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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  June 3, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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good morning. welcome to wusa9 at 6:00 a.m. it's wednesday, june 3. i'm andrea roane. we continue to cover breaking news from riggs place on 16th street northwest d.c. to people were killed and four others injured during an early morning house fire. surae chinn is on the scene and will bring us a full report shortly. thanks for waking up with us. i'm mike hydeck in for nick giovanni. we start with wert. another cool -- with weather. another cool day. it's in the 60s and believe it or not it's june. >> our high temperatures only in the 60s this afternoon. so even a little cooler than yesterday. yesterday we got up to 72. let's take a look right now with the michael & son weather cam. it looks pleasant enough. that's because the cloud cover is low but not all the way down to the ground. ground level cloud cover is called fog as i'm sure you know. 8:00 a.m. a few sprinkles, 61 degrees. by the time we get to noon only up to 64. so we're not going to see that dramatic rise in temperatures
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like we had been dealing with when the heat wave was going on. the heat wave was broken yesterday. today we're going to see temperatures remaining well below average. in fact right now it's only 55 at andrews. 58 hagerstown and 57 in leesburg. coming up we'll talk about where this rain is heading next. 9 futurecast, when you'll see the heavier showers coming up in the first alert seven-day. right now time for timesaver traffic and larry miller. thank you. 6:01. met free riders you're running on -- metro riders, you're running on schedule. we have a couple of bus alerts. s1, s2, s4 and s9 seeing delays because of police activity on 16th street. so we're asking metro bus drivers to be aware of that. we're on the scene right now of a developing story again of a fire investigation, a fatal fire investigation on riggs place northwest. but again 16th street between r street and t street northwest are closed as a result of that investigation. we will hear from surae chinn in a bit. i want to take some cameras and show you how things are shaping
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up here on 50. this is vista road. no issues as you travel east or westbound on 50. we'll have your next update coming up in ten minutes. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn in northwest washington. tragic news this morning here at 16th and riggs place. larry was talking about that just moment ago. d.c. fire now confirming two adults have died. two people died after a fast moving fire swept through their rowhouse. two others in serious condition. also we're hearing a third firefighter has also been injured. all of their injuries minor we're told. d.c. fire tweeting that out this morning. sources say the two people who died were found on the top floor of this rowhouse. the fire broke out around 2:30 this morning. fully enduffled -- engulfed
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when firefighters arrived. the red cross is here and a.t.f. no word on what caused this fire. a double fatality. three firefighters injured. two others in serious condition at the hospital. that is the very latest at 16th and riggs place. i'm surae chinn, wusa9. new this morning the white house will work quickly tone sure the nsa once again has the vital tools it needs to continue protecting the country. >> as mark albert reports, the senate gave final congressional approval to renew most of the surveillance programs that were put in place after 9/11. >> reporter: the national security agency is getting the green light to resume critical parts of its antiterror surveillance program with new limits. president obama signed the u.s.a. freedom act into law tuesday night thanking the senate via twitter for finally passing the measure. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: in its 67-32 vote lawmakers agreed to the law that will allow wire taps on terror suspects who frequently
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change cell phones. in six months the national security agency will lose the power to collect and store phone records but can still gain access to those records held by private companies with a court order. >> we have to protect americans' privacy. we can do that and still keep us secure. >> reporter: kentucky senator punish mcconnell says -- senator mitch mcconnell says the u.s.a. freedom act is a step in the wrong direction. >> it takes one more tool from our war fighters in my view at exactly the wrong time. >> reporter: the controversial surveillance program was first exposed by former nsa contractor edward snowden who maintains it is not effective at preventing terror atax. -- >> attacks. >> if we don't reallocate our resources in a target way, we find we're spending resources for no benefit in terms of public safety. >> reporter: officials say it could take at least several days to restart many of the antiterror surveillance
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programs that expired. mark albert for cbs news, washington. >> reporter: new information this morning about the case of see till mills. his -- case of cecil mills. his family will be at d.c. superior court filing suit against the d.c. fire department in a wrongful death lawsuit. we are expecting to hear more details when they gather here at d.c. superior court in about four hours or so. but let's get back to the story and rewind a bit. this happened january of last year. 77-year-old cecil mills suffer add heart attack right across the street from a northeast firehouse. family members say firefighters ignored their cries for help only responding ten minutes later. the former d.c. government employee died at the hospital. the person in charge of the firehouse at the time was
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allowed to retire. another got a to-day suspension, another a reprimand -- two-day suspension, another a reprimand. the ruling of the trial board they say was way too lenient. justice was not served. since then some major changes have happened in the fire department. 911, that head of dispatch has been removed by mayor bowser and we have a new chief from seattle who is looking forward to bringing much needed reform to the d.c. fire department. we'll hear from the victim's daughter coming up in the next half-hour. we're live at d.c. superior court, delia goncalves, wusa9. ed internal revenue service is owe he on the -- the internal revenue service is being blasted for failing to take action in the latest security breach. they failed to update dozens of security upgrades to its computer systems. the inspector said some of the up grades would have made it mo
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-- upgrades would have made it more difficult for hackers to steal information from hundreds of taxpayers. triple crown contender american pharoah arrived at belmont park in new york yesterday during a downpour. pharoah bred in kentucky could be the first horse since affirmed went to sweep the triple crown. affirmed did that making history in 1978. more than 400 people remain trapped inside a capsized cruise ship in china. >> there are some good numbers to report when it comes to the amount of adults who now have health insurance. >> we'll have those stories and more in a minute but first here's erica with a look at our wednesday weather. >> it is not good weather today. we'll see the drizzly weather hanging on throughout the entire day and temperatures remaining way below our seasonal average which is 80 degrees. satellite and radar shows that approaching rainfall. we're going to stay in the 60s because of it. right now it's 57 degrees in manassas and 54 in white oak. 60 in downtown washington.
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we'll track the rain for you coming up with our first
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welcome back. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. lots of clouds. you're not going to see much of anything in the way of sunshine today and it is because of that and the easterly flow that temperatures are going to remain about 15 degrees below average throughout much of the area. right now it is 56 degrees in ashburn and germantown. it's also 56 degrees in college park. right now in downtown d.c. it is 60 uced visibility out there. we just have some very light mist. we'll continue to see that through about noon and then the chance for showers increases. by the evening commute, we could have enough rain that it's going to slow things down
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a little bit. today's high temperature 68 degrees. we'll reach that at 4:00 p.m. that's a quick look at weather. it's time for a quick look at task again. larry, take it -- traffic again. larry, take it away. the right lane continues to be blocked as a result of an earlier accident on 95 between dale city and 234. police on the scene. not much in the way of delays but as you approach the crash site, use some caution. looks like we're seeing a little bit after slowdown. mainly because people are being nosey. so just be mindful of that. for those of you traveling along 95 on the maryland side heading southbound toward the beltway, no issues there. just a live look at 95 at cherry hill road. again no issues on either the northbound or southbound side. we'll send it over to you. it 16:11. the world -- it is 6:11. the world health organization is making one final push to bring the ebola epidemic to an end. the story coming up. >> selfys in the outfield.
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hi. >> just in, the latest information. >> we're doing weather on the air. we're doing weather on the radio. we have to fix the hair and makeup because we're going outside. you know that weather, andrea, where the mist goes underneath the umbrella. it's underneath the umbrella mist weather day. it's not going to do a lot for you now but i would bring it with you because as we head into the evening, shower chances increase. if you have tickets to the ballpark tonight, the nats taking on the blue jays, i would not cancel. don't fret. sometimes it's good to go down to the ballpark when it's a little bit misty because then you don't have to worry about the sun and a sun burn or anything like that. 9:00 a.m. we'll see just the sprinkle chance. 61 degrees. by noon we'll see a little bit of an increase and the chance for some showers. look at temperatures. staying pretty much flat today. 64 degrees at noon. 67 at 5:00. so very similar to yesterday where temperatures held steady
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throughout the afternoon hours. right now it is 55 degrees in fled rick. it's -- frederick. it's 55 in front royal and waldorf sitting at 56 degrees. the area of low pressure has clockwise winds around it. we're really locked in right now. the maritime influence. the low cloud cover will remain with us and of course those low clouds will spit out a few sprichgles and showers -- sprinkles and showers throughout the day. you can see the rain starting to approach on 9 futurecast. looks like it's going to be a wet lunch hour. some of the rain doesn't quite make it into the metro on futurecast but i do think our rain chances are going to increase as we head into the afternoon and early evening. then thursday even more rain starts to make its approach so keep that in mind. it's going to be a wet one again on thursday but a little bit milder. a high of 73. 80 return of just a couple sprinkles and showers but the bigger return will be the
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sunshine. in the first alert seven-day forecast, a pretty nice weekend on tap. high temperatures will be in the low 80s. we go back to the mid-80s on monday and tuesday with a chance of a thunderstorm. larry, take it away with traffic. your time right now 6:17. marc train riders everything running on schedule. vre you're good to go as well. traveling on the inner loop of the beltway no issues from dolly madison boulevard to baltimore avenue a 20-minute commute. no issues on 95 as you make your way from cardinal drive to i-395. an 18-minute commute now this morning. if you're traveling westbound on 50 from mlk highway to florida avenue northeast, a 16- minute commute. a live look outside shows you how things are shaping up here. the woodrow wilson bridge. no issues for you this morning. you can see traffic flowing freely on both the inner and outer loop. as we head to maryland on i-270 for those of you traveling southbound in areas like fredricksburg, gaithersburg, no issues on the southbound side of i-270 as you make your way
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toward the beltway. you're looking at a pretty nice commute for the whole. you can't even complain about it. over to you. >> thank you, larry. 6:1. here's what's in the news. rescuers are searching for more than 400 people still trapped in a capsized river cruise ship in china. a total of 15 people have been rescued. 19 bodies reportedly recovered. the ship capsized monday evening on the yangtze river. there was a storm over the river at the time. as long as there's just one ebola case, all countries are at risk. those are the words coming from the chief of the united nations. the u.n. is urging all nations to support the final effort to wipe out the deadly disease in sierra leone and guinea. a man suspected of being sympathetic to terrorists was shot and killed by police on the streets of boston. >> police say the man pulled a knife on them when they went to question him. >> reporter: police searched at least two boston area locations linked to usaama rahim after
6:19 am
officers shot and killed a man in this parking lot. rahim was under 24-hour surveillance and lunged at the officers with this knife -- lunged at the officers with this knife. >> their lives were in danger when the two officers discharged their weapons. >> reporter: rahim died a short time late near a boston hospital. law enforcement officials say rahim was 26 years old, had been on investigators' radar for several months and round- the-clock surveillance for several weeks. rahim was a radicalized -- was radicalized online by extremists. his brother posted about the incident on facebook saying, my youngest brother was waiting for the bus for go to his job. he was confronted by boston police officers and subsequently shot in the back three times. police say there is surveillance video of the video showing rahim advancing toward
6:20 am
the officers. also under arrest this morning another man in connection with the same terror investigation. that suspect was taken into custody in a boston suburb. police say he is expected to appear in federal court later today. one person is dead eight others injured after a bus hit several cars in downtown chicago. this happened in the city's business district. the bus apparently collided with three vehicles, jump add curve and went on -- jumped a curve and went under the sidewalk. the driver was the only person on board the bus at the time. jurors in the trial of james holmes learned more about his state of mind leading up to the colorado theater shooting. in an interview with a court appointed psychiatrist holmes says he called a mental health hot line before the attack and no one answered. >> what led you to make that call? >> just one last chance to see if i should turn back. >> holmes also describes entering the theater, throwing a tear gas canister and opening
6:21 am
fire. he says he only stopped shooting because the gun magazine jammed. california is one step closer to becoming the first state to extend health care coverage to children of illegal immigrants. the california senate approved the legislation yesterday. it would allow children under age 19 from low-income families to qualify for medical, a -- med cal, a state funded program regardless of their legal status. good news for the affordable care act. obama care this morning. the obama administration says ten million people have enrolled this year under the health law. it exceeds the target of 9.1 million set last year. this news comes as the supreme court weighs the legality of subsidized premiums for millions of consumers. a decision is due around this end of this month. one washington nationals fan got quite the throw yesterday when bryce harper took this selfie. the fan in rightfield threw her cell phone on the field.
6:22 am
harmer picked it up and as you can see the rest is history and there forever. >> that's super cool. a skier shoots dramatic video showing him falling down the alps and his eventual recovery. >> would you drink the water out of your own toilet bowl? there's a new program in california turning toilet water into the cleanest source of drinking water in the whole state. >> erica? >> just very, very light rain and drizzle out here. i would just call it a heavy mist at the moment. that's going to continue as we head into the late morning and early afternoon hours. take a look at the day planner. lots of thick cloud cover out there right now. thato lead to a few sprinkles and showers that could impact the evening commute. i'll track them for you with 9 futurecast coming up in
6:23 am
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lawmakers are looking for answers from takata, the maker of defective airbags which resulted in six deaths and 100 injuries. takata executive kevin kennedy told central regulators the company is now encouraging automakers to replace the defective airbags with their newly designed ones or even get airbags from their competitors. consumers are urged to check their vin numbers weekly on federal regulators are continuously updating a recall
6:26 am
list on this website. if your vehicle is included in the recall, you'll need to stay in regular contact with your dealer to make sure your airbag is replaced as soon as replacements are available. the recall of nearly 34 million vehicles makes this the largest auto safety recall in u.s. history. a new study says minorities get paid less and promoted less often in the retail industry. the study released tuesday was done by the naacp and demos, a public policy organization. it notes 17% of the african- american retail work force lives below the poverty line compared to 7% of white and asian retail workers. a process that purifies california waste water into drinking water is picking up steam. it's part of the so-called toilet to tap program. it comes as the state's historic drought deletes reservoirs, lakes and rivers. mike marcus runs the orange county waste water treatment facility. >> we can produce the water for less than the cost of imported
6:27 am
water and probably about half the cost it would take to desal nature sea water -- desalinate sea water. >> he says it's the cleanest water the state has. one minute he was skiing down the slope. the next plunging into an icy grave. >> the video shows the scary ordeal of a french man who survived skiing in the alps and a big crevice came up before he knew it. >> reporter: the french skier's run down the alps started out okay. then quickly took a terrifying turn. as benjamin was going down, the ground opened up beneath him and wedged him in a crevice. when he screamed for help, he fell several feet deeper into the hole. his cries continued. >> help! >> reporter: eventually another group of skiers heard him. they then threw down a rope to him and got help. the moment he was pulled to safety wasle caught on camera. in all he spent about 30
6:28 am
minutes trapped in the hole. days later he says he was convinced he was going to die. i thought my voice would be deadened by the crevice, he said in french. you scream as loud as you can as long as you have your voice. don champion, cbs news, new york york. it is just 6:28 this morning. good morning. welcome to wusa9. it's wednesday, june 3. you're looking live at ronald reagan washington national airport. erica says the sky looks blue but it's not. prepare yourself for another cool day. we're talking abou the 60s. i'm andrea roane. if your air conditioner is not working, this is a good day for you. i'm mike hydeck in for nick giovanni. larry miller here with traffic. we start with the weather thankfully in the 60s in my opinion. erica? >> i guess because your ac is still on the fritz.
6:29 am
that's been weeks that's been going on for you. >> yes. >> i hope the repair gets done quickly because the 80s will return to our forecast as we head into the weekend. right now we've got the cool, cloudy weather out there and our temperatures are only in the 50s in the outlying suburbs. 55 right now in frederick. 55 in gaithersburg as well. 57 in luray and 56 degrees right now in annapolis. on satellite and radar, you can see that cloud cover that's really kind of jammed in here and the light scattered showers and sprinkles, but there's heavier rain on the approach. you can see that well to the south moving toward richmond. and this is in association with a very stagnant area of low pressure that's just kind of going to very, very slowly rotate its way off to the north and east. in the meantime, we're going to be stuck with this pattern. so don't really expect much of a change over the next couple of days. here's your day planner. 61 degrees at 9:00. a little bit of an increase in the chance for showers by noon, 64 degrees. we'll be in the upper 60s by
6:30 am
5:00. your high temperature today only 68 and that is about 12 degrees below our seasonal average. we'll talk about when temperatures return to average coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast. right now time again for time saver traffic and larry miller. your time right now 6:30 on the dot. metro riders you're good to go. metro bus, a couple of bus alerts. s1, s2, s4 and s9 seeing delays because of police activity on 16th street. we have a fatal fire investigation going on on riggs place northwest where we have 16th street closed between r street and t street northwest. we're going to hear from surae chinn about this fire shortly. i want to take the camera and show you how things are shaping up here. this is route 28 and frying pan road. no issues for sterling, also parts of leesburg, the dulles toll road, greenway free and clear. traffic flowing freely on route 28. no issues as you travel
6:31 am
southbound from areas like frederick toward the beltway going through germantown into rockville. you're looking at a smooth commute. your next update coming up in roughly ten minutes. i'm surae chinn with breaking news this morning on the scene of a double fatal fire. two people dead, five others injured, very sad news this morning. flames broke out in the rowhouse in the 1600 block of riggs place around 2:30 this morning. firefighters arrived to find flames coming from the three- story rowhouse and the response quickly escalated to a second alarm. it took over half an hour for firefighters to put out the fire. d.c. fire says two adults were found unconscious inside the home and were pronounced dead. sources tell us that the two adults were on the top floor of the rowhouse. two other adults were transported to a local hospital with serious but nonlife threatening injuries. three firefighters also suffered minor injuries. investigators on the scene
6:32 am
right now trying to figure out exactly what caused this tragic fire. in northwest, surae chinn, wusa9. >> thank you. 6:32. president obama wasted no time signing the first major overhaul of government surveillance in more than a decade. the senate proved the house -- approved the house version yesterday under the u.s.a. freedom act phone companies will now be storing the bulk records and not the government. the nsa will need a court order to search for suspected terrorists after a transition period. >> it makes it so that people feel more secure about the intelligence operation we have going on in this country. >> president obama says his administration will move quickly to restore the lapsed surveillance tools. his days are coming to an end for sepp blatter as president. he has resigned in the wake of an ongoing corruption scandal of fifa. so far they have nothing on blatter but they're looking.
6:33 am
>> this investigation they cannot control. it's run by an independent u.s. law enforcement agency. as a result i think they're running scared. >> just last week the f.b.i. indicted nine current and former fifa officials on charges of corruption, racketeering, payment of bribes and money laundering. they'll vote in december on a new president. new stories this morning on the -- new information this morning on the cecil mills case, the 77-year-old man who died outside after firehouse last year. his family is now suing the d.c. fire department and will file that lawsuit here inside d.c. superior court a little later today. the 77-year-old long-time d.c. government employee collapsed on rhode island avenue last winter. family members ran across the vote to the firehouse for help but were ignored. an ambulance arrived ten minutes later. mills died of a heart attack at
6:34 am
the hospital. an internal investigation found firefighters failed in their duty to rescue mills but all walked without serious punishment. the chief and the mayor announced the rule are the trial board who kicked reporters out of the public trial. they even tossed out marie mills, the victim's daughter. >> my feeling is we'll never know what happened and just has not and will not be served because it's in the hands of incompetent people. >> reporter: strong emotions then and certainly strong emotions continue with the mills family and they will be here with their attorney to talk in detail about their lawsuit. we expect to learn more about just how much money they are seeking from the d.c. fire department when they car here outside of court at 11:00. we're live outside of d.c. superior court this morning, delia goncalves, wusa9. a dispute between frederick county leaders and the church of scientology is over. the county council has overwheppingly rejected a plan to turn a former presidential
6:35 am
retreat in thurmont into a drug rehab center linked to that church. the program the church planned to run at trout run is based on methods developed by scientology founder hubbard. deliberations could start friday at the trial of a former bp executive linked to the deep water horizon explosion in 2010. that's the latest word from the judge on the first day of testimony. prosecutors say the former bp executive david rainy lied about the amount of oil that spewed into the gulf of mexico. the defense claims the estimates were the best he could do with the information he had at the time in the week after the explosion. the environmental protection agency is expected to announce a key decision as early as this week regarding globe cal warming. the agency -- global warming. the agency is deciding whether to regulate aircraft emissions in response to studies listing the potential daipger to human hill -- danger to human health. environmental advocates have long petitioned the epa to take action. the self-driving cars we've been hearing so much about have
6:36 am
been coming to northern virginia as part of an automated testing program being overseen by virginia tech. the cars will cruise on parts of 95, 495 and i-66 as well as routes 29 and 50. don't worry there. will be drivers behind the wheel just in case something goes wrong. it is 6:36. beth mid letter is coming to verizon -- bette midler is coming to verizon center later this month and you can score tickets. >> it's easy to win our wusa9 text to win campaign. just text bette midler to 25543. that enters you into the drawing. >> i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. it's still lightly misting on the weather terrace and that's the way it will stay for most of the day. taking a look at your forecast, we'll see the clouds and drizzle spots translate to a little bit of rain just in time for the evening commute and today's temperatures way cooler than average. only 65 to 70 degrees. stay with us. more news, weather and traffic coming up
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6:40 am
cooler than average and way cooler than how we started the workweek. the light sprinkle and shower chance through mid afternoon will change to more significant shower activity as we head into the evening commute. we'll talk about improving weather just in time for the weekend coming up in the first alert seven day. right now time for timesaver traffic. larry, take it away. thank you so much. we had originally told you that 16th street between r street and t street was closed. in fact it is now open. so folks that are going to be traveling in that area and typically from maryland that typically use that stretch of road, you guys will be good to goap. still watch out for -- good to go. still watch out for the fire investigation in progress. on the key bridge, no issues there. looks like traffic is fleeing freely. for those of you traveling into parts of virginia or into parts of georgetown. for those of you traveling along i-270 this is just north of depend motion crazy -- democracy boulevard. no issues there, just a bit after slowdown southbound on
6:41 am
270 toward the beltway. over you to. celebrities and food. coming up, an oscar nominated actor stops in d.c. to promote a cause.
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6:44 am
welcome back. a server had no idea she was waiting on one of the biggest rock stars of the word. >> how do you not know that bono, the u2 front man was there. he did make a lasting impression. >> hi there. how we doing? >> reporter: at 80 years young, bella has been serving at the deli in the fairfax district for five decades but friday morning just when her shift was almost over, she served u2's front man bono and some of his friends after his concert.
6:45 am
not knowing who he was, bono asked her to pick an appetizer. >> i went to the back and said he doesn't look jewish but i'll get him some matzah ball soup with noodles and chicken. >> reporter: she says he ate the entire bowl and asked her what else should i order. >> i said well, my recommendation is the reuben. >> reporter: bono ate every bit and then co workers included bela in. he wasn't just anyone. this was one of the biggest rock stars on the planet. >> i was happy to wait on him. he looked better actually in person than deon stage. >> reporter: but when it was when everyone was done eating that she was happy. she got a $150 cash tip, the biggest tip she's ever received in the 50 years she's been serving customers. >> it was -- i was just like wow, i lucked out. i was thrilled, surprised it was that much. >> reporter: this is the booth where bono sat. a question that bella is now getting asked a lot but of
6:46 am
course i had to ask her what she ended up doing with all of that money. she tells me she took her family out to dinner. in the fairfax district, cbs 2 news. >> so much better than a selfie. >> yeah, yeah. she had a great experience with him and he was obviously very nice and probably appreciated not being recognized. pretty cool. time now to see what our partners at cbs this morning are working on. >> gayle king joining us live from new york with a preview. good morning, part senator. >> hi, gayle. >> hello partner and friend. don't forget that part, andrea. hello, mike. good to see you, too. jeff is talking about sources about the terror suspect shot and killed in massachusetts. plus, why thousands of hurricane sandy victims still don't have homes. peter greenburg will be here this morning on how airlines are testing faster ways for awfully us to get on the plane. please let them work that out. the efforts to legalize a female sex pill. act fresh melissa mccarthy and
6:47 am
this is the best question. i love this question, guys. whether it pays to be a jerk at work. i'll go first. i say no. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00 straight up. mike and andrea, you know any jerks at wusa? >> like we're going to answer that on tv? >> we're on your team with the answer. that's all we're going to say. >> we agree with you. >> that's it. >> okay. see you guys. erica, we won't ask you that. >> turning back to the camera, that was hilarious. i love gayle and i can't wait to see her on cbs this morning. we are going to see the conditions that we had yesterday pretty much staying flat today. not much of a change. if you are looking forward to a return of the sunshine, pretty much going to have to wait until friday. let's get it started right now with a look at the michael & son weather cam. lots of clouds still in place but right now it's not actively raining. we'll see some drizzly spots
6:48 am
from time to time. by noon an increase in that chance for a shower just because of that persistent flow out of the northeast. but at no point during the day is it going to be raining steadily or heavily. we're just looking at spotty showers. these temperatures really not going anywhere. 61 at 9:00. 64 at on. 67 at 5:00. so our high temperature today will be 10 to 15 degrees below our seasonal average and of course way cooler than that heat wave that we just endured. right now 55 degrees in gaithersburg. 59 in fredricksburg. it's 57 in win chetioner and leesburg and -- winchester and leesburg and we're only going to gain 5 to 10 degrees as we head into the afternoon. lot a lot going o. satellite and radar -- going on. satellite and radar showing an approach from the south. it's going to be a very slow approach. on 9 futurecast the area of high pressure to our north helping to coincide with this low to bring us plenty of cloud cover. just a couple of spotty showers
6:49 am
and sprinkles. not a lot of rain but it will keep the cool air in place. then thursday more spotty showers. as we head into friday, that area of high pressure will start to drift off to the north. that will kind of keep the low pressure to our south from getting locked in. so what we have right now is what's called a blocking pattern. we're going to unlock that block as we head into the weekend. but for now it's still drizzly and dreary. today's high only 68. we'll be up to 73 by thursday and then friday returning to 80 degrees with just a spotty shower possible. first alert seven-day staying mostly dry and warm this weekend and then the heat and humidity return for next workweek. larry, take it away with traffic. >> thank you, friend. your time right now is 6:49. of course marc train still running on schedule. vre is good to go as well. for our riders out there, you guys are going to be able to get to your destination on type. no issues on either train systems this morning. on the inner and outer loop from leesburg pike to cherry wood lane, you're looking at a 23-minute commute. no issues on the beltway this morning. some good news there.
6:50 am
eastbound on 66 from chain bridge road to l street northwest, a 23-minute commute. for those of you making the trek northbound on 95 from dale boulevard up to i-395, a 17- minute commute for you this morning. and westbound on 50 from collington road to florida avenue northeast, you're looking at a 19-minute commute. over to you [ coughing ] >> you just coughed. how funny. when celebrities come to town, people usually listen. >> she was giving me a hard time about coughing and then she coughed. tommy mcfly is in the 94.7 fresh fm studios. >> hi, birthday boy. >> good morning, guys. >> thank you so much. it's been a great birthday so far. yesterday people got a big surprise when jay hillenhoff came into town. social media lit up with selfies and tweets and
6:51 am
instagram about him being in town. he and his sister maggie have been support foif quite some time. if you're getting ready to -- supportive for quite some time. if you're getting ready to head to the airport and you think you see him, it probably is. i'm tommy mcfly, wusa9. >> thank you, tommy. starting this week, you'll be able to control your life and home temperature. >> and vice president biden prepares for
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> reporter: i'm surae chinn in northwest washington. investigators trying to figure out the cause after double fatal -- of a double fatal fire. two people are dead after a fire swept through their rowhouse on 16th and riggs place northwest. five others injured, including three firefighters with minor injuries. two adults with serious injuries. again two adults died in a house fire at 16th and riggs place northwest. delia? >> reporter: we're live outside d.c. superior court where we are expecting to hear more about a wrongful death lawsuit
6:55 am
filed in the case of cecil mills. you may remember cecil mills, the 77-year-old man who died outside of a firehouse last year. now his family suing d.c. fire department and they will have a news conference with their attorney at 11:00 to detail the lawsuit and to also talk about the monetary damages they are seeking from the department. back to you. president obama signed a u.s.a. freedom act into law. it restores key parts of the patriot act which expired this week. the measure revises and reshapes most surveillance programs that were put in place after 9/11. funeral services for beau biden will be especial to the pub like. bide listen lie in honor tomorrow in dover, delaware. a viewing is scheduled for friday in wilmington. on saturday morning president obama will deliver his eulogy. beau biden died from brain cancer last saturday. he was 46. the first controlled smart
6:56 am
gadgets are going on sale this week. apple's home kit, the software, will allow users to control lights, thermostats from an iphone, ipad touch solely by voice comants. -- command. >> cooler than yesterday. a high of 68 degrees a. slow and steady improvement in the forecast. tomorrow still looking at a chance of showers, 73. by the time we get to the weekend sunshine return and a sprinkle possible. >> no issues on metro. trains running on schedule. buses s1, s2, s4 and s9 seeing delays as result of police activity along 16th street. 16th street now open. at 29 at 198, for those of you out in spencerville, parts of laurel, no issues in your part of town this morning. around the beltway we are issue free as well as you make your way on either the inner or outer loop, mainly in areas like college park, chevy chase
6:57 am
as well as parts of rockville. >> cbs this morning is next with the fallout from the global fifa corruption scandal. the just reelected head of the world's most popular sport stepping down. >> the company behind a pill designed to boost women's sex drive rejected twice by the fda. lt thirds time be a charm? >> larry and i will be back in 25 minutes with traffic and weather. if you haven't already download the app because the app is wh people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. (music) hey! let me help with that.
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good morning. it is wednesday, june 3rd 2015. welcome to "cbs mthisorning." police kill and shoot a terrorist suspect. this morning we learn of a woman killed by a lion in south africa worked on hollywood productions. the fda approve a pill for women. critics question its safety. others question if it works. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> he sisneomeo we were watching. the le


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