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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 7, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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the charges because of allegations an fbi agent had used the heroin that they were allegedly selling and by used we mean got high on. here's bruce leshan. >> reporter: can you talk to us for two seconds? >> no, no. >> reporter: what was that? what's your name, sir? >> we're having trouble with that story. all today the agents alleged mis-- agent's alleged misconduct is likely to lead to the charges dropped against a total of 28 drug defendants. the u.s. attorney is reviewing the cases. we hope to bring you the story at some point this evening. only on 9 tonight an exclusive interview with the atf special agent whose work was critical to the recovery of that abducted 22-year-old
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nurse's assistant carlesha freeland gaither, the philadelphia woman now recovering from the ordeal and her abductor locked up in virginia. andrea mccarren shares the story of another strong woman whose investigative work helped lead to carlesha's recovery. >> reporter: atf agent alicia morolla confirmed a gps device was placed in a car bought by devlen barnes. one hour after she shared that information with agents in baltimore, he was under arrest. the surveillance video was terrifying, the abduct of carlesha freeland gaither caught on tape. >> it put a pit in the bottom of my stomach because i have seen cases like that before where the recovery is not a pleasant one. >> reporter: atf was among several police agencies scrambling to find carlesha alive. the richmond office already had
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a strong lead. devlen barnes was the prime suspect in the october 1st abduction, rape and attempted murder of a 16-year-old girl. >> in law enforcement you often see the worst. >> reporter: barnes' questionable credit history prompted the dealership to install the gps device. it may have saved carlesha's life. that and her relentless fight to live. she even kicked out two of his car windows. >> she kept her wits about her the whole time and she wasn't panicked. she wasn't giving in. she was not accepting defeat. >> reporter: special agent morolla credits her atf colleagues, although she was the person who tied all the investigative end together. >> it makes me proud to be an atf agent. >> reporter: barnes is facing federal kidnapping charges in that philadelphia case and attempted murder and rape charges for the virginia attack. andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> as we mentioned, devlen
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barnes is locked up in richmond, virginia, under suicide watch and is facing a list of charges. authorities say he whacked that 16-year-old girl in the head with a shovel, threw her in the trunk of his car and drove off. she got away and is in the hospital. the defendant's hospital, however, doesn't seem all this surprised by these allegations. >> i'm not going to say like everyone else he's a good person, but he's my nephew. he's not a good person. ensealed had problems with girl friends and ex -- he's always had problems with girl friends and ex-wives and things like that. so the video of him going in the store, that was him. >> authorities say carlesha freeland gaither has gone into hiding. more did.s in a drug conspiracy -- defendants in a drug conspiracy case had walked out as free men, some after being sentenced. here's bruce leshan. >> reporter: some of the men were looking at the possibility
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of spending the rest of their live in prison. feel good to be free? >> feels good to be free, but i ain't got no comment. >> reporter: one after the other 13 of them walked out of the courthouse free. the charges included conspiracy to distribute more than a kilo of heroin, money laundering, illegal firearms, but the defendants are all now headed home for thanksgiving with their families. >> i was very happy. >> reporter: happy to be free. >> yes. i prayed and god answered prayers. >> reporter: a judge vacated charges against them because of allegations of misconduct by a now suspended local fbi agent who had been part of the investigation. how do you think of this allegation that an fbi agent is accused of snorting up the evidence? >> they're people. >> reporter: the washington post quotes unnamed federal officials saying fbi agent matthew lowry took drugs from a crime lab, that he was found here near the navy yard slumped over the wheel of his unmarked
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fbi vehicle with two empty evidence bags, some heroin and two firearms. >> addiction can be a very, very powerful force and so i think some understanding is in order. >> this isn't a technicality. if you're tampering with the evidence, if you're snorting it, whatever he was doing, it's not a technicality. >> reporter: the judge warned the men he did not want to see them again. >> i'm not going to be back here. >> reporter: not going to be back here. >> no, i'm not. >> reporter: no more trouble. >> no more trouble. >> reporter: the judge dismissed charges without prejudice which means legally the u.s. attorney could try to reinstate these guys, but defense attorneys say that is extremely unlikely. at u.s. district court in d.c. bruce leshan, wusa9. we have learned it was an off-duty secret service officer who took on a man who was literally knocking through jewelry counters in a wal-mart in woodbridge and apparently investigators say that officer
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chased the suspect into the parking lot and shot him when he ignored the officer's commands. that man is in the hospital in stable condition and he is charged with destructing property there. we've got new details about that mother who prince george's county police say lied about finding an abandoned baby and later confessed the baby was actually hers. family members of 22-year-old khiani jackson of beltsville told our debra alfarone jackson attended a hearing today where it was determined she will be able to keep the five children she already had prior to giving birth to the baby this week. jackson told police she lied about the baby because she was overwhelmed. the question so many have now is what becomes of this little baby girl? prince george's county police spokesperson julie parker was on hlntv today talking about that. >> the department of social services now is in charge of the baby. they ultimately will decide with the court system who will get custody of that newborn girl. >> as of now, jackson faces no
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charges. police say she essentially complied with the maryland safe haven law which allows a parent or person responsible for a child to relinquish a child within 10 days of byrd to a police station, fire station or hospital -- birth to a police station, fire station or hospital and that baby was never in actual danger. immigration reform is an issue that could drive a wide wedge between president obama and congress. today that issue was front and center both inside and outside the white house. this is a rally sponsored by the local group casa de maryland. supporters called on president obama to take steps to give legal status to unqualified undocumented immigrants living here in the united states. immigration was one of the many topics covered as president obama met with members of congress today. >> 16 house and senate leaders had lunch with the president at
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the white house to explore some areas where democrats and republicans can break the legislative gridlock in this town. >> and the one thing that i've committed to both speaker boehner and leader mcconnell is that i am not going to judge ideas based on whether they're democratic or republican. i'm going to be judging them based on whether or not they work. >> the president said the results of this week's elections show americans want to see more cooperation in washington and he's got a responsibility to try and get that done. show me where your kidneys are? >> right there. >> yeah. what do your kidneys do? >> this little girl is something special. coming up her mother explains why she's smarter than most grown-ups. >> still kind of breezy and windy. if you're headed out, a light jacket is okay, you'll need a
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heavy winter jacket late tonight. 58 and 50 go in the book, averages still 61 and 44. we'll come back, take you through the weekend, a couple minor disturbances and talk about
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how do you get more adults interested in the magic of opera? get more kids interested in the magic of opera. that was the goal today at the kennedy center and our andrea roane was at the program. scenes were performed by the washington national opera. the children got to learn about costumes and makeup and special effects all for the stage. remember dugiehauser md? this little girl is 2. check out what she already knows about your inside? >> is that your lung? o [ >> your stomach with your food.
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>> she knows all about those kidneys, doesn't she. they make you pee in the potty. where could she have possibly learned all this stuff? at the brliary in her hometown of plano, texas. city officials are so impressed by the little girl they plan to use the family's home video to help promote local libraries. she's smart as a button there. >> and cute as a button. >> that's what i meant to say. crispy fall weather on the way. topper says
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reliability, is now an american thing. introducing the all new chrysler 200. america's import.
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when you see those two words polar vortex, we sort of start flashing back to a not so happy time around here. >> i get cold just thinking about it. it drops my body temperature several degrees. >> it's going to drop next week. before the cold air gets here it's going to be perfectly nice monday and tuesday next week. don't let that fool you because the change is coming by wednesday, thursday and friday next week. remember the polar vortex is always there, just a question of the position. much like what happened a couple years ago with a similar typhoon, nuri made a little dip
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in the jet stream. a little batch of arctic air will ride down that jet stream and cover most of the eastern u.s. from the rockies, denver eastward through the plains states, midwest into the mid atlantic and new england. we're talking the coldest air of the season next thursday and particularly on friday. some of the models are developing precipitation on friday with cold air in place. stay tuned. okay. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, still freaks me out, the scaffolding on the capitol. there's no way i'd climb that. 50 now, although that's kind of an aberration because most everybody else is in the 40s. if you're headed out now, it's headed for the 30s. bundle up for high school football, think layers. chilly for the heart walk tomorrow, 42 to 50, mr. bernstein there. you need sunglasses and a coat tomorrow. a little more sunshine sunday and almost seasonable. we'll crawl our way back to about 60, average about 62 now. 8:00 tonight already some 30s showing up on futurecast, 39 in
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leesburg and winchester, 40 in manassas, mid-40s downtown. by 10:00 most of the suburbs in the upper 30s already and then we get into the 9:00 hour tomorrow morning back in the low to mid-40s with generally clear skies. now late morning and afternoon we'll see clouds roll through, not to worry, no showers or anything. we'll keep temps down a little u bit, though, 53 downtown at 2:00 and around 50 either side of 50 in the suburbs. by 5:00 we got 40s and low 50s with a lot of cloud cover. maybe you see a sprinkle out toward i-81 and points west. i could see a sprinkle in cumberland and romney and oakland as the system rolls through. after that that's about it. for tonight clearing skies, breezy, colder, wind still northwest 10 to 15, lows in the 30s. low 30s in the burbs, upper downtown, but after midnight the winds pretty much subside. that's when the temps really fall. by morning partly cloudy and chilly, 30 to 52, wind more
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south, southwest at 10 and by afternoon some increasing cloudiness, not to worry, chilly, highs near 55 and winds more southwest now at 10 to 15 ahead of the next front. we'll see a little weighing front go through tomorrow afternoon and night. -- weak front go through tomorrow afternoon and night. low 50s in hagerstown, martinsburg and winchester, a slight chance of a sprinkle there primarily cumberland westward and 56 in culpeper, 54 in warrenton, manassas, leesburg probably 53, fairfax 54, mclean 54. downtown we'll say 54, could be 54 rockville or gaithersburg. not quite small craft advisory criteria but just enough of a breeze for a little bit of a rough day. day planner upper 30s to start downtown temps which means low 30s in the burbs, low 40s at
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9:00, around 50 at 11:00 and 52 at 1:00 with clouds coming back. sunday breezy and cool but very nice for the ravens game, temperatures near 60 and then monday really nice, looking at sunshine, temperature about 65 before the big changes begin to take effect. in fact, after monday we're 70 on veterans day, beautiful, beautiful. then look what happened. 56 wednesday, showers possible. upper 40s on thursday, rain and showers probably south of town and a cold rain friday, 44, but i got to tell you upper atmosphere is cold enough to support some snow not too far away from downtown. >> really? snow, really? >> yes. >> i did not hear that word at all. >> i love it actually. >> i'm just glad there's a sport that doesn't require you to be outside. it's known as basketball. willed ares are rolling right now -- wizards are rolling right now. >> no bradley beal, 4-1.
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>> bradley who? i'm joking. he'll be back soon enough. a lot to get to on the wizards, rumors swirling about a new training facility and why the team is one of the hottest tickets in town, one major
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now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> we're getting down to the nitty-gritty in high school football. playoffs begin next week. now this week we rock the rivalries. holden kushner is in fairfax for our game of the week and it's the battle of the bell, a
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big one, jeff stewart versus falls church. >> reporter: thank you, dave. chilly night for football and it is football weather live at falls church and stewart high school where the raider are taking on their long time rival the falls church jaguars, a rivalry spanning over 50 years. so the students here making this the game of the week. over half the votes were for this one, a lot of history behind the match-up, fall church and stewart used to be the same school. when they split, the deck fell off the uss jeb stewart and became the trophy for a friendly football rivalry. fast forward to 2014 still the biggest game of the year for these teams. falls church already in the playoffs, but stewart is hungry to retain the coveted bell. >> a lot of these kids went to school together and split up and played youth football together. they're friends on both sides, but tonight they'll be enemies. >> reporter: tell me about the
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bell. where does this thing go? >> i try to keep it in my office, but the principal comes down and says put it in the display case. >> reporter: tune in at 11:25 p.m. for highlights of the game and three other local match-ups and follow along friday football action on twitter @gameonvarsity. got a great game pic tonight share it using the #varsitypics. got a good rivalry game. the bell is on the line. back to you in the studio. >> that is a lively band right there. a year ago ted leonsis discussed his desire to build a training facility for the wizards away from the verizon center. reports surfaced today there was an update on that story. 9 sports reached out to monumental sports who runs the wizards. they say there is no new information and it would be premature to comment on anything regarding the training facility. they're still pointing toward 2017. meanwhile the wizards in toronto end -- toronto
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tonight, battle of the up and comers. john wall playing like an all store, 21 points, 10 dimes, four points per games and paul pierce already impressed. >> he's playing like the all- star he is and coming up huge in these games that we need early, especially while we're done and out many scorers. he's stepping up and shown growth. he's shown maturity and that's what we need from him every night. >> paul is happy he does not have to guard him anymore. d.c. united put together a fantastic campaign this year, but for all their efforts they're on the verge of getting bounced out of the playoffs because of soccer's unique playoff format. d.c. united has to beat new york by at least two goals to stay alive. good luck. >> we have to play better. we have to have everybody show up and have good performances. if we do that, we can beat any
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team in this league 2-0, but talking about it is one thing and showing up tomorrow and doing that is another. finally sisters venus and serena williams cut the ribbon on the new williams tennis arena in washington. the 48,000 square foot facility is located at the southeast tennis and learning center in ward 8, all part of an $18 million renovation thanks in part to a large donation by the williams sisters. good stuff there. >> that's what i call giving back. >> fantastic to see it east of the river. that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> i'll be back with jan jeffcoat for your only local news at 7:00. in the meantime stay warm.
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>> pelley: tonight, getting in deeper. the president plans to send 1500 more troops to iraq. reports from major garrett at the white house and david martin at the pentagon. a super typhoon taking aim at alaska is about to trigger a dramatic change in the weather in the lower 48. meteorologist eric fisher on the return of the polar vortex. awaiting the grand jury's decision in ferguson, missouri. michelle miller is with the the man who's trying to keep the peace. >> there's a lot of fear, a lot of people are afraid of what could happen. >> pelley: and steve hartman "on the road" with a college-level course in sportsmanship. >> we laugh together, we cried together. we all hugged. it was really a big family of huggers there. it was awesome.


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