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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  August 22, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> jim: as part of u.s.a. football month, u.s.a. football and the nfl salute the more 5500 youth leagues and high schools nationwide representing more than one million players registered for heads up football this season, heads up football a new program dedicated to making the game better and safer. parents should make their kids -- make sure their kids' coaches are u.s.a. football certified. for more, visit
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>> jim: on the first down, the packers give it to harris yet again. how about the questions out of the nfc north. new faces on the defense of the bears including jared allen, jim cadwell takes over as head coach in detroit and the pack -- jim caldwell takes over as head coach. the packers. bridgewater. is he ready? >> phil: no, he's not going to start the season. matt cassel a capable quarterback, good preseason so far. >> jim: previous play the run by perkins and that time it was chris harper for 27. >> phil: really good throw by scott tolzien that time. gets the protection for the packer quarterback has been outstanding tonight.
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>> jim: harper came into the league drafted in the fourth round by seattle, waived and picked up by the packers. >> phil: answer the question about nfc north if i get a chance. >> jim: perkins. all those questions. the defense of the bears first. >> phil: i'm going to go minnesota first. they could be the sleeper. the defense. mike zimmer, look out. they're going to hit the quarterback. they've got some pass rushers. norv turner is on the offensive side. i think they're one of the sleeper teams in the league. >> jim: the bears going to work on defense. >> phil: that offense is going to rock and roll but the defense, jared allen new faces, defensive tackles, they've only got to be pretty good on defense because their offense i think is going to be outstanding. >> jim: second and seven. we'll get to detroit next. tackled behind the line of scrimmage. >> phil: detroit, jim caldwell goes down there and takes over,
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that team has a personality, i've got to see it to believe it. can you get the personality changed to make it go on the field and be somebody you fear every week? they have superstars but it doesn't show when you watch them play. jim caldwell has a lot of work to do and i'm interested to see if they turn it around. detroit's got the hard part down. four or five potential superstars. >> jim: across the middle, a nice looking throw and that picks up the first down. >> phil: the green bay packers. they didn't tell us this. i'm just saying this. watching them, looking on paper, seeing it here tonight, this is a team that's ready to compete big time in a very tough nfc. they're absolutely a super bowl contender and that game at
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seattle, don't discount it. it's a big game for what might happen at the end of the year. >> jim: perkins. the flag. i know you love the packers. talking about it as we prepared for the game a couple days ago. what you are saying about the game in seattle to open up the season. who knows, that could in the end have home-field consequences on the line all those months later. >> phil: that's crazy to say opening day. the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of captionmax, which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions, are not responsible for the accuracy, or completeness of any transcription, or for any errors in transcription. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> jim: first and 20. perkins is ridden down after a
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gain of three. >> phil: real quick because we talked about it tonight, the raiders, i think you can see with your eye, they are a better football team. they are making progress. the roster is better. the depth. they've got a lot of things fixed. but will it show in the won-loss record? that's the question. >> jim: the depth may have taken a hit tonight, kory sheets suffered an injury that took him to the locker room and the biggest one we're waiting word on is sio moore carted off the field. second and 17. that's to harper for a gain of six. the raider opening up at the new york jets and then hosts houston, at new england, the raiders this year the most traveled team by air miles because of the game in lond. al they'll be traveling by air.
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a free coach ticket for every player on the roster. >> phil: at the start of the season they go "we can win these games." >> jim: well defended. thorpe. look at the miles. 10,000 more miles traveling this year than the seahawks. the dolphins the raiders' opponent at wembley stadium. for the first time in a long time we are not going to be in london. >> phil: i loved that trip. >> jim: mason crosby. crosby's kick is just left.
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from premium hickory ham and 100% real cheese. >> jim: tomorrow at 3:00 eastern time, we'll be on for the fedexcup, the pga playoffs for the fedexcup, barclays from ridgewood in new jersey where
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adam scott shares the lead after 36 holes with cameron tringale, jim furyk, evan todd -- brendon todd, kevin chappell, ernie els, henrik stenson, jason day in the thick of it too. mcgloin. has it over to butler for a first down. tracy. >> tracy: i'm here with packers running back eddie lacy. i have to ask. what's up with the hat? >> i had a regular hat but i kept turning it backwards. they gave me this one so i can't turn my hat backwards. >> tracy: this is the game we see the starters play deep into the game, at least the half. you scored a touchdown and that's about it. are you surprised you only played that little? >> i thought i was going to play two or three series but coach said he liked what he saw in the first series. >> tracy: how about for you the difference between year one and year two.
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>> the difference is it's a lot slower for me. i'm not pressuring myself. i'm not rushing. i'm not overtaking. i'm going out and playing natural. >> tracy: today was a special day for you. you bought your parents a house. you tweeted it that they closed on it. how important was it to see your parents finally able to get into the house that you got them? >> they have been in the trailer for a long time now and whenever she went to the house she sent me pictures of it and you could see how happy they were and i just feel like i'm a blessed tidkid to be able to move them from a trailer into a house. >> tracy: congratulations. we wish you good luck this year. >> jim: way to go, eddie lacy. i love that story. absolutely. >> phil: almost all kids dream to do something like that for their parents. >> jim: no question. >> phil: tracy knows him well. she interviewed him many times in those alabama games she covered.
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>> jim: all those years, the s.e.c. on cbs. mcgloin has his target. butler racing in for the touchdown. brice butler. >> phil: mcgloin looked sharp every time i watched him play, good footwork, hops around, gets rid of the footbquall icker. made a few good throws where he got nothing out of them, throwing the ball with more power and, of course, the second year under greg olson, offensive coordinator, he has this offense up and down, shows when he goes in. >> jim: brice butler looking good. >> phil: he can catch your eye just the way he looks. >> jim: two-point try went to --
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incomplete. >> phil: criner unable to catch it. rolle broke up passes, been everywhere, he solidified his spot and his place on this football team, no doubt. >> jim: exchanges words with trent edwards who came into the league had through the buffalo bills by way of stanford. happy day fo eddie lacy. >> phil: it certainly is, preseason, better player than he was last year, i like the hat. >> jim: i like it. >> phil: they issue these to all the players in the nfl. every team has them. so when they walk around during training camp they have
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something to wear. i don't know if i could carry it off. >> jim: actually, you know you couldn't. the return out across the 20. kevin dorsey. let's take you to the afc north since we're going to open up thursday night football on cbs with the steelers and ravens, of course, division winner last year, cincinnati. they're looking to even be better this year, marvin lewis. how about the steelers? are they going to get back on top? looking out of sync last night on offense. how about the ravens. how will they respond after sitting out the postseason? lastly, all those questions abt cleveland. hoyer is going to start the season at pittsburgh. what do you think about that? >> phil: i think they made the right decision. if you want to run your offense, you start brian hoyer but they have enough weapons on the
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offensive side for the cleveland browns to be a serious team and sneak out there and win nine or 10 games. >> jim: the ravens. last season coming off a super bowl injury and did not back that up with a postseason trip. >> phil: i say this about baltimore, premier quarterbacks around the nfl, they always have top-flight nfl lines. the team does whatever it takes. last year, pittsburgh and baltimore, their offensive lines got away from them and their quarterbacks didn't play as well as they wanted. >> jim: two-minute warning. here in the fourth quarter. wondering what that is? that, my friends, is everything. and with the quicksilver card from capital one, you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase. not just "everything at the hardware store." not "everything, until you hit your cash back limit." quicksilver can earn you unlimited 1.5% cash back
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>> jim: just to wrap it up. with two minutes to go, we did not have a chance on the front side of it to talk about the bengals who are the reigning division champions out of the afc. >> phil: they've got so many returning players on the offensive side. jeremy hill, exciting running back from l.s.u. to add to that offense. the bengals, the one big worry about them, depth. do they have back-ups in case they lose a few players? i don't know.
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andy dalton. we finished the year last year with him. looks good so far in preseason. got a new contract. they're never going to get off him until he wins a playoff game. >> jim: we want to say regarding sio moore who was carted off the field in the first half with a neck injury is what the raiders have report to us. he's been taken again to the local hospital for observation. we don't have more information to pass along at this time but our thoughts are with him and hopefully some good news will be revealed here in the next couple hours. >> phil: the good news is, i hope for sio moore's family and friends is that the raiders are in contact with them so they have all the latest information and how things are going and you are right, our thoughts and prayers are with them.
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>> jim: the raiders have called a time out. not sure why. 1:10 to go. they're going to get mcgloin back out there for a few more snaps. >> phil: there are always reasons why. i don't think it's as much for the quarterback. it might be let's see these receivers. keep giving them opportunities. it would not surprise me to see the raiders next week in their final preseason game play their starting offense and keep looking to build on what they've tried to accomplish so far this preseason. >> jim: we talked with dennis allen about an early look at what he thought he would do for the final preseason game. he did not expect to play schaub in that game he said tousa i couple days ago, derek carr appearance plus matt mcgloin. jenkins on the return fighting for a roster spot, special-teamer a year ago who returned a fumbled kickoff on
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thanksgiving day at dallas for a touchdown to open that game. >> phil: jim, you talk about these quarterbacks tonight, green bay, i thought all their quarterbacks were sharp with some of what they did, maybe not the receiver and the connections but the raiders, i thought matt mcgloin, everything we have seen in the first preseason games continues to get better and if it was me, if i was matt schaub i would want to play some next week to get some rhythm, to get more confident and to get his teammates confident in what he can do on the field. it's been a rough preseason. the numbers lie a little when you look at what he's done. >> jim: that ball deflected at the line. >> phil: even when you're a veteran quarterback you like to have positive results in the preseason. >> jim: adrian hubbard gettinga hand on it. mcgloin last year in one of his starts.
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he looked good in that game and i know he's going against not the starting unit or defensive unit of green bay but even looks better tonight. >> phil: i think you can see it physically. >> jim: throws like that should have been caught. throws it a little behind criner, but that should have gone for about 20. >> phil: that's a routine nfl catch. the raiders have done it too. they have not made enough contested catches, hard catches, the defenders close to them, they always let the defender get their hand in there and they've got to be more aggressive. it's football. the aggressor always wins. >> jim: third and 10. mcgloin. he has the hookup with criner, who makes the tough catch on this occasion. >> phil: a terrific throw, a guy coming free and mcgloin stayed on his back foot and put the
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perfect touch on it. >> jim: dennis allen told us "this game is a barometer for us, we've got to show we can go on the road and when we have a tough road assignment we can play well" to the sideline to holmes who tiptoes fora big gain. big barometer. what do you think he takes out of it? >> phil: a lot of positives. i really do. this is not the typical, raorganized -- or disorganized ider football team, jim. i don't care if it's the back-ups. these are really a lot of quality throws by matt mcgloin. i can't get over how his arm has got so much more pop than last year. >> jim: definitely can see it. that is broken up. ryan white, who denied the pass to george atkinson iii, george atkinson the son of the great
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defensive back for the raiders. soul patrol with jack tatum, willie brown and skip thomas, that remarkable secondary and those incredible years for the raiders. his dad still a part of the organization. does a lot of broadcast work for them. his son trying to make the team. mcgloin to the end zone. that's a nice catch. again, brice butler. brice butler outbattling -- you talked about you've got to be the aggressor. >> phil: a couple nice contested catches and we knew why dennis n allecalled the time out. let these guys get more routes downfield. one thing about the raiders, not a dink-and-dunk offense. they hammer that football downfield when they throw it. a lot of pressure on the offensive line to provide time and then pressure on these quarterbacks to make downfield
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throws. >> jim: touchdown has been confirmed. they go for two. a running play. atkinson finds the end zone. >> jim: do you think they'll onside kick? atkinson able to go in for two. he grew up around this team as a young man. went off to play football for notre dame. their all-time leader at notre dame in kick-return yardage. number 43, 1968 to 1977, came out of the draft class right after the raiders had lost super bowl ii to green bay, came out of that draft class and had a stellar career, did his father.
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>> phil: exciting -- excited, isn't he, you can tell, he's breathing deep, cutback, the running lane. >> jim: i would like to see him get a chance in the return game. he starred in that for the fighting irish as i mentioned, their school all-time leader in kick-return yardage. goessling boots it away. no need for an onside kick. dennis allen got what he wanted out of that time out. a few more throws for mcgloin, confidence for him, confidence for criner and a whole lot for -- i've got to think brice butler will make this football roster. >> phil: he showed up. the raiders have a lot of guys that look the part and the one i was waiting for tonight, i thought they might try to showcase him was greg little. he never got to be part of the pass willing game.
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didn't see him play that much >> jim: one catch on the night after being jettisoned by the browns where he had a bad case of the drops, former second-round pick and not seeing that much action tonight. the game is over. the packers take it 31-21. coming up next for most of you, your late local news. aaron rodgers with a greeting there to matt schaub. eddie lacy saw one series and he was dominant. for phil simms, tracy wolfson and mike carey, jim nantz, so long from green bay, we'll see you tomorrow, golf at 3:00 eastern time. you have been watching the nfl on cbs. >> cbs sports thanks you for
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watching this presentation of the national football league.
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is the terror group, isis, a threat to our home land? >> the unknown certainly plays into it. >> an emotional close. former virginia governor, bob
11:29 pm
mcdonnell, says he did not break any laws. a look at his final day in court and whether his wife will testify. >> we'll be tracking showers and thunderstorms on saturday. will it warrant a yellow alert? we'll talk about that. also let you know if we can salvage a nice sunday. >> and our washington nationals streaking toward 11 wins in a row. but, you got to fly pretty high to get over the giants from san francisco. >> the strong words tonight from top u.s. commanders about isis. good evening, i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm derek mcginty. called isis execution of james foley a terror attack against the united states and national security advisers say president obama is weighing his options to deal with the growing threat from isis terrorists. >> you come after americans, we're going to come after you wherever you are, and that's what is going to guide our planning. >> this isn't a classic army with an order of battle that
11:30 pm
you can take a look at a map and say this is how many they have. >> top commanders say those air strikes against isis targets in northern iraq have slowed down the advance, but their foothold is really in syria and president obama has been leery from getting drawn into that syrian civil war. but the chairman says at some point the syrians will have to be dealt with. the department of homeland security and the fbi sent a bulletin out warning u.s. and law enforcement today. >> it did not say there was a known isis threat to the u.s. home land, but reminded officers to be alert and aware. >> i'm jim, a university of maryland expert says an isis terror threat in the homeland is real. the beheading of the u.s. journalist by isis, could be a precursor of what's to come. >> the unknown. i mean, it certainly pls into it. kind of playing off of this fear and brutality of beheading somebody. >> and there's legitimate fear
11:31 pm
isis terrorists could strike the homeland. >> these terrorists who are going to come overseas and conduct attacks. whether they are act active shooter scenarios. >> there have been reports of a small group of americans who have joined isis, positively identified by the u.s. government. since june, there's been an increase in the social media techniques and tactics to persuade and recruit, in particular, its active use of twitter. >> they understand that this is a medium that they can utilize that is free. they can have a good level of operational security because i can start an e-mail account and start putting up different pieces of information. >> there has been a backlash as well using the hashtag, isis media blackout. as twitter users urged others not to show the video or other graphic images. isis captured attention because of the social media campaign. the unthinkable act committed when it beheaded james foley.
11:32 pm
the maryland researcher said the terrorism front is so much bigger than isis. >> this is not just one problem. we keep concentrating on something that has a name factor. it has name reck recognition, but there are many other militant groups, those opposing the islamic state, which hate the united states and want to fight us. also use social media and brutal tactics. >> speaking of the name, isis, you may hear the obama administration refer to isl. they are the same islamic group. wusa9. >> in addition to the handful of american members of isis, more than a thousand western europeans joined isis as well. around 3 00 from france and 500 from great britain. most, if not all have passports that would have allowed them to travel freely to the u.s. derek. jan, after 2 1/2 days of sometimes very emotional testimony, bob mcdonnell wrapped up his week on the witness stand today and while yesterday it looked like the
11:33 pm
former virginia governor was blaming his problems on his wife, maureen, peggy fox reports that mcdonnell seems to change his tune. >> reporter: bob mcdonnell accepts responsibility for what happened, but says he did not commit any crimes. >> my job is to tell the truth and that's what i did to the best of my ability. >> bob mcdonnell said he holds himself responsible and does not blame his wife. he said he got his life out of balance. >> i have my heart and soul to virginia. i worked as hard as i could and sometimes my wife and children got short end of the stick and having time with my kids. and a little time to be dad and friend and not governor was the best time that i had. >> have you taken any gifts? >> you blamed him in part for your situation, but not maureen. can you explain that?
11:34 pm
>> i'm the governor. i'm responsible. >> why did bob mcdonnell take a $50,000 loan for his beach properties from johnny williams? he said on the stand he didn't find out about the check until after it appeared and it was wife, maureen, who got johnny to write it. he asked williams for another $20,000 to renovate the beach properties because williams offered. mcdonnell said he thought the loans were perfectly legal and that williams never asked him to do anything. defense attorney, henry, asked mcdonnell if you thought mr. williams was trying to corrupt your office, would you have taken the loan? mcdonnell, absolutely not. about that mansion lunch that promoted anatabloc, it was maureen's event and he had no say in the invite list, which came from johnny williams. >> you got emotional on the stand today. >> yeah, i did. >> what was that? >> thinking about the last cabinet meeting. ing about my time as governor.
11:35 pm
i'll be ready to take the next chapter soon. >> mcdonnell does blame johnny williams in part. he thought he was a friend, but misjudged him and watched him come into federal court to save himself and make false statements. monday morning, maureen mcdonnell's defense team will be able to ask bob mcdonnell questions. reporting in richmond, wusa9. >> and speaking of maureen mcdonnell, unlike her husband, she is not expected to take the witness stand. jan. >> derek, another protest at a memorial protest in ferguson, missouri. national guard troops called in are clearing out of the st. louis suburb following two straight nights of calm. michael brown will be layed to rest next monday. his parents tell cbs news they want the current prosecutor removed from the case because of his close rupps with the police community and want officer wilson arrested. >> this is a repeated pattern that has been going on here in missouri, not just st. louis. and you can't call the police on the police. >>


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