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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  October 1, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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some folks maybe want to use new hampshire avenue to the beltway to save some time. check out the ride for folks traveling in on 66. they've had more of the wet pavement and potentially the fog. still quite slow out of manassas. more volume building in that rain as you make your way east of fair oaks and in toward vienna. heavier traffic in falls church this hour, too. back to howard with a look at that forecast. fog not as much of a factor as the light rain this morning. you were just showing interstate 66 shot in fairfax county. it's 66 and 50 northern virginia that are seeing the bulk of the light rain showers. we'll start out with clouds and a few showers here. by noon 72. isolated shower here and there this afternoon. mid- to upper 70s. we're in the 6 also now. on doppler 9000, we were looking at this area of rain in northern virginia moving in toward d.c. it's gotten into northwest d.c. as well. going to slip into southern montgomery here. loudoun county generally south of leesburg is seeing the rain. as i zoom in, i want to show you on the beltway here not far
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from tysons over toward mclean approaching arlington, we have some showers now. this extends back again almost to about winchester and berryville. andrea and mike, back to you. >> thank you, howard. here's what's in the news right now. the secret service has suffered another embarrassment. cbs news confirms the security contractor who was convicted three times on charges of assault and battery was allowed on an elevator with president obama earlier this month in atlanta. doctors at a dallas hospital are treating a man infected with the ebola virus. the unidentified man is the first confirm case with the disease diagnosed here in the united states. the cdc says the man is not a threat to others. pro-democracy demonstrators in hong kong are threatening to expand their protests against china's government. protesters are angry over chinese interference in hong kong's first direct election set for 2017. police want to know if two deaths of two people just minutes apart are related. >> one person was killed in a house fire.
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the other was killed in a car crash and both happened yesterday in potomac, maryland. nikki burdine is live outside montgomery county police headquarters in gaithersburg with more. nikki, do we know if these people even knew each other? >> reporter: we don't know if these two crimes are connected to each other just yet but police say they hope to know more later on today. they say because of both when they happened and where they happened, these crimes are not random. this is what we know so far. here's a timeline of events that happened yesterday. at about 2:30, two bodies were found just minutes apart in potomac. police say first a man crashed his car on piney meetinghouse road near river road. the driver was dead inside but police say he did have gunshot wounds. just a couple of miles away and a few minutes later, firefighters responded to a garage fire on great elm drive also in potomac. a woman was found dead inside there but she also had gunshot wounds. police aren't saying if these two crimes are connected but again they're saying it's not
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random. >> right now we're in the process of interviewing friends, notifying family members, and one of the things investigators are ago at due to the proximity of time -- are looking at due to the proximity of time and distance here between these two events, are they related. that's one of the things we're looking at. not confirming that at this time. >> reporter: police say once they irchts d. these victims -- i.d. these victims, they hope to know more about these two crimes and if they're connecked or not. right -- connected or not. right now the only thing we know is the male victim was in his 40s and was driving a mercedes. i'm nikki burdine. back to you. >> thank you. bowie police and prince george's county police are investigating the shooting death of a man near the bel air swim and racket club in bowie. >> this was yesterday evening. police have no motive and no suspects at this point. the manual's name has not been
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released either. police have arrest add person in the shooting death -- arrested a person in the shooting death of a teenager. this was yesterday in the 1400 block of downing street. the teenager was pronounced dead at the hospital. the motive for the killing is not known. a cab driver accused of shooting an alexandria police officer is expected to take the stand in his own defense. bah schiff bashir is -- bah sheaf bashir is pleading not guilty for shooting peter laboy. his lawyer said he was having a severe psychotic episode at the time and bashir couldn't distinguish between right and wrong. today is october 1. that means new laws are now in effect in maryland. possessing less than 10 grams of marijuana will be a civil offense rather than a criminal one. offense includes $100 for a first offense. for a second offense it's $2350 and $500 -- $250 and $500 for a
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third offense. the law requires teen offenders to be evaluated for treatment. under new laws people who commit domestic very lens in front of a child -- violence in front after child could face an added up to five years in prison prison. second degree assault will be added to crimes for which a person can obtain a final protective order. >> maryland's move over law will be expanded to include tow trucks. that means if you see a tow truck assisting a motor i action you need to move over a lane if possible or at least slow down. >> violators can be fined or lose a point on their license. the current move over law already requires drivers to give space to police cars and other emergency vehicles. it's 6:05. wusa9 returns after this with the latest in the disappearance of a virginia college student. >> we will also introduce you to a special couple who have just won a lifetime dream wedding. wusa9 is back right after this.
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low clouds over d.c. light sprinkles in town. doppler 9000 is tracking the showers stretching from around berryville down toward warrenton in through loudoun and fairfax counties, prince william and into d.c. we'll watch this for another couple of hours and this afternoon sunshine and isolated shower, well into the 70s. >> reporter: checking out that ride for folks southbound out of columbia, white oak heading into four corners. we had a long-standing crash. a lot of paperwork and waiting for a tow truck on the southbound side of 29 here at four corners. far right side of the roadway is blocked here so slower than normal out of white oak. some people may be bailing out on new hampshire avenue to head
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south. your trip on 350 into chef -- on 50 into cheverly just slowing to kennel worth avenue. some students at other virginia colleges are starting to show their concern for student hannah graham. >> in addition to praying for hannah's safe return, the event also aimed to raise awareness about women's safety. >> you may remember 18-year-old graham disappeared in the early morning hours of september 13. 32-year-old jesse matthew, jr. is now charged with kidnapping graham and police say they now have a forensic link between matthew and another case morgan harrington. harrington disappeared from charlottesville five years ago. her body was found months later dumped on a local farm. police around virginnow reviewing several unsolved cases, including the disappearance of 19-year-old samantha ann clark. she has not been seen in four years since she left her home in orange, virginia. and in southern virginia near
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lynchburg, detectives in campbell county wonder if matthew may be possibly involved in the murder of is a sandra morton. -- cassandra morton. morton's body was found on a wooded property owned by liberty university. matthew played football for liberty between 2000 and 2002 before he got kicked out of school over an incident involving a woman then. we'd like to remind you there are still dozens of children missing from our area. on our wusa9 facebook page, we have pictures of many of them. >> you can take a look at these digital flyers and share them with your friends. log on. perhaps you could help bring them home. today we will devote many of our newscasts to missing children as part of our bring them home campaign. >> all month long we're partnering with homeless children's play time project to help open a playground at d.c. general homeless shelter. d.c.'s department of general services broke ground on the playground in august. >> they need to raise about $120,000 in order to staff and
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run the playground for the next two years. so if you could help, please do so. it is 6:11. we want to take another look at our question of the morning. during the weekend, it takes 16 minutes to do this. on weekdays it takes just four minutes. is it a, make breakfast, b, get ready for bed, or c, wake up? >> we'll have more of your responses and then the correct answer in about half an hour. we'll be right back.
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coming up on 6:14. howard just shared the video of the adorable children. is it raining, sprinkling? what's it doing outside our window? >> both. we have light showers out there for the most part. it's a little nuisance si but not going to last. yellow alert for some but not widespread so we'll keep it green. take it easy if you're coming in from northern virginia to d.c. we do have wet roads. looking at dom letter, over the last couple of -- doppler, over the last couple of years this one little area of rain showers moving from east and west virginia to northern virginia in toward d.c. going to zoom in and show you where the showers are. if you are coming in from loudoun county, prince william, fairfax now, we're seeing it. in winchester this stuff has cleared you into
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jefferson county, west virginia. montgomery county, light sprinkles there but aldie, we're seeing a more moderate shower. east of fairfax right over areas on the beltway there, just south of 66, probably between braddock road and 66. washington has gotten a little wet here. this goes down to alexandria and mount vernon crossing into almost andrews and camp springs on the southeast side of the beltway. then as we go west now into northern virginia, we're starting to clear out of areas in northern fauquier county, although down by 17 and 66, the plains, those areas, the haymarket, gainesville, route 15 south of leesburg and south of purcelville seeing those showers. we've got the clouds with light showers in washington at the moment. i do think we'll see some sun return later this morning into the afternoon. 72 by lunch time. a few showers mainly west. may even see a stray shower in d.c. with your highs in the mid- to upper 70s but these showers look to be few and far between. temps now low to mid-60s. lower 60s in most of the burbs.
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manassas is 64 along with alexandria. 61 for bowie and white oak. 65 north beach. in washington at this hour, in spite of the light rain, we've got good visibility on our michael & son weather camera. 67 degrees. winds east, northeast at 8 miles an hour. the humidity stands at 79%. our futurecast does show this activity here and there. so that's i am' not too excited about rain chances after having the fourth driest october on record at dulles with less than an inch of rain and barely over an inch -- [ inaudible ] -- just spotty showers thank, tonight and tomorrow. friday night a cold front will come through. going to have some showers, make some thunder. most should be after dark. for the home playoff games on friday, should be dry for that 78 today. the afternoon sunshine, isolated shower after the morning showers. 62 tonight. tomorrow 78. looks like a really nice
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afternoon on thursday. 79 friday with late showers on friday. again i think that's basically friday night into saturday morning. saturday terps have noon kickoff. tailgating starts 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. maybe a little damp for that but staying in the 60s, much cooler this coming weekend. beverly farmer, 6:17. looks like a wet ride into northern virginia. >> absolutely. virginia wet and the potential for the fog you were mentioning for some slow goes. check out the picture right now on our big map where we see really no problems to report as far as any major incidents on the beltway, interstate to get there, we do have that volume on the outer loop leaving college park into silver spring. kenilworth avenue trying to make your way past eastern avenue, very slow. slower than normal as you head out of cheverly most of the way down to a point south of east capitol street before you reach pennsylvania avenue and the 11th street bridge. we're thinking there's a new problem there. we're check in with police but that's slower than normal. 50 through lanes have been open but slow through cheverly.
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the ride southbound 29 travelers out of white oak into four corners, a long-standing crash investigation and cleanup here just south of -- well, right at university boulevard interchange or intersection there. right side of the roadway has been blocked so that will take you extra time out of white oak. just cleaning things up there. 66 eastbound, you've got the heavy traffic. as you mentioned, howard, on the wet pavement east through manassas jammed up into centreville. next set of slowdowns getting east of fair oaks toward vienna. we're seeing more volume in falls church this hour. 630 insides the beltway, hov restrictions going into effect so everybody is trying to slide under the rules there. 395 typical volume delays but no incidents to report. headed downtown via the 14th street bridge, bridges in southeast doing okay this morning. that's a look at the ride now. back to you. >> thank you, bev. do not let gas prices drive you crazy on this hump day. it is time to check prices in maryland's capital with aaa's fuel finder. the cheapest gas in annapolis is at the 7-eleven, 111 west
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street. regular unladied there goes for $3.26 a gallon. i looked through all of your materials and it was a little bit like casting a show. i have to say we had a really hard time figuring out who is the winner of this. and it's because you each had wonderful stories. i mean really, really great stories. but we made a decision and it is kaisha and quinton. [ cheers and applause ] >> that was a culmination of a long process over the past few days. we've introduced you to three wonderful couples vying for an $80,000 dream wedding paid for by arena stage.
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you saw the winners being introduced. kaisha and quinton. they join us right now. they're also joined by jonathan who plays in arena stage's fiddler on the roof production. thank you all for being here with us. especially glad to see you, quinton. he just got in. he's been feeling a little bit under the weather so we're glad you're here with us but she can do the talking for you. get used to that. we both said that. kaisha, are you over the shock yet? >> i don't think so i don't think it set in quite yet. >> quinton, your last words now before we turn this over completely to her, what was your reaction when you heard your names called? >> i was just as excite add as she was. i was also nervous. i thought she might have passed out. when she bent over, i was like oh, no. >> this is tradition and how you maintain tradition. this is the 50th anniversary of fiddler on the roof. you talked about how you plan to keep tradition in your wedding. remind us about that. >> one of the things that we
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did in our video was that we said we would establish a family tradition of creating a time capsule. that time capsule included all the things significant to our relationship we. had our facility come and listen to us and go through stories about things we're going to put in the time capsule. that's the tradition we decided on. >> jonathan, did you see any of the videos posted on youtube? i think that's one of the things that helped sell their cause. >> we did. monday, i had just gotten into town. the first thing that happened i went down to the arena for an hour. we had to deliberate. and we saw the submissions, various tapes. i'm sitting ear beaming now because the whole process of watching couples marry and want to marry is -- it pleases us all. we're glad to see it every time. it always makes us feel good and this makes me feel particularly good. it's fun to give it away. >> especially when it's not your mope.
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>> there's that. it's not will you marry but who you marry. >> have you set a date yet? >> we have. it will be january 2, 2015. that's just ten days before quinton's birthday. >> what a lovely present that arena stage is giving you. and do you know if any of the actors will be involved in it? because arena stage is still going to have the production going through january 2015. >> right. i just heard about the date today. all i know is we don't have a performance when they're getting married so we can attend. >> as we said, it is the 50th anniversary of fiddler on the roof and arena will be mounting this wonderful production august 31 through january what? >> october 31. >> october 31 through january 4. the first week of the new year. >> so right in time to at least be witnesses at this new tradition. >> absolutely. >> very good. congratulations to you. have you started picking up the dress? you got an idea of what you want to do? where will you be married at
6:23 am
the arena stage? on one of the stage floors? >> not sure yet. there is a very nice lobby area where people have gotten married in the past. quinton is very fond of the study area where mollie, our artistic director was married a couple of weeks ago. we're going to decide it the two. >> what a wonderful -- just a positive thing you have to look forward to for thanksgiving, the holidays, and then starting the new year as a newlywed. >> exactly. with all of those holidays coming up, not much that thanksgiving dinner. >> remember, the bottom line is arena is picking up that and i'm sure they'll happy you with whatever you need. quinton, we hope you feel better and definitely feel better on the wedding day. congratulations to both of you. >> fiddler on the roof features a wedding at every perform pans. >> there it is so they know how to do it. again, congratulations. thanks to all of who you participated and helped the judges make the selection. as we said three couples and these are the two winners.
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congratulations. congratulations. we'll male announcer: experience the wonders of maryland, when you hike, bike, drive or paddle along our civil war trails driving and walking tours with plenty of stops to enjoy along the way. learn more at land of discovery.
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induring the 150th anniversary ismaof the civil war.c stories order our civil war trails guides at and download our new mobile app. maryland. land of history. 6:26 on this wednesday morning. bern western with you. we have light showers out there. visibilities still pretty good here in d.c. you see the rain coming in from loudoun county, fauquier, prince william and fairfax into the district now crossing toward prince george's county. temps this morning, they're running mostly in the 60s. showers, light ones around for another couple of hours.
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a stray shower later on with high temperatures in the mid- to upper 70s. beverly? we're checking out the ride d.c. 295 kenilworth avenue. you come off 50 and the bw parkway in cheverly. normally a slow go to get to the 11th street bridge. right side of the screen past eastern avenue quite slow where there had been a crash along the left side trying to move that one out of the way. northbound 95, 395, the volume heading north of the beltway 395 to get past edsall, duke, volumes just building to the 14th street bridge. we're just getting word of a new crash in woodbridge. northbound 95 between the prince william parkway and 123 to slow your ride out of dale city. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. 42-year-old omar gonzalez is expected to appear before a magistrate today for a detention hearing. the manual accused of jumping over the white house fence and running inside with a knife has been indicted on federal charges. >> some lawmakers say he got past between five and six levels of security to make that happen raising lots of questions about the secret
6:28 am
service, the agency's director faced some tough questions on capitol hill yesterday. vanessa herring joins us live from the white house with more on that. good morning, vanessa. >> reporter: good morning. lawmakers on capitol hill made three strong points at that hearing yesterday. don't let somebody get close to the president. don't let somebody get close to the family. and don't let them get into the white house ever. that's what they told secret service director julia pierson at that congressional hearing. things are only getting worse for pierson. as the agency confirmed that an armed security contractor with criminal convictions was allowed inside an elevator with the president earlier this month. pierson spent more than three hours answering tough questions from lawmakers during that congressional hearing yesterday. she said that emergency locks that will automatically lock have been placed on the front door of the white house and promised a robust investigation of the incident. pierson also said on the day gonzalez allegedly jumped the
6:29 am
fence, two secret service officers recognized him from a run-in this summer. she says they didn't report his presence because he wasn't acting inappropriately and didn't violate any laws. gonzalez was allegedly carrying a knife when he made it past several agents into the white house before being captured. >> mistakes were made. the proper protocols were not followed. i do want our officers and agents to execute appropriate force for anyone attempting to challenge or breach the white house. >> reporter: lawmakers have also discovered that the secret service took several days to realize that the white house had been shot at in 2011 with bullets hitting the house seven times. pierson says she's also conducting an investigation into that incident. the white house says that the president still has full confidence in the security agency and pierson has not offered to resign. back to you. >> vanessa, thank you. pierson was just appointed in march 2013 after a bizarre
6:30 am
scandal involving secret service overseas. thank you. >> tough times for the agency. 6:29. redline riders, you can expect a less eventful ride. that's a good thing. yesterday a small crack in the rail outside dupont circle station forced some widespread delays and crews had to spend the overnight hours to fix the problem but that was double. this morning it should be fine. looking outside, traffic headaches happening all over our region and the rain isn't helping. >> beverly farmer with more now . >> reporter: good morning, you said t. looking decent if you're traveling the outer loop into college park to silver spring. to the wilson bridge fairly typical volume delays. northbound on 95 virginia had a new snag with a crash reported between the prince william parkway and 123 along the left side of the roadway. you've already been slow getting into quantico heading
6:31 am
out of dale city now northbound 95 to get past prince william parkway. the crash reported in those main lanes. check out the ride for travelers in maryland and to d.c. out of 50, bw parkway, cheverly, your lineup kenilworth, d.c. 295 south. in fact jammed south of eastern avenue where a crash before pennsylvania avenue just cleared from the roadway. still dealing with that crash in four corners on southbound 29 at university boulevard. far right side of the roadway is blocked coming in from white oak. outer loop of the beltway, typical volume headed west into silver spring. how long does that rain last to the west? >> reporter: probably a couple of hours. eight winding down toward winchester but picked up in the last 20, 30 minutes in northwest. it's now in prince george's county. it's going to mess up the commute for a few of you for the next couple of hours and a better late morning and afternoon. here's a look at our forecast for you on this wednesday. talking about temperatures topping out in the mid- to upper 70s eventually.
6:32 am
comfortable now. they're in the 60s. it's just a little bit on the muggy side with those showers around that i've been tracking this morning. coming out of east and west virginia to northern virginia now, right across the d.c. metro area into prince george's county. montgomery county had some heavier thunderstorms last night. now just a couple of sprinkles. you see this activity coming out of loudoun and northern prince william into fairfax. we'll take fairfax down toward annandale and springfield seeing the showers crossing 395. d.c. down to alexandria, over toward almost upper parm borrow and clinton -- upper marlboro and clinton with the light showers. this stuff is fairly light. occasionally we get a heavier sprinkle or shower down toward clifton right now and east of aldie approaching dulles airport there. out to the west things are starting to dry out. berryville you're done. upperville you're double. looks like we're done in marshall and the la plains as well. south of town i-95, dale city, quantico, you'll have some light showers, too, coming up in the next 20 minutes. let's go back inside to mike and andrea.
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>> thanks, howard. head of the centers for disease control are doing what they can to reassure the public after the first case of ebola was reported here in the united states. >> the patient was being treated at a dallas, texas hospital. the man flew into the united states from liberia where the outbreak has escalated but that he had no symptoms at the time. >> i have no doubt that we will control this importation or this case of ebola so that it does not spread widely in this country. >> health officials are trying to identify anyone who might have been in contact with the infected patient. they actually go out and track down every person. some startling new figures are out this morning about just how much the united states has spent fighting isis already. the center for strategic and budgetary assessment says the amount is at about a billion dollars. the military think tank says the cost will grow up dramatically if ground troops are added to the mix. so far u.s. military efforts
6:34 am
have mostly been limited to air strikes in both iraq and syria. the white house says the number of syrian refugees approved for permanent resettlement is expected to climb dramatically. administration officials say the expansion reflects united nations' determinations that tens of thousands of refugees now living outside syria are unlikely to be able to return. despite the rising numbers, the united states has no plan for a separate refugee program for syrians. quite a few retailers were against this in the beginning, but now california has become the first state to ban plastic shopping bags. >> the new law goes into effect for larger grocery chains and pharmacies starting next summer. it will extend to convenient stores and and liquor stores in 2016. environmentalists say eventually there could be a national war on plastic bags. get ready to shell out more money for your yoga classes starting today. at least in the district. the new yoga tax goes into effect this morning. and we're talking about a five and three quarter percent tax
6:35 am
on health clubs and fitness centers. a blue ribbon commission recommended the new tax as part of a package that includes a cut in the individual income tax. it is 6:35 this hump day. good morning if you're just waking up. wusa9 and d.c. jobs want to get you hired. darcars is hiring a car sales consultant. no experience required. if you'd like to find out more, go to wusa9/dcjobs. wusa9 wants to thank you so congratulations to our facebook fan of the day. today's winner is larissa purryear -- puryear from middletown, maryland. she says, my daughter and i watch wusa9 daily and we're ready and waiting to see darius. >> i hear you. darius is good. she wins two tickets to see darius rucker with his special guest and you could be our next winner. just go to our facebook fan page. it is important, though, to provide us with your facebook photo. make sure you cut and paste the
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url and put it in the last box on the form. no picture, no entry. we'll
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watching light showers coming into prince george's county. this will be the case for another hour or two. give yourself a little extra time for that early commute. we're going to turn partly sunny, a pleasant afternoon with just a stray shower. highs well up into the 70s. i'll be back in a few minutes with the seven-day forecast which has a big difference in the weather as we head through the weekend. right now over to beverly farmer and find out how the rain is affecting the commute. >> reporter: slow traffic out there and certain the poor visibility rain issue is going to be a problem for folks this morning, howard. we're checking out the ride along 270 where we've seen the volume heading into hyattstown. more volume out of germantown. nothing reported on 270 itself save for the slow traffic. an accident upper montgomery county, 27 ridge road, davis mill. a part of the intersection going to be closed down. kenilworth avenue near pennsylvania avenue, southbound on kenilworth and on the bw parkway, slow in cheverly to get to kenilworth avenue and trying to recover on that trip into southeast. virginia drivers, the crash was northbound on 95 right before
6:40 am
you reach 123 along the left side the roadway just getting word of the montgomery county beltway crash. inner loop eastbound beltway near 270. mike, andrea, back to you. i saw this on tv and i could not believe it. most people could not believe it. we're talking about a call made last saturday and people are now calling for the head of michigan coach bobby hope. they want him fired. >> es that' -- that's because the quarterback got his bell rung waking up shaking his had. now the coach says none of my staff saw it. >> if a player is stumbling all over being held up by his teammates, it does not take some dock other or other player stepping in to say this guy should not be on the field. nobody arguing. this is a hot button issue as it s. in the hot seat as a result is being shairld at the university of mitch -- shared at the university of michigan by the coach and the school's athletic director.
6:41 am
the wolverines 2-3 start no longer the issue. students were protesting calling for the ad's job because of the way the school handled the incident shane morris going up against minnesota. he went down hard on the receiving end of a helmet-to- helmet hit. he couldn't even walk straight once he got up. yet he was given the green light to go back into the game. the school blames lack of communication on the sidelines for the decision to let morris play on. let's hear from phil sims to see what he has to say about this. >> you can't have that any more in this day and age. under no circumstances would i believe the coaches would think he's going to be okay. that's not how it goes anymore. >> does not fly anymore. it should come as no surprise. concussion experiments say staying in the game after the hit put morris in danger. controversy of another kind has taken a new turn in the redskins name debate. according to multiple reports, the fcc will decide whether to
6:42 am
ban tv stations from saying the name redskins on the air, this after a d.c. law professor filed a petition with the agency earlier this month. the attorney claims the name redskins violates federal rules barring indecent content on broadcasts. the head of the fcc has said before he personally finds the teammate offensive. since the inception of homework, dogs have been blamed -- [indiscernible] now it appears man's best friend has an appetite for tickets. here's a heart breakerrer. one long-time orioles fan got his tickets in the mail, world series tickets. they arrived via fedex. the problem is the purr meese mountain dog -- burmese mountain dog got to the tickets first, tore into them like a piece of steak. >> i guess the friendly man with the blue shirt put this new toy in his hands. couldn't resist. >> the good news while the tickets were damaged at the top corner, the barcodes are intact so he still gets to go to the
6:43 am
playoff game and the world series if it goes that far. >> the invisible scotch tape to put it together. >> whatever it takes. >> thank goodness the four corners of those tickets are left. they may be gone. >> cute dog. it's 6:43. a popular convenience store chain agrees to begin selling healthy food. >> and you will never believe which two cars get the most tickets from police. not what you think. wusa9 is back
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at the very touch point of performance and innovation. the time has come to put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for a dunkin' donuts dark roast. bold start, smooth finish, never bitter. rejoice with the 99-cent medium hot or iced dark roast today. we had a little bit of rain. definitely more most outside than it's been in recent days. >> and muggy. >> a little bit muggy. >> a little bit after frizz alert. >> not awful but annoying sort >> for the next couple of
6:47 am
hours. but this is going toandz up being a pretty -- to end up being a pretty decent day. good for recess for the kids. then this afternoon other than a stray shower, should be nice and comfy out there. doppler 9000 showing the light showers that are coming through the region now. enough certainly to wet the roads and make them a little more slick than when they're dry. there's not a lot of activity and it's starting to wind down thankfully in the shenandoah valley and areas west of the blue ridge. it's right over d.c. now, west and south and east of us of the up in montgomery county, howward county, frederick, pretty quiet this morning. you had your activity last night with the showers and thunderstorms. but now we're looking mostly south of leesburg, south of purcelville. here's route 15 north through aldie down to haymarket. much of the activity east of route 15 moving through fairfax county, prince william county, approaching 95 and in toward d.c. and now prince george's county as well. you're getting wet. the showers there are generally south of route 50 over toward andrews and clinton and upper marlboro over to 301.
6:48 am
kettering back toward capitol heights and all these areas just outside d.c. line. in fairfax right on 495 here where it crosses over by -- south of tysons by 66, that's where we're seeing the heavier showers moving toward lake barkroft, arlington, clifton, chantilly. look at manassas. you have moderate showers there. west of haymarket, west of 15, we're starting to dry out. south of there, we're seeing just a few light showers which have drifted into northern stafford county. they're passing north of goldvein, will head toward quantico and pass on their way to charles county over the next 30 to 60 minutes. in washington, light rain, low clouds. it will give way to sunshine later on. the afternoon partly to mostly sunny with a stray shower. highs mid- to upper 70s. yesterday it got to 79. today 77, 7 #. in that range -- 78, in that range. partly to mostly cloudy skies tonight. a little of fog.
6:49 am
tappahannock reporting zero visibility last check. that's about the worst of it with temperatures across the board mostly low to mid-60s. in d.c. again with those showers and low clouds, we've got 67. it's damp out there. humidity 79%. an east, northeast wind at 8 miles an hour. so give it a few hours for the clouds to start to thin out. first we've got to get ritz of these showers. that will take an hour or two. in the afternoon sunshine will pop. also a stray shower is going to pop. i think the stuff this afternoon will be fairly widespread few and far between. so i wouldn't cancel any plans. notice by 6:30, a good deal of sunshine again with just the stray shower. now, showers could persist out toward the shenandoah valley and southwest of us, i-64, culpeper down toward charlottesville overmight even into thursday morning. but thursday afternoon looks real nice. then the next thing we're going to watch is a cold front for friday night. friday afternoon we've got the naptions and -- nationals and orioles with home division playoff games. i think we'll be okay. a slight chance of a shower.
6:50 am
even the main rains crossing i- 79 by friday night. the only question is for tailgaters saturday morning going to any of the football games like the terps game at college park, could start out with a few showers. i'm optimistic by noon kickoff we should be dry. 78, the afternoon sun, isolated showers after the morning showers. 62 tonight with 50s north and west. a patch of fog can't be ruled out. tomorrow 778. turn out -- tomorrow 78. tushes out to be a nice afternoon. 79 with a better chance of rain friday night into saturday morning. saturday breezy, 68. sunday cool, 67. stays nice and pleasant monday as the redskins host the seahawks. beverly farmer, happy wednesday. >> reporter: yes, indeed. but it is a wet wednesday as you've indicated, howard. that's creating some more problems out on the roadways. on the wet pavement, got to allow yourself the extra time in braking distance. a word after crash near south glen road. vehicle into a tree there. over on castle boulevard in silver spring, not far from
6:51 am
brings cheney road, there's a crash involving a pedestrian. long-standing wreck on 29 and four corners and an accident upper montgomery county, again this is all i think on wet roadways that were having problems. 27 ridge road near davis mill road, a portion of the roadway has been blocked. check out the ride for virginia drivers on northbound 95 where there was a crash north of the prince william parkway but before 123. for a time it blocked the left lane. squeezed over to the left showedder as reported -- shoulder as reported. more heavy traffic into newington, springfield, 395 to get lieu landmark -- get through landmark. 66 stacked up, slow going on the wet pavement this morning trying to make your way in toward fair lakes, fair oaks. not much of a break there in centreville. heavy traffic getting through vienna. northbound branch avenue, crash before the beltway was initially reported in the right side of the roadway. inner loop delays are building in oxon hill as you make your way over to the wilson bridge as well. back to you. >> thanks, beverly.
6:52 am
6:52. time to answer the question of the morning. during the weekend it takes 16 minutes to do this. on weekdays just four. is it a, make breakfast, b, get ready for bed, or c, wake up? >> our facebook friend alisandra wrote d, all of the above. >> the answer is the one at the top. a, takes longer to make breakfast on the weekends than weekdays. can cakes, bacons, eggs
6:53 am
in fairfax county we had to cut a lot of waste. we consolidated offices. started sharing printers. we can walk a few feet. replaced computers, but kept the monitors. they still work fine. we even discovered that the phone company overcharged us by three million dollars! i approve this message because congress doesn't need another right winger. they need someone who can balance a budget. oh, and we definitely didn't need so many government studies.
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6:55 am
we want to remind you there are dozens of children still missing from our area. on our wusa9 facebook page, we have pictures of many of them. please take a look at the digital flyers and share them with your friends. if you log on, perhaps you can help bring them home. today we're going to devote many of our newscasts to missing children as part of our bring them home campaign. >> we're part nearing with the homeless children's play time project to help open a playground at d.c. general homeless shelter. the department of general services broke ground on the playground in august. play time project says they need to raise about $120,000 in order to staff and run the playground for the next two years. so help if you can. subaru and pontiac drivers, watch out. a new study by reveals the subaru wrx is the top ticketed car in america. the pontiac gto is runner-up for law enforcement run-ins.
6:56 am
7-eleven is stocking healthy snacks. los angeles shoppers will be able to find spicy salads and cucumber or kale juice will be able to satisfy their health toot -- tooth. [ laflter ] -- [ laughter ] >> 7-eleven says health foods are the second most request by their cust mes. -- >> by their customers. >> well, well, well. temperatures in the upper 70s later on. watch out for some slight showers this morning. we're in the 60s now. nice tomorrow. late showers friday, really friday night and much cooler over the weekend. beverly? >> reporter: headed for the wilson bridge, inner loop of the beltway slowing route 5 branch avenue. focused into the local laings. a lot more folks dealing with the wet pavement. a new crash reported branch avenue northbound at the belt waip along the right side. check out the ride for virginia drivers. 66 has been so slow.
6:57 am
they've been in the rain most of the morning coming in from prince william parkway most of the way into centreville. fair oaks in toward vienna. 270 south lining up as you make your way into germantown with a crash on ridge way, davis mill. cbs this morning is next. not your average street performer. >> and no tooterring. a violinist gives a unique concert at union station. take care. howard and i will join you at noon. have a great day. bye-bye.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it is wednesday, october 1st, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." ebola in america. the first victim diagnosed in the united states. the head of the cdc ish wit us. new details of yet another secret service failure. plus, governor chris christie on the president's isis response, 2016, and his own dramatic weight loss. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> the bottom line is that i have no doubt in my mind that we will stop it here. >> the ebola epidemic hits home.


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