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tv   60 Minutes  CBS  March 22, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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len: i talked about it -- wessel setting up for the three perry ellis on the right closed on him. those guys combined to win some state championships. three, and then after evan wessel graduated, perry ellis went on to win one more. marv: and now with the with the has -- wamukota has checked back in. oh, what a play! zach brown, the steal and the finish. wow! len: zach brown said i'll get a steal, convert it myself. marv: brown, a freshman out of houston. wichita state backed up by -- back up by 11. graham fires for three. these are not good shots being attempted by kansas. they get a break right there. last touched by kelly of wichita
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state. chris: anticipation. hand -- getting in the passing lane. easy to get the flush at home so your family at can talk about you all weekend. len: that's not only two points. that's a statement. the hustle and the flush and it's telling kansas something. marv: jamari traylor back on the floor for kansas. mason at the guard. good job defensively by baker. they have to regroup. here's mason. again a bad shot. he forced it. wichita state's defense has nothing do with what's happening. kansas has been taken out of its offense here in the second half. len: and that defense is really what's done it. the scramble and hustling as much as positioning and on the
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other end, earlier we talked about wichita state needing to slow the game down a little bit. now it's women that state that's relishing the opportunity to push the ball up the floor. marv: you see the differential in the second half and remember wichita state did rank seventh in the conference and ninth nationally defensively allowing only 56 points a game. kansas with seven turnovers in the second half. [whistle] nice hesitation dribble by vanvleet. leading to the foul call. it's number four on mason. chris: that's why you have to throw all statistics out the window when it comes to this tournament. there are no stats to show you the heart of a team and right now if you didn't know which team or what jersey either team was wearing you would say the tallest team, the team with the biggest heart is wichita state.
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marv: good effort from behind as donte graham went for the -- do vonta graham went for the block. vanvleet at the line. 16 fouls for kansas. eight for wichita state. vanvleet an 80% free throw shooter. watch masters live on for exclusive video of amen corner, 15, 16 two featured groups plus highlights and analysis. watch cbs departments and len: frank mason with the ball right now, he's got four personal fouls. that's the level of desperation that bill self finds himself in he's got to keep the point guard on the floor.
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marty: mason. rebound is short. traylor is there for another attempt. gets it outside. mason for three, yes. len: and that's why. one of the few opportunities to score some buckets and frank mason one of the few offensively players on the floor right now for kansas. marv: a very poised wichita state team. in no hurry. once again taking a good portion of the shot clock. vanvleet. brown for three! zach brown off the bench. did the job thursday night against indiana. had a strong game 11 points and eight rebounds, and he has come on here down the stretch against kansas. chris: that dunk and steal gave him more confidence to knock that shot down.
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marv: graham from three. a collision off to the side by baker. came up hobbling. len: the officials say play on. marv: just under seven minutes remaining second half. [whistle] vanvleet. had it knocked away deflected out. last touched by kansas and a time-out is taken. wichita state with a 10-point lead. you're watching the ncaa men's basketball championship.
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[captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] marv: third-round play, the round of 32 of march madness the winner advancing to the sweet 16 to face notre dame in cleveland. oh high off glass baker able to hit. he has 12 points. he's done it from a variety of spots. we've seen the entire repertoire. len: another creative out of bounds play drawn up by gregg marshall in the time-out. he's become the mad scientist on baseline plays.
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marv: 12-point lead for wichita state. oubre on the follow and again he'll held to the line. chris: you have to work two or three possessions to score against this smaller wichita state team. the way they move their feet, their body angles, it shows that they do a lot of practice of one-on-one defending because they don't bail out with reaching in poor plays. marv: zach brown called for the foul. oubre 72% at the line. a 6'7" freshman out of new orleans. let's check in with lewis. lewis: what bill self wants to happen is what oubre gust -- just did. he said in the last time-out he wants guys to drive the ball downhill. somehow cut this deficit to five and they'll take it from there. marty: oubre a player who attacks the basket and can also hit from long range.
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10-point lead. coming up on 6:00 remaining. no pressure here by kansas. wellsle out to cotton. oh the steal by graham! and lays it in. len: outstanding defense right there playing with intensity. give vanvleet some credit though. he exercised some discretion not to foul and create a three-point opportunity. [whistle] marv: pressure being shown by kansas and time-out is called by gregg marshall. they might have been a second away from a violation. 14 points. 10 have come here in the second half for graham. it's an eight-point game. cash back cards make things so complicated. they limit where you earn bonus cash back ... here's the way i see it, you are point a, and your cash back is point b. the simple way between them,
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the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back... on every purchase, everywhere. i said... unlimited. everywhere. now, that's more like it. what's in your wallet? marv: a look at our game summary. wichita state at 48% 22-46. kansasho sgotint jus 36% and prior to their last game against new mexico state, that's been the story heavy this -- they have not shot well. also lots of turnovers, particularly in the second half commit fwid jayhawks. cotton, it counts and the foul! len: that's the name of the game. you press me i'm going to make you pay and wichita state attacks. the ball barrel touches the
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floor. and there's the finish by darius carter. i thought vanvleet was in a little bit of trouble. chris: never wanted to catch the entry pass in the corner. bailed out by their best shooter. great ball handling. marv: unable to complete the three-point play. wichita state up by 10, just under 5:30 remaining. len: plenty of time left for kansas if they continue to attack, maybe get some luck just like that as wessel falls to the floor. marv: the southpaw kelly oubre with seven points. it's down to eight again. chris: wayne selden has to step in. they need him offensively. marv: nice pass. beautiful setup. vanvleet to carter. carter now has eight points. back to a 10-point lead for the shockers of wichita state.
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selden lost it! it was stripped. here comes cotton. cotton all the way. and scores! tekele cotton. bill self wants to talk it over. len: dare i say it? cotton picking kansas apart. marv: that's too easy. 12-point lead for the shockers.
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were eliminated. they lead it here 69-57 as we come up on 4:30 remaining in this second half. scoring by wichita state, led by tekele cotton's 17 points. evan wessel has been the biggest surprise hitting from downtown. this is graham. the shockers back in control. len: it's not going to happen by just pulling up taking mid range shots. you've got to challenge this wichita state deference, force them to foul, get close to the rim. marty: and once again, patience being shown by wichita state. they're playing the clock. vanvleet lost it. mason cuts to the left. kicks it out. oubre unable to hit from
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downtown. len: one and out. wichita state making sure they limit kansas opportunities down the stretch. chris: this is where wichita state has an advantage when they have a lead late in the game. why? they like playing at this pace. they like milking the clock. marv: baker checking out the shot clock. it is down to six. baker. ellis with the rebound. mason puts the speed on. [whistle] mason is fouled. and you have got to see that if you're bill self. you have to see something like that every possession after you make a stop. marv: time-out. 3:11 remaining second half.
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len: welcome back to omaha. wessel has been showing us how dominant he can be on the floor. three-pointers. pretty tough shots from a guy that does all of the dirty work for the wichita state shockers. marty: wessel is 4-5 from three-point range. kansas out of time-outs. wichita state has three remaining. 3:11 to play in the second half. mason back at the line. the winner between kansas and
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wichita state advancing to the sweet 16 to go up against notre dame. what a thrilling victory they came up with yesterday. after all the games are over, matt winer, seth davis and former alabama coach anthony grant have all the highlights and analysis on "inside march madness" presented by buick, only on tbs. len: expect full court pressure. kansas looking to steal right now, looking to disrupt wichita state and try to increase possessions. marv: the shockers handle the press well. wessel. this time does not hit from downtown and back comes mason for kansas. puts the move on baker fires it out. the wichita state portion of the crowd wanted traveling called.
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[whistle] vanvleet pulled up. the foul called on mason and that is number five. he has fouled out. len: tell you what you had to roll the dice. frank mason gave it his all. one of the few real offensive threats trying to play tough d. but that's a veteran there fred vanvleet knowing how to draw the foul and get his counterpart out of the game. marv: mason sophomore out of petersburg virginia. second-team all big 12. he departs with 16 points, seven rebounds, and you see the reaction of the jayhawk bench. chris: famous coach from coach carrell of princeton. he always talks about how speed neutralizes talent. you see that now with wichita state. the young man has nothing to
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hang his head about. he's had a terrific tournament but his teammates just couldn't stay with him. marv: kansas getting off to the good start and then wichita state came back with that 13-2 burst and they have led since then. wichita state had turnover difficulties early and shut that down and this game turned around. coming up on 2:30 remaining. a 71-59 lead for wichita state. a matchup and a game of a rivalry that actually did not exist. [whistle] len: so they will tell you that
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unless you were in the borders of the state of kansas. a war of words. marv: the foul is on shaquille morris and ellis to the line. these two schools have not met since back in january of 1993. last melt in the ncaa back in 198 1. you can see, about 1il62-me difference from campus to campus. len: you have to give the people what they want. this game shows that this could be a mandate that they have to play each other. chris: make it a rivalry like michigan and michigan state. why not? you have a lot of great kids in this community. north carolina duke. they want to be recruited by both places. marv: and there is the governor of kansas, sam brownback who is playing it in very political fashion.t-shirt that features both teams.
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len: chris, going back to your point, i thought you said you understood why bill self wouldn't play wichita state. chris: i said that at the opening but i'm more of an under dog mind person. if you can brag that wichita state is better, you recruit them by saying we won or lost last year. len: so you're running for governor, right? [laughter] chris: definitely not. i wouldn't want to be governor here. marv: oubre on the foul. len: but as you listen to the fans in the state of kansas, the blue bloods of kansas vs. the blue collar of wichita state and that's how they like to portray themselves.
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[whistle] marv: and the foul on ellis. gregg marshall had been saying that he's been trying for years to schedule a game against kansas. bill self made the point in the past he'd rather schedule non-conference games in cities like l.a. and boston, new york, washington and the bay area, which he says are valuable recruiting areas but as we talked about the other day does it actually come down to kansas not having anything to gain and they would never hear the end of it if they lose to wichita state, which will happen i would say for a few weeks in the state of kansas. clark: there's -- chris: there's never anything to lose with rivalries except bragging rifplgtse let these kids play each other and give somebody bragging rights for a couple of months. marty: the two schools and the
7:26 pm
alumni from the two and you look back at last season's performance and this year's by wichita state, wichita state doesn't need validation. they've done it. chris: it's not validation. the best should play the best no excuses. [whistle] marv: baker. and a foul. ascoten hits the deck. and they will take a look at that. len: that's definitely a flagrant one or flagrant. i think it's a one. kelly oubre. it was from behind. as the rules state it was not a legitimate play on the ball. i don't think kelly oubre wanted nor intended to hurt even though intention is not part of the foul. but nevertheless that fit every
7:27 pm
aspect of the flagrant one definition. marv: excessive contact or pushing or holder a player from behind to prevent a score of two shots on the ball. higgins working in five final fours, the lead assistant. took a look at it and it is the flagrant one. and kelly oubre has fouled out. freshman out of new orleans. kansas a very young team that will be much experienced -- gain much experience from what has taken place in this ncaa tournament. len: yes i mentioned it before. they've gotten almost 3/4 of their scoring from freshmen and sophomores and here they're playing against a team in wichita state that's got outstanding seniors. a couple of pretty tough juniors as well. battle tested guys.
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marv: and you see the roster senior. once again we will see wichita state in no hurry. [whistle] foul is given. foul picked up by brannen greene. tonight on cbs begins with "60 minutes" and what it's like to be targeted by isis plus the secret element behind the world's latest technologies, followed by new episode of "madam secretary," "the good wife," and battlecreek." that is only cbs. so wichita state will make it 11 wins their last 12 games, a record of 30-4.
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and they're headed to the sweet 16 for the second time over the last three years only the fourth time in school history. and this will be the first win against kansas since january of 19 7. [whistle] they had lost five in a row and they're headed to play the fighting irish of notre dame thursday in cleveland. and hearing it from this crowd. drama toughness of wichita state. they earned this game. they came in undersized, they used their quickness, they fought on every possession and if you're just at home using your eye test and wanted to see who the aggressors were, you know the guys in the black uniforms were all night. marv: vanvleet at the line. for two more.
7:30 pm
strong all-around game. 16 points, six assists five rebounds. len: i tell you what never under estimate the heart of people who are accustomed to winning. final four two years ago, 35-1 last year, a number of holdovers. those guys are the ones who stepped up. evan wessel, fred vanvleet, ron baker, tekele cotton. darius carter. those guys know what it takes to win. marv: again we're hearing from the shockers contingent in this capacity crowd. standing and cheering. cotton tried to shovel it down low. the ball back to the jayhawks, who will lose if the round of 32 for a second straight season.
7:31 pm
lost last year. there's a three-pointer. graham. now with 17 points. time is running out on kansas. tekele cotton the high point man with 19. a terrific second half. strong all-around performance by fred vanvleet and ron baker back on the offense. he had 12. three threes for evan wesle and that will do it. [captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] in a 78-65 victory wichita state over kansas. a look at the brackets as wichita state will head on to
7:32 pm
cleveland, ohio, and on thursday night, they will meet up with the irish of notre dame. so for chris chris -- chris webber len elmore, and lewis johnson, marv albert saying so long from omaha. wichita state 7 kansas 65. thanks to producer scott cochran the director and our stigs, paul evan. "60 minutes," followed by madam secretary, the good wife and battle creek. this has been a presentation of cbs sports.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> logan: christianity in iraq was born in small towns and villages like these. today, some of them are deserted, abandoned because isis is forcing christians out. the islamic state marks homes the way nazis marked the property of jews. archbishop nicodemus sharaf says he had five minutes to flee from iraq's second largest city mosul. he grabbed five ancient manuscripts from his church, but had to leave other relics behind. you had books from the first century. >> of the christianity... >> stahl: the f-35 fighter jet
7:36 pm
is the most technologically advanced weapons system in history. each one contains nearly a half a ton of what's called rare earth elements, almost all of which come from china. >> the guidance systems on weapons systems and tomahawk cruise missile, any of the smart bombs have rare earths in them. i'd be hard-pressed to name anything that we consider worth building today and going forward that would not have a rare earth compound in it. >> stahl: because of this, because of the monopoly on rare earths, does china threaten our national security? >> unchecked, yes. ( cheers and applause ) >> rose: here's something you haven't seen before-- an astrophysicist, on stage, in a sold-out auditorium. neil degrasse tyson is re- igniting a fascination for the great beyond. he's succeeded carl sagan as the country's most captivating scientific communicator. >> when i was 11, i said, "this is so amazing, who wouldn't want to study the universe?"
7:37 pm
>> rose: what was so amazing? >> the endless frontier of it all, the vastness of it, the mystery of it. >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm lesley stahl. >> i'm lara logan. >> i'm bill whitaker. >> i'm charlie rose. >> i'm scott pelley. those stories tonight on "60 minutes." >> cbs money watch update brought to you in part by: >> good evening. the new prime minister of greece meets with germany's chancellor tomorrow over growing tensions over the greek bailout crisis. the number of working oil rigs in the u.s. is down to 825 a 50% drop from last october. and today delphi's driverless car began a cross country trip. i'm vinita nair, cbs news.
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and it can all be replaced. mutual of omaha. insure your possibilities. insurance. retirement. banking. investments. >> logan: there are few places on earth where christianity is as old as it is in iraq. christians there trace their history to the first-century
7:41 pm
apostles. but today, their existence has been threatened by the terrorist group that calls itself islamic state. more than 125,000 christians-- men, women and children-- have been forced from their homes over the last ten months. the islamic state, or isis stormed into iraq's second largest city, mosul, last summer and took control. from there, it pushed into the neighboring villages and towns across this region, known as the nineveh plains, a vast area that's been home to christians since the first century after christ. much of what took almost 2,000 years to build has been lost in a matter of months. ( chanting ) on the side of a mountain
7:42 pm
overlooking the nineveh plains of ancient mesopotamia is the monastery of st. matthew. it's one of the oldest on earth. the voices of its monks have echoed here since the fourth century, uttering prayers that have not changed. you do the service in aramaic. >> joseph ibrahim: yes. >> logan: which was the language of jesus. >> ibrahim: yes. >> logan: are you among the last people on earth to speak this language? >> ibrahim: we think so, because we kept ththrough the language of prayers. >> logan: prayers through centuries of persecution. father joseph ibrahim is one of only seven monks left here. he told us the monastery was founded in 363, and has survived the persian and ottoman empires, mongol invaders, and kurdish conquests. today, it's threatened by the islamic state, whose fighters advanced towards st. matthew's gates shortly after taking mosul
7:43 pm
last summer. kurdish soldiers pushed them back to this village, where their flag still flies only four miles from the monastery. what are you most afraid of? >> ibrahim: unknown future. >> logan: the unknown future? >> ibrahim: yes. >> logan: what do you think is going to happen? >> ibrahim: we don't know exactly, but we are expecting the worse. >> logan: the road from st. matthew's brings you to the frontline, just six miles from the outskirts of mosul. every town and village between here and the occupied city is in the hands of the islamic state. and now, we're told, for the first time in nearly 2,000 years, there are no christians left inside mosul. >> nicodemus sharaf: they take everything from us, but they cannot take the god from our hearts, they cannot. >> logan: nicodemus sharaf is the archbishop of the syriac orthodox church in mosul, one of about 10,000 christians who fled
7:44 pm
the city. we found him living as a refugee in the kurdish capital, erbil. he said isis fighters were already inside mosul when he escaped. >> sharaf: i didn't have any time to take anything. i was told i had five minutes to go. just i took five books that are very old. >> logan: among them, this aramaic manuscript. he told us it was written 500 years ago, and said he left behind hundreds more older than this one, christian relics that may never be recovered. >> sharaf: i think they burn all the books. and we have books from the first century of the christianity. >> logan: you had from the first century? >> sharaf: of the christianity. when i remember this, i cannot...
7:45 pm
from the beginning the christianity, this is the first time we cannot pray in our churches. >> logan: as it seeks to erase christianity from the landscape, the islamic state allows no christian symbols. it just released these photographs, which show the desecration of the church at what is believed to be the monastery of mar gorgis just north of mosul. and nothing is sacred. isis blew up this mosque just over a month after taking here. it's a site holy to both christians and muslims because the old testament prophet jonah was said to be buried inside. just like the nazis marked the property of jews, christian homes in mosul have been marked with this red symbol. it's the arabic letter "n" for nasara, an early islamic term for christians. when isis puts it on your home you either convert to islam, pay an extortion tax, or face the
7:46 pm
sword. issah al qurain is one of tens of thousands who had to make that choice. he was at home with his family in the christian village where he'd lived all his life when isis fighters came looking for him. he told us the fighters first took all his money, then his wife and children. they were telling you convert, convert, convert? ( translated ): yes, convert. in the beginning, i refused. i told them i was christian, and i had my religion and they had their religion. but they told me, if you don't convert, we will kill you and take your wife and children. >> logan: he agreed and was taken to mosul to convert where he was reunited with his family. soon, isis fighters were asking about his young daughter, and he told us that frightened him more than anything. >> al qurain: they said to me that, in islam, the sharia says girls that are ten years old should get married. as soon as they left, my wife
7:47 pm
and i shut the door. we looked at each other and she started to cry and pray. we were so scared they were going to take our daughter from us. >> logan: they escaped in the back of a taxi. issah says they talked their way through three isis checkpoints and traveled for over four hours on back roads to erbil where like archbishop sharaf, they now live as refugees. some 30,000 christians were living in erbil before this crisis, most of them chaldean catholics, who follow their own ancient traditions but recognize the authority of the pope. bashar warda is the archbishop of this diocese. he says his congregation has swelled by more than 60,000 refugees as kurdistan, the semi- autonomous region in the north of iraq, has become a safe haven for christians fleeing the islamic state. this is one of the oldest christian communities in the
7:48 pm
world, thousands of years old. >> bashar warda: 2,000, almost. >> logan: and when you look at it today, where is that christian community here? >> >> warda: disappearing. it's dying. >> logan: archbishop warda said christians in iraq, ironically felt safer under saddam hussein. democracy brought a new wave of persecution and prompted a mass exodus of christians. when the u.s. withdrew completely in 2011, archbishop warda says the situation became even worse because iraq's new leaders were incapable of governing without help. >> warda: i think american support was needed, needed forcefully. you cannot leave the country like this and tell them, "well we've liberated you. we cannot do the job for you and we are walking away. this is your country, rule it." >> logan: so, in your view walking away in 2011 was just as damaging to iraq as 2003 when the u.s. invaded?
7:49 pm
>> warda: yes. it's not blaming, but that's the reality. this is not what you came for in 2003. the 4,000 sacrifices of the american soldiers was not meant to come to this day. >> logan: christianity in iraq was born in the towns and villages of the nineveh plains like this one called tel isqof which lies less than 20 miles north of mosul. christians have lived here and walked these streets for over a thousand years. but today, there's no one. they're all gone, driven out by fear. and one of the most striking things you notice is the silence. every road was deserted, houses and possessions abandoned, others destroyed. tel isqof had always been a refuge for iraq's christians until last august when isis moved in and 7,000 christians fled. three weeks later, kurdish soldiers pushed the terrorists out.
7:50 pm
but father rony hana says isis instilled such fear here that his people won't come back. he worries, too, but returns for a few hours every morning to check on his church, which he said isis fighters used as their base. he told us one of them called him on his cell phone to ask how to operate the church generator. they really did, they asked you that? and you told them? "i guided them to where it was located around the corner from here," he told us, "and explained how to turn it on. the last thing i said was to please take care of the church and they just hung up." the cleansing of iraq's christians from this land is something archbishop sharaf believes ought to be generating a much louder cry of outrage from his muslim friends and neighbors. >> sharaf: speak up. of course, there is good people of the islam people.
7:51 pm
there is not all muslim people they are bad, i believe. but where is the good people? where is their voice? nothing. few. few. >> logan: with everything that has happened here to the christians, what has been lost? >> sharaf: they lost our dignity here. i'm sorry to say that. we don't have dignity in our country, in our land. >> logan: mostry eveone we met welcomed u.s.-led air strikes here, but they also said it is not nearly enough. taking back mosul, a city of about 1.5 million people, is widely understood to be a difficult prospect. archbishop warda believes the iraqi army can't do it alone and as long as the city remains in the hands of isis-- who he refers to as da'esh, its arabic name-- no christians will be
7:52 pm
going home. >> warda: for me, da'esh is a cancer. it's a disease. so, sometimes, you take some hard measures, unfortunate measures to deal and to treat this cancer. >> logan: so you want to see a major military offensive to retake mosul? >> warda: yeah, to get iraq to its normal situation. >> logan: and by getting iraq to its normal situation, you mean restoring the border between iraq and syria? >> warda: yes. >> logan: getting rid of da'esh, the islamic state? >> warda: exactly. >> logan: defeating them militarily? >> warda: please god. >> logan: the christian community hastily set up militias to guard their deserted villages and homes along the frontline, and they're getting a little help. we were surprised to come across american brett felton, a christian veteran of the iraq war, who traveled on his own from detroit to train christian volunteers. and this man, khamis, who said
7:53 pm
he came from australia, driven to defend the land where he was born. what do you think the islamic state intends to do with the christians here? >> khamis: to wipe them out, to be nothing. no place left that bears the name of christian or christianity. >> logan: christians in the frontier town of al qosh live in the shadow of the islamic state. under constant threat, the militiamen keep watch as they celebrate their faith and carry out traditions that are as old as christianity on the nineveh plains. ( bells tolling ) >> why has this american christian volunteered to battle isis on his own? go to sponsored by lyrica.
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and safeguard your assets. >> stahl: what do cars precision-guided missiles, and the television you're watching right now have in common? they all depend on something called rare earth elements unusual metals that are sprinkled inside almost every piece of high tech you can think of. most people have never heard of them. but we have become so reliant on
7:58 pm
rare earths that a few years ago, an intense global power struggle broke out over their free flow. the reason is that one country has a virtual monopoly-- roughly 90%-- of the mining, refining, and processing of rare earths, china. and in 2010, it used that power to disrupt the world's supply. it's especially troubling, because it was the united states that started the rare earth revolution in the first place. it all began here at this mine in mountain pass, california, an hour west of las vegas, when geologists first identified rare earth elements deep in the mojave desert. they were considered geological oddities until the '60s, when it was discovered that one of these elements, europium, enhanced the color red in tv sets, and soon the rare earth industry was born. >> cbs presents this program in color!
7:59 pm
>> constantine karayannopoulos: rare earth chemistry is fascinating. there's so many more things that we could be doing with rare earths. >> stahl: constantine karayannopoulos, chairman of molycorp, which has owned and operated the mountain pass mine for six decades, took us to the heart of the operation. is this considered a big mine? >> karayannopoulos: in terms of rare earth standards, yes. it's one of the biggest in the world. >> stahl: are we actually walking on rare earth elements right now? >> karayannopoulos: we're physically on the ore body. >> stahl: we are right on it. >> karayannopoulos: it starts at the top of the mine, then comes down, and we're walking on it and it goes in that direction. >> stahl: so, what are rare earth elements? if you ever took high school chemistry, you learned that they're clumped together at the end of the periodic table-- atomic numbers 57 through 71-- and they have difficult-to- pronounce greek or scandinavian names. >> karayannopoulos: lanthanum, cerium, neodymium, praseodymium, samarium, terbium.
8:00 pm
>> stahl: some of them are phosphorescent. erbium amplifies light, and is used in fiber-optic cables. gadolinium has magnetic properties and is used in m.r.i. machines and x-rays. as for neodymium? you may be carrying some of it in your pocket. >> karayannopoulos: next time your phone vibrates, think of us because the vibration motor is a small motor that contains a tiny neodymium magnet in it. >> stahl: karayannopoulos showed us around a new model home to illustrate that rare earths are making our appliances energy efficient, like state-of-the-art refrigerators, touchscreen thermostats, energy efficient light bulbs, the air conditioning systems. they're also in our cars in the form of catalytic converters sensors, and hybrid car batteries.


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