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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  October 3, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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some ebola-type symptoms. >> neither case is confirmed, yet a medical team with the centers for disease control is at howard university hospital and bruce leshan reports that is where one patient is being evaluated for the deadly disease. >> reporter: citing privacy concerns howard university hospital is offering only a few data points on this case. the hospital says the patient is in stable condition but presented with symptoms that could be associated with ebola. he had been in nigeria which at this point is not one of the ebola hotspots, but out of an abundance of caution the hospital says it activated appropriate infection control protocols which included isolating the patient. the d.c. health department says ebola has not been confirmed, but some people at howard wish the university had heared them more quickly. >> i'm sure they'll alert us formally soon, but i haven't
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heard anything. >> reporter: most people to take it in stride. >> i'm not worried about it. >> as long as you take your necessary precaution, constantly wash your land, carry hand sanitizer, it's -- hands, carry hand sanitizer. it's not like the virus is airborne. >> reporter: what are you doing? >> protecting my face. >> reporter: why? >> because ebola is supposed to be at the hospital and i don't want to catch a whiff of it. >> reporter: at shady grove the patient remains in isolation, but his condition is improving and lab results suggest he actually has an illness other than ebola, things like malaria, cholera, even the flu can look like ebola in the early stages. at howard university hospital in d.c., bruce leshan, wusa9. >> the medical staff at shady grove adventist hospital is also monitoring a patient with flu-like symptoms and a travel history that matches the criteria for possible ebola. that person was admitted to the hospital in gaithersburg last
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night, but lab results show the patient has another illness and does not have a confirmed diagnosis of ebola. a hospital spokesperson says that patient is isolated and showing signs of improvement. the hazmat crews are out there sanitizing an apartment in dallas where ebola patient eric duncan stayed before he was put in the hospital. four people living there are also under a court-ordered quarantine and an armed guard to make sure they stay there. health officials say they've narrow down the group of folks who may have had contact or indirect contact with duncan to about 50 the at least continue of them are listed as high risk. so far none are showing any symptoms. a u.s. cameraman working for nbc news in liberia also now diagnosed with the virus. ashoka mukpok's mother says he is weak but still walking. in this country fears of
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the spread of the ebola virus are driving up the sales of ebola prevention kits. a company called quake care in st. louis says many americans are understandably concerned. the ebola kits contain safety goggles, facemasks, special gloves and other protective items. in other news 20 days now since her disappearance and still no sign of hannah graham. >> it was the weather that got in the way of today's search, but more than 120 people are expected to organize tomorrow. a police hotline is fielding more than 100 tips a day. debra alfarone is in charlottesville tonight for the search and the investigation. >> reporter: each call is important because each call this comes into the hannah graham tip line could be the one. >> the call center has answered more than 3,300 tips and tracking that information and sharing it immediately with law enforcement. >> reporter: around the clock
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with extra hands they're fielding 100 tips a day. the tips go to the charlottesville police department, then filter down to the boots on the ground. mark eggeman leads the search. today 12 teams scoured the area on foot and atv. it's a search stretching into its 20th day. >> somewhere out there there's a little girl that needs to come home. >> reporter: today is a tough one mostly because of the weather, but tomorrow brings a ramped up fight. >> right now it appears we're going to have somewhere between 120 and 150 people here over the weekend. so there's a lot of logistical efforts going on in the background to make all this possible. >> reporter: those 120 plus will all be from law enforcement, but there's something that everyone can do. >> if you haven't checked your property, please do. any little pieces of information that could potentially fill in one gap of what they're looking for, you may not think it's very consequential, but putting it together with all the other pieces that they have, it could be the piece that breaks open
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the case. >> reporter: if you have any information that might help police, they want you to call the hannah graham tip line, 434- 295-3851. you can also e-mail tips to cpdtips that in, is on our website be with -- that information is on our website a virginia grand jury went into session today considering the new evidence of the lyons sisters from wheaton nearly 40 years ago. all this comes as we develop more background now on the second man named yesterday as a person of interest in the case. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in hyattsville. this is the home of 69-year-old richard allen welch named thursday as the second person of interest in the disappearance of the lyons sisters who vanished while walking near wheaton plaza 30 years ago. >> i think he's a good guy. >> reporter: neighbors find it hard to believe that the senior
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citizen across the street where elementary school age grandchildren live and where the 10 commandments are displayed on the lawn could be linked to a 30-year-old child disappearance. when i approached the house today, an unidentified woman speaking through a window to me said, "if you want to know the truth, come back in a couple months." she declined to explain or be interviewed. investigators a richard allen well which worked as a -- say richard allen welch worked as a security guard at the mall at the time the girls vanished and is the uncle of a person of something in the case who is in delaware. virginia governor terry mcauliffe's chief of staff apologizes tonight for his overzealous and poor judgment when he suggested a job for state senator phil puckett's daughter. he made that suggestion on a cell phone. peggy fox has more of the job
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offer which critics say smacks of hypocrisy. >> reporter: virginia democratic governor terry mcauliffe said he was unaware his chief of staff fall reagan made a potential job -- paul reagan made a potential job offer to the daughter of a state senator who is considering resigning this summer. phil puckett's resignation gave republicans control of the senate and torpedoed mcauliffe's goal of expanding medicaid. now the washington post reports that reagan told puckett in a voice message i know there was a lot of frustration with your daughter not getting a judgeship. if there's something that we can do for her, we have a couple of big agencies here that we still need agency heads. we would be very eager to accommodate her if that would be helpful in keeping you in the senate. we would basically do anything." >> they're literally offering the children of elected officials state agency jobs. >> reporter: rich kelsey, the assistant dean of george mason's law school, says the
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governor and lawmakers need to stop pointing fingers and write new simple ethics laws for themselves. federal prosecutors are investigating whether senator puckett gave up his seat in the senate in exchange for a job with the republican controlled tobacco commission. today the u.s. attorney's office would not comment on whether it's also investigating paul reagan for his job offer to puckett. the controversy comes as the governor pushes for ethics reform and a month after former governor bob mcdonnell and his wife were convicted of corruption. >> admittedly they didn't offer her a rolex or ride in a ferrari, but at the end of the day they are give ago away jobs not based on merit. it is what you're looking for in postseason baseball in pocket, real excitement, dave owens with the latest on how
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the nats worked out today. they weren't looking too good at the winning. >> no, but we talked about playoff baseball earlier. it starts one way and sort of ends another way and the chess matches late in the game. we'll have video up in a second, but i'll tell you this was a chess match when it comes to baseball. it was an incredible scene, red out, white out, defense first. watch denard span, 1st inning on joe pena, the beautiful ballerina spin. don't panic. he makes the catch. to the 4th inning brandon belts scratching across a run for the giants to make it 2-0. they make it 3-0 and strasburg's day was done. he pitched pretty well. bryce harper, this thing needs a gps tracker, upper deck shot there at nats park, 3-1. a couple batters later asdrubal
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crabb, 3-2. we get to the 8th inning. the drama starts to build here. we talk about the chess match back to bryce harper. 2-4 on the day, two on, the nats trying to make a comeback and the grounder to first base. just getting him at second base, inning over. it's still 3-2. but it's not done yet. we go to the 9th and again harper had a great night. this is espinosa, last chance, not going to do it. he grounds out at second and the giants come into nats park and take game 1. they win it 3- 2. game two is tomorrow. we'll have some postgame reaction coming up in a second because they just finished the game, but those giants, we understand how they get the thing done. we'll hear from them, but we'll also get postgame reaction from surae chinn who has been at the park and spent the day capturing the emotion of the fans. >> reporter: all the excitement has been great in the game. things had a heart time getting
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started, but we're hoping things can be turned around. tell me how do you think things are going so far. >> well, as we see, waiting for the wildcard, maybe that little bit colder, but it was good effort for the second game and hopefully they'll win this one before tonight is over. >> reporter: how big of fans are you? it's been electrifying inside, right? >> yeah. we're season holders three years and we are just so excited to support our nats. yeah, nats! >> reporter: what do you think of the game so far? >> it was good. it was wonderful. >> i love it! >> reporter: so they're all hoping for the best, nervous nats fans, but there's always game two tomorrow night against the giants. i'm surae chinn outside of nats park, wusa9. >> game two of washington's playoff series scheduled for tomorrow 5:37. good stuff. >> that moment in the 8th
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inning when bryce harper cut him off, that was very sweet, but then it turned a little bittersweet. still ahead on wusa9 a strong labor report is encouraging news for investors on wall street. >> i'm meteorologist topper shutt, high temperature 73. we've got showers off to the west, almost to frederick, now into leesburg. we'll come back, track these for you and let you know if they clear out in time for the terps game tomorrow. >> plus people run for cover when there's a strong storm ripping through a fair and sending debris flying all over the place in texas. we've got
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wall street is applauding the latest job report. the labor department says the economy added 248,000 jobs last month and that puts the unemployment rate at 5.9%. that's a six year low. construction and healthcare saw strong gains and retailers
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added 35,000 workers. business professionals were the most likely to find work last month, but the news wasn't so good for people in manufacturing. factory hiring and wages remained flat in september. hundreds of thousands of people are in the dark tonight, no power, after a line of severe thunderstorms battered the country overnight. in fact, texas saw some of the worst damage. omar villa vile faneca has more -- villafranca has more. >> reporter: sirens were still sounding after the storm passed leaving behind damaged rides and structures. no one was injured, although there were some close calls. >> i immediately just seen this lady pushing her stroller dragging it because it was blowing over by the wind and i didn't think it was a baby in it. i thought it was just empty and i got her to the shed and she just started pulling towels and
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bags off out of the stroller and there was a baby under there. >> reporter: crews righted a truck that overturned in another part of the city. >> the dust came through, wind came through and on my side i went. >> all the glass from my window. >> reporter: the storm also blew out the windows of a woman's vehicle cutting her hand. >> just a little rain was going on, a few things of hail and it was like a white tunnel dropped around us. >> reporter: this time lapse video caught the nasty weather as it barreled through dallas blowing out transformers perched on electrical lines. over 250,000 homes and businesses lost power and the businesses lost power and the outages forced over 100 schools
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when they're not in use, or when you're simply done. it's all about using your energy wisely, and novec is here to help. for more tips, go to novec: helping you save. wusa9 news is sponsored in part by papa john's pizza. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam looking at nats park, 72 still, relative humidity creeping up there at 73%, winds still southeast at 10 till the front goes through. here are the showers, albeit light from just around frederick down to leesburg and warrenton pushing off to the east, northeast, hagerstown light showers, winchester as well. everything is pushing off east, northeast. frederick, get ready, minutes before it gets to you. rockville 8:10, olney 8:24 and germantown about 7:50.
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so again nothing crazy heavy, but it's going to wet the pavement. grab an umbrella if you go out tonight on the town. shower timetable from now until 3 a.m. i think bigger storms will roll in after the first batch. nats game great tomorrow but chilly. it will fall like a stone after sunset tomorrow, start in the 60s, end in the 50s and coldest air of the season this fall with temps in the 30s and 40s tomorrow night and sunday night. 9:30 a little heavier activity develops. by midnight still showers around the metro, temps in the 60s and by early morning residual clouds, temps in the 60s, maybe a few showers over toward anne arundel county, eastern prince george's county. so 60s to start, tomorrow skies return partly cloudy, 67 by 1:00. sunday bright by brisk, autism speaks walk on the mall madison and 12th, get there at 9:00, walk at 10:00 and some clouds on monday, dry, 70. tuesday a few showers, 74,
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couple showers wednesday. look what happens. thursday and friday we go in the upper 70s. by next friday we are in the low 80s. giants win game one 3-2. let's go out to our guy who has been there all day long, holden kushner at the scene. holden, what a sight to behold this afternoon. 3-2 giants win it. it had to be an electric scene at nats park. >> reporter: it was from time to time. it was a little slow in the beginning, but obviously the two home runs in the 7th inning, the moon shot by bryce harper, but ultimately jake peavy outdueled steven strasburg and nationals drop game one 3-2. matt williams had his thoughts on the game. stephen strasburg pitched okay, it just wasn't enough. you were there. set the scene for us because the district has been longing for playoff baseball so long. we got it a couple years ago. just what was it like in the arena today? >> let's face it. it was very raucous before the game started, but the nats
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offense couldn't muster anything against peavey earlier in the game and it was very subdued, a quiet crowd until the 7th inning and then when ryan zimmerman came off the bench the crowd went bananas. the crowd got into it 7th inning on, but the team just didn't perform early. there's some good things to take out of this game headed into game no. 2, especially with zimmermann on the mound. >> holden kushner, appriate your work. i know you're heading into the club house. it will be interesting to see how the guys respond tomorr
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in fairfax county we had to cut a lot of waste. we consolidated offices. started sharing printers. we can walk a few feet. replaced computers, but kept the monitors. they still work fine. we even discovered that the phone company overcharged us by three million dollars!
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and it is what you will hear if you drive on a stretch of route 66 in albuquerque, new mexico. >> it's sort of a singing road and it's one of only six such things in the world. drivers have to travel exactly 45 miles an hour and they will hear the patriotic tune that comes from the special rumble strips embedded in the asphalt, yes, indeed. the singing road was paid for by the national geographic.
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it was a permanent addition to route 66 where people get their kicks. the only other singing road is in california which plays
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well, we have a lot to tell you about so let's get right to it. >> here's what's happening on "entertainment tonight." >> how is it going, amanda? >> amanda bynes covered up today in new york. her first words since her dui arrest. >> i speak to my family every day. >> could her parents take control again? >> then, is ashton trying to thwart a paparazzi bounty on his newborn? >> we'll explain why he's posting baby shots while pleading for privacy. >> also tonight, we're hanging out on set with none other than brad pitt. >> can't wait to see his new movie "fury." he tells us all about it tonight. >> this film focuses on psychological shhard ips. >> then remember the movie "bodyguard," and transforming into a whitney like character 22 years after houston nailed it. >> and the ground breaking show everybody is buzzing about, "transparent." >> my whole life i've been dressing up like a man. >> we'll talk to the leading man
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taking on real life story ofa dad who became a mom. >> i was thrilled but nervous. i wanteddo to it right. this is me. >> now "e.t." highlighting all families. >> hi, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. well, we are wrapping up a busy week with another big headline. >> yeah. let's get right to it. here are the latest details. >> how is it going, amanda? spoken to your parents recently? amanda, a lot of people are worried about you. what's been going on? >> call my lawyer, okay. my lawyer told me not to speak h wityou. >> actress amanda bynes has a lot of people concerned today is she spiraling out of control again? >> amanda, what are you doing in new york? >> really none of your business. >> the 28-year-old landed in new york this morning and was shot covering her face and fudging with her hair and a band-aid on her right cheek. also reports she was talking to herself. the erratic behavior comes less than a week after she was arrested on a dui charge.


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