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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  May 19, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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good afternoon. i'm nick. we begin with breaking news out of arlington. that's where sources confirm to was 9 two officers have been injured, one reportedly tased. we're just learning one suspect has been shot and killed. according to sources this all stemmed from a domestic incident in the 4200 block of 2nd are street north. what do we know so far,
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vanessa? >> reporter: nick this is still a very active scene with a heavy police presence. as you mentioned sources tell debra alfarone that a suspect shot by arlington county police has died. two other officers were also injured in this incident one officer was tased. another officer suffered facial injuries which we're told are not life threatening. both officers are expected to be okay. we have learned that some sort of an altercation broke out here when police responded to a domestic incident in the 4200 block of 2nd street north and buckingham. we are expected to hear more details from arlington county police here shortly but again we are told that a suspect has died after being shot by arlington county police. two officers were also injured, one was tased. another suffered facial injuries but we are told those officers are expected to be okay. of course we'll bring you more details on this developing story as they become available. for now reporting live, vanessa herring, was 9 news.
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>> as you just heard vanessa mention, still a very active scene. stay with was 9 for the very latest information on this breaking news on both our app and our was 9 -- and our and our wusa9 website. we're going to have a cold front come on through today. its going to bring shf the showers for some -- bring some of those showers for some of us. dry and very hot. back to the uner 80s. the cold front is going to bring a nice change in the forecast. i think for most folks it's a welcome change unless you're a heat and humidity kind of person. notice the wind direction out of the north, northwest 12 miles per hour. that's going to bring in some nice cool, dry air for tomorrow. and most of the week. we'll have to get through the afternoon time period before some of those showers get going. metro's red line is back up
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and running but those the bethesda metro station was closed down temporarily over reports after track fire. investigators say there was smoke in the tunnel. it's now clear but we are still seeing delays from the backup that result. shuttle buses were brought in to help bridge the suspended red line service. two medical -- red line service to medical center. alicia gutierrez is a house keep their worked for a family for 20 years. she got an unusual voice mail wednesday night from the owner and one of the victims businessman savvos savopoulos telling her she wasn't needed because their other housekeeper figueroa was staying the night. in the voice mail savopoulos says i hope you get this
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message. amy is in bed sick tonight and was sick this afternoon. figueroa offered to stay and help her out but gutierrez says that was out of the ordinary because the family had never asked either woman for overnight help. >> for her to stay overnight, it's not normal because she never stay in that place overnight. but i never got that message the same night. >> reporter: neighbors also tell cbs news the voice mail indicates something was very wrong on wednesday night. the length of time the family was under duress and possibly held captive matters because of the chilling announcement from d.c. police chief cathy lanier that three of the four victims had been physically abused before the house caught fire thursday afternoon. >> there were injuries discovered, appeared to be blunt force or sharp object injuries. >> reporter: when the fire was extinguished, police recovered the bodies of savopoulos, his 47-year-old wife, amy, their 10- year-old son philip, along with
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figueroa. police say there were no signs of forced entry. >> investigators say the absence of a sign of forced entry suggests the killer or killers knew their victim or at least their routine. our news part nears at "the washington post" report before her death, the housekeeper was close to her goal of returning home to el salvador. meanwhile a new report this afternoon claims hillary clinton used the second private e-mail account while serving as secretary of state. her lawyers have said that account didn't exist while she was in office. she already handed over 55,000 pages of e-mails from another address. the state department plans to release those by mid-january, two weeks before the iowa caucuses. police are on high alert in texas because of concerns they may now be the targets of biker games there. fears of retaliation follow sunday's shootout in waco where nine bikers were killed. >> reporter: police were busy clearing away dozens of motorcycles monday evening from the parking lot of the waco
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twin peaks restaurant, a reminder of sunday's violent shootout between rival motorcycle gangs and police that left nine bikers dead and 18 injured. city buses transported the nearly 200 suspects downtown for processing into the mcclellan county jail. each is being held on a $1 million bail but that isn't stopping other gang members from possible retaliation. you mentioned some of your officer had been threatened. >> the leaders of the various gangs had opened it up that they could take local law enforcement members out. >> reporter: on sunday the texas department of public safety sent out a bulletin warning of escalating violence between all banditos and cossack members. >> they're -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: university of north texas james quinn has studied motorcycle gangs for 15 years. >> as long as they're left alone, they'll leave people
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alone, but if they are disrespected or injured or offended, they would prefer to handle it themselves. >> reporter: links to sunday's shooting allegedly go all the way back to december with the murder at a fort worth bar and beating at a toys for tots drive. both incidents involved the bandidos and a rival gang. a retired alcohol, tobacco and firearms agent who infiltrated the he hells angels sense the violence steles from territorial control to so- called colors on gang vests. >> these gangs, their club, their patch, their organization, their brotherhood, it's their religion and they will fight for it and kill for it and die for it. >> so colors and images because police believe sunday's shooting all started over one gang wearing texas on their vests notoriously worn by a rival gang. still ahead on wusa9, he says he's a fan of humans. hear what else stephen colbert
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told a group of graduates at wake forest. the parade marchs on
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the curtain is nearly closed for david letterman. his 33-year reign on late night tv only lasts two more shows. we take a look at the long list of stars sending him off. >> reporter: taking the stage at the ed sullivan theater, the legendary late show host was poking a little fun at himself. >> unusual weather for new york city today. it was 68 and foggy. wait a minute, that's me. i'm sorry. >> reporter: the self- deprecation didn't end there. his late night act, the top ten list. >> what i'll miss about working at the late show, number ten. >> until i met dave, i didn't know i could put my fist
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through a wall. >> another three years and dave was going to start paying me. >> now who will i pretend to laugh at? >> making his 60th an final appearance with dave, tom hanks memorialized his goodbye to the late show with a selfie. >> that's a beauty. you who that that is. it gives the impression, it's almost like someone else has taken the picture for you. which will work for you, dave, because it will mean you've been on vacation with your friends. >> reporter: the final episode of the late show had been a steady stream of some of the world's most recognizable faces honoring the iconic comedian and last night on the night show, host jimmy fallon joined the list of those paying tribute to dave. >> the show has become -- as result of him playing with the genre and experimenting and exploring and doing that stuff, and i like every kid who grew up watching him will miss him.
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>> reporter: -- >> tonight's guest is bill murray, letterman's first guest on the show. we'll see what he has to say in the reunion. dave's successor stephen colbert delivered the commencement address at wake forest university. he took home an honorary degree and left the crowd with this profound thought. >> i want to thank them for giving me an honorary doctorate of humanities. i'm a huge fan of humans. >> aren't we all. the late show with stephen colbert premiers september 8 right here on cbs. still ahead on wusa9, summer just around the corner. we've got a doctor from inova fairfax hospital who has some advice on how to protect yourself from sunburn and skin cancer. >> if you're going to the nats game today or tonight rather, it should be dry but we some showers to get through before first pitch. then we're talking about more comfortable weather. i'll have all the details on your first alert forecast. keep
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with the unofficial arrival of summer this weekend, let's turn our attention to the prevention of skin cancer. joining us live from inova fairfax hospital is the director of cue obtainuous lymphoma and high risk skin cancer. thank you for spending a minute with us. no shortage of horror stories associated with skin cancer but how serious is it this time of year? >> it's serious all year round. incidence of all types has risen dramatically. it's more cases of breast, prostrate, lung and colon cancer combined.
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so it's a real issue. i think we have to -- when we talk about skin cancer we have to separate out discussions of melanoma which is fairly more aware and potentially fatal. in this country americans over the age of 65 have about a 40% to 50% risk of developing a nonmelanoma skin cancer so it's a real risk and something everyone should be aware of. >> when it comes to identifying it, what should people look for on their skin? >> again, i like to highlight the two different categories, mel nome that in -- mel nome that in general -- melanoma in general you're looking for a change brown or black mole, anything that's stott mattic is worry -- symptomatic is worrisome and nonmelmelanoma, those are predominantly located on sun exposed areas so the head, the neck, the face, the chest. those can be fairly innocuous n. early stages they can appear just like a simple pink, shiny
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bump with some exaggerated blood vessels or just a little flaky area that will not go away. >> so there's still time to get out in front of it for people. what are you recommending they do to protect themselves? >> absolutely sunscreen use is the mainstay of sun protection. what you choose and how you use it is really important, though. you want to always reach for spf30 or higher. wasn't to get a product that has broad spectrum coverage which means uva and uvb protection. the most critical thing is you've got to reapply it. what most people don't understand is sunscreens are photo labile which means when you're out in the sun exposed to uv radiation, the molecule in the sunscreen that gives you protection almost instantly starts to breakdown. if you've been out for two hours, you have to reapply or it doesn't work. >> it can get the job done if applied properly. >> absolutely. if you're at a barbecue, at the pool, use a hat and protective
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sunglasses to give yourself that extra protection. >> doctor, certainly great advice for us this afternoon. we appreciate your time. >> my pleasure, thank you. now let's bring in allyson rae. just got to get through one more round of rain and then we're in the clear this week, right? >> we are going to see our last chance for rain, at least a stretch of nice days. our last chance of rain today and not everybody will see it. like we just mentioned it's sunny out there and it's hot so grab the sunscreen. we're already at 84 degrees. yesterday at this time we were 88. we topped out at 92 so we're headed right back up to the upper 80s. winds out of the north, north west will maybe keep us at 87, our forecasted high. 87 degrees. but look back off to the west. 74 degrees in pittsburgh. that seems a little bit more comfortable, more our spring speed. that's in the forecast starting tomorrow. we're going to see 70s stick around. temperatures across the area are heating up fast. 18 for manassas. cooler in annapolis. you have some fog, 72. 18 for frederick and waldorf you're at 78 degrees.
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if you're going to the nats game tonight, things should be dry by then. we're going to see showers before that and most of the showers are going to be off to the east so a pretty good night. a little breezy with winds out of the west, northwest. let's go through the futurecast n. is 1:00. some showers. we do have a few showers west of 95. the best rain chance is east of 95 but a few trailing showers will start to brew over here and then they push over to the east. watch what happens as i fast forward. by 3:00 lining up along 95. some of these showers and even a couple of thunderstorms. as you head farther south and east, that's where the chances really start to get up a little bit higher. by 6:00 here we go. getting ready for the nats game. things dry up pretty fast. skies are clearing. temperatures still pretty warm. 80 degrees for gaithersburg. 28 for baltimore and 83 -- 82 for baltimore and 38 for d.c. north west winds will -- 83 for d.c. northwest winds will bring in the cool, dry air. tomorrow when you step outside you'll notice a big difference. temperatures will have dropped
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and not as humid. still strap steamy today, 87 degrees. winds are going to stay out of the northwest for tomorrow. 77 degrees. a cool and breezy afternoon. now by thursday we're watching thursday. a good thing the nats don't have a game on thursday. could see some showers mainly in areas off to the south but i'm going to adjust that forecast as we get closer to it. look at this. we're into the 70s for a good while and all of the nats home games look to be dry and comfortable. friday 76 degrees. i think friday and saturday look absolutely perfect. a little bit below average but i don't think anyone will be complaining about saturday, 74 degrees. nats home game on sunday. and on monday memorial day, a little bit warmer and a couple of showers as well. we'll be right
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we're continuing to follow breaking news out of arlington where two officers have been injured. one suspect shot and killed. vanessa herring is live at the scene. let's go back to her once again. have we learned any new information? >> nick, we have new details about the suspect. police say he's an adult asian male. he was shot by officers when they responded to a domestic incident. we also learn add woman that was inside the home -- learned a woman that was inside the home during the incident suffered minor injuries and was treated at the scene two officers were also hurt. one officer was tased. another officer suffered facial injuries. both those officers are expected to be okay. again this all happened when police responded to a domestic incident in the 4200 block of 2nd street and again police say a suspect was shot and killed. a woman inside the home during
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that domestic incident was injured. she was treated and is expected to be okay. both those officers who were hurt are also expected to be okay. reporting live, vanessa herring, wusa9 news. >> vanessa, thank you. we're going to finish on a lighter note. she starred in one of the most popular television shows of all time. laverne and shirley during the 1970's and '#s on. now cindy williams -- '80s. now cindy williams shares her personal story in a new book. shirley i jest. it's an honor to be sitting down with you. >> thank you. >> what has the tour be like so far for you? >> oh, just mind boggling. it's been a lot of fun, met some wonderful, very colorful people and just a whole bunch of fun. >> what inspired the book? >> well, i just -- i didn't want to write a tell all or when i was approached to write a book or, you know, i wasn't interested in writing anything that threw people under the bus. and it's just a fun gathering
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of all my stories and adventures in hollywood that i had the blessing and opportunity to enjoy and mit some fab lows people over my career and had some great, great stories to tell. >> more than 40 years in show business. absolutely incredible ride i can only imagine. obviously writing something like this, you had to go back and do some reflecting. what memories stand out to you? >> meeting carey grant. first thing off him with my mother at hollywood park if you can imagine. when i was asked to pull the winning number for a year's worth of free groceries between races, yes. and then i met carey grant. fabulous. >> how often do you still get called shirley? >> i answer to everything. shirley, laverne, cindy, penny, anything i'll answer to. >> very nice. as far as life for you, not only an actress, comedian and
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writer but you are still performing you mentioned. >> yes. i was just performing with eddie mecca who played carmine on v.a. learn and shirley. >> traveling the globe still to this day. as far as when people sit down and read this book, what do you want them to take away from it? >> i just want them to be entertained. have a really fun read and hopefully i will -- i tried to write it in a fashion where i took them with me to the party and hopefully -- one person did say -- and this is what i wanted to hear -- i laughed out loud. that's what i had intended some of these stories to do. it's just a fun, fun read, reading about two and a half hours. and there's plenty of pictures. lots of fun pictures. >> indeed. flipping through right now, definitely seeing some. henry wink letter, does he make -- winkler, does he make an appearance in here? >> he makes a slight appearance. >> a cameo. >> there's a cameo, yes.
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but ron howard and everyone else. >> singing the praises. we certainly appreciate you stopping by. >> thank you. >> that will do it for the news at noon. we'll see you again at 5:00. have a great day.
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>> nikki: i mean, the program works if you work it. i'm working it, you're working it. if only there were a group for forgers or accessories to forgery. >> neil: it feels dirty, though, doesn't it, crossing that line? but you see, jack wanted this merger. all we did is we gave life to a signed contract. >> nikki: the only reason victor came to us is because he knew that we would be good little minions. the whole thing makes me sick. you know, when i think about all those years ago, you were so brave to leave victor and newman enterprises. don't you worry now that you've handed your soul back to him? because i worry about mine every day, every minute. >> neil: [ clears throat ]


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