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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  October 9, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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back in 1976 the long time state department employee allegedly bludgeoned to death his mom, wife and rethe young sons in their bethesda home and disappeared. >> andrea mccarren joins us live from scottsboro, alabama. she is the only local reporter there. we want to warn you. some of the images might be disturbing you're about to see. >> reporter: the mystery surrounding the disappearance of one of the fbi's most wanted fugitives may finally be solved right here at a rural alabama cemetery. at the cedar hill cemetery in scottsboro, alabama, workers dug up the body of an unidentified man buried here. this john doe had been hit by a car in 1981 and killed instantly. >> they tried really hard to identify this person. i think they kept the body about five weeks. >> reporter: a scottsboro detective recently reopened the
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case. the local paper published john doe's photograph. >> i had noticed john doe picture in the daily sentinel and the picture stuck in my mind. >> reporter: soon after jeremy collins was watching a television program featuring the william bradford bishop case. >> i told my wife i said you know, that really looks a whole lot like the guy that was in the daily sentinel. so the next day i went to my office and brought up a picture of john doe on the internet and a picture of brad bishop and it was just uncanny how much they looked alike. >> reporter: collins called scottsboro's police chief who contacted the sheriff in montgomery county, maryland. >> he was amazed at the resemblance and he was very interested. >> reporter: the fbi is now taking forensic evidence that will be analyzed at its lab in quantico, virginia. >> they are hoping to collect dna, dental records and fingerprints as with any case and particularly the top 10 fugitive, the fbi follows every lead and turn over every rock until we find our fugitive.
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that's the case here. >> i just hope something good comes out of it, whether it's just john doe identified and it's not mr. bishop. i just hope something good comes out of it. >> reporter: when will we know definitively whether the john doe right here is actually the missing fugitive from montgomery county, william bradford bishop? the fbi analysis is expected to take about two weeks. reporting live from scottsboro, alabama, andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> what have you noticed about the physical similarities? >> reporter: have you looked at though pictures, jan? it's astounding. in fact, i just spoke with sheriff darren popkin of montgomery county this evening. he says it was incredible. you notice the nose is a very long nose, very similar, thin lips. sideburns, a receding hairline and a very distinctive chain
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cleft. so we hopefully will -- chin cleft, so we hopefully will know at least one way or the other. >> i'm sorry, go ahead. we'll learn one way or the other what, whether or not it's him? >> reporter: yeah. i was just saying that sheriff popkin said it was 100% necessary to either rule this john doe in or rule him out. >> i agree. great reporting there live from scottsboro, alabama. thank you. dry for now, but they tell us the rain isheaded this way and by they, we mean meteorologist topper shutt, tracking just how much it will impact those friday night football games. top? >> not the old david letterman joke as the van patten family know. it would be the meteorology department here. erica and howard and i decided to issue a yellow alert tomorrow for the afternoon and tomorrow night. in fact, let's start with the headlines. we're looking ahead here, yellow alert for tomorrow late showers. your morning commute is fine. it's a very nice evening now.
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nothing happens tonight, but then looks like it's going to be a cool light rain friday night which means a couple thing. if you're going to a high school football game, it's not going to be heavy enough to cancel the games. there's no lightning at all with this and we're looking at just light to occasionally moderate rain. the games will be played. that said, if you're a spectator, you're going to need an umbrella for high school games and also the o's game up in baltimore. that's going to actually spell kind of a cool night. we're talking 50s both at the high school games and also up in baltimore. keep that in mind if you're a spectator. by tomorrow morning 11:30 all the showers back in the mountains essentially west of i- 81. a federal judge sentenced a former d.c. cop to seven years in prison, but that would be two years less than the minimum that linwood barnhill could have gotten under federal sentencing guidelines.
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barnhill was prostituting 15, 16 and 17-year-old girls from his southeast apartment, but those girls were terrified by the prospect of coming forward publicly to testify against him. >> this enabled everyone to move forward and enabled the witnesses to go forward. mr. barnhill obviously expressed a lot of remorse from the beginning and this is very serious punishment for him, seven years could be a life sentence. i hope it's not. >> one odd sort of twist to this case, it was actually legal for barnhill to engage in consensual sex with his 17-year- old victim, but it became illegal possession of child porn when he recorded the sex act on his phone. the solution to a problem that's been driving both red line riders and metro management crazy is about two years away. >> wusa9 transportation reporter martin decarro has more on the plan of action metro has chosen. >> reporter: you see these puddles? you can blame the geology around the medical center on the red line for what metro
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calls water infiltration. at your home you'd probably call it a leak. >> it's only been going on for how many years? i think since it was built they knew there was a water problem. >> reporter: metro's problem is this leaky tunnel outside medical center station. when waterfalls on the electrified third rail, it causes smoking and sometimes small fires. because a modern tunneling method didn't gain widespread acceptance until after the western end of the red line was finished in the '80s, the tunnels are susceptible to leaks. metro general manager richard sarles says it costs millions each year to replace damaged rails and clean out muck from switches. >> those thing will go away when we get rid of this water leak. we spend $3 million a year maintaining this. >> reporter: now metro decided on a plan of action installing precast panels to form a cop create arch to keep the water out. it will -- concrete arch to keep the water out. it will close three stations for 14 weekends in mid- to late
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2016. >> it will be an inconvenience, but i think we'll take care of it. >> reporter: metro considered a different solution that would have required shutting down that stretch of red line for five full weeks and replacing rail with buses, a plan the transit authority decided would be far too disruptive even as it continues to rebuild the entire red line through 2017. >> metro estimates the red line repairs will cost $13 million. the work will allow metro to prepare a new entrance at the bethesda station that would connect to maryland's future purple line light rail system. that will require coordinating with the purple line construction schedule. talk about a hairy situation, have you noticed more athletes sporting beards under their helmets? >> yes, i have. you will see two of them during tonight's thursday night football and after the break we'll look at where this all beard crazy thing got started. >> before that a big rivalry football game, colts and
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texans. we'll look ahead to tonight's thursday night showdown coming up.
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another thursday night showdown, this week the indianapolis colts face their divisional rival the houston texans. joining me now mike weiss, sports columnist for the washington post. all the thursday night games up to this point have been blowouts, have not been that exciting, but i don't think this game lends itself to that. >> i tried to sell last week's with christian ponder. nobody did stay up and watch. this week it is a rivalry game for the afc south. andrew luck is coming off beating the baltimore ravens. that defense did a tremendous job against baltimore offense that it averaged over 300-yard a game. i think they held them -- 300
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yards a game. i think they held them to 287 and held their running games to 100-yard. i do think they control arian foster better than they controlled him last week. >> last week against the ravens he didn't find himself -- they didn't get to the end zone. their red zone offense wasn't that great. what do they need to do against this houston defense? >> i still think that the texans defense is not the baltimore defense. they've done a great job. j.j. watt is incredible. they'll get pressure on the quarterback. i also think they had some protection problems last week. if indianapolis shores those up, andrew luck leads the league in touchdowns. he's probably the premier quarterback. jan believes he's even the premier quarterback and she's not even a sports analyst. [ laughter ] >> so i would have to say -- but i do agree with her. i think between russell wilson and andrew luck right now you're looking at two of the
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best in the league as young guys and no disrespect to rg3 who will be hurt foray turn the at some point. >> -- for eternity at some point. >> had to get it in there. what's your prediction? >> i like the colts. i say andrew luck versus ryan fitzpatrick, i like andrew luck. >> they're right in a three- game win streak. thank you so much for coming in. also now it's time for this week's papa john's key ingredient. unfortunately christine brennan is on assignment and couldn't join us, but she took time to come in last night and give us the key ingredient for the colts and texans. >> got to be arian foster. he has played the colts five times and he's averaged 150 yards rushing each time. what's interesting about him as he goes into this game, he's talking about how ridiculous thursday night football is. so here we've got a player who is set to maybe be the star of the game and yet he hates the idea of having these short workweeks and playing these games. so you've got that controversy. you've got a great athlete and
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you've got teams tied for the top of the division, early season battle, nonetheless very important. so arian foster has got to be the key player for me. >> you can use that for a chance to win tickets to a redskins home game. log onto the wusa9 facebook page for all the details. remember the deadline to enter is 11:59 tonight. >> all i said was name me a better quarterback right now in the league right now. >> some of us said peyton manning, but hey. >> but right now looking as good. some call it superstition. others call it a hairy situation. >> as we'll hear the explanation, look around the sports world. it's hard to miss. we have gone beard freaking crazy. >> reporter: under the bright lights of thursday night football it's not just andrew luck and ryan fitzpatrick taking center stage for the texans and colts tonight. so, too, are the quarterbacks' beards, two primetime examples
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of the scruffy look spreading across the sports world. most notably in the district you have the bearded duo adam laroche and jayson werth whose facial hair has its own twitter handle, but if you trace the roots of this supposed beard boom, many would argue it started on the ice, a tradition the capitals are carrying on now. >> i don't really even know where it started from, but you get into playoffs, nobody shaves. >> i shaved it and i didn't recognize myself in the mirror, so i had to grow it back. >> just makes me look a little older. >> reporter: the beard has become a source of identity and perhaps even more than that. a clinical psychologist breaks down the possible effects of this facial hair movement inside the mine of an athlete. we'll see you -- mind of an athlete. we'll see you tonight after the game. >> who do you think is sporting the best and worst facial hair of the sporting world? this is the question on our facebook page right now. so log in, vote, take a look. speaking of the caps, tonight they hit the ice for the start of the 2014 campaign. >> the team hopes to return to the playoffs after a
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disappointing season last year. >> reporter: i'm dave owens at the verizon center and as you can hear, it hockey time, everybody. there go your washington capitals in the cool retro union forms as they get set to take the ice against the montreal canadiens. this team missed the playoffs for the first time in seven seasons a year ago, but they think they've got the ingredients to get back to the playoffs. everybody is excited and so are the fans. >> let's go caps! >> reporter: isn't that all you need to say? full
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the only station with weather alert days, wusa9 first alert weather. >> high temperature 75 today, still very pleasant outside, live look at national harbor, 70 still downtown. most of the suburbs are in the 60s with relative humidity only 46%, very comfortable. so clouds are moving in tonight, but it stays dry. yellow alert tomorrow primarily for the afternoon and for tomorrow night, especially for tomorrow night. morning commute is dry, going to be wet going home. going to be kind of wet and miserable if you're doing something outside tomorrow, let alone watch high school football games, need a poncho and umbrella and temps are in the 50s. keep that in mind and the o's also in the 50s, not going to rain hard enough to cancel any games, but it's going to be chilly. 10:00 tonight walk the dog, no worries, mid-60s downtown,
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upper 50s in the burbs. by 6:00 in the morning we still have cloud cover, temperature 60 downtown but looking at 53 in gaithersburg, 56 manassas, 57 in la plata, comfortably cool, 8:00 not much change, a couple sprinkles toward martinsburg. we essentially are dry until lunchtime. by 1:00 showers in frederick, leesburg, winchester, flex of yellow down toward -- flecks of yellow down towards luray about to across over i-81. prime minister for a wet drive home. by -- prepare for a wet drive home. by 6:00 still showers, not as numerous and by 10:00 showers return to the north. wouldn't get too hung up on the positioning of the showers. we're looking at showers and rain looks like all through friday afternoon into friday night. tonight we're fine, mostly cloudy, comfortable again, lows 48 to 56. we'll break this down. we got temperatures around 60, 59 at 7:00, 60 at 9:00, a
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little peek of sun by 11:00 64 and 67 with clouds by 1:00 but still dry. we've got showers, rain friday night, rain and showers ending late morning or early afternoon on saturday, 66 and then late showers again on sunday, 67. we may salvage the back half of saturday and the first half of sunday. next seven days nice for columbus day, low 7s, warmer tuesday, wednesday and thursday -- 70s, warmer tuesday, wednesday and thursday and showers and thunderstorms tuesday night into wednesday. when the redskins lost monday night, my buddy derek here lost out as well. >> and the time has come to make good on a bet. i'm going to work my way through that after the break. mt
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i know what you might be thinking tonight. why in the world is derek wearing that hideous tie? what is that? >> well, the answer comes in the form of a little wager i made earlier in the week with paul silvi, sports anchor at king5 tv out of seattle. there was some good old- fashioned trash talking to go
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with it. >> if the redskins win, i'm going to have to wear the maroon and the mustard, whatever other colored tie later in the week if i lose this bet, but i can guarantee you right now, when the seahawks beat washington, you'll have to wear a blue green tie later in the week, seahawk colors and i want you to get on the set and really live e thoscolors. i want you to sing it, man, because those are the colors of real champion. >> the teal and chartreuse have no chance against the mighty burgundy and gold of the redskins, but just in case you get lucky, something happens, because remember you did have jim zorn as your quarterback at one point, i will find a teal and chartreuse tie and i will wear it later in the week. >> in other words, my mouth overchecked it. my friendly neighborhood -- my mouth wrote a check my friendly neighborhood football team could not cash. now i've had to come up with
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this monstrous neckwear here and i also promised to lead us in a rendition of the seahawks chant, which goes like this. which goes like this. seahawks seahawks seahawks. really, that's it. i kid you not. so while i must sadly concede that the seattle seahawks have a far superior football team to the brothers in burgundy and gold, is there any doubt at all as to who has the better theme song? i don't think so. hail to the redskins, hail victory we will get you next time. >> or maroon and mustard. >> that was funny. >> remember jim zorn in the maroon and black? we try to forget that. >> it brings out your eyes, derek. >> thank you i think. just under an hour from the big game tonight, colts taking on the tex ans in houston. could it be another blowout? >> we don't want that. we like a good game. we'll see you back here after the game but no overtime, no.
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>> see you. enjoy the game!
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