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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  October 15, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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region. >> throughout the show at the right side of your screen, we'll show you pictures of missing kids. if you recognize any of them, we ask that you call police. beverly farmer is live with the latest conditions that you'll find on your morning commute. as howard said, today weather has messed things up and that could be part of why the beltway is experiencing some major problems. >> reporter: absolutely. the beltway is going to be closed shutting down right at the left exit for 270. you come up from the legion bridge, river road, you'll be forced on northbound 270. everybodriding democracy boulevard and georgetown over. people bailing out early river road to get in through bethesda. this is a live look at tractor- trailer with the fuel spill accident. police tell us they hope to get traffic by on the left shoulder soon. single file past the scene. southbound 95 in maryland are closed at 216 with a tractor- trailer that is overturned. southbound again diverted 216 as we can see here from sky 9 over to 29, the bw parkway
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route 1 will be very heavy with the bailout traffic as well. montgomery county has a crash on the inner loop just past connecticut avenue. one lane squeezing by to the left there. georgia avenue at hugh wet avenue southbound dealing with a crash out of aspen hill to get out of wheaton. 66 virginia, you have a crash eastbound between fair lakes and fair oaks blocking the left side of the roadway where the delays are mounting. leesburg crash, eastbound east market street right near the faa. that is blocking the right side of the roadway. nick, andrea, back to you. i'll take it. we're talking a yellow alert today because we have showers, storms, heavy rains. a flood watch is in effect. 1 to 3 inches of rain possible before the day is over. later in washington probably after the 8:00 hour, the rain will start to pick up. the middle of the day looks the worse. late afternoon things will start to taper off but it's going to be slow going around here for the lunch hour and much of the -- well, the first half of the afternoon. all these showers and storms out west, boy, that is a very intense line. a little bit of lightning down
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toward the virginia-north carolina border so we'll watch out for some storms. we have a should veer thunderstorm -- severe thunderstorm warning -- looks like it has been canceled. we're still talking winds gusting potentially to 40, 50. this area coming out of winchester, cross junction moving northeast toward berkley springs and clear spring. it will be clear spring just after 6:30. berkley springs the heart of it another 10 to 15 minutes and over toward green castle potentially by 7:00 a.m. you go down 81 into the shenandoah valley past charlottesville, this is also very heavy rains. 1, 2-inch per hour rainfall rates. that's moving northeast at 40 miles an hour. we could see leesburg about 7:38. just after 8:00 if not a little earlier in the frederick area n. will have winds gusting to 30 to 40. it will make for a slow go on the commute out west. it's going to mess us up midday into the afternoon. we'll come back in a few minutes and let you know when things will improve and what you can expect for your
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weekend. here's what's making news right now. president obama met with military leaders from 21 countries tuesday and warned the fight against isis could be a long one. turkey has complicated the fight launching air strikes against kurdish rebels within its own borders. the u.s. would prefer turkey fight isis instead. hundreds of police officers in hong kong are pushing back against pro democracy demonstrators blocking a tunnel in the city. they have aarrested dozens and removed concrete slabs protesters used as roadblocks. student the-led protests are now into week three. only one more game is guaranteed for the orioles. their playoffs lie on the line as they dropped game three of the american league championship series last night. the royals will look to sweep baltimore tonight in game four in front of their home crowd. today is wednesday, all month long we're dedicating this day to help bring home missing children in our area. on our wusa9 facebook page, we have an album full of pictures
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of many of these youngsters. you can examine these digital flyers and share them with your friends. perhaps you can help bring these young people home. turning our attention to the latest in the ebola outbreak. a second health care worker at texas health presbyterian hospital in dallas has tested positive for the ebola virus. the worker reported having a fever yesterday and was immediately placed in isolation. this worker also came in contact with thomas eric duncan, the first ebola patient to die in the u.s. meanwhile customs and health officials at airports here in d.c., chicago, atlanta and newark, new jersey plan to start taking the temperatures of passengers from three west african countries. the cdc says the entry screening adds yet another layer of protection to halt the spread of the ebola virus. many rumors are swirling about the dangers or lack thereafter when traveling aboard airplanes during the ebola scare. >> let's bring in our resident
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myth buster delia goncalves herself here to separate fact from fiction. >> reporter: listen, folks out there, i've got to tell you. i get it. i understand why lots of folks are concerned but we have to be informed about ebola so we simply don't overreact keeping in mind that virus only contracted through blood or bodily fluids. that brings us to this common myth according to our partners at "u.s.a. today." the airlines have taken steps to ensure that passengers cannot contract diseases like the ebola virus in the aircraft. that's false simply because ebola cannot be contracted through air, water or food and that has not changed in nearly 40 years. that's how long the cdc has been tracking and treating the virus so there are experts in this country on ebola virus. this is not a new virus so they do have experience. what should you worry about on
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these airplanes? well, the common germespeally o seats tray tables, your seat belts and arm rhees. those germs can live up to one week and get this, unfortunately a thorough cleaning of the cabin which includes a wipe down really happens about once a month. so what about the air in the cabin and what about those pillows? i'll let you know. more facts coming up at 6:30. >> all right, delia. thank you. it could soon be smooth sailing for thousands of virginians anxious to sign up for health insurance coverage. the at a time is getting a $9.3 million federal grant. >> we're told the money is going to be used to hire more than 100 people to help with the enrollment process. governor terry mcauliffe's office says the grant will play a large role in helping to expand health care coverage to more than 200,000 virginians. >> this is the latest in a series to finally close the
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city's largest shelter. until that happens the children who live there need a safe place to play. later today a new playground will officially open. wusa9 has teamed up with the homeless children's playtime project to keep the playground safely supervised and maintained. >> the campaign is called "help them play." if you would like to help, text the word "playtime" to 25543. coming up in a few minutes a major government contractor in our area is on the move. find out how many jobs are affected. wusa9 is back right after this. >> i like the swings. >> seasaw. >> i like the jungle gym. >> so we're asking for your help. >> for me and my
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welcome back. showers and storms. a little bit of lightning showing up west of culpeper north of madison in this intense line of rain and a little wind. some of the gusts could be 40 to 50 miles an hour. no warnings at the moment but you can see along and west of 81 in west virginia down through just on the west side of winchester and west of culpeper, this line will be over toward the d.c. metro i think after 8:00, maybe 8:00 to 9:00. it's going to get heavy later this morning into the afternoon. more doppler 9000 and the rest of the seven-day forecast coming up in five minutes. now beverly and timesaver traffic. >> reporter: traffic already heavy and that's not even the heavy rain. a tractor-trailer, fuel spill accident. happened on the beltway in bethesda. on the inner loop after the left exit for 270 before you reach old georgetown road, you can see nobody is getting by. all terrific northbound on the beltway coming up from river road has to go north on the 270 spur because of the crash cleanup. over in maryland, southbound i- 95 in howard county, everybody
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diverted at 216. tractor-trailer accident there. this one is flipped over. southbound interstate 95 diverted at 216. 29, route 1, the bw parkway hard hit. 66, you've got a crash, too, in fair oaks blocking the left side coming in from fair lakes. andrea, back to you. three people who say they were tricked into attending 12 weeks of employee training without being paid are now suing maryland live casino in federal court. >> they're suing for back pay and damages. vanessa herring has the details. >> reporter: the three former students say the dealer school was a clever way to get them to attend employee training without paying them. according to "the baltimore sun," the lawyer for the students is asking that the suit move forward on behalf of the 831 people who went to the school. a spokesman for the casino told the paper that these claims are, quote, without merit. you may remember back in november of 2012, maryland voters did approve bringing table games to the states.
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the casino announce add 12-week dealer school shortly after that vote. the former students say 9,000 people applied but only 831 were accepted. in a 2012 press release, the casino said about 800 people would be hired as dealers. lawyers for the students allege that acceptance into the school amounted to being hired but when the casino started accepting applications, it said completing the course didn't guarantee employment. lawyers say the course amounted to employee training without the pay violating state and federal laws. the school was set up with the anne arundel community college this does operate a dealer school starting at about $5600 per student, but the maryland live casino does not pay tuition for students. >> thank you, have necessary is a. a government contracting giant in our area is moving part of its operation out of maryland and into virginia. bechtel corporation will move a substantial number of jobs from frederick to reston. >> the frederick news post reports there's no word on exactly how many jobs are going
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to be moved. right now the company has about 1100 workers in frederick. bechtel says the move is part of a reorganization. jobs will be moved in phases. at 6:13 we want to give you another look at our question of the morning. having one of these in the office can improve work productivity by 15%. is it a, a massage therapist, b, a pet, or c, a plant? >> we've got to make a push for a massage therapist. >> we need that one. >> we'll go over some of your
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have you seen the news about barbara comstock? first, the washington post reported, barbara comstock failed to report eighty-five thousand in income. now, we learn, barbara comstock pushed a client's
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the biggest problem this morning are the problems on the beltway, the inner loop closed at the spur. the traffic we saw going just weaving like some giant chain. we can blame it on howard's forecast. >> you can always blame me if it makes you feel better. i'm here for you. i'll be your punching bag. i'm not taking a bullet for you but i'll be your pumping bag. >> give us a timeline on when it's moving in here and heading out. >> probably 8:00 to 9:00, maybe as late as 10:00 on the east side. it will be with us through at least afternoon, the heavy stuff and taper off later this afternoon into the evening. the heart of the day into the afternoon commute, looks like potentially very heavy rainfall and that's why we have a flood watch. if you're west of town, especially west of the blue ridge, dealing with heavy rain,
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we're starting with doppler 9000 this morning. some moisture, just a tremendous amount of moisture coming in from florida and the atlantic and gulf of mexico producing some heavy rainfall. that's a new severe thunderstorm warning. i'm going to have to get that off the printer. in effect for areas around strasburg and berryville. i'm get you that information. that popped up just now. we're looking at this very heavy line of showers and storms. lighter showers along the bay. one or two renegade ones there. i want to focus on what's happening out west. this has been some really intense rain and some wind. this is kind of sticking out here toward the martinsburg area. often that's a bow echo, gusty winds there. we're talking gusts potentially in the 40, 50 mile an hour range. hagerstown headed your way at 6:44. green capital 6:50. chambersburg just after 7:00. this is a brand new severe thunderstorm warning. front royal, strasburg is in it, berryville, western loudoun county as the storm are moving to the northeast or cells
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moving to the northeast at about 40 miles an hour. so this whole line actually is going to move northeast. expected to warrenton just after 7:00. call pep near a couple of minutes. frederick, maryland, just after 8:00 this morning. potentially just after 9:00 by westminster. i do want to point out we're seeing just a little lightning, not much here west of culpeper, north of madison as the whole area is moving northeast. so we have to watch areas to the west. the heavy rainfall rates in some cases over 2 inks per hour with this stuff. -- inches per hour with this stuff. yellow alert. heavy rain at times. we'll have gusty winds, the heaviest gusting over 50 in a few strong storms here and there. we'll drop to the mid-70s later this afternoon and lingering showers this evening. we're talking about a lot of rainfall, potentially 1 to 3 inches of rainfall. so a flood watch in effect for the metro from 10:00 to 8:00. that goes up to baltimore. out west in the shenandoah valley, that flood watch till
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noon. winds are gusty in the 20, 25 range. 25 at reagan national at the moment. gusts over 30 in charlottesville. temperatures unseasonably mild this morning. low to mid-70s. here's the cool stuff behind the front. davis 48. oakland is 50. outside our michael & son weather camera, the white house still dark. flags blowing in the breeze. 75 degrees here at 6:00 in the morning in the middle of october. dew points in the upper 60s and the barometer is falling so it is going to be a rough day today. behind the system as we get to tomorrow, enough energy is going to squeeze out a more showers. today a hard yellow alert. showers and storms, some heavy rain 77. 60 tonight. 50s north and west. we may see a few peeks of sun. we may go yellow if showers affect the ride home. this weekend looks nice with upper 60s saturday and upper 50s to around 60 on sunday. beverly farmer, not so happy wednesday to you. >> not happy at all on the
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roadways this morning. this is just with agent bit of rain we're dealing with. around the capital beltway, we've got two accidents in maryland. we've got i-95 closed in maryland. got a crash 066 out of the -- on 66 out of the way. it's been a busy morning to say the least. inner loop of the beltway as you come from river road and head toward 270, that's where you have to go, north on the 270 spur. a tractor-trailer crash occurred before 5:00. spilled fuel. they're still mopping it up on the inner loop of the beltway it the exit for 270 and old georgetown road. nobody getting by the scene on the inner loop. on the inner loop in bethesda there's been another crash, between connecticut and georgia. on the sharp curves. crash had only the left lane getting by. jammed up on the inner loop. outer loop slows to look. and a tractor-trailer rolled over at the 216 interchange. so southbound 95, they were diverting all traffic on to 216. any traffic squeezing by at all is on the shoulder periodically
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under police direction trying to upright the truck and get it out of your way. 29, route 1 and the bw parkway hard hit with the bailout traffic this morning. virginia 66, the crash is at least out of the way. that was right before you get to 50 fair oaks on the left shoulder jammed out of centreville. virginia 95 haven't forgotten about you. volume delays are fairly typical. lanes open into springfield and 395. that's a look at our traffic. we've got more coming up this wednesday morning. thanks for watching wusa9. we'll be right back.
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[ male announcer ] wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. ♪ the best part of wakin' up so, where do you want to start? i think this is a pretty good place. ♪ is folgers in your cup i've got to tell you not just a severe thunderstorm warning coming here but you see this red polygone? that's a tornado warning. we don't have any confirmation but if you're in this area from front royal, i want you to take cover now. the storms are moving north east at 30 to 40 miles an hour. this tornado -- potential tornado is near -- [ inaudible ] upperville 6:35. berryville just after 7:00. the storm moving north east. again doppler indicated so we've got some rotation. at the very least, we're likely to see winds gusting in the 40, 50, maybe 60 mile an hour range with this as this is moving
6:25 am
toward areas in far northern and northwestern virginia. this may just clip if it holds together in toward jefferson county, west virginia. but we're watching this. this whole line gets toward d.c. as we get past the 8:00 hour. active weather day coming up. that is a sure thing. let's go to andrea next. >> reporter: check be out the traffic. there's plenty of that going on this morning. we start with sky 9 looking live at the tractor-trailer crash southbound 95 in maryland right at the 216 interchange. tractor-trailer rolled over. they've been diverting traffic on to 216 and over to 29. beltway you're diverted, too. that's in bethesda on the inner loop of the beltway. everybody has to go north on the 270 spur because of the crash between the spur and old georgetown road. any traffic able to squeeze by is under police direction single file past the scene of that diversion. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. president obama is set to hold a conference call today with the leaders of britain,
6:26 am
france, italy and germany to discuss the ebola outbreak. >> the call comes as the director of the cdc announced the creation of a u.s.-based response team and more training for health care workers nationwide. meanwhile 26-year-old nurse nina pham is showing some signs of improvement as one of her coworkers has now become the second employee of texas presbyterian hospital to have the disease. >> the threat of ebola has many people fearing flying. >> a number of mipghts surround ebola and flying on a -- myths surround ebola and flying on a plane. here is delia goncalves to separate fact from fiction. >> reporter: here is an important fact. you cannot catch ebola from breathing the air on the plane. you can't get it from food or water. the cabin air is filtered for purity but there are plenty of other germs on the seats, the armrest, the tray tables. that brings us to our last myth of the morning. there's not much i can do to protect myself when i'm trapped
6:27 am
in an aircraft cabin. doctors say there is something you can do. hand sanitizers and wipes your best friends and first line of defense on the airplane. wipe down the armrest, tray tables they say. use a tissue or a napkin to open the bathroom door and you should try to avoid touching your eyes or your mouth because that's a direct route for those germs to get right into your system. doctors say keeping hydrated also helps, too. so what about those bagged pillows and blankets on a long flight. it's usually cold on the airplane. the flight attendants try passing them out. experiments say you should pass on those items. they're rarely washed. remember, these germs that we're talking about on the airplane cannot give you ebola. that virus only passed on through blood or bodily fluids, not through breathing in the air, eating food or drinking water. back to you in the studio.
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>> delia, thank you. d.c. police need your help finding 39-year-old dalila brooks. she hasn't been seen since monday morning. she was last seen in the 1600 block of van buren street in northwest. she stands 6 feet tall. police say to call them if you have any information that can help you find dalila brooks. montgomery county police are looking for 79-year-old carl michael. michael disappeared yesterday afternoon from his group home in silver spring. he walks with a cane we're told and often takes public transportation. police ask if you have any information on this case call 301-279-8000. let's take a look outside some of the roads as we know are already slick this morning making for an awful commute in the area of the beltway. >> a little rain equals a lot of traffic. let's check in with beverly farmer who has a look. >> reporter: very busy. just a little bit of rain. we've just had a mess, one mess after another this morning. we start with sky 9, the
6:29 am
closure of the southbound interstate 95 in howard county. southbound right at the 216 interchange in a late clearing work down is where a tractor- trailer rolled over. southbound traffic has been detouring as we can see here from sky 9 right on to 216 taking it west over to 29. so 29 out of columbia, burtonsville, white oak, that's going to be a mess. other folks bailing out early will use route 1 or the bw parkway coming out of baltimore so that will abbig tieup as they -- to be a big tieup as they try to upright the trek. a wreck on the inner loop of the beltway at the exit for 270. any traffic they're able to squeeze by between the 270 spur and the exit for old georgetown road has been periodic and single file to the left. they're mopping up fuel spill from a tractor-trailer involved in that crash before the 5:00 hour started. so that's been there a while. diverting the terrific northbound on the 270 spur with complications using democracy, old georgetown road and through the sing natural lights. on connecticut avenue, the crash between connecticut and
6:30 am
georgia initially tied up the three right lanes so that's made a new pileup on the inner loop out of bethesda toward silver spring. it slows to look at all the activity. 66 had the big tieup to fair oaks. the crash out of the way but the lineups manassas, centreville. it was on the left shoulder here at 50. that's a look at the drive. howard and our forecast. we're looking at heavy weather right now. i want to show you doppler 9000 this morning. we'll quickly get to where i want to get. we have a tornado warning, doppler indicated one. i'm show you why in just a moment. a lot of weather coming up in toward west virginia, western maryland. the yellow box is a warning. the red box is a severe thunderstorm. the red box a tornado warning which goes till 6:45. that's for areas in warren, southwestern clarke county. you can see t. you can take me full, guys. south of winchester, northwest of warrenton, this is where we have the activity.
6:31 am
this is an intense line with heavy rainfall. what doppler does better than the old radar is actually see the winds moving. while we have the heavy rain and a little wind out of the martinsburg area, we'll take you down toward front royal where we had rotation earlier. this is all moving northeast quickly. berryville by 7:00. purcelville 7:10. i want to switch it over to the velocity mode. where the green meets the red, this is the problem area. right now i don't see as much rotation. that's good. andrea and nick? time to see what our friends over at cbs this morning have on tap. >> we go to new york live for a preview and norah o'donnell is standing by to tell us what's ahead. good morning, norah. >> hey, good morning to you, andrea and nick. ahead we're in dallas where a second health care worker tested positive for ebola this morning. we're going to talk to the u.s. health and human services secretary about claims that hospitals are not prepared to treat the virus. plus, an american doctor held by the taliban tells chip reid about his time in captivity,
6:32 am
the compassion he experienced and his dramatic rescue. then days aft catholic church said it might welcome gays, some bishops say that's not what they planned. cardinal timothy dolan will join us from rome. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. >> thank you, norah. we'll be watching. president obama says it is going to take the full coalition banding together for isis to be defeated. >> the president made the remark after meeting with defense chiefs from almost two dozen countries. the meeting comes as the terror group gains ground in iraq. >> this is going to ablong-term campaign. there are noquick fixes involved. we're still at the early stages. as with any military effort, there will be days of progress and there are going to be periods of setback. >> isis continues its push to capture kobani. turkey committed to help train moderate syrian rebels. the nomination process to
6:33 am
replace attorney general eric holder is set to begin after mid-term elections next month. >> that's the latest word from the white house. the effort to find a new attorney general is expected to spark a fight on capitol hill. among those likely to be in the running labor secretary tom perez and former homeland security chief janet napolitano. on the job front wusa9 and dc jobs wants to help get you hired. diamond transportation is hiring a lot attendant. this is a full-time position requiring more than two years experience. find out more at at 6:33 we want to congratulate our facebook fan of the day. today's winner is megan wright if amissville, virginia. she said, i have watched wusa9 news as long as i can remplet i start each morning with -- remember. i start each morning with you guys and love watching mike's cool schools segment. my two little ones would be so excited to see frozen on ice. we only watch the movie a few
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times a week. >> time to see it live. she wins two tickets to see disney on ice frozen at the patriot center. to enter yourself, go to our facebook page, fill out the entire form and we'll announce the fan
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wothe way als dismantles someone like stuarty. is so painful. embryonic stem cells have so much promise, but barbara comstock voted to ban that research funding even though conservatives like nancy reagan support it. that takes away hope for a cure -- but also, for families like ours, who just wanted a little more time. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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we have very heavy rain and wind off to the west. we're going to skip past that and get back to doppler and show you what's happening. this is some intense stuff. some of the rainfall rates have been in the 1 to 2-inch category. about 5, 8 minutes ago checking out the velocity, you can see a little rotation in the front royal area. that was enough to warrant the weather service to issue that tornado warning. here's winchester. you're getting hit hard with the heavy rains now. this stuff is moving slightly east. most of the activity is moving north while the line is creeping east. we'll call it northeast at 30, 40 miles an hour. heavy rains along west of i-81.
6:38 am
in frederick county, virginia, win chester, cross junction area and south of berryville down near front royal. this looks more like a bow echo, a gust of wind coming out the storm as opposed to a tornado. still, i would take this seriously and get down in your lowest level. treat this as a tornado warning. this activity is moving northeast at 40 miles an hour. so the storm itself looks like it's going to be toward upperville. airmont at 7:04. one of the things about doppler, you see the winds. that's why i like it much more than the older radars. you see the wind. we have this very brought circulation in the storm. you really want a tight one if you're looking for a tornado. we were looking near front royal earlier. we had the tightness but we don't have as much tightness here. still with the change of direction from steve fns city. -- from stephens city.
6:39 am
this all is moving in that direction. there will be some wind with this, i think in the 30, 40, or 50 plus possibility as it make it is to the ground. i'm not as concerned about a possible tornado as i was several minutes ago. this line goes down toward culpeper. it's moving northeast. here we are in d.c. a couple of showers i think could get here within an hour or two. but i think the bulk of the heavier rain is probably after the 8:00 hour and then through midday, even through early to mid afternoon. we'll be talking some heavy downpours and potential of flooding. i'll come back in 6, 7 minutes and give more doppler and let you know what to expect for the coming weekend. right now watching heavy weather off to the west. >> reporter: we're checking out the ride because traffic is so bad out there. this is without the heavy rains on the beltway. just agent bit of water is all it took to tie up lanes on the inner loop of the beltway after the left exit for 270. for the better part of two
6:40 am
hours they had the inner loop closed. they just reopened lanes. look at the lineup coming up from river road. they're no longer diverted on the 270 spur. lanes have been reopened. still activity from the tractor- trailer fuel spill crash. then over on the inner loop at connecticut avenue, dealing with a crash there. that's between connecticut and georgia where one lane is getting by. we're looking at southbound 95 in maryland at 216 where now traffic does get by. overturned tractor-trailer. for a time everybody was diverted to 216. now to lanes get by to the left jammed heading south out of howard county. on 29, route 1, the bw parkway were alternate routes. the beltway in bethesda had the crash on the inner loop and georgia tying up the left side. another crash on connecticut northbound. i suspect in some of those lineups trying to get over into bethesda. now, no incidents to report south of town at the wilson bridge. volume building downtown anacostia river routes. 66 was hung up badly out of manassas into centreville and
6:41 am
fair oaks because of a crash at 450. that has cleared. they cleared the crash in leesburg on market street near the faa. again inner loop will be a while to recover and certainly 95 here in maryland as we look at this long shot of traffic from sky 9 heading south past 216 into laurel. back to you. >> beverly, thank you. 6:41. time to answer the question of the morning. having one of these in the office can improve work productivity by 15%. is it a, a massage therapist, b, a pet, or c, a plant? >> i still think we've got to go with a but our facebook friend bill is going with c. he told us up until five years ago i worked in an office where we had a plant that sat on top of a bookcase and it grew to enormous length. it had wrapped itself around the small office five times. >> guess what, bill? you're quite. even though we like the massage therapist, the answer is
6:42 am
i'm sure she knows couples in our situation... i just hope she has good coffee. at least we're talking about it. i was kidding. i know just try to be serious in there, okay? okay, you're right. it's just going to be simple steps. that's all we need. yeah... just hope she doesn't tell us we have to work until we're 80.
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hello. welcome back to wusa9. 6:45. a messy, messy day. >> tornado warning has been dropped so that's good news. seeing the rotation a little weaker the last few minutes. it was doppler indicated. we don't have any indication it was actually a tornado on the ground. one of the great things about doppler we can see the winds. the weather service is the agency that issued the warning. thankfully we only have one doing that because otherwise the confusion would be immense. right now no longer a tornado. still a severe thunderstorm warning till 7:15. i'm starting with doppler. very busy. lots of heavy weather to the west and it's moving toward us and will be here in the next couple, three hours. this moisture flows in from florida all the way north so it's tropical in nature. heavy downpours. this yellow box east of winchester, that is the severe thunderstorm warning till 7:15. we don't like red boxes. that is a tornado warning on the doppler map. we have isolated showers trying
6:46 am
to come up on the west side of 95 ahead of the big line producing torrential downpours. some of the wind can be in the 40 mile an hour range. coming out of berkley and jefferson counties going down toward cross junction and winchester action heavy, heavy rainfall. certainly slowing things down. this is just about to berryville. this is the severe thunderstorm, this line moving from berryville past front royal now moving to the northeast at about 30 to 40 miles an hour. you see that. it's going to be headed up into areas in charms town potentially -- charles town potentially toward 708. frederick, maryland just after 8:00 this morning on its current track. we'll be watching that. i had the velocity there because there is -- there's a broad rotation but we don't have anything too tight here. earlier when i put the horizons, -- sometimes when you have a big line this you can
6:47 am
see spinups, short lived touchdowns but i don't think we've seen that. this line goes down through culpeper. it's past charlottesville moving to the northeast. leesburg 7:34. germantown 8:11. so after the 8:00 hour in the metro all bets are off. showers, storms, some heavy rains at times. temperatures start in the low to mid-70s. slowly dropping off in the afternoon. we'll be 70 at 4:00. 67 by 8:00. by later in the afternoon i think after 3:00, 4:00, things will start to taper off from the heavy rains to lighter showers. flood watch in effect 10:00 to 8:00. out west the flood watch expires at noon. we're expecting the heavy rain to shut down earlier there as the whole system moves east. winds are gusty. they've been gusting at times over 25 miles an hour. right now that seems to be about the max gust. hagerstown gusting to 26. temperatures, where's the front? pretty easy to pick it out. 59 in cumberland. 50 in oakland.
6:48 am
71 hagerstown. we're sitting at 75 degrees. we have a tropical atmosphere for october. you can see the wind blowing a flag around. 75. south, southeast at 18, gusting to 25 at reagan national. barometer falling as the storm system moves our way. this storm system, by the way, is actually going to give gonzalo a pick toward bermuda. could be a category 4 by bermuda friday. they're going to get quite a hit. this front as it moves toward them will turn it northeast. it's giving us the heavy rains this morning. on our futurecast, we're bringing to bring this weather in later this morning. here we are at 9:00. i think the futurecast may be a little slow. it does try to develop the secondary line ahead of that across the bay to the eastern shore by 11:00. heavy showers and storms during the lunch hour into early to mid-afternoon. notice by 3:00 the clearing, at least the lessening of the activity west of the blue
6:49 am
ridge. say goodbye to the heavy stuff here. for the commute home, some lingering showers, some wet roads, slow traffic. tomorrow we'll have a left over shower or two in the afternoon. that may interfere with the commute home but much better weather for friday and the weekend. it's going to feel like october again. today sticky, 77 but dropping in the afternoon. some heavy rains at times, gusty winds and the stronger storms. isolated, severe weather. 70 tomorrow. a few lingering showers in the afternoon. a peek or two of sun in the morning. delightful on friday, sunny and 72. saturday looks nice near 70. sunday only around 60. cool for the redskins and ravens games. monday still looking good, highs low to mid-60s. beverly farmer, we're both very busy this morning. >> reporter: yes, very busy in the weather, on the roadways. may be related, don't you think, on the wet pavement? that's where we had a tractor- trailer accident that leaked fuel. did close the beltway early this morning but now lanes are reopened. also 95 in maryland was closed at 216 southbound. that's no longer closed.
6:50 am
we still got some big backups but no longer shutting down interstates. i guess that's an up side. inner loop of the beltway as you come up from the legion bridge river road, you're in a lineup but no longer forced to go north on the 270 spur. that's left between the crash between the 270 spur and old georgetown road moved out of the way. sand across the roadway for the fuel spill. you're jammed up on the inner loop to get past connecticut avenue. the crash between connecticut and georgia initially tied up all but one lane. they have all the lanes open there but an unusual delay through bethesda. 95 in maryland, coming south out of baltimore, howard county, down from 32, the accident at 216. tractor-trailer rolled over. they're still blocking the rye half of the roadway with that. two left lanes do get by the scene so that's improving 95. 29 is already kind of done out of columbia south with all the bailout traffic. route 1 and the bw parkway are going to have a hard time south, too. northbound on the bw parkway near 197, word of a crash. if you are taking the trip out
6:51 am
of manassas into centreville and fair oaks, a crash that was eastbound before 50 fair oaks cleared, gone. but the damage is done coming out of manassas and centreville east. the volume delays 95, 395 in virginia. the crash in the hov lanes at the betway out of the lane. -- beltway out of the lane. bridges and downtown traffic, seeing volume but nothing out of the orders father. thanks for joining us this -- ordinary. thanks for joining us this wednesday morning. wusa9 will be right back.
6:52 am
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6:54 am
the casino is facing a lawsuit from three former students and a dealer school. according to the "baltimore sun," the students are claiming training without chool amounted the pay. they're seeking lost wages in the lawsuit. a spokeswoman for the casino told the paper that these claims are, quote, without merit. back to you. >> thanks, vanessa. iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus owners, get ready to start paying for things with your phone. the apple pay system will debut saturday. that's according to a leaked memo from walgreen's. the drugstore chain is among a group of big retailers that have announced support for am pay. others include bloomingdale's, macy's, mcdonald's, staples and whole foods. apple pay allows users to spend money at participating stores by using their phone fingerprint scanner.
6:55 am
then holding the device up to the register. the amount is then charged to a credit card. let's go back to school, shall we? prince george's county has a groundbreaking ceremony planned today for a new state of the art high school. the fire fairmont high will be located on columbia park road in hyattsville. the school will feature courses in environmental sciences, information technology, and performing arts. >> nice. and this could be the day to find your dream job. a fall job fair featuring employers like macy's, bed bath & beyond, sears and united bank takes place today in manassas, virginia. event is from 10:00 till 1:30 this afternoon. it will be held at american national university on liberia area. expect 13 employers to be there. we're looking at doppler 9000 right now. the line of heavy weather out to the west through areas of the shenandoah valley. almost to hagerstown right now. almost to warrenton. it's through culpeper at the
6:56 am
moment. it will be arriving in d.c. probably 8:00 to 9:00 the way it's going. heavy downpours, gusty winds. we've had a few severe thunderstorm warnings already. the doppler indicated tornado warning, we have no indication we actually had a tornado but looking for a flood watch from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. 1 to maybe 3 inches of rain today. heavy rain at times from mid- morning through mid afternoon. it gets a little bit better for the later afternoon but i'm anticipating a very slow commute home. better weather certainly by friday through the weekend. beverly? >> nobody may get to work at this point. i don't know about going home. at least we've reopened the beltway near old georgetown road and over near connecticut avenue from earlier crashes. sky 9 has been flying over the overturned tractor-trailer southbound 95 at the 216 interchange. that no longer closed. two left lanes able to get by. jammed from columbia savage. so is 29. southbound route 1, the bw parkway. downtown traffic more volume to the anacostia river routes but your lanes are open on the freeway heading over to the 14th street bridge. and 66 jammed up out of
6:57 am
manassas. the crash near fair oaks long gone but the damage has been done there. back to you. cbs this morning is next. a legal fight between the faa and flight attendants. >> how about the flight attendants? battling back against new cell phone rules. >> beverly and i will be back in 25 prince with an update on the traffic and of course this very quickly changing weather system. >> news, weather and traffic 24/7 at join howard and me at noon. i'll be dancing
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it is wednesday, october 15th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." a second texas health care worker is infected with ebola. captured by the taliban and rescued by the navy s.e.a.l.s. the vatican. cardinal timothy dolan is with us from rome. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> another has been diagnosed in texas, among those who worked on thomas


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