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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 4, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is thursday june 4th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." new details on who the terror suspect shot by boston police may have been targeting. we talk to the woman at the center of the threat. police target the assistant of a man w whoas murdered with his family and housekeeper in their washington, d.c., mansion. plus one of the wealthiest counties in america is turning its attention to the drought by turning its toilet water into tap water. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." >> the boston terror suspect
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target list expands. t >>he fbias w track rag home and two other men 24/7. >> it was a very serious threat. we did not take it lightly. n >> astinveigation has revealed at least 51 laboratories received anthrax from the defense department over the last decade. >> they were huge. >> huge storm powering parts of denver. >> hitting the campaign trails. lincoln chafee is seeking a democratic nomination. on the side governor rick perry is set to announce his plans to run today. >> these are fights where if you're not winning, you're probably losing. >> thega dugrs break their silence and admit they knew about thsoeir n molesting his sisters and other young girls. >> he touched them other their heclots while they were sleeping. they didn't even know he had
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done it. >> they're claiming to have a bond. threatening to blow up a portland restaurant. tackled them to the ground. >> all that -- >> back-to-back national championships. >> i don't even know what to think right now. >> it's unbelievable. amy is awesome. i love her. >> cbs is making me shave it off usbecam e toselleck has a noncompete clause. >> stephen colbert is back. >> i know that man. >> on "cbs this morning." >> millions of powe tasee sa cikata has emerged. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places.
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captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." we have new information about the intentions of a terror suspect shot and killed monday by police in boston. usaama rahim allegedly wanted to attack police officers but sources tell cbs news his original target may have been the yoet spoken critic of islam, pamela gellar. >> jeff pegues is in washington with more on the threat and gellar's response. jeff, good morning. >> good morning. law enforcement sources are still unclear how serious the plot against gellar was and how much of it was talk. what is clear is gellar's support of cartoon depictions of prophet muhammad has provoked islamic radicals and made her a target. cbs news has learned that usaama rahim had planned to carry out an isis-style beh heading.
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>> i'm the number one target for isis right now. >> reporter: on may 3rd gellar organized the prophet muhammad drawing contest in texas where police fatally shot two men who opened fire outside the event. last night gellar told "cbs this morning" she has increased her security but has yet to discuss the threat with the fbi. >> it won't end with me or the cops. the one thing that came out of garland is that isis is here. islamic terrorism is here on the home soil on a weekly sometimes daily basis. >> reporter: court documents say rahim told his acome employ david wright about a plan to kill a person outside of massachusetts. in coded language rahim told wright something like thinking with your head on your chest, an apparent reference to beheadings carried out by isis. in the days following the
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attack, the fbi carried out surveillance. rahim had been on joint task's radar for several months but than began 24-hour surveillance on him. the fbi does not have limited resources to carry out round-the-clock surveillance on suspects but they say they have hundreds of cases it is prioritizing like this one. >> thank you very much jeff. rahim's funeral is scheduled for today. he discussed the terror plot with two other people. one is david wright who the police have arrested hours after rahim was shot. the other has not been charged or named. jim axelrod is in boston with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the phone calls captured mr. wright saying you're attempting
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to go on vacation i see, which sources tell us is code for committing jihad. they also tell us wright instructed rahim to both destroy his cell phone and wipe his computer clean in advance of his confrontation with boston police. federal conspiracy charges were drawn up for david wright after he had an urgent conversation with usaama rahim about an imminent isis-style beh heading plot. he phoned wright says he was going to go after the boys in blue allegedly calling them the easiest target. law enforcement believes it was a reference to police officers. in turn they heard wright directing rahim to erase his digital trail. the affidavit says wright told rahim at the moment you decide to delete the phone or break it apart, throw it on the ground. get rid of it before anybody
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gets it and dump it. two hours after that 5:00 a.m. phone call rahim, a private security officer was confronted by two officers. he was told to drop his weapon. rahim replied, you drop yours. boston police commissioner william evans says surveillance video of tuesday's shooting shows the two officers acted in self-defense. the video was shown to others. federal authorities say rahim's online alias shows he liked isis on facebook. the week before his fatal encounter with police, rahim purchased three fighting knives on one of the weapons had a blade more than 9 inches tall. he told wright i got myself a nice little tool. you know it's good for carving.
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federal officials say on sunday rahim and wright met on a road island beach with an unidentified third person who has not been arrested or charged. federal investigators are still looking into whether the plot included more than just the three people we know about. charlie? >> jim thanks. this morning the supreme leader of iran is accusing the united states and ids f israel of supporting isis. the group is called eded un-islamic. this morning general david petraeus says thelosing. i sat down with the former director. are we winning or losing at this moment? >> well these are fights where if you're not winning you're probably losing because time is not on your side. >> and we are not winning. >> well it's arguable in iraq. we'll turn it around.
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we will win it again in iraq. we've got to do a lot more in syria and other areas. >> as you know there are people in the political world who will say if the u.s. had left troops in iraq we would not be wanting to rise of isis. >> well, look. i supported leaving troops. >> would it have led to impeding the rise of isis? >> it's arguable. i'd like to have tested the proposition, but it is by no means certain. it certainly would have given us better situational awareness, better infrastructure for what we're doing now and a lot of positive features but again, no one can impede that. >> he said the united states may need to send more advisers to help iraq's military. >> this morning the number of cases of mishandled anthrax has more than doubled. the pentagon said wednesday at least 51 laboratories in 17
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states and washington d.c. accidentally received live versions of the bacteria. they insist there is no risk to the general public. this morning unsealed documents reveal new details about the evidence in the washington, d.c. quadruple murder. police are now examining cell phone records relating to the deaths of savvas savopoulos his wife, son, and housekeeper. wyatt andrews is there with a renewed focus on the businessman. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. these new revelations all come from unsealed search warrants and they show the police talking about the man who brought them the money. police say this man lied about the key details of the $40,000 in cash delivered to this home on the morning of the murders. investigators grew suspicious of the assistance jordan wallace
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after he changed his account of when sashavopoulos first called to ask for the money. police then looked at his calls, cell phone locations and other9i things four days before the crime. they also seized his phone to gather contacts phone calls, and photos. former fbi director says police are looking for any connection to to dareon wint. police say it was a forced entry. police found a single broken window next to a door shooft and a visible shoe or boot print on the side of the door.
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this reverses the thought that he may have been invite goodd into the home. the charge remain of a juvenile so disfigured they were unable to determine the race or the sex. police also disclosed despite the family's extensive security system they're still searching for the digital video recorder that would have taped a portion of the crime. this is the first confirmation that footage from the surveillance cameras is missing. neighbors tell us that jordan wallace, the man that delivered the cash came later that day back here to the crime scene. he came back here in time to witness the fire and told everyone who would listen that is my boss's house. this would have been hours after he delivered the ransom money but hours before he told the police different versions of how that happened. wallace has not responded to our request for comment. charliesome.
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>> wyatt, thanks. republicans will soon have two more candidates vying for their support. >> you need a president who tells american people the truth. >> former texas governor rick perry released his announcement overnight. he will become the tenth candidate. this morning former florida governor jeb bush has a new website that says soon. cbs news has confirmed bush will launch his campaign june 15th. in the democratic race. lincoln chafee is the latest challenger to hillary clinton. the others are martin o'malley of virginia andand bernie sanders of vermont. warner's longtime deputy is admitting he took bribe money. charlie d'agata is in london with the newest allegations. good morning. >> good morning.
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another day, another drama. each new revelation is making fbi's job easier to prove it's corrupt to the core and probably all the way to the top. now he's got paperwork that proves who did what. hoping the best defense is a good offense, jack warner went on the attack. he vowed to hand over an avalanche to investigators. >> reporter: in a businessizarre televised address last night he fears for his life and accused fifa of meddling in his country's elections. warner is facing extradition himself to the united states for allegedly accepting a $10 million bribe. court records were released yesterday in which fifa
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expectation chuck blazer agreed with other persons in or around 1992 to facilitate the acceptance of a bribe in exchange for hosting the 1999 world cup. he say he and others took bribes to take south africa in 120u. it turns out blazer has been fbi's mole and used a wire tap inside a key fob to learn the information from the expectations and that is bound to unravel the rest of fifa. >> this isn't corruption of one. this is widespread across the globe across every member nation essentially has some kind of hand in this. >> so what now? russia's sports minister repeated this morning there's no risk of losing the 2018 cup. the one after that in qatar may be another story since united states came runner-up in that
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one. >> charlie d'agata reporting in london. thank you. the china cruise ship disaster is the up. they're searching for any sipe of life. the ship capsized monday on the yangtze river. the oily substance starting washing ashore wednesday. overnight cleanup crews in white suits got to work picking up the mess. lab tests will determine if the tar is related to the big oil spill in santa barbara. this morning facebook's sheryl sandberg opens up about how she is kuhns andcoping after the death of her husband last month. elaine quijano has more. good morning. >> good morning. it was to mark the end of the
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traditional jewish mourning period. she wanted to thank people for their love and support but her words make it clear that her heartbreak is still very raw. since the death of david goldberg sheryl sandberg says she spends many dames lost in void. she says i feel like i'm 30 years wiser. she also revealed she's been leaning heavily on her mother. she's been trying to fill the empty space in my bed, holding me until i cry myself to sleep. she's foult to hold back tears to make room for mine. she explained my tears are both my own and my children. >> she has a very close family. they've always been close. but i think the connection between her, her mother, and her children has become very apparent to her.
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>> reporter: sandberg has said she has learned,000 ask for help. those closest to me took over, she wrote. they planned, they arranged, they told me where to sit and reminded me where to eat. going back to work helped but samberg noted many co-workers were unsure what to say. when asked how are you. i stop myself from shouting my husband died a month ago, how do you think i am. when i hear how are you today, i realize the person knows the best e can do right now is to get through each day. >> we're just not used to seeing business people that are supposed to be powerful and in charge to be thatso blown away. >> i look at my children each day and rejoice they're alive. i no longer take each day for granted. sandberg revealed her husband
7:19 am
died almost immediately following a treadmill accident although she didn't know it at the time. she also said by sharing the lesson that she learned she hopes to give meaning and purpose to the anguish. >> it's so powerful and heartbreaking. you can make a decision to fall into a void or choose life. >> the rabbi's most powerful prayer, let me not die while i'm alive. an american in south africa wanted to expose a poaching
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by toyota. let's go places. some neighbors are furious. they say a neighbor is turning their gated community into a swingers club. >> i've come home to loud music.
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let it go. >> good samaritans came to the rescue of a woman in manhattan. a suspect grabbed her money and ran. they grabbed him as you seeing took him down got the money back and held him on the ground until the police arrived. that guy is very sorry. >> very surprised. >> i like to see people helping out one another. >> makes you feel good about your neighbors. >> i'll say. welcome back to "cbs this morning." jeff glor of our cbsn network is with us. >> good morning. coming up this half hour people in one texas neighborhood is wondering what's going on behind closed doors. they accuse one house of hosting an illegal swinger's nice club.
7:31 am
we'll show you the legal action that's calling out the so-called naughty neighbors. >> what were you saying? >> not that kind. >> we'll show you what it takes to turn toilet water into tap water. for anyone who's worrying about that ahead. >> no thank you. "the detroit news" says presidential candidate ted cruz apologized for making a joke about the vice president last night at a republican event. cruz said the nice thing about joe biden is quote, you don't need a punch line. cruz walked away what ena reporter from "the detroit news" asked him why he told the joke just days after biden's son died of brain cancer. he later went on facebook to say it was a misstake to use an old joke during his grief.
7:32 am
in a string of tweets gladwell made it very clearly he thinks the money could be better used. it came down to helping the poor giving the world's richest university $400 it doesn't need. wise choice. not all privileged people are equally privileged. i bet paulson says let me decide where i want to spend my money and you decide where you want to spend yours. >> "the wall street journal" reports dish network is set to combine with t-mobile. financial terms are unresolved. it would be the latest consolidation in the tv and communications industries. >> and "usa today" says showtime is beginning a stand alone streaming service. it begins in july and will be on apple devices. it will cost 10. $99
7:33 am
$10.99 a month. this morning family and friends are remember an american woman killed by a female lion in south africa. katherine chappelle was there to expose poaching. her mother pays tribute to her daughter. debora debora debora, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. her mother mary chappelle has spoken about how her trip to south africa has arisen out of her love for animals. she was visiting south africa to do a volunteer stint at a game reserve dedicated to saving rhinos and elephants from poachers. speaking about her daughter in a local newspaper, mary chappelle said everyone who met her loved her. she lived a life of adventure
7:34 am
and was full of life. chappelle never got to realize her dream of making an anti-poaching film. >> hi, everybody. i'm jack hanna. >> reporter: "cbs this morning" spoke to wildlife experts. >> someone asked how -- was it fast, what happened in the attack. i can tell you now when i film animals on the hunt in africa or tigers in asia or nepal, it happens in split seconds. it's like a bomb going off. there is no controlling anything. they are the king of beasts. >> reporter: hanna knows just how bad it can be. >> i live with it every single day of my life. i know the power of these animals. i know what can happen. >> reporter: getting up close to lions who are raised by humans in south africa is advertised as a thrilling once-in-a-lifetime
7:35 am
experience, but as hanna points out, you can nr forget they're wild animals. >> the minute you bring that window down they become a different animal. i spoke to experts here who have raised concerns about some safety of lion parks in this country. he says it's time to reassess whether these unsupervised parks where lions are raised in captivity. gayle? >> keep your windows up. debora patta in johannesburg. thank you, debora. the problem, it's not the size of the house. it's what they're doing inside that house. vinita nair reports on lawsuit. they claim a man's swinging lifestyle goes way too far. vinita, what are you talking about? >> yes. randy carter has been running an illegal business out of his home. a swinger's club that he advertises on his website, naughty neighbors.
7:36 am
now his real neighbors say they've had enough. the hills of bear creek is gated subdivision outside of ft. worth. they noticed one house was attracting dozens of cars at odd hours on the weekend sfwhoo this is the side of our house, the property line a and mr. carter's house. >> he lives next door with his wife and two young children. >> we never counted the cars at least 85 that come in and out. >> randy carter was arrested in 2013 for illegal dumping. at least five beds were lined up in a room. two months ago the homeowner's association discovered the home was featured on a website naughty neighbors. on the web page the property votes private parties with a light show and pro deejay. there's even a disco complete with a pole stage.
7:37 am
>> pretty much a bar from wha understand. >> velton ellis is the president of the homeowner's association. >> i've been woke up at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning from the loud music. my wife's actually felt the vibrations from the ground from the music. >> last week they filed a lawsuit alleging carter is in violation of using his home for a business. the price per cup sl $75 u.s. and the operating time and the maximum occupancy is 600 people. >> he's definitely running an operation. >> chase patterson doesn't want to see a fumer full of parties. >> i think it concerns us because of the safety of families. multiple people coming and going is our biggest concern. >> randy carter and his attorney could not be reached for comment.
7:38 am
according to ellis, the homeowner's attorney gave an injunction. carter has 20 days to respond. >> i'm wondering who designs that house. i'd like the pole here the five beds here. >> that's what you're wondering? five beds with mattresses on the floor sounds so romantic and nice. yikes. >> not quite. yikes. ahead frrks the toilet to your tap. >> i'm ben tracy in orange county. in the middle of california's epic drought everyone's trying to figure out how to save water. well, two days ago, this water might have been in someone's toilet. now it's in their tap. we'll tell you how they do it coming up on "cbs this morning." >> we're on a roll here this morning. if you're heading off to work set your dvr and watch us any
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tennessee, recorded a heavy thunderstorm. the storm moved quickly through eastern tennessee tuesday, turning much of the area white with blanket of hail. >> wow. all right. one area not seeing a lot of storms, california. cities and towns there are looking for any source of water they can find. that including a water recycling process some call toilet to tap. ben tracy gives us the 411 on this form of h2o. >> reporter: the pacific ocean is california's calling card the golden state's front door. but it's often treated as well the back door. southern california dumps 1.3 billions of sewage off the coast every day. >> this is wastewater that has
7:44 am
been treated to the degree that it's safe to discharge into the ocean. >> reporter: mike marx is the general manager of the orange county sewage district. what some call sewage he calls opportunity. this water recycling plant turns treated sue waj from the sanitation department next door to drinkable water. it's officially called indirect potable resource but it's more commonly called toilet to tap. >> the toilet kitchen sink washing machine, wastewater. >> every drop. >> first these micro filters remove particles and bacteria. and then through a process called reverse osmosis inkind hundreds of tubes, the bottles become most clean. >> it will remove minerals viruses, pharmaceuticals in the
7:45 am
water. >> reporter: finally anything left is zapped. he says the water that comes out is cleaner than most tap water in the country. on the day we visited they were planting drinking water. that's about one-fourth of orange county's entire daily water supply. >> if all the water wasn't coming here where would it be? >> it would be sent to the ocean. >> and lost forever. >> lost forever. >> during an epic drought, that kind of waste is hard to swol lowe. but still is the idea of drinking people's drinking water. >> i know people don't like toilet to tap but it is memorable. >> reporter: governor jerry brown says this is the kind of idea. orange county has the largest plant of it kind in the world and has recently tried it.
7:46 am
mayors in silicon valley took an entire swig to convince the public its time has come. >> we have a drought-proof source of water right at our feet. >> and the so-called young eded yuck factor -- >> it's pure it's safe it's necessary. >> we can't end this story without trying the water. >> cheers. >> cheers. >> it tastes like water. >> because it is water. >> for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, orange county california. >> anybody have a problem with that? >> absolutely not. i think we have to do more recycling >> i think it's great idea especially when you see how it's done. the way it's plained you can see
7:47 am
how it's faced. this show as model who some believe is way too skinny. take a look at her lelgs. we'll take a look at the ban and whether it's effective. how do you gel a bull out of a hole that's 12 feet deep? >> i think >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by
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it is thursday june 4th 2015. and welcome back to "cbs this morning." there's more real news ahead as we reveal the new fortune 500. but first here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> law ecenforment sources are still unclear how serious the plot against geller was and how much of it was just talk. >> federal investigators are still looking into weather the plot included more than just the three people we know about. this morning the number of cases of mishandled anthrax has more than doubled. three foreign countries were . also >> sh earcanwarrts show the police have been investigating the men who brought the ransom money, the pnaersol assistant to savvas savopoulos. >> if i can't get down there and connect with blue collar wrsorke -- >> another day, another drama. >> the former vice president
8:01 am
says he's got paperwork to prove who did what. >> the lawsuit alleges the homeowner randy carter has been running an illegal business outside of the home. a swinger's nightclub. >> i've never counted the cars but at least 85 going in and out every day. >> you're taking everything that goes down a andre, the toilet kitchen sink washing machine -- >> the director also announced that his next film about come x will no longer star benedict cumberbatch. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is presented by subway. >> cue charlie. >> i'm charlie rose along with jeff glor of cbsn and gayle king and norah o'donnell. police shot and killed rahim tuesday in boston. they say he threatened officers
8:02 am
with a knife. >> investigators say rahim and fellow suspect david wright may have talked about beheading pamela geller. she organize protests in garland, texas.e beefed up her personal security and will continue to speak out. >> it's scarier to do nothing. it's scarier to hide. or pretend that this is not happening. there's no running away from this. with or without pamela geller this is all coming -- this is all here with or without me. >> officials say they don't know how serious rahim was about actually carrying out the plot to kill geller. >> this morning jim bob and michelle duggar have broken their silence about their older son having molested girls. josh duggar as a teenager improperly touched five girls including four of his sister. he's now 27 years old. the statute of limitations has expired. the parents discussed why they
8:03 am
waited at least 16 months before going to police when they learned of the actions. >> as parents we felt we're failures, you know. here we tried to raise our kids to do what's right, to know what's right. >> as parents yos you're not mandatory reporters. the law allows for parents do what they think is best for their child. >> cable channel tlc has not made clear the plans for the show. it's called "19 kids and counting." >> this morning we hear about a tragedy in colorado lake. a boat capsizeded on monday in a wind storm. four people died including three children. 13-year-old tiffany stoker and thailand tilly decided to swim three miles in cold water to find help. >> tiffany treaded water for three hours trying to survive, singing primary songs and they would huddle together and try to get body heat off of one another
8:04 am
and then they'd swim and say, okay we've got to keep going. >> the surviving adult on the boat said everyone tried staying together in the water but waves separated the group. it's incredible what they did though. >> william flynn was released on parole this morning. he was 16 when he shot pamela smart's husband in 1990. hi was convicted of getting three other boys to kill greg smart. pamela smart is serving life without parole in a new york prison. she told our boston station wbz she's sorry, but she's also innocent. >> people can feel sorry for them as much as they want to and they can cry if they want. nonetheless they went into my condo, they put my husband on his knees, and they killed him while he begged for his life and i wasn't there for that. they did that. >> pamela smart case inspired
8:05 am
the movie to die for starring nicole kidman. the firing of the lunch lady may be more complicated. she was let go on friday for handing out free meals to kids who couldn't pay for them. she served as a cafeteria worker in colorado. >> i have a first grader in front of me crying because she doesn't have enough money for lunch. yes, i gave her a lunch. yes, you know, and i got fired for it. the policy is wrong. to deny children food is wrong. >> but in a statement the school district says quote, miss curry was not dismissed for giving free food for financially disadvantaged students. numerous documented incidents resulted in the action taken. we're unable to fully disclose all of the details concerning her dismissal without her permission showing once again there's always two sides for
8:06 am
every story and so far she's not given the school permission to speak out. this morning stephen colbert is debuting the cobeard. he's out with his latest video to remiechbld us he's still there. >> good news. i still exist. the show went off in december and you have not seen me much since then. you may have noticed during my time off i have adopt add beard that i found on the side of the highway. it helps me to go around unnoticed. now that we're gearing up for the "late show" i need to be more in cognito. plus cbs is making me shave it off because tom selleck has a noncompete clause. >> he removes it but puts it back when he realizeds he has three months until his late-night debut. >> he's like santa stephen. >> he has been hanging out
8:07 am
across the street getting ready for his new show. >> what do you mean? across the street from here? >> yes. once i was coming from the cbs offices and he was going upstairs. we're counting down the "late show" with stephen colbert. you can begin watching on september 28th. ahead, charlie takes a ride. >> you see me? >> yeah. >> go maverick go. >> from coallbert to flight simulators to everything. charlie's all over the place. a ride inside. the military's adv
8:08 am
it's not easy to make horse racing history. this morning a trainer says his colt can do it. >> all right. >> when american pharoah tries to win the triple crown on
8:09 am
saturday he'll have a secret weapon on the sidelines. >> i've been the closest. i know nobody's benen closer than me. >> coming up on "cbs this morning," hall of fame trainer bob behalf fetter, why hi ehe's feeling optimistic about his chances this year. mmm yoplait! it's snack time! oh, look! yoplait original now has 25% less sugar. it tastes good! yoplait! this test paper represents proteins in your skin. watch it react to direct contact with ordinary soap. soap weakens the proteins. dove is different. with < moisturizing cream and mild cleansers dove helps skin maintain its natural moisture.
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fans are saddling up for saturday's 147th running of the belmont station outside new york city. so many odds will be on american pharoah after two previous victories. the 3-year-old will try to become the first horse to win the triple crown in almost four decades. carter evans met his trainer who knows what it's like to be on the cusp of that rare honor nor more than anyone else. >> i know the odds are against us. 37 years. there's a reason for that. >> reporter: the triple crown is considered one of the most elusive records in all of sports. 1978 was the last time a horse won all three ages. the kentucky derby, the preakness, and the belmont
8:14 am
station. >> nobody has been closer to me nobody's had more chances than me. >> hall of fame trainer bob baffert and american pharoah are one jewel away from horse racing's crowning achievement. saturday will be his fourth appointment with the racing gods. his three prior attempts have come up short. there was silver charm in '97. >> silver charm has lost the lead and touch gold will deny him the crown. >> reporter: real quiet in '98 and war emblem in 2002. >> i don't think it takes a great trainer and great jockey to win the triple crown. it take greats horse. >> reporter: he says american pharoah could be one of the greats. at what point do you know when training your horse it's got the potential to be a champion? >> before getting on this wall? >> yeah. >> when i start working at least five-eighths of a mile. the good ones will just pop up. they breed different air than the rest of them.
8:15 am
>> reporter: baffert sensed early on american pharoah was different than the rest and he was proven right at this year's kentucky derby. american pharoah and victor espinoza have won the kentucky derby. >> reporter: two weeks later at the slightly shorter preakness, he blew everyone away. on saturday baffert and american pharoah will be just a mile and a half from racing immortality. only 11 horses have won the triple crown including the legendary secretariat who won the belmont in 30 lengths in 1973. but since the chestnut affirm nabbed belmont by a nose in 1978, no other horse has been able to pull off the trifecta. why is it so many horses can get the first two down but when it
8:16 am
comes to the belmont they just can't make it? >> well, it's a mile and a half. they've gone through some tough races. the horses, the way they're bred, i don't think any of them want to go a mile and a half. >> they've now skipped the preak ps to rest up and gain a advantage at belmont. >> it's what makes the triple crown still elusive. >> elusive but perhaps within reach. >> a lot of people are looking at your horses saying this is a good horse. >> he's showing me he looks like maybe this is the one. >> reporter: we'll find out in just two days. for "cbs this morning," carter evans, los angeles. >> boy i so hope this horse wins. >> so majestic looking. i love the name american pharoah. >> i want a horse so badly. >> you can have one. >> we can get you one. >> i'd have to have a farm. >> when this is over i'll tell you a great story.
8:17 am
but first this. will a retail giant beat out a tech powerhouse? first on "cbs this morning," we'll reveal the fortune 500 list of the top countries in the united states. that's next on "cbs this morning." >> share it with the rest of the people. before fibromyalgia, i was the go-to person. i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor and i agreed moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. she also prescribed lyrica. for some patients, lyrica significantly relieves fibromyalgia pain and improves physical function. with less pain, i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol
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"fortune magazine" is out
8:21 am
this morning with an annual list of america's top 500 companies. first on "cbs this morning" we're revealing this year's top companies. apple comes in at number 5. warren buffett berkshire hathaway is number 4. at number three, oil giant chevron. its rival ex-exxon mow bell and back in the number one spot for a third straight year is walmart. >> it's like you're calling a race. >> the belmont right here. >> alan did you bring me a horse? he's the editor of fortune. it's so interesting. walmart had $486 billion in revenue and they're announcing they're going to give raises to mary managers. what's the message they're sending? >> i think the gap that's
8:22 am
involved. over the course of the last decade while wages have been stagnant is a problem and all the ceos i talk to recognize that. they know it's a big problem and they're trying to think of creative ways to deal with it without undercutting their profits obviously. >> this obviously as norah suggested was ranking by revenues. >> yes. >> what's interesting to me is sam walton died as a relatively young man. he would be hugely wealthy today. probably the richest man by far in his world wouldn't he? >> yeah. his descendants are doing oklahoma. >> $150 billion or something. >> what's interesting is walmart has had a tough patch in the past few years. sales have not increased rapidly but it's so big that on this list of revenues it really dominates the top. >> what about apple? >> apple is the one that's really coming on. if we ranked the companies by profit or if we ranked them by their market value, apple would
8:23 am
be number one. it's valued at $700 million. the first company ever -- thank you for correcting me. first i it's really -- that's really an amazing story. >> and they have a lot of cash on hand don't they? >> a lot of cash on hand yeah. >> facebook jumped nearly 100 spots. >> that's right. it came in at 342. again, if you ranked them by market value, facebook would be number ten. they see a lot of potential for it to continue to grow. >> and on the subject of tough companies you were saying this before. whether it's cloud computing or anything else you say it's an industrial revolution. >> i think there's something big going on. if you look at the technology cloud computing, mobile commuting, what people call the internet of things, putting sensors on everything that goes on in the company and collecting
8:24 am
all that data is going to transform the way companies do everything. they know about it and frankly they're scared about it. we did a poll of fortune 500 ceos this year for the first time. >> whose idea was that alan? >> it was mine. thank you, gayle. i've spent the last two years as a pollster. >> you asked if they could name a fellow ceo who they admired, who would they be. who came out on top. >> tied for first place. >> w >> tim cook. which is really interesting. this is the first openly gay ceo. and jamie dimon is the other. >> tim cook because no one knew what he could do and there was such large shoes he had to fill. >> i don't think anyone he could take apple to the heights he has taken
8:25 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, there's one country where you can't see this ad in any magazine. the newest controversy over skinny models and how thin is too thin. >> plus, the military's next generation fighter jet is called a flying computer. only on "cbs this morning," we get a virtual look at the f 35 lightning 2. learn how the pentagon spent two decades developing these cutting edge stealth planes. that's ahead. right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. new yorks tells you. among the players, buffalo's head coach rex ryan and new jersey's governor chris christie. the events raised money for officers officers app families and i think that's a wonderful thing to do. >> for sure and you get exercise
8:31 am
too. a local mansion is floating to a new home. tugboats bush a massive barge loaded with a 6,000-square foot house. it's destination. the home rests on more than a dozen giant dollies that will roll it into place. the owner should be able to move in by august. look at that. >> nice. fascinating. >> that's a nice house. the "washington post" says it's the first time to stream an entire nfl season. yahoo! won the rights to show the bills. fans in buffalo and jacksonville will also be able to watch on local tv stations but the game will not be available on satellite, cable, or broadcast networks or anyone else. it's always a nice morning when you get two buffalo bills references. >> i know. especially for a boy from buffalo. an ad in britain that's been
8:32 am
banned for some who say the model is too thin. a regulator deemed the model un unhealthfully underweight and calls the ad irresponsible. natalie joins us at the table. number one the pose that she's in and she looks skeletal. how does an ad like that even make it and how do they decide to ban it? >> a lot of people are looking at them, but in the fashion world, skinny is still selling a lot. but this ad in particular they thought that the model's rib kalk was visible. >> it is. >> they thought her kneecaps looked the same size as her thighs. there was a complaint. >> by who? >> we don't know. >> anybody can complain. >> anybody can make a complaint to them. and they have pretty wide authority to ban ads. >> and they did based on one
8:33 am
complaint. >> yes. >> what's the appeal of this kind of add? >> good question. >> what's the appeal of this kind of ad. it certainly is aspirational for a certain group of people and it's aspirational for the brand and the magazine that published it. certainly there were a lot of people that didn't agree and the standards board didn't agree and they decided to ban it. >> here's one of the points here. in the uk one person can complain anonymously and they can decide to pull it. it's much different here in the state. >> it is very different. it operates much differently. in the uk one consumer can make a complaint and get that almost immediately. here in the u.s. it temds to be businesses that make complaints about competitors and it takes a longer period of time. >> why do you think this story is important in terms of advertising, the ability to complain about it? >> you know in the uk it says
8:34 am
that they are saying this isn't going to stand. they take a stand against ads that are harmless or misleading or deceptive. >> and we allow the mark and social media to make those decisions. >> right. here in the u.s. it's if the consumers complain. >> on times square right now there's a bill bod up that was banned in the uk but it's allowed to be displayed here. brother teen world. >> it'll will be interesting to see if this turns out. this was such a huge issue in the uk. people complained so much aspects were banned in the uk and the head of the company said because so many people complained funds went through the roof we're still going to get bigger. >> we'll see how new york responds to it. a model for the united states military. the air force is using the f-35
8:35 am
lightning 2 jet in exercises. it faced a host of problems but after two decades it's being use for service and pilots are going to step up for simulators. we're going to try out one next. >> reporter: with supersonic speed to radar-busting stealth design, and unprecedented computer technology the f-35 is the most advanced and most expensive plane ever built for the u.s. military. the u.s. is planning to buy 425 f-35s from lockheed martin. they're equipped to land on and take off from aircraft carriers. the marine version can land vertically. all of that capability costs money. the project's price tag is $400
8:36 am
billion. >> put it into full afterburner. there you go. pull back on the stick nice and easy. there you go. and you're flying. >> wow. >> reporter: he's one of a handful of pilots to have flown the f-35 and he is skilled in training the uninitiated in the plane's simulator. >> hello, f-35. how are you. >> this is a very good simulator. very much like flying a real aircraft. >> with more than 8 1/2 million lines of software code, the f-35 has been called a flying computer. the jet is designed for both air-to-ground combat and air-to-air combat. >> there are two aircraft right there 80 miles off your nautical nose. this is exactly the way an f-16 would work. i would have to know they were roughly in that location, poichblt my radar there and get my position and lock them up.
8:37 am
>> you would have had to have done that manually? >> do it manually. right now they're ready. >> are they locked in on me? >> no, they're not because you're stealth. that's the other capability. you can go off the screen. >> can i play with this for a moment? >> sure. full left or full right on the stick anyway you want. >> look at that. >> you can go faster. >> wow. >> try the -- >> have you ever done that in a plane? >> yep certainly. no one's watching. >> for all the fun of the simulator, it's without its problems. design issues like tires that wear out too quickly and wing tip lights that fail to meet faa
8:38 am
standards helped the project fall seven years behind schedule and nearly $163 billion over budget. >> why does the military need this plane? >> because the capability gap is closing. >> general mark welsh is the air force cheech of staff. >> without this earn the technology it bring, there is the potential for other countries to pass us in that capability arena. >> why has it had so many problems? >> charlie, the development of any new piece of ee kwirjts especially one this high tech is going to be difficult. we've flown over 20,000 hours with this airplane. it's not a power point. it's a rail capability. >> how long has it taken? >> the program started 18 to 20 years ago. >> 20 years, but the plane is not operational. >> yes, sir, but the plane was not operational before this. it will go of racing at. the air force will be
8:39 am
operational in a year or so and the navy a year or so after that. >> what's the biggest challenge for you as chief of staff. >> making sure i don't let my airmen down. >> you worry about what most? >> i worry about change. >> and it's accelerating. >> everything from technology to demographics to ideology and fundamentals. everything is changing and what's not changing is our responsibility to act toward it. >> i amteling you it is so much fun. i was like a kid in a candy shop. >> i can tell. >> it was simulated but you feel it. you feel like it. it's like pilots. they're just looking at -- >> i think my favorite part was can i just play with this for a moment? >> i wrote this down and said women everywhere are saying yes, you can. but we're talking about the plane. >> as norah suggested it's kind of like sex.
8:40 am
>> there's so much sexual inu endos in that piece. >> he got so excited. >> so much so that i'd love to see if it's not possible to learn to fly it's that exciting. >> why wouldn't it be possible? >> well i'm busy. >> oh. well, there's that. >> you know what? there's always simulations. >> oh good lord. >> i'm not going there. i don't know about you. >> all right. coming up. the story of a funeral home a father's death, and family's dysfunction becomes the toast of broadway. >> that's a good transition. >> whose real life journey has earned a dozen tonys.o.
8:41 am
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broadway is getting ready for its most important night the tony award sunday right here on cbs. one of the hottest shows right now reveals one woman's poignant life. jamie wax met the inspiration behind fun home. >> the fun in the title is funeral of all things. it's written by the daughter of a pennsylvania undertaker. not what might come to mind when you think musical but it's selling out every night.
8:45 am
>> all of this started with you drawing some pictures and telling stories right here. >> in my basement yeah. >> she created her graphic memoir fun home. >> how do you reflect on it and how big it's grown? >> it's amazing. kind of mind blowing. >> mind blowing because it's hard to believe that the story of her dysfunctional family centered on her father's suicide would have mass appeal. >> i couldn't imagine a more particular peculiar family con ter snags. a lesbian daughter of a closeted gay man, a funeral home. those are very particular lar coordinates. >> it would be name among the best books of the year. there was one more surprise. >> one day you get a call and someone wants to write a broadway musical based on it. what was that like? >> my immediate feeling was that's crazy. a musical. how do you do that?
8:46 am
>> reporter: "fun home: the musical" is one of the hardest tickets to get on broadway and it's picked up several tonys including best musical. >> how accurate is the version of your family that's being portrayed on stage? >> there's many things that have been translated precisely from the book into the play but even the stuff they made up feels right. you know even if my family didn't say that, i'm starting to confuse the play with my actual memories like i don't remember who said what anymore. >> the show featured allison at three different establishes in her life. as a child college student, and a woman in her 40s. >> it's a unique situation to be talking to three actors playing a living human being, all three of you. what's it like? >> it's great. as an actor usually you have to base your script on the time period and here we have allison
8:47 am
herself that we can watch even though it may be a little bit embarrassing. >> you know, i can study her mannerisms such as when she thinks something's cool she does -- >> i had no idea you were watching me make my funny faces. >> we're always watching. >> i try to be really impassive. >> inside the theater, the seats surround all sides of the stage. it brings the audience close to the performers and the performers close to their audience. >> i think it just makes an experience that you won't forget because you actually feel like you're part of it. i think the show needs to be intimate and this theater makes this show. >> it is something that if i watch it too closely every night it wrecks me. that song is really about something that is larger than
8:48 am
the song itself and it's really amazing to watch the audience receive that number every night. r among the show's tony nominations is one for each of the actors playing allison. ♪ but now i'm the one who's 43 ♪ >> how did you feel on the day of the tony award announcement to know that not just one of you, not just two of you, but all three of you for playing the same character were all nominated for your first tony award? >> overwhelming feeling hayed was just a relief to have not been not nominated. it was like thank god i wasn'e one left off the list oh, my god. that would have been so bad. okay good night. >> and the sketch at the end there was done especially for our interview by allison bechtel and it was what she was drawing at the beginning of the piece if you saw that. >> you really like the show. >> i think it's a terrific show.
8:49 am
i think it advances the art form of musicals. also another show that's coming from the public to broadway but it's a special show, a relevant show. >> what is it they're looking at. >> you've got something rotten, an america in paris which is beautiful and dance-heavy and fun home. >> now on my list because of that piece. >> thank you jamie. >> thanks guys. >> you can watch the 69th annual tony awards on sunday night at 8:00 p.m. central. we'll be right back.
8:50 am
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40% of the streetlights in detroit, at one point, did not work. you had some blocks and you had major thoroughfares and corridors that were just totally pitch black. those things had to change. we wanted to restore our lighting system in the city. you can have the greatest dreams in the world, but unless you can finance those dreams, it doesn't happen. at the time that the bankruptcy filing was done, the public lighting authority had a hard time of finding a bank. citi did not run away from the table like some other bankers did. citi had the strength to help us go to the credit markets and raise the money.
8:59 am
it's a brighter day in detroit. people can see better when they're out doing their tasks, young people are moving back in town the kids are feeling safer while they walk to school. and folks are making investments and the community is moving forward. 40% of the lights were out, but they're not out for long.they're coming back.
9:00 am
>> these images, graphics. we are showing them as a warning about the real cost of beauty thand urat p osuitf perfection. >> announcer: how a simple procedure nearly took her life. >> it it really is malpractice. >> then... >> he lost all of his limbs due to the flesh eating disease. >> announcer: now, a groundbreaking procedure that will truly change the face of medicine. on "the doctors." ♪ doctor, doctor ♪ ♪ gimme the news! ♪ [cheering and applauding] >> hello, everybody. we're going to start off with a topic that concerns an internet trend that begs the question do


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