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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  April 17, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is friday april 17th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." an ohio man is accused of plotting a terrorist attack on american soil. a former lotteryemployee accused of hacking his way. >> jan crawford gets a look at sunday's academy of country music awards. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> fortunately we're catching these people but how many are slipping through and plotting
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ai agnst america? >> prosecutors say he spent two months in syria. he came back and told others he wanted to target anyone in uniform. a gyrocopter pilot who landed on the colapit lawn is released. >> it may provide an opportunity for law enforcement and secret service to reinforce their services. >> if you drive da'esh out of iraq, is iran going to have more influence than the united states would like for it to have? >> severeea wther todoray f roughly 30 million americans, anywhere from ks ansaugthroh oklahoma and much of texas. >> they removed a passenger from a southwest plane after she tried to silence her snoring sleepmatthe wi a pen. >> screamed almost like a little girl. >> he saved his life. >> man fell ontohe t subway tracks in philadelphia and a moment later another man jumps
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down to help and pulls the man to safety. >> ahall tt -- >> the new "star wars" trailer is out. >> chewy, we're home. >> a scare for lady antebellum. her tour bus goes up in flames. >> -- and all that matters -- >> come on. ♪ >> just let it go mister. sorry. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> he got the media's attention. he sent a message. i'm doing this because we've got corruption in government. >> the guy crashes his gyrocopter and people pay attention to his issue. and black people all this time we've been marching? >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this
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morning." gable king is off and vinita nair is with us. an american citizen will be charged in a columbus ohio courtroom in a few hours for his alleged terrorist plot. he's been playing to kill other americans. >> prosecutors say he trained with islamist terrorists in syria and was to complete terrorism. >> good morning. anbdirahman sheikh mohamud said he wants to kill anyone. >> according to, he said he wanted to go to a military base in texas and kill three or four soldiers execution style. his backup plan was allegedly to attack a prison although he was still trying to recruit a second person for his plot when he was arrested. the indictment alleges mohamud
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traveled to syria one year ago flying to turkey and crossing the border to join his brother who was already fighting for the islamic radical group called all noose rah. he received weapons explosives and hand-to-hand combat but before he could get to the front line he was recruited by a clerk in the u.s. to return to the u.s. and carry out an attack. philip mudd is a former fbi agent and author of the book "the head game." he said the trip to syria made mohamud more of a threat than the home grown terrorist. >> the concern you have to have is not only has he traveled overseas but what training might they have received overseas. >> reporter: mohamud was arrested last february on state charges and held on a million-dollar bail so he could
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not flee the country. >> intelligence game is halfway through here.that allowed us to find him and maybe map his network. there's a second path we've got to look at. does he tell you something that gives you clues that you weren't aware of before. >> mohamud is scheduled to appear in court this morning in columbus, ohio. he will plead not guilty. if kochb victoried he faces a maximum of 3 years in prison. >> thank you. the man who flew a gyrocopter onto the capitol hill lawn is out on bonds but it could put him in prison for four years. jeff pegues is on capitol hill with new information on how the pilot literally flew under the radar. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's what security seems to believe. several u.s. agencies are now reviewing their protocols after this stunt which ended right over there. highlighted a well known
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security flaw. >> are you happy with this? >> doug hughes left the federal courthouse on foot. a judge had just banned the postal worker from flying. >> can you believe you made it that far? >> i did. >> reporter: when his gyrocopter -- >> this is not good people. >> reporter: -- landed on the west lawn of the capitol building. it exposed gaps in security. the 61-year-old man managed to fly into restricted fly zones in washington, d.c. without being stopped. the faa said it's investigating how that happened. scott brenner is a former faa spokesperson. >> they're looking for your normal air traffic flying in at 30,000 feet. the department of defense is monitoring everything else. especially in washington where we have very restricted airspace. that's the primary
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responsibility of dod. surface-to-air missiles and continue helicopters make up the air system. on radar they can look similar to birds or weather patterns. new technology called jlens is being tested to detect smaller aircraft, but it won't be operational for a few months. >> whether or not our detection system could pick it up -- >> congressman benny thompson the ranking member of the homeland security system. >> our system of detection should work if now somebody tells us that system does not pick up low flying objects, then we have to fix it. >> reporter: the judge banned doug hughes from flying anything and ordered him to stay away from washington except for his visit to court.
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charlie. >> jeff, thanks. the white house will be upping its defense with steel spikes. right now it's a tell prey upgrade. the national guard is still considering perfectng chaes to the fence. onepo prosal to dig a moat around the white house has been ruled out. an intruder has jumped on the other side of a fence. >> i can't believe that's an option. a man who killed a man while he was under arrest is under intense scrutiny. >> roll on your stomach now. >> i shot him, i'm sorry. >> 73-year-old robert bates shot harris. cbs news was told bates' certificates and certifications were changed. they changed records to show training he never took.
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two of them were apparently transferred to other posts when they refused. severe weather is threatening millions of americans across the south this morning. mile in-laws in amarillo texas saw golf ball-sized hail yesterday. it caused a roof to cave in at sam houston western university. a tornado touched down last night. no major damage was reported. overnight heavy snow blanketed parts of colorado causing more accidents. more weather is expected through the weekend. this morning iraq's military says it has taken two key towns outside of the baiji area. 160 militants were killed in the fight. the extremist group released a group that appears to show fighters on the attack inside the facility. its loss would be a major blow.
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it shows them firing into the building. u.s. officials warn that isis may be close ta taking over the city of rah ma d despite the u.s. air strikes going on over there. >> those gains come as the prime minister was in washington. they're working behind the scenes against air strikes. a coalition is bombing rebels backed by iran. >> this is an intense conflict. it doesn't help if you start bombarding that country. does it reduce or increase it? it's quite obvious it still increases it. >> so you don't believe the saudi air strikes helped yemen at all. >> not at all. it increased it. >> they shouldn't be doing it. >> yes i think they shourd. >> abadi refers to isis by its
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acronym da'esh. he supports being inside but not supporting troops. >> if you drive da'esh out of iraq, is iran going to have more influence than the united states would like for it to have in iraq? >> well, getting support in terms of intelligence, in terms of training and weapons, we're not getting support from any country in terms of soldiers fighting on the ground against da'esh or the iraqis. only iraqis are fighting on the ground. >> there are no iranians fighting on the ground? >> no. >> even though there are iranian advisers. >> exactly. they don't fight, they don't carry arms. they're not allowed to do that. >> but do they give instructions to the shiite militia? >> they give advice. let me be clear. if they give advice if they
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make it. >> abadi said there will be no additional american boots on the ground. they have not asked for more american troops. italy's prime minister meets with president obama thisern mog. mateo remcy's government is under a huge pressure. on thursday a boat load of refugees was taken to pozzallo. our reporter sent this report from the scene. >> reporter: we're here with about 301 migrants. you can see them around me and behind me. most of them are covered in emergency foil blankets. those are designed to help keep them warm. high poweypothermia is one of the
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leaded causes of death. we went out on a search and rescue mission with the italian coast guard aword this ship and they came across what potentially looked like a small fishing boat. in addition we didn't believe there could be more than 40 people inside. it turned out there were 301 people onboard. none of them wearing lifejackets with limited food litted water and some pregnant women. the vast majority of migrants on this shim are from the area. syrians now trying to flee the civil war are flying from tourky to sudan and then driving over to libya because libya is where this problem is really starting. now that there's so little law and order, the smugglers are having a field day. the italian coast guard have no choice but to obey the laws of
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the sea and to try to rescue everyone who calls for their help. >> that again was clarissa ward. police in italy have been accuse of throws 12 christians over overboerd. this man faces seven years in prisonen in a clamp-down on press freedom. seth doane is in beijing where the senate sends a chilling message. good morning. >> good morning. 44 chinese journalists were sitting in jail as of late last year so while this story is about one journalist, it's indicative of the wider trend as the come it in party clamps down on dissent. >> she spent seven years behind bars for leaking journalists. the 71-year-old journalist is northern for her reporting on
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the communist party elite and was convicted for revealing the document number 7, an edict to restrict democracy, civil society, and proo'press freedoms. the last time we saw her was her face blurred was in this confession on state tv. i admitmy wrongdoing. she admits her confession was forced. one asks how can exposeing news be exposing secrets? her lawyer tells cbs news she will appeal. chinese journalists are telling us this is real. they're too scared to say anything that runs contrary to the communist party. norah? >> thank you so much. this morning we're hearing the
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frantic 911 call from a worker trapped inside the cargo hold. it forced the pilot to make an emergency landing just minutes after the takeoff. john blackstone shows us the desperate cry for help. >> 911. >> hello. i'm trapped in this plane and i called my -- the job, but. >> you're where? >> i'm inside a plane. >> he woke up in the cargo hold after falling 'sleep during a long shift. he woke up while in air. >> can somebody please stop it? >> where are you in a plane at? >> the airlines said a worker called. when the baggage team got no response, they'd assumed they got home. >> are you at the airport? >> not in the airport. >> are you by yourself or with
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somebody. >> passengers heard the man pounding on the ceiling which was captured by video. >> i heard some guy i'm assuming he's an air marshal, we're turning around we're landing. >> a plane landed after 14 minutes. meanwhile the 911 operator followed up with police. >> i had this guy call. he said he was on alaska flight 448 and he was screaming at me saying he couldn't believe and he was stuck on a flight. >> okay. so we are actually getting an aircraft landing right now with an alert. we think someone is trapped in the baggage department. >> oh. oh my gosh. okay. >> the man was taken to a local hospital where he passed a drug test and was released. air force officials say he's back on the job but as a contract employee he's banned with working with alaskan
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airlines. john blackstone, cbs news san francisco. >> he's lucky he woke up. i can't imagine hearing that banging coming from below. this morning federal officials are wondering if teenagers know about the effects of e-cigarettes. 2.5 million middle and high school students used e-cigarettes. from 20011 to 2014 their ecig e-cigarette use left. at the same time cigarette use declined from 16% to 9%. >> star running back adrian peterson was inreinstated. he pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor and agreed to counseling. off-season workouts begin monday for the vikings but it's unclear if peterson will attend. distraught parent ss.
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>> that was probably the worst thing in my life. i can still see his face. wake up and night and see his face. >> ahead why the >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by toyota. let's go places.
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a former lottery director is accused of hacking a multistate lottery drawing. >> ahead, an alleged plot to choose the right numbers and win more than $16 million. >> the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by macy's.
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the home of the dallas cowboys will be packed this weekend but not for football. ahead, the country music awards. jan crawford will take us inside. >> i like that twachlkt kelsey grammer returns with his broadway role and turning it into a family business. your local news is next.
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♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ >> oh, man. >> look at that. that girl apparently had enough. the glass broke. afterward the gorilla left the scene. no one knew what was going off but a girl was beat her chest. gorilla gorilla's beat chair chest as a sign of dominance. what do you think about that? >> a lot different than cuddling yesterday. >> i didn't know that's why they beat their chest. >> really? ever see a guy go -- you can try it now, charlie. what are you so silent about?
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you're leaving me hanging. i'm throwing softballs. you've just got to hit one. >> baaaa. >> ya ya. all right. that will make the eye closer. coming up this half hour a clemson university student with an early morning run with fraternity pledges. ahead, why his parents claim his mysterious death involves a coverup. plus we'll show you how talks are changing a conversation in a preview of charlie's 60 minutes report. that's ahead. today reports morale in the army is low. that is despite a six-year program costing $287 million to boost optimism. the paper stood that assessments taken by the army last year. nearly 40% of soldiers did not trust their immediate supervisors or fellow soldiers in their unit.
7:32 am
52% scored pore lie in optimism. >> doctors want dr. oz dismissed. last year oz appeared before a senate panel accusing him of endorsing products that were medically unsound. yesterday columbia's decision was to keep him on staff. >> sometimes they forget to think he's a tv doctor but he was a world-class cardiology surgeon before all that happened. >> and he's still on the faculty. the "washington post" says lawmakers struck a deal of the largest free pay tracks ever. some democrats oppose it. they say we'll end up destroying jobs in the u.s. and the "san jose mercury news" says the release of the apple watch will be delayed. apple has promised a new device will be released next friday. the watch is coming.
7:33 am
apple is still accepting preorders. analyst speculate apple does not have enough supply to meet the huge demand. >> does that mean people have to wait a little bit longer for the watch? >> i assume so. >> they're not giving a date anymore. some people are saying it could be a publicity stunt. >> it increases demand. it makes me more intrigued. a south carolina couple is sues clemson university over the death of their son. soft more fraternity pledge tucker tucker hit was found dead at the edge of a lake. mark strasburg is in clemson, south carolina where their case is at a standstill. good morning. >> good morning. this is where the mystery begins, the bridge where tucker somehow fell to his dealt last september. 30 students crossed this bridge during a group run before dawn but only 29 of them came back. >> it never crossed my mind that
7:34 am
we would be sitting here today sending him off to college that he would never come home. >> there's tucker at halloween. he was their only child. >> he was always into everything. he always wanted to be right at the center of attention when it came to school. >> reporter: last september 22 pd three fraternity members and pledges including hipps met. they went for a group run. hipps, the others later reported, lagged behind on the run and never made it to breakfast. at 1:00 p.m. that day they notified campus police he was missing. that afternoon hipps' body was discovered lying in rocky shallow water. >> once they brought the body up from the lake and had him on a stretcher stretcher, they allowed us to
7:35 am
come and look at him. >> what was that like? >> that was probably the worst moment of my entire life. i can see his face. i wake up and see his face. you know, i have all the good memories of him, too but i have that memory. >> reporter: a coroner ruled he died of a blunt force trauma. he fell on his head. he fell 25 feet. no one else on the run claimed to have seen it. >> how could 29 other kids lose track of your son? >> that's a great question. >> that's the million-dollar question. >> shah somehow tucker's running along with 29 people and he's off of a bridge dead. in-to-a simple-minded person that's absolutely ridiculous and we never believed it for a minute. >> did he jump or was he pushed? prosecutors say they have look at every explanation but they
7:36 am
never reached an answer. his parents are suing. the suits allege there was a fatal confrontation on the bridge. they claim text messages reveal fraternity members ordered him to show up with food for everyone and he arrived empty-handed and they were angry. >> they know and they're refusing to tell. i guess that's a coverup. >> reporter: the school denies the allegations of a lawsuit but cannot comment further. the fraternity will search for your the truth and added the allegations have not been substantiated. clemson says the fraternity was guilty of a series of violations unrelated to this strategy and in february it suspended the chapter for five year. the hipps family said they want two things. the truth and a change in culture on campus. charlie? >> mark, thanks.
7:37 am
sunday on "60 minutes" we go inside "ted talks." bill had released mosquitos into the audience to talk about malaria. >> brian stevenson was exactly the sort of people t.e.d. wanted. he was an attorney. they thought he'd have a lot to same. he said yes and then he remembered a serious conflict on his calendar. >> it was scheduled two weeks before i had an amount scheduled. i told them somebody named ted and wanted me to do a t.e.d. they were screaming at me. >> what did they say? >> they sate's an incredible platform.
7:38 am
everybody watches it. you have to do a t.e.d. talk. >> in march of 2012 brian stevenson took the stage at the conference in long beach, california. he was one of more than 60 speakers that week. >> we have a system of justice in this country that treats you much better if you're rich and guilty than if you're poor and innocent. wealth not kulpaabilitys shapes outcomes. >> reporter: the person who put him on the stage was chris andersen, the man who runs t.e.d. he chooses the speakers hosts t.e.d. conferences and decides who goes online. >> they come up with something really important. so part of the way we see our role is to help them make their knowledge accessible. >> it's a campfire in part. >> it is. someone stands up. everyone's eyes are upon them. they tell a story. >> it is amazing.
7:39 am
>> response. it changes people's lives and changes their careers and really makes a lot of difference. brian's statement is on the top 100 list and it's gotten a lot of attention. he's an amazing man. he would have been spectacular whether he was on t.e.d. or not but it did draw lots of attention. >> that's this sunday. >> yes. on "60 minutes." t.e.d. talks on stage and off. you'll see the changes it causes. right here on cbs. he was accused of hacking the lottery system. how he tried to scoop the jackpot for himself. if you're heading off to work, set your dvr so you can watch "cbs this morning" any time. summon said last night, we always set our dvr. we always watch you guys. we'll be right back.
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this morning the iowa
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lottery is revamping ways. they say a man orchestrated a scam to claim a million-dollar prize for himself. vlade year duthiers is here with a plan that that affects three countries. >> they it includes hacking into secure computers and sophisticated malware that vanishes without a trace. iowa lottery makers describe it as the strengthest situation they have ever encountered in their history. the winning hot lotto ticket was purchased in des moines by a bearded man in december 2010. but the prize wasn't claimed until a year later. less than two hours before the jackpot was set to expire two lawyers came forward with the winning ticket. >> they said they represent add
7:45 am
trust. they would not identify who actually purchased the ticket and so just as almost everyplace has said to us ding ding ding, bells went off. something's screwy here. >> reporter: after weeks of shielding the identity the lawyers gave up a staking to the winning and investigator got involve. they released a ticket to find out who bought it. the ticket led to eddie tipton, then involved with the lottery. >> investigators believe he purchased the ticket at the q.t. and later claimed the prize with the assistance of other individuals. they believe he tampered with video cameras and used a thumb drive to install malicious softway which enabled him to pick the winning number. he allegedly hired lawyers in florida and texas and his boss robert rhodes.
7:46 am
>> who would know that a ticket bought in des moines would end up in such an intriguing case. >> his layer claims he's not the man in that video. >> during that time period mr. tipton was clean shaven and did not have a beard or mustache or goatee. >> they say he could not have tampered without anyone noticing. his trial is expected to start in july. so far only one of his alleged co-conspirator co-conspirators, robert rhodes has been arrested. ahead,
7:47 am
>> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by international delight. leave a little room for delight.
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the force is strong in my family. my father has it. i have it. my sister has it. you have that power too. >> it's the trailer everyone is talking about. a new generation of "star wars" fans is being awakened to the force. the trailer was released yesterday. it drops about hints of a new member of the skywalker family. it drove disney shares higher adding about $2 billion to the value of the company. "star wars: the force awakens" opens in december. >> i love hans solo but chewie is a favorite of my little ones. >> it's great some of the originals are in there, harrison
7:52 am
ford and carrie fisher. >> george lucas sold it to disney. coming up jan crawford with your pass to the academy country awards. >> listen to this. loon brian. owen win dell. 70 of their closest friends all ready to make some noise. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." ♪ ♪ ♪♪ 5 unique whole grains... ..with just enough sweetness. ...multi grain cheerios.
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good morning. it is friday, april 17th 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including the 50th acm awards. we'll go to arlington, texas, with a look behind the scenes. but first here's your "eye opener" at 8:00. he said he wanted to kill americans, especially members of the armed forces. >> they're now reviewing their protocols after this stunt highlighted a well known security flaw. severe weather is threatening some 30 million americans across the south. westerners in oklahoma said a to o rnadtouched down. >> you don't believe the saudi air strike helped the situation in yemen. >> not at all. >> so they shouldn't be doing it. the vast majority of migrants ons thi ship are from air a tray ya. but i also spoke with syrians.
8:01 am
they're now trying to flee the civil war. chinese journalists say they're too scared to say anything that runs contrary to communist law. >> they would not identify who actually purchased the ticket. ding, ding ding bells went off. something screwy here. >> i didn't know that's why they beat their chefts. >> as a sign of dominance. you never have seen a guy go -- you're leaving me hanging like throwing seven-day forecastballs. you've got to hit one. >> baaa. >> yay! yay! i'm charlie rose and norah o'donnell. what's your name? >> i'm the one that makes you like this. >> and vinita nair. gayle king is off. an ohio man is expected to plead not guilty this morning of plotting a terrorist attack in
8:02 am
the united states. >> an dear raman sheikh mohamud was arrested. the indictment claims he wanted to kill soldiers as a military base or attack a prison june the parents of the young esteban marathon bombing victim say this morning that the bomber should not be executed. in an art kill bill and denise richard urged them to consider dropping the death penalty for dzhokhar tsarnaev. the richards lost their 8-year-old son. they say, they hope they do not have to grow up with the remaining lingering reminder which he took from them which years of 'peels would undoubtedly bring. the response was they care deeply about the opinions of all the victims and survivors. a woman was kicked off a plane. video from inside the plane at chicago's airport shows a flight
8:03 am
attendant after he confiscated a man. a woman used it to jab a passenger next to her. she said lenny was snoring up a storm. >> he fell asleep on the taxi on the runway and i guess his arm kind of brushed over to her. she just went nuts and started stabbing him with his pen really loud almost like a little girl. >> it's quite a way to get attention. >> did it hurt? >> oh, yeah. absolutely. well, imagine being asleep and then being stung by bees and waking up and going ow. >> well a witness posted this picture to twitter showing the ink stains on his shirt. the plane returned to the gate and the pen poker was removed from the plane. he does not intend to press charges. mordowski should spend some time with carol ash who spent some time talking about snoring. >> and the woman with the pen
8:04 am
could have use heard fingernails. tens of thousands will be in texas this weekend for what may be the biggest award show ever. it will take place at at&t stadium home of the dallas cowboys. jan crawford is inside the stadium in arlington, texas. she has a sneak preview of the big party. jan? >> reporter: well, good morning. listen. in just over 48 hours which this stadium is normally a football field is going to host all the big names. i mean everyone is going to be th ere. but to get to this moment it took a lot of work. the first to test out the big stage, a rising star. windell. >> that's the good thing about being a new artist. you get to be the first one up. >> what was it like?
8:05 am
>> my heart is racing. just to see milo go and everything it's unbelievable. >> even veteran luke bryan sees this year's show as something different. >> you know, to be in such a rg lae venue, you know 60,000 plus. >> or more. >> or more. >> bryan's up for four awards including entertainer. he's co-hosting with blake shelton. >> this is not a joke. it's ceremonial very important award show where we're honoring a lot of people. and, yeah, get up there and be class acts. >> welcome to the tenth annual academy of country music awards. >> this year the academy of country music awards turns 50. to celebrate, the shoppached up and moved from las vegas to texas where it comes natural to do things big. >> this show for the 50th anniversary will probably be the
8:06 am
biggest award show in history. >> acm executive producer rat clark is expecting up to 70,000 people which he said would be the largest audience ever if a television awards show. to pull it off the organizers had to take this state-of-the-art football stadium and transform it. rig elaborate lighting and plan seats for thousands. >> we're standing on the presentation area where all the awards are presented. >> oh, my gosh. it happens right here. >> entertainer of the year. >> right now posters mark where stars will sit. legend like reba, garth brooks, george strait. up front, miranda lambert with eight, dierks bentley with seven and pretty much every other country star. taylor swift, keith urban, jason aldine aldine. >> it's going to be a cool cool night.
8:07 am
i cannot believe i'm going to be a part of it. >> that's what the fun part of show business is just having moments like that where you make it happen. it will be fun. walking up there and making it happen. >> now, one of the big nominees lady antebellum had a big disaster on the way here. one of the tour bus's tires blew and the bus went up in flames. fortunately everyone is okay. the band will be rehearsing. >> who looks that good in jeans and a t-shirt. luke bryan. >> i know. this is the greatest time i've got to tell you. >> have you seen my buddy blake shelton? >> i have not. i'm hoping to see him today. i will tell him you said hello. >> all right. tell him i said hello. you can watch it sunday night at 8:00 right here on cbs. it may stop cable subscribers from cutting the cord.
8:08 am
mellody hobson shows you which tv provider allows you
8:09 am
. a member of mensa is linked to murder. i'm erin moriarty "48 hours." a california beauty mairs the man of her dreams a genius who worked at a nuclear power plant and had won "jeopardy" twice. but did he use his smarts to kill her with nicotine. that's coming up on "cbs this morning."
8:10 am
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a dangerous situation outside seattle this morning. a swarm of bees escaped after a semitruck carrying honeybees overturned on interstate 95 scattering bees across the highway. >> oh. my gosh. that's unusual.
8:14 am
verizon fios viewers will get more of a say on the ones they want and the ones they wish to skip. the move opens the door to ayla cart future. cbs financial analyst mellody hobson is with us. a lot of people don't want this. they don't want the whole package. they want to choose channels. >> the days on average, 189 channels where you only watch on average for 90 dollars a month are over. people have really wanted to skinny down that list. >> and was it hassaned by the arrival of streaming? >> yes. netflix is a big reason. hulu. they started the whole thing. there's no question. it's a reaction to that. >> what will this mean to the cable companies. some will argue what they'll do is charge you more. >> a la carte doesn't benefit
8:15 am
anybody. >> i talked to a cable executive. she said the party's over. really when you talk about the actual cost for the consumer. unbundling is not going to be cheaper. some say if you unbundled espn on its own it could be $30 because of its popularity. it's not about cost savings and even verizon is not suggesting it's cheaper. you'll have fewer channels but per channel it will be more expensive if you think about it. >> who looses? is it the less popular channels that are on the 800 that i have to go through to find my favorite channel? >> those channels that have very niche audiences, those will probably go away and the big channels really win. the winner will be the consumer because they will get it the way they want it. they'll pay for it. >> will they hook us initially though? i see so many of these programs
8:16 am
initially they offer these low rates. then we're addicted to it and it skyrockets. >> it's interesting. verizon says you get these basic packs and then niche pack, kids or sports what have you. if you want to add channel packs on top of it you pay $10 more on each one. congratulations. one of the 100 most influential people around the world. can you believe it? now that you're so famous can you tell us what the new "star wars" is? >> i know nothing. i know nothing. >> have you seen it? >> no. >> has george seen it? >> he has not. >> i want to believe you. >> i swear on my eyes. he's going to see it with everyone else. >> congratulations on time 100. you sit on the board of starbucks so i want to get your take on the recent controversy o about the "race matters" that was written on all of the cups. >> definitely we would say it
8:17 am
didn't go as we had intended, but it did spark a national conversation. so that was a goal. but we knew the conversation was going to be heard. even though it's not written on the cups we're committed to this topic committed to making the communities and lives of our customers better. >> were you surprised by the reaction? >> yes and no. >> yeah. >> so no in that i do believe we have some racial issues in this country that are very very serious and i've experienced them. yes, i thought that this could be a moment. >> yeah. that was disappointing that it wasn't more of a moment. >> yeah. i still think we will take advantage of this conversation and keep going. we have to. >> mellody, always a pleasure. thank you so much. an investigator said she was poisoned by her husband. that's next. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:18 am
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the mysterious death of a california wife leads to the mysterious truth. she was poisoned. her husband was a genius. he won twice on tv's "jeopardy" but was he also a killer. "48 hours" investigates. here's a preview. erin moriarty reports. >> if you just look at this case, you, this is a man who killed his wife for money, that doesn't tell you half the story. paul is a self-centered evil if
8:22 am
doer. >> reporter: this orange county prosecutor has been on the trail of paul curry for a very long time. >> i see him as a cold-blooded killer who's gotten away for it for almost 20 years. >> reporter: they got married back in 1992 and almost immediately there were red flags. >> they had been married a month and she called me one night. she said you know mary paul wants to take a $1 million life insurance policy out on me. what do you think. >> mary was her best friend. >> you know what happened to linda? she started get fatigued. >> weak fatigued. she looked so thin. >> but friends thought they knew what was going on. >> she was being poisened. she was ingesting something that was making her ill. is there something weird in her lipstick, in her fingernail
8:23 am
polish? >> mary and other friends warned linda to leave curry. >> linda, i've got to get you out of the house. get you out of that house. >> but linda was fiercely loyal to paul and stayed but was dead within months but nobody knew why she died until the toxicology reports came back. >> she died from a massive nicotine poisoning, catastrophic levels of nicotine in her system. no, she's not a smoker. she doesn't smoke. >> nicotine poisoning, how strong is that? >> it's one of the strongest poisons. >> this isn't an accident. it's not a suicide. it's a homicide. >> still police had nothing to connect curry to the nicotine and it's taken 20 years to bring him to trial for murdering linda, and the case is no slam dunk. do you have any eyewitnesses ever seeing him give her any kind of poison? >> no. >> is there any evidence he obtained nicotine? >> direct evidence no.
8:24 am
there's no evidence. this is a hard case but i have no doubt whatsoever that he did it. and i believe i'm going to be able to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. >> ooh, erin moriarty is with us now. earn, good morning. is that a hard one to do? >> well it's lethal, but usually if you give it to somebody, their body expels it. you vomit. this guy they suspect, paul curry, was actually experimenting and trying it for two years. what's so unusual about this case. he was a suspect before his wife died. people knew that she was being poisoned and he still went ahead and did it. >> very intriguing. >> thank you so much. >> you can want erin's full report "to catch a genius" on "48 hours" tomorrow night on cbs. ahead, kelsey grammer is transforming himself again, this time on broadway. that's right after your local news.
8:25 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour kelsey grammer. he's in our toyota green room. he'll take us inside his new role on broadway and the story behind "peter pan," and we'll look back at 20 years of frazer crane. that is ahead. time to show you some of this morning's headlines. a good samaritan rescued a man who crashed his suv and found himself teetering over the edge of a cliff on wednesday. a chain link fence prevented the vehicle from falling. 29-year-old jason warnock pulled the driver to safety through the passenger window. he didn't stay around for any acknowledgement. he said i had to go to work. i didn't want any recognition. i just did it. >> a true good samaritan. >> indeed. >> "the new york times" says we bond with our pet dogs through long loving gazes.
8:31 am
when dogs and their owners stare and each other, both pet and human have elevated levelings of oxytocin. it's associated with nourishing and attachment. it promotes bonding like between a parent and a child. >> i know you believe this is true. >> i do. >> you didn't have to read this article to know this is true. do you stare into barkley's eyes? >> yes. >> for how long. >> there he is. >> look. he's staring at you. >> it's like they're talking. >> he's like charlie, come down and stare into my eyes. >> and he's been joined by his son. there's two. >> what is his name? >> hemingway. >> hemingway. of course, it is. hemingway's mother -- what was her name? >> stella. >> stella, that's right. i remember stella. >> tennessee williams stella. and the "washington post" says espn suspended reporter britt mchenry berating a tow
8:32 am
company. >> i'm in the news business, sweetheart. lose some weight. >> mchenry is seen and heard criticizing his weight teeth and job. she was angry over her car being towed. >> he's back on broadway and finding neverland. the musical is based on the academy award winning movie that following the relationship between jay and barry and the man that inspired barry to play "peter pan." we're pleased to welcome kelsey grammer back to studio 57. hi, there. >> hi, guys. >> good to be back? >> great. great, very nice in town. >> is this a big harvey weinstein production? >> mm-hmm. i guess. seems like a regular old musical to me.
8:33 am
harvey's behind it so he's very passionate, very passionate, very dedicated to his work. >> would you rather do musical, drama, or comedy? >> you know what? i did one about five years ago. it did very well. it was a revival. my next movie was going to be a musical original. that's what i was drawn to. i've always wanted to do it. i saw "hello dolly" when i was 8 years aeld ss old. it was always something i was drawn to. i always wanted to be in a musical. >> this is not a replica of johnny depp. >> right. it's such a theatric ka experience. you can only do this in a theater what is being done on the stage now. it's just giant. i haven't seen that clip.
8:34 am
>> i said to you earlier in the green room are you loving it or is it work? >> i love it but it's also work. i'm sort of the glue in the piece. there's a lot of emotion in the show. a lot of loss. it's a very powerful piece. it's actually the best thing i've ever done. >> i worry about you because you're losing your voice. >> i got the flu on stage last wednesday. was standing in the mid of the evening's performance and i thought, oh dear that's not good and i had a rush go through me and a couple of days later it happened and then you push through it. ten you end up a voice. but we survived and i've got a couple more days to kind of recoup and then i'll have a little down time. >> beyond that does the singing come easy? >> yeah. i started out singing. that was the first thing i did when i was a guy when i was in eighth grade. came into all the classrooms and said all right, every boy in
8:35 am
here is going to audition for the choir. his name was richard mitten. i thought, yeah, why not. and i started singing. >> in the play you deliver a line that's a reference to "cheers" and in the audience everyone went nuts. >> it's more of a take. literally borrowed from jack benny. it's like a little wink. you look for these things all the time. you look for a way to wink to the audience and bring them in because that material is still a little bit foreign. but in this case it's so familiar i think they're looking for permission to actually acknowledge it. once i turn to the audience, they sort of explode. >> they call it absolutely thrilling around a celebration of imagination. >> yeah. i think it's pretty accurate. it's about hard spot love. look at the horse race. nobody loves everything but only hateful and consequential people don't like it that and
8:36 am
good for the family. it's also a good family show to go see. >> it's extraordinary for families. you know it's the best thing i've ever seen in a theater. it blows the roof off it. >> you've done everything. is there anything you haven't? >> there's a couple of things i'm still sniffing around. i want to direct a film and a couple of scripts. it's a labor of love and you realize as you go through life it's a challenging role to play directing a film. it's exhausting. >> this play in the film there's a lot of physicality. you're moving around a lot. >> if you want to lose a little weight it's fantastic. i always do a play to get back in shape. >> has it been challenging to keep up with a rehearsal schedule? >> oh, yeah it's been a bear. it's tough. they leave the previews for a whole month. you can rehearse all day and do a show at night. once the show is open, it's locked and you don't get to
8:37 am
rehearse. >> what would bring you back to episodic television. >> great words, great scripts. i recently did a script with martin lawrence. for him it was worth a try. i went back to television for him. >> you're 60 years old. >> yes, ma'am. >> six kids. >> and young. >> your youngest is 8 years old. congratulations. >> yes. >> gabriel. and some of your darts are following your footsteps. >> they all seem to be interested in that. spencer is doing a show right now. >> look at how gorgeous. >> oh, yeah. there's grier with golden globe. a month and a half ago. they're lovely. they've turned out okay so far. >> what advice? >> do something you love. find it and commit to it and work hard. >> that's the best advice in life. >> yeah. >> and find your passion. >> i'm doing that right now. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much.
8:38 am
it's great to see you guys. >> great to have you here. >> last time was for "transformer." >> with stanley. stanley just had a kid four or five months ago. >> my sister's sorry she couldn't be here. >> me too. >> kelsey grammer, "finding neverland" is now on broadway at the laafontaine theater. see how they're looking at efforts to help
8:39 am
8:40 am
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mary j. blige, no doubt and other performers hit the stage tomorrow at global citizen 2015 architect day in washington. their goal is to end poverty by 2030 and help the 1.2 billion people living on less than a dollar a day. they've raised $16.6 billion and they're launching a new platform to recruit more members for the cause. hugh evans is here. good morning to you both. owe're relaunching this. >> yes. it's very exciting. is our platform to encourage millions
8:43 am
of new members to take action. 2015 is the year when the world is coming together to agree on a net set of goals to end extreme poverty by 2030. we're launching the unlock your power campaign and the goal is to recruit tens of millions behind the new campaign. >> what does it mean to end global poverty. >> by extreme poverty, we're talking about those living on less than $1.25 a day. those suffering for lack of a 30 cent vaccine. we're talking about poverty, education, adequate sanitation. >> you and your husband hugh jackman have been involved since the very beginning? >> yes. we met this young winner snap er snapper. he introduced him to me and i thought he was amazing. >> now, i heard the tail end of that story as he asked you for a
8:44 am
drink and you actually went and got the drink. >> yes. i think i was wearing a white shirt at the time just the white shifrmt he put up his hand like this. i think he thought i was a waiter. i thought he was being nice. i said hi how are you. and he said could i have a drink and said okay sure, why not. i went and got him a drink. we ended up drinking for hours about issues of extreme poverty. the following day we all caught up in sydney. >> and you brought him home to dinner. >> you mentioned the event in d.c. tomorrow. what other things have you been involved in that you can get a ticket to this? >> so tomorrow we have 250,000 people in partnership with the earth day network combing together in washington, d.c. together with usher, mary j. blige, fallout boy, train. some of the artists of all time are coming together. no doubt will be headlining this. not only here in america but all around the world you can earn points. amazing artists like one
8:45 am
direction and pearl jam. wherever you are in the world you can go into global citizen, take action earn points and see the impact of your actions. >> that's really the idea. give your people a chance and an opportunity and a method to make a difference if they want to. >> absolutely. this is -- this is really a social economy if change. imagine that a points-based system could motivate people in the tens of thousands and millions to take action. >> it's empowering everyone to take part. it's like what can you bring to the table. that's why i love that. >> thank you so much. >> thanks, guys. tomorrow on "cbs this morning: saturday," the rock star of outer space will look at his own voyage and late night tv. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll have the most notable
8:46 am
veenlts of the week. you're watching "cbs this morning." i'm brian vickers, nascar® driver.
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8:49 am
it's been a great week. thank you so much for coming. >> my pleasure. always a pleasure. >> we'll be right here tomorrow for cbs saturday. >> i love getting up early. be sure to watch "cbs evening news with scott pelley." you can watch us anytime on cbsn by going to as we leave you, let us look back at the week that was. have a great weekend. every day americans need a champion and i want to be that
8:50 am
champion. i'm running for president. >> this trip is designed to show she can connect with voters and doesn't expect a coronation. >> yesterday's over. >> rubiope tapd that american dream theme. >> i announce my candidacy for president of the united states. >> the jie owe copter was flying too low to be picked up on radar. >> can you believe that you made it that far?>> i did. >> bates could face four year in state prison. >> oh my gosh. i'm sorry. >> e'thers no way an officer can get this confused. >> soul singer percy sledge died tuesday. >> guilty of murder in first degree. >> the ex-new englanatd priot was charged with killing a man who was an ex-fiance of his sister. >> if you're going to yell at me, point at me. >> he struck not once but twice. >> they were coming in daily.
8:51 am
they were workmen. ♪ give me a cheeseburger ♪ >> one of the performances in the annals of the sport. >> feels t.grea i plan on not taking it off for quite a while. probably sleep in it. >> charlie rose has entered the building. all is right with the world. ladies and gentlemen. >> hey gayle, you're on the satellite. >> i read you were named after michael jordan. is that true? >> that's true. >> maybe basketball is in your blood. >> you haven't seen me play basketball. >> we're now recruiting these kids for an nba tryout not to go to clchlk. >> iran basketball and norah. that's a three-pointer. >> that's a three-pointer, senator mccaskill. >> it taste as little bit like
8:52 am
seaweed. it has a potent flavor. >> beautiful. >> you had a package at home. >> we had long since grown apart. >> the youngest billionaire in the world. is that heady when you hear this? >> what matters is how well we do in trying to make people's lives better. >> they don't know what set the animals off. gorilla's beat their chests as a sign of dominance. you see a guy go baaaa. >> baaaa. >> yay! yay! >> in addition to that. >> all that -- >> you have that. >> -- and all that matters -- >> when you have a good feeling you want a good feeling. you want to tamp that down. >> -- on "cba
8:53 am
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>>e heris what is breaking in
9:00 am
today's "news in two." >> major backlash over the poverty challenge. and backlash over "naked and afraid." then... find out how your own blood can get rid of these. and, from being kicked off a plane to the swine that changed his life, why pigs are becoming more than just pets. new "the doctors." [applauding] >> could a pen put an end to those dreaded stretch marks? this company claims that her treatment has these results. we are putting to the test of letting you know the results of it later in the show. our first guest recently made headlines after trying to


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