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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  December 2, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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. [ no audio ] >> we're having our share of audio problems this morning. blame it on the rain and the sleet. this morning washington, d.c. is home to a number of newly activated traffic cameras. that's going to give motorist as problem. all of them and their locations are going to drive you crazy probably. >> try to avoid those kodak moments. nikki burdine is live in the 600 block of maryland avenue not far from stanton park in northeast d.c. with more. nikki, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. if you drive in d.c., you'll want to listen up. starting right now, there are eight new traffic cameras in the city. in fact, we're standing in front of one of those right now. this is on maryland avenue. there are several more. don't worry, we have a full list. d.c. police are not trying to trick you. they're not trying to hide this list from you. we have it on our website, including maryland avenue. there are also several on this
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map that you can see. six of these are speed cameras but two of them are red light cameras at fessenden and north capitol street. the stop sign cameras will cost you $60. last year the district raked in 90 million but this year revenue from traffic cameras has already dropped by 40%. those who live near the cameras say they've already seen a change in drivers slowing down. >> i say yeah, there's one that got a ticket. i didn't realize it was just giving warnings but i have noticed that people have slowed down. >> reporter: if you'd like to see a complete list of all the old and the new traffic cameras, you can download our wusa9 app. there's a complete list of all those traffic cameras so you can be aware when you're driving to work because they are officially handing out tickets. for the past month they've been giving out warnings but as of midnight last night, those officially turned over to
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tickets. be aware of that if you're headed to work this morning. coming up in the next half- hour, i'll tell yu there seems to be confusion about the -- tell you why there seems to be confusion about the stop sign cameras and i'll tell you what you need to know so you can avoid getting a ticket. an ambulance driver in our area is fighting for his life this morning after a crash in elkridge, maryland. >> ambulance collided with a tractor-trailer and several other vehicles. the ambulance driver was taken to maryland shock trauma center. six others suffered minor injuries. the suspect in a string of shooting in west virginia is dead. police say jody lee hunt shot himself to death. his body was found in the woods if the southern part mar gonetown. one of the victims filed a domestic violence case against him. hunt had taken to social media to say he blamed a disloyal lover for his actions. a proper incident georgetown rabbi accused of secretly taping women undressing is now out of a job.
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kesher israel synagogue has fired barry fruendel. the rabbi had been suspended without pay after being arrested on voyeurism charges. police found a clock radio with a hidden camera in the shower area, the area of the temple's ritual cleansing bath. attorney general eric holder and [ no audio ] >> he talked about how law enforcement -- [ no audio ] no arrests were made. holder was later cheered actually for his remarks about the michael brown case. >> i can report this evening that the justice department's investigation into the shooting death of michael brown as well as our investigation into allegations of unconstitutional policing patterns or practices by the ferguson police department remain ongoing and remain active. >> it took place at ebenezer
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baptist church, martin luther king's home church. president obama asked the attorney general to set up a series of meetings in the the wake of the ferguson protests. ebola will be back on the national radar today. the president is scheduled to visit the national institutes of health in bethesda to speak with researchers trying to develop a vaccine for the virus. >> delia goncalves is live at the n.i.h. with a preview of the president's visit. delia, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nick, andrea. the. will be here later this evening and he will also congratulate dr. anthony fauci and his team of physicians here at the n.i.h. for successfully treating dallas nurse nina pham who contracted ebola when she was treating the first man who died of the disease eric duncan. you mentioned that vaccine. the president will also discuss the progress of that particular vaccine. it is being tested here at n.i.h. researchers say the experimental vaccine so far appears safe and effective.
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this is how it works. it's designed to boost the immune system's production of antiebola antibodies and we're told that some people given the vaccine developed those antibodies within four weeks of getting the shot. president obama is expected to arrive here at n.i.h. and speak about ebola and his push for more funding to fight the disease shortly after 5:00 this evening. this will be his first time speaking about ebola in more than a month. back you to in the studio. >> all right, delia, thank you. virginia's former first lady maureen mcdonnell is off the hook on at least one of the convictions against her. >> a judge has thrown out an obstruction of justice conviction against her but at the same time the judge denied motions for acquittal and a new trial for both former governor bob mcdonnell and his wife. the former governor was convicted of 11 counts including conspiracy and extortion.
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maureen mcdonnell is now guilty on eight accounts. a special election is set for april 28 to fill the council seat of the late marion barry. the d.c. board of elections officially declared the ward 8 seat vacant yesterday. >> he died at the age of 7 #. some constituents are earning his son christopher to run for that seat. it's 6 after the hour. a new soccer stadium planned for the district could wind up costing the city a lot more than it expected. >> metro transit looks at different ways to secure funding for the future. wusa9 is back after this.
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6:08. a yellow alert in effect for this tuesday. we have showers around and a little sleet mixing in. we're worried about a touch of ice. very minor in the areas along and west of the blue ridge and
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i-70. winter advisories are up. most go till 1:00 tonight unless canceled earlier. 1:00 p.m. this afternoon for carroll county east. we'll be back and show you where it's raining and sleeting on doppler 9000 and of course i'll have the weekend outlook in the seven-day forecast. now over to beverly and timesaver traffic. tough with the rain and even tougher with the closure of the southbound lanes of the gw parkway because the sinkhole that opened up yesterday in the rain. the southbound lanes of gw parkway closed between 123 and spout run. more people using clara barton, canal road, using lee highway, 66 inside of the beltway to get toward rosslyn. northbound lanes are open. inbound 14th street bridge, your early lineup on to the eastbound freeway near 12th street there's a crash that blocks the left side of the roadway jamming things up on 395 north. then d.c. 295 south leaving eastern avenue and out of cheverly, you're jammed to the inbound 11 rght street bridge. -- 11th street bridge. got to slow it down in the
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rain. the boeing company and the federal aviation administration are being blamed for a series of missteps which led to a fire aboard a 787 dreamliner. >> that's according to federal safety investigators. the fire broke out on the japan airlines plane at boston's logan airport. no passengers were on board at the time. the entire fleet of dreamliners was grounded for almost four months after a similar fire in another jet. poor design and manufacturing caused the battery fire. they also blame the faa for failing to identify design defects. we gave you a heads up yesterday. metro is about to face a serious financial crisis. the agency relies on maryland, virginia and the district to help keep trains and buses running. >> but without an increase in subsidies from local governments, you may have to cut some services. rust rust takes a look at what -- russ ptacek takes a look at what metro is asking for. >> reporter: to keep the trains on time, metro's budget proposal says it needs a $30
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million subsidy from the district alone and where metro provides services in maryland and virginia cities and counties, more than $50 million extra from those combined government coffers. >> you want more money but as as metro riders, we don't see where this money is going. >> it would mean raising a tax rate by several pennies. >> reporter: alexandria mayor is also a metro board member. he says the proposed increase for alexandria's share from $31 million to $35 million in subsidies isn't feasible. >> not at all. >> reporter: he predicts a compromise of a smaller increase paired with service cutbacks. the metro proposal says that could increase passenger loads beyond the recommended 100- person average. and increase off peak week times to 15 minutes and peak wait times increasing to eight minutes. >> once they make it quicker, then we can get more money.
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>> reporter: based upon -- [indiscernible] metro says ridership has just been flat and there's not enough revenue to keep up with increased costs to operate the system. in alexandria, russ ptacek, wusa9. today an initial vote is expected on a plan to build a new soccer stadium in the district. wnew radio reports the cost is skyrocketing. councilman phil mendelson says it could reach $200 million, $50 million more than expected. the proposed stadium would be the most expensive major league soccer stadium of all time. thage lighting of the capital christmas tree is set for 5:00 this evening come rain or shine. it takes place at the west front of the capitol. >> this year's tree is an 88- foot white spruce from minnesota. it was harvested on october 29 and traveled from minnesota across the country and made stops in 30 communities on the way to washington.
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time now 6:16 on this tuesday morning. here's a look at what is in the news right now. new york city's mayor bill de blasio is calling for an overhaul on how the city deals with mentally ill prisoners. he wants to divert many of the prisoners into treatment rather than sending them to right gers island -- rikers island. he has an announcement planned for today. it would cost $130 million over four years. for the second time, the boston marathon bombing suspect is demanding that his trial be moved out of boston. a judge rejected joe tsarnaev's first request to move the trial in september. at the time the judge said
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tsarnaev's lawyers failed to show that citizensive pretrial media coverage made it impossible to get a fair trial. now the lawyers are arguing that continuing pretrial publicity and media leaks will prevent a fair trial. this afternoon a meeting has been planned about issues stemming from the newtown, connecticut school massacre. the american federation of teachers president randy rhine gardner is expected to meet privately with teachers from sandy hook, elementary. they're expected to discuss the progress teachers are making in recovering and mental health and school security. 26 people, 20 of them children were killed in the shooting back in december 2012. kentucky senator rand paul is expected to announce his bid for a second term in the u.s. senate. it would be the beginning of what is expected to be a complicated elections season as paul tries to hold on to a seat in 200016 while at the same time -- 2016 while at the same time running an expected presidential campaign.
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his political operation is expected to start rolling out his senate bid with endorsements from kentucky g.o.p. leader. a republican staffer who made inflammatory comments about the president's daughters has now resigned. elizabeth lauten was communications director for tennessee representative stephen fincher. she took to facebook to criticize the daughters' demeanor. try showing a little class lauten urged. she deleted the status receiving criticism from both republicans and democrats and issued an apology on facebook. nasa's orion spacecraft launch is set for thursday, december 4. when it launches it will climb to an altitude of 3600 miles and orbit the earth twice in a four and a half hour test run. the flight won't carry any astronauts but will give nasa valuable data for moving to manned missions to asteroids and eventually mars.
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orion won't be completely empty. "sesame street" has donated momentos to inspire students to get interested in space flight. cookie monster and ernie's rubber ducky will make the trip along with a fossil from the t- rex from the denver science museum. >> very cool. it's sort of like the apollo capsule but 21st century version of that. a little damp out there. it cuts right through you. this is the stuff i hate the most weather wise. unfortunately that's what we have today and it's a harsh slap in the the face considering we hit 70 yesterday here in the district. looking this morning at doppler 9000, a band of moisture stretching from eastern tennessee to south of long island right across the region. the northern edge of this is sleet. not really getting any snow reports but sleet now across leesburg, parts of montgomery county, in toward areas north of baltimore with some rain showers here. this is probably some sleet as well but the nice thing when i
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show you the temperatures, even though they're not nice, they're above freezing. close to 33, 34 but above freezing so even though we have a little sleet, the roads are generally just wet which will be slow enough. i'm thinking this area here is most likely sleet just north and west of warrenton sport ter swriville. in the district we've got some rain with temperatures near 40. southern maryland, you've got rain showers. some of these have been moderate but heavier rains a couple of showers ago. we're starting to see breaks in dale city, quantico and stafford. we will see breaks today in the next few hours. maybe a midday lull before more showers return late. the forecast the next three days, 40s today. showers. winter weather advisory north and west through tonight. temperatures will slowly rise. tomorrow near 60 with a stray shower so a lot warmer tomorrow. only around 50 on thursday. friday through the weekend, temps in the low 50s with a chance for showers and maybe a little bit better saturday or sunday. not sure which day yet.
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beverly farmer, happy tuesday. >> not so happy for anybody that would normally travel the gw parkway. southbound lanes diverted at 123, howard, if you're just waking up or ready to leave the house, you can't get any further on 123 in the southbound lanes ever the gw parkway because of the huge sinkhole that opened up. closed in the southbound direction until further notice. a lot more traffic already using chain bridge heading in on canal road. 66 inside the beltway through falls church will be slow. after 6:30 you'll need a buddy to be hov compliant. south out of cheverly down past eastern avenue jammed with a crash on the inbound 11th street lane. 395 north out of virginia, your crash is on the eastbound freeway near the exit for 12th street at the waterfront tying up a portion of the roadway. northbound 95 brand new crash 610 aquia blocks the left side of the roadway. thanks for wachg wusa9 -- watching wusa9. we'll be right back with more news,
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welcome back to wusa9. the time right now 16:24. here are some -- is 6:246789 here are some of the stories we're following. the annual united nations climate summit is prepared to especial its second day in peru. leaders are negotiating on annual agreement to replace -- [ inaudible ] >> if a deal is reached in peru, it would then be finalized next year in paris. the heat is on.
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>> to say the least. this year is turning out to be the single warmest year on record according to the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. the agency says the first ten months of 2014 have been the hottest since record keeping began more than 130 years ago. noaa says october was the single hottest october ever recorded. a new national counterintelligence agency makessity debut today. the goal -- makes its debut today. the goal is to stay ahead of the complexities and cybersecurity threats. there are new calls this morning for the obama administration to release a senate report on c.i.a. torture in its entirety. the calls come from awn panel. >> some democrats accuse the white house for -- [ inaudible ] the 6,000-page report details the torture of foreign prisoners under the george w. bush administration. the fbi is issuing a warning to members of the u.s.
6:26 am
military this holiday season. >> they could be targeted by isis. the agency is urging military members to review their online social media presence for information that could attract extreme is. the f.b.i. is urging caution when posting anything online. sony pictures is tying to find out how five. its new films were leaked online. >> the leak coincides with a major cyberattack. samuel burke has the latest. >> reporter: sony pictures is exploring the possibility that north korea is behind a vast hack attack targeting the hollywood studio. that's according to recode, a respected tech journal based in silicon valley. why would north korea go after sony? sony is about to release a hoaf called "the interview" and it's a comedy where celebrity journalists get an interview with north korean leader kim jong-un and along the way the
6:27 am
c.i.a. -- [indiscernible] they've been fuming about the movie for months calling it undisguised terrorism and even war actions. quote, those who defame our supreme leadership and committed to hostile acts against the democratic peoples republic of korea can never escape the stern punishment to be meted out, a spokesman said about the comedy. [ inaudible ] >> it's bad news for sony because the screener copies of the films are thousand among the most downloaded movies. plus, the hackers have published list of documents they say they have and threatened to publish like the passports and visas of actresses like angelina jolie and cameron diaz. samuel burke, lon don.
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it is -- london. it's 6:28. here's a look outside. not a pretty picture. it's a rainy morning, cold morning than what we experienced yesterday. itit is like 40 degrees colder than yesterday. and there's sleet out there. >> a little bit of change. >> not exactly the best looking day. i'm not using the umbrella here. just light drizzle but some areas are going to need the umbrella this morning. if you don't need it this morning, you might need it this afternoon. kind of on and off throughout the day. take a look at our radar. we are seeing raish push through silver spring -- rain push through silver spring. just rain but heavier amounts down through waldorf and la plata. it's cold out here and temperatures are going to stay pretty consistent throughout the rest of the day. drying out by about 3:00. more rain this afternoon. now let's go to beverly with traffic. >> reporter: checking out the ride around town, 301-5 corridor, no extents reported from -- accidents reported from
6:29 am
police. leaving charles county into brandywine, jam-packed northbound 301-5 trying to make your way into brandywine and into clinton, camp springs. the trip on the beltway outer loop already jammed out of college park west through silver spring and bethesda. the accident we had early on between georgia and connecticut is out of the way. spinouts on those sharp curves. remember the southbound gw parkway remains closed at 123. we'll keep you posted. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. besides the rain, here's something else that's going to drive you crazy this morning. more traffic cameras now operating around the district. >> they are fully functional and churning out tickets as of this morning. nikki burdine is live in northeast d.c. like you said, there's no tricks going on here. you know exactly where they are. >> reporter: there are a few tricks. one of the biggest tricks to figure out is to know exactly where they are. we've got you covered. we're standing in front of those on maryland avenue n. is one of the new traffic cameras in full effect. the grace period is officially over. there are eight new traffic
6:30 am
cameras in all, six are speed cameras at locations you can see on this map. two are stop sign cameras. those are at fessenden street. you will be ticketed if you do not come to a complete stop. it's a bit confuse wag a complete stop is. i -- confusing what a complete stop is. i subject you come to a complete stop to avoid a ticket. the finals can range from $100 to $300 depending on how much over the speed limit you go. most are on commuter routes. people in those neighborhoods where the speed cameras and stop cameras are say they're happy they're here. >> i think that people often run the stop sign. there are a lot of kids in the neighborhood, a lot of young kids. so hopefully it will slow people down and make them stop. >> reporter: there are eight new traffic cameras in all. you can see a full list of them on our wusa9 app.
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you can download that free in the app store. look at all those traffic cameras, see where they are so you can make sure you don't get a ticket on your way into work. back to you. >> all right, nikki. be aware. it 16:31. -- it is 6:31. today you have a chance to speak out about the future of transportation in georgetown. a public meeting is scheduled from 6:00 to 8:00 tonight. it will focus on the environmental impacts of all kinds of transportation, including streetcars, public transit, even bicycles. >> the district's transportation department and the federal highway administration are holding a meeting that takes place at the carnegie library at mount vernon square. turning our attention now to the latest fallout from the ferguson grand jury decision, president obama has proposed a $263 million package to assist community policing. >> it would include the purchase of 50,000 body cameras for officers nationwide. the announcement comes amid ongoing demonstrations over a grand jury's decision not to indict former ferguson police officer darren wilson in the
6:32 am
shooting death of michael brown. attorney general eric holder says the justice department will announce plans in the coming days aimed at ending racial profiling. meanwhile a group of st. louis area police union members say they're acting as personal security guards for darren wilson. the area union says it's an unusual security arrangement which will likely continue indefinitely despite wilson's recent resignation from the force. ferguson fraternal order members have been voluntarily escorting and monitoring wilson since his involvement in the august shooting. today president obama will visit the national institutes of health. he's expected to be updated on the progress of an ebola vaccine. >> the president also plans to use the visit to call on congress to take action in fighting the virus. delia goncalves is live at the n.i.h. in bethesda with a preview. delia action good morning. -- delia, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nick, andrea. the president will be asking congress for $6.2 billion in the fight against ebola. the spread here in the united
6:33 am
states and in west africa. the president will also be asking for that money to upgrade hospitals so doctors are better prepared and trained with the proper equipment to successfully treat ebola patients just like the doctors here at n.i.h. did with the dallas nurse nina pham back in september. the president will be at n.i.h. to talk about the progress of the vaccine being tested here. it's an experimental vaccine that researchers say appears safe and effective. it's designed to boost the immune system's production of antiebola antibodies and has done so for folks who have taken the vaccine in just four weeks. now, this will be the:'s first public -- be the president's first public remarks on ebola in more than a month. he is expected to be here shortly after 5:00 to make his remarks. again, ebola has been deadly in
6:34 am
west africa killing about 6,000 people in sierra leone, guinea and liberia. two americans have died of the disease who contracted ebola in west africa. back to you in the studio. >> delia, live outside national institutes of health this morning. today the food and drug administration start as meeting in silver spring which could lead to a major change in blood donations. the fda's blood products advisory committee is scheduled to discuss altering one of the restrictions for donors. >> right now men who have had sex with another manny time since 1977 cannot donate. the policy could be reduced to a one-year deferral period. the d.c. city council meets later this morning and it's expected to consider a bill to prohibit tanning by teenagers. >> the proposal would ban those 18 or younger from using a tanning booth without parental consent. a few years ago howard county, maryland became the first local jurisdiction to ban indoor tanning for people under 18.
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wusa9 and d.c. jobs want to get you hired this morning. cotton & company llp is hiring a senior accountant. find out more at time to congratulate our facebook fan of the day. today's winner leslie chase from silver spring. leslie says, imi've been watching since -- i've been watching since the days of walter cronkite. wusa9 is the only place to be for accurate news and weather. that is dedication. >> we like that, leslie. thank you. we want you to become our next facebook fan ever the day. this week -- of the day. this week's winners will each get a pair of tickets to see five guys named moe at arena stage. go to our wusa9 facebook page. fill out the entire form including a photo. we'll be back.
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she'll love it. thanks. in the morning. yep. my grandkids bought this nest learning thermostat. programs itself... connects to their precious phones. i don't like it. being cold builds character. walking back and forth to the thermostat builds leg muscles. when the internets come to life and all these gizmos turn on us, these kids won't be able to run away on those shriveled little calves. will they love their nest thermostat then? i don't think so. the nest learning thermostat. welcome to a more thoughtful home. a yellow alert day for mainly rain showers. we've had pockets of sleet and that's why we have winter weather advisories along and west of the blue ridge. could be light icing in higher
6:39 am
elevations mainly above 1500 feet. we're back in five minutes with doppler 9000 and the seven-day forecast. right now beverly farmer details some traffic issues this tuesday morning. >> reporter: absolutely. wet pavement, we're going to have issues. northbound 95 dealing with a crash trying to get out of fredricksburg and stafford near 610 aquia jamming things northbound from at least 630 stafford. jow over to the gw -- now over to the gw parkway. a huge sinkhole opened up last night southbound on the gw parkway between 123 and spout run. southbound traffic still deserted at 123 over -- diverted at 123 over to chain bridge. use 66 the clara burton highway, all options people are considering. on the 14th street bridge the drive out of virginia is jammed across the bridge. a car broken down along the left side. it's that time of year when many parents are shopping for toys for their children. >> the problem is new studies -- is a new study shows injuries from toys have
6:40 am
significantly increased, especially toys kids right on. >> reporter: they like to zip around on scooters. >> we can go really fast. >> reporter: new research from nationwide children's hospital shows injuries related to toys increased nearly 40% in the past two decades and scooters are a big reason for the jump. >> injuries typically resulted from a fall. cuts to the face or to the the head, sometimes fractures and more rarely a traumatic brain injury. >> reporter: ride-on toys include scooters, wagons, tricycles and motorized cars for kids. bicycles were not included in the study. researchers say every three minutes a child is treated in the emergency room for a toy- related injury and those numbers are growing. >> when parents purchase toys, they need to read the warning labels and the information on the packages to make sure that that toy is appropriate for the child based on their child's age. >> reporter: dr. gary smith says when it comes to ride-on toys, children should be supervised and always wear a
6:41 am
helmet. this mom says she isn't too worried. >> i kind of lean a little more towards the idea of just like let kids be kids and accidents happen. of course i want them to wear a helmet more often than not. >> reporter: she makes her her daughters stay close by. allison harmelin for cbs news, new york. >> the toy industry association says toy-related injuries mean a toy was being used when an injury occurred and that the toy itself did not necessarily cause the injury. an investigation assured way by the u.s. national traffic safety administration. that begins our look at your money. we're looking into whether graco children's products acted quickly november to report a defect in child car seats. erier this year graco recalled more than six million car seats, the largest of its kind in u.s. history. if the agency finds graco did not act in a timely manner, the manufacturer could be signed up to $35 million in civil
6:42 am
penalties. meanwhile consumers are getting the equivalent of a $75 billion tax cut courtesy of those lower gas prices we're seeing at the pump. that according to goldman sachs. oil prices have fallen an expected to stay lower. the typical family could reportedly save almost $1100 a year because of that. the 12 days of christmas remain pricey. this year you will need $27,673 to be exact. that covers the partridge, the pear tree, seven swans a swimming to name a few. it has increased by 1%. the numbers come from pnc wealth management's christmas price index. there is apparently an index for everything. >> you've got it. it's 6:42. the price always goes up. time to answer the question of the morning. according to a survey, 30% of people say their most embarrassing moment happened when they were here. is it a at the dmv, b, at a
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wedding or c, at a restaurant? >> our friend terry wrote for me it was b at a wedding. i won't tell but it but let's just say it was very embarrassing. >> it just reminds me of the movie "four weddings and a funeral." the answer is b, at a wedding. we'll be right back. make us stronger. when a girl connects with a science mentor... her confidence grows. when schools connect with technology... a 5th grader's world opens up. and when a worker connects to online degrees... his opportunities multiply. the at&t aspire initiative. helping students and communities across america.
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time to see what our friends at cbs this morning have on tap. >> norah o'donnell is live in new york with a preview. good morning, norah. >> good morning to you, nick and andrea. ahead, bill plant has a closer look at the president's new actions meant to improve the relationship between police departments and their communities. and then we'll have a drone hovering right here in studio 57. one of the first american makers reveals how he created a more affordable product. the news is back in the morning so we'll see you at 7:00. >> we'll be watching you. have a good day.
6:47 am
>> we have to follow their lead and get drones in here. >> no, we don't. >> i've seen you drive one of those. this storm today and then a little better? >> it will be a lot better tomorrow. today in the 30s in most spots. it's damp, raw, nasty. thankfully it's above freezing so we're generally dealing with wet roads. doppler 9000 also showing breaks starting to develop especially north and west. north of frederick, not much going on. we still have some light to moderate rain and that area to our north and west in orange, i'll point that out in a second. i think sunshine' sleet mixing -- i think there's sleet mixing in there as well. everybody is above freezing. we're close in damascus at 33 and lucketts 35. same at dulles. dulles has been reporting sleet. that's what believes me that this whole bright band here through warrenton has sleet in it. we have some showers down to the south. you can see more intense radar returns and also that's a sign of wet snow or sleet mixing in, not just rain.
6:48 am
we have the conditions for that around haymarket moving toward fairfax. in southern maryland, charles, st. mary's and al vert counties, all -- calvert counties, all of this is moving to the east. some of these spots have had more than an inch of rain since last night. our day planner has the early showers. they're going to taper off some over the next few hours. some lulls midday. the temperatures pretty steady, only around 40 degrees. then late this afternoon, a few more showers will return. here the futurecast showing the morning stuff trying to exit out of here after the noon hour. but more showers by 5:00 moving in from the blue ridge to the evening. it gets a lot better tomorrow. we'll be back in the 50s. so yellow alert day with the rain, a little sleet north this morning, 40. tonight 40. temperatures slowly rising. 59 tomorrow. mostly cloudy, a stray shower. by thursday colder air returns, around 50. but sunnier. friday looks okay, stray shower, a few more clouds 50 and cool this weekend. chance of showers highs in the
6:49 am
low 50s. it's 6:49. good morning, bev. >> reporter: good morning, howard. not good on the roadways. a forecast like that you know we have troubles. in the rain the wet pavement and poor visibility. inbound lanes of 50, the bw parkway, we're already jammed pretty much out of riverdale to head south kenilworth avenue, d.c. 295 earlier crash was inbound on the 11th street bridge. it's moved on delays remain. the bw beltway and 202 they're looking for another crash. can't get between 123 and spout run southbound because after hunch sinkhole that's opened up. all the alternates jamming up. northbound 95 out of stafford, fredricksburg and stafford, a long-standing accident near 610 aquia tying up the right side of the roadway there. thanks for joining us. wusa9 news continues this tuesday morning right after this.
6:50 am
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6:52. here's a look at some things in the news right now. the justice department will issue new federal guidelines designed to end racial profiling. this as demonstrations against the decision in the michael brown case continues nationwide. >> reporter: hundreds of protesters disrunted holiday shopping -- disrupted holiday shopping at this seattle mall a week after a missouri grand
6:53 am
jury failed to indict former police officer darren wilson in michael brown's death. in atlanta, toash general eric -- attorney general eric holder spoke at ebenezer baptist church about the white house response part of which aims to improve relations between police and citizens. >> we will remain firmly resolved to stand shoulder to shoulder with you in driving this work into the future. >> reporter: holder was briefly interrupted by demonstrators. >> i ain't mad at you, all right. what we saw there was a genuine expression of concern and involvement. >> reporter: in the next few days holder says the justice department will unjail new federal guidelines designed to end racial profiling. as part of the federal reforms, the. has requested funding for tens of thousands of body cameras to be worn by police and for new training for law enforcement nationwide. >> this is not a problem simply
6:54 am
of ferguson, missouri. this is a problem that is national. >> reporter: for now though, the president's plan does not involve a visit to ferguson. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> attorney general eric holder's visit in atlanta is a first of a series of meetings called for by president obama. state lawmakers could be stepping in to address the subject of sexual assaults at the university of virginia. uva president teresa sullivan canceled her appearance at the national press club monday. instead she made a speech in charlottesville announcing changes aimed at properly investigating reported assaults as well as looking at alcohol policies and adding a counselor and security escorts for students. several virginia lawmakers have said violent crimes should be addressed by the criminal justice system, not by school officials.
6:55 am
today the senate commerce committee will hold a hearing on domestic violence in professional sports. representatives frjor leagues are scheduled to testify. officials from the basketball, hockey and baseball unions are also scheduled to appear. >> the head of the n.f.l. players association is the only union head who will not appear due to a previous commitment. he sent a letter to west virginia senator jay rockefeller, the chair of the committee says they are establishing a commission to advise about domestic violence prevention and discipline. domestic violence in sports took center stage in america after the ray rice elevator beating incident. you may not believe this because apparently andrea doesn't but i was watching this back in the day. today items from the tv show "the wonder years" are being donated to the national history museum. they're all on the way.
6:56 am
the show star fred savage which is now 3 years old is -- 38 years old is scheduled to partake in the event. >> my son has seen the whole thing on netflix. there you go. weather wise, we've got rain and sleet this morning. we'll have a lull but more showers late, only around 40. much warmer tomorrow, a stray shower and thursday more sunshine but cooler, highs around 50 degrees. beverly? jam-packed leaving college park west into silver spring on the wet pavement. everybody has the slow wet ride heading through cheverly, the earlier problem down on kenilworth avenue. 66 lined up through manassas and we still have the closure of the gw parkway. not available to you southbound between 123 and spout run till further notice. back to you guys. cbs this morning is next. one of the holiday's hottest gifts is taking off in popularity. >> slitly. sales of the consumer drones have actually skyrocketed. we'll tell you what's behind the boom. >> we'll be back in 25 minutes and update you on the traffic
6:57 am
problems and weather problems as well. >> get news, weather and traffic 24 hours a day on the wusa9 app. >> howard and i will see you at noon. till then have a great day and slow down. remember, the speed cameras are out there. >> stay warm, too.
6:58 am
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♪ good morning. it is tuesday, december 2nd 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." ferguson protests move from the streets to the floor of congress. president obama promises change. an urgent warning from the fbi to businesses across america that cyberweapons may be ready to attack. a surprise concert makes history in times square. two superstars step in to replace one injured bono. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> this is not a problem simply for ferguson.


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