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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  October 23, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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you can see this gaggle of reporters, but just beyond the reporters and the tree line there's a well lit patch out there in the field. that is where the single engine cirrus plane landed. two people were on board. they were injured but actually able to walk away ultimately taken to hagerstown trauma center. about .1-mile from that scene is where the chopper crashed into a nearby operating storage facility. there were people on the ground, but no one on the ground i'm told was injured. the three people killed were on board that chopper. that's according to frederick fire and rescue. the chopper was in a training exercise at the time of the collision. training operations are common out of this frederick municipal airport. many witnesses say they are very used to hearing aircraft above. they're used to seeing aircrafts above taking part in these training missions. meanwhile the single engine plane was flying to frederick
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municipal airport from cleveland, tennessee. the national transportation safety board will be on scene to investigate, as they always are when the aircrafts are involved in crashes. they will be able to determine exactly what happened, could be a lengthy investigation as these things often take time, no word when they will arrive, but i am told they are en route. live at frederick airport, i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. we've got some new information for you on the latest person to jump over the white house fence. >> he is 23-year-old dominic adesanya of bel air, maryland, and he appeared in u.s. district court this afternoon. andrea mccarren was there and she tells us he faces a slew of charge including unlawful entry and harming law enforcement animals. >> reporter: an agitated and disruptive dominic adesanya limped into the courtroom wearing a blue jumpsuit, his left arm covered in bandages and several fingers on his right hand.
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immediately after his arraignment u.s. marshals had to forcibly remove him from the courtroom. >> get down! get down! >> reporter: watch closely as a secret service down jumps on and tackles dominic adesanya who is wearing white shorts. ape fence jumper get up, s pearto grab the dog by the throat and slams it to the ground. he then appears to pummel the dog with his fists before agents subdue him. the white house is now looking into additional security measures. >> they're considering a wide range of things including the deployment of personnel, deployment of technology and even physical obstacles like a fence. >> reporter: adesanya was unarmed when he climbed the north fence around 7:15 wednesday evening. it was his second arrest at the white house. court records reveal he was charged with unlawful entry in july and told an officer that a security barrier he jumped at the time was easy and that the next fence to the south grounds
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of the white house would not be a problem as well. the suspect's father said his son is mentally ill. >> it's hard to be in your house not knowing that the person you're living with is trustworthy and you know they're mentally disturbed. >> reporter: stevenson university in owings mills, maryland, confirms adesanya briefly attended the school and was a printer on the track and field team. -- a sprinter on the track and field team. he left sevenson in december of 2013. -- stevenson in december of 2013. >> we've been asking the government to give him help. we've been looking for help. nobody has wanted to help us find help for him. >> reporter: adesanya was arrested in late july for interfering and assaulting a police officer. tonight he's in jail without bond and has a preliminary
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hearing monday. he has a psychiatric evaluation to be completed by then. at u.s. district court andrea mccarren, wusa9. white house press secretary josh earnest says several options are being considered to enhance security at the white house including more people, more technology and increased barriers. turning to the shooting wednesday in canada's parliament building, police say they found no connection between yesterday's fatal shooting of a canadian soldier in to the 0 and the earlier hit and run -- in ottawa and the earlier hit and run attack that killed wednesday's soldier. wednesday's gunman had been to get a passport in syria. meantime greeting the sergeant in arms who killed the gunman when he came in. prime minister stephen harper thanked the decorated police veteran, shook his hand. harper and his wife laid flowers at the war memorial where the gunman first opened fire and killed 21-year-old nathan cirillo at point blank range.
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a new effort is underway to bring hannah graham abduction suspect jesse matthew to our area. a benchish warrant was issued today. -- a bench warrant was issued today. >> reporter: jesse matthew is still here at the albemarle regional jail, authorities offering no time frame when they might pick him up to go before a fairfax county judge. the virginia medical examiner also offering us no time frame on when investigators might be able to positively identify that body found in the woods about 10 miles from here. about the only guy who is talking is the guy whose tip led to that body after a long delay. on the remote road where searchers found the body that is likely hannah graham, autumn is setting in and it is hard to believe such beauty could mask such horror. >> september the 30th early in the morning i was heading to a
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job site. >> reporter: bobby pugh is still shaken by what he saw more than three weeks ago now at an abandoned house. >> there was buzzards on the rooftop as well as in the tree in the back left corner of the property, not a normal amount, 20 to 30 at least. >> reporter: pugh is a hunter and the buzzards haunted him. >> about an hour later in the back of my head i was like you know, i need to make a call. >> reporter: it was 18 days later that volunteers followed up scouring the property on old lynchburg road. deputies found what were by then just skeletal remains. >> i wish it would have happened faster, but it couldn't. they were getting up to 2 to 300 tips a day. my tip couldn't be the one on the top. >> reporter: the body was so badly decomposed the state medical examiner is still trying to positively confirm that it's 18-year-old hannah graham. police say she was abducted from charlottesville's downtown
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mall by jesse matthew while she wandered lost looking for friends. pugh has a young daughter. he's a softball coach and he is heartbroken by what happened to hannah graham. >> she didn't belong there. that's not the way that she needed to leave. that's not the way anyone should be left. >> reporter: now pugh is hoping that his tip will help hannah graham's parents get some answers. he feels terrible describing the nightmarish scene and says he doesn't want to do testify again to any more reporters but he -- to do it again to any more reporters, but he wants to end is the message out if you see something suspicious, pay attention, let the police know. we want to go back out to frederick, maryland, the scene of that midair collision. >> two persons were on board that aircraft, both of whom
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were transported to the medical center in hagerstown. the other crash scene was at highland and monroe streets in frederick where there was a self-storage facility. there was a helicopter that had crash between storage lockers at that location. there were three people confirmed deceased at that location. we do not know if all three were on board that aircraft. that is part of the ongoing investigation. maryland state police criminal enforcement investigators are conducting the preliminary investigation. we do not have identities of any of these persons at this time. we are working to establish those identities of the deceased and then make notifications to family. i do not know when that would be completed. the national transportation safety board was, of course,
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notified and has sent an investigator who is mr. brian rainer and i will introduce him to you at this time. sir? >> good evening. my name is brian rayner. i'm a senior air safety investigator with the national transportation safety board. i want to begin by thanking major hughes of the maryland state police, his officers, his troopers, frederick county, their response in securing what will certainly be vital evidence in understanding this tragedy. i have only very, very preliminary information as mr. shipley explained. the accident occurred at 3:39. it involved a cirrus sr22 registration november 122e sierra and a robinson r44
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helicopter november 7518q. at this point i've only done a cursory exam of the two sites just to see where each aircraft was located, their condition, what we're going to need to do to effect a safe examination of each. as we speak i am assembling an increasingly larger team to work this accident. so far we have helicopter specialists en route. we have an air traffic control investigator enroute. we may expand the team to include an operations specialist. i don't know that at this point. i haven't had an opportunity yet to speak to any of my supervisors, but i am the investigator in charge and if i reach out and ask for help, it will be provided to me.
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what we'll do is just go through the process in that we will begin with the most perishable evidence first and that's witness statements and the physical evidence here of both aircraft and then we'll move on to information that's archived in places like aircraft logbooks and air  traffic control computers and that sort of thing and we'll divide the investigation into three basic parts. we'll look at the airmen. we'll look at the emergencies and we'll look at the environment and the airmen will be their certificates, the privileges that they could exercise with those certificates, what type of flights were being conducted, whether they were pleasure, business, instructional, that sort of thing. and then there will also be the medical aspect.
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from what i understand the two occupants of the airplane have been released from the hospital. one is uninjured. the other has a laceration. tragically there are three fatalities at the scene of the helicopter and then we'll look at the machines. we'll look at them in place and then we'll look at their maintenance histories and the equipment on board, that kind of thing and lastly we'll look at the environment. that will include the air traffic environment and the physical environment as well as the weather. i don't -- just at a glance i live here in maryland. i don't think weather was an issue, but it will be examined and if there's anything anomalous, i can also request a weather study. that's basically it in a nutshell. honestly i just don't have any specific details about the accident itself, but i can answer a couple questions. >> reporter: do you feel pretty confident you'll find an
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answer to this since it's drawn out over a wide area and you do have witnesses? >> well, over decades people far smarter than i developed the processes and the methods that we use to develop the information to understand these events and i have found in my 18 years of doing this work that if i do the investigation the way i was taught, the information will reveal itself. so yes, i'm very confident. >> reporter: were both of these aircraft had been under the control of the aircraft traffic control tower in frederick? >> it's likely, yes. i'm not an air traffic control specialist. i'm an army aviator. i'm a pilot. i was a mechanic and a safety officer. >> you've been watching live as the press conference has gone on out of frederick, maryland, where three people were killed on a chopper where a chopper
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and airplane collided today. a couple new facts, one, of those three people killed they are not certain if all three were on the chopper. >> the other thing we learned is the two people who walked away from the crash on the plane have been released from the hospital. one of them was not injured. the other appeared to have a laceration, maybe a bruise of some sort. so that is the good news there. >> we will have all the information on
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♪ (dad) there's nothing i can't reach in my subaru. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru. it is cbs sports final thursday night football game. we've got as a doozy with two of the most prolific quarterbacks in the nfc. let's get right to it, peyton manning, boy, what this guy has
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done in the last couple seasons, put into perspective how good this guy is. >> i think one of the things we do and we almost disrespect him in some ways, we compare him to tom brady and tom brady bottom line doesn't have peyton's numbers, but his record in january and february is superior and he's more of what people call a crunch time quarterback. nonetheless i think it's wrong because peyton manning belongs in a pantheon with only joe montana, dan marino, johnny unitas and tom brady, five of the great quarterbacks in nfl history. >> on the flip side you've got philip rivers tonight, 6-2 at denver all time. he could have a pretty good ballgame tonight, too. >> he, could but i'll also say the san diego running game, brandon oliver, they've rushed 140-yard the last two times they met denver, but they can slow them down. who knows? >> well, it's time to find out
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who is this week's papa john's key ingredient. unfortunately christine brennan couldn't join us but was kind enough to come in last night and give us her pick. >> two words, dave. peyton manning. >> i knew that was coming. >> you have to. the broncos against the chargers and denver has only lost one game. you figure with peyton manning this is a season of redemption. it's not just one game. >> record breaking, too. >> breaks the record, brett favre's record for the most touchdown passes in nfl history. this is a march to something greater for him. it's to get back to the super bowl, redemption, see if you can obviously win the game you did not win last year. 38 years old, definitely the key factor on any game he plays and that's why i'm choosing him. >> so that's going to do it and wusa9 news
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let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam national harbor, high temperature 67 today, still 66, relative humidity 43%, calm winds northwestward at 9 miles an hour. they'll gust a bit overnight. clearing skies tonight, breezy, chilly, 44 to 50, wind northwest 10 to 20 with gusts, no more 30 mile-per-hour wind gusts. day planner 50, 54 at 9:00, 60
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at 11:00 sunshine, 64 at 1:00. next three days beautiful, breezy on saturday, temps near 70, breezy again sunday but still nice, temperatures back in the mid- to upper 60s, so a great weekend. start making your outdoor plans. next week 75 monday, upper 70s, wanted to put 80 again, 78 tuesday, thunderstorms possible wednesday, a cold front front sweeps through and
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there's just something about these claw machines little kids can't resist. >> in tennessee an 18-month-old boy just had to have one. so somehow little collin got into the claw machine when his grandma wasn't looking. the laundromat didn't have a key, so they had to call the fire department. collin got out pretty quick and even got an animal as a parting gift, but the question remains how did he squeeze into that machine? >> little kids can do a whole lot of things we don't understand. >> pretty smart. >> that is our broadcast. we'll be back here for wusa9 news after the game. could be 11:30, could be
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midnight. >> that's right. just come back. >> going to be a good game. >> good night.
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