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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  April 22, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> pelley: a community and the police are at odds over a suspect who died in custody of a broken neck. also tonight, should the man who shot president reagan be allowed more time outside a mental hospital? dr. oz fires back it's critics who accuse him of promoting quack treatments. and the great kentucky hooch heist is solved. the suspects had expensive taste. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: a sharp divide is developing in baltimore tonight after the death of freddie gray, a suspect who ran from police and later died of a spine injury suffered while he was in custody. protests and rallies are planned
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across baltimore every night this week. six officers have been suspended, and the mayor and police commissioner are promising the results of an investigation next week. here's chip reid. >> reporter: this evening another mass protest in baltimore. it's become a daily ritual. police commissioner anthony batts, in the job since 2012, has publicly vowed to end baltimore's history of police misconduct. today, he told cbs station wjz that the department's intentions were good but sometimes officers have gone too far. >> to an extent, we're responsible for the pain in this community, where we thought we were doing god's work, where we're going out trying to make communities safer we've made mass arrests and taken people to jail in numbers and we've obliterated this community. so we have to that. >> reporter: but gene ryan, the head of baltimore's fraternal police, today launched a spirited defense of the officers and in a statement likened the protesters like 2 a lynch mob. >> when you're trying to put somebody in jail before all the
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facts are in, the investigation hasn't been completed, i mean that's wrong. >> reporter: the protests were triggered last by this video shot by a bystander that shows a screaming 25-year-old freddie gray being carried by police to a van. a new video shows the van stopping about a block away, gray on his knees. police say they were putting leg irons on him because he had become irate inside the van. within 30 minutes, gray stopped breathing and fell into a coma. he died sunday of what police now say was a significant injury to his spine. the police report says gray was apprehended because he fled when he saw the police. billy murphy is the gray family lawyer. >> running while black is not a crime. felony running does not exist. and the lesson here was that he should have run and he didn't run fast enough. >> reporter: you may be able to see a block away is a major protest going on right now. some people, i am told are lying down in the street.
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and by the way scott, freddie gray's family spent the day planning his funeral. we may get an announcement on that tomorrow, and when that funeral does happen, it is going to be a major event in this city. >> pelley: chip reid on the story in baltimore furst this evening. chip, thanks very much. we've learned tonight that there have been concerns for years about the training of a 73-year-old reserve deputy in tulsa, oklahoma, who is now charged in the accidental shooting death of a suspect. robert bates pleaded not guilty to manslaughter charges yesterday. he killed the suspect after pulling a gun instead of a taser as he apparently intended. omar villafranca is working the story for you in tulsa. omar. >> reporter: scott, since that incident, there have been allegations that bates was not properly trained, and tonight, we have learned that a sheriff's office review came to that same conclusion. cbs news has learned in it 2009 the tulsa sheriff's office launched an internal investigation to find out if
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bates received special treatment during training and while working as a reserve deputy and whether supervisor pressured training officers on bates' behalf. the answer to both questions was yes. the investigation found that deputies voiced concern about bates' behavior in the field almost from the very beginning. bates reportedly used his personal car while on duty and made unauthorized traffic stops. when confronted, bate said that he could do what he wanted and that anyone who had a problem with him should go see the sheriff. the investigation concluded that high-ranking officers created an atmosphere where employees were intimidated in order to violate department policy. dan smolen is the attorney for herric harris. you think it's just a few bad apples or does it go higher than that? >> no, i think it's systemic. when there can be so many people that look on at so much corruption, it's much more than just a couple of people. >> reporter: a spokesman for the tulsa sheriff acknowledged that there was some sort of internal review but that no
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further action was taken. scott, the sheriff said this week he believed bates received all of his proper training. >> pelley: and important to note that bates and the sheriff are close friends. french security today said a terror plot failed when a suspect who planned to shoot up at least one church shot himself instead. elizabeth palmer is following this. >> reporter: sid ahmed ghlam blew a hole through his own terrorist plot when he phoned the ambulance service claiming he was shot by a robber. but actually say french officials, he shot himself by accident. when police followed a trail of blood to his car they fd an arsenal in it and later in his apartment, too. it included four assault rifles, pistols, ammunition, and al qaeda and isis propaganda. it was a contact in syria, said the prosecutor, who told him to attack a church.
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in the end the only victim of ghlam's botched plan was sid ahmed ghlam shot and killed near a suburb an church as she sat in her car. police suspect ghlam was trying to steel stael it. only luck and the suspect's own incompetence saved paris from more of the kind of attacks that left 17 peopled dea in three days of terrorist violence in january. the terrorists then were radicalized, petty criminals of north african descent already on the radar of french security forces. and that, scott, is a profile that fits the french it algerian sid ahmed ghlam perfectly. >> pelley: elizabeth palmer reporting from the london newsroom tonight liz thank you. the man who tried to assassinate president reagan went to court today to convince a judge to let him spend more time outside a mental hospital. major garrett is following that case. >> reporter: john hinckley jr.
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showed little emotion as he sat in federal court today. the 59-year-old currently splits his time between st. elizabeth's mental hospital in washington, d.c. and his 89-year-old mother's home in williamsburg virginia. hinkley was first allowed overnight visits to williamsburg in 2006 with numerous restrictions on his movement, he now spends 17 days at a time there. hifngly fired six shots at president reagan in march of 1981 outside the washington hilton seriously wounding the president and three others help his motive? it impress the object of his psychotic obsession, actress jodie foster. hinkley's attorney, barry levine, said hinkley's siicoseisicoseis and depression have been in remission for more than two decades, telling the court "there has not been a hint of dangerous behavior" during that time. hinkley's brother and sister testified they would assist in his car if their aging mother was unable to meet court
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requirements. his brother noted hinkley now has a girlfriend and numerous hobbies. but federal criewrt colleen kennedy said hinkley has at times lied about his whereabouts while on unsupervised leave. that deception and hinkley's violent past, she said make him a continuing threat to public safety. brad rinehimer is chief of police of williamss burg county. >> it's a concern. any time you know you have somebody in your community that committed the types of crimes that mr. hinkley committed, it's a concern. it's a concern for us, absolutely. >> reporter: the court knows hinkley lied twice about going to the movies because the secret service spotted him at a bookstore instead both times. scott, even if the court grants hinckley more freedom, the secret service will always be nearby. >> pelley: major garrett at the scene of the attempted assassination in washington so long ago. major, thank you very much. the punishment phase of dzhokhar dzhokhar tsarnaev's trial continued today with intense testimony of survivors of the marathon bombings and from the families
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of those who were killed. the bomber's lawyers tried to explain a crude gesture that tsarnaev made to a courthouse camera and don dahler is covering the trial. >> reporter: the jury was shown never-before-released surveillance video of a still-bandaged dzhokhar tsarnaev in a holding cell three months after the bombings. he can be seen primping his hair before making the obscene gesture that was brought up in court yesterday. two of liz norden's children were at the marathon that day two years ago. she knows how she wants this trial to end. >> i feel very very strongly that i hope he gets the death penalty. i watch my kids, you know, my two boys almost die. >> reporter: her sons j.p. and paul, each lost a leg in the attacks. in court loss was the theme of the day. former dance instructor adrienne davis took the stand told the jury how she cried out for her husband after the blast knocked
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her to the ground. "i thought because i couldn't hear myself scream," she said, weeping," that i was dead. we met davis weeks after the bombing. >> i said there's something wrong with my foot. and he looked down and grabbed on to my leg and lifted it up, and just started screaming. >> reporter: bomb shrapnel cost eric whalleyab an ankle and sight in one eye. fighting bab sobs he recalled his greatest fear when after the blast he was separated from his wife of 45 years. "she thought i was dead and i thought she was dead," he said. when they were finally reunited in the hospital, "i just grabbed her arm and wouldn't let go." family members of slain m.i.t. officer sean collier described how he wanted to be a cop since he was a kid. stepfather jorogers said years later when officer collier met a little boy who shared that interest, he gave him a seat in his cruiser. prosecutors will likely take one more day to try to convince these jurors that dzhokhar tsarnaev deserves the ultimate
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loss-- that of thiz life. scott, the defense will start their case most likely on monday. >> pelley: don, thank you. today a federal judge in philadelphia approved a plan for the nfl to pay compensation to thousands of former players suffering from brain injuries. under the deal, there is no cap on total compensation but all sides agreed the costs would be about $765 million. so the average payout per player would be about $190,000. those awards could reach $5 million for some players diagnosed with parkinson's disease or lou gehrig's disease. the players hotake the deal agree they will not suit nfl. special correspondent james brown, the host of "nfl today," is with us. j.b., what's the most significant thing about the deal today? >> reporter: well, scott, the original amount of $765 million was based on estimates, and 6,000 of it, 20,000, current retired players will have to be taken care of due to brain
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injuries. they removed the cap as you mentioned. if hundreds of thousands more estimate read in need of care they will be eligible for it. now this deal could cost the nfl upward of $1 billion. >> pelley: what do you think some of the problems are that lie ahead? >> judge brodie has said payments will not be made until all appeals are resolved. it could be months or years until suffering retired players receive their money. >> pelley: james brown of "nfl today," j.b. thanks very much. another american institution is in trouble. mcdonald's said today its earnings fell from $1.2 billion in the first three months last year to $811.5 million this year. that's a drop of 33%. anthony mason looks at how the golden arches got tarnished. >> reporter: they reported
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negative guests in all areas. sales fell for the sixth straight quarter as so-called fast casual chains like chipotle, 5 guys, and panera have been gaining ground mcdonald's has floundered. >> it's not go bguacamoleo a cheeseburger at this point. it's about being fresh and fast with the menu that they've always had. >> reporter: analyst nicole miller regan of piper jaffrey says younger customers went their fast food even faster. >> that means being able to order from a mobile device, being able to pay with a mobile device. >> reporter: mcdonald's has tried to break out of its bad news cycle raises wages for workers at the restaurants it owns this month. but that just further angered its frustrate the franchisees. "there's just no momentum" said one in a recent survey. if the the system is broken," said another. "there's no leadership, no plan." >> mr. easterbrook, hello. >> reporter: in february
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mcdonald's pushed out c.e.o. don thompson and replaced him with navinder singh sarao, the head of mcdonald's europe who promised a turnaround. >> what we recognized is the pace of change outside of mcdonald's has been a little quicker than the pace of change within. we have run this effort a sense of urgency and purpose to make the meaningful changes customers care about. >> reporter: easterbrook said mcdonald's will announce its turnaround plan may 4. that gave the stock a 3% bump today. but analysts say it will take a year or more for that plan to have any impact. >> pelley: anthony mason thank you very much. anthony. dr. oz answers critics who say his tv show promotes quack medicine. new photos reveal the anatomy of a major jewel heist. and a 102-year-old dancer sees her prime for the first time when the cbs evening news continues.
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a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. i love myself as a non-smoker. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> pelley: dr. mehmet oz says he will not be silenced by critics who say that his tv show promotes quack medicine. vinita nair has the story. >> reporter: more than nine million people a week tune in to watch dr. oz give medical advice. the cardiothoracic surgeon has been criticized for promoting fad diets. >> i have the number one miracle in a bottle to burn your fat. >> reporter: and frequently recommending unregulated
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products. but the latest criticism is about his seat as vice chair of the department of surgery at columbia university medical center. 10 physicians froms croo the country want him fired. they wrote a letter accusing him of quack treatments and cures in the interest of personal financial gain. dr. oz released this response that will air on his show tomorrow. >> i know i have irritated some potential allies in my quest to make america healthy. no matter our disagreements, freedom of speech is the most fundamental right we have as americans. and these 10 doctors are trying to silence that right. >> reporter: the letter went on to cite oz's baseless and relentless opposition to the genetic engineering of food exrops dr. henry miller, a researcher at the hoover institution, a conservative think tank was the author. miller has been a vocal proponent of genetically modified foods or g.m.o.
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dr. oz has questioned the safety of g.m.o.s and claims he's being targeted because he wants them labeled. while none of the 10 doctors who signed the letter would speak to cbs news on camera dr. miller responded in e-mail. scott, he says he has never received any money from the developers of genetically modified foods. >> pelley: vinita, thanks very much. the i.r.s. admits it's taxing people's patience. that's next. well, when you have copd it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... doctor: symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol increase the risk of death from asthma problems.
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>> pelley: as if one were needed taxpayers found a new reason to dislike the internal revenue service this tax season. the commissioner said today because of budget cut the i.r.s. had to hang up on more than 8 million americans who called the help line. only 40% of callers got to speak to a real person. many were on hold for half an hour and longer. the newest youtube sensation is 102 years old. her name is alice barker and she recently took a sentimental journey back to her chorus line days. >> hi, miss parker. >> reporter: as her harlem renaissance dancer in the 1930s and 40s, alice barker says she performed with some of the biggest stars in show business. >> that's you right? > pelley: but she had never seen herself on film until this day. ♪ ♪ ♪ volunteers at the nursing home where barker lives found vintage clips and brought them to her on an ipad.
6:53 pm
>> oh! >> pelley: watching her younger self some 70 years later, did more than bring back memories. barker says having her videos on the internet makes her feel connected to the world. ( laughter ) today, police in london released photos of a $90 million jewel heist over easter weekend. thieves drilled an enormous hole through a concrete wall that is 20 inches thick. they emptied dozens of safe deposit boxes. an alarm went off but it was ignored. some might argue what went missing in kentucky was even more valuable. how they solved the mystery next.
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6:57 pm
distiller jim rutledge has been in the bourbon business for 49 years. has it ever been better than it is now the business? >> no, not in my time. we're in a boom right now that will be sustained for years and years and years to come. >> reporter: there are 5.3 million barrels of bourbon in the bluegrass state. that's more barrels than the number of people who live in kentucky. >> the bourbon industry right now is on fire. >> reporter: so there was more than passing interest on tuesday when the sheriff here, pat melton announced nine indictments connected to a big bourbon heist. >> 195 bottles just walked out the door? that didn't happen. >> reporter: for years distillers here have noticed a shortfall in spirits, but until the arrests they didn't know some of their own workers were hundred the mystery. 18500-pound barrels, almost 300 bottles, a gallon jug and more, all the booze boosted by the modern-day bootleggers. 25 of those bottles contained
6:58 pm
pappy van winkle the rarest of nectars to afficianadoes. >> it's a very rare bourbon and according to the people that love it they love it. they don't just like. they love it. >> reporter: there were other brands stole as well, so much hooch that volunteer tastivitiers have been offering their services to help the police tell one from the other. >> i've had several offers numerous offers yesterday afternoon and this morning already. >> reporter: nine stainless steel and countless wooden barrels are still missing says melton who, for the record doesn't drink bourbon but jim rutledge does-- >> cheers. >> cheers. >> and so do many, many others. dean reynolds, cbs news lawrenceburg kentucky. that's coffee. >> pelley: and that is the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news and
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this is bruce johnson in baltimore where residents say relations with police didn't get bad with the death of freddie gray. it just got worse. >> reporter: a baby boy dies from burns during bath time and now his foster dad is in jail charged with murder. i'm surae chinn in stafford county with the very latest. >> we'll be tracking much colder air across the metro area, the possibility of frost tomorrow night and perhaps a few showers before that. >> more cameras watching your speed, but are they about safety or the money they bring in? >> and stranded at sea with plenty of big waves keeping these vacationers company. right now at 7:00 here's a live look in baltimore where protesters are marching in the street calling for answers into the man's death in police custody. several people have gathered. they were marching a short time
7:00 pm
ago carrying signs, many with freddie gray's name written on them. thanks for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. while protests are peaceful now, tensions have been high all day in west baltimore where gray was first arrested. >> reporter: this is bruce johnson in west baltimore. you no longer have to just talk about the tension here, you can actually see it. that's the police barricade in front of the precinct for west baltimore. police are on that side of the barricade, the community on this side. this is the sandtown winchester area of baltimore, a shooting in the middle of wednesday and no one seems all that surprised. freddie gray was arrested blocks away on april 12th near the gilmore housing project. he died in police custody. again the people who live here say while they're angry they're not all that surprised. >> before freddie gray we had anthony anderson, tyrone


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