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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  May 18, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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allison. >> reporter: it is soupy out there. for sure very sure today. a few more showers than what we saw yesterday. grab the umbrella and you can leave the jacket at home. i'm sure the ac is on full blast. temperatures are going to head to the upper 80s. how much moisture is hanging around. we could have light showers even before the lunch hour but the thunderstorms are going to come a little bit later on. temperatures are warm. into the 60s and 70s and a little bit of fog through the shanendoah valley. thunderstorms this afternoon, more details, coming up. hey larry, over to you. 6:00 on the dot. metro riders will let you know we are issue-free. off to a great start this monday morning. keeping a close eye on a police investigation on mlk highway.
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sky 9 is in place to slow us road closures in the area. we understand we have a man found deceased in a vehicle. we are waiting to get more information on that. we also have another situation going on i-66 the eastbound side, where we have one right lane closed as a result of app accident causing delays. we have another update for you in about 10 minutes. i'm nikki burdine. live for the first time in nearly a week passengers are able to buy tickets on trains headed northeast. passengers are able to buy tickets to philadelphia, new york and boston. the same round of train killing 8. what exactly happened before last week's deadly crash? we know the train was going
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more than double the speed limit before it derailed and crashed. since then the engineer has said he does not remember anything. despite a big crack from the windshield, investigators do not think the train was shot at. >> i'd like to down play that. it looks like about the size of a grape fruit. >> since we have been here this morning we have seen several dozen people coming up here to buy tickets to head north. a lot of commuters heading north. are they apprehensive about taking the train? coming up at 6:30. a key iraqi city 70 miles from baghdad now in the hands of isis. >> ahmad did i fell, despite
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the increased u.s.-led air strikes. >> coalition forces have not reversed the tide of isis, but slowed it. there must be some ground component. >> reporter: secretary of state january kerry says he is confident about the fight against isis despite these setbacks. the marine corps is confirming the death of one marine after the crash of a military helicopter in hawaii. 22 people were aboard the osprey for a training exercise when there was a quote hard landing mishap. the crash happened at bell lowes air force base. 21 marines taken to the hospital in this incident. we are costing our coverage into the rockville double murder. police are guarding two homes. this home behind me, the home where dick and jody vallardo
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were murdered on mother's day. you see the second police cruiser is guarding a home that is right next door, about 100 yards away from the vallardo's home. that next door neighbor is the man who admits to killing them. he is scott police found bloody cash in his wallet and other evidence they say is linked to the murders of dick and jody vallardo. tomsuski entered their home attacking jed did i vallardo in the bedroom and her 65-year-old husband in the kitchen and back patio. >> when people come in to burglarize, the brute talon was really tough on everybody. >> i think everybody would have
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a difficult time making sense of that. buzz it makes no sense. >> coming up at 6:00 post office i'll tell you how an old crime linked police to their man. two suspects in a deadly home invasion are on the run this morning. this happened in stoneview square. police say five men entered an apartment and got into a fight. one suspect, a 24-year-old reston man, was shot and killed. another was injured. >> the first thing i did was look in the parking lot. i didn't see anything going on. then as i was walking back to my house i heard kids yelling, and i saw a couple of them. don't know any of them they ran toward the woods. >> fairfax county police say this was not a random shooting. they believe everyone involved knew each other. take a good look at the 21-
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year-old man in this picture. excuse me that is dr. andrew hoolihan. we have the wrong picture up. police are investigating an incident we'll tell you about shortly. i guess right now. take a good look at this man, last seen early yesterday morning in the 2700 block of jas superstreet southeast. has short black hair and a mustache. plus he had no shirt or shoes when he was last seen. if you see him, call police. blues icon b.b. king will be celebrated this saturday. details, coming up. but first here's allison with a look at the weather. >> reporter: cloudy skies out there. pack the umbrella with you today. it is going to be a is that what ra
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welcome back. we do have the yellow alert for this afternoon. showers and thunderstorms moving across the area. by the second half of your work week looking pretty good. for us we are dry with areas of fog as well. fog through the shanendoah valley and everyone else looking okay for the morning commute. temperatures in the 60s and 70s, headed to the upper 80s today. larry, over to you. more traffic more problems for commuters out there this morning, especially eastbound
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toward manassas. again i-66 eastbound at the car rest area, again the right lane still blocked as a result of that earlier depend. heading down right now to 95 on the maryland side, no major issues, mainly in dale city and woodbridge. we'll have your drive times around the metro coming up after the 7-day forecast. right now we'll send it over to you. a number of communities in the central u.s. preparing for another round of severe weather. a movie about a college talk pella -- acapella group. >> muggy out there for sure. >> there afternoon, upper 80s. some thunderstorms god also some tomorrow as well. we'll get you updated
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starting at $74.99 per month with no annual contract. get custom tv, including internet and phone. price guaranteed for two years. or get $300 back and free dvr service for 1 year, with a 2 year agreement. hurry, offer ends june 8th. go to cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v we have a yellow alert day for evening thunderstorms. the real pap anything attack is the frizz factor -- panic
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attack is the frizz factor. why won't it curl? >> we are going to have a humidity factor for today and tomorrow. i apologize, a little technical glitch going on with my graphics. i'll tell you as much as i can with the two graphics. we are looking at a humid start, a little bit of moisture hanging around. our 7-day is coming up in a few moments. of course on our website, it is updated. we are going to see showers and storms this afternoon, as early as lunch time. to the north and west through the shanendoah valley. thunderstorms could be on the stronger side. here's where we are 68 degrees for leesburg. right now 74 degrees. here's a look at the fog as
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well as the shanendoah valley. everybody else is dry. today showers and thunderstorms, highs in the 80s. tomorrow highs in the 80s again. mainly for areas off to the east of 95. then it is all over for wednesday, thursday and friday. we are looking at mid 70s, enjoy your day and grab that umbrella. over to larry miller. good morning, time right now is 6:15. no issues on the mark train. vre is running on schedule, eastbound on i-66 just east of that accident we talked about at the car rest area you are looking at a 19-millipore commute, northbound on 95 from job lynn road. going to newington and springfield. westbound on 50 we are problem- free. the earlier issues we reported
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on. againtologyton road to 16th street. want to take you right now to virginia from our traffic happened camera. you'll see how things had shaping up on 95, no major issues on either the northbound or southbound for 95. for those of you making your way traveling along in that corridor. we now know the names of the six marines killed last week in nepal. >> the marines were killed when their helicopter crashed during a relief mission. omar via frank co-has been more. >> reporter: this video was taken by combat videographer jake hugg. two days later hugg would be among the victims when it crashed on mount everest.
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cap ten christopher nor green are from caps cans. >> three days before the crash, captain dustin lucas savage was featured in the may reign core video describing the humanitarian aid mission. >> up to smaller villages just east of kathmandu. >> reporter: lucas savage is from nebraska. corporal sarah me deep that is from illinois. a combat photographer she shot these images in nepal. today nepal's prime minister mound the six u.s. marines and two nepalese soldiers. >> still up nope is what caused the crash and when the remains will be returned home. dozens of other u.s. military personnel remain in nepal, a
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nation still reeling from april's earthquake and last week's powerful aftershock. this morning we'll hear from witnesses. police say bikers from up to five gangs gather to try to workout problems violence escalated and that sent people running. >> i crawled back toward the freezers with a lot of the waitresses and other people that were there. >> reporter: police knew the gangs were going to be there anticipating trouble. a significant portion of the country is bracing for yet another round of severe weather today. this weekend heavy rains and flooding stretched from texas to minnesota. in iowa high winds knocked a train off the track.
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nearby in the town of osceola neighbors are counting their lessings -- blessings. >> we are number one thankful that nobody was hurt. >> reporter: in missouri flooding was forced 200 people from their homes. a flood warning continues in parts of the state, through to want. described by many as a community anchor, one baltimore library is being honored for its efforts. theee knock pratt library was at the center of the riot. it remay it please the court open. now it is being rewarded with a $25,000 grant. >> this is where i come, already every day. >> the library says it is going to use the mop toy rep straight. they home renovations will be done by the end of the summer.
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well the music world prepares to say goodbye to bp king. and taylor swift is releasing a new music video. talk to me about bbking. >> yes, everyone is still mourning bp king, who died last week a memorial service will be held in las vegas later this week he told his chirp he wants his actual funeral and burial to be -- his children he wants his actual funeral and burial to be in mississippi. >> i'm from memphis and his impact on memphis was huge. there was a b.b. king day in memphis as people were praying for him to get better.
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>> what did kravitz tweet? >> no one else can do what b.b. king does, essentially. >> a man that will be miss food now to another headline. certainly making news yesterday, the billboard awards? >> taylor swift decided to use this one as her platform to n release her new music video bad blood. she is famous for saying i'm best friends with everyone. >> oh i know. her girlfriends, forget about it. >> she had all of them in this. may ruth's chris ca hearing thai, who knew? selina gomez. >> wow. >> it is a real cool video. where she is beating up bad guys and she looks amazing. she is truly everywhere. not hearing great reviews
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about the ending of mad men. >> it was a huge show. it ended last night. but it is one of those shows that has really changed television. in the same way the sopranos and the wire and breaking bad that, same sort of heavy drama that really changed the way the television model worked. i won't tell you what happened. there are major things. >> i appreciate that. a hacker taps into airplane mid flight and manages to take control. very, very scary. and where have all the honey bees gone? first we have everything from bees to swift to allison ray. >> reporter: we are warm and humid. going to be hot and humid this
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roberts told fox news. >> you have to understand how computer systems work and be able to translate and communicate. >> the fbi has warned roberts to be prosecuted if found in violation of a federal statute. today jp morgan chase will announce details of the $100,000,000.5-year commitment detroit. some of the programs are summer job assistance for young people who need work, a home restoration program and financial coaching for residents and small businesses. do you have a flight booked
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this summer? or are you planning to book one? have plenty of company. industry analysts say their estimate of 222 million passengers, if it holds it will top the current mark set in seven before the recession. airlines are adding seats to try and meet demands. research from the university of maryland is raising new concern about the health of hop any bees. bee colony deaths apparently began rising a decade ago. >> a new survey from the u.s. department of agriculture finds bee keepers lost 42% of their bees last year. >> reporter: david hacken berg has never seep so much blight. last year of his 2500 hives, barely more than half survived.
6:28 am
bee colony deaths began rising nearly a decade ago. but it is now getting much worse. bee keepers 42% of their honey bees in the last year, the highest on record. up from 34% just a year before, with more losses in summer than winner for the first time. >> summer is traditionally this great time and bees should thrive and here, they are not. they are dying at a higher rate than they do during the most stressful time of the year. >> university of marylandent meteorologist --ent meteorologists worked on the survey. research thinks pesticides may be to blame. the usda is spending $15 million to learn more. >> this is a cancer. the industry is having a cancer. >> and it will likely affect your next meal. one out of every three bites of food we eat is directionally or
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indirectly pollinated by honey bows, including 130 fruits and vegetables. >> if we want to continue to produce fruits, nuts and vegetables in this country we need a healthy pollination supply. >> reporter: rising beekeeper costs get passed along to all of us. mark act, cbs news, new york -- mark albert, cbs news, new york. we are off to a soupy start to the day. thunderstorms on the way. appreciate you waking up with us. i'm nick giovanni. >> we are going to begin with weather and allison ray. what is going on out there? >> reporter: very soupy. almost a poem there for us this
6:30 am
morning. >> that is how we do it. >> reporter: going to be hot and humid today and tomorrow 73 degrees, pretty uncomfortable, i guess you should say, temperaturewise. sunshine, mixed with clouds this morning. showers and thunderstorms going to flourished across the area. -- to flourished, across the area. everything kicks out of thursday friday. mid 70s. larry, over to you. metro riders we are on schedule for the trains the buses. keeping a close eye, however on the police investigation going on, on mlk highway between johnson avenue and arid more road. we are asking drivers to use
6:31 am
cause of action and pay attention to the detours in that area want to take to you 66 where we are keeping an eye on another situation there. we had an earlier accident at the visitor center but we are asking drivers to add to the drive time because of residual delays. live at union station, big news for commuters. you are now able to buy a ticket to go to the northeast corridor. this is the first time since last week's deadly amtrak train crash. i spoke to a passenger and said are you a little apprehensive? she is a bit nervous but she is thankful things are getting back to normal. you can see passengers are here this morning and they have been here, coming to buy tickets to go to new york, philadelphia and boston. amtrak still says, though, they made repairs to the track with
6:32 am
the utmost catrain was going more than double the speed limit when it derailed, but we don't yet know why it was going so fast. investigators say, though, the repairs that were made were with emphasis on infrastructure and integrity. >> we are doing everything the d.o.t. and the fra has directed us to. we didn't quibble about it. we got some of it done over the weekend. we did it right away. when we say we are committed to safety, we are committed to safety. >> if you saw the wreckage footage you could see a crack in the windshield. investigators tell us they are moving further away from the theory the train was shot at. once again, good news here as passengers are able to board
6:33 am
trains. nikki burdine wusa9. we have breaking news to report out of prince george's county this morning. police found a homicide victim inside a crashed car in glenn arden. the man was found with at least one gunshot wound inside in the 3800 block of reid street. anyone with information should call prince george's county police. continuing our coverage this morning into the rockville double murder, we can tell you a man faces extradition from alaska. the man who admits to killing jodi and dick vallardo inside their home, you can see police are guarding the home of dick and jodi vallardo. you can see the second police cruiser, that is where the
6:34 am
suspect lived. his name is scott tomsuski. police say he cut the window screen and entered their home and attacked dick and jodi vallardo on mother's day. detectives found tomsuski on a family trip in always always based on a 1998 burglary. >> he first came to our attention because of a retired officer that called in, immediately after he had seen the coverage of the homicide on mother's day. >> reporter: and that tip led police to close this case. police also found tomsuski's info at a recent pawn shop. he pawned some items from a burglary back on easter. delia goncalves, wusa9. he is already spending life plus 215 years in jail for
6:35 am
sexually abusing a young boy. today a howard county man receives another sentence for another boy. dean lee bender will be sentenced on three counts. drivers campaigning against enormous hot lanes fines are hoping for another court victory. lisa commerce was fined more than $10,000 back in the summer of 2013. commerce contends her ez pass was up to date. because of recent rulings, commerce is confident her case could be thrown out. the men who emerged as leading candidate to become next school superintendent has withdrawn his name from consideration. the school board president released a statement about dr. hoolihan's withdrawal. the board is expected to
6:36 am
reconvene soon and resume its search to replace joshua star. maryland representative don florida edwards will be -- donna edwards will be hosting a discussion on paying off school debt. our wusa9 text to win campaign. >> we can't win. >> i have tried. >> just text the key word kings dominion to 25543, for a chance to win. warm and muggy. had heed back to the upper 80s, similar to yesterday. showers and -- headed back to the upper 80s, similar to yesterday. showers and storms, temperatures topping out about 88 degrees.
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[baseball crowd noise] ♪ ♪ [x1 chime] ♪ ♪ [crowd cheers] oh! i can't believe it!
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[cheering] hi, grandma! ♪ 9. into the 70s in the district. 60s in the suburbs. you are going to see some sunshine through the morning hours. 87 degrees today. we are also going to see
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showers and thunderstorms. tomorrow 88 degrees. a lot of showers are going to be along and east of 95. that is it, our summer pattern is over. 76 degrees by wednesday. cooler and very breezy as well. larry, over to you. no major issues we are starting to see things change on mlk highway. looks like we have lanes starting to open up. westbound on 50. heading downpour right now to southern maryland. brandywine, oxen hill, no issues on route 405 or 301. i want to take you right now the beltway from our maryland
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camera, show you how things are shaping up there. we are looking at smooth traffic traveling at top speeds this morning. all right deborah and nick, over to you. a 33-year run is almost up. can you believe this? >> no. >> less than 65 hours away from the final late slow (mom) when our little girl was born we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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6:44. david letter plan down to just telemore shows. >> i'm so sad about this. >> letterman has been a staple of late night. suzanne marques looks back at signature bits at the ed sullivan theater. >> dave's humor has always been
6:45 am
a little offbeat. a little absurd. >> take the pepperoni off the pizza and leave it on the sidewalk. >> dave stuck with a particular kind of comedy. >> there was a sense of reference and anything can happen. >> two of letterman's signature segments are stupid pet tricks and stupid human tricks. there are 200 of these segments more than half of them on the late show. >> time for something we call stupid pet tricks. and don't forget his legendary top ten list. >> our electric sexual chemistry. >> letterman didn't reinvent late night but letterman did it in a way i think people hadn't seen before certainly hadn't seen done quite that weigh.
6:46 am
>> what kind of wine do you have? >> dave would always go the extra mile for a laugh. suzanne marques, cbs news, new york. speaking of legends, time now to see our partners over at cbs this morning. >> good morning charlie. i heard you were in dc this weekend. >> indeed i was for the commencement of georgetown. south carolina senator lindsey graham and former secretary robert gates are both in studio 57. thousands are tracking great white sharks every move across the eastern sea board. >> a great announcement the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. much appreciated. mr. rose good to see knew
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allison ray back to the frizz factor. >> too much hair spray in the morning. humidity is here. it is going to feel like summer today and tomorrow the rest of the week is looking good. i think most of your memorial day weekend is looking good as well. look how we are starting off temperaturewise in the 60s and 70s. 73 in dc. warm and humid. you are going to need the sunglasses for the morning hour. the umbrella for the second half of the day. you are probably going to need a jacket today. headed to the upper 80s for sure. a little bit of fog out there. zero visibility so we are going to be watching them let's look at your futurecast for today. showers and thunderstorms. a good chance for about everybody. we'll stay dry for most of the morning. showers starting to pop up through the valley.
6:48 am
2:30, this is scattered showers and so much instability right now with our current set up. by to want this is 5:00. still isolated around the area. once the sun, sets, we'll see showers and storms begin to taper off. now for tomorrow, another round of fog in the morning hours. cloudy skies will head on in for the afternoon. showers and storms on tuesday. but not for everybody along 95 and areas off to the east and off to the south. north and west of the district tomorrow, not going to see too much. we are going to see northwesterly winds usher in nice, comfortable weather. a drive home, little dicey for some. you might kind of dodge the showers and storms. 88 tomorrow the nats game will be fine. on wednesday 76. we stay into the 70s until sunday. larry, over to you. >> i think we owe you a cup of
6:49 am
coffee today. again no issues on mark this morning. off to a great start. if you are going to be traveling on the inner loop of the beltway to arena drive a 25- minute commute this morning eastbound on 66 to 20th street northwest. an accident would be westbound, west of sully road. the visitor center is all but wrapped up. residual delays mainly out in the gainesville area. be mindful of that. i-95 here to i 395, looking at a 19-minute commute. westbound to 16th street northeast. want to take cameras show you how things are shaping up i 395 northbound here. going toward the 14th street bridge. lots of volume there. no accidents to report. looks like the volume is pretty
6:50 am
much all you need there. for those traveling on i-27 0 making your way toward the beltway that is, you can see here that traffic fairly moderate for the most part, again that is what we normally expected this hour. no problems, be mindful of this volume. already we'll send it over to you. thank you larry. so is right now the middle or the end of your work day? >> if it is, you are probably in worse shape than your friends with normal hours. >> we'll talk about it. top at 11:00, a new law lets some people use marijuana ex vactor as medicine but getting it is
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sfx: (roar) sfx: (engine roars) big news for commuters. amtrak has fully restored service going to its northeast corridor. passengers have been here all morning buying tickets to new york, philadelphia, even boston. the same route train 188 took last tuesday night killing 8 people and i want screwing 200.
6:54 am
passengers are apprehensive. service fully restored for amtrak, headed north. police are guarding two homes. this home, here, where dick and jodi vallardo were murdered on mother's day. a second police cruiser is parked outside of their next door neighbor's home. the man who admits to killing them lives there his name is scott tomsuski. police tracked him downpour on a cruise ship in atlas always. he faces -- in alaska. nine are dead and 18 others injured after a wild shootout in waco, texas. bikers from up to five gangs had gathered at a restaurant to try to work out problems some
6:55 am
of the injured have stab and gunshot wounds. police have detained dozens of gang members for questioning. a massive storm system dumping rain from texas to minnesota. rivers and streams are overflowing their banks. the national wecht service says another round of severe storms could develop today. they are trained to help protect and defend the united states. this afternoon the naval academy will celebrate with the herndon monument climb. they will have to form a human pyramid to reach the top. people who don't work normal business hours, they are more likely to have health problems. >> cheers, friends. researchers in wisconsin looked at more than 1500 workers. nearly half of shift workers are overweight, have sleep
6:56 am
problems and are more likely to have issues like diabetes. today they open a new health facility. the whitman walker building is located on 14th street. the building is the first in the district designed with the affordable healthcare act in mind. all right. here it is. 87 degrees today. scattered showers and thunderstorms. tomorrow 88. areas east of 95 and farther south of dc will see showers and thunderstorms. the nats game will be fine. wednesday 76 degrees, cool and breezy. we stay into the 70s for the rest of the work week. >> i hope my hair doesn't blow around. sill have the -- still have the police investigation going on. you can see cars are starting to move there no major issues there. if you are going to be
6:57 am
traveling. just use caution, police are still on the scene this morning. what struck the windshield of amtrak train 188? >> plus major changes for maxim magazine. the editor in chief is in studio 57 to explain. i'll be back with larry in 25 minutes. >> make sure you down i love the taste. always smooth, never bitter. my cup of coffee is always awesome when i go to dunkin'. man: i see the steam rising off the cup 'cause you know it's a fresh pot. man: one cup a day for sure. two if need be. and it's usually "need be." dunkin' -- your place for coffee.
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good morning. it is monday, may 18th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." amtrak restores full service to the busy northeast corridor after last week's deadly derailment. this morning we're aboard the first train through philadelphia. a military aircraft packed with marines explodes into flames after a crash landing in hawaii. a daring yosemite jump claims the lives of two athletes. what went wrong. but we begin with today's "eye opener," your world in


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