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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  December 28, 2014 11:30pm-12:06am EST

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given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. vanished without a trace. for the second time in less than a year the search is on for a missing malaysia-based jetliner. we got a firsthand look at how troopers are going to be patrolling the new express lanes. clouds, light rain and drizzle. when does the sun return, and how will we ring in the new year? >> reporter: i'm at the wheaton rescue squad recounting the harrowing events of a firefighter trapped in a bushing home. >> i'm surae chinn.
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bruce johnson is off tonight. officials now say macing jetliner flying to singapore likely crashed off the indonesian coast. this is the second time in less than a year that a malaysia- based airline has lost a plane in flight over southeast asia. >> reporter: the head of indonesia's search and rescue agency said based on coordinates, flight 8501 crashed into the ocean and could now be on the sea floor. officials are searching for the plane which carried 162 people. >> all we can hope for is that the investigators do their jobs as efficiently and quickly as possible. >> reporter: the plane took off from surabaya airport approximately 5:30 a.m. around 6:10, the pilot asked to turn left and climb to a higher
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altitude to avoid clouds. an official said that request was denied due to traffic. sometime between 6:17 a.m. and 6:24 a.m., the pilot lost contact with indonesian air- traffic control. there was no distress signal. violent thunderstorms were reported at the time the plane disappeared. >> a terrible feeling of loss right now. >> reporter: flight 8501's disappearance is eerily similar to that of flight 370 in march. >> i think it's coincidence, from what we know at this point. >> reporter: investigators say there's no evidence of terrorism but nothing has been ruled out. wendy gillette for cbs news. >> most of the passengers are from indonesia on holiday. no americans were on board. airasia is a budget airline that has been flying since 2002 and has never had an accident. screw greek and italian military and coast guard crews
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are trying to rescue hundreds of people trapped aboard a burning ferry in the had a dry attic sea. at least one person is dead and two others are hurt. so far almost half of the 478 people on board have been rescued, but officials say gale- force winds and choppy seas are hampering efforts to reach the strappedded passengers and crew. the ferry was sailing from greece to italy when the fire broke out. a plane bound from toronto to dulles had to make an emergency landing in pennsylvania this morning. the porter airline flight was diverted when the crew smelled smoke. the 66 passengers were put op another plane and continued on to dulles. tolls on the 95 express lanes go into effect tomorrow. state troopers spent the day reminding drivers of the rules of the road. stephanie ramirez says they also have a warning to those
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trying to cheat the system. >> reporter: if you don't have a flex pass that's fine but come tomorrow you are going to need some sort of basic smart tag or e-z-pass, and if you don't have one of these troopers will find you. >> these white panels in my vehicle are the readers. >> reporter: that's what trooper joyce talked to us about showing us the equipment police will be using to catch any cheaters once the i-95 express lanes start charging. >> it would say nothing if they have it in toll mode. >> reporter: it's equipment that troopers already use on the express lanes, and here tag readers will be able to tell police what type of tag you're using. still don't know the difference some. >> two types. regular e-z-pass. that always pays a toll. you've also got e-z-pass flex. that has a switch on the
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bottom, where you're a driver, three people in your vehicle, you want to put that switch in hov mode, then you don't pay a toll for that trip. >> those drivers in hov mode with less than three people in their vehicles are the ones troopers will be on the hunt for. >> sometimes we see them do it. >> reporter: but their systems will be able to detect if you've switched. the fine, $125 for the first offense, 250 with points for the second offense and so on. >> when you get that e-z-pass in the pact, read the information. >> reporter: stephanie ramirez, wusa 9 news. >> e-z-pass will take a photo of your license plate then mail you a bit. fares will be posted tomorrow, and they increase as traffic gets heavier. will today's showers linger into tomorrow morning's rush
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hour? first alert meteorologist allyson rae is in for erica grow. >> good evening. we are tracking showers. it's been spotty. now we're getting this last push of more steady rainfall. it is going to last another few hours. but for the morning commute things are looking much dryer. it should be very well south of the district, if not south of our area. so rain continues. not a lot of breaks as of now. as we get a wider view we can see it stretches from baltimore down to fredericksburg. there are some pocket of moderately heavy rainfall but count on that light rain and drizzle to carry on through 4:00 to 5:00 before it finally makes its push. so if you are going to get up early and commute as early as 4:00, that's when you are going to need the windshield wipers. by 7:00 it is going to be generally out of our area. you can see it taking that southeasterly push. coming up, i'll time out the rain, and we'll look ahead to 2015. police have identified a
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suspect in the christmas eve murder of a woman in northwest washington. a warrant is now out for the arrest of 35-year-old marvin lopez. he is now charged in the death of 39-year-old arroyo who was shot in the 3900 block of 14th street. there's now a make-shift memorial at the scene. she was one of four people murdered in the district on christmas eve. a taxi driver was robbed and beaten this morning in the congress heights neighborhood of southeast d.c. the strong armed robbery occurred around 12:30 a.m. in the 3400 block of fifth street. police say four people hailed the cab and attacked the driver when he dropped them off. the 3-year-old victim was treated for injuries at ally local hospital. d.c. police have temporarily shut down a popular northwest bar after five people were stabbed there. it happened early saturday morning at mcfadden's
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restaurant in foggy bottom. so far no one has been arrested. we're had to the victims suffered serious injuries, but all were expected to survive. police chief cathy lanier ordered it closed for 96 hours. so often we hear of firefighters dramatically rescuing people trapped in burning buildings. tonight we have the story of firefighters rescuing one of their own from a house fire in burtonsville on monday. wusa 9's cam thompson explains how a christmas tradition helped then do it. >> we need a ladder now! >> reporter: heart stopping video shows firefighters searching for captain brett russell of the rescue squad who has just hit his mayday signal. >> as soon as you hear that,
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your stomach drops. >> reporter: russell wasn't available for an interview, but st. john walks us through those motel. >> i get to him. you can hear me calling out to him. we get to him. >> reporter: that's russell you see with the christmas lights on his head. he's put them on his helmet the past few years. st. john said it helped in spotting him. >> from above, we assume that he was completely involved. >> reporter: at this point, and it's tough to see, st. john tries to get russell out himself. >> i reached over for one guy, and i was trying to get brett with my other hand, and we couldn't see him. >> reporter: so now all those inside could do was put water down the hole to fight the flames and wait for a ladder. at one point you could hear him say -- within four minutes a ladder is dropped down and
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russell climbs out. while seemingly a short time for st. john -- >> every second seemed like an eternity. >> reporter: despite everything that happened, russell wasn't seriously hurt and is already back at work from. the wheaton rescue squad, cameron thompson, wusa nine. >> the residents escaped the fire thanks to a working smoke alarm but another loam was flooded in the aftermath after one of the fire hydrants malfunctioned, blowing off a pipe and sending water gushing into the neighborhood j. a reminder now for a month gom rei county resident. if you live in an area affected by the recent trash strike, the county wants you to put your trash out for collection as usual. that mapes trash scheduled for tomorrow must be curb side by 7:00 a.m. some 40,000 montgomery county homes and 20,000 laurel homes are affected by the strike. workers from unity disposal and recycling took to the picket lines over increased wages. speaking of trash, pretty
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rough out there today. >> many expected. but this is a huge rival. we thought employee take some bragging rights. >> you thought you could take some bragging rights, but it was really ugly. washington went looking to accomplish a few things sunday, surae. win, firmly establish robert griffin as quarterback of the future, and fail, fail, fail. started well. they were down 7-3, but robert, the quick chippy to desean jackson. look at him. but burgundy and gold secondary had no answer for dez bryant. watch the dexterity of the toes. replay showed he was in. big day. griffin struggling from the pocket. he gets run over by the dallas rush. anthony spencer scoops and scores. tough pill to swallow.
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the season ends 4-12. a lot of soul searching in washington's locker room. >> we need to change a lot. if you don't change something, you are going to get the same results. so there's going to be some change going on. something we have to look at. >> it's the worst football team i've ever been a part of. this is really bad, man. >> yeah, man, it's been a real long year. a tougarh ye. a lot of adversity. and a lot of things you can't control. but we'll figure out the problem and we'll solve it, and i definitely want to be a part of that solution. >> here's the stat for you. six times, surae, in the last seven seasons that washington has finished in last place. that's hard to do in the nfl. it really. it's been tough. >> but they're working hard at it. >> they're work hard at trash. >> wasn't even close. >> it was a rough way to end the season. >> a long year. how many weeks is a long week? >> 1. it felt like 70. much more coming up on "game on
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overtime." meanwhile the team's name continues to be a source of controversy. dozens gathered outside fedexfield to call for redskins owner dan snyder to change the team's name. they say the ongoing use of the name is a slur to native americans. among today's marchers members of the national coalition of racism and the american indian movement. new york's police commissioner reacts to an act of defiance by his officers towards the city's mayor at the funeral for a fallen comrade. also ahead, a popular northwest washington baker closes its doors for the final time. but up next, the longest war in u.s. histor
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the longest war in american history has come to an end for u.s. coalition forces. president obama today welcomed the end of u.s. combat operations in afghanistan saying the effort devastated al- qaida's poor leadership, brought justice to osama bin laden, and disrupted terrorist plots. the president also honored more than 2200 americans who lost their lives in the war that started 13 years ago. beginning january 1st, a new u.s. coalition mission will
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provide training and support for afghanistan's military. baltimore police shot and wounded a burglary suspect this morning. officers were responding to a call at abs on east monument street when they saw a masked man. they say officers shot the man when he charged at them and ignored their orders to drop the metal object he was holding. the 45-year-old suspect underwent surgery at the hospital. he hasn't been identified yet. a spokesperson would only say the man is known to police. new york city's police commissioner, bill bratton, and former mayor rudy giuliani took to the sunday talk shows to weigh in on the tension between the police department and the city's current mayor. hundreds of uniformed officers turned their backs to mayor bill de blasio saturday during a funeral service for slain police officer rafael ramos. >> this is a mayor that cares
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very deeply about police officers and the divide in the city and is working very hard to heal that divide. has the union gone overboard? yes. with this idea that he's responsible for the murder. that's a terrible thing to suggest about a mayor 0. i'm sure mayor de blasio's heart is broken over these police officers. and i'm giving this advice in good faith. it is not political. it's like a former mayor. mayor de blasio, police say you're sorry to them. >> both police commissioner bratton and former mayor giuliani denounced police officers who turned their backs on mayor 0 de blasio calling the action inappropriate and disrespectful. a washington landmark has served up its last doughnut. keller's bakery closed its doors today after more than 80 years in business. a german immigrant started the mount pleasant bakery back in the 1920s. since then it has served up cake, cupcakes, and doughnuts.
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today was no exception as dozens of people came in for a chance to satisfy a sweet tooth. >> i think it's a shame because i also think the baked goods here and the lunches here were affordable. so it's like nothing can survive in this case of high rent unless you charge so much that it becomes prohibitive. >> it's really handy. after i get a haircut, we just come here. >> keller's owners say they could no longer afford the rent in the bakery's mount pleasant location, so it made the decision to close. you called for the rain. it did definitely change things from yesterday. >> yeah. rain and clouds are here today, and we're kind of getting that last little push of that steadier rainfall before things start to clear up for your monday morning commute.
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let's take a look at doppler 9000. way off to the west through the higher elevations, also through west virginia, a little bit of snow possible there. but for us it is very warm out there still, but we're starting our temperature decline for the rest of 2014. temperatures are going to the to fall. but the light rain continues all the way from baltimore down through frederick burks and it is going to steadily push off to the east and south. by the time you get up on monday, we're going to be looking at drier weather and even a little sunshine for some lucky folks. as we head through the next couple of days that light rain is going to continue through first thing tomorrow morning. it will linger for areas off to the south. it but we are going to see some sun through areas northwest. fredericksburg is going to see clouds. through hagerstown as well. tuesday we were debating maybe a couple of flurries. it looks generally dry. i will show you where we could see a couple of flurries, but it is going to be cold and sunny to start 2015.
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here's that rain. you can see a lot more. but it is really going to start to push off to the south. first thing tomorrow morning we will see the rain generally south of annapolis and out of the district. by midnight that steady light rain will continue. 7:00 in the morning, just before the sun comes up, cloudy skies. here's the rain from ocean city to south of fredericksburg. here comes a little bit of sunshine through the afternoon, through frederick, gaithersburg. here's where we could see a couple of flurries. really south of winchester, through the i-81 corridor. as we head through tuesday morning clouds will stay with us, but by the afternoon, a little sunshine. then the sunshine is here to stay for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. 37 to 44 degrees. light rain continues for tomorrow. 42 to 4 degrees. the rain will continue for areas south, really southern
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delmarva. for the next couple of days we see the temperatures continue to fall. 39 at tuesday. new year's eve we're looking at 38 degrees. lots of sunshine. the sunshine stays for new year's day, and next weekend we'll see a little bit of rain. >> those temperatures definitely plummeted. >> you are going to need your coat for new year's eve for sure. >> thank you allyson. coming up, a three-year-old takes a leap of faith from a
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caught on camera in birmingham, alabama, six people, most of them children, are hospitalized tonight after a christmas day fire engulfed their apartment. this video shows the dramatic rescue of one of the victims, just three years old. he's seen here jumping from the intense blaze into the arms of his older cousin. the boy was one of two children trapped in this fire. a firefighter crawled into the raging fire on his hands and knees to rescue the second child. investigators say unattended cooking caused that fire. it's a boy for grammy
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winner alicia keys. keyes shared the news this morning on her instagram account. it's the second child for the 33-year-old keyes and her husband. the couple also have a four- year-old daughter named egypt. the final installment of the hobbit held tight to the number one spot at the holiday weekend box office. the battle of the five armies raked in an estimated $54.5 million since christmas day. your's unbroken took second place with 47 million. and disney's musical into the woods rounded out the top three with $46 million. meantime the controversial sony movie the enter enter took in an estimated $2.8 million. let the rebuilding begin. washington goes down hard to dallas in the season finale. complete
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it's been another tough drama-filled season for the washington redskins. they had one more chance to leave on a high note. instead, they left the field dejected, embarrassed, and with so many questions heading into the off season. the redskins wanted nothing more than a season sweep of the playoff-bound cowboys. instead, dallas racked up over 200 yards of offense in the first quarter alone while the redskins offense did nothing but turn the ball over four times. 44-17 was the final. the worst debut for a head coach in the dan snyder era. >> not much soul searching. we've just got to play better.
12:00 am
defensively, we've got to create more turnovers. today we didn't do a good job. >> the bad things will linger. the good things, they won't talk about next year. for us a team we have to focus on being better. >> up the road the ravens looked like they would be watching the playoffs from their couches, but they clinched their sixth postseason berth in seven years. >> i remember sitting at home last year in a week from now, and it didn't feel very good. so that won't be happening this year. it feels very good. it's a great locker room right now. we've just got to do all we can to go get ready. overall a fun and crazy finish to the nfl regular season. coming up on "game on overtime" we will take you around the league as the playoff picture is now clear. plus, what the future holds for both the redskins and the ravens. so one team going on, one team
12:01 am
going home. >> and where do you begin with fixing this team, right? >> that's the perfect question. where do you begin. >> you will break it down on "game on overtime." >> absolutely. seven-day looking cold. >> looking cold for the new year. we are going to see the last lingering shower for the morning, then most of your monday will be dry. >> thank you both. and thanks for watching. don't forget you can catch all the updates any time on wusa
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coming up. just when you thought it couldn't get any uglier, it does. washington steam-rolled in the season finale by their hated rival. did robert griffin give you any indication he's the answer? our panel discusses. >> i know who i am. i know what i have to get better at. >> and with the season hanging in the balance, the cardiac ravens pull themselves off the canvas to earn another playoff berth. >> it feels very good. it's a great locker room now. we have to do all we can to get ready. >> a topsy-turvy week 17. and now the second season is said. we're in for a wild ride, baby. "game on overtime" next. good evening everyone. thank you for


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