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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  August 28, 2014 7:00pm-7:27pm EDT

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peggy fox reports the former governor talks about his situation with jonnie williams. >> reporter: on his final day of testimony former governor bob mcdonnell was surrounded by his children. >> my son just got back from duke last night. my other son is coming back from vanderbilt. >> reporter: mcdonnell said he accepted many of the gifts from jonnie williams such as government outings and vacations to spend more time with his family. he of ited he didn't know about other gift -- he testified he didn't know about other gifts to maureen and could not have conspired with her because the two were barely communicating. the final witness was fbi agent katherine web are and found in the 22 months covered -- weber and found in the 22 months covered in the charges mr. and mrs. mcdonnell spent 90% of their nights together, but the defense poked some holes in her testimony. >> that argument was somewhat diminished by the fact they didn't draw the chart to scale.
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>> reporter: political analysts say it will come down to who the jury believes, jonnie williams or bob mcdonnell. >> williams certainly initiated a corrupt bargain. the question i think that's going to be in the jurors' minds and it will be interesting to see how the judge instructs them is that did bob mcdonnell commit any official acts on behalf or you might say to complete his part of the bargain that jonnie williams thought he was initiating? >> reporter: mcdonnell testified that he thought jonnie williams was a friend but misjudged him. after this whole ordeal are you less trusting of people? >> no, no. i mean all human beings are fallible. it's what the good book says and i'm one of them. >> reporter: do you forgive jonnie williams? >> sure. thank you. >> reporter: mcdonnell says his whole family is in town celebrating their daughter
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cali's 30th birthday. closing arguments begin tomorrow morning. >> whether the jury gets the case tomorrow afternoon or tuesday depends on how long closing arguments and jury instructions take. the roommate did it, that according to prince george's county police tonight about a gruesome murder over the weekend in laurel. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in laurel where there's been an arrest in an apartment here at arden point is being searched after two suspects were charged with killing, then cutting up their roommate. arrested now is 32-year-old santos mejia-yanes. a warrant is out and a search on for another roommate, 34- year-old bayron cruz vargar who is on the run, both men accused of killing and dismembering 28- year-old roommate jacinto perez whose body parts turned up in plastic bar gain bags sunday morning dumped on the -- garbage bags sunday morning dumped on the grounds of apartment complex and
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dumpsters. this afternoon the lead investigator said it started with an argument between the three roommates sharing an apartment in this building on finsbury court saturday that quickly turned violent. police do not believe any of this is gang related. in laurel scott broom, wusa9. the cops are also looking for a man who attacked a woman in prince william county last night around 10:00 near lee highway and the gainville square shopping center. theville says her attacker pushed her down -- the victim says her attacker pushed her down an embankment and then sexually assaulted her. she battled the guy several minutes and managed to climb out of that embankment and screamed for help. the suspect took off running into the woods described as a hispanic male, 5' 6 inches tall, muscular, thin build, dark hair, crew cut, clean shaven. the nfl issued a new policy today to deal with players who commit domestic violence. players would be sun to a six week suspension on -- subject
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to a six week suspension on the first offense and banned for life on the second. commissioner goodell said he did not get it right for suspending ray rice for only two games for allegedly hitting his now wife during the offseason. goodell wrote domestic violence and sexual assaults are wrong, illegal, they are never acceptable and have no place in the nfl under any circumstances. dave owens joins us now. there was a lot of pressure obviously the nfl and commissioner to make this change. >> i think most people thought two gamessen nearly enough and big ups to the commissioner for doing what he did, six games instead of two. i think he got it right this time. >> things are going to change down the line. meantime there is some more fake football to be played tonight. >> let's not kid ourselves, fourth preseason game, not must see television, starters not playing and kirk cousins won't play either tonight. colt mccoy gets the start, must see television? not. many were hoping kirk would play so the quarterback
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controversy fires would be stoked even more. i get it. there is no quarterback controversy, but the more kirk plays well, the more the conversation gets bantered around, good talker. he is a more polished pocket passer and he's looked it in the preseason, but you won't get to him, won't bait him into the qb controversy thing. kirk is just taking the humble road. >> i'm just trying to do the best i, can keep getting better. while yeah, there were a lot of good plays in the game saturday night, there's a lot of plays i can look back and say i can do better than that. you can point out the positives and just as mumps negatives. there's a lot of -- much as negatives. there's a lot of things to work on. >> the running back battle, who is going to be that change of pace back? i think wide receiver will be an interesting battle as well. these guys are 54, 55, 56 right now on the bubble on the 53 man roster. >> who is going to make it on the team and get to practice
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and who we will never see again. >> this is their last shot. >> thank you, sir. speaking of football could a new stadium be enough to bring the super bowl to washington d.c.? nice to think about. redskins owner dan snyder tells comcast sportsnet the team has begun the process of exploring a new home. snyder says he does not know if the facility would be in virginia, d.c. or maryland. of course, d.c. council member jack evans knows what he wants. >> i think it's terrific that he's looking at building a new stadium here in the district of columbia. the place to build a new football stadium is right at the rfk site. >> that's what we want to say, we d.c. people. other city leaders have said they would not support a new redskins stadium in d.c. unless the team changes its name and the redskins have been playing at fedex in landover since '97 and still have another 13 years on that lease. >> doesn't look like he's changing the name at this point. perhaps virginia. it's almost september and we are bracing for only the
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second heatwave of the summer. >> first alert meteorologist erica grow says it will be a hot holiday weekend weekend forecast. i guess it's sort of get it now or you may not get it. >> we'll see the heat building as we head into the holiday weekend, but today was another gorgeous day. we got up to 86 degrees. our average high is 85 in late august. it wasn't just the temperatures were comfortable today, but the humidity was low, so it felt great to be outside. on satellite and radar you can see high pressure is dominating the entire northeastern united states. that's why we had such a nice day, but there is a storm system on the approach. the warm front of this storm system will lift to the north of the d.c. metro. that warm front will not bring us the rain you saw there. the cold front will eventually bring us rain. with the warm front moving through we'll see temperatures on the rise, but before that happens we have another night with the high pressure dominating, so it's going to be nice and cool and comfortable. you can rest the ac tonight in
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gaithersburg and laytonsville with a low of 56 degrees. rockville in silver spring drops down to 50 thine tonight. in springfield and dale city we'll hit 58 degrees, 65 for the low in downtown d.c., 61 in fort belvoir. we'll talk more about the increase in heat and humidity and the chance for thunderstorms returning to the metro area coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast. coming up human tests on an experimental ebola vaccine are about to get underway in our backyard. we'll give you the details. >> but up next why answering the call to slow down on one capitol hill community's road 4
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folks in one northeast d.c. neighborhood say the police need to move faster to make the streets safer for pedestrians especially after a woman was injured after being hit by a cab. >> we go to capitol hill where changes are afoot but not
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happening fast enough for some. >> reporter: maryland avenue northeast, a highway for commuters running through a neighborhood of parks and schools seems easier to cross these days. >> now it's a much shorter crossing, so i feel much more comfortable. >> reporter: residents here were asking ddot to fix the intersection of maryland avenue at seventh and d street for years. it was too complicated. drivers were speeding, not yielding to librarians. after head librarian elizabeth yang was run over by a taxicab after leaving work one night ddot made immediate improvements. you can see the white islands here that go along with the new fluorescent crosswalk signs and ddot built a speed at the intersection of seventh and d. lang suffered multiple fractures and a concussion when she was run over in a crosswalk in june and has not returned to work since. >> it shouldn't take someone being hurt or killed to make changes to things like that when we know they need to be
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made. >> it's improved things considerably. it's still not perfect. not of car is stopping, but we're getting -- every car is stopping, but we're getting better compliance with people in the crosswalk. >> reporter: residents are demanding a traffic light be installed at this intersection near an elementary school. >> i have some people stop and some people keep on going even if i'm out there. >> reporter: ddot expects to make a decision soon on the traffic light, but more involved changes to the maryland avenue corridor could take a couple more years. the agency is studying whether to remove a car lane in each direction. >> there's a historic review process that we're about to start. there's a lot of traffic analysis that needs done. >> reporter: the agency's george branion says federal approval is necessary to take lanes away because these streets are on the historic l'enfant grid. residents say it's taking too long and fear it will take another person getting injured or killed to force the district to act faster.
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>> a crosswalk enforcement operation was conducted along maryland avenue northeast and 15 drivers were busted for failing to yield to pedestrians. however, the corridor has proven just as dangerous for drivers. at the nine intersections along maryland avenue between seventh and 14th street 188 crashes have occurred in the past six years and only nine involved pedestrians and bicyclists. it was a very happy 32nd birthday for a rockville man. michael lu says he was just happy to see another day and today he got a chance to thank the woman who helped save his life. >> i never thought that i would live only to be 31, but after what happened it made me appreciate life and it made me appreciate something as simple as a birthday. >> lu met heather who performed cpr on him while he collapsed on a trail in rockville jogging
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in may. heather said she could not have done it without the help of the dispatcher who talked her through it. lu was in a coma four months but is now in custody. coming up a hollywood super couple finally walking down the aisle. >> they were able to keep turned wraps. we done know how. >> but first a warning for >> but first a warning for customer -- don't
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we have nice dry air in place.
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we usually have temperatures in the 80s and dew points in the 60s or 70s this time of year, not the case and it's because of this wind out of the north, northwest at 13 miles per hour bringing in drier air from the north. tonight you can open up the windows. we'll have beautiful weather again friday, very similar to today. during the weekend the heat and humidity start to come back. we're also going to look for the threat for thunderstorms primarily on sunday and monday, but there are several days we could have thunderstorms in the forecast. current temperatures, down to 73 in gaithersburg, 75 in hagerstown, 81 in manassas and orange and still 83 degrees now in fredericksburg. on satellite and radar you can see it's very dry across much of the northeast, the mid- atlantic a few little showers down toward richmond but nothing that's going to impact our area at all. the dry air is in place with high pressure centered to the north of us. that area of high pressure will drift south and east as we head rd
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finally tonight we figured out what the real deal is with toronto mayor rob ford. >> it's not drugs or booze. it's what we call joe cocker syndrome. ♪ oh let's get together ♪ . >> that is mayor ford today


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