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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 3, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is wednesday, june 3rd 2015. welcome to "cbs mthisorning." police kill and shoot a terrorist suspect. this morning we learn of a woman killed by a lion in south africa worked on hollywood productions. the fda approve a pill for women. critics question its safety. others question if it works. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> he sisneomeo we were watching. the level of alarm brought into
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tiqueson. >> the police bring down a man accused of terrorism. >> aast lee t onadditional suspect has been arrested. >> pderesibant oma signing the new provision. >> they could be flying over your house at any point in time. >> more than 400 peeopl remnai missing from the cruise ship that capsized in china. >> this rescue operation is ongoing. >> after he won an unprecedent fifth term as president sepp blatter is resigning amid rr coonupti scandal. >> at least one person was killed and eight others injured when a commuter bus jumped the curb in chicago.>> disturbing video out of texas, a car explodes and two are injured. >> we just had an explosion. >> flooding continues to be a
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major risk is what it looked like. >> in florida an amtrak train slices a car in half. >> when i turned around, the back of the car wasn't there. >> all that -- >> the roller coaster crash in the uk. four peoplree weio serusly injured. ♪ >> on "cbs this morning." >> the tsa had agents try to smuggle weapons. somehow they managed to successfully detect 100% of the designer water bottles i tried to get through. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs
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welcome to "cbs this morning." we eastern learning more about a new arrest outside boston hours after police shot and killed a terrorist suspect. he was communicated with usaama rahim about attacks in america. >> officers shot rahim on tuesday. he was under 24-hour surveillance at the time he was killed. jeff pegues in washington is talking with his sources. jeff, good morning. >> good morning. we just got that confirmation minutes ago. u.s. law enforcement officials told us he was arrested overnight. he and usaama rahim were discussing potential attacks. sources say rahim, the man shot and killed on allegedly trained by isis before investigators moved in to question him. late tuesday police led david wright out of his massachusetts home. he's linked to a terror
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investigation miles away where police say rahim pulled out this knife and waved it at officers. moments later the police fired, shooting and killing him. boston police commissioner william evans says it was caught on nearby video cameras. he said the video shows the policemen's guns were not shown at first. >> at some point the individual followed. >> he's been on their attack force radar for several months but in recent weeks they began tracking him 24 hours a day. in the aftermath of the failed attack in garland texas the fbi increased surveillance and investigations on closed cases and perceived low priority threats. recent intelligence bulletins have warned about home grown
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violent influence brought on by islamic propaganda. a federal law enforcement source tells cbs news that investigators believe usaama rahim wanted to target police. his brother, an imam in oakland, california, tweeted that before he was shot he was on the phone with his father and his last words were i can't believe. alsomei was a member of the mosque. >> it's become a place where we shoot first and ask questions later. this is deeply troubling, and we're all very hurt right now. >> a team has been sent to washington to determine whether the fbi acted appropriately. it's standard in a fatal shooting like this. law enforcement officials do not believe there is currently a threat in this case but they've been quick to revolume in question the man at the center of this terror investigation. gayle. >> jeff, thank you. the government's intelligence
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surveillance program is back in place the with some important changes. president obama signed the freedom act last night. it's two days after the parts of the patriot act expired including the bulk data collection program. under the new plan the data will be collected by the government not the nsa. thisern morning they're flying drones under the names of fictitious companies. more than 100 flights took place in the last 30 days. the planes have high-tech cameras and some have technology to track cell phones. an fbi spokesman tells cbs news the bureau's program is not a secret. he said the planes are used for investigations, not mass this morning interpol is getting involved in the corruption investigation of world soccer. it comes after fifa president
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sepp blatter resigns. mark phillips is in london as the fifa leader faces new questions. good morning. >> good morning. well, it's the first day of the rest of fifa's life and the shoes or soccer cleats are still dropping. it isn'tly doesn't mean that blatter and fifa are now off the hook. sepp blatter had gone from defiant victory in his elected win last friday to humiliation and resignation in just four days. and even as he announced, he's still in their sights. although loretta lynch speaking in latvia this morning refused to cop firm blatter is a target will speak through the court, she said. now other law enforcement agencies are piling on. interpol just put six men with ties to blatter on the most
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wanted list including jack warner the former vice president from trinidad and tobago who's been accused of taking a $10 million bribe to support the south african bid for the 2010 world cup. but it's the next lucrative world cup that may now be in play again. russia in 2018 and -- >> qatar. >> -- the winning bid by the hot, tiny and fabulously wealthy gulf state has the world possibly wondering what had possibly greased the wheels for such an unlikely choice. the question is now that he's gone,ing what fifa change. >> it's run like a self-sustained government. it doesn't answer to anybody.
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it's in change for more lenient treatment. something made sepp blatter quit. gayle? >> to be continued. mark phillips in london. thank you. china's government this morning is rushing more resources to the cruise ship disaster. more than 400 passengers are still missing. a crane is also there. koit buld used to lift the ship up. dives may cut through the hull to rescue people heard screaming for help. the ship overturned onring a very violent storm. there are only 14 confirmed survivors. some airbags involved in the largest recall in american history may be need to be recalled a second time. there's a flaw responsible for at least six deaths and more than 100 injuries. jeff glor of our digital network
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cbsn has more. >> for the first time since the recall expan questions involve the compound used in takata airbags. many of the airbags. ammonium nitrate. it can be unstable especially exposed to moisture causing some bags to rep tur, sending shrapnel flying through vehicles. the company is now rapidly transitioning away from ammonium nitrates and they're not sure what's wrong or whether the bag is completely safe. >> the bags could be like the current. why replace that? >> we're trying to determine that. we're trying to understand the factors that lead to this and should we do something different than what we're doing right now. >> nearly 34 million vehicles with takata airbags have been recalled. regulators have received it from
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7 of 11. it will be years before all the vehicles are fixed. norah? >> thank you. traffic cams nay help explain what caused a deadly bus crash in chicago. a 51-year-old woman was killed. eight others were hurt including the bus driver. adriana dias has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there was no indication that the bus would crash into cars. it took just three minutes for help to arrive at the scene but city fire officials told cbs newss that the woman who was struck by the bus suffered extremely critical injuries and later died at the hospital. >> i need all the traffic shut down. >> reporter: the front end of
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the authority bus hit three cars before striking a retaining wall killing one person and injured several others. >> there were cars involved in an accident and this bus swerved and unfortunately because it was just before 6:00 and it was a lovely day, a lot of people were sitting outside. >> victims were loaded onto stretchers as emergency crews used jacks to lift the bus to see if anybody else was stuck ujds neath. the bus driver was hospitalized with nonlife-threatening injuries. >> you could hear the bus skid. >> reporter: sandra taylor said she spent a few minutes comforting the woman pinned under the back end of the accordion-style bus. >> that woman was getting off of work, boom seconds, just like me. >> she's underneath the bus, we ee trying to keep her alive, with us, tellingn the way. >> jack was driving his sentra.
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>> these buses weigh a ton. i don't understand why he was going so fast. >> reporter: chicago police told us this morning the bus driver has been given two citations. one for running a red light, the other what they call failure to exercise due care. what fines he faces will be decided in court. gail? >> thank you very much adriana. this morning they're focusing on forensic analysis. authorities are now looking for blood evidence on daronujuanaron wint's clothing. he was arrested after authorities found his dna on pizza crust at the crime scene. jurors will get new insight today into the mind of the accused gunman in the colorado shooting trial.
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lawyers brented video yesterday from jamgs holmes' court ordered evaluation from last year. he explains his thoughts during the 2012 shooting. prosecutors say he killed 12 people and injured more. barry petersen is at the court hours in centennial colorado. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie. it was an extraordinary journey into the mind of a masked murder. videotaped by dr. william reid shown to the jury. reid asked how did holmes feel walking into the theater dressed in body armor with a shotgun, assault rival, handgun, and a tear gas canister ready to murder. >> i city think adrenaline racing. >> he emptied all six rounds and
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then opened fire with the rifle. he saw desperate people scrambling to hide behind seats and others running for their life. >> they were running pretty fast. saw anyone hit by bullets or wounded? >> i saw one. >> he gave himself points for each of the dead but in his mind the wounded didn't count. they were in his words, calculate real collateral damage. and could he imagine what it was like for the people in the theater, his targets. >> what did the people experience? >> terror i think. >> can you expand on terror? >> holmes said the psychiatrist hadlocked him up. under colorado law fenton could have had him detained on a
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72-hour psychiatric hold. >> holmes referred to the massacre as his mission. when he was asked how he wants to be remembered he said as mentally ill and someone who was successful in my mission. norah? >> wow. >> disturbing. >> wow. >> really really disturbing. barry, thank you. the white house says president obama will deliver the eulogy for bill biden's son. the former state attorney general died last saturday of brain cancer. his body will lie in honor at the delaware state capitol tomorrow. a public wake is scheduled for friday. we leerning new detail this morning about the new york woman who was mauled to death by a
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lion in south africa. katherineelle was an emmy-winning editor. her background include "the game of thrones. "debra patta has more. good morning. >> good morning. they say they're heartbroken to learn that their loved one died in this fatal accident. in a tragic irony, 29-year-old katherine chappelle was in south africa to raise money for organizations working against poaching nchl her nay active new york chappelle was a video editor who worked on the tv hit series "captain america" and the tv show, "game of thrones." if which she won an emmy in 2014. but when she visited the popular lion park this was no fantasy movie but a real life horror
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story. scott simpson is the assistant operations manager for the park. >> they come here thinking it's a disney world-type thing where they're tame lions. i think that's a problem. they're wired, even if they were born in captivity. >> the warnings are everywhere. keep windows closed add all times. this seems to have been ingnored as they drove through. he said he tried to save the woman but suffered a heart attack during the incident. he said kate was a brilliant, kind adventurous high-spirited woman. her spirit and passion could not be contained by continents or oceans. we've just spoken to the wife of michelle's tour guide. her husband is recovering.
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she's being treated with a wound on her arm trying to save chappelle. take a look at this. ahead, cbs news investigates the billion dollar government rebuilding program some storm >> announcer: this national
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weather report sponsored by toyota. let's go places. for years men have been able to open the medicine cabinet to solve medical problems. >> now will women finally be given the same choice when it comes to their libido? again, politics over the pill. >> the news is right back here this morning on "cbs this morning."
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>> [ bleep ]. you're in your car. >> did a dispute over distracted driving turn into road remain.
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lava is flowing from the volcano in ga log i guess national park. for now the volcano poses no threat to the humans or pink iguanas who live on the island's northwest tip. it was charles darwin's visit to the island that sparked his tlooe of evolution. i want to go there to see the pink iguanas. >> it's the only place in the world ha has them because normally they're green. >> look at this. norah o'donnell. >> who are you? what are you doing here? >> my brother is. >> i wondered how you knew.
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>> hem was in madagascar. he did not set off the explosion. >> you are jeff glor. very good to see you. coming up this half hour two and a half years after -- two and a half hours, cbs news investigates new horror stories from homeowners. see how some accuse contractors of making things worse after they shelled out big money. and soon the so-called female viagra drug. the little pink pill is long overdue despite concerns over the side effects. we'll debate it and get charlie and jeff and gayle's opinion coming up. but first -- >> jeff, i read your line by mistake, sorry. >> no problem. >> sorry, sorry, sorry. >> read away. >> i don't want you to think i'm greedy. the "los angeles times" looks at progress. new figures from the state show water use dropped 13.5% in april. that's compared with the same month in 2013. the governor's statewide goal is
7:32 am
25%. >> "new york times" says the forces of syrian president bashirar al assad may be helping isis fighters. they're advancing after capturing capturing palmyra. they're deliberately avoiding air attacking. two mayor corporation general electric and aetna forced changes in connecticut's proposed budget. they said they would consider leaving the state over plans to raise business taxes. the tax package was rewritten tuesday night. the herald. it was asked at a town hall meeting. >> how many you do have? >> how many do we have? let me see if i can figure out all of them. one, two three -- i'm not telling you which ones they are
7:33 am
but a subtle hint would be the guys with the wires in their ears. >> the governor's staff put that video on youtube. christie went on to describe his security detail. a judge who saw the video says its undermines his argument about keeping security expenses secret. the complaints come from the very people the project was meblts to help. the get real government committed $1.1 million in new jersey. elaine keyelaine key a knows has more. good morning. >> good morning. this room was the kitchen of a home that was just devastated by superstorm sandy and as you can see, it's a long way from being repair. this is just one example of what some homeowners say is the state's absolute failure to help them. >> i will not lehtonen get in
7:34 am
between me and the completion of this mission to restore new jersey and help the citizens of the state recover. >> reporter: encouraged by those words these three returnedturned to a state's recovery program. it's known add rem. >> honestly i think the worst decision i made was going with this grant program. >> reporter: she's not alone in her frustration. recently scores of homeowners protested the state's slow pace of recovery. >> i figured i could trust this. >> reporter: more than two months after being told to vacate the house elliott's assigned contractor had not started work on their home. >> they didn't have the proper bond. they didn't have the proper insurance. the people they hired did not come to new jersey. the plans were incorrect. on our plans there's perfect of someone else's house.
7:35 am
>> a layer said her contractor made life-threatening errors with her boiler. >> he repaired it with duct tape. i hired someone. he knew the vent was. proper. i had a massive seal leak and it very possibly could have killed me. >> reporter: nearly half of the rem belders ss ss ss are outside of texas and louisiana. one worker left the program last summer but was still signing construction agreements. buck signed up with that builder in september. his house is in worse shape now than when he turned it of to them. there's two feet of water in the basement. black mold has crept up walls and the house which is now inhappen itable has started to sink. he's been living in temporary
7:36 am
rentals including hotels. >> every day i have to worry about what am i going to do where am i supposed to do. >> reporter: she also signed one that builder last fall and is still waiting for construction to begin. how has this affected your life? >> it takou. mentally physically financially financially. you go ten steps forward and then you're 40 back. you know, it's hard. it's hard. >> new jersey officials say that all rem builders were vetted and chosen based on their qualifications qualifications, but an independent integrity monitor said there was not due diligence in screening the contractors. since our interviews sue elliott has moved back into her home but the person who levers here whose home you saw at the top of the live shot staying in that boat behind me until the repairs are complete. >> that's such a long time.
7:37 am
you really feel for them because at the time when the storm people say you're going to work hard and to learn that's still going all this time later, that's not right. >> with seemingly known sites. >> i hope elaine's report brings some change and attention. >> i was going say that norah. >> great minds think alike. >> yes, they do. >> me and norah. >> nice flow. >> i got it. this morning los angeles police are investigating a possible road rage incident that left a motorcyclist with broken bones. it was all captured on video. >> put down your [ bleep ] phone. you're in a car. >> that was a motorcyclist criticizing the car for being on his phone. moments later car crashed into him and the driver sped off. >> i think it would be the best
7:38 am
for public safety if he was off the road. since when is it okay to go after someone like that simply because you disagree with something they said. >> he had a gopro. good for him. he suffer add broken foot and fractures to his shoulder. he's now started a crowd funding site to pay for his medical bills. hope they find the guy. >> i do too. r it could bit the little pink pill millions of women are waiting for. >> the change was so tra dra mattic in the middle of the night i was waking my husband up much to his delight and surprise. >> she was happy. i was happy. >> what do you think of that. >> i like it. >> ahead, howmy women still have the same option as men when it comes to increasing desire. >> i'm in favor. >> why it's taken so long and the debate surrounding women's
7:39 am
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will could soon be one step closer to a pill for boosting sexual desire. the agency has twice rejected the medication over concerns about side effects and effectiveness. our dr. tara narula shows us a debate that goes back years. good morning. >> good morning, norah. the drug has sparked a national dialogue about the way women's sexual health is compared to men. some wonder why there isn't yet a pill on the market that targets a woman's libido. >> why pause to take a pill. >> reporter: when it comes to improving sexual dysfunction, there's no shortage of options marketed to men. now a company called sprout
7:44 am
pharmaceuticals says this little pill taken daily is an answer for women and advocates argue it's long overdue. >> for goodness sake. let's open up the pipeline so women have what men have which is many many options. >> reporter: this woman notice add drop in her sexual drive three decade ago. happily married to her husband greg she was embarrassed to talk about it. >> i had tremendous feelings of love and respect for my husband, but i just had no sexual desire. >> i did notice she was going to bed earlier. i didn't know why, what i was doing wrong. >> in 2010 she signed up for your a drug company's clinical trial. within a week she noticed a transformation. >> the change was so dramatic that in the middle of the night i was waking my husband up. much to his delight and surprise. >> well, she was happy. i was happy.
7:45 am
>> thursday the they y along with the company will try to convince the fda to approve the drug. it's been rejected twice before causing some to accuse the agency of being sexist when it comes to sex. >> for a condition to have been known about for almost four decades but still not yet have a single treatment that probably does say something. >> it's just you and your lady. >> one group called even the skorp has launched this parity ad. >> it will make you as ranty as a teenager. too bad your lady doesn't have any. >> reporter: still there are concerns about the side effects like dizziness and nausea. the agency acknowledges the drug did improve an increase in sexual desire but highlighted several safety issues including low blood pressure fainting spells and accidental injury. the fda also strongly rejects
7:46 am
claims of gender bias saying in a statement the fda has recognized problems involved with developed female treatments for sexual dysfunction. >> i don't think the fda is specifically trying to be sexist. to be fair libido is a very complicated state. >> more than 60,000 people have signed a petition to approve the drug. the fda is expected to make a decision in august. dr. nair ratara narula is at the table. i think there are people who need it. >> i'm thinking there are people who might benefit. the real question is the science there to back this up. do the benefits outweigh the risks. and when you're putting a pill out there on the market that people are taking every single day, you'd better be sure that side effects like sleepiness and
7:47 am
dizziness and passing out aren't enough. >> as one mom said to me this morning just get me a housekeeper and a babysitter and that will do enough for my libido. >> and an attentive husband. >> and an attendive iveive iveive husband. >> it still bugs me that men have the option and women don't. >> the ones that are plumbing related for men, what does this do? >> it changes the brain chemistry, changes the neural transmitters in the brain. >> go for it. >> okay. >> it's complicated. >> it is. it is complicated. that's the bottom line. >> that's an
7:48 am
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it is wednesday, june 3rd 20156789 welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead including new evidence that nice guys do finish last. we'll look at the science that shows when to act like a jerk. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> the suspect aterresd overnight and usaama rahim were communicating and discussing a te polntia attack. >> president obama signed the freedom act two days after the patriot act expired. >> sepp blatter's shocked departure doesn't mean fifa is fixed and it certainly doesn't mean that blatter and fifa are off the hook. >> he's not sure what is wrong and whether replacement bags are completely safe. >> the bus driver has been given two citations, one for running a
8:01 am
red light, the other for failure to exercise due care. >> this home was devastated by superstorm sandy and as you can see it's a long way from being repaired. >> lava is flowing fro the volcano in galapagos park. i want to sigh the pink iguanas? >> i want to see that. normally they're green. >> norah o'donnell, interpret toll gist. >> who are you? >> this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 presents by subway. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king. norah o'donnell and jeff glor of our our digital network cbsn. david wright was arrested last night in everett, massachusetts, hours after boston police killed usaama are sasaama
8:02 am
rahim rahim. >> investigators say they've been watching him for months. he wanted to target here in the united states. the world of soccer will face a huge challenge. sepp blatter plans to resign. he had been elected to the post four days earlier. >> cbs news learns they're looking into the broadgations against top fee ta officials. roger is with "men in blazers." great to have you back. it's great to be in america. >> because? >> i know your country has a history of overthrowing dictators. a week ago the they say they're going to take sep blalter down.
8:03 am
english media va been trying to take him down for decades. you took him down in a week. >> sepp blatter speaks with an interviewer. why step down. i recognize that i did wrong. he stepped wrong. he realizes they're after it. >> it's amazing what a weekend of soul search willing do to a person. or a weekend spent calling visa buzz budweiser. >> do you think that's what happened? >> two major changes. sepp blatter and fifa have never dealt with the fbi before. secondly, having fifa exposed on the front page of "the new york times" for a week on abc, on cbs, on every network in their country makes them talk in the only language fifa understands which is ultimately money. >> it led to an investigation.
8:04 am
>> a man was bribed to take the cup to south africa in 2010. sepp blatterss it's a huge family. today "the new york times" talking to the fbi saying they're about to indict sepp blatter. it would have been hard to deal with him dealing with press conferences in which he's inherently resolved. >> but he's not resigning. he wants to play king maker in the nekds election. >> yes. he's sticking around. now he has a free hand to do what he's always wanted which is to reform fifa. they've had 15 years. they're making rather remarkable decisions. there's a possibility. this body is so absolutely corrupt. there's a possibility he'll king mate and give it to someone who's very much like him. >> is there a possibility that,
8:05 am
in fact, that will change the venue. first russia and then cutqatar. qatar for a world cup, it's like trying to think of the worst upon idea for a football game. swiss investigators are looking directly into the qatar bed. there is a chance that will be back on the tachblt usa 2022 world cup has a very nice ring to it charlie. >> yeah. they're very funny on twitter. i think you'll like this. ian morgan says fifa president says he finally resigned. it was a blatter of time before he stepped down. you can use that on your show. >> that's new material. really i can only say as a european the greatest use of soft power since mtv. it's been absolutely fantastic. >> roger, one more time. do you love america? >> i adore america. i think everybody does. this is truly great. loretta lynch is an american
8:06 am
hero. >> he heard you call him a come roach last week. that's what did it. >> we've got the tv show "britain "britain's "britain's america's got talent. the team took home a $383,000 prize after winning but viewers weren't specifically told that the border collie was replaced. she told britain's itv network she was surprised and outraged. >> matisse is a little bit afraid of heights, so although he could in fact physically do it, chase is the dog that says i'm the action dog. so he plays the double for him. >> roger, what is your home country doing here? >> there's a reason i came to
8:07 am
america. >> they told cbs newss that the jewels and matisse act quote/unquote calls for a team of dogs and the show is sorry if it was not made clear to the team of judges and jurors. >> now it' all straighten out. >> only people in hollywood could find something funny about getting on a plane. hello. oh, i'm sorry. we're only boarding rows 9 and above. you'll have to wait. >> i'm in row 8. >> please step aside. >> it's just one row. >> we'll call your romo men tearily. step aside, sir. >> haven't you met her at the airport? we all know this lady. how airlines are changing the boarding process.
8:08 am
8:09 am
melissa mccarthy goes under cover in her new movie "spy." but she won't be hiding from us. her and the director will be here in studio 57 talking about working together on a third comedy. how excited are we about that. >> very. >> yes. you're watching "cbs this morning." they make little hearts happy and big hearts happy too because as part of a heart healthy diet those delicious oats in cheerios can help lower cholesterol.
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as the summer travel rush begins the airlines are facing a costly problem delays in getting passengers on board the aircraft. the annual price tag is estimated to be nearly $500 million. 000 some carriers are trying to speed up the process. delta announced a program where it puts your kari-on luggage aboard while you're still at the gate. cbs travel editor peter greenberg is with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> is this just smart business? >> it is for now. they're charting eight airports.
8:14 am
>> this is delta. >> delta. you're sitting at the gate and delta says would you like us to preboard your bag, your careyry-on bag. >> for free? >> for free above your overhead compartment. >> business class or first class? >> you would ask me that question. right now where they see passengers having a lot of bags. if recent study from northern university in illinois shows if you're trying to board a plane carrying two carry-on bags it's 20 minutes. one rks one, nearly 16 minutes. for each minute it's costing. >> i'm traveling with three kids. i can't get them in seats.
8:15 am
i'm holding up the whole process. did they find it works? >> it is. they're getting good results. the key here is boarding groups. some airlines like unite had eight. >> jumping on the wing. >> exactly. >> the other is people with dis disabilities. people are asking for wheelchairs. they have no reason to. they call it miracle flights. they're asking for wheelchairs, going through faster and getting on the plane and at the other end they can walk. it's a miracle. >> it's the airlines doing this. >> no, it's the people. >> no no. the plan. >> delta. >> charlie wants to get on first. >> i do too. >> me three. >> does it pay to be a jerk?
8:16 am
that's the question. everybody wants to get on first. run after the plane. we explore the surprising research of acting bossy and whether assertive people always get ahead. do they? that's coming up next. you could queue the chris cam, the chris licht cam. you're looking very nice today, mr. electricity. we'll be right back. i want a great shape. who doesn't? so i work out. i'm good. i juice. and then there's that other thing. this... i can do easily. new benefiber healthy shape. just a couple of spoonfuls every day means fewer cravings. plus, it's all natural, clear, taste-free and dissolves completely. it's clinically proven to keep me fuller longer
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8:20 am
there is no such word as reachable for this office. find her, catch her. i want her by lunch. if sh's not -- out, out, who do you work for? >> bosses like kevin spacey. they get put in charge. you probably know the saying. nice guys finish last. you've seen the research. this is the title "why it pays to be a jerk" in this month's issue of the "he writes researchers have found that semiobnoxious behavior may not only make a person seem more powerful, but i can make them more powerful period. the same goes for overconfidence. jeremy who says it's not good to be a jerk joins us at the title. the tight ofl the article scares me but the message is what have you found? >> it does get you ahead?
8:21 am
>> like? >> overconfidence for one. if you just act like -- if you speak first, if you act like you know all the answers, body language breaking small rules, taking the last doughnut from the dish, people will look at you and say, well the person must really know his or her stuff because probably they wouldn't try to get away with that. we promote those the most capable and confident but actually we promote those who act that way, have the highest self-regard. >> what was the coffee pot study? that was part of it. >> it's a study ofa bunch of guys in amsterdam did. basically there's a group of people and one scenario someone just pours themselves a cup of coffee. another scenario, he pours a cup
8:22 am
of coffee for the whole group. and what they find is that people's perception of how much would you like this person to be yours go goes way down when he does that. >> but if they -- >> depending on who they is. >> right. which means maybe it's not such a good idea to bake coom cookyook cans for everyone. >> so if you do it for the good of the group. >> yes. but if you steal it if it's a cup you weren't supposed to take and you dispense the spoils to the group -- >> i don't know about that but people do like decisiveness. i remember when i first went to work, there was a ceo of the company, we eh said if you walk into his office if you asked him, he would say put it there. >> do you think that's jerkish behavior? >> no, not at all. >> you don't -- >> i know you don't care for
8:23 am
that. >> don't like the behavior. >> but i like a guy who has confidence. that doesn't necessarily mean you're a jerk to me. you're talking about being a disagreeable giver. somebody who's tough but humane. >> adam grant from pennsylvania. e we've done a bunch of research. the distinction needs to be made to this. the true bona fide jerks are using nasty behavior as a venn jing mechanism, not for the good of the group. the u.s. army has done a study trying to distinguish tough to toxic. they can be tough -- think of a drill sergeant. they're taught to be tough. >> it seems to me we're talking about leadership and decisiveness and showing some
8:24 am
capacity to say, here aisle make coffee for you, dear or you, sir either way. it's decisiveness to show you know, that you're strong. >> does it work for -- are there similar in terms of men who are jerks and women who are jerks? >> there is some evidence -- there's a notre dame study showing that basically agreeable men. very nice men pay a financial penalty for too nice. they earn about 18% less on a whole. for women the penalty is about 5.5%. so it suggests there are some serious gender differences. for women, there might be a limit to how far we can push it. >> we've got to roll. hopefully we filled your coffee
8:25 am
8:26 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." it's the beatles. in the toyota green room melissa mccarthy and paul fieg. all right. paul's got dance moves. they're already busy work on the all female reboot of "ghost busters." >> sow how they're keying true to their legendary sound. that's ahead. right now triem to show you headlines from around the world. the casino is pushing the irs to drop the proposal to lower the threshold to $600. it would reduce paperwork and tracking. >> winners of the extreme eating
8:31 am
awarding the center for res straubltss. i pop chorizo fiesta omelette and the pancakes it comes with comes to nearly 2,000 calories. sonics apz large pineapple upside down master blast is 2,020 and the combo is on the list at 2,500. >> it's a nation of fatty mcfat fats. we need to do something. >> we certainly do. director clint eastwood will be about hero pilot sully sullenberger. it will tell the dramatic story
8:32 am
of miracle on the hudson when he landed a us airways plane in the river. there it is. all 155 people on board survived. sully is now a cbs news safety and aviation expert. >> they haven't voted who's going to play him but i vote for tom hanks. >> he's 1u67 a great guy. >> melissa mccarthy and director paul fieg they know how to do it. she plays an analyst who gets thrown on an undercoverage mission. >> i've been going over the files. you're in the top of your class no surprise there but you have a certain tame demeanor around the office that says you've never even held a gun. so imagine my surprise when i saw footage from this drill back at the farm.
8:33 am
>> is that me? i can't really -- >> stupid gun. somebody definitely sped this up. >> ouch. >> i must have watched the 15 times now. i almost put it up on youtube. >> melissa mccarthy and paul fieg. welcome back to studio 57. >> can i just say this meefrp was fast out loud funny. paul me and melissa. we cracked up. it's smart. it's not a spoof. >> it was important to us that we try to make a real spy movie and the comedy comes from the interaction with the characters. >> and the lines. >> the lines. >> i think a couple of the lines. maybe a couple of the lines. >> exactly. we got a few good ones in there.
8:34 am
>> for you, melissa, when you read the script, when i was watching i thought you had to improvise. dead you? >> the story is great. the script is there. there's plenty of great lines in it. we usually do one take and then i leave the planet. >> her character is somebody understandty mated. >> that's what made me love the character. i love the spy genre, ticking klockner vus hollywood feeling but i love that she was undervalued, underestimated and i don't think it was very often that you get to have a sky character with that. it was fun and neat. >> did you like the action screens? >> -- i couldn't have been more battered. i don't know what that says about many. let's do it again.
8:35 am
>> you have a stunt double. >> i had an amazing stunlts woman but i tried to do everything they would legally let me to. >> with weapons. did you become a northeast expert? >> yes. of course. 14 seconds in one shot yes. >> you know what i love is this is the third movie together. >> we click. how did somebody just describe us. we were sitting at dinner. u's like the character from now, the jodie foster. they said you two are just talking. by the way, none of it makes sense. you're talking and make no sense. >> in the edition you thought you did poorly and you thought she did great. >> i thought i had religious
8:36 am
experience. it was so different from what we had seen before and it's like this is the crateiest funniest thing i've ever seen. >> when i left paul he was sit there going -- and he laughed all the way home going why do you have to be so weird. truly, all the way home. >> that's what made that movie. your acting is so so terrific in that movie. >> yeah. that was a pretty dandy group. >> when she leaves the planet, but the way, as she says and does these crazy take. how much makes it in. >> it's a ton of material. the goal is to get as much material as you can so when you put the movie together and start testing it if that work doesn't go, you can put in others. >> we have so much extra material. >> paul comes in with some kind of creatures with post-its. each with a different joke. he's like any of these.
8:37 am
i read them. grab them all. >> he can't want the person acting to know the line. we want to surprise them. >> someone told us in your office you have a bust of shakespeare and a picture of the titanic. >> the titanic reminds me that no matter how great everything seems it can all go down. and the bust of shakespeare reminds me and everyone else we're not shakespeare. >> we noticed how dapper you look. melissa said you do it on set. >> every day we're on set. wi were in caves running through catacombs and paul is down there in a lovely tom ford three-piece. >> i love the old hollywood. >> you love old hollywood but in speaking of sort of bringing back something that's older. "ghost busters."
8:38 am
what's this about? >> we want details. >> we'll act it out for you. >> here we go. >> i am a ghost. you bust me. >> i'm busting you. >> we start shooting in two weeks. >> i love this reboot idea. >> all the characters will be back? >> melissa, chris tip, kate mackinnon, and leslie jones. >> that's going to be really -- that's going to be a great. >> melissa can i say you look great? >> thank you. >> i almost saw one of your designs. ty i'm about to sign up for the third time. you know what it is. >> what is it? >> i'm crying a lot. i'm crying all the time. >> do you -- >> i feel amazing. i finally said oh for god's sakes, stop worrying about it. it's the best thing i've ever done. >> what did you do?
8:39 am
>> i truly stopped worrying about it. i stopped overanalyzing. i kind of went back to when i was pregnant and i stopped constantly being worried about it. i think there's something to kind of loosening up and being so rigid that's bizarrely worked. i couldn't have figured that out before, but whatever. >> okay. i need to get that lesson. congratulations to you both. >> thank you. >> it's going to be hilarious. >> melissa mccarthy and paul fieg. "spy" opens in theaters on friday. you only have to wait two days. >> they're doing early screening tomorrow. >> go then. this morning we'll show you the new way beatles lovers can bond with the fab four. >> reporter: for thousands of fans the famous cross walk at any rote is about the closest
8:40 am
you'll get to studios. we'll take you
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
one of the world's most famous landmarks in music is finding a new voice. fans of the beatles and other recording greats now have an all access pass to abbey road
8:44 am
studios online. charlie d'agata got rare access to the real thing. he shows us how it continues to create magic and mystique. >> reporter: it has become a mecca for music fans the world over where they come to follow in the footsteps of the beatles and make their own mark on the studio where the beatles made their mark on history. but in 1969 it was one album in particular that put the album on the map and they say things might have been very different had the band not been ending the end of their long and winding road. >> that album was going to be call everest and their idea was they would do a cover shoot in the foothills of the great mountain and sneomeo suggested sliding all the way was a big
8:45 am
step. someone thought they should go out and take it there. i really hope this great title exists because they couldn't be bothered to get on a plane. >> so from the myth to the mythology. over the years maybe millions of fans have made the pilgrimage to this cross walk the most famous in rock 'n' roll but this is where their journey came to an end until now. >> welcome to an be road. >> thanks to a new collaboration with google abbey road studios has opened their doors for the very first time where only legends will be able to step inside. a virtual mystery tour offering 360-degree views, games and gadgets, the abbi experience. the real abbey road isn't open to the public or press for that matter.
8:46 am
it's a full recording studio. we came early. >> the sound of the room makes the room special. >> not much has changed. chief sound engineer said if it was good enough for the beatles. >> if you start playing around the floor or the walls you're going to change the sound at the end of the dau and you don't want to change the sound. we love the sound. ♪ >> reporter: meant to sound live as if you were standing there. when the beatles brought 190 songs to the world recorded right here. and if a band is only as good as its songs, then the band's records are only as good as the equipment used to record them. >> how many microphones do you have? >> thousands. >> these aren't just for show. >> no. absolutely not. they're used pretty much every
8:47 am
day. >> pink floyd's epic. sam smith. ♪ you say i'm sorry believe me i love you ♪ >> and amy winehouse's last recording session with tony bennett just four months before she died. >> this hasn't changed. >> yeah. this room -- >> reporter: it's the studio's rich history that lemds its such soul like the steinway piano that's been used for more than 60 years. maybe one little tinkle couldn't hurt. ♪ ♪ penny lane is in my ears and in my eyes ♪ >> it's also the piano used on -- ♪ lady madonna
8:48 am
children at your feet wonder how you manage to make ends meet ♪ >> you can explore the zudstudio and discover what might go on. >> reporter: while the tour may not be the same it opens the door go what's never been seen and it may keep some of the devoted with their pens away. >> maybe they sit in front of their computers and click on things in our building they won't come down and draw things all over our fence. >> if you go to london you can't go that that cross walk and not do that crossing just for the fun of it it seems you've got to do that. >> looks like the matrix. it looks like you're entering. >> isn't it amazing about the beatles songs no matter how old it is, you know all their words. >> a young fan turns to tears
8:49 am
after great catch. we'll show you why next on "cbs this morning."
8:50 am
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there's the 0-1. he turns on it. the little kid caught the baseball and he was happy about it but then you realize it was a grand slam that was given up and then he was like no. we lose. >> oh, look at his face. this is a young detroit fan. look. his excitement turns to fear when he realized he caught what was a ball for an oakland grand slam and the rival a's beat the tigers 5-3. >> that does it for us.
8:53 am
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0 >> she had a cyst removed on her cheek, and wn ithia month, she
9:00 am
looked like this. >> i can't even explain what it is. and doctors surely can't. >> i want mom better to she is come do things with me. >> the doctors take on the most mysterious case in the historyof the show. >> what does that mean? does it give misopsy he? >> then,>> you are about to see a video unlike anything we have shown. >> on "the doctors." [applauding] >> welcome, everybody. you are about to see a video unlike anything we have ever shown. if you get squeamish at the sight of blood, close your eyes


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