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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 13, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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right now at 2011. federal investigation say the amtrak track in philadelphia was traveling twice the speed limit. i'm bruce johnson. >> and i'm leslie foster. our colleague is in philadelphia and anchoring the team coverage from the scene of the crash last night. well, leslie and bruce, the sun has gone down and there's a nip in the air in philadelphia. if you over my shoulder you can see the work goes on the investigators will be working long in the night. we know for sure that many things that investigators from the national transportation board are going to be looking at this for a while. seven people are confirmed dead and more than 200 injured. and moving secured cars to a
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location and would know the identity of the train's engineer as the investigation is increasingly focus on the speed of the train in the moments before the deadly crash. >> maximum authorized speed through this curve was 50 miles per hour. when the engineer induced brake application applied, the train was traveling at approximately 106 miles per hour. >> the ntsb is analyzing the black box and investigators say the forward facing camera may have clues about what caused this terrible crash. the train's engineer is identified. brandon bassian and the ntsb says they will speak to him. philadelphia's mayor says the engineer was treated for injuries suffered in the crash and taken to a police station but he declined to make a statement before he left the station with a lawyer.
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>> this person has gone through a traumatic event and we want to give him an opportunity to convalesce before we interview him. >> amtrak was in the process of installing positive train control, automated technology to slow down a speeding train and be adoptby the end of the year. >> we feel that had such a system been installed in the section of the track, this cident would not have occurred. and in fact, that positive train control system had been in stall up and down much of the east coast, just not in the area where the crash occurred where it is a bitter pill to suffer for those suffering. we know it has been 24 hours since the original tragedy unfolded. we have the latest on the investigation. >> we are wondering why was that train going more than 56 miles per hour more than it
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should have been. there are so many things we don't know but here is what we do know. >> amtrak train 188 took off from dc at 7:10 tuesday night on its way to new york city. after it made its way to philadelphia and at 9:21 and tossing 7 cars on their side and causing chaos and carnage. >> it felt like it tilted over and we were in the air and we hit. >> keep crawling. crawl forward, sir. >> 238 passengers and five crew members including the engineer at the controls. had to be evacuated. rescued and some didn't make it out alive. >> i seen them coming out with stretchers and people having all types of injuries and shaken up. >> amtrak service between new york and philadelphia and the
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investigation launches meal. by wednesday officials can accounts for everyone on the train and still not all of the dead have been publicly identified. the black box holds the key and it's analyzed in delaware. late wednesday afternoon officials announce that train was traveling at twice the speed it should have when it went off the rails. a lot of trainings taken for the ntsb to continue the investigation. jeff cutler escaped the second car with a bump and bruise on his leg. >> this happened and came out of nowhere and where i was sitting it felt like a train almost lifted off. federal railroad administration actually inspected those tracks just before that train derailed. and there wasn't any problem at all. ntsb says there will be another press briefing and we will be fining out more information. they say they expect to be here
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throughout the week, dare rake, it will be a week and we will find out more. thank you, deborah. >> the investigators will be looking at the age of the railcars involved. those things date all the way back to the 1970s, pictures from inside the train just moments after crash, luggage all over the place and blood and passengers tossed around as the train tumbled and this raises questions, do we need seatbelts on those trains. that's certainly we want to understand was that a contributing factor to either the derailment or injuries or deaths that followed. >> now the doctors that treated the patients said they were surprise bid a number of things. first of all there was so many rib injuries involved. they were also surprised that there were so few head injuries and quite frankly and i think this was a happy surprise
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fortunate that there were not more deaths. our own garrett hague is at temple university. garrett, what do you have for us? >> reporter: derrick, there are 22 people that are injured on train 188 that will have to spend at least one more night here at the hospital including 8 in critical condition. >> broken bones and cracked ribs were the most common injuries. broken vertebrae sent this gentleman to the hospital. >> it took a lot of people a few minutes to realize the pain they were in. >> temple university discharged some patients tonight. one man from virginia told me he was still too shaken up to talk on camera about what he
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had seen. the loves ones scarier with the injuries and those that remain missing. that's 13-year-old mark gilderly from baltimore, his father boarded 188 bound to new york and hasn't been seen since. he has been unaccounted for. and here at the hospital, they expect to be able to release at least a half dozen more patients tomorrow but for folks like that young men that are still looking for a loved one up accounted for, tonight will be another long night. well, thank you, garrett. as you say a long night for many and happy reunions to come for a fortunate few. we are learning about four of the seven confirmed victims of the deadly derailment. and we talked to the family of
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a wells fargo executive that was killed in the crash. >> reporter: 55-year-old david galonnie used to live in this family and owned a house here. he recently moved to new york which is where he was head when the train derailed. yesterday, he was back in rockville briefly after attending his uncle's funeral. very tragic day. very sad day for many people. >> after hearing about the amtrak derailment this morning. dalonnie began the day with the longest day of her life. >> drove to philadelphia and found out as i got close to the city limits that i was needed for identification. >> she would be identifying her pus band. 55-year-old david ga lonnie killed in the derailment. >> he was a father and a son
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and daughter. his family in rockville where his family lived and he recently began to work at wells fargo will be an avid bicyclist. fathers, mothers and sons. rachel jacobs was the wife of and the mother of a two-year- old son. jim gains was an architect and on his way home to his family in new jersey. then it was 20-year-old justin zemser, a naval academy midshipman and high school val la dick torian. >> everybody looked up to my son and there is no other words i can say. >> please pray for everyone. victims and families and friends. >> now, ga lonnie's wife tells me that they moved to new york
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about a year-and-a-half ago work for wells fargo. we can feel her quiet strength. >> no amtrak service between new york and philadelphia. other routes been limited. trains will run fewer trips between washington and philly and harrisburg and philly and new york and boston. new jersey transit will honor tickets headed from new york to philadelphia. our coverage of the deadly amtrak continues live starting at 4: 45, you can get the latest breaking news updates on our wusa9 app. for over two decades thousands have traveled to remember law enforcement officers that gave everything
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in the line of duty. >> 273 officer's names were read and allison was there as they were add to the law enforcement memorial. >> gives us an opportunity to remember why we are here and remember the job and the risks and what come along with the job. >> these walls hold the name of over 20,000 officers killed in the line of duty. this year they added 273 names. 117 of those are the name of officers kill in 2014. one of those names is corporal jamal crackette. >> he was involved in a motorcycle accident on his way home. he work with the sheriff's office in charles county for ten years. he died last year just four days before christmas. >> jamal was always a story teller of the family. >> his older brother, derrick is a police officer too but in prince georges county. today means a lot for him and his family. >> we are touched. everyone is very supportive
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since we have been here. it gives us an opportunity to tell his story and the survivors. >> for over a year much of the nation is talking about police brutality and police officers and mostly minority communities. those tensions were not forgotten. but some of the stories that we heard today should be a part of that conversation. >> we understand those conversations have played out across the country and we respect the judicial process and allow them to play out but law enforcement by and large are doing a phenomenal job to keep the respective community safe. >> you think this evening would be a sad one but instead everyone here is holding everyone up. for wusa9, i'm allison barber. >> four days since a rockville couple was found murdered in their home and with no motive or suspect. people that live in the blend hills neighborhood are growing
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more uneasy and investigators say 55-year-old dick and 67- year-old jodie were killed by someone that crawled in through a window and they are asking for any home surveillance video that may have been captured of anybody in the area. we are not talking about just immediately in the area of ridge road we are talking in the general vicinity of lake wood country club. if you have exterior cams, we are interested in looking at your footage. >> a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest in the murders. the caps and wizards played in critical games for the playoffs. highlights still ahead in sports. a little chilly but winds are diminishing, here is your wakeup weather. i will start with a sweater, 40s and 50s and at 5:00 and 7:00, 62 by 9:00 but with full sun and lighter winds. will you like thursday, we will
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talk about that and have your three degree guarantee. warning for anyone tempted to buy a pet on
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a warning for anyone thinking about buying a pet online. a woman resently got taken for a lot of cash. >> they are adorable. >> they just melted your heart. >> french bulldogs. >> denise mccartney found the puppies online and reached out to the supposed seller. >> said his wife has been kill in a drunk driving accident and he could no longer handle seeing the dogs. >> all she had to pay was $600 for the shipping and the dogs supposedly on their way. >> saturday night i got an e- mail from the delivery company saying because they were purebred companies they had to be in temperature controlled crates. >> the cost $1700 and she got specific instructions. >> correct. i had to wire the money and i had to think these poor dogs
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were at the airport waiting for me to get the crates. >> and it didn't stop there. >> we bought dog toys and crates and then i got an e-mail that they needed insurance. >> my fiance paid the $1400 and after they picked that money up, no sooner, i got an e-mail stating he couldn't come up with 1800, we need 600 more and that is when we stopped communication. >> don't use a money transfer service, that is a big red flag and research the certainly and try doing a reverse image search on the posted photo to
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see if you find it in other ads. look what we found. it appears to be the same puppy for sale from south dakota to south florida. >> i'm out four four dollars and cast afford to buy a puppy from a breeder. well, if you want more information on how to do a reverse image search go to our app. always watching and tracking, wusa first alert weather, dc's most accurate. still sweating your three degree guarantee. >> not anymore the graphics. we are okay. still seeing things. and we went for a high today despite the fact that we knew it would be cool in the afternoon in the 70s. the high was 72. we took a sweater, a midnight high and only one off and another one in the correct column. a live look outside. it is the live weather cam and 59 and that is the low today.
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the high occurred shortly after midnight and the low shortly before midnight. winds at 13 and will diminish. i love this graphic. 20 degrees warmer and that's about as much as you will see, a big change. need your sweater for the morning. bus stop temperatures, 44 and 22. a great day and more clouds friday and certainly pleasant. pretty decent. and six a.m. 40s. frederick, mid-50s and by 9:00, in the upper 50s to mid-50s in the suburbs and by 1:00 near 70s which will feel pretty nice and more sunshine. you can probably ditch the sweater as you walk to lunch. and by 6:00 in the low 70s and even up towards frederick and 70 in haggerstown and that's by
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6:00. and starts out like this, 55 at 7:00 and 60 by 9:00 and we are counting the 50s here. 69 with sunshine by 1:00. nice on friday, a few clouds and 77. and isolated showers and storm on saturday. sunday better and chance for storms and mid-80s on monday and probably the best chance for storms, on tuesday and nats back in town and perfect by the first pitch and nice on wednesday with temperatures back
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the future of health. now wusa9 game on sports. brought to you by xfinity. >> live at madison square gardens in new york city. a heart breaking night fort washington capitals. what a series this one. every game was decided by one goal and unfortunately the post- season ends for the washington capitals. just got out of the locker room. a very somber locker room.
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before we hear from the players let's look at the game. alex ovenchin said they would come back and win and he did the best he could do. we haven't seen him do this in four games, he finds the back of the net and gives the caps the early lead and the rangers try to answer and rick nash staying coal, calm and collective and making the save and the second period was not going the way of the caps. and kevin hays beats holtby to tie it up. the king stands tall keeping the game tied. rangers buzzing and holtby lives up to his nickname. this game requires overtime. derrick steffon puts the puck past holtby and washington
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falls short of the finals once again. we didn't come back. i don't think we played bad. we gave up everything and you know, i don't know what to say about this. it is tough day. >> we had an opportunity to close out. all of the games are close and it could have been 3-1 the other way and it could have easily been that way. it is a great series and one that could have easily went our way and didn't. >> again a lot of disappointment in the locker room and hard to see the excitement as they had this
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year and the achievement they had. intense in new york and atlanta. pivotal game for the hawks and the wizards, they got guy back, john wall declared active and gets back to word and beal to wall and to the rack and this one to beal and goes the wizards way. six minutes to go. beal with a jumper to make it 73-64 and the hawks go on a 14- 0 run and capped off by this floater by schroeder to put them up 78-73 up by four and wizards would eventually cut it to two and off the inbound we would find bradley beal and he would find paul pierce and he would hit a three to give the wizards a lead and the troop
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coming up big and schroeder would drive and one second left, wizards, all they could do was to attempt a hail mary and to no avail. game six is friday in dc, after the game randy whitman talked about his point guard coming back from injury. tough night in new york and atlanta. guys, good news, the nats won and dc united. there is light at the end of the tunnel. a silver lining. that's a
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we'll be right back. live in philadelphia on frankfort avenue that we have two questions. why was the train going fast and number two was it there for an accident that did not have to have. we are going to learn more answers as the investigation continues and wusa9 will continue its live coverage at
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