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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  December 30, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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havertys. discover something you. thank you for joining us for the news at noon. i'm mike hydeck. after three days of searching, crews have now located the debris and the bodies from the missing airasia flight. 18 -- 162 people were on board
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when flight 8501 went down on sunday. the jet was on its way from indonesia to singapore. as craig boswell reports the united states is now joining other countries to help with recovery. >> reporter: indonesian officials recovered a blue suitcase from flight 8501 and brought it to the nearest town. an oxygen tank, and an emergency exit door were also among the debris. the jet vanished sunday with 162 people on board. after pilots complained of bad weather. search crews found bodies and debris in the shallow waters of the java sea only 10 miles from the jet's last cord that nights. many cried or screamed.
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>> i'm comfortable that they know or more of the situation. >> it's been a tragic year for air travel in southeast asia. a malaysia flight has disappeared in march and has not been found. another malaysia flight was shot down over ukraine in july. craig boswell, cbs news. >> nearly all of them frequent visit to singapore particularly during the holidays. another airasia plane ran in to some trouble today. a flight from the international airport in the philippines overshot the runway and made a hard landing this morning. then it got stuck in the mud. the 159 passengers and crew were forced to use the evacuation flights to get off the jets, but there were no reports of any injuries. in the meantime everyone is
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finally off that stranded italian ferry that caught fire off the coast of greece. at least 10 people are dead in this. but there are discrepancies between the number of rescued and the original passenger list. so crews are now back at the scene searching for more possible victims. the cause of the fire is still not known at this point. >> the officers from around the region. and they are paying respects to one of their own. and the funeral services are underway right now. they have come together. >> as expected the funeral for the corporal is very well attended as you can see by the line at the church behind me. but it all started at the funeral procession where hundreds of people were involved. then the regular citizens just lined up on the side of the streets, many of whom do not know. they all told me that it was the right thing to do to show
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their respect. >> i just felt that the least i could do was come by and pay my respect. seemed to be a well-known black man in this community. >> as many as 20 other agencies participated in the procession. officers from maryland, dc, new york, even canada. he died last week in a car accident on his way home from work. he was a 10-year veteran known for his random acts of kindness. his final act was the day he died. he just finished an overnight shift. instead of going home he bought and delivered breakfast to the communication staff. the fellow officers say that's just the way he was. always looking out for other people. >> he would do the work of a police officer. all the way around. >> they are proud of our community. they are there when we need them. all of them are not bad. all of them are not good, but we still have to love them. >> back to you in the studios. >> thank you, we'll have much
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more on today's services tonight on tv 30 starting at 5:00. mayor vincent gray is tieing up loose ends before leaving office on friday. he is now signing several bills in to law and they include funding for the dc united soccer stadium. and funding for the legacy park. he takes oath of office on friday morning at the washington convention center. the water main break is going to cause some headaches all day today in virginia. the pipe burst on columbia pike near gordon street in falls church. and water rushed right on to the road and the road buckled as well. it should take about three hours to fix the pipe then. they have to fix the roads as well as they believe that eastbound columbia pike in that area will be closed, and the alternative routes.
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they remain in the battling ship and the run crash. heather cook struck and killed the bicyclist thomas polermo in baltimore, initially leaving the scene, but returned about 20 minutes later to take responsibility for that crash. friends will remember him as a passionate builder, a father, and a great friend. >> so far cook has not been charged in the crash, but four years ago he was ordered to undergo supervised probation for a dui arrest. the tow truck driver from virginia was killed while doing his job. police say that 45-year-old was working on the disabled vehicle on the outer loop near tyson's corner when a box truck slammed in to him. police say that the driver was on the phone at the wreckless driving charges. he was a father of three and
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his friends say he was a fun guy who loved to make people laugh. a cloudy start to a cool day. first alert meteorologist here with a few peeks of sunshine. not too bad, right allison? >> we are starting to see things turn around for the rest of the day. not everyone is seeing the sun though. really areas around the district and off to the north. even a few last lingering flurries. if you're heading for the new year, well right now just a couple of showers out there. one thing that we know it's a little cold out there. 39 degrees for college park. 41 for dc. 37 for rock belt. lots of sunshine today, but with high pressure, the northerly winds are headed our way. they won't warm up too much. temperature wills be below average for the first time since before christmas. you can look at the satellite and radar with the clearing skies headed your way for this afternoon. once they arrived, they are not really going to go away. high pressure will be in control of the weather pattern for a couple of days. so we are going to stay nice and sunny, but also very cold.
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this is a visible satellite with the clouds hanging around here through east maryland and down through southern parts of maryland. we'll see the highs today in to the lower 40s. temperatures tonight, they will take a dip thanks to the clear skies. we'll get you to tonight's forecast and a look ahead to the new year straight ahead. seeing a little bit allison, thank you. when we come back, why the new york congressman has decided to resign from his seat in the house of representatives. but first the man who is suing the fraternity at bowie state over hazing
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a bowie state university student has filed a $3 million lawsuit against the fraternity alpha pi alpha claiming he was the bruises that kevin hayes says he has from being struck on from september to november of
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2013 hayes claimed he was punched, slapped, and paddled. he says his mother talks with advisors about the issues, but that they did nothing. >> the school spokesperson does not tolerate that type of behavior, but they would not comment on the lawsuit. all chapter activities at bowie state have been suspended, which is a standard protocol when they receive a hazing allegation. new york congressman michael grimm plans to resign his seat next week. the decision comes days after pleading guilty to tax evasion. the staten island republican originally said he would stay in congress after being reelected. but following a meeting with house speaker john boehner, he changed his mind. in the meantime louisiana congressman is admitting that he did in fact address a white supremist organization with a speech more than a decade ago.
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they spoke to the european immunity rights organization, which was founded by a former kkk grand wizard david duke. this happened when he was a candidate. he says at that point he was willing to speak to anybody who would listen, but he did not know at time that it was a hate group adding had he known that he would not have given that speech. the university of maryland football fans have a late night ahead of them, the turps take on the cardinals tonight. kickoff at 10:00 p.m. maryland last won a bowl game four years ago against east carolina in the military bowl. it was right here in dc. well when we come back experts say that the hack at sony may not have been the work of north korea afterall. plus, allison is back to look ahead at the new year's eve forecast. stay
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it shows that police shot and killed a mentally ill black man at close range happening during the confrontation back in august as they would say they shot that man when he would try to take the officer's gun. police sealed the autopsy report initially because they said they were searching for more witnesses in the case. there is now evidence that north korea may not have been behind the massive hack attack as sony afterall thought. that's according to a private cyber security firm. but as they report that federal investigators are standing firm on where they are placing the blame. cyber security experts have growing doubt that north korea was behind the massive sony
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pictures hacked. but the government officials still contend that north korea is responsible. >> we are confident that north korea is responsible for this destructive attack. >> reporter: on monday fbi agents spent over two hours meeting with representatives from the silicone valley cyber security firm. he's a senior vice president of the company as he says north korea was used as a decoy by hackers. >> did they direct, initiate, or mastermind the attack? we still don't have any evidence that leads us to believe that. >> reporter: the company did find evidence that points to a recently laid off sony employee. >> ex-employees at sony got in contact with other individuals on the internet that had a chip on their shoulder about sony's practices and anti-piracy efforts. >> the firm says that cryptic evidence in the malware used to attack sony lead them to four people who are not being
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identified. cbs news first reported the evidence last week. the fbi has said that north korea hacked sony because of the movie, "the interview." federal authorities won't comment further saying that the sony case is an open investigation. don champion for cbs news, new york. so president obama just wanted to play a round of golf on his vacation in hawaii. little did he know he made an entire wedding party change their plans all so he could tee it up. two soldiers stationed in hawaii were planning to say their "i dos" on the 16th on the golf course on their marine base, which is customary. but the service was moved because president obama was playing there. the president says he had no idea about the wedding and when he found out he called the bride to apologize and of course congratulate her. the couple ended up getting married at a home that overlooked the same location. the highest paid actress on tv may be off the market. multiple reports indicate
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modern family star sofa yeah and true blood actor, i think are engaged. the couple is now publicly not announcing anything, but they started dating six months ago and the new york post calls them the world's hottest couple. a new jersey driver had quite the surprise. check out the upper right corner of your screen there. you can see the meteor streaking across the sky. the video was taken from the dash camera around 6:30 last night. you can see the bright spot that people there in massachusetts, connecticut, and pennsylvania reported similar sightings. so far no reports of anything making landfall just yet. times square is ready for the big moment in the world spotlight. the 12-foot, 12-thousand pound ball has been polished, tested, ready to be dropped tomorrow night. it's been a times square tradition since 1907. back then the ball looked a lot different, so it was made of iron back then and they just had 100 lightbulbs on it.
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okay so it is a big night. i have a lot of friends that go from here to new york city for that event. >> it will be a cold one. >> that's what i was going to ask. >> they all stay on out this. you know what's interesting about new year's eve is that there is las vegas. that they could see snow. >> i know, isn't that funny? >> that's crazy. >> since 2008. all right we're not going to see snow, but we are cold and cold enough. we did see the flurries earlier this morning as we are clearing out. some sunshine expected. the weather headlines for today. we are going to see more and more sunshine in the areas south. you're not seeing too much sunshine right now, but you're saying where is this? it's been flurrying up all morning long. you'll see more sunshine this afternoon before the sun will set. then the high pressure is here in the nice weather the sunny weather at least that they will stay. we are going to see the temperatures continue to fall. tonight will be chilly. but our coldest night of the week is going to be new year's eve. the temperatures will be in to the 20s. so if your plans are outdoors,
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you'll want to have that extra coat ready, the heavier coat indeed. sunny and quiet right through friday that they will keep us sunny and no weather problems, except for the chilly temperatures that were below average, not by a great amount, but shocking after we were so warm after christmas. we will warm up just a bit over the weekend, but it comes with a little bit of the rain. we'll see that on your seven- day forecast. you can see the breaks in the clouds there, not too bad at 41 degrees. it will be a chilly day. notice the feel-like temperatures at 37, taking the northerly winds at 6 miles per hour. and 35 for hagerstown. culpeper at 39. this is where the flurries would come on through this morning and now they are lingering over in to delaware. the highs today will hit that lower 40 mark and then once that sun will set, temperatures will really just take a tumble in to the 30s with the clear skies and the calm winds and that relatively lower humidity. it is going to be a chilly night in to the the 230s for the first thing tomorrow morning. any early risers for your new year's eve with a look at the
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visible satellite. you see all the heavier white colors from delaware? that's where the last little bit of the flurries will make their way out of the region. high pressure is coming on in for us tonight. wednesday, thursday, most of friday. so our weather is going to look pretty clear. not a lot is happening, but the temperatures will be definitely in to the 30s for wednesday, not even making it to 40 degrees by wednesday afternoon. sophora -- so if you're heading to the winter classics you've need a couple layers indeed as it will be a cold one. no weather is headed our way until saturday night to sunday. enjoy it. 40 to 44 degrees today. clouds are moving on out and it will be chilly across the area. tonight here are your low temperatures. 28 for dc. 25 for hagerstown. and through fredericksburg, one of the warmest spots on the map only 29. so everyone is above freezing for tonight. for wednesday we'll be looking at the 39 degrees, that's it. also for tomorrow a couple of winds out of the west at 10 to 15 miles per hour. making it feel blustery at times. it won't be too bad. 41 degrees at new year's day
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warming up to 45. an average day by friday. with some clouds for saturday, most of your saturday is dry, it comes through saturday night and in to sunday and then a big blast of cold air for next week. thanks for watching wusa9 news
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new year's eve is just a day away as we all have our favorite adult beverage. if you're looking for something different, you'll want to try something tasty and that would have the double-tier effects, we'll explain it in just a minute. thanks for coming in. good to see you again. we have done a couple of things together. here as well. >> that's right. >> first and foremost. everybody is looking for the hangover helper.
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this could help, but if you go too far with it it could hurt. >> right. you certainly want to use it to celebrate with, not too much. >> right. >> just enough. but if you do go too far it could help you the next morning because you have the absence and all the things that bring you back to life. >> this is a blended scotch, right? >> that is exactly right. >> and there are egg whites in there? >> lemon juice with a little sugar, a dash of bitters. this is a cocktail where all the ingredients don't sound right. >> i was going to say, what? >> but when they come together it's a beautiful harmony. >> sort of frosty looking inside. we'll see once he shakes it up. >> and you will need to be careful of this. >> remind people the connection of it. >> a lot like the black
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licorice. you want to make sure that in the end you have a drink that's well blended. also remind people that you have special events for new year's. >> it's a bar located in the neighborhood for the 1839 as we have lots of celebration so people could look online and find us. we're doing the bar crawl where people could come and have unlimited oysters. >> very nice. >> what time does everything start. >> around 8:30 for the bar crawl and then a little bit later for the unlimited oysters. >> here out front you have oysters and caviar. we have about 30 seconds. why did you have it with this drink? >> they go beautifully together because of the brine and smoke. i like to put them together. it's unusual, but try it. >> thank you, we'll give it a taste. oh wow it's rather good. >> smooth. >> that's it for the news at noon.
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we're back on cbs5 and of course 24/7 on cheers, happy
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[ glasses clink ] >> ashley: i'm all dressed up and waiting for you, handsome. >> stitch: uh... >> victoria: are you ready to meet her? here she is. yeah. your new baby sister. huh? what do you think? >> reed: she looks a lot better than her picture. >> victoria: well, you know, her dad took that picture right after she was born, and that's not really the best look for any of us, right? but now you're all gonna have each other -- you and johnny and katherine. we're all gonna be together.


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