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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  June 2, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> rose: a terror suspect is shot dead in boston after allegedly lunging at a cop and an f.b.i. agent with a knife. also tonight the jury hears james holmes describe step by step how he carried out the movie theater massacre. the most powerful man in the world's biggest sport abruptly resigns as so,'s bribery scandal grows. and two american heroes awarded the nation's highest military honor nearly a century after they earned it. >> but it's never too late to say thank you. >> rose: good evening. scott is on assignment. i'm charlie rose. we begin tonight with a fatal shooting on the streets of boston. the dead man was a terror suspect who had been under
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surveillance. the police say that when they attempted to question him today he came at them with a knife and they shot him. more now from homeland security correspondent jeff glor. >> reporter: this is the knife investigators say usaama rahim brandished when confronted by f.b.i. agents and boston police this morning. two officers tried to stop rahim before he got on a city bus. when they approached him police say rahim pulled the knife and was shot. >> we believe he was a threat. >> reporter: boston police commissioner william evans says there is surveillance video of the shooting. >> the officers are retreating and they kept retreating, verbally giving commands to drop the weapon, drop the weapon. and at some point the individual proximity came close that the officers were in danger. >> reporter: law enforcement officials say what ream, who was 26 years old, had been on investigators' radar for several months and had been under 24-hour surveillance for about three weeks.
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an official previoused briefed on the investigation said rahim was radicalized online by isis extremists. throughout the day police searched his home and a nearby location. rahim's brother, who is an imam in oakland california, posted on facebook that at the time of the shooting his brother was on the phone with his father and his last words were, "i can't breathe." a law enforcement source says the belief is rahim wanted to target police something isis has called for in its propaganda. but, charlie in this case, we're told there is no further threat to the public. >> rose: thanks, jeff. today, the senate gave final congressional approval to renewal of most of the surveillance programs put in place after 9/11. with one major exception-- the so-called u.s.a. freedom act ends the government's bulk collection of phone records exposed by former n.s.a. contractor edward snowden. the bill now goes to president obama for his signature. today, the james holmes murder
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trial heard more from the defendant in his videotaped interview with a court-appointed psychiatrist. holmes had pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity in the colorado movie theater massacre that left 12 people dead and 70 injured. in the video he recounts the events of that july night in 2012. here's barry petersen. >> reporter: holmes was matter of fact as he described the theater massacre from his point of view. >> reporter: he faked a phone call to explain going the exit door. outside in his car he calmly armed himself and suited up in body armor. then he went back in to dpin his murderous and methodical killing. >> reporter: he emptied his six-round shotgun then started firing his assaulted rifle.
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>> reporter: the psychiatrist asked holmes to imagine what it was like for the people in the theater, his targets. >> reporter: he called what he did a mission. how did he want to be remembered? >> reporter: he was asked about the death penalty and said originally he wasn't going to oppose it, but then in on the videotape, with families and
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victims listening in the courtroom, he said he will now fight it it, charlie, because his death as he put it, would make his family sad. >> rose: chilling words from the man himself. thanks, barry. today, the most powerful man in soccer walked away. sepp blatter resigned as head of the world governing body as most of his top lieutenants face bribery and corruption charges in the u.s. and cbs news has learned blatter, who's swiss is now being looked at by federal investigators as well. here's mark phillips. >> reporter: in four short days, he had gone from victory and defiance-- >> let's go, fifa. let's go, fifa! thank you! >> reporter: to defeat and resignation. sepp blatter told a hastily called news conference he would resign. something had finally stuck to the teflon king of the world's most popular game. but what? the f.b.i. indictment last week of nine current and former fifa
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officials on charges of corruption racketeering, payment of bribes, and money laundering had significantly not included blatter although as head of fifa he remains a natural target of the investigation. and swiss investigators have said they have nothing to blatter right now either, even though they are running their own probe into whether there was anything suspicious in the awarding of the next world cup to russia and the one after that to qatar. but the heat was on blatter and now it has been turned up higher. a letter has been released from the south african so, authorities in 2008, detailing how $10 million should be funneled directly to former fifa vice president jack warner, who is accused of taking bribes to secure south africa's successful world cup bid. the payment was authorized by fifa officials who worked directly for blatter. the f.b.i. investigators may be
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closing in, says sports lawyer and fifa critic david larkin. >> this investigation they cannot control. it's run by an independent u.s. law enforcement agency, and as a result, i think they're running scared. >> reporter: but sepp blatter isn't running anywhere quickly if he can help it. he says he'll stick around until a new fifa president can be elected and that, charlie could take months. the pressure will continue, though, on blatter not just to go but to go now. >> rose: mark phillips in london. thanks mark. today, a "washington post" reporter was back in an iranian courtroom. the session closed to the public. the iranians accuse jason rezaian of spying. he's being prosecuted at the same time the u.s. and iran are trying to complete a nuclear deal. elizabeth palmer in tehran is following the case. >> reporter: for the 10 months since his arrest, jason rezaian has been a prisoner in a tehran jail. finally last week, he made his first appearance in the building just behind the trees the
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islamic revolutionary court. it hears cases related to state security, and it's so sensitive that this is as close as we can get without risking arrest. rezaian's lawyer would only talk to us by phone to say her client is innocent of espionage. how confident are you that jason will get a fair trial and a fair verdict? "it would be illegal," she said, "to comment." but conservative media here aren't holding back. even before a verdict they're saying he's a spy who deserves to be locked up. this time last year, rezaian was living in tehran with his iranian wife. as the "washington post" bureau chief, he wrote about a country that has long been closed to most americans. one of his last pieces described baseball in iran. then with no warning last july, security men raided his apartment in this middle-class neighborhood and took him away. today in washington, rezaian's
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brother ali addressed the house foreign relations committee. >> this is perfectly legal conduct recognized around the world as practicing journalism. >> if you were sitting with the iranian foreign minister, what would you say? >> i think i'd have to ask what do they think they're accomplishing? what are they doing to their own image, if they want to join the community of nations, which is their stated goal, become more normalized how do they think that this helps them at all? >> reporter: iran hasn't produced any evidence against jason rezaian. and many people, both here and in the u.s., think that he's simply a pawn of hard-liners who want to derail the nuclear talks and destroy any chance of better relations with america. >> rose: liz was the family in court? >> not allowed in the court but his mom is here in tehran. i spoke to her today. she told me she visited jason this morning and he's tired but he's being cheered up because he
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gets a little access to tv in jail and he's been able to follow the progress of his beloved basketball team, the golden state warriors. >> rose: liz, thank you so much. rescue workers in china have not given up hope of finding more survivors more than a day after a cruise ship capsized in the yangtze river. there were more than 450 people on board. at least 15 were pulled to safety including a 65-year-old woman. the searchers spent the day tapping the shell with hammers and listen fairg response. the police are questioning the captain and chief engineer. the head of fema's flood insurance program admitted to congress today that victims of super storm sandy did not get all the money they were entitled to. fema has agreed to take another look at more than 140,000 claims. sandy caused more than $65 billion in damage, 650,00 homes
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damaged or destroyed. two and a half years later, elaine quijano found some homeowners still face a flood of trouble. >> the entire ceiling has bowed. >> reporter: rob buck is describing the damage he says was caused by his contractor's neglect. >> it's all wet underneath there. >> reporter: a contractor assigned to him under a state-run sandy recovery program. there's two feet of water in the basement. black mold has crept up walls and the house which is now uninhabitable has started to sink. buck is among 8300 homeowners in newnew jersey's main sandy recovery initiative known as r.r.e.m. a program touted by governor chris christie two years ago. >> i will not let anyone get in between me and the completion of this mission to restore new jersey, to help the citizens of our state recover. >> reporter: but recently, scores of homeowners protested the slow pace of recovery. we sat down with a group of frustrated homeowners who say
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the state failed them. >> honestly, i think the worst decision i made was going with this grant program. >> reporter: kris pyzyna a lawyer says her contractor made potentially life threatening errors with her boiler. >> he taped it with duct tape. i hired my own plumb tore come in, to check out the work and he knew right away that the vent was improper. and i would have had a massive c.o. leak and very possible that it could have killed me. >> i figured i could trust this. i wanted to believe in this moarpt more than two months after being told to vacate the house, sue elliott's assigned contractor had not started work on her home. >> they didn't have their proper bond. they didn't have their proper insurance. the engineering company they hired did not ever come to new jersey so the plans were incorrect. actually, on our plans there's a picture of someone else's house. >> reporter: a cbs news review of the 32 state-approved r.r.e.m. builders found nearly half are from outside new jersey, mainly texas and louisiana. several face lawsuits bankruptcy or consumer
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complaints claiming shoddy work. and one builder allegedly left the program last summer but was still signing construction agreements months later. >> that's all supposed to be redone. >> reporter: trudi stawinski signed up with that builder last fall. since then she and her family have been living out of borksz waiting for construction to begin. how has this affected your life? >> it just takes a toll on you. mentally physically, financially. >> reporter: buck has been living in temporary housing including a hotel. he worries that he and his family may end up in a shelter. >> you live with the guilt like, maybe i shouldn't have did this. my kid, i have to look them in the eyes, "i'm sorry. this is because i made decision." >> reporter: the new jersey sandy recovery division declined a request for an on-camera interview but said in an e-mail that all r.r.e.m. builders were fully vetd and selected based on their qualifications and financial capacity to complete work. but late last year, an
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in its air bags or if the replacement parts are any safer. the defect is linked to at least five deaths in the united states. the recall totals nearly 34 million air bags. more now from jeff glor. >> i am honored to be here on behalf of takata. >> reporter: for the first time since the largest auto recall in american history was announced, a takata executive today answered questions in public. congressman markwayne mullin: >> in 2004 you identified there was a problem. i said you could recreate the problem. you knew there was a problem. >> and we thought we had a root cause at that time, too. >> reporter: many questions surrounded the chemical compound used to fill takata air barkz ammonium nitrate. the compound is thought to be unstable especially when exposed to moisture causing some of the air bags to explode with excessive force sending shrapnel flying through vehicles. takata executive vice president kevin kennedy said the company is rapidly transitioning away
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from ammonium nitrate but they are still not sure exactly what is wrong. >> but unfortunately, we have not yet got to a definitive root cause across every one of these inflaters. >> reporter: representative brett guthrie. >> if you don't know, how do you know the replacement parts they bring in for the recall are not going to fail? >> many of the replacement parts we're using are different designs now. about 50% of what we shipped last month are with our competitors' inflaters which do not use ammonium nitrate. >> reporter: that means some air bags that have already been replaced may need to be replaced again. mark rosekind is head of the national highway traffic safety administration. >> some of these may not have the longevity that is needed to make sure that it's a lifelong, for the entire life of the vehicle, fix. >> reporter: n.h.t.s.a. says they've now gotten a list of vehicles from seven of the affected auto makers involved here. they hope to have a full list in two weeks charlie, but even that happens it will still
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likely take years before all the vehicles are fixed. >> rose: the story continues. thanks jeff. hot lava takes a long trip down to the sea when we come back. ♪ [music] ♪ jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack
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the front of the honda stayed put. the rear portion was thrown into the woods. two of the three people inside the car suffered minor injuries. the views are dazzling in the galapagos islands off ecuador where the wolf volcano has been-- look at this-- erupting for more than a week. tourists got a close look from their boat as lava flowed from the mile-high peak to the ocean below. the volcano is far from any populated areas. folks in south dakota witnessed something spectacular in the sky last night a super cell north of rapid city. time-lapse video shows the cloud spipping in a circle as it parked overhead. as much as eight inches of rain fell along with hail the size of baseballs. in a moment, victory in a battle that dates back to world world war i to honor two of its heroes. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs.
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>> rose: today, president obama awarded the medal of honor posthumously to william shemin of new york and henry johnson of north carolina. they were recognized for their heroism on the battle field during world war i. why did it take so long? here's david martin. >> reporter: sergeant william shemin was always a war hero to his daughter elsie. after all he'd won the distinguished service cross, the nation's second highest medal for repeatedly braving german machine gun fire in the hell that was no-man's-land. >> he's 19 years old. he goes out on three occasions to bring back his wounded comrades, three separate occasions. >> reporter: but when she was 12, one of her father's army buddies turned everything upside down. >> he said "your father never got the medal that he deserved because he was a jew." >> reporter: her father died in 1973, and world war i faded
6:57 pm
from public memory. but not from hers. >> when you are discriminated against, it doesn't get better with time. >> reporter: you could say the same about another world war i soldier, private henry johnson. for his bravery in combat-- actually hand-to-hand combat-- he received france's highest honor. >> the french didn't have the segregation policies that the american army had at the time. >> reporter: according to retired major general natianial james, the american army didn't even award johnson the purple heart for his wounds. >> it was one of these bigotry things that i guess for some reason, they didn't want blacks to get any kind of recognition. >> reporter: without a purple heart, the man teddy roosevelt called one of the bravest soldiers sofight in world war i received no assistance in dealing with his wounds. >> as far as i know, he died as an alcoholic and penniless. >> reporter: he was buried in arlington, and decades later awarted the purple heart and
6:58 pm
distinguished service cross. now medal of honor will be added to that tombstone. >> he would probably smile and say, "it's about time." >> reporter: johnson has no family left to attend today's ceremony. sergeant william shemin had 66 family members there, including both of his daughters. >> our country giving him the highest military honor, a jew first generation from russia? i think he would think that he did something wonderful for this country and how grateful he is. >> reporter:, of course, nobody gave either of these soldiers anything. they earned it. nearly 100 years ago. david martin, cbs news, washington. >> rose: a nation can never do too much for its heroes, like those two men. for scott pelley, i'm charlie rose. thanks for watching. i'll see you tomorrow on "cbs this morning." good n
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. first at 7:00, we've got some new information about the young woman gunned down allegedly by her ex-boyfriend in a germantown parking lot last night. thank you for being here. i'm darrick mcdidn'ty. >> and that suspect has a long criminal history. they had no idea he had so many serious run-ins with the law. >> if she knew about her ex- boyfriend's criminal history, she didn't share that information with her family. according to sources, she reluctantly agreed to meet him here in this parking lot yesterday evening after he threatened to harm himself over their recent break-up. >> the graduation picture encompasses everything that


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