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tv   CBS This Morning Saturday  CBS  April 25, 2015 8:00am-10:01am EDT

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good morning. it's april 26th. an earthquake strikes nepal. hundreds are dead. and the eruption why it could change the temperature of the entire earth. and shining a new light on an old face. how they're transforming classic buildings into spectacular sights. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye
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opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> the whole house, it wasik le an earthquake. >> texas gets roughed up as severe weather moves across the south. 21 million americans are under the threat of severe weather including tornados and hail the size of tennis balls. >> new frightened video out of texas where an ominous twister touched down this week. >> i've been thinking about this foday rever. >> bruce jenner said it out loud on national tv. >> baltimore police now admitting to mistakes made in the arrest of freddie gray. >> it cannot be business as usual. >> activists want to shut down the city with a massive rally. a major earthquake shook nepal. a herd of buffalo roaming around rural new york gunsow dn over concerns it would hurt
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someone. >> it was turned into the wild wild west. it was ridiculous. it was time to put an end to it. >> we have a huge fire on the pit lain. oh my goodness, ary sca situation at richmond. >> no more freebies at scar bucks. the glitch has been fixed. >> -- and all that matters -- >> victory tates sweeft as the dish wins the james beard award. >> this whole quitting idea is the stupidest thing i've ever heard. >> i agree with that. first i would just like to say it's my wife's fault. don't you think it's time we spend more time as a family? >> let me tell you what's going to happen when you get home. you know why? they've moved on with their
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lives. captioning funded by cbs and welcome to the weekend. we have a great show for you this morning. we're going to take you to harlem here in new york where new york, fashion, and culture there are having quite the influence on a clam chef mark samuelsson. a one-of-a-kind party. plus one of the most incredible voices to emerge. she has just made a solo record
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in our london bureau this morning. thank you, charlie. also overnight a turkish flight was forced to land in istanbul after one of its engine engines caught on fire. all 97 passengers were evacuate and there were no injuries.
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and a southwest flight on a flight from denver to milwaukee was forced to land as what was described as pressurization issues. emergency officials evaluated the 175 passengers and six crew members at denver international airport. one person suffered a minor injury. passengers continued their journey on a later flight. it's not clear what caused the problem on the boeing 737. severe weather is affecting millions of people in the plains and the south. funnel clouds were captured on camera when tornados rolled through wichita, kansas, on friday. there were no reports of damage or injury. a tornado was spotted south of texas. some damage was reported. drivers were forced to seek shelter from the wind and more rough weather is expected today from texas to the carolinas. let's get more from that from meteorologist ed curran from our chicago staugs of wtion of wbbm.
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ed, good morning. >> good morning anthony. we're seeing the rough weather move to the east. we're already seeing rough areas in the panhandle and florida. we have a slight area here from central illinois all the way down to the southeast from south carolina for georgia, alabama. that's for today. the orange area an enhanced risk a better risk for severe weather. that takes in southern illinois southern indiana, kentucky tennessee as well from st. louis to louisville to nashville. in this area people have to pay attention to an enhanced risk of severe weather. there means damaging winds, the possibility of hail or a tornado as well. it's a good day to stay in touch with the weather. anthony? >> ed curran of our chicago station wbbm. thanks, ed. as microwave rally is
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scheduled today in baltimore. freddie gray suffered a fatal spinal injury after being arrested and placed in the back of a police van. they say they don't know how he was in injured. organizers are planning to shut down the city. >> whatever they're doing, we know that their motive is a cause for justice. >> six officers have been suspended with pay during the investigation. cbs news has learned that the federal government is joining the investigation of a tulsa, oklahoma reserve deputy who accidentally shot and killed an unarmed machblt 73-year-old robert bates who's close friends with the sheriff is facing manslaughter charges for the death of eric harris this month. an internal review found supervisors were pressured in 2009 to give bates credit for training he never received. the fbi has interviewed several current sheriff office employees about bachlts it's part of a
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preliminary investigation in the possible corruption of the tulsa county sheriff's office. >> the death of an american held hostage by al qaeda is prompting a major review. it's giving further urgency with how the government communicates with the families of u.s. hostages. >> president obama apologized this week after american aid worker warren weinstein was killed in a u.s. drone strike in a remote part of pakistan. also killed was an italian hostage jiavanny lo porto. mark albert is in our washington bureau. >> they say they operate drone strikes where civilians won't be harmed but it's a possibility in that part of the world. at an address on friday
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president obama again expressed his condolences to the family of warren weinstein, the humanitarian worker held prisoner in al qaeda for the past years. >> we all grieve when any life is taken. wi don't take this work lightly. >> reporter: the president has ordered a review of the failed intelligence operation and spokesman josh earnest said one idea is a fusion cell across the government to respond to americans taken hostage in the future. >> sort of optimize the integrationhe efforts of the hostage but also to streamline communication with the hostage's family. >> reporter: in a statement weinstein's family did not question the drone strike itself but did question why some help from, quote, elements of the u.s. government was inconsistent and disappointing. >> the question that is raised by this tragic incident is what kinds of changes if any to our
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policies and procedures can ensure that we are better striking the balance between taking the actions, using the capacities that we have to protect the american people with the need to live up to the high standards that the president has established and that the american people expect. >> reporter: several days after the january strike another drone attack killed an american born al qaeda member adam would them knowing. >> apparently the united states didn't know who it was killing until weeks after the fact. >> white house spokesman josh earnest was asked if anyone would be discipline order fired due to the deaths of the two hostages. he said the people involved lived up to and abided by the policies and procedures in place. anthony? >> mark albert in washington. thanks, mark. for more on u.s. drone policy we're joined by security analyst
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juan zarate. he's in our washington bureau. as a former security adviser in the bush administration george w. administration he's still bounds by some secrecies of the story. good morning, juan. >> good morning, anthony. >> what is the intelligence base that would order this? >> the president has ordered a near certainty standard but also request respect to the target and so that means, anthony, that those who are looking for al qaeda senior leaders and targets have to compile enough information to assure that they are hitting an al qaeda contact. whoever the official is making the decision, enough confidence that you're hitting the rate target. >> i want to ask you about the statement from the family. they say while they praise certain personnel members in the fbi, they said overall other parts of the government, the
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support was exact disappointing. what does that comment really mean? are the cia and fbi working together? is there integration? >> there is integration, but there are challenges in communicating with the families, and i think the u.s. government has dropped the ball on occasion in terms of how they communicate with the families. this is a complaint you've heard not just from the weinstein families but those affected by the crises as well. the challenge for the u.s. government is they can't know everything they're doing to try to secure the release of the family members. on the other hand family members want more information and deserve it. and so there's a real tension there that's hard to bridge but i think that's going to be one part of this hostage policy review that will see some changes in the coming weeks. >> juan, there's obviously been a debate from the beginning. does its effectiveness against al qaeda make this a necessary risk? >> unfortunately, anthony, ily
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is a real balance here between the risk of action and the risk of inaction and there is never going to be perfect information about everything happening on the ground in places like western pakistan or yemen or somalia or north africa where al qaeda is taking advantage of the safe haven and where we do not have a physical presence. so information will never be perfect and the reality is that these kinds of targeted strikes have taken very senior members of al qaeda off the battlefield and i think have kept america safe. >> quickly, juan, i want to ask you, do you think of this as a new tactic where they're taking hostages? >> it's something to think of vinita. al qaeda has certainly been taking hostages. that's not new to them. they've made it an industry in north africa to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. to have hostages like this with leaders in western pakistan is somewhat unusual and you may
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wonder if they're starting to use hostages not just as bait for ransom and propaganda reasons but for human shields. >> thanks so much. italians this morning are holding nine alleged terrorists following raids in various part os testify country tapping a long investigation. prosecutors say they were involved in a plot against the vatd can that they never carried out after they learned the police were following them. investigators said they included bringing at least one suicide bomber to rome in 2010 for an attack that could have targeted the vatican. amorning those arrested were the suspects of a bombing in pakistan that killed more than 100 people and two men with close ties to osama bin laden. security has been beefed up in recent months with police and army troops after threats, especially from isis.
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the groups in a magazine featured an isis flag on st. peter's scare. they say, we will conquer your rome slave your people and rape your women. pope francis has repeatedly condemned terrorist violence and says while he is not worried about his own safety he's very concerned about the faithful who flock to see him. the vatican's position is in spite of taking all the necessary precautions there's no way to completely protect the square behind me in a terrorist attack. the best they can do is carry on as normal and trust in god. allen pizzey cbs news rome. the eruption of the volcano in chile could affect thousands of people. the first video was captured on
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wednesday. it was followed by a second eruption and the chilean government is warning there could be more. here's michelle miller. >> reporter: the back-to-back eruptions of chile's mt. cal guco came with little warning. hiker waldo flores was trapped on the mountain. i tried to stay above ground he said. the explosions were frequent and very strong. dramatic video shows clouds of gas emits into the atmosphere displaying lightning. that ash came back to earth covering homes and vehicles, but scientists are watching closely for a different reason. vulcan ilk gases have been shown to have a cooling effect. the massive eruption of mount pen ta'u beau in 1991 lowered global temperatures by as much as 1 degree but they say smaller eruptions like this one
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in chill key can also make a different. allegra legrand is a climate expert with nasa. >> let's see the gases make it to the stratosphere. they literally reflect the sunlight that prevent it from warming it up. this is a small component of why we're not as warm today as the climate models predicted we would be seven years ago. >> there are now concerns over a third eruption. residents in santiago some 600 miles away already experienced a shower of volcanic ash. for "cbs this morning: saturday," michelle miller new york. coming up later, scary fiemgds about a volcano much bigger than that one and it right here in the united states. about 100,000 people marched. it's believed many armenians
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died. the death penalty trial into the colorado movie theater massacre is set to begin monday. police say james holmes opened fire in a crowded theater near denver. 12 people were killed and 70 others wounded during a late night showing of a batman movie. the defense will say holmes was insane, but they may be in for a tough fight from prosecutors. barry petersen has more. >> reporter: it has been almost three years since the shooting and the arrest of james holmes. the passing time might help holmes since it allows abe ger at the shooting to diminish but it can also work against him says university of denver assistant professor nancy leone. >> during that time the resentment can build. it may be about the fact that they haven't had an opportunity
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to heal or have closures as a result of the trial. >> reporter: the defense is not going to contest that holmes was the shooter. instead they will try to argue that he was insane, that he did not know right from wrong when he pulled the trigger. to counter that the prosecution will show how holmes carefully ing ingbuying weapons and ammunition and even practicing at a shooting range. >> does that help or hurt? >> if the defendant did something that just seemed so outlandish, that just didn't make sense, there was no logical explanation for it then it's more likely to not have a reason by insanity verdict. >> reporter: in a surprising twist two of the jurors were involved in the columbine
8:20 am
shooting. jessica is a jury consultant. >> i think the prosecutor is in the better shape than the defense is with him. i would be more concerned on the defense side. i would be worried that he may suffer some ptsd during the trial. >> his memories would come flooding back. >> >> if holmes is found guilty the same jury will then decide if he gets life or death by lethal injection. for cbs this morning saturday barry peterson denver. i want to show you some of this morning's headlines. "the detroit news" says ford is recalling nearly 400,000 cars because the doors may not latch properly. the recall covers certain ford fiestas from 2012 to 2014. some ford fusions, 2013 and 2014 models. and the 2013 and 2014 lincoln mkz cars that were made in mexico. the concern is that the doors could open while the cars are in
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motion. the tennesseen shows that guns can be carried in public parks. they call have a victory for the second-amendment freedom. they voice displeasure for the legislation saying vague wording could lead to potential harm. and the international business times says hawaii could become the first state to raise the smoking age to 21. a bill passed by state lawmakers friday would ban anyone under the age of 21 from purchasing a cigarette or an e-cigarette. the current age limit is 18. advocates say it is designed toevent teenagers from becoming addicted to smoking. it's not clear if the governor will sign the bill. >> interesting that e-cigarettes are it? "the seattle times" says workers at starbucks coffee shops around the nation will resume filling orders this morning after a computer outage shut them down for a time on friday. about 8,000 stores were affected. some gave away free drinks before being forced to close early. starbucks says the computer
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problem has been fixed. can you read that sign? it says we're unable to sell food items, impulse items and bottled beverages. that's what we do at starbucks. >> coffee is an impulse item. and deadheads could be in for a treat along with fans of john mayor. the grateful dead says their concerts this summer are sold out but there's talk of a fall tour that would start in october. insiders say mayor has started rehearsing with some members of the band. and it's about 22 aft hour, now here's a look at the weather for your weekend. coming up a coverup at coming up a cover-up on
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ambercrombie&fitch. the company is rebranding itself with less sex. ly be it work? and how do you enforce a no drug tolerance policy when more and more states are legalizing marijuana. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday." we go online what you shold know about hacking?
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it seems like spring just it seems like spring just arrived. louder movies and concerts giving you a ringing in the ears? a new study on tinnitus. more coming up. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday."
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♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning saturday." our top story this half hour an overhaul for abercrombie and fitch. the hot new retailer is headed in a new direction. >> that means less sex and less skin. and what they are calling a more relaxed attitude. here's carter evans. >> reporter: abercrombie & fitch built its motto on shirtless in-store employees. it helped sales for a while. according to branding expert sean rossell. >> it was shock and awe.
8:31 am
you would see the washboard abc and it was a side show act that got people into the stores. >> reporter: but criticism of the brand's hiring process soon followed. a class-action suit filed in 2003 claimed discrimination against minority job seekers. the company eventually agreed to pay $40 million to applicants and change its practices. in december mike jeffreys the ceo who created the brand's sexualized image, left the company clearing the way for a makeover. in an announcement on friday, the company stated by the end of july there will no longer be sexualized marketing be used in their materials. >> they were a company really taking a marketing approach that was kind of behind the times. their stocks have been not doing well, the stores haven't been doing well and they really needed to make a change. >> reporter: the global brand has been struggling since the recession. in the last quarter, which included holiday purchases, abercrombie reported a 14% decline in sales. in hopes of turning things around, the company now says it will stop hiring sales reps
8:32 am
based on body type or physical attractiveness. >> if you look into your crystal ball where do you see amber com bee next year? >> that's a tough one because it has to be a totally different look and feel and the heart of the company has to be different. >> reporter: carter evans, los angeles. >> carter mentioned in store but have you walked by the abercrombie & fitch on fifth avenue. often male models are standing outside, even in the winter i've wondered. >> it was a divisive campaign among kids in a lot of ways. coming up will tonight's white house correspondence dinner live up to its reputation as a laugh riot with washington so widely divided? we'll have a preview. now here's a look at the weather for your weekend.
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up next medical news in our "morning rounds" including a promising new genetics test for ovarian and breast cancer that's easier and more affordable. plus dr. jon lapook and holly phillips with homeopathic remedies just like over-the-counter drugs. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." >> announcer: this portion sponsored by breathe right. breathe better. sleep better tonight. uth breather! well, put on a breathe right strip and shut your mouth. allergy medicines open your nose over time, but add a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more. so you can breathe and sleep.
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starts relieving pain faster and kills more types of infectious bacteria. neosporin plus pain relief kills the germs. fights the pain. time now for "morning rounds" with cbs news chief medical correspondent dr. jon lapook and contributor holly phillips. first up a genetics test for ovarian and breast cancer is now more affordable. >> it was started by a startup company in california.
8:37 am
it offers a cheaper and easier way to determine a woman's risk for these conditions. testing for the brc 1 and 2 gene mutations used to cost $4,000. color genomics offers it. >> what we've tried to do is demock kra tiez it around breast and ovarian cancer risks and we wanted to do it in a responsible way. >> a woman with a breakca 1 gene. either by her own doctor or the company. counseling is providenot provided in the advice. color jen onlyics says it has achieves the low price through automatic software or yenation and direct marketing.
8:38 am
>> spit into the funnel until the saliva reaches the fill-to line. >> reporter: the test at home is not covered by insurance. they only account for 10% to 15% of breast and ovarian cancers. oncologist jennifer litton of the cancer centers says counseling is key. >> would be concerned if people interpret the negative result as being no risk especially if they come from a family that has a lot of different cancers or young onsets of cancers. >> johnn, why are we hearing more about genetic testing? >> because it's getting cheaper and cheaper and more available. over a decade ago it used to take over a million bucks. that's now approach 1ging $1,000. as it gets cheaper, you're going to see more of it. for the first time in nearly 30 years the government is
8:39 am
alonging whether to regulate natural remedies the same way it does over-the-counter drugs. what are some of the over-the-counter remedies that are popping up and why would they change some of these? >> the fda is focused on ore the counter-remedies shoulder over the counters and in drug storrs. they tend to be very diluted forms of herbs or minerals. some of of the more popular ones are zicam or cold ease. the safety and effective of these drugs isn't effective before they're put on the market. there isn't any evidence to say they do what they do. >> jon, what are the dangers. >> i read the online there were three main things. first is as holly says the
8:40 am
safety and effectiveness has not been proven. there are questions that this has gone from a multi-million to a multi-billion-dollar industry. that's one thing. the other is they can be in the pharmacy right next door next on the shelf to over-the-counter remedies have been. consumers are confused. they're right next to each other. they're kind of the same. the third thing that's serious is people can sometimes not do proper procedures because they want to do a home owe pattic route. there was testimony about a guy who talks about his wife -- she found a breast lump. instead of getting proper treatment, she went the homeopathic route, had alternative therapies, didn't get the proper treatment and died. >> even now i have a little bit of a cold. so many people suggest natural remedy. what will the fda do?
8:41 am
are there certain steps to approval? >> one of the steps is going to come down to labeling. right now you can look at homeopathic products on the shelf. frankly many of those things haven't been proven. the label will say in teeny tiny print at the bottom, these statements have not been evaluated by the food & drug administration and on and on. i think they might want to crack down on the labeling and the claims that these manufacturers can make. another new study examines the brain networks that may be responsible for tinnitus. john jon, tell us about the research. >> it's a buzzing or ringing or high pitched sound on and off that affects up to 50 billmillion people. they had the very unusual opportunity to have a man come in who was having his brain mapped for electrical activity
8:42 am
because he was having seizures. the idea was to figure out where it was with the eye toward cutting it out with brain surgery. it's very invasive. putting electrodes in his brain. it turns out he also had tip tinnitus. it gave them an opportunity to look into it. you would expect that maybe just the auditor center right around here would have been involved. but it turned out that many, - many areas of the brain were involved. >> i just think tinnitus is such a difficult thing to treat and it affects so many people. one in five people will experience it in their lifetimes. i know in practice it's been frustrating. i often have patients i work alongside and we end up having limited results. i think having a better understands f what's causing tinnitus
8:43 am
tinnitus, knowing that it causes large areas testify brain, maybe treatment can focus on interrupting some of those circuits that are actually causing tinnitus either using an electromagnetic brain stimulation or neurofeedback so people can get relief. >> i hope so. fine. finally, who needs a teddy bear when you can have a tablet. a new study finds more than one-third of babes taps smartphones or over mobile devices before they learn to walk and talk. researchers found one in seven toddlers use devices for at least an hour or day by his or her first birthday. that's kind of scary. >> both of my daughters knew how to toggle on a phone, work an ipad before they could walk. again, i didn't leave them on it for an hour a day. i think it's a part of our culture now. they see me on it their dad. >> it was easier when they're 1 and under. now they're older, now you have
8:44 am
a conversation and a fight. >> they urge you to limit screen use under the age of 2. an average 8 to 10-year-olds spends eight hours a day in front of screens. my mother used to call television the thief of time. think that's also happening. >> look what happened. dr. jon lapook. dr. holly phillips thanks very much. up next, the battle between work and play. we'll legalize pop. cbs legal analyst rikki klieman. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday". now at chili's new top shelf tacos.
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[cat meows] [laughs] ♪meow, meow, meow, meow...♪ ♪meow, meow, meow, meow...♪ it's more than just a meal it's meow mix mealtime. with 100% complete and balanced nutrition and the taste, textures and variety cats love, it's the only one cats ask for by name. more than a third of american private employers have drug testing policies for their
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workers in accordance with the federal free workplace act. times have changed. 23 states have now legalized medicinal marijuana and voters in colorado and washington state have legalized recreational pot as well. >> how do employers balance zero tolerance with the more lenient laws. we're joining by rikki klieman. good morning. >> good morning. >> states are starting to legalize it. what does the employer do here? >> that is the ultimate question. we ear dealing with the use of marijuana outside the workplace. everyone agrees you're not able to use drugs or drink alcohol while you're at work. so outside the workplace what you do the workplace can have zero tolerance and just say, i'm sorry, i don't care if you did it saturday or monday or tuesday. when you come to work on friday organization view to be
8:49 am
drug-free. so practically, what should an employer do? >> a employer should do exactly the following. number one, talk to a lawyer. number two, make sure that that lawyer and you understate law and your policies are in conjunction with both. also communicate with your employees. let them know what their risks are, that if they're going to take marijuana recreationally where it's legal or illegal and certainly if they're going to take medical marijuana legally, they really have to know what their rights are and what the company's righting are. also, you've got to educate and train your personnel. your managers your supervisors, so that they understand that they're got to do this testing. and finally, keep drug testing. don't slack off of drug testing because then you're in trouble. >> you said something that's interesting. you said they have to be drug-free when they enter the workplace. i think one of the issues that keeps boiling other, it's not like a breathalyzer. it's something that was done on
8:50 am
the weekend. are you really impaired at work? >> impairment is the big issue. if you see someone coming in to work impaired by drugs and alcohol, you know. but you don't know what drugs or alcohol they've taken. so why is marijuana or recreational marijuana the problem? well, you could take oxycontin. you could have alcohol. you could have morphine for heaven's sachlkt and it's out of your system if you smoke marijuana or ingest it, thc, the active ingredient might be in your system for months. this is a problem. if you start firing people, you might start firing dilemma that lawyers have to deal with. thank you very much for being with us this morning. coming up it's supposed to be the funniest night on the
8:51 am
washington's calendar. we'll see if it lives up to its billing. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." >> announcer: this portion sponsored by the discover it card. the card that treats you l a big portion sponsored by the discovery card. the card that treats you like you treat you. you can switch it right on again. you're back! freeze it, only from discover. get it at while the world needs saving... prizes need winning, at subway. grab a 30-ounce drink or doritos snacks for a chance to win subs for life movie tickets, and more. and catch marvel's avengers: age of ultron, in theaters may 1st. subway. where super heroes eat. are you so congested... it feels like that brick's on your face? try zyrtec®-d to powerfully clear your blocked nose and relieve your other allergy symptoms. so you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec®-d. find it at the pharmacy counter. this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin.
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in sickness and in health, cigna's there, helping you to get well and stay well. that's having a partner, who's with you all the way. cigna. these days the house republicans actually give john boehner a harder time than they give me, which means orange really is the new black. tonight the commander in chief will become the ciaomedn in chief as politicians journalists, and celebrities alike gather for the white house correspondents dinner. known jokingly as nerd prom, this year's dinner will be hosted by "saturday night live's" cecile strong who's no stranger to political humor. >> president obama's rating fell
8:55 am
to a low though his jeans are still at an all-time high. >> she'll join others in lampooning the president. >> remember when countries rallied around you in hopes of a better tomorrow? that was hilarious. >> i promise tonight will be amusing and over quickly just like chris christie's presidential bid. and famous faces. >> donald trump's face always appears on fox which is funny because fox appears on his head. i enjoy attending these dinners. i had a lot more prepare bud i have to get the secret service home in time for their new curfew. >> it's nice to have a woman emceeing this event. >> i'm looking forward to it.
8:56 am
we're both going down. >> can't wait for you to see my dress. it's good. and our 24-hour cbsn digital network will have live coverage if you want to see vinita's dress. it begins at 6:00 p.m. eastern time, 5:00 p.m. central. >> i'll do an extra twirl for our viewers. up next, police make a controversial decision after a herd of buffalo get loose on a highway. for some of you your local news is next. the rest of you, stick around. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday."
8:57 am
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welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." e i'm anthony mason. >> and i'm vinita nair. coming up this half hour, the spectacular eruption of a volcano in southern chile is forcing thousands of people from their home while deep beneath one of the most scenic spots in this country, scientists say a far greater eruption is brewing. then let there be light. architects are turning to the latest development in lighting to dress older buildings like never before. and summer starts early in hollywood. that means blockbusters including george clooney and disney's "tomorrowland." we will have a preview. our top story this half hour hundreds are confirmed
9:01 am
dead in an earthquake in nepal. a magnitude 7.8 quake struck near the capital of >> thank you.
9:02 am
spring storms pounded a large part of the central and southwestern u.s. in kansas tornadoes hit wichita friday, but there were no taj or injuries. the storm also brought hail the size of golf balls. >> and near ft. worth, texas, more storms did damage. more are expected from texas to the carolinas. two tractor-trailer trucks became a great ball of fire when they collided in texas. it was caught on the camera of a passing motorist. it was more of an explosion as one of the trucks was carried propane. one was killed and two others injured. most were evacuated as a precaution. 15 buffalo were killed. their owners had them shot and killed. craig apple said it had to be done. >> turning into the wild wild west. it was ridiculous time to put
9:03 am
an end to it. >> a wildlife expert suggested police had few alternatives. in chile the erupting volcano could contaminate water if miles around and has forces thousands out of their homes. the first eruption sent ashes as far away as nine miles. there was a second eruption on saturday and there could be more from the chilean government. it's a hint of what's brewing right here in the u.s. scientists have long known that yellowstone national park sits atop a huge volcano. what they've discovered is it's bigger than they thought. there's a vast pool of magma deep beneath the park enough to fill the grand canyon 11 times over. jeffrey krueger. good morning, jeffrey. >> good morning. >> tell us about this? it's a bit of a ticking time bomb. >> it is.
9:04 am
this reservoir of magma could fill the grand canyon multiple times over. if it blew it could cover three states. it could enter the jet "treme" and ground air traffic in the same way the 2010 ice lan dik volcano did. it could cover the earth with a short of sky-darkening blanket briefly affecting climate. think about the st. helen's explosion in 1980 and multiply it by a thousand. >> it's been down there for 17 million years and we've just figured it out. what does that tell us? >> it tells us how the long-term volcano could be a very very long term because the deeper caldera feeds the top one. if the bottom was out of juice, the top would fill it up. >> i don't want to add more doom
9:05 am
to doom. i'm curious. do we now have a complete idea what's exactly under the surface or is there more? >> no. we do have a great idea. there are hundreds and even smaller earthquakes in that region in the course of a year. researchers from the university of utah took a sort of subterranean cat scan. so when you analyze that you suddenly got a complete picture of this enormous caldera beneath the ground. >> there have been three giant eruptions with the last about 146,000 years ago. i think i remember that one. when do we expect the next one? >> here's the next one. it's fairly accurate science when these things are going to blow. but only in the short term. a few weeks, a few months.
9:06 am
now, the next one should come within 60,000 years inf this blows. we could have some problems. >> will this new discovery lead to better estimates of future science and volcanic hazards? >> it will for two reasons. it helps us better prognosticate what's happening or could happen and it also provides techniques to look at other super volcano sites around the world. the way i look to look at this one is this volcano is very unlikely to present a problem in your lifetime great grand children's. >> so i shouldn't be worried about walking around yellowstone and it's erupting. >> not this week. >> that's reassuring. thank you, jeffrey. it's about six after the hour and now here's a look at the weather for your weekend.
9:07 am
up next, a bright new look for aging buildings. >> i'm david begnaud in chicago. when it comes to older buildings around the u.s. one company is using l.e.d. displays video and projections to breathe some life into buildings that could use the modern touch. we'll show you how it works and what it looks like coming up on "cbs this morning: saturday."
9:08 am
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they are formally named light emits dials but most call them l.e.d.s. they're turning up everywhere these days. david begnaud has visited a company that's come up with this architecture. good morning david. >> good morning, vinita. we're about to show you how bright lights good graphics and animation are redefining big buildings with what is known as
9:12 am
experienced design. from the empire state building in new york city to land marks around the world, l.e.d. lights have transformed big city skylines bridges, and even corporate lobbies. this is what 221 main street a san francisco office built in the '70s used to look like. >> we need to give this building a presence and connect the inside with it with the outside of it. >> look at it now. >> we did a big simple idea which is like let's literally put a ribbon of light on this thing. let's put a stream on the front that flows to the inside of the building and folds down the wall. >> reporter: ed was task with some term as a boring building into a conversation piece. he's a designer which specializes in experienced
9:13 am
design driven by big ideas. he took us to 330 hudson street in manhattan where nine multi-resolution l.e.d. screens essentially put a view on a windowless building. >> we created a time lapse that that's spatially oriented. what i see on the scene is exactly the same view i would have if the wall wasn't there. >> the work of designers like ed was first inspired by this founder. is it enough for them to walk by the building and say, oh that's cool or stop by and have a conversation. >>? >> my favorite thing would be to elbow someone next to them and say, look at that. that's so cool. and they would say, why? a lot of them are thought to be an invitation that moves inside. >> schlossberg who's the husband of caroline kennedy was once
9:14 am
quoted as saying my art is what we night see if we could witness the presence of thinking itself. one of the largest and most impressive design projects was this dream cube built in 2010 for the world ek powe. then it was the largest l.e.d. 3-d screen ever built. >> they experienced it outside. >> the l.e.d. inspired by the human. >> yeah. >> reporter: one of the designers came up with a map theme to highlight the building's presence in downtown chicago. >> is very interesting here right along the chicago river. you can see it on the boat tours but it didn't have a presence. >> reporter: so we med ed pever in chicago to see it for
9:15 am
ourselves. the red dot is where the building is on the river. >> that's right. it's like a you are here moment. >> reporter: prior to the map the building wasn't much of a conversation piece. now it's on an architectural tour that the city has. what does the map do? >> it brings out the personality. >> the redesign has been good for business. the transformation for this particular billing has been a significant factor for bringing in more tenants about a mile away at 180 north lasalle street in chicago, esi installed 13 projectors which beamed content on social media. >> the wind data informs how fast those clouds move and in what direction. so tomorrow it looks like we're going to have a strong westerly wind. you can see that all around the lobby, the clouds are moving in the direction with the speed that they will be tomorrow.
9:16 am
>> reporter: beacon capital partners which owned these buildings has hired esi exclusively to design buildings around the u.s. 17700ington street in boston is one of those billings it's truly interaiv. >> reporter: rob is the senior vice president. >> we feel the money spent on these lobbies is well spent and our return is going to be pham on these. >> is it enough to have a good looking fancy light display? >> no. up in. that's sort of -- it's too easy. you want >> you want a real experience. >> i want them to have a real experience have a reaction while they're doing it. and to think how it's a window into seeing and doing and being, you know after the experience. >> now, esi is not the first company to use l.e.d. lights but
9:17 am
they have been a pioneer in engagement and experience design. >> david, it's so ier >> it's so interesting to look at the thought process that goes into designings these because it's not just lights. it looks kind of expensive. is it? >> edward schlossberg said five years ago a redesign might have cost $20 million. he claims they can do it for $1 million. >> it's so realistic it makes me nervous that i feel like i'm going to walk right into a wall. the depth they are able to achieve mo-to-make it looks like a cavernous rooms. >> we ear talking about people that people walked by and didn't notice. now they're like "221 in san francisco. that building." >> thanks so much. is. up next, the die the knows are back. ""jurassic world" is one of the big budget duos out in the next several months. we'll preview the big summer movies. you're watching cbs "this morning" saturday. movies. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday."
9:18 am
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officially summer is nearly two months away. in new york it feels like nine months way. hollywood has its own calendar and says the summer season is already upon us. marvel kicks things off on thursday with an all-star cast of "the avenger's age of ultron." take a look. >> that little witch is messing with your mind. you're stronger than her, smarter than her. you're bruce banner. don't mention puny banner. >> okay. >> this big budget sequel is
9:22 am
just one of 86 new releases due out in the next few months. here with a preview is matt singer and critic of the website screen that's a lot of movies. >> yeah. >> this one is the hulk. it is giant sized. everything about it is bigger. bigger cast bigger a bigger villainfe'ul hs literally a big robot paid by james spader. i've read a comic book or two in my day. it is very entertaining. super nerdy. if you're a casual fan you're going to enjoy it. you might feel a little bit overwhelmed. >> more of everything including superheroes, right? >> that's correct. they didn't lose anybody. they just added more. >> how do they fit them all in one film? >> it is a lot of movie.
9:23 am
they've been building this now for six years and they're only going to get bigger. the next avenger movie is going to be so big they'll split it in two parts. >> it's 30 years between these two sequels. you've moved on past the age of being a target audience. >> that's right. they weren't alive when the last one came out in 1985. >> i saw the trailer. i'm excited. i have to admit. >> maybe if there's not app audience, "furious 7" made $1.2 billion worldwide. there's an audience for car crash movies and "mad max" did it here. i feel like it's going to be one of those surprise hits of the summer. >> conspicuously absent mel gibson. >> he was still involved.
9:24 am
he was going to play max again. it took 12 years. things happened and he fell out and tom hardy is now playing "mad max." >> tell us about george clooney and "tomorrowland." >> i don't know if it involves the disney theme park but it's inspire. she finds george clooney who's this former boy genius and she recruits him to go help her find this place which is called tomorrowland which is somehow connected to the theme park. >> then we have another jurassic park film. the third sequel. "jurassic world." >> someone thought i'm going to open a park of my own. take one guess what goes wrong. the dinosaurs break out.
9:25 am
i don't know why they'd go there. chris pratt is in it. dallas howard. steven spielberg didn't direct it. there's a new director. colin ter rar row. >> let's talk about pixar. in june they have a film called "inside out." everyone loves it when they do it. >> reporter: this is pie bipete doctor who's a pixar genius. he did "monsters ink" and "up." there are characters inside people that control them. >> i know all of them. >> joy fear. these characters are controlling their minds and it gives you the mind inside of this young girl. >> real quick. arnold schwarzenegger is back. >> yes. as the terminator. not only is he back but he's the terminator. he's 67 years old and still the
9:26 am
terminator. i guarantee you in this film he'll say i'll be back. >> quickly tell us about "train wreck" with amy shuler. >> this one is a female centric. she's the star and wrote it for herself. she's a commitment foe-phobic woman who falls in love with james hader. this guy did 2,000 sit-up as day. i wouldn't have time. if i started right now i wouldn't. >> coming up it's all about the bird. chef marcus samuelsson's new restaurant. >> there's no lady-like way to eat this on television but we're past that point, i think. >> yeah. >> we'll take you there in a
9:27 am
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
this morning a special edition of "the dish" featuring award-winning chef marcus samuelsson. adventurous and creator of five wide ranging books. he has lived around the world and now makes his home in harlem. next month he's inviting top chefs there for a unique festival. we visit him in his newest restaurant. chef marcus samuelsson is a man on the movie, or sitting down for an interview -- >> are you ready? >> reporter: -- he's always
9:31 am
multitasking. it's how he became one of the nation's top chefs. we were with him hours before his initial opening of his newest restaurant sweet bird in harlem. >> this was my favorite meal growing up. we didn't have a rotisserie right? >> if you don't vl a rotisserie, how do you get the chicken that crispy at home? you can't. by design his restaurants reflect his personal journey. >> the greatest thing is you can be swedish, you can be ethiopian but live in new york. >> his mother died when he was 2. he and his sisters were adopted by a family in sweden. >> i wouldn't be here without having my grandmother helga. she taught me how to cook and
9:32 am
develop the love for cooking and being in the kitchen. kitchen was the only place i could do better than my sisters. maybe they didn't care. i rolled meatballs faster than them, i wul competition against my sisters. by tl able of 16 he was enrolled in the culinary school in switzerland. he made his first trip to new york. >> i loved it. >> what did you love about new york? >> broadway bright light. the way i watched it on mtv, that was my view of new york and that's what it would look like. >> reporter: it would take six years for samuelssoning to return to the city of lights full time. within a year he was promoted to executive chef. >> you're still really proud of that one. >> am still but he taught me how to become the chef i am. >> those high end skills led to
9:33 am
cook president obama's first state dinner but in the early 2000s he thought about his career. >> i thought about great food and cenk righting. you know i met maya angelou and she explained what it was like everything was next to each other. i was like there used to be a lot of vibrant res staunltss here. i thought, what if we could put that back on the map. >> reporter: in 2010 samuelsson opened red rooster on 125th street. it's a celebration of cuisine culturen and community, and his reputation and style brought new diners. >>er in lam. it's with the help of mayor de blasio and bill clinton.
9:34 am
>> this is realliet getting people in the neighborhood also. >> it is. that neighborhood that is ill invin credible. listen to great music. come with friends meet new friends and discover something you didn't think was a couple of blocks away. >> like this clothing store harlem hab dashry one of his favorites. >> when cy see you, how do you get dressed. >> me and my sister stood out. my moom was like you have to look dabber. i was now alon wear classy jeans or income leanings that. today -- i always wear something swedish like george with a
9:35 am
swedish flag. and also the restaurant honoring the restaurant that honors the ladies them. they're here. >> when you explain what traditional south after cap cooking is -- >> there's indian portuguese it's kind of cool, the rainbow cuisine. >> the food is the melting pot. >> the melting pot, yes. >> you look very elegant by the way. >> oh wow. that's so flavorful. when you were dreaming up "eat up harlem" and you were still skblang it to people how did people in lie vee response for that. it can never happen. >> why? because they thought the community wouldn't open up its doors? >> many people told me i could. be a chef in america.
9:36 am
doing great things is never easy but also makes you love them even more. it's our chance to show the country where we are today and where we came from and where we're going. every restaurant here in harlem is celebrating "harlem eat up kwchlts. >> there's something about him. he was the first chef on the dish. he has so much energy and excitement that makes you think this feshlg is just the next step. >> it's a great idea and he he's had such a remark story, done so many things. we saw him last night at the james beard awarding. >> can we brag about ourselves? >> we have exciting news. "the dish" won the james beard award. we want to congratulate our
9:37 am
producers, there's marsy. gets us the greatest chefs in the world. it's not easy to get them up on a saturday morning. she did it. we're grateful -- >> there's greg right there. >> dwreg and marcy. look at the phenomenon ittics here. >> if you want to know. look at the phenomenon ittic, that's how you're meant to pronounce my name. >> it was elegantly done. >> thank you so much for your foundation. now here's a look at the weather for your weekend. up next our "saturday
9:38 am
session." rihanna didden. she's been compared to many and you do not want to miss her. this is "cbs this morning: saturday." >> announcer: this portion sponsored by toyota. let's go places. ran a race most wouldn't dream of starting. chose to take down a monster. and realized when it's dark enough... can see the stars. one bold choicelead ingings
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. in this morning's "saturday sessions" singer songwriter and stramt stramtallist rhiannon giddens. she's the lead singer of the string band carolina chocolate draw. >> now she has a solo career as well that kicked off in 2013 when she stole the show at the another day another time concert right here in new york. a celebration of the '60s folk singing curated by legendary music producer t-bone burnett. now she's out with her first solo album produced by burnett tu titled tomorrow is my turn. and here she is, rhiannon giddens with her take on the classic "black is the color." ♪ black is the color of my true love's hair for ♪ his lips are like some rosie
9:42 am
fair ♪ the sweetest face and the neatest hands ♪ i love the ground where on he stands ♪ soft is the feel of my true love's skin ♪ and strong arms he folds me in the clearest ♪ eyes and the truest heart, he lets me stop before i start ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i love my love and what he knows ♪ i love his love and love it grows note knoll until i know that i would burst and still i feel ♪ the strongest thurs
9:43 am
♪ i love my love and he loves me ♪ and to my soul he owns the key key, i have his heart ♪ and he has mine i've kissed his mouth ♪ 10,000 times ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ black is the color of my true love's hair ♪ lips are like some rosie fair sweetest face ♪ and the neatest hands, i love the ground where on he stands ♪ ♪ ♪
9:44 am
♪ ♪ ♪ well i love my love and well he knows ♪ i love his love and love it grows ♪ until i know that i would burst ♪ and still i feel the strongest thirst ♪ i love my love and he loves me, and to my soul ♪ he owns the key, i has his heart and he has mine ♪ i've kissed his mouth 10,000 times ♪ ♪ black is the color, black is the color black is the color of ♪ my true love's hair ♪
9:45 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> don't go away we'll be right back with more music from rhiannon gibbons. you're watching cbs "this morning" saturday. ♪ caress presents the world's first body wash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. new caress love forever. we have a lot of mouths to feed. fortunately, petsmart has a wide assortment of foods for us to choose from. any types of food for dogs who are afraid of spiders?
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as promised now more music from rhiannon giddens. ♪ i've
9:49 am
♪ i've got your picture that you gave to me ♪ ♪ and it's signed with love just liked used to be ♪ ♪ the only thing different the only thing new ♪ ♪ i've got the picture she's got you ♪ ♪ i've got the records that we used to share ♪ ♪ and they still sound the same as when you were here ♪ ♪ the only thing different the only thing new ♪ ♪ i've got the records
9:50 am
she's got you ♪ ♪ ♪ i've got the memory or has it got me ♪ ♪ i really don't know but i know that it won't let me be ♪ ♪ i've got your class ring and it proved you cared ♪ ♪ and it still looks the same as when you gave it dear ♪ ♪ the only thing different the only thing new ♪ ♪ i've got these little things ♪
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tomorrow on "cbs sunday morning" lee cowan catches up with actress helen hunt who's taken on a batch of new roles as writer director and star of the new move "ride." life lessons from a reporter. ellen mccarthy report as what she's learned on the beat. and later today on cbsn our 24-hour news network will have a saturday special. you can watch it at noon and
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narrator: today on lucky dog, every dog has its day. brandon: all right. narrator: but training them takes a lot longer. whether it's busting bad habits... brandon: hey, hey, hey hey, hey, hey, hold on hold on, hold on, wait wait, wait, wait. narrator: ...or cultivating new skills success rarely happens overnight. tim: good boy! narrator: true results require patience consistency... brandon: good, good! narrator: ...and above all else, taking it one step at a time. brandon: that's a dance, good! i'm brandon mcmillan and i've dedicated my life to saving the lonely, unwanted dogs that are living without hope. my mission is to make sure these amazing


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