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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  February 27, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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>> pelley: the face of a terrorist, how this school boy grew up to be a cold-blooded executioner. also tonight, pump prices are rising. are the days of cheap gas ending? he lived long and prospered as a cult hero. something old something new -- is this dress white or is it blue? and steve hartman on the road with the play of the week. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today for the first time we saw the man behind the mask in those gruesome beheading videos. mohammed emwazi has become the face of isis and the barbaric horrors it has inflicted on the innocent, including four americans. tonight we know the path he took
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from birth in kuwait to boyhood in britain to his new life as the world's most infamous executioner. here's clarissa ward. >> reporter: for six months he was the masked face of terror but now the world has seen the real face of mohammed emwazi. this photograph was taken in 2006 with emwazi wearing a pittsburgh pirates baseball cap while he was at westminster university. you can see the distinctive eyes that would become so recognizable. it's a very different picture from the smiling school boy of ten years old when he talked on his yearbook page about wanting to be a soccer player. he said he loved video games and french fries. university records show a competent if unexceptional student with a degree in business management and computers, he might have had a successful career, but when he finished his studies his life took a very different path. in 2009, emwazi flew to tanzania
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for what he said was a safari holiday. he was stopped by british intelligence, who believed he was actually heading to somalia to join the terrorist group al-shabaab. in court documents obtained by the bbc emwazi's name appears in connection to another somali terror case in 2011. he was believed to be part of a network of london extremists involved in the provision of funds and equipment to somalia for terrorism-related purposes. >> how do you feel? >> reporter: the documents also link emwazi to bilal berjawi, another british citizen that went to fight with al-shabaab and al qaeda in somalia in 2009 and was killed in a drone strike three years later. >> pelley: clarissa, how did all this start with emwazi? what put him on the road to becoming a terrorist? >> reporter: scott we don't yet know exactly how emwazi became radicalized or when his links to these extremists who
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are fighting in somalia began but certainly there are a lot of tough questions now as to how someone who was well-known to british authorities could slip out of the country and travel to syria. >> pelley: clarissa ward reporting from our london newsroom. the pittsburgh pirates were swinging mad about their hat saying it is absolutely sickening to everyone within the pirates' organization and to our great fans to see this murderer wearing a pirates cap in this old photo. bad things often happen to opponents of russian president vladimir putin and we have just seen that again. tonight opposition leader boris nemtsov was assassinated near the kremlin. his body lay covered behind red square below st. basil's cathedral. nemtsov campaigned against corruption and planned a protest march this sunday. putin, who has led russia for nearly 15 years condemned the killing. he ordered an investigation.
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you'll be hearing more about that. now, to news about the u.s. economy. gas prices are starting to rise. tonight the nationwide average is $2.37 a gallon. that's up 34 cents in the past month. it's highest in california. ben tracy tells us why. >> reporter: the party pump is over. gas prices in southern california have spiked a record 79 cents in one month. drivers lined up at this costco station in burbank to fill up before prices go up again. >> right now we're basically in the eye of the storm. >> reporter: allison mac is an analyst with she says the problem is not the price of crude oil. it's holding steady at about $49 per barrel. the problem is at the refinery. what is happening at the refinery level that causes a price spike? >> in the industry we call this the first-quarter climb. every year around this time nationally price goss up because we switch over to summer blend
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gas. summer fuel gasoline is more expensive to produce. >> reporter: and refineries go through a maintenance cycle during the switchover. that means production is lower. an explosion at the exxonmobil refinery in torrance, california, last week, made things worse. and a strike by steelworkers at 12 refineries across the country is impacting 20% of oil production. nationwide gas prices have been dropping since april. but they have now risen for 32 straight days. a gallon of regular unleaded was $2.03 a month ago. it is now $2.37. and if you needed one more reason to hate this wicked winter it's also costing you money. extreme cold in the northeast has slowed oil production at three refineries that account for more than two-thirds of east coast oil output. the price of this gas station in los angeles is now $3.89 and analysts say that will jump another 15 to 20 cents in the
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next couple weeks topping out in late march. scott, we should keep this all in perspective. gas prices today are still $1 less than they were a year ago. >> pelley: ben tracy reporting. well, that dollar less is a problem in the oil industry. lower fuel prices are pummeling that industry. there are now 1,267 oil and gas rigs up and running. that is 43 fewer than last week, and listen to this: 502 fewer than last year. more than half of those shut downs were in texas where we find manuel bojorquez. >> reporter: in texas oil country, prayers at the jack county courthouse for families who depend on oil drilling to make a living. the state is home to the nation's leading oil producing region. here cheaper oil means lower profits and fewer jobs. alex sexton was recently laid off from a drilling company's accounting department. >> after a couple days of wallowing in my own self-pity i
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realized i'm not the only one and i'm not going to be the only one. >> reporter: at this nearby employment center, the number of job seekers has more than doubled in the last few weeks says c.e.o. willie taylor. >> i'm not going to say it's boom and bust, but i'll say it's a slowdown. >> reporter: could it? >> absolutely. >> reporter: it's estimated texas could lose 140,000 direct and indirect energy jobs by mid-year. sexton just found a new job outside the oil industry. she hopes it won't be impacted by the region's slowing economy for the sake of her son evan. >> i want him to be able to live comfortably and not have to worry about anything, and i don't want him to see me stressed. >> reporter: just a few miles from sexton's home, these rigs have been idle, and a federal agency predicts the world's oil
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supplies will continue to grow, keeping prices low. manuel bojorquez, cbs news, midland, texas. >> pelley: in a surprise tonight, house speaker john boehner lost a vote to keep the department of homeland security funded past midnight. several republicans abandoned the speaker because they want to use the bill to nullify president obama's plan to allow millions of illegal immigrants the stay in the country. homeland security includes customs and immigration, the coast guard secret service and the tsa but even if funding runs out, it will not shut down. about 85% of its employees are required to report to work whether they get a check or not. the family feud in the republican party also spilled out at the right's most visible stage, the conservative political action conference. potential candidates for president are auditioning now and today former florida governor jeb bush took his turn before a sceptical audience.
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nancy cordes is there. >> reporter: bush was braced for the hecklers and the smattering of people who walked out on him in protest. >> i'm marking him down as neutral and i want to be your second choice if i decide to go beyond this. >> reporter: but most here defend the florida governor's stance on immigration. >> the simple familiar is there is no plan to deport 11 million people. we should give them a path to legal status where they work and where they make a contribution to our society. >> reporter: many here at the nation's largest conservative conference would call that amnesty. >> why not secure the borders first, once it's verified secured... >> let's do it. >> first. >> let's do it, man. >> reporter: bush was a popular punching bag for other speakers today. >> jeb and hillary can run on the same tickets. >> reporter: including mogul donald trump. >> i don't see him winning. i don't see there's any way. you people are going to have to make your own choice. who knows. >> reporter: part of it is bush fatigue. mike battey is a student from
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new york. >> he seems to be like his brother. >> reporter: bush's aides anticipated the antipathy and bussed in supporters. with a year to woo conservatives, plus the war chest to do it, bush is still a formidable force. but other hopefuls like wisconsin's scott walker know it. >> we keep hearing a lot of boos for former governor jeb bush. why do you think that is? >> jeb bush is a good friend of mine. i think he was an excellent governor, and he'll continue to be a friend of mine, so to me i don't know why that is? >> reporter: many conservatives here are still smarting over 2012 when the man they considered most moderate, mitt romney, won the party's nomination. bush reminded them today scott that he does share their views on most issues, from tax cuts to traditional marriage. >> pelley: nancy cordes reporting for us tonight. nancy, thanks very much. tv guide once ranked mr. spock on the list most of memorable television characters. even president obama is a fan.
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when word came out today that actor leonard nimoy had died, the president said, "i love spock." here's carter evans. >> spock! >> reporter: leonard nimoy portrayed more than 250 characters, but it was his 1966 debut as mr. spock on "star trek" that defined his 64-year acting career. >> these were the ears that i wore. >> reporter: with his vulcan ear, spock took center stage and nimoy's supporting role quickly grew, as he told cbs news in 2005. >> i started getting so much mail for spock. then the dictate came down, give us more of that guy they love that guy. >> i made the first season of "star trek," something like $37,000. >> reporter: but ratings were low, and after just three seasons,... >> >> they canceled us and it was over.
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[laughter] over. >> reporter: nimoy's role was never over. trekkies came out. the show went into syndication in 1975 and it's still streaming online today. nimoy performed in 69 tv series, including the "big bang theory." >> spock? >> i need to speak with you. >> reporter: and 28 feature films. he was a director with credits that feature two "star trek" movies. but nimoy was also a accomplished photographer and poet. his final tweet "a life is like a garden. perfect moments can be had but not preserved except in memory." it was lined llap, meaning... >> live long and prosper. >> reporter: carter evan, cbs news, los angeles. >> pelley: critical supplies can't get from there to here without the ice cutters. and before they became runaway stars, the llamas made new friends when the "cbs evening
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6:46 pm
sauerbrunn commands the coast guard cutter, which means long days breaking ice on a 60-mile section of the hudson river south of albany, new york. >> this is the worst winter we've seen on the hudson river since 2004. >> reporter: he and his 16-man crew measure "worst winter" in inches of ice. >> >> we really get the extent of just how thick this ice is. you can see. it's upwards of close to a foot and a half thick. >> reporter: the s-shaped bow and football-shaped hull are designed to crush the ice and clear a channel 250 feet wide so barges can navigate. >> our mission is to try and keep the traffic flowing to the best of our abilities and get the product that they're carrying to the consumers truth the northeast. >> reporter: for instance, 87% of the nation's home heating oil is consumed in the northeast and much of it travels on barges up and down the hudson.
6:47 pm
the thermometer reads 19 degrees. factor in the wind-chill, and it feels like 4 which is actually relatively balmy compared to the coldest day they've had this winter, just last week when it felt like 20 below. the crew faces a rather unfortunate law of nature -- the ice they break falls on top of itself and refreezes even thicker. >> every time we go through here and break ice you're making more work for yourself the next time. >> that's the catch yeah. >> reporter: the hard work they put in today only guarantees the crew of the sturgeon bay a tougher day tomorrow. jim axelrod, cbs news, on the frozen hudson river. >> pelley: still ahead the great debate over the color of a dress.
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at&t employees are mentoring students in communities across america. you can change a life. become a mentor. >> pelley: tonight we can tell you the llamas are fine. yesterday kanita and laney ran all over sun city, arizona before being finally lassoed. they'd gotten loose while visiting seniors. the folks loved the llamas. some had never seen them before. today the owners sent us pictures of the llamas back in their pen. in their short time on the run the llamas became national sensations and now so has this dress. it became the subject of an internet parlor game. it seemed like everybody was playing. here's jericka duncan. >> reporter: whoever knew that a $75 dress could create more buzz than anything on the red
6:51 pm
carpet? >> it is the biggest conversation in the office period. but it is white and gold. >> it's definitely blue and black. >> reporter: the great debate over the color quickly turned a shade ugly. >> i've had arguments about the dress, and then i've had argue ments about why we care. >> reporter: the real dress created by designer michele bastock out of london is actually black and blue. the dress dispute went viral after a woman posted a picture online asking people to chime in on the colors, and they did. at its peak, the # #thedresswhatcolorisit was tweeted out 11,000 times per minute. by this evening it reached a total of 11 million tweets. justin bieber with his 60 million followers posted, "and for everyone asking, i see blue and black." a movshon says there is a reason for the differses and who sees what hugh. >> the people who see the breast
6:52 pm
dres as dark has a brain that computes as if there is a lot of light falling on the image. >> reporter: those whoite and gold? >> those who see light and gold assume less light is falling on the image and less light is falling on the dress. >> reporter: and it's that simple? >> it's that simple. >> reporter: simple but it doesn't explain the fascination. >> people like to be right. people can't see things from other's perspective. >> reporter: it's a controversy that's clearly not black and white. a spokesperson for the company that makes the dress says sales are up 347%, and scott they do plan the make that same dress in white and gold. >> pelley: jericka thanks very much. we want the note the passing of earl lloyd. in 1950 he became first african american to play in the nba enduring racist taunts just as jackie robinson had in baseball 30 years before. earl lloyd was 86. "on the road" is next. >> tonight's "on the road"
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meet the world's newest energy superpow er. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenu e... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more. this? i didn't want to do it. i knew you'd be asking questions like this. >> sunday. >> pelley: something amazing happened the other day at a basketball game. if you keep your eye on the ball, you're going to miss it, because it didn't happen on the court. it happened in the stands. here's steve hartman "on the
6:56 pm
road." >> teamwork on three. one, two three... >> teamwork. >> reporter: if you're fan of high school basketball, you're not alone but if you're a fan of the gainesville tornadoes in gainesville, texas then you are... alone. >> our fan base is close to zero. >> my parents came one game, but they didn't come to the other ones because they didn't have time. >> reporter: the other students at gainesville don't come to the gains either, mostly because they can't get out. this is a juvenile correction facility for felony offenders. one of the few perks here, for very good behavior, is a chance to leave the prison a few times a year the play basketball. they play against private schools like vanguard college prep in waco. it was before that recent matchup that two vanguard players announced they weren't going to play against a team with no fans. >> no one likes playing in an empty gym. >> isn't that a good thing for you, you don't have the other fans cheering against you? >> i guess but it feels weird. it didn't seem right.
6:57 pm
>> reporter: so before their home game against gainsville, hudson bradley and ben martinson asked some of the vanguard fans for a favor -- to cheer for gainesville instead. the gainesville players had no idea what was happening. they walked on to the court to find their own signs of support their own cheerleaders, even their own fan section. half the crowd was assigned to cheer for gainesville. >> as it went on, everybody kind of got so into it. >> reporter: nobody was cheering for you? >> everyone was cheering for them. every time the gym scored the gym lit up with cheering and clapping and everyone was on their feet. >> reporter: this is not what i've ever seen sports be. >> i think in a way this is how sports should be. it just shows you the real impact that encouragement and support anybody can make.
6:58 pm
>> reporter: hudson says we all need someone to believe in us, we all need someone who knows our mistakes and loves us anyway. and for that the gainesville players can't thank those boys enough. >> it's something i won't forget. >> when i'm an old man thinking about this. >> i'll remember this for the rest of my life. >> reporter: and as for who won the game, well, obviously they didn't care so why should we? steve hartman, on the road in waco, texas. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world i'm scott pelley and i'll see you sunday on "60 minutes." good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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sentencing day for the montgomery county man who tried to hire a hit man to kill the mother of his child. instead he hired an undercover cop. i'll tell you what happened in the courtroom. >> reporter: who progresses a bc general made since the disappearance of alicia rudd. lawmakers might need to break out the midnight oil after the latest effort to fund the department of homeland security failed. they can fight and die but they can not drink beer and wine. a maryland state senator wants to change that. if you love uber there is a way to see if the ridesharing drivers love you back. tonight keep ice scrapers handy. we are in for a mess this weekend. if you have errands to run
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doppler says get them done tomorrow. our chief meteorologist is here now to explain exactly who is on tap. >> get them done by early we are looking at a mix rolling around like lunchtime. a cold and quiet finish to the month. you can do your errands tomorrow. a mix will develop around noon on sunday. threats not snow, and freezing rain. and quite frankly we'd have more sleet than freezing rain. sleet falls frozen. freezing rain falls liquid and sticks to power lines and bushes and shrubs. that is not good. temperatures will remain below freezing until sunday evening. it will kick to rain south and east of i-95. until then we are looking at icing across much of the metro area north and west of town. it rolls in in a


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