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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  December 29, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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thank you for joining us for the news at noon. i'm mike haiduk. the hunt for that missing jet in southeast asia is finished for the day with not much to show for it. it vanished on sunday. indonesia's search and rescue agency believes the plane could be on the ocean floor. mark albert has more. >> reporter: australia's search planes have spotted objects in the java sea where an airasia plane disappeared. investigators do not yet know if it is wreckage from flight 8501. with help pouring in from other
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nations including singapore, malaysia and australia, indonesian officials say it is likely the plane is at the bottom of the sea. the flight, carrying 162 people, including 17 children. took off for singapore sunday morning. shortly after one of the pilots asked to change the route because of bad weather. the request was denied due to high terrific. the airplane's data recorders will help reveal xt. >> we have life, if you will, in the batteries for the next 30 days, maybe, depending upon when these batteries were put into this aircraft, as long as even 90 days. >> indonesia promise a safety review of airasia, something the budget airlines ceo, tony fernandez says is a top priority. >> we have carried 220 million people up to this point. of course, there is going to be some reaction, but we are confident in our ability to fly people. >> reporter: relatives still wait for any news, holding on to hope at a crisis center set
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up to the indonesian airport where the missing plane took off. mark albert, for cbs news. usa today is now reporting an official on site says oily spots and objects spotted floating in the sea are ruled out as being connected to the crash. more than 400 passengers stranded on a burning ferry in the adriatic sea are safe and on dry land. they were rescued in small groups by helicopter and then transferred by cargo ships. the ferry called the norman atlantic caught fire during a trip between greece and italy. a total of seven people were killed. the fire started sunday on the car deck of the slip. lava from a volcano on hawaii's big island moves another ten yards toward a populated shopping center over the weekend. the lava flow is now about 690 yards from the about hoe amarketplace but it does not pose any immediate threat to residents or businesss right now. president george h.w. bush will remain in a texas
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loss for now. he was admitted just before christmas to houston methodist hospital with shortness of breath. the spokesman for our 41st president says his condition is improving and it is possible he could be discharged soon. he is the oldest living former u.s. president. well the washington monument unexpectedly closed this afternoon. we are told some sort of liquid is leaking above the security screening room, and it is reportedly affecting the x-ray equipment. it is unclear whether or not the monument will reopen today or not. well if you plan on taking i-95 and new express lanes today, this is the day the tolls open. and enforcement begins. if you dent bring your ez -- don't bring your ez pass it is going to cost you. dealia against tells you what you -- delia goncalves tells you what you need to know. >> reporter: so far traffic is light thanks to the holiday
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week. however this week does give folks a little extra time to make sure they have their ez pass in their vehicle. your free ride ends now. commuters catching the 95 express lanes in northern virginia must begin paying tolls starting today. many commuters we spoke to say it is a small price to pay for the convenience. >> and i'm willing to pay the extra money to get a faster commute, especially given that i live in springfield, and it takes plea about an hour, over an hour to get to work. >> especially the highways over here, are very unpredictable. >> it is guaranteed money because we have to take these streets to get to work and get home. >> reporter: the express lane stretched 29 miles from garrisonville road in stafford county to edsel road from fairfax county. they turn into hov lanes just north of edsel lane. >> you have to exit the 95 express lanes. >> reporter: drivers will be fined $125 for being in the hov illegally.
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state police will catch violators in the hov lanes. surveillance cameras will record drivers on the express lanes. the 24/7 monitoring is stored and can be used for future investigation. so we know this is all brand new for everyone. so what do you do if you make a mistake? if you are driving along the express lanes and you don't have an ez pass? the folks from transurban say continue driving, pull off when it is safe to do so, and then contact them immediately. let them know about the mistake, and they'll get you off, you won't have to pay. but if you make that mistake again, you are on your own. in alexandria, delia goncalves wusa9. a week after two new york city police officers were killed while sitting in their patrol car, more police across the country are now being toward. overnight in los angeles, two officers were shot at, neither was hurt. however in florida, fishes say someone fired three slots toward two sheriff's deputies there as they were sitting in their cars sunday morning.
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and in arizona this weekend an officer was shot and killed during a domestic violence call. the latest shots fired at police come after new york police officers rafael ramos and weigh jon lu were gunned down in their patrol car. 25,000 officers turned out for ramos's funeral. the funeral for his partner is scheduled this coming weekend. the two officers were postmumsly promoted to detective rank. dc police are investigating a shooting in southeast dc that ended with the shooting of two men there. this happened just after 10:00 last night near united medical center on southern avenue. one victim was found inside a car, another one was found outside the vehicle. both were pronounced dead at the scene. southern avenue was temporarily shut down in both directions overnight as police continue their investigation. and a wake is planned this afternoon for a teacher's aide. >> who was stabbed to death
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last monday. maryland state troopers found lily bell morris dying in front ofler home in jefferson, maryland. and now her 19-year-old granddaughter is charged with her murder. services are set from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. this afternoon at gary rollins funeral home in frederick and again from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. tonight at jackson chapel united methodist church. that is also in frederick. still ahead on wusa9, a republican lawmaker gives president obama rare kudos on his handling of the sony cyber attack. sort of. plus, should another country aside from north korea be held accountable for this as well? we'll explain, coming up after the break.
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a month and your last chance to get $300. to get a firm price quote of your total monthly charges just call 1.888.410.4404 today get 100% fiber optic internet that makes you small business ready. welcome back to the news at noon. a warping today from president obama to lawmakers. he says he has a veto pen and he is not afraid to use it.
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in an interview with npr the president said he expects to use his veto power far more often next year and he added he is going to defend the gains he made with leak and the environment. senator lindsey graham is one of many lawmakers voicing concern about the sony cyber attack. he says while he appreciates president obama standing up to north korea about that attack, he says he got it wrong. graham had this message for the president. >> so far so good mr. president. you did the right thing, urging sony to release the movie. you did the right thing condemning north korea, but it is not cyber vandalism, mr. president. this is cyber terrorism and your response should be consistent with a terrorist attack on america today. it is not vandalism. >> the senator also laid some of the blame on china for the sony pictures hack. sony is expanding now.
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its digital distribution that have movie the interview, that was at the center of the controversy. it is now available on itunes, costing $14.99 to purchase, $5.99 to rent. it has been purchased or rented more than 2 million times, making it the studio's highest selling online movie of all time. the controversial movie raked in $2.8 million at 331 theaters independently and has been shown since christmas day and $15 million in online sales for the first four days of the release. china has stepped up its censorship of google. the country is blocking google's e-mail service gmail completely shutting down loopholes that had let users access the service through third party apps. china also blocks facebook and twitter. after quite a disruption sony's playstation is back online. the outages started on christmas. a group of hackers known as the lizard squad is claiming credit. microsoft xbox live also went down but that was back up and
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running on friday. still ahead on the news at noon, it is blackmon, a dramatic end to the nfl regular season, meaning quite a few coaches are on the chopping block today. who is staying put and who got the axe, coming up next. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. yesterday was mild, 58 degrees. but temperatures are going to head downhill from there. we'll talk more about many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria.
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for a cleaner, fresher brighter denture everyday.
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welcome back. the end of the regular nfl season means today is called black monday. that is the day when coaches of teams that failed to make it into the playoffs and didn't overall perform well probably should be updating their res mays. early on three big names
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already out the door, even though the 49ers and cardinals beat the cardinals yesterday. coach jim harbaugh is out. that was not a surprise. the team released a statement shortly after the post game conference saying harbaugh and the niners mutually agreed to part way. he won't be in the unemployment line for long. he is expected to be named head coach of the university of michigan by the end of the week to a very lucrative contract if the reports are true. new york jets coach rex ryan and general manager gonysic are both out the jets failing to make the post season fourth year in a row. owner woody johnson opted to clean house monday and start fresh with a new coach and gm and in atlanta, not a surprise here either. mike smith officially done with the falcons. the team cut ties with smith this morning after his second straight losing season the falcons finished the season 6- 10. but redskins fans reports say washington coach jay gruden is probably safe for 2015 and
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there are reports rg iii will be back as well. okay. we had a kind of crud did i early morning start with the morning show, drizzly and chilly. allow about now? >> reporter: it is going to continue to get colder. temperatures in the 50s yesterday. 40s today and then highs in the 30s in our forecast. let's take a look outside right now with our michael and son weather cam. we have the weather planner. gray and dreary. stratus clouds overhead right now. the rain has pushed out and we are going to just continue to see the dreary weather through the rest of the day. day planner only in the 40s today. 47 degrees at 3:00. our high temperature will be about 48. we are going to reach 44 degrees at 6:00. lots of clouds still in place but at least it won't be raining as you are driving back home from work. it will continue to be dry throughout the entire metro area throughout the rest of the
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day. more sunshine north of the beltway. that is going to lead to clearer skies tonight and colder temperatures. some of us will have the potential for a snow shower overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. temperatures will be cold enough to support snow at the surface in parts of the metro. plus we are going to have another one of those pesky areas of low pressure moving just barely to the south of our area producing a chance for a few flakes. as we start 2015, it is going to be cold but it will be sunny. we are going to no -- knock that chance of snow. 43 degrees in hagerstown, nt dc. the temperatures are staying put because of the cloud cover. you can see the heavy rain is gone, satellite and radar tracking those showers off to the south and east of us and on 9 futurecast, this is the north american model. this is not the typical futurecast model that we show you because most model indications are for a completely dry night but this
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one model is very important to show you, because it does show the possibility of some of these snow showers developing overnight to want. the pink indicates basically a mix of maybe a snow or rainshower here southern maryland toward fredericksburg and the northern neck. this will be during the very early morning hours, not affecting us as we head later into the day. as we head toward the end of the commute a little bit more light snow is possible of the the most you are going to see out of this would be a coat and go that would be south of the beltway. in the beltway itself maybe a few flurries, a quick little burst of snow. as we head into the afternoon the sunshine returns and that is what is going to stay with us for a couple more days. forecast high for today 44 in gaithersburg, 45 in manassas. 48 in downtown washington and 48 in frederick as well. lighter blues here 30 for your low in martinsburg. >> 31 in leesburg. 35 in down washington.
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tuesday morning we could see a quick snow or rainshower. notice how much colder temperatures get. 39 on tuesday, only 38 on wednesday, more sunshine, but it will be cold as we are ringing in 2015. in the first alert 7-day forecast, temperatures start to rebound as we head back into the later part of the work week and next weekend. back into the 50s by next week, and a chance for a few rain showers as we are heading into next weekend. welcome back. so far the wizards have the third best record. say hello to cameron, kelley and tara, did i get it right? >> yes. >> first and foremost you guys have been in the studio before, you have come to say hello to our morning show fans. we like to help you guys get the season kicked off right. truth truthfully, over the last
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few seasons the team has not been really good until last year you playoffs. this year off to a phenomenal start. >> for people that don't know how many ladies are on the team? you guys are dancers? technically? cheerleaders? one and the same? what is that all about? >> we have 21 girls on our squad this season. we are dancing and we do cheering on the sidelines for the team. >> this is a wrapped new calendar. which one am i in the right? -b a brand new calendar. 2015. all the proceeds from this calendar go to what again? >> they go back to our squad. >> helps you pay for uniforms and some of the things you guys need throughout the year? >> yes. >> one of the interesting things about this calendar we were chatting in the break. you guys don't have a lot of clothes on. is it hard to show your family this? do you get embarrassed a little bit about it? i know i would be of the thankfully i get to wear a suit to work and you guys don't. >> i mean, no.
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no, they are wizards fans. they are looking at that. >> your mom and dad are looking at you know, you are wizards fans. it is a beautiful calendar. where can you get this? >> you can get it at monumental network or at the verizon center store. >> okay so you said you have 21. you can fit all the team members in here? >> lack i even got one signed. how cool is that? 2015 calendar. so the wizards have i believe the houston rockets tonight. tipoff is what time? >> 7:00. >> i'll have to check it out. >> we appreciate you. thank you so much for coming. thank you for coming. the calendar you can get at the verizo
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welcome back. so do you feel like you really need to make some serious lifestyle changes after all the eating you have done over the past couple of weeks? with parties and oh my gosh, there is more to come. new year's is right around the corner. health and fitness icon denise austin is here. to kickstart your weight loss resolutions first and foremost, we have all imbye byed with grown up drinks, possibly. >> yes. >> tons of sweets. >> of course. >> incredible amounts of turkey and ham and everything else. and we still have parties to go. how can we be a little bit better in the next week or two to kind of get things in the right direction? >> yes, it is all about starting a right plan to really flow that you are going to lose weight and feel better. i'm telling everybody to sign up now because january 5th is a perfect time. next monday that's it. that is your time to say i'm going to go for -t i'm going to lose some weight and get in the
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best shape of my life. >> can you, when you start to head toward new year's eve partys and they come around with the stuffed mushrooms and sha rim be, should you each try or wait until january 5th and don't worry about it? >> you should try. every pound is harder to get off. try not to stand by the table where all the food is. you don't realize how often you are reaching for food while you are talking to your friends. always drink one glass of water between each drink. that helps of the also you'll feel better the next day and really, january 1 is a great time to think about what you are going do for the new year. how you are going to relevantly get healthier and get fit and really, the key is monday morning is ready to go. you are going to have this plan, you are going to really start now. >> for those of us who belong to gyms every new year's day people come in, in their brand new workout clothes and clog up the machines, and they are gone two days later, what is the secret of sticking with it?
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>> motivation. on denise i'm going to motivate you all the way through 10 weeks. i'm there to tell you come on it is sunday night, we are going to start monday morning. we are going to motivate them again. having a partner to motivate each other. >> your dance partner, so to speak? >> yeah. >> we even have different workouts on the plan and one is a mother daughter workout dance that is really fun. a yoga, a bar, aerobics, we have a walk for beginners. i have three different levels on my ten week plan. >> we know you are an exercise guru, but there are also diet solutions. what can people look forward to as far as diet is concerned? >> it is all about eating right too. eating right, motivation and exercise. that is what i take you through the 10 weeks. it is good food and you will love it but you will lose up to 25 pounds in the 10 weeks.
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>> great to meet you. happy new year to you all. back at 5:00. have a great day, everybody. >>
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>> billy: so, remind me again why we left the penthouse. >> chelsea: to be out in the world like normal people. >> billy: well, that was dumb. we can be normal at home. >> chelsea: but could we get chocolate-chip muffins at home? no. we came for the muffins. >> billy: yes. yes, we did. >> chelsea: mm. [ both laugh ] oh! [ giggles ] somebody could walk in. >> billy: i don't care. >> chelsea: mm. >> jack: if you go to prison billy goes with you? >> adam: that's what i said. >> jack: what the hell does that mean? he didn't kill delia. that was you, no one else. >> adam: you ever wonder what happened that night, hmm? why billy made it home safe and i didn't? this is why, jack. billy shot me.


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