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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 1, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is monday june 1st, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." parts of the patrioting at expire over night after the senate fails to act. is a serial shooter targeting drivers on the colorado interstate. this morning the fbi is joining the investigation. >> plus, the british comedian winning over america. that would be james corden host of "the late late show." 57. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> we're so frightened that we'reling to give up our freedoms. >> the senate fails to extend the patrioting at rspowe.
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>> this is something we can't afford do right now. >> the senate will take up the matter again today to reboothe t phone program. >> clear weather is in the forecast. ten are still missing. >> powerful thunderstorms lashing out. >> heavy rains and flash flooding from boston to washington. >> joe biden lost his eldest son to brain cancer. >> he said his son was quite simply the finest man he had ever known. secretary of state john kerry is in a swiss hospital after breaking his leg in a bicycle crash in france. in new york city ten people were injured when a massive air conditioning unit being lifted by a crane broke free. a car crashes into the l.a.x. and into a rlgi. >> he didn't even crash through a window but through a wall. >> is glas yas sliced by a
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drone. >> might have confused the gas and the brake l.peda the critics' choice celebration awords. >> giving james cordtown hollywood welcome. the one thing i will never fo rget is thest tru you faced in me and the trust to have me as a guest in your home on "cbs this morning." he suggested that this arrest was all a conspiracy. >> why is it the u.s. wants to keep -- >> giving the u.s. an extra world cup is comic lycal. it's something you'd see in an "onion" article, which is exactly what he's holding up. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota.
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let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." senators were not able to pass a bill extending the government's authority to collect bulk phone information. track lone wolf threats and suspects who change their phones. >> nancy cordes is on capitol hill where the senate is now moving to plan "b." nancy, good morning. >> good morning. this is not a deadline that snuck up on anyone. they have known about this for years. but the senate pushed off their vote until the last minute and that gave senator paul the opening he's been waiting for. >> i'm not going to take it anymore. i don't think the american people are going to take it anymore. >> the senate's most ardent privacy advocate made good on his threat sunday forcing the halt of the national security agency's bulk collection of u.s.
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phone records first revealed by edward snowden. >> we can't allow the rule of law to be so trod upon that we live in an arbitrary governmental world where they collect anything they want any time they want. this is the tip of the iceberg. >> the movie drew furryy from his fellow fellow. >> mr. president, i request the remaining five minutes of time on the opposite side. >> is there objection to the request from the senator from kentucky? >> i object. >> some accused paul of cashing in on the controversy. the presidential candidate has been urging his supporters to chip in to his "stop nsa spying showdown money bomb." mitch mcconnell has endorsed his fellow kentucky
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fellow kentucky. >> they grow more sophisticated and aggressive and we should not do so on a campaign of demagoguery and misinformation. >> in a statement he urged the senate to ensure this irresponse lapse in authorities is as short-lived as possible but paul argued the threat is not as great as the president claims. >> people here in town think i'm making a huge mistake. some of them i think, secretly want there to be an attack on the united states so they can blame it on me. >> the house passed a bill three weeks ago that would reform the metadata program moving the collection of phone records from the nsa to the phone companies themselves. the senate started moving in that direction last night, but because of the way the senate works, a vote won't come until tuesday or wednesday at the earliest which means, gayle, that the nsa program will remain
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in limbo until then. >> thank you. this morning we're awaiting funeral arrangements for joe biden's son. the 46-year-old father of two died saturday of brain cancer. major garrett is at the white house with the latest on what's hit the family. >> joe biden loves poetry and has a real fear for it. by far his favorite is the i rush poet yates. yates once wrote of man he knew being irish. he had an abiding sense of tragedy which sustained him through temporary periods of joy. joe biden has known tragedy and yet found plenty of joy and yet now the abiding sense of tragedy has returned. there was poetry in vice president's relationship with his son beau whose real name was the same as his father's and
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grandfathers. joseph robinette biden. >> he was already delaware's attorney general when he addressed the democratic election in 2008. beau biden and his brother were seriously injured in a 1972 traffic accident in delaware that killed biden's wife and daughter. biden age 30 had just been elected to the senate and agonized over his choice a life in the nation's capitol or being a single father. he decided to be both. >> he was sworn in in the hospital at my bedside. as a single parent he decided to be there, to put us to bed, to be there when we woke up from a bad dream, to make us breakfast. >> i came to realize that a child can hold an important thought, something they want to say to their mom and dad maybe
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for 12 or 24 hours and then it's gone, and when it's gone it's gone. >> in 2012 the vice president discussed the heartache of losing a child. >> for the first time in my life i understood how someone could onsciously decide to commit suicide. not because they were deranged. it's because they had been to the top of the mountain and they knew in their heart they'd never get there again. parents never expect to have a child predisease them. never. >> in that speech the vice president said eventually painful loss yields a smile of memory before it brings a tear of grief. the vice president and his wife jill are now on that journey, and, charlie, yesterday the president and the first lady elementary their support visiting with the bidens at the vice president's residence for about 30 minutes. >> thanks major. we and all americans extend our
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great sympathy to the family at this time. >> you both knew beau biden. i was so sad to hear the news not to lose just one but two. what did you think when you heard him? >> he was humble modest. as vice president said he was the finest man. our thoughts are with his wife and children. he cared so deeply about family. family and personal relationships are at the core of joe biden. >> secretary of state john kerry will return to boston to receive treatment for a injured leg. the top u.s. diplomat was in the middle of a four-nation trip when the accident happened. margaret brennan is at the state department as kerry scrambles to keep up with his busy schedule. margaret, good morning. >> good morning. secretary kerry is expected to make a full recovery and is said to be in good spirits. he's been making phone calls
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from his hospital bed and even took one on sunday from president obama. but as for his injuries kerry has broken his right thigh bone after he hit a curb and tumbled off of his bicycle. he was taken by helicopter to the main hospital in geneva and he remained there overnight for observation. today we know his boston-based surgeon is en route to geneva to accompany kerry on a medical transport plane so he can be treated at home in massachusetts. we also know this injury has already impacted kerry's very intense travel schedule. it's keeping him from a key meeting in paris tomorrow with the iraqi prime minister. kerry plans instead to teleconference into that anti-isis strategy meeting. it isn't clear yet, though, whether he'll be able to fly to cuba to reopen the u.s. embassy there or even how he's going to handle the talks with iran to negotiate the fine print of a
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nuclear deal with a june 30th deadline looming over him. white house says kerry can work and recover at the same time. but if he has to have surgery norah, it's likely to inhibit those plans. >> margaret thank you. and before his accident the secretary of state spent six hours on saturday with iran's foreign minister. elizabeth palmer is in iran while the two countries work out a nuclear deal before that june 30th deadline as margaret mentioned. elizabeth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they met face-to-face to try to get some high political heft to these negotiations but apparently even that didn't result in any kind of a breakthrough over the weekend. the negotiateors are wrestling with two very contentious issues. the first is how fast the sanctions against iran would be lifted. the iranians want immediate complete relief. the u.s. wants a facedzed a phased
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approach. iran's supreme leader has said absolutely not. here in tehran where life has gotten harder people are following the talks very closely. there are occasional protests. hardliners say a deal means surrender to america. a well known conservative editor. do you think there will be a nuclear deal a month from now? >> translator: never. >> never. >> reporter: he says never, but millions disagree. anxious for economic relief, the rest of the world and the jordanians are desperate for an agreement. the talks are really coming down to the wire and some of the
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negotiators have publicly said, look we may need an extension, but the u.s. team so far anyway is saying nope we're still working to have a deal by the end of june. norah? >> all right. elizabeth palmer in tehran. thank you. this morning the obama administration is reviewing travel bans. a one-year ban is expiring for the taliban five. they live in qatar who has agreed to a temporary extension. the u.s. wants six more months. that's army sergeant beau bergdahl. >> in a few hours a ninth republican is expected to join the presidential race. south carolina senator lindsey graham is likely to announce his campaign for residency. on "face the nation" jeb bush told bob schieffer he hopes to announce his plans soon. >> i hope to run, to be honest with you. i'd like to run but i haven't made a decision.
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>> what would happen between now and then? >> who knows. i've learned not to answer a lot of hypothetical questions. >> you're probably going to run. >> i hope so. if i am a candidate, by the way, i'll have a chance to talk about my record share my heart, and offer ideas that will give people a sense that their future might be brighter than what we have today. >> the new host of "face the nation" cbs news john dickerson is with us from washington. good morning, john. >> good morning, charlie. >> big shoes you've got to fill there, young man. >> yes. very large shoes. if i could get a paddle and row down the potomac, they're so big. >> let's talk about sunday and bob's last "face the nation" show and jeb bush. did he deliver anything you were surprised by? >> well what bob was getting back there in that set of questions is how blurred the line has become between when you're saying you might be a
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candidate where the campaign finance laws are quite loose, you can raise a lot of money and do it in ways that make it very easy or when you say you're a declared candidate and all kinds of restrictions come in. that line has gotten so very blurred and a lot of campaign finance watchdogs say there's really no distinction and the candidates should be more forthright about this. that's what bob was going after there. >> well, martin o'malley announced after the weekend he's officially in the race. was there anything that struck you about the announcement john? >> martin o'malley said two things that were shots at secretary clinton. one was the idea that voters want a candidate of the future not the past. we've heard marco rubio say something like that. and then he also said the residency is not a crown to be passed between two families. comparing that to barry sanders who seems to be running sort of parallel martin o'malley is
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runnet at her and if he continues to make those attacks, while he's so far back in the polls it's not a direct threat to hillary clinton getting nomination, it does provide the same kind of attack he's using and will use against hillary clinton. >> we heard rand paul's stance against the patriot act. will it help or hurt him? >> it got pretty ugly there. i'm not sure that's going to help his candidacy. >> all right. thank you, john. you can watch john dickerson debut as host of "face the nation" on sunday on cbs. in the next hour we're going to take a closer look at bob schieffer's final broadcast. three states are under flash flood watches as seevere storms move along the coast. heavy rain pounded new york and new jersey. it stranded cars in the city of
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hoboken. waters rushed into some homes and sent some cars floating down the streets. in texas t streets are receding. flooding has killed at least 28 people in texas and oklahoma. around ten are still missing and cowboys in texas herded cattle to higher ground yesterday. the animals paraded down the highway to avoid the floods. a 9-year-old girl is in critical condition this morning after a car accident at l.a.x. airport. a porsche slammed into the wall. it hit two on the sidewalk. they found the 67-year-old driver likely confused the gas pedal with the brake. this morning investigators are looking into what caused a massive air conditioning unit to fall 28 stories. it smashed into the side of the building before crashing onto the street.
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ten people were hurt. among them were five people in mazda. very lucky. they dropped their daughter off at work before the accident. debris started falling. one pieceward the daughter had been sitting. both had minor injuries. amateur video shows two planes flying in formation when they slam into each other and plummet toward the adriatic sea. one plane crashes into the water killing the pilot. the second pilot pulls up and guides his plane to the beach where he flips over during an emergency landing in the water. he reportedly suffered only minor injuries. this morning china has put a tough smoking ban in place in indoor places. square dancers young and old helped with the plan today. they performed yesterday under no smoking signs. the world health organization says 300 million people in china
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smoke. one-third of global deaths occur in china. >> a ban may be a good way to start. ahead, police put out an ur >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by sleep inn. dream better here.
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a top radio executive is under fire for what some call sexist remarks. >> ahead, why he says they'll find success by limiting the plate of female artists. huh? plus miranda lambert's feisty response. the news is back in the morning on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places.
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singer enrique iglesias makes a wrong move at a concert in mexico. ahead how a drone left him bloody on the stage. >> ow. that looks like that hurts. and a reminder that charlie will
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be filling in for
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breaking news. the united states has dropped cuba from its list of terrorists. >> it's about time. about the only thing they did was dirty dancing. until friday cuba had been one of four countries on the list along with iran, sudan, and syria. i always felt like cuba was the odd one out there. it's like saying i've got a deal with my husband. i can speak with four others. >> that's an interesting list. >> yeah. >> only john oliver. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour colorado police are asking drivers to be vigilant. they're very worried about a
7:31 am
possible serial shooter who has already killed one cyclist. plus a top radio executive discovers the wrath of a popular female artist. he said stations should limit female artists to boost ratings. later we'll show you lambert's unfiltered remarks for what are called sexist remarks. they're marking themselves as water savers in today's drought. the industry did a study that found a standard pool plus decking uses one-third of the water as an irrigated lawn after an initial fill. >> "usa today" says all eight women trying to become the first female army rangers failed to meet the requirements to move on to the next phase of the grueling course. david martin told us back in april about the job at ft. benning. the army says three women will be given a chance to take the class again. >> britain's "guardian" says a
7:32 am
solar plane trying to fly around the world has given up the bid. bad weather caused it to face bad whether in japan. >> "the wall street journal" sayssay carnegie mellon university is reeling. ing this year they told the journal that uber offered some scientists a bonus of 00 degrees of thousands of dollars. uber and carnegie mellon are supposed to be working together on driverless car technology. and "the new york times" says the fbda is about to approve it. fda advisers will consider women's viagra later this week. this morning people in a colorado town are on high alert investigators say.
7:33 am
at least two roteside shootings that happened a month apart are connected connected. jeff glor of our digital network cbsn looks at this case that is drawing attention. the fbi is looking into it. jeff, good morning. >> charlie, good morning. the first target was a 20-year-old driver who was shot in net. she survived. the other, a bicyclist was shot and killed just 4 1/2 miles away. they say that was no coincidence. >> this morning we did recover evidence that links the two shootings together. >> two weeks after he was shot and killed the investigators now say the curl has struck at least once before, but they aren't saying how they know. >> the type of evidence i will not discuss. i'll keep that to the integrity of the investigation. >> police say whoever killed jacoby also shot romero in the
7:34 am
neck. >> 911. >> i'm on the highway. someone hit me and i'm bleeding and i'm scared. >> i thought they actually hit my car so i thought i had been in an accident. >> reporter: at least seven other people have reported their driver's side windows shattering. police are still investigating those cases and tay're not currently linked to the shootings. >> i knew it had been happening around this area. i describe up and down here all the time. it's just something you hear about and you know it but you don't think it's going to happen to you, you know. >> ron hosco says law enforcement is keeping details tight for a good reason. >> they don't want to show their hand and tell in detail what they have because that could -- certainly the person involved with this is very likely to be watching the news and tracking the investigation. >> reporter: while many have questions about who would do this neighbors are being warned
7:35 am
to be careful. >> the public needs to be vigilant. they're now aware of what's going on out there. they need to be vigilant and if you see any suspicious activity report it to your local law enforcement. >> they've set up an investigation. they they've set up a $10,000 reward. they sent a tweet asking for any information about jacoby's murder. >> a funeral will be held this afternoon for the prominent washington, d.c., family killed at their home. friends and relatives of the savopoulos family gavered for a wake yesterday. savvas savopoulos and his wife amy and their son were killed as well as their housekeeper. five other people are still under investigations. a former fee va vice president accused of taking
7:36 am
millions of dollars in bribes used a phony article in "onion" to defend himself. he posted an article says the u.s. is going after him because they want to host a world cup. he shows the "onion" showing that the u.s. would host the 2015 world cup. >> if the fifa's so bad why is it the u.s. wants to hold the fifa cup. why do they have games on may 27 two days before. why is it the u.s. authorities sought to embarrass fifa in zurich. >> the eight-minute video has to be wrong. >> why is it someone from this staff gave me this phony article. >> you cannot make it up right? >> that's pretty woman.
7:37 am
a mystery woman is expected to receive a six-figure sum. her donation turned out to be a rare apple computer. it was hand made by steve jobs and steve wozniak in 1976. they built only about 200. the company says the woman dropped off several box of her husband's electronics in april and drove away. they sold the apple for over $200,000 and they want to give her half of the proceeds. >> someone is saying gladys what did you do with the computer. >> i think they have some indication who it is. >> they're going to find her. a top executive says playing fewer female artists can boost ratings for country music radio stations. >> my stations win by taking females out. sometimes that's enough to go from the number three station to the number one station in the
7:38 am
market. >> wow. country music superstar miranda lambert has some thoughts on that. ahead we'll show you the to be sexist and if you're heading off to work this morning set your dvr so you can watch us any time. we'll be right back. how do you get to the top of your game? give it everything you've got and leave those sticky sunscreens behind. new neutrogena cooldry sport. powerful protection designed to feel good. micromesh technology lets sweat pass through and evaporate so skin stays comfortable, while clinically proven protection keeps going strong. don't get stuck with a sticky sunscreen. stay protected and comfortable with every move. new cooldry sport. neutrogena. i try hard to get a great shape. this... i can do easily. new benefiber healthy shape helps curb cravings. it's a clear, taste-free daily supplement that's clinically proven to help keep me fuller longer. new benefiber healthy shape. this, i can do.
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♪ go out and get it ♪ the song "little red wagon" comes from miranda lambert's hit platinum album. it's peaked at number one. this morning she's lashing out at an influential radio station saying they should play fewer songs. jan crawford shows us how it's sparked a great deal of outrage. good morning. >> good morning. they have made some big inroads recently but the charts are dominated by men. so when radio stations are told that too many songs by women are bringing down ratings, well miranda lambert wasn't the only
7:43 am
one to sense sex ismism. pereira dran lambert is one of country music's most powerful women. so when she says comments from a top radio consultant are a bunch of bs, people pay attention. lambert's target was country radio executive keith hill who advises stations to limit female artists to about 15% of their playlists. >> my stations win by taking females out. sometimes that's enough to go from the number three station to the number one station in a market. >> reporter: hill who calls himself the world's leading authority on music's schedules toast country aircheck weekly they're not justlike the lettuce of
7:44 am
our tomatoes. hill insist this is not sexism because most country radio listeners are female. >> the deep irony it's the demand of female listeners who aren't thinking about it. they're just responding to the flow after flow of song and if that mix has more females in it they turn off quicker. you make these statements and say them so many times that people start to believe them and they're just not true. >> cmt vice president leslie finds his comments offensive. >> sometimes i wish they would get out of their office go see some shows. >> they must compete for air time with bro country. songs that glorify big trucks beer and women. performers mattie and tay --
7:45 am
>> what are some? >> trucks slide on other. could there be a please somewhere. >> their hit "girl and a country song" mocks the way bro country portrays women. ♪ i hate the way this bikini top shape nts do i have to wear it all day ♪ >> she said she would do everything she could to promote other female artists. >> we're trying to get the biggest possible audience. we're not thinking about gender fairness. we're just trying to make money. >> now, hill says his comments were made at a conference for center insiders. he never meant for the information to reach this mass audience. he told us that the backlash is so inten now he's getting death threats. >> i think now keith hill is a
7:46 am
country song waiting to happen. >> it's almost liar ake a parity. >> ahead, simple lifestyle changes that could beat exhaustion. and the bizarre drone >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by petsmart. partners in pethood. nt to him. morgan, his groomer, knows how to make him look good. other dogs just admire him.
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one bold choice leads to another. toyota. lets go places. a little warning here. the video we're about to show you is a little graphic. enrique iglesias is recovering this morning after a run-in with a drone. there you see it. he reached out to grab the small unmanned aircraft when its rotor blades cut his hand.
7:51 am
he was treated back stage but he decided to go on with the show bloodied and all. he later flew to los angeles for specialist medical treatment. the drone was there to take shots. he's been known to grab the drone. talk about the show must go on he jrue a bloody heart to show i'm okay. do not try that at home. >> do not try that at home. >> the know host of cbs is rolling among the stars. ♪ >> it's gone, i'm gone i'm gone ♪ >> it's a huge hit. >> it got the most dislikes on the internet. >> what? >> he joins us in studio 57. we'll see why he had a meltdown in one of his test shows. that's ahead on "cbs this morning."
7:52 am
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it is monday june 1st 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including all those love locks in paris. officials ban a commitment that simply carry too much weight. but fiherst re's your "eye opener" at 8:00. >> the senate pushed off the vote until the last minute and that gave senator paul the opening he's beenti waing for. >> joe biden has known tragedy but found plenty of joy, but yet now these sen of tragedy has returned. >> secretary john kerry has hit a curb and fallen off his bike. >> some of the negotiators have publicly said, hey, look we need an extension. >> at least three northeastern
8:01 am
states are under a flash ford watches. >> in texas thela fsh flood warnings are receding. >> a car slammed through a terminal wall. >> it's beenap hpening around this areand it's just something that you hear about, you know it, but you don't think it's going to happen to you. >> big shoes you're about go tot fill there, young man. >> yes. i mean very large shoes. i could just get a paddle and row down the potomac they're so big. >> i didn't know we could top the other night, but apparently he did. >> that was fun. >> so what do we do here. >> was that a first for you? >> that was a first. >> this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 was presented by subway. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. the senate is scrambling to restore parts of the patriot
8:02 am
act. as of this morning the controversy phone data collection data is dead. >> the government is also banned from certain ways of tracking certain suspects. kentucky senator rand paul blocked the vote yesterday to extend the laws. the candidate says it violates america's privacy but he does at mitt a measure will ultimately pass later this week. flags across delaware are at half-staff this morning honoring the son of vice president joe biden. former state attorney general lost his nearly two-year battle with brain cancer saturday. in 20012 the vice president opened up about another family tragedy, the car crash that claim his first wife and young daughter and seriously injured beau and his brother. he shared the advice of his mother. >> i said, joey, for everything terrible something good will happen if you look hard enough. i thought what a cruel thing to
8:03 am
say. really, i did. you know what you're going to find out your relationship with your son or daughter that's already close is going to be like a bond of steel that runs through your chest and theirs and wraps you together. >> the president and first lady spent sunday afternoon with the vice president and his family. beau biden was 46 years old. >> doesn't seem fair. >> doesn't seem fair. bob schieffer's 46 years at cbs is complete. he made his final appearance on "face the nation" on sunday. even his competitor ss. >> i beal honest. i'm going miss being in the middle of things, but the one thingly never forget the is trust you placed in me and how nice you were to have me as a guest in your home over so many years. that meant the world to me and it always will.
8:04 am
it takes a lot of votes to get this show on the air and i'm really proud of all of them. here they are, and i want all of you to take a bow. >> bob also said that every job he ever had felt like the best in the world. >> boy, that's nice. >> a sweet good-bye. >> mary hager who's standing there right next to bob of course, the executive producer on the show deserves so much attention. >> and he turns the attention away from himself. >> so typical of him. look at the team. >> it's a remind their this is a team sport. >> always is. >> this morning it's the end of an era for the so-called love locks. the government is starting to remove the symbolic padlocks. some call them an eyesore and a safety hazard. mark phillips shows us how the relationship with the love locks turns sour. he is in london. mark good morning.
8:05 am
>> reporter: good morning. it was a touching little idea at the start. go to paris and lock it in literally, but as so many have learned, lace nothing lasts forever. >> it's official. you can have too much love. even in paris. a city that makes a living from it. especially when the demonstration of that affection has taken the form of scratching the loving couple's names on a pad lock. attaching them to a bridge, and throwing away the key. the symbolism is obvious. so is the weight. city officials say more than 700,000 locks have been attached over the last eight years, most to a bridge that was never designed to handle it. sections were showing the strain much like some of the relationships some of after years of trying to politely discourage the practice of putting up signs the parisian party poopers have moved in.
8:06 am
they've removed not only the locks but the railings. they'll be replaced by plexiglass. they tried to get in under the wire. >> it's a symbol of that. >> although the whole love lock thing because mystery to some. >> we had never heard of the lock bridge. it was my son when he gave us this. i thought it was for our luggage. >> reporter: lock bridge luggage, easy mistake. they'll no doubt show other ways to show their affection. others who came thought they should find another way to deal with the problem. >> fix the bridge and keep the locks. >> the locks will be kept in a warehouse until somebody can figure out what to do with them. love's labor loss shakespeare said, mean tooil couples never to be denied have been attaching
8:07 am
locks to other bridges and to the eiffel tower, gayle. >> love will find a way. >> not the eiffel tower. i hope they find a way. i this i that was such a sweet thing to do. >> they have to find a way to do something meaningful for them. >> there is plenty of places in paris they could k put them. >> paris will still be for love. >> that's nice. mark phillips in london. we thank you again. if you're sick and tired of being sick and tired our dr. holly phillips is into exhaustion. she said a lot of us have it. she's in the toyota green room. 000
8:08 am
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cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v in our "morning rounds," a wakeup call to beating exhaustion. americans feel fatigued. women in particular between the ages of 18 and 44 are twice as likely as men to be very tired or exhausted with a capital "e." dr. holly phillips is out with a plan to restore your energy. her new book is called "exhaustion breakthrough." breakthrough is the key word. this is a price we pay. >> it's just to let everybody know that no matter how full your life is you can have more energy and you deserve to. you know, this is really after 12 years of practice. i see that fatigue is the number
8:14 am
one health challenge people are going through, especially women and we're living in essentially an epidemic of exhaustion. >> including you, holly. >> including me. >> you said you were tired for 20 years. >> i was severely fatigued for 20 years. the irony is i was surrounded by doctors, a residency med tall practice and it was hard for anyone to take it seriously. i've provided hundreds of common overlooked reasons from medical reasons to lifestyle factors. >> how do we fix it? >> you know, there are a number of different steps we have to take. the first idea though is that you don't have to limit your life. rather you have to look for hidden things that are draining your energy. one of those approaches i have a seven-day exhaustion breakthrough challenge which is eight different steps you can take not only to boost your energy but to see some hidden things that are draining you. >> you say sleep alone? that's not fun. >> and you didn't do it because
8:15 am
you've got two kids. >> well, no. my answer to that is there are things in bed that takes two people. sleeping is not one of them. so during the exhaustion break through challenge, you do sleep alone. you get rid of the partner, you get rid of the kids the dog, the cat, and you see if the quality of your sleep improves because it's not how many hours you spend in bed but how well you sleep that affects your energy. >> we're expecting a child in another 16 days. i may do the reverse of skpaegs breakthrough. you say you're supposed to check in with your body on an hourly basis? >> right. my accuupuncture friend taught me this. it completely changed my life. what you do is every hour you set the alarm and take two minutes out to take a body inventory. you start from your head and move to your toes looking for areas of tension. is my brow fur rowed.
8:16 am
am i clenching my jaw and you move over. when the alarm goes off i'm hunched over my computer barely turning blue. one of my legs was asleep. this connects your body and your mind so you can have more energy. >> one of the tips you recommended is walk ten minutes daily. that's from a scientific study. >> it is. they compared two groups of people who hit a mid afternoon slump. one group had coffee and chocolate. the other group took a ten-minute walk. two hours later people who took the ten-minute walk had more energy. it's not necessarily about running six mimes. it's about increasing your metabolism and getting oxygen in and that helps. >> you said you tried all the advice in the book. >> i absolutely have. one piece of advice is don't write a book. follow what's in it. you'll feel much better. >> thank you, dr. holly
8:17 am
phillips. >> it's called "exhaustion breakthrough." it goes on sale tomorrow. she says if you ask a question am i too tired, the answer is you're too tired. >> more work morning. walk while you do. ahead, a new road for your commute. >> i'm vladimir dukt yas. uber may bring cars to the masses but media is addressing the masses. we'll test out the ride sharing rule. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: cbs "morning rounds," sponsored by purina. your pet, our passion. stinct with real salmon and tuna and 30% protein. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one. if your purse is starting to look more like a tissue box... you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it.
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no matter where you're heading this morning there's a battle to finish your business before you leave home. vlade mer duthiers is traveling through management where ride sharing is getting a lift from technology. vlad, good morning. >> good morning. carpooling is the latest trend but unlike ride sharing apps you won't have the ride line to yourself. in new york city getting from one place to another can be a challenge and more people are turning to smartphones for help. but in a city also known for its buses, subways, and yellow cabs there's another option. carpooling. daniel co-founder of via
8:22 am
describes it more like a taxi than a bus. >> i don't get to sit here on alone, you pick up other people. >> we will. if you're very lucky you might get to sit by yourself or unlike itself. >> unlike its competitors, they use their smartphones. the rides are share edd with up to five ores. they're charged $5 and tax. a fraction of the cost of cabs. they share their experiences online. >> it really allows you do achieve this viral effect where one person knows about the service, loves it and can tell hundreds of people they know about and care about. >> since 2015 via has carriedover 300,000 passengers
8:23 am
and employs over 500 drivers in new york city, far less than the 14,000 by uber valued at $40 billion making it wasn't of the most valuable in the field. nick thompson is a contributor and editor of >> there are a lot of companies trying to make money on transportation and there are a lot of companies. in that way you look at it, yeah, maybe via could be. there will lots of car companies out there. >> via is undeterred and saids the company offers something the others do not. >> you're in the vehicle with other people. that's really what we're striving for. >> now uber and lift also offer a ride sharing option but via is the only one to do it with a flat fare. currently they're operating within a specific area of management but hopes to expand
8:24 am
that after a 27 million dollar financing deal. gayle? >> all right, vlad. thank you. james corden is literally arriving off a plane. he says i have to shower and put only some clothes. we'll learn why he was first resistant to become the first fresh face on late night tv. james corden. first your local news. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:25 am
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♪ (music throughout) ♪ sfx: (smash) sfx: (roar) ♪ ♪ sfx: (roar) sfx: (engine roars)
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour he's here. james corden has just stepped off of a plane. hello james corden of "the late late show." he's up here early. we're waving back at you. we'll learn whether he ever feels pressured to find his late late night voice. >> very aggressive. >> everybody wave. >> very aggressive wave. >> we're glad you're here. >> time to show you some of this morning's headlines. crowds will be stronger. that's where the horse will make way for the triple crown. that led to long lines and food and drink shortage. a muslim woman refused to give her unopened car because it
8:31 am
could be uses add a weapon. she gave male passenger next to her an unopened can of beer. the incident happened on a flight. united airlines said there was a misunderstanding and apologized to her the very next day. a former marines record blarnging plank post. george hood held that position for five hours, 15 minutes 157b8d seconds in southern california on saturday. he smashed the previous guinness world record held by a chinese police officer. family and friends kept him company. the 57-year-old also raised money for injured troops. >> he's got beautiful abs. that's hard to do. just over two months ago jam cordon launched a new career. he played dodge ball sung with justin bieber acting with tom hanks and battled anna kendrick in a sing-off. he may be a rookie but he's
8:32 am
already won a huge ginormous fan base. >> welcome to "the late late show," everybody. >> there's no pride in there's no crying in baseball. there's no crying. don't cry, shop girl. don't cry. >> i wanted it to be you. ♪ everybody are you in the house but baby come on come on come on ♪ >> here we go. what's hoe oprah like? she's amazing. if she'd adopt me, i'd leave my mom. ♪ ♪ >> the beatles were nothing until they won at dodge ball. the rolling stones were nothing
8:33 am
until they won at dodge ball. >> are you going to play for me now? >> yes. >> yes you are. >> i'm batman. everybody freeze. >> thank goodness i have had my children. ♪ i'm walking on sunshine ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine ♪ ♪ and don't it feel good ♪ >> i love that song james corden. i love you too. you do sing like you're walking on sunshine and it feels good. >> yes. it blows my mind watching that. we've done like 34 shows. i can't see where it's going. >> congratulations on your success, truly. first when you got your job everybody said who's that?
8:34 am
i remember anna wintour says you're the funniest man she's ever met. charlie said you're so funny. you've already won over a lot of people. >> i'm sure there are a lot of people watching this show going, really, that guy? shouldn't he be delivering the tv to cbs? he doesn't look like someone we have on television unless he's on a reality show. you know, we're very very lucky to have such a good team of people that work on the show. we -- i don't know. we never thought that we would hit the ground running quite as fast as we did. >> what did you think? did you think you'd have to build? >> well, yeah. because i mean historically these shows only get better with time. >> hopefully. >> well, no. if you go back and watch other talk shows that have launched you know there's an element of bedding in and needing to find one's feet. i don't know. that makes me very excited to
8:35 am
see where we are in a year's time. >> you had reservations about doing it? >> yeah. i did really because i had never hosted anything before. i've about never done a talk show. i'm not very good at interviewing people. >> it calls on all the skills you have. >> no. we just made a choice to ignore my weaknesses. it's not how do we go to making this show great. it's how do we ignore my weaknesses. >> which are? >> being a stand jupp part of it. >> well, i'm not a standup comedian. i've never done anything like. i don't really know what i do. i'm essentially being an idiot for an hour before people fall asleep. >> i beg to differ. you came here with a big resume. >> maybe you should be delivering the tvs. i'm just kidding. >> i often thing every day when i'm behind the curtain that someone's going to tap me on the
8:36 am
shoulder we made a huge mistake. we meant to get the other guy. oh that makes so much sense, you know. >> you're so good with your skits. we've replayed them in the morning. how much is you wanting to do this? how much you do plan it out? >> mostly we -- i think these shows, the late night shows and i know pretty much nothing about them is they're about effort. they come down to effort. you know. you know better than anybody that making a show every day, that it just consumes content all the time and you're trying to find content. mostly we go what's the most fun thing our audience could find tonight? what's the most fun thing we could do. and that's it really. >> and one of the most fun things was your car ride with justin bieber, which i know has been viewed online more than 20 mill uptimes. let's play a part of it. >> oh, great. ♪ baby baby baby ♪ ♪ oh my baby baby baby ♪
8:37 am
>> i love you. i love you. ♪ ♪ baby baby baby. >> i thought you'd always be mine. >> okay, james. i know moat of the lines but you know all of the lines. how is that? >> i don't know. i've always had a sort of a knack for -- i don't know. remembering lyrics. i mean those things doing those things in the car are genuinely the most fun i've about had on the show because essentially for a lot of people. we've done it with justin maria carrie and jennifer hudson are as famous as you can get really and there's not many times in their life when they aren't surrounded by a big group of people. >> people love to sing in the car, don't they? they really do. >> in my head. in my head. in my head i'm justin bieber at that moment and he's got the talk show and he's like wow, he
8:38 am
really made a smash single here. all i do is sing. my wife constantly stops me harmonizing with the radio. stop it. >> you know you seem fearless. i love the skit with you and david beckham. he's in his underwear. he's an underwear model. you're not yet an urchlds wear model. >> it's coming. >> you seem so self-deprecating. you seem to have no inhibitions at all. >> i don't know. >> you make it fun. >> i just do anything to make someone laugh really. i just -- i won't -- i just won't really stop until i feel -- and if that means -- i mean it's ridiculous doing that thing with david. i would stand there and we're both in these pants, you know and i would look at him and think it's ridiculous that technically we're the same species, you know what i mean?
8:39 am
just with people at home i'm the one -- he's letting the one i'm the one holding the hair driver. >> did he think it was a little awkward? how was he when you filmed this? >> i'm very fortunate. i've known david for quite some time. we did some other -- we did a sketch once for a comic reliam home in the uk where we had a bath together. >> a bath? >> yeah. we had a bath together. >> wow. >> we had a bath where i was reading him him his autobiography. you know he very kindly -- that's essentially is, just calling people like david and simon cowell and one direction boys and saying will you help us out with a slot of our show and i'm unbelievably touched that they would come and help us in our infancy. >> you had acting bits too.
8:40 am
tom hanks and arnold swartz anything schwarzenegger. he had to buy into this. >> i show up in a way where i say this is a show where people come and do stuff, you know. i'm forever in his debt actually for that because i think -- i think doing that thing with him gave us the confidence and the place to go okay. if he'll do it you know what i mean. it's tom hanks. >> quite the seal of approval. >> it felt like that and we're very, very lucky, yeah we really are. >> go ahead. >> you've loving doing it. >> i really am. i'm enjoying all of it. i'm enjoying being here you know. where i'm from like the town i'm from in the uk i'm from a town where, you know it's not -- you don't get to come to new york let alone fly overnight from los
8:41 am
angeles where you've got your own show and come and sit with four people i really love on a show i never thought i i'd be on. i feel very very lucky constantly. i'm taking this mug as well. >> we're lucky to have you. >> we were just as excited about having you. >> no, you weren't. >> we were talking about it. >> no way. con on now. >> james corden congratulations. continued success. >> thanks so much for having me. >> you can catch "the late late show with james corden" week night at 12:35, 11:35 central right here on cbs. organic food legend shows us what inspired her to change menus, ma
8:42 am
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are potching up all other the country. she opened a restaurant decades ago. chip reid shows how she wants to add to her already full plate. >> she grew up on a farm in the austrian alps where the food was always fresh. today she visits her favorite farmer's market in washington, d.c., one that she helped create. >> there was no market like this in washington. this is a producer-owned market
8:46 am
which means the farmer -- the people are challenged to grow the food. >> reporter: and she only buys food that is certified organic. no pesticides no chemical fertilizers, no antibiotics, no hormones. in summary, all natural. >> you feel comfortable picking things up free of pesticides. >> reporter: when she came to the u.s. for the first time she was horrified by the supermarket. >> the smallest department was the produce department and the biggest was the prepackaged processed food. >> reporter: she refused to feed her children food with all those chemical add tirchs so she started visiting farms outside of town and later she started an organic catering business and e later a restaurant.
8:47 am
>> at the beginning people thought i was completely nuts. >> it took years of hard work and she succeeded and after 36 years in business restaurant norahnor nora is still the who's who of restaurants. yes, organic food is more expense biv in the long run she said it might just save you money. >> i prefer to spend my money on food and not on the doctor. you stay healthier if you feed your body healthy food. >> reporter: she also exercises every day and when she was nearly 60 shows off the results of her healthy life story by showing off a blend der. >> the blender is really big. >> it covers a lot. >> it covers a lot. >> she blazes the trail, especially women, carly hall, co-host of "the chew." >> when nora was doing it it was
8:48 am
changing the game. i don't think we realize how much ahead of he time she was. >> more than three decades later, organic food is wre and at 71 but yonge is still at it pushing organic food everywhere she can includeing her recently published book "my organic life." in a world where everything has become so fast paced she has an idea for making food more widely available. >> my driem is to create an organic mcdonald's. >> really. >> yes. i want to give healthy food to everybody. i haven't found the millionaire. >> i think that would be a billionaire. >> i think it can be done. >> reporter: and if anyone can do that it's probably nora nora puyong. for "cbs this morning," chip reid, washington. >> she really is a pioneer. >> have you been to her
8:49 am
restaurant? >> oh, yeah, absolutely. they had michelle obama's surprise birthday party there a few years back. most restaurants don't survive decades and it's organic. >> i like that. she'd rather spend money on the food, not the doctor. >> i like the name
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
be sure to tune in for the "cbs evening news." i will be filling in tonight for scott pelley. s any time log onto cbsn and you can watch it any time on our cbs news app or by going to
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>> the new virus that's taking over is even effecting celebrities. are you at risk?
9:00 am
>> then, >> this is a big-time intervention. >> the first ever dirty girl intervention. >> i want you to deal with this. >> agonizing over acne? could a new treatment you racecars for good? and, celebrity stylist, george kotsiopoulos fixes denim dilemmas to find the fit that's right for you. >> here we are today on camera and we are told to put our best face forward, but could the expression you are sporting make you unlikeable? >> this just in, the discovery of a new virus, rbf, or resting bitch face, is taking the world by storm! rbf affects th


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