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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  October 21, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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shutt. top. >> as ugly as it is right now, derek, and a lot of folks are not home. tomorrow morning is going to be much worse. here's the radar. you see some flecks of yellow and orange and red in there. some individual heavier activity that mainly just showers moving from southwest to northeast. covering pretty much the entire metro area. the district, montgomery county, up into frederic county. fairfax, loudoun, and down into southern maryland as well. we'll zoom in a little bit. we have heavier activity building down to the south. this will move again northeastward across 66. across into fairfax. heavy activity around laurel and columbia on i-70 and then once you get north of germantown, some heavier rain on i-270. we'll zoom into this. this is heavier activity. now, we're not talking about flooding or severe weather. but it's going to slow you down. on our storm tracker at 7:25, and maybe fairfax at 7:21. so, yes, yellow alert for a
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messy commute tomorrow. it will be windy as well. winds are going to gust over 25 miles per hour. no heavy rain or flooding, but it will slow you down. i will allow for extra time. need an umbrella to walk the kids to the bus stop as well. not a pleasant morning at the bus stop either. we'll see if we can get the showers out of here in time for the wednesday evening commute. >> tonight in charlottesville, are the remains found in a wooded area missing hanah graham. debra is live. what do you know? >> reporter: at this point, with rewaiting. that's all we are doing. we are locked down here at police department headquarters waiting for that information to come out. what everyone is waiting to find out. now we know, though, that a little bit more about the crime scene. the investigators are still there tonight. they are looking through that crime scene and a source close to that investigation says one of the things they are looking for to find out if it may be a
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dumping ground. >> tonight, the commonwealth attorney is just one of many investigators still combing the crime scene on old lynchburg road where human remains were found saturday. now we're learning a source close to the investigation say the skull found was sent to the medical examiner's office while the skeletal remains stay put. when they do take those remains, investigators will take the dirt several feet below. and as if anything could be more disturbing, we're now learning this area is being scoured for more evidence than it could be a dumping ground for bodies. on charlottesville koepply bridge, fliers of missing women say closure is out of grasp for so many. the fresh charges against jesse matthew in 2005, we tried to reach out to people close to the 32-year-old suspect. >> aftefresh charges against jesse matthew, the suspect in
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hannah graham disappearance come down, what do his family members have to say? >> f camera, a man who lives with matthew's father, also named jesse, says the elder matthew doesn't come out of the house much, hasn't talked to his son since the arrest and is grappling with how to process the mounting charges against his son. and the man is, too. now police confirmed there is a forensic link between jesse matthew and the body of morgan harrington. she's the virginia tech student that disappeared in 2009. also, no charges have been filed in that case. in the case of alexis murphy in 2013, i did call the nelson county prosecutor's office today. and they do say they are looking into forensic testing to see if there are any links between matthew and murphy. at this point, they are still waiting to see. we're going to keep following this every step of the way. live here in charlottesville,
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debra alfarone, wusa9. >> there's good news and progress tonight. nina pham, the nurse from dallas is being treated for ebola right here at the n.i.h. in bethesda is in good condition. upgraded from fair. treating the patient, thomas duncan in dallas. we learned nbc photographer, ashoka has been declared ebola free. he has been undergoing treatment in nebraska. >> the homeland security department issued new travel restrictions for passengers from three west african countries reporting an ebola outbreak. and travelers who want to enter the u.s. must fly into one of five airports designated to screen passengers for the deadly disease. one of the five is dulles international. nearly 94% of the passengers from the region passed through those five airports. now ebola screening procedures are in effect. for the first time at most of the schools, students will be asked about their family's travel history. peggy fox has more. >> this school year during cold and flu season, new questions will be asked to
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screen children for ebola. >> if a two second question can help someone save a life or save them from going through the trouble of the ebola virus, i think that's a good thing. >> when a child develops a fever of 100.4 degrees, the school nurse will ask if a child or a family member has recently been to ebola affected countries of liberia, sierra leon or guinie. director of operations and strategic planning for the department of special services says the new policy is a partnership with the health department. >> they look at students who may have a fever. and then through that process, they would engage them in some discussion with the family. or members of the household that have traveled to high risk areas. >> fairfax county schools also has a new policy for incoming students who have just moved to the area. they are given this fcps travel questionnaire in which they are
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asked if they or any members of their family have traveled to or are from the west african nations affected by ebola. >> a spokesman for the fairfax county health department says if it is determined a child has had high risk exposure to ebola, then that child would not be permitted to attend school for 21 days. the incubation period for ebola. >> i think people are worried and i think there's little fear mongering going on. but the more educated we can be, and to take those precautions, we have to be educated. i think it's okay. >> county officials say they are following guidelines from the cdc. in vienna, peggy fox, wusa9. >> and prince william county school is in the process of developing a new policy. >> prince gray unveiled a multibillion dollar transportation plan today. the move d.c. program takes aim at 31 bridges in the city that are described as structurally
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deficient. i'm scott broom in washington where outgoing mayor vincent gray is setting the city on the course to fix a lot of bridges after he is gone. >> bridges like the frederic douglas bridge carry south capital street. >> this bridge may have a useful life of another 7 or 8 years. and then it becomes impayrolled for the future. >> matthew brown is the director of c.'s board of transportation. >> we will start work next year on the key bridge into georgetown. >> key bridge is nearly 90 years old and among those declared structurally deficient. still safe to use, but in urgent need of modernization. and some bridges in d.c. are just crumbling, like the overpass carrying 16th street over military road. >> we are going to work to reduce by half the number of structurally deficient bridges that there are in the district of columbia over the next two years. >> in washington, scott broom, wusa9. >> we need to work, but it's
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always great to have the traffic backed up. by the way, city officials say a discussion and plan on how to pay for the move d.c. program have yet to be addressed. developments against white house fence jumper e omar gonzalez. it was determined he's not competent to stand trial and ordered to undergo a full psychiatric evaluation. the iraqi war veteran is accused of scaling the fence around the white house last month and entering the residence through an unlocked door. prosecutors say gonzalez was armed with a knife. 800 rounds of ammunition and assaulted two secret service officers before he was arrested. we'll ♪
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have you seen the news about barbara comstock?
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first, the washington post reported, barbara comstock failed to report eighty-five thousand in income. now, we learn, barbara comstock pushed a client's issues in the virginia legislature and didn't disclose it. barbara comstock shepherded a trio of bills through the legislature and into law, but barbara comstock never officially disclosed that all the while she was being paid thousands of dollars. no wonder she hid it. one of three americans being held in north korea is on his way back to the u.s. detained for reportedly leaving a bible behind in a restaurant. missionary activity is considered a crime in north korea. the state department says it is still working to gain the release of two other american
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citizens being held in the come ewe communist country. >> americans are not conceding the race. days after president obama stumped for anthony brown, one of the gop was stumping for larry hogan today. >> the republican candidate for governor is getting two endorsements, but only wants to talk about one of them. new jersey governor chris cristie's poll numbers down at home. but cristie perhaps more than anyone else in the g.o.p. can still draw a jostling crowd of photographers. >> i'm a mercenary in this job. >> maryland republican gubernatorial nominee, larry hogan, is hoping to draw the same kind of crossover voters that help propel cristie into office. >> mr. hogan, what kind of president do you think he would make? >> he would make a terrific president. i can't think of anybody who
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has done a better job as governor. >> military style assault apons. >> democratic nominee has done his best to portray hogan as an extremist. shifting positions on gun control. >> b281 went too far. >> the only problem i had is it didn't go far enough. >> hogan declined to answer questions on another endorsement from a national rifle association. >> how do you feel about the nra endorsement? >> i don't have any discussion about that at all. >> in bethesda, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> gas prices are the lowest they've been in more than three years. the national average for a gallon of gas is down about 60 cents from this year's high in april. compared to this past july, most drivers are now saving $5 to $15 every time they fill the tank and you know what? those savings can really add up. just ask kris higgins. he spends 30 hours a week delivering flowers. >> you really notice it when
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you are driving and really burning up a lot of fuel. >> it's dramatically cheaper than it used to be. >> lower gas prices are results of a boom in north american oil production and analysts expect these lower prices to stick around well beyond the holiday season. >> that's what i call a christmas present. we are seeing lower prices in our neighborhood as well. check out prince georges county, $3.08 in fort washington at the iefrndly market. that's at 11500 old fort road. the happily named friendly market. free gas is way better than cheap gas and you can get $900 worth on us just by liking wusa9 on facebook. it's the $900 driverring you crazy gas give away and it is sponsored by the winners will be selected at random on friday. the boys of summer. kristen berset has a preview of game one
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he's been called a super lobbyist, the ultimate
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washington insider. ed gillespie paid millions to lobby for the oil companies for a student loan company that overcharged taxpayers. his firm even lobbied for five foreign governments including a dictator now awaiting trial for war crimes. and then there's enron. gillespie lobbied for them while they committed the largest corporate fraud in us history. ed gillespie. the million dollar lobbyist whose never looked out for you. and now, the wusa9 restaurant alert. racked up 34 health code violations. text food to 25543 to report violations and search hundreds of suspensions on the restaurant alert. like uptown tap house on connecticut avenue northwest. a september 25 suspension sites 34 violations including multiple live roaches and mice
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droppings on prep tables. back in business. text food to 25543 to track this and other area inspections in the restaurant alert. >> coming to a television near you, the mike tyson cartoon show. >> i checked out the trailer. the former heavy weight champ tweeted out a ten minute preview of mike tyson mysteries. personally, it's a weird kind of show. tyson plays a crime fighting hero. his side kicks include an alcoholic alcoholic pigeon and this weird ghost dude, i don't know what his role is. that's him there. it's odd. the show debuts next monday. it has adult language and adult ns. atio so don't let e thkids watch. >>i would think -- lots of cursing. >> full of scooby doo for grownups. >> mike tyson punches out all the bad guys.
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>> let mike alone with that. let that go. that's not right. >> you know there will be an episode. he has to make fun of himself. come on. >> we are looking at rain right now and kind of just a preview of what's happening tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning is going to be a nasty commute. let's start with a live look outside. it it was 73 today and the first half was actually pretty nice. our live michael and son weather cam at the airport. some light showers. temperatures down to 60. because it's still falling toward the dew point as the humidity goes rxup toward 10 winds north, northwest at 13. going to be raw tonight and tomorrow. keep that in mind. along with the umbrella, need a coat or jacket. last two hours, we have the radar and you can see some individual heavy activity. maybe down toward warrenton over the last 30 minutes or so. heavy activity moving toward baltimore. but generally light to moderate showers. just enough to slow you down. heavier activity south of 66. this is going to move through
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manassas, head toward chantilly. just some moderate rain. again, nothing heavy. not talking about flooding, but it's going to slow you down. going to slow you down if you are trying to get somewhere later tonight. storm tracker. this activity pushing northeastward. heads toward clifton at 7:40 or so. okay. well a wet commute tonight for many. not everybody, but 80% of us. yellow alert tomorrow for more showers. bus stop temperatures 48 to 58 and with that wind increasing, umbrella and coat for the kids. i don't see a lot of conversation. it will be like huddling around. wet and windy on wednesday. we could see winds over 25 miles per hour tomorrow afternoon. okay, future cast 10:00 tonight. we have showers across most of the metro area with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s and then we get sort of a break and then they come back at us predawn hours with temperatures around 50 and looking at heavy activity out
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to the west of town and then by 8:00, showers up toward gaithersburg into southern maryland. another batch rolls through. but, by 1:00, most of the showers are now southern maryland, fredericksburg south, yes, we have clouds, but after 1:00 or 2:00, we are pretty much done with showers and some breaks in the clouds. might see some sun and even out into the culpeper area. and then by 5:30, clouds return. a sprinkle not out of the question around gaithersburg. but essentially the heavy activity will be out of here by 1:00 or 2:00 tomorrow morning. look at the winds. we could see a wind gust at 11:00. 32 miles per hour. and 30 downtown. okay. so we'll break it down. we have temperatures in the 50s. 55 at 9:00. 57 at 11:00. and 59 at 1:00 p.m. the good news, nice on thursday. becoming partly cloudy. will be breezy to windy. temperature about 63. trying to play golf on thursday, upper 60s, pleasant on friday. perfect for high school
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football. next seven days, gorgeous on saturday near 70. 71 on sunday and look at this. mid 70s monday. sunshine near 80 next tuesday with
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now, wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset. brought to you by exfinty. >> within a week's time, we'll have a new world champion. game one of the world series gets underway tonight in kansas city. it pits a world series veteran team versus a team of young fresh players most of whom weren't alive. the last time their team battled in the post season. the city of kansas city has been waiting for this night for 29 years. the last time the royals won a world championship. they were a wild card team that has yet to lose a game this post season. their opponents on the other hand, the san francisco giants have won a title every other year since 2010 so this would make it number three. >> they would definitely be a very special thing to be a part of and you know, i think it's been -- no matter what happens, it's been a special run we've been on and like i said, we got bigger goals in mind, you know, this is where you want to be
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every year. >> in college football, the maryland terrapins no stranger to becoming an 18 homecoming opponent in the acc. their first go at it will be in wisconsin where they go in as a ten point underdog. they have to beat a team coming off a bye week at home that features the nation's leading rusher in meldon gordon. >> have tremendous challenge. >> come in there, we have to do what we have to do, execute well, and make it happen. >> this is going to be a good turning point for the season. if we win this game, we should win a lot more games. just because winning is contagious. >> play a lot of stakes for this game. the other big ten team. >> this is even the college guys all have beards. >> the new trend, the latest trend. >> good grief. >> i guess so. >> all right, that's all our
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news for 7:00, we'll be back here at 11:00. >> have a great evening, everyone. bye bye.
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how so many famous faces are remembering oscar de la renta tonight. >> what will happen to the conic fashion designer's $100 million empire? >> such a devastating loss. >> i hope he's at peace. >> some of the stars who wore his creations share their thoughts with me last night. >> and he's also dressed downless first ladies, and most recently mrs. clooney. >> amal and oscar collaborated very closely. >> we're going inside the future of his empire with who is in charge now. >> then, renee zellweger causes quite a stir. we'll show you why some are saying they didn't even recognize her. >> exactly. >> also tonight. how shonda rhimes is turning primetime into sex ed time. >> the dirtiest sex tape. >> forget "how to get away with murder," how does she get away with all that sex? >> speaking of racy, check out
7:30 pm
these former playboy playmates posing in their 50s, 60s, 70s, even their 80s. >> they know what happens with the heff mansion. >> how do you know? >> now," e.t." where beauty is ageless. oscar de la renta, one of the biggest names ever in the fashion world. he went from being a dominican immigrant to american fashion royalty. well, he died yesterday at his connecticut home surrounded by his family and beloved dog. >> he was a fashion icon who helped make women like jackie kennedy, sarah jessica parker and more recently amal clooney style icons. >> definitely will go down in the fashion history books. he once said the qualities that i most admire in wen is confidence and kindness. our top story tonight, oscar de la renta remembered. >> he's the quintessential american designer. >> i feel very privileged, lucky, that i have had a wonderful life and that i have been allowed to do what i love.


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