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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  October 7, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the suspect had an emergency light on the dash board and it was the male african american suspect. whether they are connected or not, at least in the virginia case -- >> this individual is still at large. you know, it is a community safety concern. >> and police want us to remind everyone as a driver you do have rights. if you get pull over by an unmarked car, you can ca 911, ask them to send a uniformed police officer or confirm the officer pulling you over. you can also, if you do pull over, go to a public, well lit area. be safe and make sure you do those things. here in boston, stephanie ramirez, wusa9. a virginia man who barricaded himself in his home is fighting for his life after a shootout with police in warrenton. bruce leshan reports on the woman who woke up to sounds of shotgun blasts and started rolling her camera. >> the sound of gunfire and
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tear gas grenades woke kimberly jane at 2:00 a.m. the first thing she did was try to go outside for a better picture. >> trying to get back in their house. they are bullets flying around. yeah, that's tear gas. >> the battle just would not stop. >> that's what we are hearing all night. put down the gun, please come out with your hands up. i have it on my video. please put the gun down. >> the sheriff deputy said they were trying on monday afternoon to take joshua simpson in for an emergency mental health evaluation. they say he ran back inside and fired at them repeatedly. police deployed snipers and armored vehicle and crisis negotiators. >> so, i thought it was in my backyard. >> police say this ended about 17 hours after it began. they say simpson came out of his house and again began
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shooting at the police officer. they returned fire and he was wounded severely. >> i just hope he's okay. >> the virginia state police tied up old town warrenton for much of the rest of the day investigating. in warrenton, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> new concerns about ebola tonight after doctors diagnosis a first case of the disease outside of west africa. an ambulance in spain took a nurse to the hospital. contracted a priest who later died from ebola. the nurse and others are under quarantine. one aid worker says the best way to protect americans is to stop the epidemic in africa. >> more cases that we have there, the more likely that you're going to get cases here. >> doctors in dallas are treating the ebola patient there with an experimental drug in a final effort to save his life. >> well day 24 in the search for hannah graham. it has come and now it's almost
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gone and still , there is no sign for the missing uva student. right near the spot where the 18-year-old was last seen alive. debra, we won't went out with the investigators, do you get a sense with what they are dealing with? >> searchers must be frustrated. they have searched 80% of the search area that they have to go through. it is tedious, it is dangerous, and it is messy. you never know what you're going to find out there. again, they were searching an 8- mile radius from the area behind me in the downtown mall where hannah graham was last seen. they leave the command post just after dawn. >> there is a patch of woods. >> tips led the searchers to this brushy area full of manure, top searching conditions. they are just a few of the 55 professionals looking for hannah graham. tomorrow they get more help. >> on wednesday, we also are going to have two imaging
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analysts join us. they are going to be going through live with the photographs and the imagery that was taken from that aircraft over the weekend. >> i know. we are, too, every little bit of information helps. >> the tips that drive the search come here. people like kate webster have been taking calls for three weeks. passing on 3,878 tips to investigators. webster has worked at this call center for a decade. she uses her skills, her patience, her compassion. >> it's one of those things that you have to let them know it's okay if they're upset. we are doing whatever we can to find her. >> the disappearance has captured the nation's attention. webster gets calls from all over the country and every time a story like this airs on tv, more stream in. this tight knit town is dedicated. >> i don't see an end in sight until we find hannah and maybe
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that's naive, maybe that's not the most efficient way to use the resources we have, but we're going to continue as long as it takes. >> now tomorrow, searchers get a bump in numbers. they will have the searchers come in from stafford counties, searchers on horses. they will be doing all of that. i want to give out the tip line. if you have any information, that you call them, 434-3821. you can also e-mail anything you know to i ask the chief so many questions. people asking me why the 8-mile search area, radius from back here? why that? and why not expand it out since the suspect was captured in galveston, texas. we'll have the answer when we come back later on. debra alfarone, wusa9. >> we'll note for you that hannah grew up in alexandria and she's one of a dozen young
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people missing from our area. wusa9 is dedicated to bringing those children and young people home. tomorrow and every wednesday in october, we're going to show you pictures of these missing kids on the side of your screen. you can also see them on our facebook page. take a minute, take a look and perhaps you can help bring them home. d.c.'s superior court is considered one of the most secure buildings in a town pull of secure buildings. somehow, a teenage prisoner being held in a central cell block had a loaded gun in his underwear. sources tell wusa9, two law enforcement agencies missed a chance to find that weapon earlier and authorities are investigating the episode. the suspect, 19-year-old, isaiah bogan had been arrested on unauthorized use of a vehicle. he was awaiting a proceeding with a court magistrate. he faces more charges connected with that loaded gun. bruce johnson is working the story right now and he's going
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to have more for us on our news at 6:00. >> it's another must-win game for your washington nationals. can the boys get it done? >> we're going to belief they can. our sports anchor, kristen berset is live in san francisco with the real story. kristen. >> reporter: we believe, right? it is do or die moment again for the washington nationals, looking to even things up in the series tonight and bring it back to d.c. and hopefully close it out. before they came to san francisco, they found themselves in a 0-2 deficit. the nats said we need a break. we need something to shift the momentum and they were able to come up with that in game three. it happened in the 7th inning when madison made a bad throw to third base, causing two runs to come in and the momentum shifted. you could see it. that whole entire situation was completely unorthodox. wilson bunted. and the giants just don't make
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those big mistakes. now to keep it going for another least another 9 innings. >> we have to do things correctly like we did today. we have to play good defense. we have to execute if necessary. we have to score some runs, so, that's our mind set. >> we need one break, and you know, it's been a tough couple games to start and we got our break. now it's just a matter of building on it and we live to see another day. >> we feel good, you know, getting this win was big and the momentum shifted a little bit. but it's up to us to keep it on our side. >> the momentum is the key for these nationals. geo gonzalez looking to continue the strong starts the pitchers have done. ryan vogelsong going for the giants. holden will join me and we'll talk about the keys for the nats to get a victory tonight. in san francisco, i'm kristen berset, back to you in the studio. >> hashtag, believe, right,
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kristen? >> we are just getting started at 5:00. >> trending now, a robot designed to fight ebola. i'll tell you how it works coming up at 5:30. i'm meteorologist, topper shutt. pretty quiet here. we'll show you radar. we have some showers near romney and cumberland and about to cross over i-81. we're going to be tracking showers and thunderstorms tonight. we'll give you a timetable and tell you what that means for the rest of the commute and if we'll be able to see the lunar eclipse. florists and others are looking for brand-new customer base. now that same-sex marriage is legal in virginia. i'm peggy fox. the story coming up. and right after the break, the latest on the search for
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two people are in custody for stealing a special needs school bus that was taken from a lot around 3:30 this morning. there were no students on board at the time. but the bus was recovered several hours later and there was some damage to the rear door and some other parts of the vehicle. tonight, nicole adams and travis champagne are under arrest. they were under the influence of alcohol and looking for some change to purchase cigarettes. now the same-sex marriage is legal in virginia, the wedding industry from florists to jewelers stand to make some money. >> and as peggy fox tells us, this new change is expected to bring an economic booth to the state. >> you are joined in marriage as wife and wife. >> erica turner and jennifer's wedding in front of the arlington courthouse yesterday marks the beginning of not just a major social change, but an untapped business potential. >> until yesterday, people might have wondered what's a gay wedding planner doing in
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virginia? well, that's funnier it was my straight mom based out of texas who started the business originally. >> katherine wrote a book about gay weddings and runs the website, she married her wife in d.c., but is excited about planning real weddings in her home state. >> we have always had same-sex couples looking for services with the acknowledgment, the energy is undenial. >> the study by the williams institute estimates the economic boost of extending marriage to same-sex couples in virginia will reach $60 million in the next three years. chip frederic, owner of mcclane's flowers and plants says it's good business news for florists. >> i think there's the strong possibility that there could be more customers. i mean, it does give you a whole base. >> there are more than 14,000 same-sex couples living in virginia. if virginia follows the same path massachusetts did. half of those couples, about
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7,000, will tie the knot over the next three years. gray shay with lebanese is optimistic about the new change. >> we have been doing same-sex weddings since 2002. and there are always commitment ceremonies or some celebrations. it was never a wedding. >> most people spend between $10,000 and $20,000. the most expensive purchase are the rings. peggy fox, wusa9. >> that study, the economic boost for same-sex marriage could add more than 500 jobs to the state and $3 million in taxes to state and local businesses. >> wusa9's first alert weather. >> and topper shutt joins us now. looks like you're tracking some showers on doppler 9,000. before we get to that, let's talk about the lunar eclipse. >> i think the sky cover is going to cooperate.
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i think we will clear in time to see it. let's go to the graphics and howard showed you this at noon. the sun and the earth and the moon all align and that gives you the lunar eclipse. and yes, you can look at a lunar eclipse, your eyes will be fine. so we're looking at essentially the total umbra at 6:45. the full shadow of the earth and it lasts an hour. so, i recommend viewing between 6:25 and 7:00 before the sunrises. that will be your best bet and we will clear by then. okay, a live look outside. it's our live michael and son weather cam. 73 right now. it's very nice. 56 as the dew point. 55% humidity and winds out of the south at 7:00. all right, we'll widen the radar out. we have showers from hagerstown and also a lot of showers west out toward cumberland and garrett county and west virginia. nothing crazy heavy just yet. this is why we did not issue a
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yellow alert. most of us will make it home tonight before the showers roll in. but later on tonight, we have showers rolling in. already in winchester and in romney and cumberland. a fleck of yellow toward cumberland. these are all pretty begn in terms of intensity. everything is moving off to the northeast at 10:00. so, cold front moved through tonight. our time frame in the immediate metro, 9:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. the best chance of seeing a shower and yes, even a thunderstorm. bus stop temperatures, 54 to 66. so that's mild. it will be dry at the bus stop tomorrow. and lunar eclipse again tomorrow at 6:25. it looks like it will clear in time for that. okay. could be a couple showers rolling through the metro area, but look off to the west. most of the action is out toward i-81 and cumberland and oakland with the front itself. and then by 10:00, some showers and thunderstorms off to the north: but some lighter showers. montgomery county back to the district and by midnight, we
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have showers across much of our western suburbs and heavy activity south and west of town. that rolls southward overnight and good news, by 6:00 a.m., future cast is calling for clear skies. i agree with this, might be a little quick, but it looks nice for viewing of the eclipse. by 7:30, 50s elsewhere. by 1:00, a perfect day to walk to lunch. just perfect. 3:30, 4:00, temperatures in the 70s across the board. 6:00, we're back in the 60s and temperatures are going to fall crazy fast tomorrow night. 7:30, we're still 60 in gaithersburg and 62 in leesburg and 68 downtown. okay. so 60s to start. and 73 by 1:00 with just full sun. a gorgeous wednesday. still nice on thursday, 72. and friday, mainly afternoon showers, temperatures around 70. that could affect the evening commute and could affect the high school football.
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we'll keep you posted on that. next seven days. okay, we have showers on saturday. 69. i kept sunday dry, 69. i could have posted them either way. 70, milder next tuesday with some showers. we're back in the mid 70s. >> thank you, topper. five people are recovering after a massive nine vehicle crash. it happened just after 8:30 this morning at the intersection of route 198 and 197. police do say the speed was a factor in this crash. >> you can tell the red vehicle was involved. coming down the right hand side of the roadway. struck another vehicle from the rear. pushed that vehicle into several other vehicles causing a chain reaction. it resulted in vehicles overturning. >> one person did have to be cut out, but other people involved in the accident were fortunate. they only suffered nonlife threatening injuries. a water main in beltsville is busted right now. the break has snarled southbound traffic on route 1 near montgomery road all day long and a northbound lane is
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closed as well. it's a complicated fix because the gas line runs across the broken water main. the commission says they just don't know when it's going to be done. the race for governor in maryland is tightening up a bit. according to the washington post, university of maryland survey, anthony brown leads larry hogan 37 to 48% among likely vote voters. they had a debate this morning and scott broom has more coming your way at 6:00. two astronauts made their first ever space walks outside the international space station today. and during the 6 1/2 hour mission, they were tending to some repair work. now this is the 182nd space walk to station assembly since the thing went up back in 1988. can you bleefs it's that old? >> it may be the most common occupation for women to be sexually harassed. what it is and when it can be stopped coming up.
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and a cop tases a man during a traffic stop and you know what happened, it was all caught on tape. the question is, was it excessive force? we'll have the story next. you make a decision. >> as we roll into break, take a look at these gas prices driving you crazy as you roll around town. in gaithersburg, you get a good deal at the shell. $3.28 a ga - oh, the young. their energy seems like an unlimited resource we sometimes wish would run out, at least for a moment. but as we grow into adults, it's important to learn
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how to use our energy wisely, especially when it comes to electricity. you can save energy and money by caulking around windows. and by using a power strip, you can turn off several devices when they're not in use, or when you're simply done. it's all about using your energy wisely, and novec is here to help. for more tips, go to novec: helping you save.
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we are teaming up with homeless children's play time project. our goal is to help provide a safe place to play for children living at d.c. general family shelter. if you'd like to help, you can text the word play time to 25543 or you can mail checks to the address for the homeless children's play time project. a family suing a police officer. used a stun gun during a traffic stop. the family was on the way to the hospital and the incident was caught on video. cbs brings us the details from los angeles. >> hey amy. i'm driving around the avenues right now. >> i'm not operation of this
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deal. >> police in hammond, indiana, stopped the car because the driver wasn't wearing a seat belt, but it was the passenger they confronted. officers broke the window and used a stun gun on passenger, jamal jones. a child can be heard crying in the backseat. >> you cannot engage in this type of conduct and terrorize american families, including small children. >> now i'm scared for my life. >> they reached into the backseat to get a recent traffic ticket with his information on it, jones says they drew their guns. >> it felt like my civil rights was thrown out the window, along with my body. >> the driver called 911. but no supervisor was sent to the scene. mahone's son recorded the entire incident on his cell phone. >> for a 14-year-old to start video taping an incident, that to me says he was concerned about the safety of his family. >> hammond police released a
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statement. when the passenger displayed movements that included placing his hand where the officer could not see. officer concerns for their safety were heightened. the officers have prior complaints against them. including for the use of excessive force. cbs news. >> jones also says he and the children are all wearing their seat belts as passengers in the car. it is up to a jury to decide if any damages will be awarded to the family. well sexual harassment is running rampant in restaurants all across the country. >> according to a new study published, 90% of restaurant workers report being harassed. the abuse happened more frequently in states where employees make a base of $2.13 an hour before tips. harassment comes from customers and managers. the solution according to the group, which managed this report, eliminates a minimum wage r tipped workers. now executives from the
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national restaurant association say the report is quote, recycled attacks that a part of a multimillion dollar campaign engineered, organized, and funded by national labor unions. >> those voice activated systems designed to make your car safer? they could lead to some serious mistakes behind the wheel. we'll bring you that story in a minute or two. >> and trending now, an ebola fighting robot. why some female sports fans are furious over an article and how a cop chose compassion over a citation after pulling over a mom.
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trending now, the fight against ebola going high-tech. >> check this out. it is an ebola fighting robot developed by a man in san antonio. so, here's how it works. a light 25 ,000 times brighter than the sun goes up and down. the extreme light kills bacteria and viruses, like ebola. >> more than 250 hospitals across the country already use this robot, including here at presbyterian hospital where thomas duncan is being treated for ebola. >> it takes the robot 10 to 15 minutes to clean an entire room. >> it's been known to work on vampires. >> i don't know. i might try that thing out. men's health magazine is apologizing for a sports
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article that some say might have been a bit sexist. >> women require story lines rather than stats to get them involved in sports. well, men's health tweeted out apologies for our story and missed the mark and the negative feedback is just fine. it was not suggested women are inferior to men in sports or anything else, but we're sorry that it did. one interesting note, the article was written by a woman. as you can imagine, the twitter backlash was swift. one person wrote, i normally don't believe the trolling for hate is a thing, but there's no other way to explain the men health thing. and then there was this. congratulations on being a tone deaf idiot who is completely ignorant that some women like sports. wow. all right. well sexting is the new first bait base. this is the headline in the daily mail. >> according to a new injurial, teens are likely to
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become sexually active within the next year. >> however, no likelihood of imminent sex among teens who ask for or receive the naked pictures. all right, 28% of a thousand texas high school kids took part in the study and they have sexted. >> that is so unbelievable. don't send something you don't want your mom to see. >> just receive it apparently. >> not that either. >> all right. just in time for the eiffle tower's celebration. see through glass floors. still, that was more than enough to frighten a few visitors. a u.s. tourist from hawaii said the panels gave him some butterflies. the apple tower is the world's most visited paying attraction. >> that's cool. a police officer now getting a lot of attention for a traffic stop that led to an act of
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compassion. >> received a call about a car riding in a car without a car seat. told her to meet him at a nearby wal-mart. he used his own money to buy her a booster seat. >> a ticket doesn't solve the situation. what solves it is the child being in a booster seat like she should be. the easiest $50 i ever spent. >> i'm at a loss for words, because he didn't have to do that. >> how emotional she was there. she admitted she was wrong and fallen on hard times. she promised to pay the good deed forward when she gets back on her feet. >> that's what i'm talking about. that is a cop right there. serve and protect. >> that's exactly right. we want to go to topper who has a lot of green on the map there. >> i did. all green behind me, no yellows and reds, we are looking at showers and thunderstorms. the best time between 9:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. in the metro area. you folks in hagerstown down to winchester, you are well west
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of town, you will have a wet commute. inside the beltway, we're looking at a dry commute home. light activity in cumberland and romney. you see a fleck of yellow and that actually is an indication of heavier activity that will spread across the metro area tonight. cold front rolls through tonight, but it won't cool us off. we'll talk about how warm it will be tomorrow and let you know if the clouds and showers roll out in time for the lunar eclipse. >> coming up, driven to distraction. a new study raising safety concerns about hands-free technology in today's cars. it's too bad. i use it all the time. >> disabled. not able to use d.c.'s government website. the change in place because
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only on 9 tonight, there's a fix to an embarrassing district blunder uncovered by a wusa9 investigation. >> here is russ with a case with a d.c. dediscrimination form that dediscriminated against the blind. >> that was the reaction of eric bridges who is blind back in june. he was trying to enter a
5:37 pm
dediscrimination complaint on this. d.c.'s office of human rights website. a form created in response to our undercover investigation showing cab byes not picking up black passengers and people in wheelchairs and leaving blind passengers, including bridges himself on the street. >> forced to stop by traffic. >> there it is. that's a late d.c. cab and it stopped for me. 100 feet down the road. >> we described to bridges what we captured on video. so he could complain, but he couldn't. an audio screen reader spoke questions, allowing him to tell his complaint, but not to send it. screen readers cannot unscramble the submission required security image called capta and d.c. system did not have an audio option accessible to the blind. i called the d.c. office of
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human rights. >> russ . i'm pulling out my white hair. >> officials allowed bridges to make his complaint over the phone and committed to changing that form. but our investigation found there were dozens of others like it, including even this request for braille printing inaccessible to the blind. d.c. officials declined our interview request, but months after our story aired, issued this statement saying, we take accessibility issues seriously and we move quickly to address this issue. our website continues to be ranked among the best in the country and we want to make sure we live up to those expectations for all users. >> it's 2014. you know, the internet isn't that new at this point. >> the change -- >> please type every number you hear. >> district installed this google version called recapta. it has audio and now that's on all sites all over
5:39 pm
replacing the visual only screening that blocked the blind. >> faces are not required. >> indeed, now he and other blind people have equal access to d.c.'s website. >> i'm not going to clap and cheer. this is the law. they are complying with the law. >> it took about three months for the district to make 177 sites accessible to the blind. not only this complaint form, but the office of human rights, and the office of disability rights, too. and now back to the wusa9 investigation that started all thisd.c. cabs and some cabs not picking up blind passengers and other classes of passengers. multiple district agencies have set up investigations and they are taking complaints and now because of our secondary investigation, even blind passengers can file those complaints online. i'm investigative reporter,
5:40 pm
wusa9. >> now the 177 sites they fixed involved 63 different d.c. agencies. agencies that are more accessible thanks to russ' investigation. if you have an issue you would like to get into, contact him on twitter or facebook. the address is on your screen. you probably haven't bought halloween candy yet and some experts showing numbers from the holiday season. even if you're on a budget. >> first, your cars hands-free features help keep your hands on the wheel. what about your mind on the road? they might not be as safe as they think.
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in cases of rape and incest, just like the right-wing republicans in congress. they want to overturn roe v. wade. so does she. "i think roe v. wade should be overturned." barbara comstock even voted with right-wing republicans to require women seeking an abortion
5:43 pm
to undergo transvaginal ultrasounds. that's all i need to know. i'm john foust and i approve this messge. in tonight's consumer alert, those hands-free features in your car may not be as safe as you might think. a new study finds they can be a distraction. >> yes, they can. which hands-free systems are the biggest distractions and why? >> call john doe. >> not donna. no, cancel. >> researchers were asking if the very latest hands-free voice only command systems cause drivers to get distracted and the answer is yes.
5:44 pm
one driver in a simulator whose voice messaging a facebook update gets so distracted, she rear ends the car in front. but the biggest problem is not the driver. the study concludes that errors made by the voice systems caused the greatest distractions. here, the driver is asking apple suri to call a restaurant. >> cafe trio. >> sorry, i didn't get that. >> in the driver's frustration, she misses a prompt that misses her attention to the road. >> u'll be paying attention to that and not paying attention to traffic lights and pedestrians and other cars. >> the study also ranked the leading car voice systems by levels of mistakes and distractions. on a chart where 5 is the most distracting, a chevrolet with the my link system rated worse at 3.7, while toyota's system rated best at 1.7. gm said in a statement, it is
5:45 pm
committed to hands-free systems and to improving our systems and verbal interfaces on behalf of our customers. >> radio. >> wyatt andrews, cbs news, washington. >> apple's iphone was the only phone tested. suri performed worse than the car makers systems. derek is shaking his head. apple and google are working with auto companies to incorporate those phones into the systems. >> i understand when they make a mistake, you are thinking you are doing the right thing by using hands-free. but you have to look at it. >> but it's the law. you have to go hands free. so what do you do? >> christmas time is coming, eventually, and early estimates forecast the biggest increase in holiday sales in three years. the national retail federation  is predicting a 4.1% hike in holiday sales over last year and that would translate to total spending of $617 billion. however, retailers are also
5:46 pm
aware that the recent recession left a lot of folks cautious about how much money they put out there and that means they will be promoting bargains. >> everything from web promotions to in store promotions and of course, even mobile promotions will be there. >> the difference between that and any other year, again, who knows. the forecast called for an 8 to 11% jump in online sales. and by the way, christmas is still 70 days away. when you put it that way, it seems closer. just 70 days. i don't know how many are shopping days. all of them. >> derek, every day is a shopping day. >> you may want to think long and hard before without the credit card to cover your college tuition. experts say you could wind up paying thousands more. any schools charge more, but the average to nearly 3%. that could add up to $3,000 at a private school. then of course, there's the added interest rate applied to your credit card balance. >> we want to help you save money and keep gas prices from
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driving you crazy. the best value for gas in fairfax, virginia, is at the sonoco station on fairfax station. 3.11 a gallon. >> the only station with weather alert days, wusa9's first alert weather. >> i say this like a nuisance at this point. >> most of us get home with dry roads. if you're out tonight, take an umbrella. we have a rumble of thunder. >> rumble of thunder. >> a cold front and should clear out in time for the lunar eclipse tomorrow morning. it's our live michael and son weather cam and looking at clouds that return. it's still a nice evening inside the immediate metro area. we have showers to the west. we'll show you those in a second. relative humidity comfortable really. 55%. and winds out of the south at 7. eventually, they will turn and become a northwest, once the front goes through tomorrow morning. here's the radar. we have no shortage of showers.
5:48 pm
back to the west, back into oakland and morgantown and even down to elkin. but, in the immediate metro area, we have another couple hours before showers roll in. these are gently light. hagerstown to winchester, down toward harrisonburg. a little yellow showing up. it's generally light. we'll zoom in a little bit. we have showers and back toward martinsburg and everything moving off to the north and to the east. so maybe some showers clipping frederic in the next hour, but certainly nothing heavy. so, we have a cold front moving through tonight. that means showers and storms. the time frame for the heaviest activity. 9:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. in the metro. bus stop temperatures behind the front pretty mild. this front is not going to cool us off like the previous front that put us in pretty good of an autumn chill over the weekend. 54 to 66 for temperatures tomorrow morning and dry. and the lunar eclipse tomorrow at 6:25. i recommend doing 6:25 to 7:00 a.m. that's going to be fine as
5:49 pm
well. i think clouds will move out in time. in fact, 8:00 tonight, there are some showers across much of the metro area. heavy activity still back in the mountains with temperatures in the 60s. by 10:00, a couple showers in town. trying to walk the dog, touch and go. probably take an umbrella. temperatures in the 60s. by midnight, we have showers in leesburg, frederic, all the way back down i-81 and heavier activity toward harrisonburg. this rolls across the southern viewing area. look at this. by 6:00 a.m., we are generally clear. 64 downtown. upper 50s in gaithersburg and leesburg. pretty comfortable start to your wednesday morning. by 8:00, 63 downtown. still 50s in the suburbs. walking to lunch, fantastic. low 70s with sunshine. 3:30, 4:00, low to mid 70s across the board and talking a beautiful day from the mountains, all be it cool in oakland. 53 at 6:00. all the way to the beaches. pretty much clear skies. by 8:00, we're in the 60s downtown. but upper 50s now showing up in
5:50 pm
the suburbs. for tonight, mostly cloudy, breezy and mild. some showers and thunderstorms. winds again picking up. tomorrow morning, returning mostly sunny, beautiful morning. temperatures 54 to 72. you will need your shades before you leave the door. and by afternoon, mostly sunny, breezy, warm, high temperature 74 to 78. and winds out of the northwest at 10 to 15. so, again, behind this front is not going to turn cool, it's going to turn nice. day planner, 60s to start. 65 by 9:00. 70 by 11:00. and then 73 with sunshine by 1:00. next three days, still nice on thursday. not quite as mild. 72. and then friday, some clouds come in. some showers possible primarily in had the evening. monitor that. it could affect the evening commute as well as high school football. next seven days, we'll keep showers in the forecast on saturday and more prevalent to the south.
5:51 pm
we'll keep sunday dry, a bit cool 69. more showers on monday. 70. and more showers on tuesday, temperatures go back into the mid 70s. >> i'm kristen berset live in san francisco at at&t park joined by holden kushner. they kept it alive. can they do it again? holden, another gorgeous day here in san francisco. but how could this weather tonight, being a night game, affect the play? >> well, we saw yesterday was warm and nobody could get any offense anyway. both bullpens were struggling. once this place cools off, it will be a tough ball park to get runs. get them early, get them often and that's the key anyway for the nats tonight. >> you talked about the offense. there was talk about possibly changing the lineup. putting ryan zimmerman. matt williams didn't do that. what do you think about that decision? >> i think it's a brilliant decision. of course, what do i know?
5:52 pm
it's matt williams decision. keeping bryce harper nor right field. that's what needs to be done. you have do be able to save runs in this ballpark. it is so big and bryce harper did just that. that fourth insurance run, they are up 3-0. they had some runners on in the bottom of the 9th inning. i said it sure is nice to give that insurance run. but it paid off. >> especially when we started to see drew struggle again in the closing position. we were all getting nervous up in the press box as i'm sure the nats fans were. how big was that? >> you know, it's funny. i was talking to one of his teammates. i said, i'm fighting, i have gray hair. he said listen, it's a little bit nerve racking for us, too. we have the utmost confidence in him. that was big. and we talked to him after the game yesterday. the fact he could come up there in a big spot after game five in 2012, after losing -- really
5:53 pm
just giving up the lead in @ last game to do what he did and get through that adversity. huge for him and huge for this team. >> geo gonzalez on the mound. going up against ryan what do you think about that matchup? >> he is 3-0 with an e.r.a. of 1. that's one thing to look at. the nationals are really beat him up pretty nasty in the two games this season. there are four or five guys that hit him hard. i feel confident that the nats can get to him early. that will be the key. it's all about locating the curve ball and he has to keep his emotions in check. he's a very emotional guy. he can be successful. >> i know these teams never want to look back. we talked about today's game, but i want to talk about what happened yesterday. the ramos in the 7th inning. the error really talked about shifting the momentum. how big was at for this team moving forward? >> it was big because it kept
5:54 pm
the season alive. that's the big thing. i'm not as big into momentum. if we go back, they lost in 19 innings. i think it it was huge, obviously, because it kept this series alive for a game four and a pitching matchup where the nats have the advantage. >> holden, thank you so much. big game tonight. game four. coming up later in the 6:00 hour, geo gonzalez talks about returning home. he played for oakland. he played in this park several times and seeing if he can keep those emotions in check. i'm kristen berset live in san francisco. we'll send it back to you in the studio. >> thank you. coming your way at 6:00, packing heat behind bars. how in the world did a defendant manage to smuggle a gun into a holding cell in d.c. superior court? >> but first, a chicago teen is looking at a long prison sentence after federal agents caught him trying to hop a plane to go off
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
inova. join the future oftinge is-that's prhealth.e medicine. well, not that kind of fresh. on the freshness of our chicken. but i can guarantee the freshness of our chicken because we go beyond what the usda requires... with extra inspections in american family owned farms, refrigerated trucks that deliver daily and everywhere in between. that's what it takes to bring your family a
5:57 pm
fresh tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken. well this man, 19-year-old, mohommed in federal custody tonight accused of trying to join isis. agents slapped the cuffs on him saturday. >> con was hoping to do so- called humanitarian work for the terrorist group. >> according to investigators, is the-year-old mohommed was on his way to join isis when he was arrested over the weekend after going through security at chicago's o'hare airport. in a three-page letter left for his parents and signed your loving son, wrote that he was
5:58 pm
obligated to migrate to the islamic state and that he couldn't bare the thought of his taxes in the u.s. being used to kill his quote, muslim brothers and sisters. the western societies are getting more immoral day by day. i don't want my kids to being exposed to filth like this. investigators say a contact was expecting to meet him in turkey and take him to join isis in iraq or syria. but details about who bought his plane ticket and who he would meet were not revealed. proisis writings and drawings found in common areas of the house suggesting his views may have been known to members of his family. con made the initial appearance in federal court monday, members of his family were there in the courtroom, but had nothing to say after the hearing. >> that was ted rowland reporting. con is scheduled for a petition
5:59 pm
hearing on thursday. >> a loaded gun is found on a prisoner being held in the cell lockup facility at d.c. superior court. thanks for joining us, i'm jan jeffcoat. >> least lesli is on assignment. three law enforcement agencies were responsible for searching that man. bruce johnson reports, people who frequent the courts are stunned by the security breech. >> this is the d.c. superior courthouse and this is part of the security. we are not allowed any closer to the building than this. two floors down inside this building is the central cell block. every morning dozens of prisoners, some of them dangerous, are brought here for arraignment. there's also lots of security. so how did a 19-year-old end up in central cell block with a gun hidden away in his underwear? >> i'm frightened. they are arrested, they are brought here. >> the prisoner has been
6:00 pm
identified as bogan of southeast d.c. and the u.s. marshal service says he had been arrested and searched by d.c. police on a charge of unauthorized use of a vehicle. >> they normally do a strip search and to find somebody with a handgun. >> williams, an attorney and former d.c. homicide detectives. >> that person very well could have endangered the court personnel here as well as the judges in this court. >> a spokesman for the u.s. marshal service told wusa9 through e-mail that the gun was discovered by deputy marshalls during the search of the prisoner in the central cell block before he was taken for arraignment. there's no comment from judges. spokesperson is referring all inquiries to the marshall service and a lot of people leaving the courthouse only got news of the gun in the central cell block from wusa9. >> how does that make you feel? you're in and out of this place. it's scary. you can't walk in and out of


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