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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  October 7, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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thing is...our crazy tax code actually rewards companies... for shipping them overseas. it's wrong and i'm fighting to fix it. i'm mark warner...i brought republicans and democrats... together on a bill that gives incentives to companies that... bring high tech and manufacturing jobs to virgina. because instead of outsourcing jobs to china...we should be... insourcing them here for our people...and thats why i... approved this message. . hello and thank you for joining us. i'm andrea roane. topping our news this afternoon, the first reported case of ebola transmission outside the continent of africa. the patient is a nurse in spain who treated a priest who died from the disease last month.
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now three more people at the same madrid hospital are under quarantine. in dallas, texas, a critically ebola patient from liberia is being given an experimental drug as a last-ditch effort to save his life. omar villafranca has more from texas. >> reporter: a nurse in spain is the first known person to contract ebola outside west africa. an ambulance took her to a hospital in madrid last night. she got ebola after treating a spanish priest who returned from sierra leone and died from the disease. her husband and others she had contact with are also under quarantine. officials say the sick nurse had change add diaper for the -- changed a diaper for the priest and collected things from his room after he died. it's not clear if she was wearing a protective suit at all times. the disease has killed at least 3500 people, including about 370 health care workers mostly in west africa. >> it's a scary place to be right now. >> reporter: just back from liberia, carolyn myers of save the children says the best way to protect americans from ebola
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is to stop the epidemic in africa. >> the more cases that we have there, the more likely you're going to get cases here. >> reporter: here in dallas, an ebola patient from liberia is being given an experimental drug as a last-ditch effort to save his life. thomas eric duncan has been in the united states for two and a half weeks. before being put into isolation, he had direct or indirect contact with about 50 people. it can take up to three weeks for ebola symptoms to begin to show. omar villafranca, cbs news, dallas. it's not just the ebola virus but the enterovirus that's also causing fear among parents. the centers for disease control and prevention has confirmed nearly 600 cases of enterovirus 268 in 43 states -- d68 in 43 states including maryland and virginia and d.c. a physician at the innova fairfax campus joins us. have you seen any suspected
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cases of enterovirus? >> we have seen cases of suspected enterovirus and there has been confirmed cases verified by the cdc. >> most of the cases we're seeing with children. why is that? >> first of all entire row virus is -- enterovirus is a common vie are you. eight spread throughout the year. it's not necessarily a new class of virus by any means. children get it more frequently than adults for the same reason kids tend to get sickly more quickly than adults do they have young immune systems and haven't been exposed to as many diseases in their life. >> we're seeing the symptoms that are more like colds or someone experiencing a respiratory attack. for very nervous parents seeing all these stories in the news, when should they get their child to a hospital or a doctor? >> it's important to know most entire row virus cases -- enterovirus cases are mild. the recommendations to seek out medical care would be the same. that is, worsening problems
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breathing, significant difficulty with breathing, or other medical problems that would suggest this is not the average cold. >> how do you test for enterovirus to make sure it is not the average cold or some other type of flu virus? >> well, you can test for some viruses. however, the care for most of these viruses is the same. it's supportive. it's hydration. it's supportive of the respiratory tract or the breathing. there are ways to confirm enterovirus but that takes weeks through the cdc and it's not very practical. furthermore, it doesn't really help treat the patient. >> we know that hand washing is very important, but is enterovirus only something that affects children or should adults be worried as well? >> it can be spread to adults and adults and children alike can get intoar row virus and -- enterovirus and do throughout the year. >> doctor, thank you very much for speaking with us. >> thank you. in the news this afternoon, five people are being treated in the hospital because of an
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early morning accident in laurel, maryland involving nine vehicles. it happened just after 8:30 at intersection of route 198 and 197. route 198 was closed for several hours but has since reopened. police say speed was a factor in the initial crash. >> from what we can tell from our investigation, the red vehicle was involved coming down the right hand side of the roadway, struck another vehicle from the rear, pushed that vehicle into several other vehicles causing a chain reaction that resulted in two vehicles overturning. >> one person did have to be cut out of their vehicle. authorities say other people involved in the accident were very lucky they only suffered nonlife threatening injuries. police want to know who stole a bus this morning in anne arundel county. there were no children aboard the bus when it was taken from a lot in crownsville, maryland. police say the vehicle has front end damage from crashing into a gate. the bus was later recovered. you see a big yellow school bus in davidsonville. anne arundel county police say
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they are looking for two suspects who stole this vehicle. a warrenton, virginia, man is under arrest this afternoon after a sense 17-hour standoff -- tense 17-hour standoff with police. sky 9 flew over the scene this morning on alexandria pike. police say officers were sent to the home of joshua simpson because of an emergency order for a mental health evaluation. according to fauquier county police, simpson later shot at an officer. then refused to come out his house for hours. police say simpson was wounded in an exchange of gunfire after police fired tear gas into his house. charges are pending against simpson who's being treated at a hospital for his injuries. officials at the washington suburban sanitary commission say a water main break in beltsville will not be repaired any time soon. the rupture is on route 1 and montgomery road. the repair is complicated because a gas line runs across the broken water main. there were major problems in the southbound lanes of route 1 all morning long. one lane remains open but
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officials say the rupture will not be repaired until this evening's rush hour at the earliest. maryland gubernatorial candidates anthony brown and republican harpry hogan are airing -- larry hogan are airing out their differences in a live debate. the debate is scheduled to be broadcast on wjz between 7:00 and 8:00 this evening. a new poll shows lieutenant governor brown is leading hogan by 9 percentage points. "the washington post" hfer university of maryland survey founds brown is ahead by 47% to 38%. among likely voters 11% are undecided. in virginia, the candidates running for the u.s. senate meet tonight in tysons corner. the fairfax chamber of commerce is hosting a debate between incumbent democrat mark warner and his republican challenger ed gillespie. according to real clear politics, the latest polls show
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warner leading gillespie 51% to 39%. they hope tonight's -- gillespie hopes tonight's debate will help close that gap. out west the washington nationals are still alive in their playoff series with the san francisco giants. the nats are down two games to one in the nlds because they finally caught the break they had been looking for, according to adam laroche. kristen berset and holden kushner have more from at&t park. >> reporter: we are here another day in san francisco as the nats are able to keep their post-season journey going. game four tonight against the giants. they'll see if they can get the victory and bring the series back to d.c. holden, when you look at what happened in game three, the big error was a momentum shift coming off bumgarner. can they take that into today's game. >> reporter: they'll basically have to. the offense was stagnant. they weren't scoring. the last time they scored the run before the error.
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they have the momentum for the first time in the series. they've got to carry it against the pitcher in ryan vogelsong that they've beaten two times this year. >> reporter: the nats starting pitchers have had very strong outings in the first three games hoping for the same behind gio gonzalez. but what do you think about that pitching macup? >> with gio you saw a pitcher get stronger down the stretch. also he's a pretty emotional pitcher. can he reign. emotions in on the -- rein the emotion ns ion the road. ryan vogelsong, the nationals builted him around. i wouldn't be shocked if they busted out the bats to get this series back to d.c. for deciding game five. >> reporter: give me some of your keys for the nats to get this "w"? >> i think first of all if gio can just settle down. settle down. get into a rhythm and become the fourth starting pitcher on the staff to have a solid start. if he doesn't, they'll have to
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go to the bullpen. strasburg would even be available if he got knocked out early in this ballgame. i think that and i also think get on vogelsong early. you have confidence. you don't want to fall into a situation where it's five innings and you're still scoreless and you fall back into the mentality, uh-oh, we're having trouble scoring runs. get it early and often. >> reporter: game four coming up tonight here at at&t park. holden kushner, i'm kristen berset. we'll see you late they are evening but for now back to you in the studio. >> there's still a reason to show your natitude. you can upload photos to our facebook page or tweet us
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enron, the largest coporate fraud in american history... and ed gillespie was their lobbyist. enron paid gillespie and his firm seven hundred thousand... dollars to block regulation of the energy markets... so they could raise utility rates. then got even worse. "thousands lost their jobs and life savings." "the former leaders of enron head to prison." enron's ed gillespie. the million dollar lobbyist who put enron ahead of you.
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two people are being treated for injuries they received in northeast louisiana. an 18 wheeler got stuck on the tracks at a crossing. the freight train collided with a truck and derailed two
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engines and 17 cars of the 87- car train. union pacific says the conductor's injuries are not considered life threatening. the truck driver saw the train coming and jumped off the rig right before the collision. a police officer in michigan is getting a lot of attention for a traffic stop that led to an act of compassion. officer ben hall received a call about a child riding in a car without a car seat. instead of ticketing alexis delorenzo, paul told her to meet him at a nearby wal-mart and that's where he used his own money to buy her a booster seat. >> a ticket doesn't solve the situation. what solves it is the child being in a booster seat like she should be. it's the easiest 50 bucks i ever spent. >> i'm really almost at a loss for words because he really didn't have to do that. >> delorenzo add mipted she was wrong and had -- admitted she was wrong and had fallen on hard times. she promises to pay the deed forward when she gets back on
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her feet. nice story. we have light showers around right now. hopefully it will clear the air a little bit because the allergy numbers have come in. not a good day for allergy sufferers. in fact the weed pollen is in the high category. everything else is moderate. when we come back, we'll talk about how long these light showers are going to last, what you can expect for the evening and what about the weekend? we've got some issues to talk b. we'll do it in just a fe 
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our next guest is here to share a horrifying story when she was raped at gun point. rosemary tribble, the wife of senator paul tribble, jr. will address a forum on sexual assault today at george mason university. a pleasure to have you here. >> thank you. good to be here. >> this happened in 1975.
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you were in the spotlight. you were in this chair, a tv news anchor. but i've got to say action it was not part of your public narrative after the initial crime happened. so people are surprised to hear this about you. >> it was in 1975 and i had the first television talk show on wtbr, channel 6. i did a show on sexual assault. you think it's not talked about now. can you imagine in 1975. two women who had been raped, hundreds of calls afterwards. a few days later i was staying over the hotel to do one live show and taped three shows so i could go home for christmas. came back into the room, 11:00. a man was there with a gloved hand, tried to strangle me. then i put a gun to my head and he said okay, cute talk show host, what do you do with a gun at your head. i never thought about that. >> he was a stalker as well as
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a rapist because he knew who you were. >> he had seen the television show and was going to teach me a lesson of a lifetime. finally after a night of horror, he drug me back to that window, right out to the parking deck with a getaway car waiting. again with that gun he said, i know who you are. i know where you live. and i promise i'll kill you if you tell. and that's the dagger of fear. if it's a father that says to a child if you don't let me do it to you, imdee it to the rest of the children or a date rape. the moment he was out that window, i called the police and security and he was never found. >> the book "fear to freedom ," you've got to get over that fear and being secret. you'll be at george mason university. >> yes. >> this kit in front of us is part of what's happening in combating sexual violence on campus. tell us about it. >> i would be happy to. fear to freedom, the number two stands for the fact that every two minutes someone is sexually assaulted in our country. did you know that one in five female women students will be sexually assaulted during the
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four years? so to0g9amnight we are putting together these wonderful 350 fear to freedom kits that will go to inova hospital. we have over 300 george mason students that will be gathered together to assemble the kits. and our challenge to them is to be the change. our challenge to them is to restore the joy. and it will be an exciting night. it's an uplifting event but what we want to do is restore and redeem those sexually assaulted, bringing them hope and healing because those that go to the hospital don't realize all of their clothes have to be kept for evidence because of the exam. we have sweat pants and t-shirt and a toy for the children. this is our bear for those 12 years and younger. this bear is used not only for comfort for those that are there but also help them with the counseling so they might truly be able to move from fear to freedom. >> rosemary, thank you very
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much for sharing your story and making this part of your lifelong effort to move us from fear to freedom. >> thank so you much. >> you're welcome. let's go to howard with an update on the forecast. >> wave got light sprinkles, light showers moving through now. go have a threat for heavier showers as we get into the evening hours, maybe even some thunder. that's in the midwest coming across the appalachians. right now light sprinkles and light showers have developed over the last hour to 90 minutes. i think they'll only be around for one to two hours before we get a break. southern maryland we're seeing the showers wind down. what you'll notice into southern prince george's county, 301 as you get north of the line with charles county coming out of waldorf, the showers are there but south they're not. more moderate showers in and around parts of montgomery, fairfax, loudoun county. southern fairfax starting to clear out a little bit. then you go back toward the shenandoah valley north toward hagerstown. you still have the showers to go through to the north. we'll be in and out of it here. light showers early. some breaks still mostly
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cloudy. lower 70s. wishful thinking. some will stay in the 60s at this point with south winds 10 to 15. better chance for shower and storms tonight but it will clear out late. that should leave us in good shape to see the eclipse tomorrow morning. the numbers, the partial shadow, when the earth is blocking the rays of the sun to the moon. it starts at 4:15, the partial one. the total is about 6:15. so just get to a high point, look west. we'll be fighting the sunrise because that's at 7:11. temperatures struggling underneept the cloud cover and those -- underneath the cloud cover and those showers. we're at 66 in washington right now. the light rain showers, a south, southwesterly wind at 13 miles an hour. so some showers, maybe some storms around this evening. after dark clearing out overnight. the 75 is what i was thinking this morning but with the midday showers, we'll lucky to get to 72. 73. 50s and 60s tonight. tomorrow breezy and warm, mid- 70s. a few clouds in the afternoon
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thursday, still nice, 72. friday the clouds thicken up. some showers, could even be one or two early. better chance in the afternoon and evening. sunday looks a little worse than saturday with showers sunday and only in the mid-60s. redskins fans, stick around. we have something you need to we have something you need to know and it's all co in cases of rape and incest, just like the right-wing republicans in congress. they want to overturn roe v. wade. so does she. "i think roe v. wade should be overturned." barbara comstock even voted with right-wing republicans to require women seeking an abortion to undergo transvaginal ultrasounds. that's all i need to know.
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i'm john foust and i approve this messge.
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enron, the largest coporate fraud in american history... and ed gillespie was their lobbyist. enron paid gillespie and his firm seven hundred thousand...
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dollars to block regulation of the energy markets... so they could raise utility rates. then got even worse. "thousands lost their jobs and life savings." "the former leaders of enron head to prison." enron's ed gillespie. the million dollar lobbyist who put enron ahead of you. redskins fans could use something to laugh about after last night's game. gton post" e columnist rick ?ielder has just the ticket -- schneider has just the ticket. he's out with 100 things redskins fans should do before they die. you say the name controversy has nothing to do with honoring native americans. >> not really.
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the 1930's was the height of american indian popular vote around the area. they were named after the boston braves where they were first starting. football teams often stole the baseball teams' names. then they moved over to the red sox stadium. they wanted to keep the same mascot so they worked it that way. it wasn't intentionally about the indians in the beginning of it. >> in 30 years of covering this team, some of the more interesting things you've collected and reported on, rfk stadium was not going to be rfk. it was going to be lbj? >> the last second political payback. lbj and rfk did not get along. lbj would not approve the grounds maintenance. the secretary of the interior where the park sits doesn't need approval from the. he he he the president. he wanted it named after them. last secretary as they get ready to go to the nixon inauguration, they call the name in and it's all done. >> something you said at the beginning of the book, as big a deal as the skins are now with fans, they weren't that much till vince lombardi came as the coach in '69.
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>> pretty much. they had a lot of success when they first came from '37. won a couple of titles but they had a lot of bad teams for many years. lombardi brought back the pride and hope. he had barely a winning season and passed away. george allen follows. things race from there. lombardi was really the beginning of what the franchise is now. >> when we think of the franchise being something great, we always think of joe gibbs. he was almost out after an 0-3 start. >> cook wanted to fire him. who is this go. then you go to 0-5. it's really intense. >> gruden is lucky. >> gruden is hanging in there. >> he's a good coach. you have one other thing, the last thing do you before you die is basically self- protection if you go into eagles territory with anything that suggests cause from the d.c. area. >> oh, yeah. i know people who actually have brought eagles gear and put it on the dash of their cars so their cars didn't get wrecked in the parking lot. the last thing before you die because you may die is wear your redskins jersey there glit' a great -- there.
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it's a great read. have a great day. howard and i will see you starting bright and early at 4:25
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>> summer: [ voice breaking ] did they have to give her the sedative? there was so much that i want to ask her. i mean, did she hear us all those times when we visited her? and does she know how much we missed her? part of me was so scared that i would never see mom awake again. but i did. and now her eyes are closed, and i'm just scared that they won't open. >> jack: hey, hey, hey. take it easy. take a big breath. >> summer: [ inhales deeply ] >> jack: the worst is over. your mom's out of the coma, and the doctors have her sedated because it's the easiest way to deal with her agitation and to run the tests they need to run. >> avery: this is incredible. my sister has come back. and knowing phyllis, she came


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