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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  October 18, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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. right now at 11:00, searchers believe they found the remains of hannah graham. ice he charlottesville pol department made a very difficult phone call and reached out to john and susan graham, to share with them this preliminary discovery. >> this sadly is now a death investigation. >> i'm surae chinn in charlottesville, virginia. remains found this afternoon could be those of missing uva student hannah graham. >> tonight, graham's family, friends and the uva community anxiously await official identification of the remains.
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hello. i'm bruce johnson. the five-week search for hannah graham may be over tonight. authorities discovered human remains on an abandoned property outside of charlottesville around noon today. police have notified the missing uva student's parents. it will be up to the medical examiner to establish positive identification. but police say the hannah graham case is now a death investigation. surae chinn joins us now from charlottesville, where people are reacting to this major development tonight. >> reporter: bruce, there seems to be a cloud over charlottesville tonight. people are sad, not really wanting to talk about the latest development about this potential huge break in the case. hannah graham went missing here at the pedestrian mall, a very popular place where lots of students hang out, visitors hang out and come to see around the campus. she's been missing for 35 days. the remains, although not
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positively identified, many people believe they are those of the missing uva student, hannah graham. >> sometime before noon today, a search team from the chesterfield county sheriff's department was searching an abandoned property along old lynchberg road in southern albemarle county when they discovered what appears to be human remains. >> reporter: the remains are thought to be that of hannah graham. although they don't want to jump to conclusions, even police seem to be pointing in that direction. >> countless hours, thousands of hours have been spent by literally hundreds of law enforcement and civilian volunteers in an effort to find hannah. we think perhaps today proved their worth. >> it's really sad. i felt like it really sort of united us as a community in some ways. it was really sad to see it end this way. >> reporter: the remains were found in the same area search teams were supposed to look for
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hannah tomorrow, which has now been called off. authorities are asking anyone who saw anything suspicious on old lynchburg road on september 13th to call police. >> this sadly is now a death investigation and therefore, we will not be releasing any additional details concerning specifics on the scene or evidence found at the scene. >> reporter: surveillance video outside of a restau ranton the pedestrian mall captured hannah and the suspect in this case, jessie matthew, together. he remains in jail. recently police say forensic evidence linked matthew in the death of another high profile missing college student, morgan herrington. the area where today's remains were found is just 2 miles from where herrington's body was found. >> her family knows where hannah graham is now. she's in a better place, but it's also very sad because we've lost one of our own. >> it breaks my heart. it absolutely breaks my heart. that's the truth. >> reporter: police made the difficult call to hannah's
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parents tonight, and they always want to keep them in the loop on the latest developments. meanwhile, the remains have been sent to the chief medical examiner's office in richmond, virginia. we are all waiting for the final identification, positive identification, and the exact cause of death. i'm surae chinn reporting live in charlottesville, virginia. back to you, bruce. >> thanks, surae. in light of today's discovery, the charlottesville police chief took time to recognize all the volunteers and everyone else who helped authorities during the search for hannah. >> on behalf of the charlottesville and albemarle county police departments, i want to thank everyone who gave up their days, their nights, their weekends, people who called and wrote and dropped food and good wishes and words of encouragement to the search groups and the detectives that have worked so hard in this investigation. i want to thank all of those people, because today would not have been possible but not for
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their prayers, encouragement and help. >> it was five weeks ago that hannah graham was last seen. she was reported missing at around 4:30 a.m. sunday, september 14th, touching off a five-week search that appears to have ended with today's discovery of those human remains. >> reporter: wednesday, september 17th, charlottesville police released surveillance video of hannah graham, walking in downtown charlottesville the night she disappeared. friday, september 19th, police chief tim longo pleads with the public to come forward with information about a man in one of those videos who was seen in a bar with graham about the time she went missing. >> did i see someone that is a black male, 32 years of age, 6' 2, 270 pounds with dread locks with hannah graham? >> reporter: police searched the man's apartment and vehicle, but they say they didn't have enough evidence to arrest him. the next day, police publicly identify jesse matthew, jr. as a person of interest in
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hannah's disappearance. he comes to the police department voluntarily and asks for a lawyer. and later he is seen by officers leaving at a high rate of speed. sunday, september 21st, virginia state police issue an arrest warrant for matthew on a reckless driving charge. hundreds searched the chargesville area for clues that could help find hannah, while her parents issue an emotional plea. >> i appeal to anybody who knows anything, please, please help us. >> reporter: tuesday, september 23rd, jesse matthew is charged with abducting hannah graham. and the next day, he's taken into custody in galveston, texas to be brought back to charlottesville to face charges. monday, september 29th, virginia state police say the arrest of matthew provided a significant break in the case of morgan herrington, who disappeared in charlottesville back in 2009 and was later found dead, about 2.3 miles away from where the remains
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today believed to be those of hannah graham were found. >> jesse matthew, jr. is not talking, but due back in court december 4th. his attorney tells the washington post tonight he would await further information before he gives comment. now, for more on hannah graham and the case, including images, video and more on the suspect, jesse matthew and other potential victims, you can log on to our website, turning to other news tonight, a local free-lance photo journalist who documented the ebola epidemic in west africa has placed himself under isolation. he's doing this for 21 days inside his dc residence to ensure that he's not carrying the deadly virus. wusa 9's stephanie ramirez has his story and more. >> reporter: locked in his own dc home, national geographic photo journalist neil branville described via skype what he saw documenting the ebola epidemic overseas. >> lines of people trying to get into a treatment center and
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literally dying on the side of the rodebaugh there was not enough beds. >> reporter: he spent three weeks in sierra leone and liberia. he took every precaution necessary, but placed himself in isolation a little over a week ago to prevent panic, especially now with yesterday's scare at the pentagon and three confirmed ebola cases in the united states. but for the university of virginia's janine jagr, the real crisis isn't the ebola epidemic raging in the u.s. it's how we as an international community dealt with the deadly virus to begin with, even as officials investigate the dallas exposure. >> did healthcare workers do their job properly? if there's a breach, it's a breach of our responsibility to healthcare workers. >> reporter: while she talked about the ebola crisis at this full bright association conference, jagr is not an ebola expert, but she has spent most of her career fighting to protect healthcare workers. with the ebola epidemic, jagr says it's once again healthcare workers at the front lines with little support. these are the people the doctor
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says the entire international community is responsible for. >> even in the poorest places, we have to find the means to provide them with the equipment they need, just to save their own lives. i mean, there have been more than 200 healthcare workers in west africa who have died of ebola. they are making a sacrifice on our behalf, and it's our responsibility to care for them. >> reporter: stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. president obama used his weekly address today to try and calm the american public about ebola. the president's remarks come as federal health agencies monitor two nurses with the virus, and hundreds of others who may have had contact with them. the cdc now has close to 9 -- [ no audio ] >> we can't give in to hysteria or fear because that only makes it harder to get people the accurate information they need. >> reporter: the president's remarks come one day after he appointed former white house
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advisor ron klain as the nation's first ebola czar. he also said he won't give in to calls from some lawmakers to ban travel from the most hard- hit areas in west africa. >> trying to seal off an entire region of the world, if that were even possible, could actually make the situation worse. >> reporter: on saturday, a memorial service was held for thomas eric duncan in north carolina. duncan had the first case of ebola diagnosed in this country after traveling to dallas from liberia in september. two nurses who cared for duncan now have the virus. 26-year-old nina pham is undergoing treatment at nih in bethesda, and 29-year-old amber vinson is at emery university hospital in atlanta. in ohio, where vinson traveled before she was diagnosed, more than 100 people are being monitored for ebola symptoms. and the cruise ship carrying a hospital worker who had contact with duncan's lab specimens is now making its way back to galveston. the worker, who has shown no
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symptoms thus far, is quarantined in her cabin. the cdc now has close to 9000 confirmed ebola cases around the world and close to 4500 of those cases have ended in death. here at wusa 9, our gannett group of news organizations are focusing on spreading facts and not fear through our ebola coverage. on air, online, we're trying to answer your questions and sort out the facts from the fiction. you can send them to us via facebook or twitter, and we'll get all of your questions answered. you can use the #factsnotfear. still ahead on this saturday night, the candidates for maryland governor square off before election day. >> also, the vatican walks back on language that had been encouraging gays and divorced families. >> it is chilly out here, but it's been worse already earlier this fall. the wind has settled down, allowing temperatures to drop into the 40s as we head into
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the overnight hours. your wakeup weather forecast, 44 to 50 at 8:00, but lots of sunshine tomorrow. we'll talk about how long that sun sticks around, coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast.
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maryland governor's race moved to the eastern shore today for a third and final debate. democrat lieutenant governor anthony brown and his republican opponent businessman larry hogan squared off on issues that included natural gas drilling in western maryland, stronger regulation of fertilizers and the transportation budget. ho he began says more money needs to be allocated to road construction. brown says transportation has to be a partnership between the private and public sectors. >> you have to take a balance. our infrastructure includes rails, the port of baltimore, roads. i support the transportation infrastructure act so we can invest in all modes of transportation. marylanders want to spend more time at home with families or being productive on the job and not stuck in traffic. >> you drained, siphoned a billion dollars out of the transportation trust fund, money that was raised through the gas tax. that was the question. it was supposed to go towards transportation projects. and a billion dollars was just siphoned out of there, poured into the general fund, which
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was a black hole, just disappeared. then when the money disappeared, then you came back and said we have crumbling roads and bridges and the worst traffic in the nation, so we have to raise the gas tax. >> hogan received an endorsement today by the newspaper at delmarva. tomorrow, president obama joins lieutenant brown at an early vote round in upper marlboro. a meeting with two catholic bishops, amid encouraging signs the bishops would find language to allow ministering to gays and divorced couples. but in the end, there was no compromise language. there was no budging from traditional church teachings. that was a clear victory for conservative bishops. . some local college students got buzzed today. we're not talking about booze or drugs. they took part in a fund-raiser on the national mall to help kids with cancer. students from kappa sigma
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fraternity and several universities shaved their heads as part of today's get buzzed event for st. baldrick's foundation. 10-year-old cancer survivor ollie trotta participated in the event for a second time. >> it's okay to be bald and you don't have to be afraid. >> today's event raised more than $34,000 to fight childhood cancers. howard university's homecoming weekend is in full swing. today's events included a parade along georgia avenue northwest and there was actor model tyson bedford snapping a selfie, as he served as grand marshall for the parade. the bison lost to florida a&m. that hurt, but it hasn't stopped the celebrations. tomorrow's events include a morning chapel service followed by an alumni luncheon and fashion show. . changes in the weather, starting to get cold, right?
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>> it is starting to get cold. temperatures dropping into the 40s tonight. a cold front went through. with he got into the 70s in the afternoon today. then as we moved into the mid afternoon hours and the cold front swept through, you really felt the change in the air, that brisk northwest breeze will be with us again tomorrow. let's start off with a look at the michael & son weather cam. down to 56 right now from a high temperature of 74 that we had early in the afternoon. winds are out of the west at 12 miles per hour. also, notice that dewpoint in the 30s, so a dry air mass is in place. in our weather headlines, tomorrow's going to be sunny and cool all day long with that breeze remaining with us until we get to the evening hours. as we head into monday, it's going to be milder, less windy, and showers will arrive on monday night in association with a storm system that's going to be with us for most of the work week. the reason that we have showers here on satellite and radar is because of that cold front that moved through late last week work and the wrap-around moisture on the back side of that system. but that stuff usually doesn't
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make it over the mountains and today was no different. so you can see here on 9 future cast, we're keeping clear skies in the forecast. cool temperatures with that brisk breeze out of the northwest. but the breeze goes away as we head back to work and back to school on monday morning, though it will remain cool, especially in the morning hours on monday. as we head into the afternoon, here comes that cold front, but before it arrives, we'll see temperatures on the milder side and these initial showers that you see here on 9 future cast are not going to reach the ground. we're going to see showers arriving on monday night, staying with us tuesday morning. and by tuesday afternoon, the storm system that moves through our area will move up the coast and become a nor'easter, the first real, legitimate nor'easter of the season. it's going to slam new england and it's going to leave us with showers and windy conditions. but overnight tonight, just breezy, partial clearing, 41 to 48. winds out of the northwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour. so tomorrow morning, we're going to see lots of sunshine, temperatures in the 40s had and
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50s. that's it. winds out of the northwest continue at 10 to 20. in the afternoon, much cooler, but less breezy. 55 to 60 instead of getting into the 70s for the afternoon highs. northwest winds at 10 to 15 miles per hour. so the winds start to relax heading into the afternoon and evening on sunday. then monday, as the storm system approaches, an increase in cloud cover, but we stay dry until monday night. then scattered showers are in the forecast on tuesday with a high of 63 degrees. in the first alert seven-day forecast, we stay in the 60s, the low 60s, as a matter of fact, on wednesday and thursday. that wind is going to be pretty strong from time to time on wednesday and thursday. but as i mentioned before, the worst of it will be up in new england. earlier today, my mom texted me. what is it with this nor'easter i'm hearing about! i said don't worry, mom! boston is really going to get slammed, not us! >> nice. >> we're still going to see winds, though. mom's gotta bite the bullet. this is weather.
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it's okay. >> i'm watching the terps, let's bring on the big 10! [ laughter ] maryland fans have discovered hawk eye meat! it's good. terrapins proving to the world we are not a big 10 kicking post. we come to play,
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and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at . so maryland beats indiana. good win. the moves to ohio state, expected. today was a barometer game. iowa, middle of the road, terps looking to prove they can hang with the nonelite of the big 10, right where they want to be. let's head out to bird stadium. we must protect. look at that. hanibal terp! looks scary. tough, hard-nosed football here, guys. maryland takes the lead, 17-14. terps ran for 212 yards. c.j. brown got knocked out of the game, so perry hillis comes in and he's got one order from the coach. find stefan diggs and get him the football.
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nine catches, 139 yards. terps scored 24 straight. then the defense closes the door. will likely, likely the easiest pick he'll ever have, second pick six of the season. maryland wins 38-31, but i'm digging stefan diggs! let's hear from stefan and the gang. >> just a small step in the direction we're going. got a lot of games ahead of us. we'll continue to get better. we'll focus on next week. >> speaking as a senior, winning on homecoming is huge for us. we had a lot of alumni coming back. to be 2-1 in the big 10, moving on next week, we feel pretty good. the day ended great for the terps. began lousy when news surfaced the upback quarterback tore his acl midweek. then rowe thought he might end up the starter. same knee, second tear for rowe. morgantown, west virginia, a tough place to play. watch supermario. supermario. he's like a mustang. west virginia upsets baylor 41-
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27 today. good one, virginia at duke and the winning touchdown here, watch the jump pass! tim tebow-esque. virginia loses a nail-biter, 20- 13. to the pro game, good news for a team that needs good news. bergburgandy and gold. there hasn't been much in the first six week of the season. washington has been disappointing in every phase. so is this season lost? that's what some say, but philosopher jay gruden, not ready to raise the white flag just yet. >> it's not too late to get back in the game. i think a win would do wonders for everybody around here. i think everybody understands that what's happened has happened and there's nothing we can do about it and we're all moving forward and looking forward to the opportunity of the next day and the next game.
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tennessee tomorrow. great battle tomorrow, the two best quarterbacks from the class of 2008. both started right away and their success helped influence other coaches to play their young quarterbacks right away. >> i think it's always something that's going to be there because we did come out. we were in the same class. that happens with everybody that gets drafted in the same class. it's a cool thing because, you know, i guess as long as you're still talking about us, we're somewhat relevant, the both of us. last season, guys, dc united played 34 games. they won three. it's a seven-month season. that calculates out to about a win every 60 days. wow. it was a rough year. this year, different season in 2014. watch this setup right here. use your head, man! first goal of the year because he's been hurt most of the year. fireworks go off. dc united from three wins to first place, qualifying for the playoffs as the number one seed with a 2-1 win. let's hear from cp.
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>> i don't think it puts more pressure us on. this team has put pressure on itself. we know what we're capable of, and we stepped into all the big games this year and done well. i expect much, much of the same going. >> good for him. final stop of the night, caps and panthers. might as well get to the shootout, where all caps games send to end. game, set, match. book it as he goes top shelf. caps win 2-1 in the shootout. good day around get more,
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around 10 miles per hour overnight tonight. you'll have a little bit of a windchill out there. then tomorrow, we stay in the 50s, but it will be mostly sunny. if you're heading to fedex field, light jackets should suffice. and we continue to follow the hannah graham developments. we've got crews down in charlottesville. thanks for watching. see you back here tomorrow. ♪
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