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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  October 8, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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symptoms if we were infected. concerns over ebola have airlines on alert. emergency crews boarded an american airlines flight in midland, texas, over night, after a passenger got sick. haz mat crews took the woman to
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the hospital but they say it's unlikely she has ebola because she did not have a feverened was not travelling from africa >> i was scared for my family. i don't want to take it home to my wife and kids. >> reporter: the flight originated here in dallas. with concern over possible ebola outbreak here in the united states, federal health officials plan to unveil new screening procedures at the nation's arpts. >> we're looking hard as what we can do to increase the safety of americans and we will announce further measures that will be taken. >> reporter: new screening steps could include checking travelers from west africa for fever. an american doctor exposed to the ebola virus in sierra lesn has been released from quantity teen at the national institutes of health in bethesda. authorities say they kept the doctor isolated as a precautionary step but the doctor will complete the rest of a 21-day observation period
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at home. a man there our area is the recipient of one of the most resip ent's of -- resip ent's cipients of the nobel prize. the nobel prize is worth $1.1 million of the 54 betsick works at the howard hughes medical institute in ashburn, virginia. sentencing was handed down today for alex eugene taylor for killing the jack russell terrier of his former girlfriend. after choking the puppy, taylor texted the photo of its body to his ex. taylor is a former baltimore police officer. fire crews in california are mourning the loss of an air
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tanker being used in to fight -- used to fight a fire yesterday. >> these photos show the crash site, moments after a california fire air tanker slammed into a tan why not wall in yosemite national park. the pilot died in the crash. >> i was right up the street here and i saw the black smoke go up and went out to take pictures immediately. >> reporter: the westen trans of the park -- west entrance of the park remains closed. more than 100 acres have been burned since the fire started tuesday afternoon. fire officials say the pilot was flying a grimmen s2-2 tanker similar to this one. officials say they'll work with the national transportation safety board to determine what
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caused the crash. lawyers for adrian peterson are expected to enter a not guilty plea in court today in connection with felony child abuse charges. the minnesota running back is accused of hitting his 4-yeild with a switch. the nfl allowed the vikings to put peterson on a special exemption list until his legal issues are resolved. the washington nationals pennant hopes this year are over. their inability to hit in a 7- inning bull pen meltdown led to their season-lending loss to the san francisco giants. kristin burr set is at a it. t park with more. >> reporter: it is another heart break postseason for the nationals. we've been here before. and they did it again. they went from the best record in the national league to
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getting bounced in the first round of the play jaufsz. the nationals offense struggled throughout the series but ult my game 4 came down to one too many mistakes. misplayed balls, miscommunication and wild pitches. many are critical of manager matt williams for his selection of pitchers in the stretch. >> not easy to win in the postseason. obviously our goal, just like everyone, is to win the world series, but i think we have a lot to be proud of and the amount of games we've won the last three years. where we came from and i think the future is still very bright for this team. >> we played the way we wanted to play. we did a lot of things right. so it's, you know, it's tender and bitter and all of those things but i'm proud of them. >> reporter: joique me now is holden kushner.
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many people critical of matt williams' bull pen selection heading down the stretch. what do you think of the choices he made? >> i thought it was a mishandling of the bull pen in the 7th inning, get a chance to talk to him in the press conference about it. that was really a situation where if you're in an elimination game, your best pitcher should be in in aaron barrett, a guy, the situation was just too big for him, that was on matt williams. the fact that the 7th inning came apart that was mismanagement with the bull pen. >> reporter: matt williams can't take all the blame especially for the entire series. the nats offense was nonexistent. >> absolutely not. give him the credit for calling ramos to get the bunt down but this, this was the heart of the order, laroche, werth and at the top of the order, span, this 4-54, some number like that, where the guys that were getting on base all season long just didn't come through and
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the offense fizzled out. the only guy that was hitting was bryce harper and rendon was hitting as well but you can't count on only a couple guys to carry you through the series. >> reporter: you have the young guys stepping up in the big situations, rendon and harper, so that's a bright spot for the future. >> it's going to be tough to take a lot of positives out for a couple of days, you know that. >> reporter: it's always tough for them and it's a hard pill to swallow, something they'll be thinking about for a while. that will do it for us here in san francisco. we'll send it back to you guys in the studio. turning out to be a beautiful day. had a great lunar eclipse this morning. go to, we have a photo gallery there and my
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twitter page, we've put a lot of pictures there as well. it's beautiful. the front purvd through, well to the south and east. fair weather crowds are popping up. some of them are sneaking in toward d.c. and and we'll it a partly to mostly sunny day. temperatures, they've also shot up. with those winds coming in out of the mountains, they've compressed a little bit, so we warmed into the mid-70s here in washington, near 80 in southeastern virginia but under the cloud cover, 50s and 60s. pittsburgh 58, cumberland is 68. we'll see skies clear out tonight, so that means it's going to be rather chilly. lows in many areas tonight will be back down in the 40s. a few low 50s. clear skies, lighter winds. increasing clouds tomorrow. tomorrow looks like a decent day at least through mid- afternoon. late afternoon, evening, clouds pick up, could even get a shower by overnight thursday night into friday. with a few showers around friday, friday potentially could be a yellow alert day
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depending on how many showers. as we head toward the weekend, got a few question marks for a few showers. cool, too, with 60s. if you like the warm stuff, looks like we're going to have another warm-up next week. we could be flirting with 80 by tuesday. i'll be back in a few minutes. we'll talk about what's coming for the weekend be a the full 7- day -- and the full 7-day forecast coming up. coming up, age-old question, how long can we expect to live? the answer ahead. plus for the man or woman who has everything.
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a new report finds americans are living longer than ever. the government study finds life expect anyone else is inching up and death rates are falling. a child born in 2012 can expect to live to be nearly 79 years old.
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the ten leading causes of death remain the same with heart disease and cancer topping the list. with just 77 days until christmas, neiman marcus is out with its annual holiday catalog. as usual, the lukry retailer had unusual and pricey offers, like his and hers quad skis. you can purchase a limited edition neiman marcus masz maserati. coming up on wusa 9, getting your kick on the golf course. yes, no clubs necessary. the story wh
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a new sport is taking off around the country. it's called foot golf ahybrid version of a traditional game of golf and soccer. here's more. . >> right now we're playing foot golf. same structure, same rules of golf except you're playing with your feet. but you still have to have the same strategy. whether you're going to drive or have a chip. >> so foot golf is inexpensive. the course fee is $10 a round. the golf cart is $8, which is optional. >> just chip it. you're not allowed a walkup approach. you have to take one step and chip it out. >> sometimes in the summer we get really young people out here playing and sometimes they're not well-supervised and that can be a little bit of a problem. >> oh!
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>> golfers come and go as they please. same with regard to us. >> it's grown tremendously. we're the second course i believe in the united states to have a foot golf golf course and now there's over 225 courseness america with foot golf courses on them. >> i don't have to go drop $2,000 on a set of clubs and don't have to spend all those years getting another skill so, having played soccer my whole life and spending $20, $30 on your go ball, it's a good time with -- your ball, it's a good time with my friends. >> you could probably make a putt with that size ball. >> probably some of your less fancy courses. >> yeah. >> i may try that. got to be better than my game. tell us about -- it seems like a good day to be out on
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the course. >> a little breezy, though. so if the wind is your handicap, more so than just the game, may be a little challenge. air is dry, the sun is out and temps for the most part are in the 70s. this is in frederick, still a little dew on the lens, but a few puffy clouds developed here at lunch time. going live toward our weather camera, you're also seeing a few of those puffy clouds out there. your day planner, sunshine, a cloud or two but for the most part partly cloudy. 75 by 5:00. so looks like a good afternoon and evening around here with 70 by 7:00. winds will die down tonight somewhat. that will allow temperatures to drop off in most spots in the 40s.
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down into northern virginia and prince william and louden and fairfax, more so montgomery and frederick as you head west on 70. that's where we're seeing the windiest conditions. we've got some gusts in the 15, 20 range here, we've had them up to 25 or so and that will be the case are to the afternoon. temperatures in the mountains are only 50 in davis and oakland is 54. what a difference elevation makes, down to 70 in petersburg. 70 for manassas and fred
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question is does it stop over here or does it get farther south. here we are, thursday at noon, very little going on because we have the clouds and moisture in the ohio and tennessee valley going to sneak in toward us late in the day on thursday. outside chance of a sprinkle north and west tomorrow. better chance tomorrow night and friday. here we are 1:00 in the morning with a couple of showers. friday morning, futurecast is trying to develop the showers to our south. this is a computer model. i will tell you that things change and this easily could be right over us for the morning rush. if that's the case, friday may be a yellow alert day with passing showers coming through
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and looks like this whole thing may sweep out of here friday night f that happens, saturday would be okay but then sunday has a chance of showers. we're going to be cooler this week and we're going to warm it up as we head into next week. we may not be done with 80- degree readings yet. 53 tonight with the mid-40s in the cool spots. tomorrow, 72, increasing clouds. a few showers tomorrow night into friday. friday, upper 60s. over the weekend, am i confident this is how i'd like it to be, we have a chance for showers on subd. on sunday. near 80 possibly by tuesday. hey, we got a great event going on tomorrow i want to tell you about.
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some of our area's top chefs are banding together to stop domestic violence. kim gandy is the ceo of the national program for domestic violence and thank you both are being here with us. chef, this is a beautiful presentation. what are you preparing for us today? >> i'm -- we're going to have a variation of this tomorrow night at the event. we also have on display, oysters, jamie leigh from hank's oyster bar is going to be joining us and we have cookies from carla hall who will also be at the event. >> local that we always enjoy talking to. why are the women chef's banding together for this cause? >> my association with the network to end domestic violence is through another organization of women chefs
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called women chefs and restauranteurs and i understand that the organizers of the event have received a lot of calls even from local chefs who have been impacted by the issue. >> so it's personal. >> it's very permanent, we support each other -- it's very personal, we support each other very much. >> tickets are still available and it's happening at the beautiful carnegie library in downtown washington d.c. we have over 20 of the city's top women chefs and mix ol gists -- mixmixologists who are donating thed food and drinks. >> domestic violence so much in the news these days. is that creating a demand for your services? >> the demand is greater but also the conversation is greater. i've been doing this work for almost 40 years and this is the biggest public conversation i've ever seen.
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>> secrecy has been the problem. >> secrecy is a terrible problem in domestic violence and it's starting to come out. people are talking about it the issue and that's going to make a huge difference. i hope people will come out and support our work. >> there is legislation coming up next year. what is the bill about? >> tomorrow is the 30th anniversary of the original passage of the family violence prevention and services act, that act called sipsa is up for reauthorization next year. it is the sole direct federal source of funding for domestic violence shelters. absolutely critical. >> encouraged? >> i'm optimistic but it's going to take work. >> this event is tomorrow and they need your help to make a difference. the information is on our website at that's it for us. the next news is at 5:00, but we're always on at we'll see you again tomorrow
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starting bright and early at 4:25. until then, enjoy your wednesday. bye bye.
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>> sharon: i don't know what you want me to say. >> nick: i want you to talk to me. you said you ran out of the church because you were afraid you'd been hallucinating. >> sharon: well, now i know it was really phyllis i saw. >> nick: now phyllis is out of her coma, and it's obviously thrown you. >> sharon: like you said everyone there was stunned. i mean, the last thing we knew she was unconscious. and then suddenly, there she was. >> nick: and you haven't been the same since. >> sharon: just seeing her... >> nick: what? did seeing phyllis trigger something? do you remember what the secret is? >> sharon: no. but i need to know if phyllis does.


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