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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  October 15, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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tonight, the facts, not fear, about ebola. >> a second nurse testing positive for the virus and how she was rushed to the cdc. >> we thought we were going to be able to take care of the patients with very little risk at all to the health workers. it. >> stunning news tonight about this most wanted man from bethesda what the fbi believes they finally found. so what happened? plus, damage from today's fast and furious weather and what we're in for tomorrow.
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a bombshell from the centers for disease control and prevention tonight regarding the second dallas healthcare worker who tested positive for ebola. >> the latest nurse evidently called the cdc sever times to report a low grade fever before she boarded a commercial flight but nobody told her she should not have boarded that plane even though they knew she cared for thomas eric duncan. >> tonight vinson is being cared for at emory university hospital in atlanta. the cdc says she is sick but stable. still, the director says she should not have been on that plane. >> the healthcare worker number two should not have been allowed to travel by plane or any public transport by virtue of the fact that she was in an exposed group. >> now cnn is reporting the nurses union in dallas has
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filed several startling claims. first, they say thomas eric duncan was not immediately isolated and initially left in a place where there were other patients. nurses also claim their protective gear left their necks exposed, and they say there was no one to pick up the hazardous waste as it piled to the ceiling in his room. >> the cdc spokesman wrote, for healthcare workers in dallas and elsewhere the ebola situation is extremely difficult. the cdc will continue to do everything possible so that they can prepare to safely manage ebola patients. fear seems to be spreading faster than the deadly virus but still a big question out there. how did this happen gang? we've got a team of reporters working on the straight facts about this disease. >> we begin with the difference between rational concerns and
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basically irrational fears. >> reporter: it's almost hard to keep up with each and every development. we went digging deeper to get appears to the new questions that pop up each and every day. the image of a second nurse who has contracted ebola seen here boarding a flight with assistance is a stark image, almost surreal. it does tell the full story. >> i point out always that you have to make sure that you put things in their proper context. >> reporter: dr. anthony, with the national institutes of health, says there are rational concerns and irrational fears. >> they should separate the concerns for the risk of an outbreak that would involve all americans which is not going to happen given the capabilities that we have. with something that's troubling that we thought we were going to be able to take care of patients with very little risk at all to the health workers if they followed a certain
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protocol. >> which is why the cdc has now increased its focus on procedures. wusa is educating viewers. tonight on our facebook page nancy writes, "i have not heard or seen anything from any thowrts regarding transmission of ebola by mosquitoes. fact:the cdc says there is no evidence mosquitoes can transmit the virus. the one question the doctor says gets all the time, what's the risk to me. much like karen's post on our facebook, just because someone has it wouldn't necessarily mean the person next to them would come down with it, would they? >> and sometimes that gets really misplaced because they see something that is infectious and can be transmitted, and they don't connect the dots that you have to be exposed to someone who is
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actively sick and you have to get direct contact with their body fluids. >> it is why hashtag facts not fear is important. "we need more information." >> in deed we do. we've been flooded on our facebook page with questions and comments. 10,000 reaches on the one post. if you want to join the conversation go to our facebook page. it is all about facts, not fear. >> thank you jim is. but the big question still remains, how tennessee world could two nurses contract the virus, and could there be more. >> some are questioning the treatment process itself. >> reporter: more and more of the nurses who have treated ebola domestically are saying they are not being properly protected. when fighting something as fierce as ebola assuming can be deadly. >> we would assume there was the proper training for the vids who would be caring for
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mr. duncan but it is very, very difficult to take care of an ebola patient. >> reporter: the nurses at texas health presbyterian in dallas which treated thomas duncan what died this month along the hospital had no specific treatment protocol in place, that duncan was left in a public area with other patients for hours. his lab samples were transported unsealed, and that nurses did not have proper protective gear. >> we don't have have the background of what to look for in a patient who would walk in, into our hospital, and so we, as registered nurses, are very much outraged with what's going on. this could have all been prevented. >> reporter: dr. kent brantly and those who treated him had a different experience. brantly survived after contracting ebola in west africa. >> they wore suits that completely covered themselves, add clear face shield where i could see their whole face but they were like climate
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controlled suits. that seemed like a very safe process to me. >> reporter: dr. anthony says what's complicating the treatment is complex protective gear that must be worn and managed properly. each hospital has its own pro to company. nurses are hoping the cdc can standardize the process. >> what they are going to be doing now is send black is the equivalent of a s.w.a.t. team, a special forces kind of group to go to a hospital. so instead of being a passive way of saying this is what you should be doing, it is going to be down there saying that is what you have to do. >> at the present time says there's another thing that has to be done. >> we have to make sure that we are doing everything we can to take care of them even as we take care of us. >> nurses are also calling for ongoing ebola training as this is a fluid situation that seems to be far from over. january. >> all right, thank you so much. hear at wusa 9 and our gannett
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group we are focused on spreading facts, not fear. so tomorrow on air and on-line we're going try to answer some of your questions and also give you reports from across the country on the fact. >> so join us right now and all day tomorrow on air and on line as we use the hashtag facts not fear. let's take a break from this and turn to today's intense weather. depending on where you live you were dealing with tornado warnings and flood watches and rain. >> there was some serious stopper damage. howard county fire and rescue tweeted out this picture showing a massive tree that fell right onto a laural apartment. >> and anne arundel county police tweeted this picture from maryland live casino showing ominous clouds. >> we know they were full of rain. there may be showers coming our way tomorrow so let's check in with topper. >> good news. the heavy rain is gone, severe weather is gone, but we're still going to be tracking showers. let me show you the radar.
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let me widen this out. notice no shortage of rain showers on the delmarva and also in the mountains but in the immediate metro we're okay. we're going to be quiet. we could see some drizzle. that's really about it. pesky showers on thursday. no doubt about that. nothing crazy heavy. looking at shower or a drizzle possible for the morning commute. could dampen roads but right now it doesn't seem like a big deal. afternoon showers or an isolated thunderstorm primarily west of is town especially for the thunderstorm. so right now it does not seem like a yellow alert. howard will reevaluate the situation in the morning. drier air will slowly move in tomorrow night which is good news. okay, for the futurecast, 6:00, maybe a couple of spring kass. temperatures just generally in the upper 50s. notice it's pretty much solid cloud cover. by 8:00 still temperatures in the mid-50s in the suburbs and 59 downtown. we'll come back and track this futurecast in the afternoon and show where you the thunderstorms might develop.
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>> thank you top. if you haven't done so now would be a good time to download that wusa nape weather app because even if the power goes out you can stay on top of all the changing weather conditions. it is free and veil -- available in the apple and google play stores. a decades old bethesda murder mystery. the body ex iewped last week is not that of william bradford bishop. >> he is the man wanted for the 1976 killing of his three son, his wife, and his mother. last thursday the fbi dug up the body of a john doe, a man they thought might well be bradford bishop. the two men sure do look alike there in the pictures but the k na does not match up. turns out there were any number of other discrepancies. bishop was described as a few inches taller than the john doe but the police said the man hit by the car had extensive leg
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injuries so his exact height was unclear and perhaps bishop had lost some weight while on the run. as of tonight fbi agos still believe the former state department employee and suspected murder ser still out there and maybe hiding inplain sight. if you have any information about where he might be please call the fbi at 1-800-call fbi. new information on a georgetown rabbi charged with voyeurism. a judge has released barry freundel on his own recognizance. police accuse him of setting up a hidden camera at a synagogue. according to documents freundel did it twice. it freundel is due back in court next month. we are learning about a lawsuit filed by three former teachers at fairfax county's biggest elementary school. they along they faced racial
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discrimination and anti- pregnancy bias while there. the lawsuit accuses the principal of tell her assistants to only hire pretty young blondes. fairfax county public schools which is named in the lawsuit released a statement saying there's a strict anti- discrimination policy. regarding this particular lawsuit the district does not comment op pending litigation, he is special involving personnel matters. it was a volatile day on wall street as stocks took another big tumble today. at one point the dow industrials sank as much as 460 points. they did recover somewhat to end the day down 174 points. the nasdaq fell nearly 12 points, s & p lost about 15 points. some analysts tie the recent losses to a whole host of worries probably spooking
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investors from the ebola virus to fears over a global economic slowdown. the candidates rung for mayor of d.c. will be meeting tomorrow night for the fine debate before election day. a they will all be together taking tough questions from our very own bruce johnson. he will be the moderator. >> watch tomorrow evening starting at 6:30. we will be streaming it live on you can tune in to wusa 9 for a one-hour special friday night starting at 7:00. you can track the spread of illness. >> coming up, the doppler-like app that allows you to check up on surrounding symptoms. plus, how about an rgiii comeback? coming up, coach jay gruden gives us an update on
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from the flu to stomach viruses and allergies the cycle of outbreaks is not to make you sick but turns out there is an app for that. a local company developed a phone app that prevents sickness like a doppler weather
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radar map. >> reporter: april is the mother of two kids. like most parents she monitors her children's health closely. one evening she looked at an app on her phone which alerted her about strep throat in her area. the next morning her son woke one a fever. >> normally i would wait a couple days to see if it got worse but because i had all these strep throat alerts i thought, i'm just going to take him in. >> reporter: baltimore based sick weather is a phone app that tracks the flu, nor ro virus, and strep throat. one of its creators has a background in mapping crime data. >> we are using social media to detect illnesses as they are being reported. we then distill that information so that we can tell the difference between someone talking about having a high fever versus having something
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like justin -- like justin bieber fever. >> reporter: the app includes a trend map. >> we are tracking all the symptoms of ebola and enterovirus so that as those become more widespread we are able to provide surveillance. currently we are not tracking them specifically but we are retooling our system to be able to do. that. >> reporter: this was a big help for april what didn't wait a day to get her son to a doctor's office after seeing the reports on her phone. >> so they did a throat culture and sure enough he had strep throat. he was able to started the antibiotics right away and get back to school sooner, whichly allowed this work mom to get back to her job, too. >> we should note four information used on the sick weather app is strictly confid7fbdential. it is only taken from public facebook and twitter feeds.
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the showers are still tin forecast tomorrow. what's futurecast showing? >> nothing heavy. that's good news. we talked 24 hours ago, and i was worried about it. let's start th a live look outside. it was 80. it occurred at 10:00 this morning. it's still mild. relative humidity up there. winds out of the south at 1. winds are going to be south- southwest. not a huge factor. headlines. well, mild tomorrow. that's good news. a few showers, perhaps an isolated thunderstorm. the best chance will be west of town, probably even west of fairfax out toward cueper and to the east of i-1 1. bus stop temperatures mild, low 50s to mid six. a little drizzle possible or a shower but unlike last night when i said take an umbrella if you are walking the kids to the bus stop, i don't think you need to do that.
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nice finish to the week. breezy and mild which is good. and great for high school football and also great for your friday night plans out on the town. that should hold. okay, we will start at noon tomorrow. temperatures in the 60s. a lot of clouds. not too many green blobs, though. by 1, maybe a shower west of manassas and north of culpeper. by 4, could be some scattered showers. notice they are all shades of green. just like activity. temperatures upper 60s to around 70. by 6:00 we have temperatures in the 60s. still a couple of showers out toward manassas and culpeper but right now the coverage doesn't warrant, nor does the intensity, yellow alert at this time. by 10:00 tomorrow perhaps a spring cal if you're walking the door, but i wouldn't plan around. that mid-50s in gaithersburg. low 60s downtown. notice some clearing taking place down to the south.
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by 11:30, low 60s downtown. overnight mostly cloudy and mild, maybe some drizzle, that's about it. 52 to 60 for lows. winds out of the south- southwest at 10. 58 at 7:00, 60 at 9:00. a lot of clouds. 65 at 11, maybe a sprinkle at 1:00. temperatures in the upper 60s by then. we are still looking at a great day on friday. breezy but warm, low 70s. then nice on saturday. a couple of clouds will come in late could. be some mountain showers but for maryland and howard university, perfect home coming. the next seven days, pretty nice on sunday for both football games. a little cool, mid-60s. low 60s monday. temperatures keep going down. don't look now i think that's our first high temperature in the upper 50s so far this season. that will occur next wednesday. >> the first of many. wusa 9 wants to help you find the lowest gas prices, so tonight we're checking the
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pumps in maryland. $3.17 according to aaa's fuel finder. >> you can win $900 in gas just by liking wusa on facebook. >> a lot of goo 1, 0 gallons. >> it is the $900 driving you crazy gas card giveaway. >> it wasn't exactly higher math. >> that was pretty g. >> that was like, whoa, that was smart! we did have a chance to see a world series in this area, but not any more. >> not gonna happen. >> we may have to wait another year. nats and orioles both in the post season, but unfortunately it didn't
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have you seen the news about barbara comstock? first, the washington post reported, barbara comstock failed to report eighty-five thousand in income. now, we learn, barbara comstock pushed a client's issues in the virginia legislature and didn't disclose it. barbara comstock shepherded a trio of bills through the legislature and into law, but barbara comstock never officially disclosed that all the while she was being paid thousands of dollars. no wonder she hid it.
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wothe way als dismantles someone like stuarty. is so painful. embryonic stem cells have so much promise, but barbara comstock voted to ban that research funding even though conservatives like nancy reagan support it. that takes away hope for a cure -- but also, for families like ours, who just wanted a little more time. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. well, it was definitely fun while it lasted but unfortunately there will be no world series games coming to the dmv this season.
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after a strong start the orioles had no answer for this year's cinderella team tcht orioles need to get something going in kansas city. however, it didn't start very well. 1st inning, caleb joseph couldn't hang on to the ball which meant not one but two runs came in to score. orioles tried to chip away. they cut the lead in half thanks to a solo shot in the 3rd but that was all the offense the orioles could muster tonight. in the 9th, j.j. hardy ground out, and that is how the season ended. here's manager buck showalter. >> the game is not always fair. someone is going to big extremely disappointed. it's our guys. when you put that much time and effort into something, it's done. so close, but i guarantee you we will do everything possible to try to give them and the
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organization and fans an opportunity again. >> from one series to the next the orioles' numbers dropped o. in their series against the tigers who they swept they averaged seven runs a game compared to three in the championship game. the orioles scored 15 runs in three games against the tigers after the 5th inning, and against the royals just two. bad news for the royals, but they did get a glimmer of home. a welcome sight for sore redskins ns eyes. robert griffin returned to the practice field. coach wouldn't give a time frame but says when he returns he will be the starter. >> that's totally up to the doctors as far as his timetable. i can't project. i can't guess.
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obviously we'd like to have him back but he still does need some work as far as getting back under center, getting the reps, getting the footwork back dowfnt just the whole process of being quarterback again. >> a lot of work. for the last sever ropes the debate around joe flacco is whether or not he is elite. he's not classy, not loud. he lets his numbers speak for himself. those numbers recently are elite numbers quieting the critics. >> that's just the word they use, elite, elite, elite. who knows where it came, from but that's what it was. so i think a lot of that has kind of quieted down a little bit. we've gone out and worntion and we've won consistently. >> they've been debating that for years whether he's elite or not. >> what the heck does that mean? >> is he a montana, is he -- >> is he in the upper tier of quarterbacks. >> but you look at his numbers, five touchdowns sunday, and in his seven years 75 wins, the most of any other quarterback
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in that time frame. >> okay then. >> the numbers speak fort. >> we have to speak ♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪ ♪ (dad) there's nothing i can't reach in my subaru. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru.
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that is up to him. that's our broadcast. thanks for joining up. >> letterman is next. make it a great night, everybody. >> bye-bye.
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