, but you've been doing the same [ bleep ]. >> jose lacey, a friend, says manzanero battles drug and alcohol addiction. >> i feel like the judge did not take this into consideration. i feel the only thing this judge cared about today was making an example out of him for montgomery county. >> lacey does not agree with the sentence saying less time in prison and more time in a drug and alcohol treatment program would have served manzanero better. lacey doesn't even agree of what his friend was convicted of. >> attempted murder stuff? if he wanted him dead, he would have killed him. >> i think but for the interaction of dillon rawls, the young man who works in the courthouse with me, the victim in this case would not have lived. >> i'm told that victim in this beating is still recovering, still going through some of that rehab. as far as the 25 year sentence,
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the state's attorney admits the judge went well beyond sentencing guidelines, but he called it absolutely appropriate. tonight a suspected killer is on the run wanted for shooting to death a 3-year-old girl. kannisha bibb was hit by gunfire yesterday at a home in landover in the care of relatives when police believe 25-year-old devon wallace opened fire on the house. the target was a young man who had stolen some clothes. the gunman fired about half a dozen bullets into the second floor and one of them hit that 3-year-old little girl. >> all i got is what she told me the last time i seen her, mama i love you. >> i don't know the word to say for him how you could take an innocent child's life. >> tonight police are searching for both devon wallace and the gun that was used in the shooting. there is a $25,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. jokers jinx will remain closed until officials at six
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flags can figure out why it stopped yesterday stranding dozens of passengers 100 feet in the air. thrill turned to terror for these folks. matt lepke and his cousin were three cars back when the ride came to a sudden stop. >> it felt like you've got hit from behind and i've been hit from behind by a semi before, but i've never been rammed like that at all. >> he was screaming and screaming. i'm trying to calm him down. it was crazy. >> you can imagine panic set in immediately. prince george's county firefighters arrived and it took them about six hours to get everyone down from what was supposed to be a 90 second ride. those guys say they are roller coaster enthusiasts. they won't let this experience stop them now. rock creek farm suit cams which used to be -- pharmaceuticals which used to be star scientific halted sales of anatabloc today. peggy fox asked former governor bob mcdonnell about taking the controversial dietary supplement. >> reporter: the former governor told us this evening
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he had not heard rock creek pharmaceuticals halted sales of anatabloc. we heard testimony today the former governor not only use ad nat block but pitched it to -- used anatabloc but pitched it to state officials. virginia's personnel chief sara wilson testified governor bob mcdonnell pulled out a bottle of anatabloc during a meeting on the state's health plan and said he used it and that had helped him and his -- and that it helped him and his wife. >> reporter: governor, are you still taking a in the block? >> no. >> reporter: the former secretary of administration recalls the governor saying that anatabloc would be good for state employees and asked them to meet with jonnie williams and star scientific, the maker anatabloc. that meeting never happened. >> it's sad for the governor and his family. >> reporter: former attorney general gary kilgore was hired by star scientific to help the company get state sponsored studies of anatabloc and testified that the governor's top staff were up happy the governor's mansion unhappy the governor's mention
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was hosting a launch party for anatabloc. mcdonnell's chief of staff martin kent testified today when the governor drove jonnie williams' ferrari, it hurt the morale of the executive protection unit. he asked the governor not to do it again. kent also remembered the state police superintendent calling to set up an interview with maureen mcdonnell about allegations that the chef at the mansion was stealing food. but investigators instead questioned her about gifts from jonnie williams. she had no lawyer present. kent testified when the governor heard of the interview, he was visibly upset. we heard a lot of testimony today about the loans from jonnie williams to bob mcdonnell and his sister's real estate company to cover the loss of two beachfront properties. the loans totaled $70,000 with no payment for three years. reporting in richmond peggy fox, wusa9 news. protests continue just outside st. louis where a teen was shot by police. an 18-year-old michael brown's
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family is demanding justice. >> a good boy, didn't deserve none of this. >> brown was shot multiple times over the weekend after a fight with a police officer in ferguson, missouri. he was not armed. benjamin crump is the family's attorney. he also represented the family of trayvon martin, another unarmed florida teen who was shot and killed by a neighborhood watchman. >> their baby was executed in broad daylight and that's why people are so outraged. >> st. louis county police department is investigating. the fbi is also looking into civil rights violations. we know tear gas has been fired at the crowds protesting tonight. last night two officers were hurt and 32 arrests were made during the riots. the officer who shot brown is on paid leave while the investigation moves forward. race car driver tony stewart will not race this weekend in indiana a scheduled, the 2nd race he's dropped out of since an accident last
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weekend in upstate new york. stewart hit and killed another driver saturday. 20-year-old kevin ward jr. climbed out of his car and was gesturing toward stewart when he was hit. the sheriff is investigating ward's death but says stewart is not currently under criminal investigation. only a few more weeks of summer left, but before you decide to cool off by jumping into the pool we've got a warning. >> that's right. after the break andrea mccarren tells us what she found when she pulled thousands of pages of pool inspections from around the area plus some tips that
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this next story could mean the difference between life and a sudden preventible death. it's especially important to consider during these hot summer months when folks are hitting the pools. >> andrea mccarren used the freedom of information acts to access thousands of pages of pool inspection reports and found some basic measures you can take to keep your family safe. >> reporter: if you go to a pool or a spot whether it's at someone's home, neighborhood or hotel, make sure every single drain -- spa whether it's at someone's home, neighborhood or hills, make sure every single drain has -- hotel, make sure every single drain has a cover. it could save a life. >> i have 6-year-old boy who
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loved to swim. >> that made zachary cohen's death even more devastating, his own life cut painfully short in his backyard swimming pool. >> we didn't know. >> his heartbroken family had no idea a dislodged drain cover could become a death trap. zach's arm was sucked into a pool drain, the force so strong even his father and another adult couldn't pry him off. >> it doesn't matter if you're a 330-pound bodybuilder or an 18-pound small child, the only way to get off that drain is by shutting off the pump. >> in this simulation watch closely as long hair is sucked into an uncovered drain and quickly becomes entangled. >> it can happen to anybody in any swimming pool at any time. >> it can take just 17 seconds to drown. >> you need to look at the pool, identify where the drains are and make sure that they
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have covers. if they do not have covers, do not get in that pool. >> we searched thousands of swimming pool inspection reports obtained through the freedom of information act from d.c. and several suburbs. >> it is the most unsafe situation that you ken counter. >> among the credit -- can encounter. >> among the critical violations uncovered? cracked and loose drain covers. they have since been corrected. >> he was a fun, happy, sweet boy. >> after her son's horrific death karen cohen is making sure other children live. >> it was really fun? >> yeah. we learned a lot of different things. >> you might think she'd stay away from swimming pools, but she's am braced them teaching children nationwide -- embraced themabout school safety. she know -- teaching children nationwide about pool safety. she knows zach would have wanted it that way. keep in line your first critical defense is the main drain cover, but you can purchase a second layer of protection for about $35.
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it's installed directly into the main drain, so if the cover becomes dislodged or breaks, this will keep your family safe. in washington, andrea mccarren, wusa9 news. this is a yellow alert day. now here's wusa9 first alert weather. >> high temperature 85 today, a little below average of 88, let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam. 74, humidity up there a bit at 73%, not terribly surprising this time of night, winds out of the southeast at 8. the winds will increase tomorrow. a small craft advisory has been issued for the bay and tidal potomac. i would recommend strongly not to be on the bay or tidal potomac tomorrow. doppler radar the past two hours, light rain through much of montgomery county and the district back in through fairfax spreading through howard county. you see the heavier rain in orange. this is not severe but heavier downpours west of leesburg down upperville down 50 past aldie.
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this is the prelude which rolls in tomorrow afternoon. some thunderstorms could be heavy, a few even severe. wet morning and evening commute. so grab the umbrella and allow extra type on both ends. threats, heavy rain which could lead to flash flooding. also gusty winds in some of the thunderstorms are the two threats. let's talk about the futurecast. we advance this now. we showed you the morning earlier. this the afternoon. now the models are trying to make the heaviest activity south of town. by 1:00 we have reds just east of fredericksburg pushing into southern maryland, charles county, calvert county, st. mary's county, -- temps in the 70s. by 1:00 showers and the activity across 95 into southern maryland. it changed a bit. so the model is having some trouble digesting the new guidance. be advised some of the storms could be heavy anywhere in the metro area late tomorrow
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afternoon, early tomorrow night. by 7:00 heavy activity east of town and back in the mountains. it will take a while for the front to get through. as we get to the 9:00 hour, we have light showers for d.c., montgomery and fairfax county and heavier activity along i- 81. by 11:00 still showers, even a little red in leesburg. going to be tough to walk the dog tomorrow night without getting wet as the cold front does not clear out until the wee hours of the morning wednesday. we are setting the stage for a nice stretch of weather. low 70s to start, 76 by 11:00, 79 by 1:00 with some showers and thunderstorms. there's your yellow alert, all day storms tomorrow and returning ly cloudy wednesday, not humid. nice on friday, mid-80s saturday, kind of hot sunday and monday, nats still in town,
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$60 per person per night. [ mom ] we may live in houses but we're born for busch gardens. now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> the washington redskins
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finished their final public practices today, one more walk- through tomorrow and it's back to ashburn. diane roberts has the latest on the injury front from richmond. >> reporter: players are about to head home from richmond, but they had practices today and they had injuries to nurse. people like desean jackson, ryan clark and more all trying to get back to good health. that includes d'angelo hall, the corner back who is nursing a back injury. he was back at practice this morning after leaving early monday with a bruised back. he woke up today he said feeling good, stretched, got treatment and insisted on hitting the practice field. while he's coming back slowly, he said he could play right now if he had to. >> if i had to play in a real game tomorrow, i'd be out there in a heartbeat. so if it was a meaningful game or a real game, i'd be out there without a doubt. >> reporter: on the verge of breaking camp in richmond and players can't wait to get to the real thing, they've enjoyed the hospitality of richmond the last three weeks, but they're
11:26 pm
ready to bolt. >> going to richmond is always a nice little get-away, nice little team experience. i'm ready to get home and sleep in my bed. a little homesick now. >> this city is great. it's more so we want to get home and sleep in our own beds and see our families. >> after staying in a hotel i'm ready to go home. so i'm actually glad to go back home, nothing against richmond, but it's just no place like home. >> reporter: tuesday morning is the last practice here in richmond and then players go home. they have a day off wednesday before getting back to work thursday, all in preparation for monday night's second preseason game of the year. they'll host the cleveland browns at fedex field. that means that guy johnny manziel, johnny football, he's going to be in the dmv. i'm diane roberts. back to you. >> that's going to be interesting. the orioles hosting the yankees tonight, but early on scary moment. manny machado at the plate shatters his bat and goes down
11:27 pm
in obvious pain. he turns on the swing and his knee turns in. we're told it's a sprain, more on that in a moment. the birds didn't let that distract them and rallied back. chris davis replaced machado crushes one in his first at bat. he makes it look so easy. that gives the birds a lead. they never look back. orioles crush the yanks 11-3. back to machado injured his right knee to be reevaluated tomorrow. they think it's a sprain. he missed the first month of the season knee surgery in the offseason on his left knee, big loss for the games. machado was batting .346 with eight home runs. the als ice bucket challenge made its way to owings mills. yesterday ravens receiver and former terp torrey smith did it. then he challenged kicker justin tucker and today tuck accepted and made a very interesting challenge. >> i'm going to call out kim kardashian west and her husband
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kanye along with both our brothers and their father jack. let's do this. >> one, two, three. whoa! >> one, two. >> the wests sh
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