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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  August 13, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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i'm kristin fisher outside the white house. the racial tensions are boiling over after an unarmed african american was shot and killed by police in missouri. i'll have the latest on this ongoing debate which is getting very tense. >> how do you explain that the loans weren't reported snap. >> the credit and debt of via -- reported? >> the credit and debt of virginia's first family, what
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we learned in court today. >> reporter: drones have the potential to change our lives as much as cell phones and gps, but can we operate them safely? >> another dust-up for facebook. should you be determined about yo privacy? i'm jim austin, that story coming up. first breaking news, four men shot in northeast d.c. the gunman is on the loose. it happened late tonight in the 100 block of 46th place. >> police tell us three men were taken from the scene, conscious, breathing. the fourth man was unconscious and not responding. we've got a crew headed to the scene. we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it in. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm lesli foster. look at other video tonight from ferguson, missouri. this is actually video from outside of d.c., but now we take you to ferguson there. that's where police were firing tear gas at protesters. they were out there despite a plea from the police chief to d
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unarmed teen during the day. there is outrage in d.c. tonight over the killing of michael brown, a small peaceful protest at the white house today which quickly heated up after someone walking by made a comment. kristin fisher shows us what happened. >> reporter: racial tensions erupted outside the white house when this man confronted a group of protesters peacefully demonstrating in support of michael brown. >> hands up. don't shoot. >> they're making it into a race issue and it's not a race issue. they say it happens disproportionately to african americans and i want to see the statistics that say that's true. you told me it wasn't a race issue and then 10 minutes later you tell me it was arab issue. >> i never told you it was not a race issue. this is a race issue. >> reporter: in these conflicts happening here tonight outside the white house, they're nothing compared to what's happening now in
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ferguson, missouri. today more protests in that st. louis suburb where a police officer shot and killed an unarmed michael brown just two days before he was supposed to start college. these protesters are calling for the officer who pulled the trigger to be identified, but so far the ferguson police department is refusing to do so out of "fear" for the officer's safety. >> 1 thing that i have pledged is that we will do a full, fair, complete and impartial investigation into this. nothing will be left untouched. >> reporter: the fbi has launched a civil rights investigation into the shooting pushing the question of race and the use of lethal force to the forefront of the national dialogue, but for these protesters it's an issue that never wanes. >> i'm out here for trayvon martin. i'm out here for mike brown. i'm out here for everyone in ferguson and st. louis county and in other parts of the country that have been discriminated and racially profiled by the police since the beginning of their lifetime. >> reporter: michael brown's parents demand the release of that officer's name, but so far the police department and city
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officials are unmoved. tonight that officer is on paid administrative leave as the investigation into what happened continues. tonight the search continues for two suspects in a shooting that injured an off- duty d.c. detective. he was shot around 3:00 this morning near pennsylvania avenue and southern avenue avenue in southeast d.c. two people inside a burgundy nissan altima you see there tried to carjack the detective. he tried to flee. he was chased and then shot multiple time. the officer is in stable condition. 27 -- times. the officer is in stable condition. 27-year-old romeo hayes has been charged with assault with intent to kill. there are two suspects out there tonight. there is a $25,000 reward for devon wallace charged with the murder of 3-year-old kannisha bibb. the little girl was shot and killed sunday in lan dove. if you -- landover. if you have any information,
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please call crime stoppers. you can remain anonymous. tomorrow maryland governor martin o'malley has ordered flags be flown at half staff from sunrise to sunset in honor of major general harold greene killed last week in afghanistan becoming the highest ranking officer to die in combat since vietnam. greene lived in falls church, virginia, but served at aberdeen proving ground in maryland. he will be buried tomorrow at arlington national cemetery. today in the mcdonnell corruption trial we learned just how much debt former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife maureen racked up on their credit cards. peggy fox tells us when mcdonnell became virginia's governor, he owed $75,000. >> reporter: according to an fbi agent who was just on the stand, the mcdonnells had a peak credit card debt of more than $90,000. >> governor, you came into office with $74,000 in credit card debt. do you ever regret being governor? >> no.
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campaigns are tough on families. >> reporter: virginia beach mayor and townebank president william sessoms answered questions about a loan application bob mcdonnell filled out that left out a $50,000 loan from jonnie williams to his wife. >> do you wish your side would start sooner rather than later? >> like to start two weeks ago. >> to tell your side of the story? >> we'll have our day. >> how do you explain the loans that they weren't reported? >> there's more to go. >> reporter: the mcdonnells applied for two refinancing loans to help cover losses at bob and his sister's beach houses in virginia beach. >> i just wish the best i can to bob mcdonnell. >> reporter: concerning another $50,000 jonnie williams loan, this one to mobo, bob mcdonnell and his sister's real estate company, sessoms testified because it's a corporate entity and does not have a personal guarantee from bob mcdonnell, he did not need to disclose it. in redirect the prosecution asked sessoms have you ever
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done a handshake deal with a corporation to which sessoms answered no. other bank representatives called by the prosecution. nan bolt from penfed credit union testified about another refinance application in which bob mcdonnell added the $120,000 in loans they received from jonnie williams only after his wife was questioned by state police. that fbi agent is back on the stand tomorrow morning. in richmond, peggy fox, wusa9. starting next wednesday same sex couples will be able to tie the knot in virginia as long as the supreme court does not intervene. today a federal appeals court denied a request to delay its rule which struck down the state's same sex marriage ban. next week out of state marriages will also be recognized. u.s. forces are trying to figure out how to bring thousands of refugees stranded on a mountain top in iraq to safety. a team of green berets completed a reson cancer mission on sinjar --
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reconnaissance mission on sinjar mountains. islamic terrorists are firing on the refugees and helicopters. u.s. warplanes have conducted strikes on terrorist positions and ezidis trapped on the mountain are receiving food and water drops, but it's not a long term survival plan. isis has vowed to kill them if they do not convert to islam. tonight chuck hagel said rescue strikes were less likely. a woman from chicago was found beaten to death stuck inside a suitcase outside the st. regis in bali. tonight cops say her teenage daughter and her boyfriend did it. the body of the 62-year-old was found tuesday and later police found mack's daughter and her daughter's boyfriend at a resort 6 miles away. they told police they'd been taken captive at the st. regis by an armed gang that killed mack and said they managed to escape, but hotel workers and a cab drive gave a far different
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story. the driver said the couple hailed him at st. regis, put several suitcases in, went back out to the resort and two hours later he was waiting and noticed blood on the luggage and drove to the police station. facebook is facing another dust-up about privacy and the app it's requiring some of its users to put on their computers. >> social media has been abuzz about the facebook messenger app. there's even a hashtag on twitter #facebookmessenger. >> reporter: facebook's attempt to get users to download its mobile messaging app has caused quite the stir on facebook. >> go to settings immediately. >> reporter: we were walked through the app and despite all the fuss about privacy concerns the control rests in your hands. >> when you download the app, you have to tell facebook how much information you want to share with them and that's part of their terms of agreement.
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basically it's your responsibility to know how much you're sharing. >> reporter: the myth you have to use the messenger app to message facebook friends. fact, it's only required when you're using iphone, not when you're messaging from your laptop. the myth, the mobile messenger app is new. fact it's not. facebook is just now requiring its mobile use. the myth? facebook terms of service are more invasive of your privacy for the mobile app. fact, it's the same terms of service for the main facebook app. on our facebook page people were sounding off tonight about the new app and a majority of commenters said they would not use the app which gets a poor rating from its current users. nonetheless all this buzz tech experts say is generally a positive for facebook. >> everyone complains about facebook, but at the end of the day if you're the one we're talking about it, it's free pr for them. two, you have a choice.
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if you don't agree with their policies, don't use it. >> reporter: facebook messenger app has been around since 2011 in. april users in europe were required to download that app. it's just getting around to the rest of facebook users. jim austin, wusa9. >> i've got too many apps to worry about now. >> i hear a lot of people saying they don't like it yet. >> you don't have to use it if you don't want to. ticks are coming and if they get under your skin, they can cause serious damage. >> in tonight's health alert why diagnosing lyme disease can be tricky for doctors. >> plus you'll meet a woman who went more than 20 years with the wrong diagnosis. >> reporter: the experts say drones have the potential to change our lives as much as cell phones and gps, but can we operate them safely? virginia tech now set to figure it out. i'm bruce leshan, this story coming up.
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>> i'm meteorologist topper shutt, high temperature 86 today, perfect. wakeup weather, you might want a sweater early, 59 to 66 at 5:00, in the 50s and 60s at 7:00, back up to 68 to 75 by 9:00. a refreshing start. i did make some changes to the forecast tomorrow. we'll talk about that and take you through the
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here's a question. how much do you love your phone? >> too much. >> the experts say someday you may be just as obsessed with your drone. >> today virginia tech launched one of just six faa authorized sites to test unmanned aircraft and bruce leshan was there. >> reporter: virginia tech launched its among the first in the nation drone test sites by demonstrating just how useful unmanned aircraft can be. a car crash, a truck leaking hazardous waste, after clearing bystanders an officer flies in a drone to see what's leaking, how many people are hurt and how best to rescue them without endangering anyone else. >> this is an air con 4.7, got a 12-foot wingspan. >> reporter: scores of companying are already jockeying to build and fly drones, but they're waiting for faa approval. >> you can use the night
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payload to fly over fires and spot fires. >> reporter: the virginia tech test site will conduct research to make sure unmanned aerial systems can fly safely in commercial airspace crowded with manned aircraft. >> it's not happening fast enough. i think everybody agrees we'd like this to happen quicker, but i'm a private pilot myself. i own an airplane and i'm flying up to washington tomorrow and i don't want to fly into an unmanned aircraft. >> reporter: the faa rules for small drones like these could be out within months. the rules for bigger unmanned aerial systems like this, those could take years to develop. >> this is billions of dollars, thousands of new jobs, safety my top concern. once we're past that let's get going. >> reporter: among the companies in the biggest hurry, tv news operations which want to use drones to capture everything from traffic jams to tornadoes. >> it's a conversation tweed -- we'd love to have.
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>> reporter: news industries are already talking with virginia tech about testing news drones right here. in blacksford, virginia, bruce leshan, wusa9. you're looking at a live picture in northeast d.c. d.c. police say four people have been shot. it happened about 9:30 tonight in the 100 block of 46th place northeast. we should tell you we are in the lincoln heights section of d.c. near the benning road metro station. we also can tell you that the four people that have been shot have been taken to local hospitals or at least that's what we're told, although we're hearing one of the victims is in pretty serious condition. we've also observed here as you can see scene in northeast d.c. that major crime homicide, a number of police officers are here on the scene. so repeating right now for you d.c. police say that four people have been shot in the 100 block of northeast d.c., 46th place in northeast d.c.
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near the benning road metro station. we'll have more on this story on facebook, on twitter, and, of course, in the morning. reporting live in northeast d.c., jim austin, wusa9. helping you plan your day, wusa9 first alert weather. >> live look outside, it is very much nice, actually i think we skipped ahead a month, 74 downtown, dew points in the low 50s, relative humidity 48%, very low this time of night and year. we have dew points in the 50s. that should tell you i can open my windows tonight. you'll need sunglasses most of the tomorrow, morning camp temperatures 68 to 76 between 9 a.m. and noon. you might need a sweater early with temps in the upper 50s. it will be a nice day. i did add a few isolated showers. so 5:00 in the morning we have 50s and 60s, 6:00 it's 63 downtown on futurecast, 56 in gaithersburg, 58 in leesburg.
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by 8:00 still low 60s in the burbs, 65 downtown and by 1:00 you'll see a couple green blobs toward leesburg west of manassas, lighting, nothing to worry about, a couple sprinkles possible. most of us won't see anything, 79 downtown at 1:00. want to walk to lunch, take a chance and leave your umbrella at the office, 80 by 3:00 and mid-70s by 3:00 out toward leesburg and gaithersburg. a couple more sprinkles possible about it. by 7:00 some sprinkles document toward southern maryland north of la plata into parts of prince george's county. by 9:00 temps start falling. we start clearing. 67 in gaithersburg, 69 in leesburg, disturbance passes to the south. showers could linger into southern maryland, st. mary's, calvert and charles county. 62 in gaithersburg by 11:00, 65 in leesburg. walk the dog late tomorrow night, you might need a sweater. break this down, 60s to start,
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69 at 9:00 and 75 at 11:00, a few clouds and maybe a sprinkle by 1:00, temperatures near 80. next three days isolated shower tomorrow, a great day, fantastic friday, 82. i didn't change that. 86 saturday, very nice, a little warmer but not humid. nats come back into town friday. you watch the game on 9 if you can't go to the ballpark, almost hot sunday, 92, isolated storms, burgundy and gold and the nats both playing monday night, upper 80s. nice on tuesday, isolated storm wednesday, temperatures inch back up to about 90. in tonight's health alert a condition often called the great imitator is a complex disease from a small bug that mimics many other illnesses. >> andrea roane tells us thousands of lyme disease cases are reported every year, but experts say thousands more may have been exposed. >> it's a bacteria that lurks in the woods throughout the mid- atlantic.
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it's called lyme disease and it's transmitted from the bite of a deer tick. lyme disease has been reported in 49 of the 50 states, but it's most prevalent in the northeast from maine to virginia. 30:7f6,000 cases of lyme disea are reported every year, but some experts believe up to 10 times more cases are out there. >> i'm not surprised at all and i actually think the number is much, much higher. >> reporter: while living in new england andrea sees her first noticed major debilitating system when she was very young before lyme disease was recognized by the medical community. >> they started with constant migraines at age 11, body pain, extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, things like that. >> reporter: what were they telling your parents? what did they suspect this was? >> they thought i was just a sickly child. >> reporter: it would be
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another 26 years before she was diagnosed and by then the bacteria had ravaged her brain. >> as i got holder it turned into psychological things like paronoia and tension. >> reporter: many of us could have been exposed to lyme antibodies, but the damage can vary person to person. >> if we do a random antibody person to person, about 60% would have the exposure positive. >> reporter: for many people after the first exposure the body can take care of it in the early stages and they don't have complications. >> it's exactly like flu. some people the simple flu can cause major problems and even can cause death and it's exactly the same thing with lyme disease. >> reporter: now andrea is being treated for the damage the lyme disease caused to her brain. >> i take about 50 supplements, medicine, antibiotics a day.
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>> andrea wrote a book called a twist of lime that highlights her struggle with the illness. if you see a tick on your body, remove it, place the tick in a ziploc bag and send it to a lab to get tested. this is the best way to tell if [ female announcer ] it's the sears one day sale
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> the washington nationals have yet to lose to the mets on the road this season. nine straight victories at citi field. last night it was a rookie lighting up the scoreboard. tonight it was another new national getting it done, a young nats fan, check him out going to town on that hotdog. he got a good game tonight. top 8 nats up 2-1 asdrubal cabrera a shot to the right, his first home run as a national. ian desmond way head up play gets matt den dekker tagged at home, nice defense. nats win their 10th straight at citi field. 3-2 the final. this saturday nats on 9, a match-up between two playoff contending teams. the nats host the pirates first
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pitch 7:05 here on wusa9. baltim oreswith orioles magic tonight against new york. bats came alive in the 8th inning. first jonathan scope tying the game. four runs in the 8th inning, birds complete the two-game sweep, they're eighth consecutive series victory. the washington wizards getting some love a season after making the playoffs to a 10th nationally televised game. they open the season october 29th at miami. lebron james and the cavs come to town friday, november 21st. we will get a christmas day matinee in new york. they face the champions spurs on the 21st and on the 23rd they face oklahoma city and the raping mvp kevin durant. tom watson's job got easier, the golf veteran in charge of selecting members of the u.s. ryder cup team.
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nine players get automatic bids. watson picks three more. one of them was a debate whether it was tiger woods or not. unfortunately tiger won't be one of them. he informed watson he will not be able to play in the cup at the end of september. here's a statement that woods released saying the following, "i've been told by my doctors and trainer that my back muscles need to be rehabilitated and healed. they've advised me not to play or practice now. i plan to return to competition at my world challenge tournament in orlando, florida, december 1st through 7th." we showed you the ravens, nats and caps, but how about some burgundy and gold? linebacker ryan kerrigan doing the ice bucket challenge, the delayed reaction, shock of the cold. he challenged redskins fan dale earnhardt, jr. and pierre garcon getting drenched.
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